Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 45)

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U here means aaj update right ???
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PART 16:


arjun was standing near the window still praying to god to give arohi all the happiness in this world and make him able to be the reason behind her happiness..he recalled the way she was praying to god with that innocent baby look on her face who wanted her fav toy by hook or by crook..he smiled and got surprised by the sudden feel on his back..

Arohi entered the room and saw him standing near the wall..she smiled and rushed to him and hugged him from back..she wanted to shower all her love for him and want to spend her entire life being in his arms being this close to him and yes being loved by him too..arjun turned and looked at her..the smile on her lips and the content look on her face her eyes filled with the same pure feelings and emotions which he himself feels for her..did he just see love in her eyes...did she love he that lucky..he smiled and hugged her..arohi wanted to tell him how much she loved her yes..she found him her life today and wanted to hold him.."arjun..arjun..i..." she managed to speak but stopped.."pehle tu ye boleinge...larke pehle bolte hen..mein tu i love u too bolun gi.." she thought and then released frm his embrace and looked into his eyes to find same emotions there,,somehow his every gesture and word clearly indicated his love for her but still she wanted to hear this from his mouth..She could see the depth of his love, passion, craziness in his dark brown eyes.
 but arjun who was seeing the play of emotions in her eyes on her face was now sure that she will not reject him as she also loves him..he can read it in her eyes but no he will still not express his love to her in words..he will make that day special for her a very memorable one to express those 3 magical words to her and somehow its not the right time and right place for his plan..he smirked sensing irritation in her eyes..yes she was irritated still looking at him standing quietly.."ap kuch bol q nahi rahe.." she said..arjun coughed and moved aside.."mein kia bolun.." he said hiding his smile..arohi moved to his side.."kuch tu bolna hi hoga ap ko..shaed koi baat hi kehni ho.." arjun moved towards bed and controlling his smile seeing her pouted face.."haan kehna jao.." and he suppressed his laugh.."tmhe kuch kehna hai kia.." he asked..arohi looked at him and pictured a fake smile.." g...kehna hai..goodnight.." she said and moved to her side and laid down...arjun sensing her disappointment smile.."mein janta hun arohi aur shaed yahi such hai k tum b mjhse pyar krti ho aur tm mjhe yahi batana chahti ho ya mjhse sunna chahti ho par...nai...aise nahi..thori filmein tu mene bhi dekhi hain"..he said n winked at her pic..he too laid down..arohi's back was facing him and she was lying quietly happy with this new feeling of love..her first time ever..she felt a hand caressing her waist and holding her.. she turned to see arjun held her from back..she turned to face him and shyly dipped her face in his chest'arjun smiled and kissed her head n  They both slept..

"nahi ..nahi arohi andar mat ana.." said natasha blocking arohi's way when she is abt to enter the kitchen..natasha was since two hours in the kitchn and is not letting anyone to come in..god knows what she is upto..the family after breakfast got busy in their work..rudra and arjun went to office rashi to her frnd's place..kumud and dadi were in their rooms..after the lunch natasha soon went straight into the kitchen and got busy in her own work.."kia hua?.." asked arohi confused by her act..natasha smiled.."kuch nahi..bas aj kitchen mere under hai.." arohi confused.."matlb?.." natasha kept her hand around arohi shoulder and made her way out from the kitchen.."matlab ye k aj ka khana mein paka rahi hun sab k lie kisi aur ki entry bilkul mana hai.." arohi smiled.."acha baba par mjhe tu ane do.." natasha nodded in no.."aise mjhse kaam nahi hta..plz arohi aunty bhi aj k din kitchen chorne ko tayar hogaen plz tum b maan jao aur andar mat ana.."..arohi smiled and patted her cheeks.."acha baba nahi aoungi..happy?.." natasha smiled and nodded.."by the way tum bana kia rahi ho.." natasha:"wo tu jab samne aega tu pata chale ga..ab chalo mera cake rehta hai mein use b complete kr lun sab ate hi hunge.."..arohi smiled.."cake..oh god natasha tum kin chakaroun mein par gai..sab akele kr rahi ho..meri help le lo.." natasha:"nahi baba ab tum jao aur apne pati dev ka intezar karo aur mjhe mera kaam krne do.." she said making arohi walk towards the stairs..arohi smiled and natasha went back to the kitchen..arohi was standing on the stairs and was abt to go upstairs when she heard the car horn..she looked at the time it was 8 p.m..arjun and rudra have arrived..she stopped and turned back and her gaze shifted on the door waiting for him to come inside and she can lost herself in just one look of his..

Arjun's whole day in the office had been very busy and he didnt get any time for lunch..shefali arjun and jay planned to go for lunch but cancelled it due to a sudden meeting..the day passed and he started feeling hungry..he thought of having a snack after getting free at 7 but then he stopped thinking that arohi must have prepared the dinner for him..remembering arohi he smiled thinking abt the change in his life..can love change a person this much?...he arjun singhania a casanova now is completely no helplessly in love with his wife and always dreaming to spend his time with her unlike the arjun who used to spend his time exploring his new new girlfriends every his life was love making sessions with his girlfrnds was the only way for his satisfaction and relaxation and now only a smile on her face gives him solace and peace..he is satisfied only with this much and doesnot feel like much..arjun singhania for whom sex was like having regular meals is now completely changed as he hasnot even done with his wife since his marriage ...almost one month of marriage..and he still is happy cuz she is happy.he smiled and shook his head  And made his way to home along with rudra..

Arjun and rudra entered the house..arohi's lips turned to a big smile on seeing him and arjun's whole day tiredness went away just seeing her smile..arohi greeted rudra and smiled looking at arjun..arjun too smiled and walked in..

"bht bhook lag rahi hai..ab mein control nahi kr skta plz dinner lagwao.." he said loosening his tie and sitting on the sofa..arohi who was standing with rudra smiled.."dinner mein tu abhi thora sa time hai..aj ka dinner natasha bana rahi hai.." arjun surprised.."natasha!.." arohi nodded..arjun excitedly:"great..arohi u must taste her food she really cooks well..right dad.." rudra smiled.."well aj tu phr maza ane wala hai.." he said walking to his room..arohi smiled and looked back at him.."ap tab tk fresh ho ayye mein dekhti hun kitna time hai.."..arohi said while walking towards the kitchn..arjun stopped arohi.."arohi.." she stopped and turned...arjun smiled and moved towards her..he had his mischievous smile on his face which made arohi confused..he stood in front of her and arjun leaned forward to her..arohi's heart skipped a beat realising that he is abt to kiss her..she shyed..arjun smirked..he moved his hands to touch her cheek and she closed her eyes..arjun looked at her face..he almost forgot the reason why he stopped her and now only one thing was on his mind..arohi..he smiled .. her  parted lips and closed eyelids were waiting for him to take what belonged to him..she almost forgot that she is standing in the middle of the common room only she was aware of his presence..arjun taking this as her approval moved closer..their lips were inches apart..they were abt to kiss but...
"arjun..for god sake romance k liye room hota hai..." rashi said coming inside the house and smirking seeing both of them..arjun arohi atonce moved away from each other embarassed and blushing..rashi laughed.."oh my god apne chehre tu dekho kese lal ho rahe ho.." arohi felt too shy and was abt to go rashi stopped her.."bhabhi..wait "..arohi stopped and turned to her..rashi smiled:"ap yahan ao aur dekho mene kia shopping ki hai.." and then she looked at arjun whose face was like phoola hua balloon.."arjun i know tumhe gussa hai k tumhara romantic moment spoil ho gaya but dont may continue it later.." arjun gave her a death glare and arohi shyed and looked everywhere but him..arjun turned to go upstairs and arohi was abt to move but arjun again stopped her.."ahem.." arohi sensed that ahem for her..she stopped arjun looked at rashi who was busy in taking her stuff out from the bags..arjun moved closer to arohi's ear and whispered..
"arohi...aj hamare beech mein koi bhi nahi asakta.."..arohi looked at him in surprise and raised her eyebrow as she didnt understand his meaning..arjun chukkled and winked at her and rushed upstair leaving arohi behind blushing realising his words..

Finally after waiting for few more minutes natasha came out from the kitchn and ordered the servant to  Set the dinning..she then walked towards the common room where kumud rudra arohi dadi and rashi were already seated looking at rashi's shopping..natasha came and said:"dinner is ready plz aye na ap sab.." rudra smiled:"hmmm khushbu tu yaheen tk arahi hai jo bata rahi he k khana bht maze ka hai.." natasha smiled.."uncle khane mein b bht tasty hai.. Ap aye tu sahi.." everyone proceeded towards the dining area..arjun still was not downstairs..arohi thought of calling him for dinner.."mein arjun ko bula k ati hun.." she was abt to move from her seat when arjun came downstairs towards the dinning area.."hmmm...itni maze ki khushbu..natasha i hope khana b maze ka hai warna tmhari salary cancel.." he said sitting on his chair beside arohi..everyone smiled and natasha holding a dish in her hand.."aur agar maze ka hua tu kia mile ga.." arjun smiled:"wo tu baad mein pata chale ga.." natasha smiled and started serving to the was very strange and surprising for arohi and the entire family that almost all the dishes were of arjun's choice..natasha has cooked italian the one which arjun loves the most to eat besides the few indian dishes..arjun got excited seeing all his favourite dishes..lasagnea, italian fried chicken, pizza etc..arjun took the first bite.."ammm...awesome..bht tasty hai.." he said and took another bite.."such mein purane din yaad agae ...remember natasha college days mein kis tarha tum khana banane mein experiments krti thi aur apna har disaster mjhe khilati thi.." natasha laughed and they both got involved recalling their old days..the family were enjoying their convo and the dinner..arohi was listening to his and her convo silently..she was not eating and was just listening..she felt a strange feeling seeing them talking..

"oh god ye chicken its very recipee tumne us cafe k chef se churai thi na.." said arjun taking bite of his dish.. natasha smiled and nodded..arjun was enjoying the dinner..rudra praised natasha for her effort and patted her shoulder.."well done beta.." kumud too appreciated her.."bht maze ka hai such mei..tumhari saas tu bht khush hojae gi bahu ko khana banana ata hai" she said teasingly..natasha smirked.."mjhe tu apne would to be husband  ko khush krna hai.." arohi looked at her and smiled..that was not her genuine smile but her fake one..she was not liking that natasha is getting everyone's attention..she was not like the girl who gets jealous on such small matters but she  also didnt knw why she is feeling jealous at this moment..rashi too praised natasha and teased arohi.."kia baat hai natasha..i guess mene last khana tmhare haath ka last year khaya tha..bhabhi italian arjun ka fav cousine he aur natasha k haath ka ho tu arjun ko tu aur b zada pasand hai..tu ap tu training le h lo natasha se.." arohi looked at her and smiled..natasha looked at untouched food at arohi's plate and asked:"are arohi tum ne tu kuch khaya hua pasand nahi aya.." arohi forced herself to smile and answered "nahi wo...mein kha rahi hun.." and she started eating.."acha hai..very tasty.." natasha smiled..arjun then looked at natasha's empty plate.."tum ne tu shoru b nahi kia.." natasha:"mein kha lun gi..." arjun smiled.."atleast taste tu karo apna banaya wa namona" he said winking at her...arjun then made her taste the chickn with his fork which didnt go unnotice by arohi..she didnt like this act..she somehow felt that only she has the right on everything of his whether its used utensils..she stopped eating and coughed to gain his attention who was busy in feeding natasha..arjun looked at arohi who was coughing and asked aith concern.."u ok?.." arohi smiled and nodded..arjun smiled and again looked at his plate..the dinner was done and now it was time for sweet..arjun was abt to got up from his seat but natasha made him sit back.."abhi kahan abhi tu ek cheez baki hai.." arjun excitedly.."kia.." rudra too:"kia...aur koi tasty tasty dish.." rashi:"jaldi btau na mu mein pani ana shoru hogaya.." dadi laughed looking at the childrens excitement..natasha laughed.."its berry cheesecake.." rashi said with a moke anger.."phr se arjun ka fav.." she sat folding her hands across her chest..arjun smiled excitedly.."wow..jaldi lao i cant wait.." arohi looked at him..arjun saw her and said excitedly.."my favourite.." arohi smiled seeing his excitement which is just like a school kid..,natasha came out of the kitchen with the cake and served everyone..arjun enjoyed each and every bite praising natasha and making arohi jealous and natasha happy that her cooking effort succeeded..on finishing his cake arjun got up and hugged natasha.." se acha cake mene aj tk nai khaya" he said.."tu tum pass ho gai..ab is k badle jo tum mango gi wo mile ga.." natasha smiled.."soch k btaun gi.." arohi felt a sudden pinch in her heart seeing them in each other embrace..she shook her head from her thoughts..arjun looked at arohi and smiled.."aj khane mein bht maza aur arohi k haath ka bht kha lia..aj change hua bht maza aya.." arohi smiled.."itni tareef kabhi mere khane ki tu nahi ki..aisa b tu kia hai khane mei..mein zada acha banati hun.." she said to herself...then something else clicked her mind.."kia arjun ko mere haath ka khana nahi pasand.."..."kia mein aisa cake bana skti hun?.."..she sighed and again looked at arjun taking a sip from her glass of water and recalled purvi's words which she once said jokingly regarding salil.."admi k dil ka rasta us k pait se ho k guzarta hai.."..she atonce choked on her glass and coughed taking everyone's attention and concern..arjun moved to her side and patted her back.." theek ho?.." he asked in a concerned tone..he gave her water ..arohi drank it and nodded..dadi said in anger.."kia hogaya hai puttar dehan kahan hai tera..kab se dekh rahi hun khansi ja rahi hai.." kumud too said:"arohi beta dehan se.." arohi said.."sorry dadi wo mene ek dum se kha lia tu.." natasha interupted her teasingly.."arohi  Kahin aisa tu nahi k tmhe acha nahi laga k aj tumhari jaga mene le li.." everyone looked at her with confusing eyes and arohi hearing this sensed a lump forming in her throat..this statement of natasha somehow made her can anyone take her place..she controlled her self..natasha sensing everyone's confusing gaze corrected her statement.."mera matlab hai roz khana arohi bana rahi hai..aj mene bana dia us ki jaga.." arohi relaxed after hearing this..she forced herself to smile.."wo..meri koi baat nahi..bas mera stomach full hai mjhe bhook nai thi tu.." natasha smiled and moved to her side and hugged her.."relax arohi..mein mazaq kr rahi thi..tmhari jaga bhala koi kaise le skta hai.."..arjun smiled.."is ki tu adat hai mazaq krne ki.." he said hitting natasha's shoulder..arohi smiled.."meri jaga koi kese le skta hai...ya le skta hai? mein aisa kyun soch rahi hun..natasha tu arjun ki frnd hai..par..." she thought.. ..she didnt know the reason of her jealousy and her insecurity..her Jealousy has given birth to her insecurity. .. And according to the fact If you never felt it, you surely never fell in love...she was completely unaware of this fact..she knew they both are just friends and that natasha is very much sincere with her relationship with aman but still a spark of jealousy was starting to flare in her heart and she couldnot help it..She shook her head coming out of her thoughts...

the family after dinner was in the living area busy in their own covo..arohi sitting with dadi and enjoying listening abt her kitty parties..kumud and natasha was having their discussion regading the italian fried chickn recipee made by her ..rashi and rudra busy in their discussions related to the current political situation in the country..arjun was busy on his sound gained the attention of the entire family.."i hope i am not disturbing you.."said sunaina coming inside the house..arjun on seeing her in his house got worried and instantly looked at arohi remembering sunaina and arohi convo in the mall which was told to him by natasha..but arohi's face didnt show any worries and insecurities..she just passed a smile to sunaina making arjun relaxed..everyone greeted her and asked her to join them but she refused.."nahi bus mjhe nikalna hai mein natasha ko lene ai thi.." natasha looked at her confused.."q kahan jana hai.." sunaina:"bhool gai hum ne plan kia tha one night sleepover mere ghar pe.." natasha remembered but she didnt want to go..she looked at arjun and arohi and then the entire family.."wo..i m sorryy sunaina may be next time...aj nahi.." sunaina looked at her with surprise.."par natasha meine kitna kuch plan kia hai..plz chal na bht maza aye ga.." arjun looked at natasha.." i think u should go..." natasha.."nahi arjun mera mood nahi ho raha ... phr kisi din..." rashi interupted her..." phr kisi din kia...comeon natasha go na wo itne pyar se tumhe lene ayi hai..tmhare liye bhi thora change hojae ga..i know tum thora stressed ho kal raat k baad se.." natasha looked at her and then at sunaina who was pleading her with her eyes waiting for her positive answer...natasha after making several excuses finally agreed..sunaina jumped in excitement..natasha went to take her bag and came downstairs and took everyone's leave...she looked at arjun..."wo..." arjun:"haan bolo.." natasha looked at arohi and then again at arjun and smiled.."kuch nahi...bye.."...and she went out with sunaina..arohi looked at the figure going out of the house and somehow she got relieved..she was not understanding herself for her behavior but she knew that natasha's precence has started making her uncomfortanble and strange feelings have started developing in her..she smiled and got excited with unknown reason and looked back at arjun assuring herself that he is there only for her..

"uffo shefali tu bhi nah..itne boyfriends ka karti kia hai tu..." she said to shefali while talking her on the phone..she was in her room keeping arjun's clothes in their right place when she got a call from shefali who was telling her abt her lovestories..shefali smiled.."arohi..yaar ye sab timepass hai tu tu janti hai na.." arohi sighed.."kitna timepass kre gi..tu bhi apne lie apna mr right dhoond aur settle ho ja.." shefali.."mr.right itni asani se kahan milta hai.." arohi sughed in disbelief.."apne boyfriends k chakaroun se bahar nikle gi aur ye sab bhoole gi tu hi tu tujhe tera mr.right mile ga.." shefali laughed...arohi confusingly.."kia hua..?" shefali.."arohi tu kehti hai bhool jaun..par kis kis ko bholun..? arohi:"kis kis ko matlab..." shefali:"are baba har ksi k saath meri alag alag yaadein hain..jaise rohan k saath first date, amar k saath first dance..rahul k saath first kiss...aur mohan..." arohi:"bas bas..chee tu bhi na shefali..tu ye sab yaad rkhna chahti hai.." shefali:"haan na...mein sab bhool bhi jaun par har ksi k saath ye pehle experience tu mjhe yaad rahen ge na.." arohi:"matlab.." shefali:"matlab ye k arohi insan chahe zindagi mein kitna bhi age q na nikal jae par har kaam mein us k pehle experience use hamesha ache ya bure lafzoun mein yaad rehte hein..jaise k first cycle ride, first day in school,first girlfriend, first boyfriend, first fight, first kharoos teacher, first love, first kiss, first dance, first love making, first injury and lie mujhe bhi mere ye sare boyfriends yaad rahenge..tu mera mr.right kese aega.." arohi rolled her eyes..."shefali tu bhi na..chal ab mera dimag na kha..mjhe aur bhi kaam hain.." shefali teasingly.."oh acha tu yani sayyan k sath bayyan...haan..." arohi blushed.."shefali tu .." shefali laughing.."acha baba..chal bye.." arohi smiled and shook her head.."pagal hai bilkul...first first pe hi atki wi hai.." she said ...she atonce remembered her first kiss with arjun and shyed..she thought.."keh tu sahi rahi thi wese.." she shook her head and got busy in her work...while setting the bedsheet her eyes fell on her picture with arjun hung on the wall..she smiled and walked towards the picture..

arohi was staring at her and arjun wedding pic hung on the wall and was smiling remembering her wedding his promises his each and every that time she didnt know that her life will take this major turn..she was very happy with this new feeling in her life..the feeling of love..she was busy in admiring her wedding picture and suuddenly she got out of her thoughts on hearing the torrents of rain singing a melodious song..she smiled and walked towards the balcony of her room to enjoy the rain..The sky was showering pearls of water and she blushed recalling his words.."arohi...aj hamare beech mein koi bhi nahi asakta.."...she smiled thinking that today both of them would be one and now no one can stop their union.. this thought increased her nervousness..and she started experiencing a beautiful blend of happiness, nervousness and excitement at this particular moment..she stretched out her hands and started enjoying the rain remembering her childhood days of rainsy season..she was completely wet her dress was completely drenched and was sticking on to her..she was completely lost in the beauty of rain the scent of mud..

arjun after completing his work and discussing some important matters with rudra decided to go back to his room..he knew arohi must be waiting for him but more than that he wanted to be with her...arjun entered the room and looked around but didnt find arohi...he walkd towards the washroom and knockd but no answer so he opened and checked and found it empty..
arohi kahan gai..?" he said to himself..his eyes fell on the balcony door which was open..he walkd towards it and was abt to close it when his eyes fell on arohi.. he stood mesmerised looking at his wife and a smile crept on his lips..she looked beautifull..the wet dress was making her look even more desirable..there was so much emotions, passion, longing...the night..the raindrops were alluring his desire..he smiled recalling his own words "arohi...aj hamare beech mein koi bhi nahi asakta.."..he saw the rain gently gliding through her face..the cool breeze blowed her scent into his senses making it even more difficult to hold back his desires..he without a single word moved towards her and put his cold hands on her bare waist making her aware of his presence and sending shivers down her spine..she froze there on his touch and started breathing heavily...arjun very gently made her turn around...arohi's eyes met his and he got lost in her eyes...her eyes..those eyes which spoke a whole lot things which her lips would never dare to speak...those eyes which were showering love to him..those eyes which were ready to witness the union today..he smiled..arohi shivered at the way he was looking at her which was almost too much for her to handle...her cheeks fluhed a deep crimson...she could see a radiating desire in his eyes...she shyly looked down her cheeks flushing with warmth..He smiled as he gently forwarded his hand and tilted her chin up so he could again gaze into her eyes...She turned away trying to escape but he pulled her back by his hand.  He grinned as he twirled her towards him so her back rested against his chest... His breathing echoed in her ears which were Making her senses her mind her whole body going numb..her heart was beating rapidly in her chest.. "aj nahi arohi..aj tum mjhse dur nahi ja sakti.." he whispered huskily in her ears..arohi shivered with his words..arjun held her waist tight and pulled her close to him.the only thing she could hear was their shallow breathing and the beating of their hearts..she was completely lost in him and was not even bothered abt the rain..his breath was touching her neck sensuously..she closed her eyes sensing his closeness...arjun smiled thinking that no girl has effected him in this way like her and he doesot know why he always loose control when he sees her...she is too pure and too divine to him..whenever in his past he went close to a girl its just because of lust but with arohi the case is completely different..he loves her and wants to shower his love to her and not lust..he wanted her not because to fulfil his desire of lust but cuz he love her and wanted to be complete with her..

arohi felt so secured and happy in his arms..and whenever he is with her...he is the one who have that access to her heart to make her go weak on her knees..seeing her eyes closed he smiled at her epitome beauty with perfect features..arjun leaned forward and his lips travelled slowly to the most sensitive part of her..the nape of her neck..she frozed there and moaned..this increased his passion and he showered his kisses on her nape more sensuously..she felt tingling sensations and butterflies in her stomach..she started breathing heavily and leaned against him making her throat visible to him which made him more desperate..he too was breathing heavily..he touched his lips on her throat making her gulp and he pressed his lips deep on her throat...he then travelled his arms on her arms to which she felt like she will fall anytime as his every touch was making her weaker..she couldnot handle this much passion..she atonce moved a bit away from him..realising her act he caught her arm to stop her..he hold her hand and kissed it and moved his lips all the way upto her arm kissing her shoulder..he pushed her against the balcony wall and kissed her neck passionately making her aroused..she felt like she would collapse any moment by his non stop desperate passion..he was not in a mood to let her go anywhere..he was in seventh sky enjoying every bit of her feeling her in every way..she never felt like this before and her innocence and naivety made her respond to his touch in a way that drove him crazy..she slid her hands up his chest and linked behind his neck..he moved his hand and sided her saaree and moaned seeing her shining skin..he teethed her skin above her blouse and she hissed with his bite..she moved her hands to his hairs and fisted them and moved his head deep into her chest..this was all the encouragement he needed and without any warning he moved his lips to her trembling lips and smashed his lips on her and completely immersed himself in her exquisite planet.she  entwined her fingers in his hair and caressed the back of his neck..she pulled him more closer letting him take over her heart and soul..he groaned and kissed her hungrily deepening the kiss nibbling at her lower lip..she was moaning and soaking up his passion that flowed through his lips..they were totally occupied in each other's fervent love and failed to hear the knock on the door..

they broke a part..arohi's breath was coming in short gasps and her eyes were still closed..arjun held her still closed not wanting to let her go..she was trembling in his arms..he brought his hand and raised her head to look at her..her eyes were still closed and her face was flushed..she slowly opened her eyes..He looked into her eyes searching for any kind of denial, rejection or unwillingness, but all he saw was love, devotion, trust, passion and relief..she was breathing hard and he was staring at her lovingly He stroked his hand on her cheek & hides her curl behind her ear...she shyed and hugged him..arjun smiled and hugged her back keeping his one hand on her head symbolizing a protection which he promised for her and her hands were around his waist asking a promise to never leave her and always protect her..she smiled thinking that she couldn't help her self today after all she is all his.. Just his...

arjun released her from the embrace and hold her in his arms and moved inside the room..he laid her on the bed..he took off his shirt and laid on top of her..She laid under him the only place she belonged, and he moved closer to her, tucked the loose strands of wet hair behind her ears.. She closed her eyes..he moved his lips towards her ears and whispered.."i promise arohi..i wont hurt you.."..arohi smiled and whispered.."i trust u.."..she wished that no one stop them tonight and she knew she too will not stop him tonight, how could she when all she wanted to belong to him completely..arjun kissed her forehead and moved his lips down to her lip..the first feel of his lips against her was soft and he took his time with her so that she may not get scared cuz he knew its her first time and he have to be very gentle but arohi gave in to the feeling and moved her hands to encircle round his neck encouraging him to proceed..arjun kissed her bare shoulder and slipped her blouse..she stiffen when he slipped her blouse realising that in a few seconds she will be completely bare in front of him..she hesitated and got nervous..but when she looked  at her husband on top of her looking  back at her with deep love and care, she forgot her inhibitions and hesitations..arjun realising her stiffness quickly looked into her eyes preparing to withdraw immediately, if she wanted. But all he saw was love and desire..he smiled and kissed her forehead and moved aside to dim the lights as he sensed her hesitation..

arjun's mobile rang with natasha's name flashing on it but he didnt again rang making him irritated..he reached his mobile and rejected the call and kept it on silent..he received few msgs and then again natasha started calling but he didnt notice..then arohi's mobile rang and she was abt to move but arjun showered her with his kisses making her forget abt anything else..

She felt a tingly sensation spread through her body and her skin burned with each kiss and touch he gave her..  She moaned as he kissed down her neck and then the upper area of her chest..she  closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of his lips..she felt and savored the new sensations n was reacting to every touch n every kiss his hands and lips were giving her..arjun stopped and said breathlessly.."arohi..may i?" he still felt like he needed to ask permission before he continued..arohi saw the intensity burning in his eyes..  The desire to cross the boundary was evident in his gaze..she smiled and nodded..arjun pealed away all the clothing barriers..he paused briefly to slip on the protection and then continued..he slowly entered her..she felt a sudden pain and tears started welling in her eyes..arjun stopped at once and released her.."arohi..u ok?.." he was too concern for her..he didnt want to hurt her..arohi respnded.."arjun..dont stop.." she said..this time he made all his acts very gentle..he didn't know how he was able to control himself but he did know his first priority was he entered her taking her to an irrevocable journey of love and passion he waited for her to adjust to his pace and then started moving filling her with him, completing her..He placed light kisses all over her body and continued exploring her body with his hands lips and tongue carressing massaging licking sucking and kissing all areas of her body without any reservations filling the room with his and her inaudible and audible murmurs and moans.. She laid under him with her eyes closed as he continued pushing into her lovingly..she didn't really know how to respond as the pain continued to linger but ever so slowly a building pleasure she never experienced before began to replace the feeling..Then suddenly a climactic surge uniting two souls crashed forward and intense pleasurable moans of fulfillment escaped their mouths and echoed through the room..

They both were breathing heavily..for arohi it was first time and for arjun it was like after 2 months as he totally had withdrawn from his past life..this was a sweet and loving experience with his wife who has made this day a very memorable for her..arohi felt herself complete and happy to be showered with his love..the feelings they experienced with this pure unison had left them speechless..she looked at his face which was completely satisfied making her satisfied too..he leaned his forehead against hers and sighed.."arohi..i hope mene tumhe hurt nahi kia.." arohi smiled and nodded in a no..he was very composed n contented with his love his life his arohi in his arms and was satisfied seeing her smile..arjun kissed her forehead and rested laying beside her wrapping his arm around her possesively n protectively and she snuggled onto his chest..he covered their bodies with the   Sheet and kissed her head...he was feeling overwhelming pride at the event that occured btween them as it has made her completely his forever and she too was now relaxed and felt complete with him around her and was satisfied with the feeling of him being hers and only hers..all her insecurities just washed away with just pure unison of them which has now marked his name on her and her name on she was satisfied with the thought of the night being the one in which he made her his wife in the fullest sense of the word and now no one can take her place her arjun away from her..she gave a quick glance at the wall was 1:30 am..she smiled remembering the day today..she looked at his face..his eyes were closed and a smile was playing on his lips..arohi called out his name in a whisper making him open his eyes..."arjun.."...arjun looked at her face and asked.."kia hua arohi.."..arohi smiled and moved her hand on his waist and hugged him.."happy birthday arjun.."..arjun was surprised as he didnt remember his birthday..he looked at the time and then the calender..oh yes it was his was like a cherry on the top of cake for him as he got the wonderful gift for his birthday and the first birthday wish from his wife his life..he smiled.."arohi tumhe kese pata.." arohi smiled.."patni ko apne pati k bare mein sab pata hota hai.." arjun smiled and tightened his grip on her waist and whispered .."thankyou arohi..thankyou.." arohi smiled and looked at his face.."thankyou arjun.." arjun raised his eyebrow in confusion..arohi blushed and  shyed..arjun asked.."kis baat k liye.." arohi hid her face in his chest.."mjhe pora karne k liye..mjhe sahi maenoun mein apni patni banane k liye.."..arjun smiled and kissed her forehead.."thankyou tu mjhe kehna chahye.." arohi:"q.." arjun:"mjhe ye adhikar dene k liye aur meri birthday pe is roop mei duniya ka sab se khobsurat tohfa dene k lie.." arohi smiled and blushed..."goodnight arjun.."she said..arjun smiled and replied back.."goodnight.." their eyes drooped happily unable to fight against the tiredness they were feeling...and  they both slept soundly cuddled in each other feeling the warm embrace of their love for one another... 

PRECAP:...natasha's disappointment..arjun's birthday party, arohi sang a song for arjun, arohi's gift for arjun..arohi and natasha convo, arjun natasha dance..arohi's possessiveness..

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on update will be in 4 or 5 days...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..

thankyou...take careSmile

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
i hate natasha 
i ahve doubt Angry
and wht to say sr ahem ahem ahem no words dear 
aor muje itna achhhe wale arjun se irritation ho rahi he
muje chahiye ki arjun jelous , possesive ho 
and yup nagry man ,,,
in fect i want my earlier arjun back LOL
aor natasha phone silent pe hahahah idiot kahi ki pata nahi kitna imp kam kar raha hthaWink

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 4:41pm | IP Logged
superb awesome brilliant

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:26pm | IP Logged
.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
AWESOME! Kill Natasha :P

Oh! So Natasha called to wish him?!! hahaahaha!!!

Go fish! I hateee her sooo much!

Arohi's possesivenes?? :) But i love it to see Arjun Possessive! :D

I HATE Natasha! i am saying over and over again so that you don't forget it! :D :D

Edited by -vrshn- - 12 September 2012 at 7:33pm

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 7:19pm | IP Logged

Omg u updtd?

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