Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


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Part 2:  arohi reached the office...she has heard about singhania industries a lot from her father n salil bhayya but today she is here 4 the first time...she was fear of being recognized ..she doesnt want anyone who knows Who is arohi alluhwalia that is why she didnt join her dad's textile business because everyone there knows her... She feard at first that how will she work here where she knows no one and has no friend than she remember her mother's words which she told her when she was going school for the first time " insan k lie tu shoru shoru mein sab ajnabee hote hen jaan pehchan tu ahista ahista hoti hai aj naye logo se milne ka dar ha kal yahi naye log apne ho jayenge aur unhe chorne se dar lage ga" she smiled and stepped in the big building SINGHANIA INDUSTRIES... As she entered she heard a voice which was familiat to her..."Arohi! Arohi oh my god" she turned back to face the person who called her name and was surprised to see her childhood friend shefali...she and shefali were friends since the first day of school and were very close to each other then 4 yrs back she went to london for her higher studies and when she came few month ago she couldnt find arohi ..she went her home but it was sold out ...and today after 4 yrs she was meeting arohi and is very much happy to see her long lost friend... Arohi like shefali was also very happy to meet her friend after such a long time..she immediately rush towards her and hugged her  " oh my god shefali tu yahan oh god itne arse baad tujhse mil rahi hun tu wapis kab ai aur wapis ai tu ai mujhse mili bhi nahi aur tu yahn kia kar rahi hai aur..." she without taking any stop showered qts on shefali..shefali smiled and interupted her.." bas bas itne sawal sabar tu kar  ...huff mein do maheene pehle wapis ai tere ghar gai thi tu wo tu bik gaya hai na aur mere pas tera koi contact b nai tha aj tak tujhe h dhund ri thi aur yahan mein yahan job karti hun tu is lie tujhe yahan dikh gai ab tu bata tu yahan kia kar rai hai aur ..."  arohi hugged her again cuz no matter she said that she doent want anyone to know her but deep in her heart she wished someone to be there who is familier to her and she found shefali her very dearest friend : "tujhe yahan dekh k mjhe bht khushi ho ri he aur mein b yahan aj mera pehla din hai job ka mein arjun singhania ki p.a hun"... Shefali smiled: " oh wow matlab school ki tarha job me b hum donu saath saath pata hai mjhe b yahan job krte hue do maheene hue hen aur mein yahan k marketing department me hun.." shefali smiled again and then looked shockingly at arohi and asked:" p.a matlab tune age nai parha! Itni mamoli si post par yar tu tu age parh..."  shefali was interupted by the peon who came there to call arohi...peon:" arohi madam arjun sir ne apko cabin mein bulaya hai"...

Arjun reached the office and went in his cabin and after answering few calls he sit and saw the file on the table in front of him on which it was written arohi alluhwalia... He remembered that  Yesterday a new p.a was appointed for the company by jay...he hold the receiver and said: " wo kon hai hmari nai p.a oh yaa send miss arohi aluhwalia in my cabin "... He was about to open the file when he heard knock on the door...

Arohi was very nervous to face his boss for the first time ..she has heard abt arjun singhania abt his personal and professional life but hearing and facing are two different things...she kept a side all her nervousness and with full confidence knocked the door of his cabin...:"may i come in sir" she waited for his answer and looked at his boss who was busy in reading some file his suit with spectacles he was looking very handsome... Arjun opend the file and heard a voice asking for the permission to come in he without looking on her face said :" yes plz come in"...arohi came in and said :" sir wo mein ...wo sir interview" arjun looked at her and was surprised to see her a girl with behn gi type clothes standing in front of him ...he with a disgusted look said: " wo mein wo kia...interview! Sorry par mujhe office mei maid ki zarurat nai hai aur ghar pe bhi atleast itni standard less maid tu mein nahin rakhunga so plz leave no interview.." arohi shocked hearing this she thought " maid ! Mein ise maid lag ri hun samajta kia hai khud ko" she controlled her anger and said in a calm tone "sir mein arohi alluhwalia ap ki new p.a " arjun shocked and stood from his chair..."what! Tum meri p.a dimag theek hai tumhara" he again sat on his chair and start reading her file and oh my God again he was shocked seeing her resume' arjun: " what the f***! Tumhe ye job kis ne di? Jis ne di kia wo andha tha use tumara cv parhna nai aya kia? No this is nt happening out i dont need you just leave u are fired..." arjun was surprised shocked and angry and thought "jay tu sathya gaya hai company band krana chah raha hai shaed kia soch k is down market larki ko yahan job de di is ne..subha sbha dmag kharab hogaya"...arohi was shocked hearing all this..she doesnt know how to react with sudden transformation in her job status few minutes ago she was employed and now she has been fired jst for no reason she was in her thoughts when she heard him say again..." jahil tu ho hi ab kia behri b ho suna nahi tumne get out aur shudh hindi mein nikal jao" arohi eyes were becoming wet she was continuously saying her self to relax and be strong but she couldnt control her tears...gathering her self with a little courage she spoke "but sir ap mujhe..." arjun interupt her " mjhe kuch nai sunna just leave " ...arohi tears were now on the edge of  being shed so she decided to leave as she doesnt want to cry in front of him or anyone..she was about to leave when rudra pratab singhania entered arjun's cabin...rudar: "hey son ..good morning aj tu tumse mulaqat nahi hui mein sbha jaldi chala aya"... Arjun: "hey dad ...mein abhi ap k cabin mein hi ane wala tha..come sit mujhe mehta group se related discussion karni theen..." arjun was about to have his seat When his eyes fall on arohi who was still standing there... He got angry still seeing her there he thought "kia dheet larki hai hil bhi nai rahi"...he said :" lagta hai dhakke kha k jana hai tumne" arohi who was stopped by rudra's enterance in cabin was abt to leave when she heard arjun saying her dheet...she turned to face him but again  tears started forming in her eyes so she opened the door when rudra stopped her..."wait arohi..." arjun waited for his dad to continue...and arohi face turned towards rudra... Rudra:"hey arjun kia hua tum ise jane ko q keh re ho ye tumhari p.a hai aur aj pehla din hai is ka aur tum ate hi saath shoru hogae.." arjun: "dad ye meri p.a hai nai thi aur aj pehla din nai akhri din tha is ka"...rudra:"ye kia keh rahe ho tum.." arjun:"sahi keh raha hun dad ye jay na pata nai kia hgaya hai ise us ne kia soch k ise job pe rkh lia" rudra:"jay ne nahin arohi ko meine job di hai" arjun shocked to hear this from his dad:"dad ap ne! Ap ne par q dad ap ko kia hogaya hai...shaed ap ne ye file nai dekhi".. Rudra:"mjhe sab pata hai arjun isi lie mene ise job di hai"..arjun:"dad sab jante we ap ne:.., q sirf 12th stdrd tak parhi hai na qualification hai na experience aur dressing tu dekhein is ki..oh my God dad hamare office ka standard itna kab gir gaya k is tarha k jahilun ko hum job pe rakh lein are is se zada tu dhondu parha wa hai.." arjun was completely in shock and angry on his father and he looked arohi with disgust and said:"suna tum ne dhondu tumse zada parha wa hai dhondu mera buttler tum tu us se b gai guzri ho" rudra angrily: " bas arjun bht bol lia ...yahan kis ko appoint karna hai aur kise nahi ye mera faisla hai tumhe bas us par chalna hai..." arjun : "but dad" arjun was interupted by rudra:" i am nt finished yet...arohi isi office mein kaam kare gi apni qualification ki waja se nahin balke apne kaam karne ki chah apni himmat aur apne hausle ki waja se and thats it now no more discussion..." arjun listend to his dad with so much anger on his face but when his dad said thats it he understood now its useless to argue with his dad so he remained silent and nodded his head in approval... 

Arohi was listening to father son convo silently and was shocked that arjun is comparing her with his buttler but she cant do or say anything...she knew this very well that with this qualification she will nt get job in any other company and she needs this job cuz she doesnt want to stay at home all the time she  wants to forget herself for some time she was tired of being with her self so inspite of facing so much disrespect and insult she didnt say anything cuz if she wanted this job then she has to remain quiet and bear all such insults... She was very sad on hearing such remarks and comments from arjun but whn she heard rudra saying that she will work here and saw arjun nodding she felt very happy that now she is still emplyed and she promised herself that she will give her best and will nt let anyone to complain on her work..

Arjun left the cabin and shutting the door behind him with full force that there was a loud noice in the whole floor..he was going through the corridor to jay's cabin thinking and murmerring:"dad ko b pata nai kia dikh gaya us down market larki mein..seriously dhundu k ghar waloun ko b agar dekho tu is larki se tu behtar hi dekhte hein...chori dar oh cmeon..wo mere office me ye itne saste aur cheap kapre pehn k ai hai seriously yaar ye ram lal peon ka uniform b us k dress se acha hai...oh god aj tu lagta hai shock pe shock lagne ka din hai.." he reached jay's cabin and entered there...jay:hey arjun wo mehta company k bare mein tune.." jay saw arjun was in his own thoughts so he stopped and shookd his shoulder and asked :"kia hua tu q itna gusse mein he" arjun came out of his thoughts when jay shookd him:" yar meri p.a u see arjun singhania ki p.a arjun singhania jis ka har suit branded har watch designer us k shoes designer are us ka underwear tak designer hai us arjun singhania ki p.a eik downmarket saste brand se b saste kapre pehnne wali aur shakal tu us se b zada sasti dikhne wali larki hai.." jay laughed and said:"hold on mr arjun tu kia bol raha hai.." arjun irritatedly:"yar jay i just hate her aj us ki waja se dad ne mjh pe gussa kia aur dad ne gussa kia b tu us do korre ki larki k samne i just hate her ...meri p.a are use tu salary dete waqt mein cheque b sharminda hoga k kahan agaya"...jay couldnt believe arjun was so much angry just cuz of a girl jab k girls are like tissue paper for him use kar k phenk dia ye b na dekha kahan gira...he said in a calm tone:"chal chor lets have a cup of coffee " arjun sighed :" yeah good idea i want to divert my mind" jay smiled and ordered two cups coffee in his cabin...

Arohi and rudra saw arjun leaving from the cabin with such anger...rudra divert arohi's attention :"aohi beta...arjun ki baatoun ka bura mat manna wo bas apne kaam ko le k bht possessive hai aur apne employes tu ..." arohi interupted him:"itz ok uncle mjhe bura nai laga i understand apni company k lie tu har koi best hi chahe ga i know i m nt the best but i will definitely give my best"..rudra smiled:"tumare isi jazbe aur hausle ki waja se mene tumhe yahan job di hai is waja se nai q k tum sudhir ki beti ho" arohi smiled too:"janti hun uncle ap personal aur proffesional life alag hi rkhte hain" rudra :"aur tum b aisa h karo gi ye b mein janta hun...all the best and now back to work"..arohi:"thankyou sir" she smiled and left the cabin and sat on her allotted table ..she now wants to completely indulge herself in the work...she took out a photo frame from her bag and kept it on her table and thought "i know mom dad u are with me" she kissed the frame and started her work... Rudra and sudhir were friends from their childhood..after returning from london he started his business here and one day when he met sudhir in a business function he came to know that arohi is looking for a job cuz she doesnt want to join the family business So on request of sudhir he calld arohi for the interview and appoint her for this post of p.a ..though he didnt want to give her this post but he has to give cuz giving another high post job will make arohi sense that he is doing this just cuz he knew her so he gave her this job saying he is giving this job on the basis of her confidence and passion for work...and also arjun's dadi and arohi dadi's were childhood friends but both the families have never met their childrens so this third generation are not friends of each other... 

Arjun after having the coffee spend the whole day in jay's cabin cuz he doesnt want to go out and face that low market girl...on the other hand arohi didnt get any work from arjun to do so she was almost free ... Arjun realized that sitting here has no point he has to face the reality and accept it so he went out from jay's cabin and headed towards his cabin when his eyes fall on arohi he thought:" kam tu karna hai chahe roz kali billi hi q na dekhni pare.." he  cleared his throat and said: " miss arohi alluhwalia come to my cabin immediately i hope u understand english or u need me to speak in shrudh hindi" arohi was surprised to see that arjun has finally asked her to do some work she felt happy and when he said abt english she got a smile on her face :" no sir itz ok i understand"...arjun felt irritated and move to his cabin and arohi followed him...arjun sat on his chair and looked at arohi and then handed her a list saying " 8 baj rahe hain is paper pe jo likha hai use eik mail mein likh k is list pe likhe logoun k email id pe snd kar do 8 30 tak aur phr tum ja skti ho ghar.." arohi nodded...:"yes sir"...arjun: "and yes tomorrow be in the office at 9 am sharp hamare new hotel ki inaugration hai us k invitation cards ka material dictate karna hai tumhe" arohi was really happy that finally her boss has considred her his employe and treating her as same...arjun saw her lost in her thoughts and he thought "ajeeb hi hai khari rehti hai  sunai kam deta hai kia" he said:" jane k lie kia ab invitation doun tumhe" arohi came out of her thoughts and heard arjun's words "oh sorry sir bye i mean goodnight...m..mera matlab hai mein jati hn...have a nice day...nahin wo thankyou sir" arjun looked her with annoyed expression and said:" 8:30 tak kaam hojae"..arohi left...

Arjun was abt to leave office when his phone rang it flashed samantha...he received the call.."hey baby mein tumhare bare mein hi soch raha tha"...samantha:"oh really how sweet mein tumhe kitna miss kar rhi hun ..." arjun smiled " me too baby bas ab mein office se free hogaya hn ab tu bas tm aur mein"..samantha:" oh baby mjhse tu intezar hi nai hta isi lie tu me yahan agai neeche car me tumhara wait kar rai hn come soon baby"..arjun irritatedly "...oh thats so nice of you mein araha hun" he cut the call and thought " girls have no brains...intezar nai hta my foot..." he smiled and said:"wese idea bura nahin hai aj tu mein b bht thak gaya hun acha hai samantha  Yahan khud hi agai"...he picked his mobile and car keys and left the building and in the parking lot he spotted samantha's car and with a smirk on his face he headed towards her car :" hey samantha my darling you look so sexy he said while sitting in the car" samantha smiled shyly and said " arjun tum b na itna intezar karwaya" arjun: "huh mene intezar karwaya ya ab tum intezar karwa ri ho" samantha:"aw my baby come " arjun move forward and held samantha's face and crushed his lips on her and he kissed her with full force samantha was also pulling arjun to herself and both were deepening the kiss...

Arohi did her work with full dedication she wrote the mail and sent to the people mentiond on the list..she after completing her work took a sigh of relief and packed her stuff and went downstairs to go home..she was out from the building she has asked guard to bring auto for her and was now waiting in the parking lot when her eyes fall on a car in which she saw arjun with a girl and what are they doing omg they are kissing...she turned her face on the other side with disgust and thought " oh how cheap itna hi shoq hai besharam hone ka tu band kamre mein ho na yahan khule am kia nazare kara raha hai logoun ko" she again turned to see both of them and was now shocked to see that both are so much lost in kissing each other... She again turnd and thought .." kitna besharam hai aur kitni besharam hai wo larki jo is pe mar rai hai...mujhe downmarket kehta hai khud kia hai aur jo kar raha wo jese bara award winning kaam hai...chee nafrat ho ri hai is insan se aur nafrat k saath saath ghin arahi hai...oh god how cheap"...her auto came and she left from there without looking back...

Arjun broke the kiss ..." huh that was good i cant wait kaho tu yaheen pe..." samantha..."arjun baby sab kuch yahan thori na ho skta hai come lets go home"... Arjun smiled and started the car and he too left...  

so this was part comment and if you dont like anything or want to suggest something then feel free ...plz do comment... and tell me how do you find the story...plz ignore and forgive any mistakes in grammer and spelling ...thankyou..take care..have fun

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Arjun n Samantha hahahaha nice kisss hmmm
N itni bhi buri nahi arohi arjun ji
Bad me fir aapko yahi sing karna he " jina sirf tere liye " so romance bandh kamree me Karo
Hahahaha ye arjun to toofan he rofl branded underwear omg I m rolling now

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very nice update
welcome to the forum sehar
iam priya
pls add me to ur pm list

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Welcome to the forum Sehar!

LOL Arohi is sooo right! Arjun is the real Down Market Guy!

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haha yeh arjun ne toh meri arohi ki kitni insult kardi :@
kya branded underwears OMG its   remindes me of priyal's that FF in which arjun father used to chose arjun's underwears too :P

samantha k Saath kiss then home --:@ sach shameless man that we liked hehe

great update dear:) no changes u going gud with this kind of updates

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Arjun is disgusting!!!

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nice ff... really liked it... Smile 

arjun is so damn rude and hmmm... i am not getting any words!!!! Confused 

but pls do pm me wen u update... Smile 

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hahahah nice story arjun is so chichora typs LOL Tongue doubt he is a big flirt LOL on the other side arohi is such a cute and simple girl Smile

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