Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 57)

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PART 18:

 One month passed and in this one month the love of arjun arohi for each other also grew stronger..they both 
were now sharing a very good relationship which has everything in ..friendship..what else 
does anyone need..

sighed arohi sitting on the bed waiting for was just half an hour before he called to inform her that 
he will be late and not to wait for him but still she is waiting for him..afterall u cant expect a wife sleep 
knowing that her husband is still not home..and thats the case with her..though she knew he will be very late 
but still she was waiting for him..she looked at the clock and smiled thinking that only half an hour has 
passed which to her is like 2 hours..she stood and walked towards the balcony of her room..

leaning against the railings she was looking at the the Dark sky, those roaring blasting Clouds, feeling those 
chilling air and enjoying the cool breeze she smiled thinking abt her life...what else she wish for..she has 
got everything..a very caring protective understanding loving is like she has been rewarded by god
for her good deeds..the past one week's events flashed in her mind as soon as she touched her mangalsutra..she 
smiled thinking that how much understanding and a bit possessive arjun was for her..


arohi standing in front of her wardrobe chossing the sari for her ..natasha who was abt to go downstairs saw 
her room's door open..she entered her room and saw her busy in selecting her clothes.."hey arohi!whats up??" 
she asked making herself comfortable on the couch..arohi turned and passed a smile to her and again got busy 
in her work.."kuch nahi..arjun k saath dinner pe jaana hai..sari hi nahi samjh arahi konsi pehnun?" she 
said..natasha smiled and walked towards her.."sari nahi samajh arahi tu kuch aur pehn lo?" she said..arohi 
turned .."arjun ko sari achi lagti hai.." natasha made a surprising face.."really!!kab se?"..arohi looked at 
her confusingly.."wo kehte hein unhein sari achi lagti hai.."she said confusingly..natasha laughed.."us ne 
kaha tumne maan lia.." arohi confusingly.."matlab?"..natasha:"arjun ko saris bilkul bhi nahi pasand..tum janti 
ho wo jab bhi kisi larki ko sari ya shalwar suit mein dekhta tha tu bht hasta tha kehta tha 'ye kia har waqt 
dahk chup k larkyan ghomti rehti hain'.." arohi "par unho ne tu kaha tha k.." natasha interupted her.."arohi 
wo shaed is liye k tumhara dil na tote tum har waqt indian attire mein hi rehti ho tu us ne tmhara dil rkhne k 
liye kaha hoga.."..arohi being innocent thought that may be natasha was right so she turned and looked at her 
wardrobe sadly..natasha smiled and made her turn to face her.."hey arohi dont worry yaar..chalo aj hum arjun 
ko surprise dete hein..?" arohi..:"surprise? kesa surprise.." natasha:"for a change aj tum sari se hato aur 
try some western.." arohi shockingly:"western?" natasha:"haan meri tarha?" arohi thought.."tum kapre pehnti 
ho? kapra shaed tumhe pehnta hai..chee.." natasha:"dekhna arjun aj phr tmhara dewana ho jae ga" arohi didnt 
reply and looked at her face as if she is alien..natasha looked at her.."oh comeon arohi..itna tu tum kar skti 
ho..warna patniyan tu apne pati k liye kia kia nahi karti ye tu sirf ek dress he.." she said..arohi after lot 
of denials finally agreed thinking "arjun ko shaed mein western attire mein achi lagun.."..

arohi looked at herself in the mirror..feeling shy and uncomfortable in the dress which natasha has made her 
worn..a black above knee lenght sleeveless dress her hair tied in a bun and black stilletoes were making her 
look "HOT" in the words of natasha..she somehow was not liking herself in this attire but thinking abt arjun 
she smiled.."aj arjun surprise ho jaen ge.."..she was brought out of her thoughts when she heard his 
voice..arjun entered the room and instantly said.."ready ar.." and his words stopped looking at the figure in 
front of her..arohi turned on hearing his voice and looked at him staring at her..arjun looked at her from top 
to was the first time he saw arohi in such dress..he again looked at arohi who was now feeling shy 
under his gaze..she was very uncomfortable in the dress and was now embarassed too cuz she knew that whether 
she likes it or not but she has to wear it for him..but him seeing her like this was making her more 
nervous..arjun looked at her again with more surprise and at once he got furious...there was a time when he 
was mad seeing girls in such a revealing and short attire but now seeing arohi in such attire only made him 
frown thinking that outside all dirty eyes will see his arohi like this ..he was not very happy at this 
thought..then arohi's act caught his her nervousness she started covering her shoulders with her 
one hand and with the other hand she started pulling her dress down to cover her knees thinking pulling it 
down will help her..arjun sensed her nervousness and uncomfortability..he knew that arohi is very shy in such 
matters..unaware of the reason which has forced her to wear the dress he looked around the room and then 
walking towards the wardrobe he took out her dupatta and made his way towards her..arohi looked at him coming 
closer to her and feeling more nervous criss crossed her hands around her shoulder..he opened the dupata wide 
& is now walking towards arohi.. arohi was feeling shy & was unable to look at him in embarassment.. but at 
the same time arjun didnt remove his gaze from her.. arjun is now infront of her.. arohi has both her hands 
criss crossed covering her shoulders... arjun covers her with her duppatta and hugged her tight..arohi has her 
hands folded between them and was surprised by this act of his..arjun kissed her on the head and released her 
from the hug and looked at her staring at him confusingly.."arohi go change the dress..hum dinner pe nahi ja 
rahe.."  arohi looked at him with surprise and shock..somehow by his Act she felt that he didnt like her in 
this dress..she was disappointed but more than it she was confused as to why he refused to go to dinner..arjun 
looked in her eyes in which the question was visible 'why'..he sighed and made her sit on the side on 
bed.." tumne kia pehna hai aur q pehna hai.." arohi looked at her dress and then again back at 
him.."wo..mene socha ap ko acha lage ga.." arjun asked calmly :"ye dress kahan se ai.." arohi was not 
understanding his response..she just anwered his question.."natasha ne..." arjun didnt let her complete her 
words.."us ne di aur tumne pehn li.." arohi nodded..arjun:"q?.." arohi was now embarassed..she lowered her 
gaze down to her hands and replied.."natasha ne kaha ap ko sari mein larkyan nahi achi kapre apko 
ache lagte hen..tu mene socha k.." arjun again interupted her.."kia socha tumne ye k tum ye dress pehno gi tu 
tum mjhe achi lago gi.." arohi looked at him and now she was sure that she has made fun of herself and arjun 
didnt like her in this dress..tears welled up in her eyes which didnt go unnotice by him..her tears were the 
last thing he wanted to see..he sighed and cupped her face and spoke looking into her eyes.."kia mene kabhi 
tmse kaha k mjhe saris nai pasand aur ye pasand hai.." arohi nodded negatively.."tumhe yaad he mene tumse kia 
kaha tha? K sari mjhe bht pasand hai.." arohi nodded in positive and a tear rolled down her cheek..arjun wiped 
her tear with his thumb and continued.."arohi mein pagal tha ..pagal tha mein jo larkyun ko aise dresses mein 
dekh k khush hota tha..khush hota tha q k soch sirf ek hi taraf jati thi..par aj tmhe is dress mein dekh k 
mjhe gussa aya ye soch k agar mein tmhe aise bahar le k gaya tu meri tarha k kitne log bahar hunge jin ki 
gandi nazrein tum pe parein gi..meri arohi pe parengi..aur ye mein kabhi nahi chahta..mein nahi chahta mere 
ilawa koi bhi tmhari pavitarta ko choe ..kisi ki nazrein tum pe pare..tumhe dekhne ka adhikar sirf mjhe hai 
aur koi aur tmhe dekhe is tarha ye mein bardasht nahi kr skta..aur mein ye b janta hun k tum is mein 
comfortable nahi ho..." arohi on hearing his words couldnt believe her ears..she thought natasha was right and 
didnt even once she recalled his words when he said he liked saris..she closed her eyes feeling guilty that 
she agreed with natasha..arjun continued making her open her eyes.."arohi tumhe ye sab krne ki zarurat nahi 
hai..tumhari khobsurti tmhari sadgi mein he tmhare dhake chupe kaproun mein he aur ye sadgi mein nahi chahta k 
tum apne se dur karo..arohi tum jesi ho mjhe wese hi pasand ho..tmhe badalne ki zarurat nahi..kaproun se insan 
ka dil nahi jeeta ja skta aur agar tum kaproun se mera dil jeetne ki koshish kr rahi thi tu tmhe us ki zarurat 
nahi..wo tum pehle hi jeet chuki ho..tum arohi arjun singhania ho jo har tarha se bht sundar hai aur use apni 
sundarta sirf arjun k liye rkhni hai na k pori duniya k liye.." he said and hold her hands.."kisi k bhi kehne 
pe kabhi b khud ko mat badalna.." Arohi was listening to him like he was narrating a fairy tale to her..his 
each and every word was just like pearls for easily he has judged her nervousness and has ensured her 
that this is not what he wants..she was feeling proud of herself on having him in her life..she smiled with 
teary eyes making him happy with her smiled..he kissed her forehead and arohi hugged him.."chalo ab change kar 
k ao.." arohi getting out of his embrace "par dinner?.." arjun smiled.."cancel.." arohi making a sad 
face.."par ab tu mein dress change kr rahi hun na.." arjun turned his face and moved towards the couch and sat 
there.."par ab tu mera b mood change hogaya na.." he said copying her tone.. Arohi looked at him and 
stood.."aur jo bhook lagi hai us ka kia.." arjun smiled.."tum dress tu change karo bhook ka bhi kuch soch 
lenge phr.." arohi made an irritated face and taking out her clothes she walkd towards the bathroom and was 
stopped by his words which made her blushed.."arohi...wese tum is dress mein hot lag rahi hotness mein 
dobara dekhna chahun ga lekin sirf apne liye" arjun smiled being sure that his words have made her 
blush..arohi turned and her red cheeks were the proof..he smirked and thought of teasing her came in his 
mind.."wese i wont mind balkeh i will love it jab tum is k bager mere samne ao gi.." arohi's whole face turned 
red hearing his words..she shyed and rushed inside the bathroom making him laugh at her act..

Arjun made a quick call to the restraunt asking them for the delivery of the food and then he arranged a table 
for two in the balcony and lit candles all around..arohi on coming out of the washroom was surprised not 
seeing him in the room..she saw balcony door open and when she went there the sight again surprised 
she saw arjun coming with a food tray in his hands.."so how about candle light dinner?.." he asked making her 

Flashback end..

Arohi smiled remembering that day when he very beautifully gave another example proving his love for her..she 
sighed and looked back at the sky.."mein sirf arjun ki hun.."..looking back at the time she made an unhappy 
face.."kia arjun abhi sirf 11 baje..1 kab baje ga.." she walkd inside the room and called him...arjun who was 
busy in the office working over the design for his project on seeing her number flashing on his mobile 
smiled..he knew she is missing him just like he was desperate to be at home with her.."hey arohi..tum soi 
nahi.." he said receiving her call..arohi smiled hearing his voice.."ap chahte hein mei so jaun.." arjun with 
concern.."han arohi tum so jao mjhe der hojae gi.." arohi childishly.."matlab ap chahte hen jab ap ghar ayen 
mein ap ko soti hui milun..ap tu mjhe dekh len par mein ap ko subha dekhun..g nahi aisa kuch nahi ho raha mein 
nahi so rahi..." arjun smiled at her words which was making difficult to control his urge to rushed back at 
home.."acha baba mat so..khush.." arohi smiled.."ji..lekin agar ap chahte hen mein so jaun tu jaldi se ghar 
aye.." arjun smiled:"yes ma'am.." arohi smiled.."bye.."..arjun again got busy in his work praying to end it 
soon so that he can go back to had been two week since has came to india and the work 
for their project has started which has taken almost of their time..beside being busy in his work he too was 
busy in preparing surprise for arohi..the surprise which he is planning to be like a dream..yes he too now has 
planned to say the magical words to arohi and for that he has planned a surprise for her which he always make 
sure to be supervising...he sighed and looked at his wrist watch and back at who was not at all 
in a mood to pack up..he continued with his work with a hope to be at home very soon..

Arohi again stood leaning again the railings and enjoying the started drizzling..arohi smiled and 
spread her hands  wishing the rain to be heavy..thinking abt rain made her blushed remembering their first 
lovemaking..his touch..his gentleness..his care..his love..arohi sat on the swing and another memory flashed 
in her mind making the colours of her cheeks to turn in crimson red..


.."alright sab cheezein agaein...amm...cornstarch? ye cornstarch kahan hai.." said arohi who was in the 
kitchen preparing blueberry cheese cake for arjun..she has read the recipee from internet and decided to make 
it for arjun remembering the day when natasha made for she wanted to make it for him so that he 
only remembers the taste of her cake and not of natasha..she was being possessive for arjun for many days 
without any reason and making his favourite cake by herself was giving her satisfaction..

after she was done with everything the last thing was left to prepare the sauce..she was doing so when arjun 
entered the kitchen searching for her.. "tum yahan ho meine tumhe pore ghar mein dhoond lia.." he said walking 
towards her..arjun came from the office and found no one at home..he felt strange as it was 8 p.m..he looked 
around all over the house for arohi and didnt find her so he thought may be she is also not in the house but 
asking the servant he got to know that everyone has gone out except natasha and arohi and arohi is in the 
kitchen..arjun entered the kitchen and on seeing her he smiled...arohi turned and smiled.."q ap mjhe q dhond 
rahe the.."..arjun picking the apple from the counter took the bite.."aise hi..wese tum kar kia rahi ho.." he 
said adjusting himself sitting on the counter..arohi continued her work.."ap ka fav cake bana rahi hun.." 
arjun surprisingly.."really? berry cheesecake na?" arohi teasingly:"q is k ilawa bhi koi fav cake hai 
apka?"..arjun smiled and said taking another bite.."nahin hai tu nahi..par tum q bana rahi ho..abhi tu khaya 
tha thore din pehle.." arohi :"dobara kha li jiye ga.." arjun :"mera fav hai par itna bhi nahi k mein week 
mein do baar kha lun..u knw thora bht diet ka bhi khayal rakhna parta hai.."..arohi turned to face him and 
stared him.." "q?..ap sirf natasha k haath ka hi cheesecake kha skte hein mere haath ka nahi?.." she said 
coldly.. ..arjun was surprised hearing her answer..he looked at her and tried to understand what she 
meant..somehow he felt something strange.."ise kia hogaya hai.."he thought..he looked into her eyes..her eyes 
in which all her love and fear of losing him is reflecting...fear? is that fear or something else..he shook 
his head in order to avoid thinking and smiled.."tumhare haath ka tu mein kuch bhi kha lunga..aur ye cake 
khane k lie mein ab aur intezar nahi kar skta.." he said and relaxed seeing the excitement in her eyes after 
his words..she smiled and again continued her work feeling happy..arjun smiled but again remembering what he 
saw in her eyes made him confused..he looked at arohi who was very happily indulge in her work..he smiled and 
with a smirk the idea of teasing her got in his mind..he trailed his index finger from her forehead and 
through her nose he reached her cheeks..arohi shook her face.."kia kar rahe hein ap?.." she asked 
irrittaedly..arjun smiled.."apna kaam?.." arohi looked at him.."ye kaam hai apka?.." arjun nodded his head in 
positive..arohi rolled her eyes and continued her work..arjun enjoyed her irritation and smiled..he was 
finding her cute doing her work with complete dedication..arjun smirked and walked around arohi irritating her 
more..arohi looked at him with .."arjun.." she said with a bit anger..arjun raised his eyebrow.."tum apna kaam 
karo mein apna kaam kar raha hun.." arohi "ap mjhe tang kr rahe hein.."..arjun.."really?..." arohi 
sighed..arjun again walked around her and stood behind her.."ok ab nahin karun ga tang tum apna kaam karo.." 
he said..arohi rolled her eyes and started stirring the mixture in the bowl..arjun smiled and planting his 
hands on the counter he caged her in between nearly touching his front to her back.."blue berries zada 
dalna.." he said huskily..she shivered hearing his husky voice and immediately left the whisk which was in her 
hands as his closeness always makes her forget everything..arjun too who was in a teasing mood being close to 
her forgot all about his teasing sessions and got lost in her closeness..she closed her eyes sensing his 
closeness and moved more towards the counter to avoid his breath against her shoulders..he felt irritated 
seeing her moving away from him but  found this act cute seeing her get all nervous whenever he is near 
her..he smiled and stepped closer making her gulp and smiled seeing her hands shaking..arohi inspite of being 
intimate with her husband since so many times always feels nervous whenever he is near her as if its her first 
time..she in her nervousness moved more into the counter.."ab ruk bhi jao arohi..jaga nahi hai.."he whispered 
in her ear which made her blushed..he leaned forward and and planted wet kisses on her shoulder and neck..she 
let out a pleasurable moan and backed into him wanting more of his closeness..he traveled his hands on her 
bare waist making her breathless..he bit her ear which was now too much for her to handle..she immediately 
turned and hugged him..arjun smiled and snaked his arms on her back slowly and sensously..he lined her spine 
with his fingers making her lift her face and look at him which made it difficult for him to control his 
desire as her eyes were revealing all the love she has for him and the same desire which he himself is 
feeling..he couldnt control himself and pulled her head closer and kissed her lips with all the love he had 
for her..the kiss was started passionately but it was slowed and moved rhythmically with her lips as soon as 
she started responding to the kiss..he brushed his upper lip on her lower and swallowed her lip making her 
groan..she raised her hands on to his chest and he lifted her by her waist and made her sit on the counter 
without leaving her lips..he came out of the kissing seeing her breathing heavily just as him..he smiled and 
kissed her closed eyes..seeing her flushed face her swollen lips increased his desire to kiss her again and he 
again brought his lips near to hers when they were brought out by their senses .."excuse me love birds.." they 
heard a familiar voice..they immediately moved away from each other blushing and embarassed..looking at the 
door they found natasha staring at them with a forced smile on her face..arjun passed a smile to her and lookd 
back at arohi who was just staring at her..her face didnt show any emotions neither she was blushing nor 
shying and she didnt even manage to smile which he found strange.."mein change kar k ata hun.." he said and 
walked out of the kitchen still confused seeing her behavior and her reactions..

Flashback ends..

Arohi smiled as soon as the rain started heavily..she went inside the room and stood near the window watching 
the heavy shower from the paradise which were just like they too were happy with her..she bended towards the 
frame of the window to feel best out of the chilled atmosphere and again went back to her beautiful days..


"cheater cheater cheater...arjun tum cheating kr rahe ho.." said rashi looking at was 12 a.m and as 
no one was able to sleep so natasha came up with the idea of playing ludu..therefore, arjun arohi natasha and 
rashi were settled down on the bed in rashi's room and were playing ludu when rashi saw arjun hiding one of 
his tokens which was inside the she screamed saying him cheater..arjun put back the token in its 
place hiding his smile.."mene kahan ki cheating..rashi tmhe kuch zada hi dikh raha hai.."..arohi who was 
sitting opposite arjun said.."mjhe bhi wahi dikh raha hai jo rashi ko dikh raha hai..arjun ye 3rd time humne 
apko cheating krte huwe dekha ..ab agar ap ne ki tu ap game se out.." arjun making a sad face.."ok..par mene 
cheating nahi ki.." but on seeing rashi and arohi's eyes which were giving him a death glare he said.."acha 
ki..ab nahi karunga.." rashi smiled.."good"..natasha laughed.."arjun ne kaha aur hmne  8.. Maan lia..arohi 
tumhe pata hai..aj tk kabhi bhi arjun jeeta nahi hai pata hai q..?.." arohi looked at her .."q?.." rashi 
laughed.."sara dehan cheating k nai tareeqe sochne mein jo laga deta hai.." arohi too laughed and looked at 
arjun who was smiling seeing her carefree side.."ok lets continue..and arjun we are watching u..." said 
natasha throwing a die..arjun smirked and winked at arohi indicating her that he will definitely try another 
chance to cheat..arohi rolled her eyes and the game went on..

"nahi mene nahi kia..." said natasha when she was caught turning the die to change the number..."natasha tum 
bhi?..tum b cheating kr rahi ho...very bad.." said arohi...natasha hid her mischievous smile "nai yaar such 
mein yahi number tha mene cheating nahi ki.."she said..arjun raised his eye brow.."oh yeah?..tumne cheating 
nahi ki...abhi tu mjhe bhashan de rahe the tum sab..ab nikalo ise game se bahar.." he protested... "q?..q q 
q??... Game se bahar q ?..mene such mein number nahi badla.." she said..arjun was moving her tokens away from 
the board indicating that now she is no more in the game when she caught the die..."mene nahi ki cheating smjh 
q nahi rahe...mein tmhari tarha thori na hun.." she said..arjun looked at her.."yeah right..tum meri tarha 
nahi ho..tum tu mjhse bhi age ho..mein tu chup k cheating kr raha tha aur tum khule aam.." he said forwarding 
his hand asking her for the die.."...she hold the die tightly in her hand and moved her hand behind her.."pata 
nahi kia hogaya hai tum logoun ko kisi ko bhi cheater keh rahe ho..nahi dun gi mein..pehle mjhe game mein 
wapis lo.." rashi sighed.."oh comeon natasha ek tu chori upar se seena zori...die do hum game khatam krein.." 
arohi too .."natasha hum ne pehle hi kaha tha cheating ki tu out ab maan jao apni haar aur die do.." natasha 
looked at arohi "natasha kabhi nahi haarti.." she said rudely..arohi stared her and arjun and rashi too looked 
at natasha but arjun again asked her to give back the die but she refused.."had hai natasha 
bachi ban rahi ho tum .." said arjun and grabbed her hand to take the die but she tightened her grip.."pehle 
game mein wapis lo.." arjun laughed.."tum nahi badlo gi..hena..hamesha aise krti baar ye trick nahi 
kaam aegi..try something else.." he said and pinned her down on the bed and hold her hand to take the die 
back..but her grip was tight so he started tickling her so that she may lose her grip..natasha laughed.."arjun 
stop it...mein nahi dun gi.." she said in between..arjun.."tmhare ache bhi denge.." he said and from one hand 
tickled her and from the other he tried to grab the die from her hand..  in between natasha's struggle to free 
her hand from his and pushed him away from her to stop the ticklish and arjun's struggle to snatch the die 
from her.. natasha's lips touched his cheeks which both of them didnt notice but it didnt go unnotice by arohi 
who continued to look and listen to their convo barely able to handle her emotions of jealousy..the sight was 
making her angry and when her lips touched his skin she felt a strange sense of tightness in her chest..she 
felt like someone was stabbing her as she saw her eyes on her arjun..her blood boiled and she was hating the 
smile on natasha's face at that moment and the closeness they were sharing..she in her own resentment and 
anger did something which turned everyone's attention towards her..

arjun and natasha was busy in their own fight where as rashi was laughing seeing them ...on a sudden sound 
their heads turned and their eyes popped out..the board of Ludo had fallen and its contents were all over the 
floor..arjun looked at arohi whose eyes were flashing with anger there was a pain and a fear too..he then 
looked at natasha and noticed his position and instantly moved away from natasha and looked at arohi...natasha 
and rashi too was confused and a bit shocked of arohi's sudden act..a strange silence spread in the room 
making everyone confused..arohi looked at everyone's faces.."wo..mjhe sahil bhaya ko call karna hai..excuse 
me.." she said and rushed out of the room leaving everyone staring her..arjun was from past few days feeling 
something strange in arohi's behavior..he was not able to understand and at many times he ignored such things 
but today her behavior was totally strange..he has never seen her behaving like this and in such anger 
was like first time he has seen this sight of her..he looked at natasha and rashi who were quiet also judging  
arohi's behavior.."wo...arohi...good night.." he said and left the room..

on his way to his room he kept on thinking the circumstances that has lead to such behavior of arohi..he 
recalled the emotions he saw in arohi's eyes and her gaze which was on natasha..somehow he felt that 
definitely something is related to natasha..he recalled all the moments when arohi natasha and arjun were 
together and arohi's words came in his mind..."natasha ne kaha ap ko sari mein larkyan nahi achi 
kapre apko ache lagte hen..tu mene socha k.."..."q?..ap sirf natasha k haath ka hi cheesecake kha skte hein 
mere haath ka nahi?.." and then the moments when natasha prepared food flashed in his mind and the looks which 
she was giving when arjun and natasha were dancing and now today..he was not sure whether what he is thinking 
is true or not so he decided to talk to arohi..he entered the room and stood leaning against the wall seeing 

arohi entered her room and slammed the door in anger..she was feeling like crying..but y she didnt know..she 
tried so hard to her tears in control but they were not stopping..slowly her crying decreased to whimpers..she 
went to washroom and washed her face and sat on the bed and the sight of arjun and natasha closed to each 
other flashed in her mind.."nooo.." she screamed..her mind was a turmoil of of thoughts and emotions spiraling 
in inside her head along with the terrifying feeling of uncertainity..the events of natasha and arjun together 
 were still stirring inside of hre spreading a wave of anguish through her body..there was this awful feeling 
in the pit of her stomach..the feeling that she might just lose what she holds most dear..she heard the door 
opening and on seeing him she stood and pretended to be busy in her work..she took out all the clothes from  
the wardrobe and was just pretending to hang them properly and in between stealing his glances and when she 
found him looking at her she used to looked somewhere else...noticing her little activities of uneasiness as 
she was looking everywhere but him and was doing fake work he couldnot resist himself from asking.."ye sab kia 
hai arohi..." he asked..arohi looked at him and turned around not able to meet his eyes.."wo sari cupboard 
mess up hoi v hai...mei..mein theek kar rahi hun.."..arjun smiled fakely.."yeah right.." he said and walked 
towards the bed and sat...arohi looked at him and he gestured her to sit beside him..arohi moved towards the 
bed and sat beside him with her gaze lowered to her hands.."mein abhi ki nahi...rashi k room mein jo hua us ki 
baat kar raha hun..wo sab kia tha arohi.."..whatever emotions were running in her mind she didnt know how to 
express them but she also felt embarassed on her act..she without answering stood and was abt to move when 
arjun pulled her by her arm as she tried to go..she landed in his lap..he lifted her chin with his index 
finger and his other hand holded her waist and he held her tightly encircling his other arm also around her 
waist..and in order to make her feel comfortable he started in a teasing manner.."oh tu mrs.singhania jealous 
hain..hun..??"..he said pulling her towards him..arohi didnt meet his eyes and looked at his shirt.."jealous?? 
kia mein waqai mein jealous hun ya mjhe kuch aur dar mein kia kar rahi hun.." she thought..arjun 
sighed not hearing any word from her and continued.." baat hai ..mjhe nahi batau gi.."...arohi 
looked at him and the tears which she managed to stop few moments ago again started falling from her 
eyes...all of a sudden feeling powerless she threw herself into his arms, burying her face in his chest while 
clentching his shirt in her hand she broke down crying making him surprised by her act..he knew she was scared 
of something and promised to remove all her insecurities from her mind her life...he put his arms around her 
and subtly hugged her..he stroke her hairs and gave her full time to relax herself..arohi is now 
sobbing.."arjun..ap mjhe chor tu nahi denge na..ap mjhse dur tu nahi jaenge..plz arjun mjhse dur mat jaiye 
ga..mein nahi ji paun gi.." she said in between her sob..arohi's words surprised was really surprising 
for him that arohi is scared of loosing him..she feels that he will leave her..why would he leave her he loves 
her afterall..arohi continued.."arjun..arjun mjhe nahi acha lagta jab ap natasha k saath hote hain..mjhe lagta 
hai natasha ap ko mjhse dur le jaye gi..ap natasha k saath mat baat kia kijiye.." she said childishly..arjun 
thought he is listening to a 5 class school girl who is very possessive abt her best friend and is asking her 
not to talk with any other classmate of theirs.."mujhe natasha nahi achi lagti..ap wada karein ap mjhe nahi 
chorein ge.." she said..arjun now thought that it is time to give her some peace ..he kissed her head and 
released her from the embrace..he looked at her face which was completely drenched with her tears..he wiped 
her tears away and made her look into his eyes.."tum pagal ho gai ho arohi..tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakti ho k 
mein tumhe chor dun ga..mein tumhe q chorun ga arohi..tum meri zindagi ho meri khushi ho meri patni ho..aur 
koi bhi insan apni zindagi se dur ja k khush nahi reh pata tu tum tu donu ho meri zindagi bhi aur meri khushi 
bhi..tu mein tumse dur kese jaun ga.."..arohi lowered her eyes as fresh tears started dwelling in her 
eyes..arjun lifted her face up .."arohi..tumhe apne dar ko apne andar se nikalna hai..mein kafi din se dekh 
raha hun k natasha k sath tumhara behavior change ho gaya hai..tum apne ap ko us se compare karne lagi ho.." 
he said and sighed continuing.."arohi tum q khud ko kisi se compare kar rahi ho...tumhari jaga koi nahi le 
sakta na hi meri zindagi mein na hi mere dil mein aur na hi is ghar mein.." a tear slid down her cheek as she 
listened him..arjun continued.."arohi natasha aur mein bht ache dost hein..bachpan se..han wo meri girl friend 
bhi rahi par ab aisa kuch nahi hai..ab mein sirf tumhara hun apni zindagi mein ai wi har larki mere liye ateet 
ban gai hai aur tum mera aj ho aur mera kal bhi tum bano gi..natasha aur mein aise hi hen shoru se apni duniya 
mein mast lekin jo bhi hai hum sirf dost hein bht ache dost aur bas..natasha buri larki nahi hai..aur tmhe us 
se darne ki kia zarurat...arohi wo aman se bht pyar karti hai us k liye aman us ki duniya hai aur mere liye 
tum..tu mein jis tarha apni duniya se dur nahi reh skta tu kia wo reh skti hai?..." arohi just kept listening 
to him without uttering a word.."arohi natasha meri sirf dost hai hamare beech mein pehle jo bhi hua wo sab 
past tha jis ka ab hamare present aur hamare future donu se koi lena dena nahi..wo mjhe kabhi tumse dur q kare 
gi jab k wo janti hai k ye na mumkin hai..natasha tumhari bhi tu dost hai tum janti ho na use k wo kesi kabhi tumhe aisa laga k wo hamare beech arahi hai..batau arohi kia tumhe kabhi aisa laga.." he 
said..arohi nodded in negative.."tum ne natasha ko dost ki tarha dekhna band kar dia hai is liye tumhare dil 
mein dar beth raha hai...tum use dobara dost ki nazar se dekho gi tu sare dar khatam ho jaenge..aur tmhe ehsas 
hoga k jo tum soch rahi thi wo ek dum fazool tha.." arjun cupped her face.."arohi meri zindagi mein sirf ek 
aurat hai wo ho tum aur tum hi raho gi hamesha mein tumhe kabhi khud se door nahi jane hi khud 
kabhi tumse door jaun ga..lekin agar tumhe nahi acha lagta tu mein natasha se baat bhi nahi karun 
ga..promise..ab plz muskrao.."..arohi instantly spoke.."q nahi karen ge dost hai wo apki aise kese ap us se 
baat nahi karenge.." arjun smiled ..."arohi..yahi mei tumhe keh raha hun k natasha sirf dost hai..sirf dost 
.." arohi now felt relaxed and happy..she now realised that whatever she was thinking it was just her own 
fears which has nothing to do with natasha..she felt guilty on her thoughts and decided to not to think abt 
this anymore..arjun's words were really comforting and it assured her that no matter what arjun is only hers 
and will always be hers..she smiled..arjun kissed her forehead and looked back into her eyes.."pagal ho 
tum...ainda aisa mat sochna smjhi..hum donu ko koi bhi alag nahi kar skta hum khud bhi nahi.." he said 
smiling..arohi smiled .."thankyou arjun.." she said and hugged him..arjun teased her.."itna rookha thankyou.." 
he said..arohi smiled and coming out of his embrace looked at his face which has a teasing smile on it...arohi 
smiled and moved her face closer..she knew what she was doing..she moved her lips close to his and arjun 
smirked .."oh tu mrs.singhania is now making the first move.." he said winking at her..arohi shyed and moved 
her face away but arjun stopped her and cupped her face and next they were kissing each other..He kissed her, 
and for a moment it was like the pressure of her lips against his flooded his body with a warmth .. Hepoured 
everything to that kiss every fear, every moment of torment, and every confusing, frustrating and fantastic 
emotion she had ever inspired in him into that kiss, and he felt her lips respond to his eagerly..this time 
arohi deepend the kiss encircling her arms around his neck pulling him closer to was her love her 
passion her possessiveness her obsession for arjun her life..The soft gentle kiss gradually turned into a deep 
passionate kiss...slowly breaking the kiss she hid her face in his chest breathless..holding her close to his 
heart he placed a quick peck on her head and started a romantic journey with her to their love paradise...

flashback ends..

arohi smiled thinking that how arjun assured her that day that they both are meant to be together 
always...after that day her behavior towards natasha also there was no feeling of insecurity or 
any other fear in her mind in her heart..she has accepted their friendship as a most sacred bond and didnt 
even think abt any other silly issues..a sudden beep of her mobile made her to turn..she looked at her mobile 
to find his msg.."i want to see my sleeping beauty..plz so jao mjhe der ho jae gi.."..she smiled and 
replied.."ok" with a smily face..
arjun was busy in his work and it seemed that mr.malhotra is not in the mood to go at home..he sighed and 
thought abt arohi that she is waiting for him ..he felt bad for her for making her wait this much..he took out 
his mobile and texted her and smiled on having her reply..he knew arohi will not sleep and has just agreed so 
that he may not worry for her.."pagal.." he said smilingly..arohi after reading arjun's msg as an obedient 
wife laid down on the bed and closed her eyes but sleep was far away from her eyes..."arjun bhi tu jage we hen 
mein kese so jaun.." she said...she laid down on the bed and smiled thinking abt her life..abt the day when 
she went to her parent's home..she 
was thinking how she used to be afraid of happiness, but now she felt like as if they were openning up arms to 
welcome her in their ecstatic paradise..


 "so...we are here.." arjun said stopping the car in the driveway of alluhwalia's house..arohi looked at him 
and smiled..arjun looked at her.."i am telling you arohi yahan rukne nahi dunga mein se ate hue 
mein tumhe pick kar lunga.." arohi made a sad face.."kia arjun itne din baad ai hun..ek din tu rukne dijiye.." 
arjun looked in the front.."never.." arohi :"acha ap london jayen mjhe akele chor k 3 3 din k lie aur mein ek 
din apne ghar nahi ruk skti.." arjun in the same tone.."nahi..nahin.." he looked at arohi.."jab mein london 
jaun tu tab tum yahan aakeh rehne ka program banau par abhi nahi.." arohi:"par..." arjun sighed.."arohi ab 
agar kuch bola tu mein gari mor raha hun hum ghar ja rahe hen.." arohi instantly:"nahi..ok ap ajaye ga 
lene..khush.." arjun smiled and came out of the car and opened the door for her..arohi stepped out and 
smiled.."bye.." and she walked..arjun hold her hand to stop her..arohi turned.."kia?.." arjun smiled:"kuch 
bhool tu nahi rahi.." arohi confusingly:"nahi.." arjun raised his eyebrow.."ok mein yaad dilata hun.." he 
moved closer to arohi and cupped her face..arohi understood his motive and as soon as his lips were abt to 
touch hers she moved her face and he kissed her cheek..arjun opened his eyes arohi laughed and stepped 
back..arjun smiled seeing her laughter and stared her..arohi:" arjun...ap b na..bye.." she said and 
turned..arjun smiled.." wapis tumne mere pas hi ana hai kab tk bacho gi.." he said and stood in front of 
her..he kissed her forehead.." bye.." arohi smiled and went inside the house..arjun sat in the car n went to 

"arohi tu yahan is kamre mein.." said amrit when she saw arohi in her old room where she spent 3 yrs of her 
life..arohi turned and smiled.."wo mein..apni diary lene ai thi.." she said taking out her diary from under 
the pillow..amrit smiled and moved towards her and made her sit on the bed and she sat beside her..she 
caressed her face and kissed her forehead.."tu khush he na arohi.." she asked in a motherly tone..arohi smiled 
and rested her head on amrit's lap..she remembered the day when amrit asked the same qts to her before 
marriage and she said no..she recalled her words.."tum dekhna arohi eik din mein yaheen beth k tumse pochun gi 
k tum khush ho aur tum mjhse kaho gi k tum bht khush ho.." she smiled and replied.."ap ki soch se bhi zada 
khush hun mein mom.." amrit smiled..hearing this from arohi made her relax..she knew it from the beginning 
that arjun is the one who can bring old arohi back..who can give her all the happiness she desrve..who can 
make her forget her past..who will love her more than himself and the smile on arohi's face the glow and the 
spark in her eyes are the proof of her happy married life... she kissed her forehead and prayed .."is ki ye 
khushiyan humesha k liye rakhna bhagwan..."

flashback ends..

arohi sighed and hugged the was raining heavily and the sound of the rain was like a lullaby for her 
which made her close her eyes..

arjun finally got relieved from mr. malhotra..looking at the time he thought.."abhi tak jag rahi ho gi.."...he 
smiled and made his way to home..

..."arjun...arjun...arjun ap kahan hain..?" screamed arohi..she was standing in a dark room with no windows 
and doors only walls..she couldnt see anything cuz of darkness..she jumped with fear on feeling a hand on her 
shoulder..she turned to face the person but was unable to see the person..the person pushed her back making 
her fall on the floor.."tumhe arjun se door jana hoga..." the person said and laughed..arohi cried and feeling 
something wet in her palm she brought her hand infront of her eyes to see..suddenly the lights got open and 
she saw her palm covered with blood..she screamed.."arjunnn..."...suddenly a thunder flashed in the sky which 
scared her and she opend her eyes.."arjun..."she said..

on reaching home arjun made his way directly to his room..he opened the door of the room and his eyes fell on 
his sleeping beauty..Seeing his angel lost in the beauty of her sleep made him forget all abt his tiredness 
and  a smile popped on his lips... It's always like that. Whenever he sees her in front of his eyes his lips 
automatically curves into a smile which always showed how special she is for him...seeing her still in saree 
and not in her night dress, he understood she was waiting for him, ignoring his little request...he very 
quietly walked towards her  folding the sleeves of his shirt up to the elbows as well as loosening the tie and 
neck buttons of the shirt..very carefully he sat down on the bed beside her and stared her..slightly leaning 
down, he stared at her innocent and elegant face while resting the right hand around her waist, cuddling with 
her he kissed her forehead and again continued his staring session..
suddenly he noticed arohi frowning in her sleep and few drops of sweat on her forehead brought him put of his 
usual fantasy world..he looked at the ac and again at arohi and got confused..but hearing his name in her 
scared voice also scared him..

arohi who woke up with the sound of thunder from her dream was very much scared of what she saw few moments 
back..her eyes opend and his name released from her mouth...on seeing him infront of her she immediately sat 
and threw herself on to his chest hugging him tightly by his waist. She hugged him as if her life depended on 
him... closing her eyes she absorbed the warmth of his bare chest. She felt completeness and secured in that 
chest where her head perfectly fitted. The music of his heart beats calmed her making her to forget all about 
her fears and her bad dream..arjun got totally surprised by her sudden act but realisation struck him an he 
understood that may be she got scared of the thunder..he smiled and hugged her back pulling her more close to 
him and slightly patted his right palm on the exposed area of her back in order to comfort her... he can feel 
her warm breath on his chest as smooth and chubby skin of her cheeks rested on his bare chest, not only her 
cheeks but also the end of her pink lips...God knows how long they stayed like that feeling each other's heart 
beats.. it was as if both of them were not ready to leave this moment of their was like as 
if they wanted to live the rest of their lives in this way melting into each other's arms...
after few moments arjun released her from the embrace and kissed her forehead.."dar gai thi.." he asked and 
wiped off her sweat..arohi nodded in yes and again hugged him..arjun smiled and kissed her head.."ghabrao mat 
jab tak mein hun koi dar tmhara kuch nahi bigar sakta.." he said..arohi smiled and looked at him.."arjun..ap 
mere saath hamesha rahenge na..?.." she said..arjun smiled and nodded in yes and leaned forward and atonce 
captured her lips giving her a promising kiss..gently tasting them as if taking away all her fears and 
tensions from her heart..from her life...The moment she felt his wet lips on her lips a silver jolt of 
electricity passed through her spine...moving her little fingers through his thick hair she deepened the kiss 
to a long passionate one forgetting about everything, they were completely lost in each other...feeling 
each other..loving each other...sharing love and trust at the same time...The feel of their lips over each 
other's ignited a burning passion in their heart...Again a high volt thunder blasted in the sky which made 
them come out of their loveland..very kindly they broke the kiss, both breathless...she feeling shy again 
buried her face in his chest in order to hide her red blushed face while tightly holding him close to 
her...he holding her close to his heart kissed her head and hugged her tight..they broke the hug on 
hearing the ringing on mobile..arjun looked at the caller id and answered the call and arohi moved away 
saying.."mein ap k liye kuch khane ko lati hun.."..arjun smiled and talked on the phone.."hey dad.." 
rudra:"arjun tum ghar agae?.." arjun laid on the bed hugging the pillow.."yes dad bas abhi aya.." rudra:" oh kesa ja raha hai project..kab ja rahe hen mr.malhotra.." arjun:" dad everything is going 
malhotra abhi kuch din aur hen india mein.." and they continued talking abt their business..

Arohi entered the 
room holding a tray of food in her hands and found him sleeping..he had not even changed..he really looked 
tired..she smiled and kept the tray on the table and walked towards the bed..she helped him..lossend his 
moved closer up & removed his tie..his breath was tickling her ..she
opened the remaining buttons of his shirt but was not sure whether to take it off or not cuz she did'nt want 
to bother him or disturb him so she left it as it is...she slipped the 
pillow properly so that he could be in a comfortable position..arohi gave him a last look and kissed his 
forehead.."goodnight arjun.." she said  and started moving away..sensing her movement he pulled her back and 
she landed on top of him.."good night abhi kahan.." he said and smirked..arohi looked at him 
surprisingly.."arjun..ap tu so gae the.." arjun smiled and rolled on the bed pinning her underneath him..."not 
so soon arohi..." he said and his gaze rested on her lips making her shiver..arohi on sensing his desire felt 
her heart beats accelerated to a record speed which circulated more blood to her each cell which is weakened 
with each passing second... Giving up to his desire he gently placed his lips on top of hers giving her a long 
passionate kiss..leaving her lips he stared lovingly at her flushed face..caressing her arm with one hand as 
he moved the few tendrils of her hairs away with the other he leaned in to kiss her in the curve of her neck..his mind 
exploded as he took in her smell and as she shivered at the contact and  moved closer to him.. he wrapped a 
hand around her waist and twirled his leg with hers as he continued to kiss her on the neck , her shoulder and 
nipped her ear making her crave for his love more and more...arohi too was completely lost in the shower of 
his love and responded to each and every gentle touch of his which finally led to their passionate journey 
into love paradise which was witnessed by the pearls showering from the sky the cool breeze blowing in the air 
and the scent of the mud...

The next morning the same routine continued as of 2 months..after having lunch 
arohi came to her room to pick up her clutch as she received the call from shefali saying.."chal yaar lets 
hangout somewhere bore ho rahi hun.."..  Arohi was going downstairs when she heard sounds from natasha's was like someone is crying..she got worried and entered her room and found her sitting on the floor 
with her head burried in her hands and she is crying..she got worried and atonce rushed to 
her.." hua?..tum thk tu ho?.."..natasha looked at arohi and arohi's heart started beating 
fast seeing natasha in this state..her eyes were red and the face was completely drenched with tears..she 
atonce wiped her tears and looked away.."kuch nai..tum ...tum yahan?.." she said..arohi in a worried 
tone.."natasha plz mjhe btau kia baat hai?..tum ro q rahi ho?..sab theek tu he na?.."..natasha forced a smile 
on her face.."kuch nahi arohi..i was missing dad..bus.." she lied..arohi sighed and holding her 
hands.."natasha plz mjhe btau mein janti hun koi baat zaur hai...warna kisi ko miss krte hue koi itna nai 
rota.." natasha didnt reply.."plz natasha ..plz mjhe batau.." natasha.."koi baat nai hai arohi.." arohi 
stood.."ok..phr mein arjun se kehti hun wohi tumse baat karenge.."  natasha hearing this atonce stood and 
stopped arohi who was going out of the room.."plz arohi..nahi...arjun ko nahi..plz.." she said..arohi 
turned.."tu phr btau kia baat hai.." natasha sighed and wiped her tears and walkd towards the window..arohi 
stood there waiting for her to continue..natasha smiled.."pata hai arohi...bachpan se arjun had always been a 
constant support for me ... Yahan tak k uncle aunty dadi rashi sab ne mjhe apni family samjha is ghar ka 
hissa aur arjun aur mein bachpan se saath hen mein arjun jay ... if I was upset,  he would cheer me up, if 
I was angry, he would pacify me ... if I needed something, he would get it for me, even before I ask 
him..he had always been protective about me and had always brought a smile on my face whenever I was 
upset...hum ne kabhi ek dosre se koi baat nai chupai u know y..cuz we are best best best friends..."...she 
smiled and turned to arohi with teary eyes..arohi was confused listening her but smiled listening to their 
bond as friends..natasha continued.."arohi..mene aj tk arjun se kuch nai chupaya..aur aj itni bari baat mene 
arjun se chupai wi he..q k use batane ki mjh mein himmat nai.."..arohi suprisingly looked at her and asked 
hesitantly.." chupa rahi ho.." natasha turned away and looked outside the window without 
answering her..arohi again asked her.."batau natasha kia chupa rahi ho tum.." natasha didnt reply..arohi this 
time asked angrily.."for god sake natasha plz mjhe batau tum kia chupa rahi ho.." tension was increasing and 
she was fearing that may be she is hiding something very serious..natasha answered calmly.."aman ne mjhe chor 
dia...tor dia us ne hamara rishta..chor dia us ne mjhe.." was a shock for arohi..she froze their ..she 
knew how much they both loved each other..she has heard them talking..she never in her dreams have thought 
that such a lovely couple can be separated..she just stared natasha  Waiting impatiently for her to say that 
she is kidding..but natasha turned and smiled fakely.."tor di us ne engagement.."..arohi closed her eyes and 
controlling her tears she managed to speak.."q??..q?..kab?.."..natasha cried and sat on the floor..arohi felt 
bad for her..she atonce rushed to her and hugged her.."batau natasha ye sab kab aur q hua?..aman tu tmse..." 
natasha:"arohi aman ne mere pyar pe shak kia us ne ne..arohi us ne mjh pe shak kia.." she said and cried 
hard..arohi was not getting anything but was feeling natasha's pain...natasha continued.."arohi mjhe aman se 
rishta totne ka dukh zarur hai par mein khush hun k us insan se meri shadi nahi mjhpe ungli uthae mein 
us ka haath kese thaam lun...par arohi mjhe dukh hai k mein arjun ko such nai bata pa rahi..mene us se apni 
zindagi ki itni bari sachai chupai hai..par arohi mein kia karun..agar mene arjun ko bataya tu najane wo gusse 
mein kia kar bethe ga..wo aman ko nahi chore ga..wo meri ankhun mein ansu nahi dekh skta..wo..arohi wo..aman" 

arohi consoled natasha and made her sit on the bed..she gave her a glass of water and waited for her to 
relax..."ab btau natasha kese hua ye sab?.."...natasha sighed.."use mere aur arjun k rishte k bare mein pata 
chal gaya.." arohi confused.."matlab.." "yahi k arjun mera boyfriend tha.." arohi still didnt get her 
point..natasha continued.."jab k wo janta tha k arjun mera boy friend tha mene us se ye baat nahi chupai thi 
kabhi jis tarha arjun ne tumse nahi chupaya apne past k bare mein..mene bhi nai chupaya tha.." arohi:"tu phr 
aman ne is baat pe rishta kese tor dia.." natasha looked at arohi and kept staring her..arohi tapped her 
shoulder.."batau natasha.." natasha looked away.."nahi..mein nahi bata skti.." arohi surprised.."natasha plz 
tumhe meri qasam plz mjhe batau.."..natasha sighed walked towards her cupboard..taking out an envelop from the 
drawer she gave it to arohi.."is waja se..."..arohi confusingly stared at the envelop..but on opening it a 
shiver ran down her was it was it was a shock for it were the 
pictures of arjun and natasha portaying closeness between in which they both are almost kissing in 
the car .. Arohi was froze on her place..her hands were shivering holding the pictures in her was 
something she has never imagined and didnot ever want to imagine or experience..and natasha's words completely 
shattered her.."wo ye tu janta tha k arjun mera boyfriend reh chuka hai..par mene aj tk use nahi bataya tha k 
.. We had a physical relationship too.." this made arohi numb..she knew abt arjun's past life his casanova 
personality but she also knew that now all that is over but hearing this from natasha was like a reality of 
her insecurities..she didnt mind hearing this for another girl not even for sunaina but for natasha she 
couldnot handle it..she looked at natasha completely broken and emotionless..natasha looked at her face and 
felt bad for her.."but arohi believe   Me ye sab beeta wa kal tha sab wo time ki baat hai jab hum saath 
the par is baat ko 3 saal guzar chuke hen ab hamare beech dosti k ilawa kuch bhi baat aman..aman nai 
smjha...arohi..." arohi was feeling like someone is stabbing her with hammers..she was not listening to 
natasha and was just standing numb..she didnt understand what she is feeling and what she should do..she 
without letting natasha complete her words walked out of the room feeling lifeless holding the pictures in her 
hand towards her room..natasha watched her walking out of the room.."arohi..arohi plz ruku meri baat suno..tum 
bhi galat smjh rahi ho..arohi plz sunu tu.." but she left..natasha tried to clearify everything to arohi but 
she herself was completely broken at the moment..she fell on the floor and cried her heart out and slept there 
 feeling helpless..

Arohi entered her room..shutting the door behind she sat leaning against the door staring 
at the pictures in her hand ..her mind was completely numb she couldnt think anything else but was just 
staring at the pictures..the only word came out from her mouth.."arjun.." she wanted to cry but her tears were 
lost somewhere..she wanted to scream but her tongue was not supporting her..she wanted to go back in the past 
and erased every moment when arjun was with natasha..she sat there helplessly staring at the pictures..

hun mein.." said arohi answering the call from order to avoid and free herself from such thoughts 
she decided to continue with her plan with shefali and taking her clutch she went outside the house...

reached home at night ..he got freshned up and went downstairs where everyone was waiting for him on 
dinner...he sat on his chair and looked around.."arohi khana nahin khaegi?.." natasha looked at him with a sad 
face and again started eating..kumud answered.."nahi wo arohi ka..." arjun interupted her.."oh haan mein bhool 
gaya..meri dopahar mei hui thi us se baat wo keh rahi thi aj dinner shefali k sth kre gi.." kumud.."haan bas 
ati hi hogi.."..arjun nodded and then everyone had their dinner..

The whole day arohi and shefali did shopping 
and went to some of their old friends house and after having dinner with her friends she came back 
home...during this time she didnt even remembered once abt the incident at house as if she forgot or such 
incident hadnot occured..she entered the house and greeted everyone who were in the living area after 
dinner..after few minutes chat with the family she went to her room saying.."mei bht thak gai hun..mein chalti 
hun...goodnight.." natasha who at that moment entered the house after having her walk after dinner  looked 
at her and was surprised seeing her normal behavior...


PRECAP: Arohi doubts arjun..arjun arohi first argument..arjun's words hurts arohi..arjun guilty...
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nice update sehar
i hate that natasha Angry
arjun bhi dosti mein andha hogaya
feeling bad for arohiCry now again arjun will hurt her...i don't want her to forgive him easily
agar arjun ne arohi ke kissi aur ke saath pics dekhe, pics dekhna toh chodo , agar kissi ne aisa kaha bhi toh he will kill that person...then how can he expect arohi to be neutral??????
mujhe jealous arjun bhi dikhna hai...toh usse arohi ki insecurities pata chalegi
continue soonSmile

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I sooo wanna kill that as***le NatashaAngry

All the scenes were beautifully described.. Be it their intimate scenes, their bechaini for each other, the scene where he tries to erase all fears about Natasha from his mind, the way she opened her heart out in front of him and told him about her insecurities,etc 

It was a mind-blowing updateHug  You are an awesome writerClapThumbs Up

Hope you had a nice and an enjoyable trip:):)

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 December 2011
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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 4:13pm | IP Logged
superb absolutely awesome

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 January 2011
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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
Natasha doesn't even know what to talk and what not to! Such a cheap lady!

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Rimpi_kmh IF-Dazzler

Joined: 30 June 2012
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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 1:46am | IP Logged
welcome back Smile
awesome update,their intimate scenes,arohi's possessiveness,arjun's care all r very nicely u described.
i love their romance in kitchen Blushing.
or yaa natasahaAngry.i kill her,sub showoff hai aman sath breakup.she is sooo cheap n B**#*.
u r a nice writer Thumbs Up
thanx for pmHug
waiting for next update eagerlyDay Dreaming.jal dana plzzz.hosaka to kal hi da dana plzzzWink  

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dishdirection Senior Member

Joined: 12 August 2010
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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
awesome update eagerly waiting for next part even though arjuhi have argument please dont seperate them please and they clear it soon

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