Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 32)

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PART 12:

hey guys here is the next part...i thought of updating it tomorrw but then i decided to post it tonight..i was not ready with the update but i finished it somehow..i have enjoyed a lot writing it i hope u guys will love it..this part is one of the best part of all the updates..plz do comment on it and feel free to criticise...thankyou...enjoy reading..

 Next morning arjun arohi both wake up in the same position in which they slept yesterday.. Arohi woke up first and she smiled seeing her position..she then moved her hand from arjun's hand and was abt to get up when arjun' eyes opened and he sensed arohi getting up..he instantly pulled arohi more close to him..arohi shyed and she again stopped and kept her hand back in the previous position .. Arjun smiled and then he said..."good morning arohi.." arohi too shyly.."good morning.." arjun smiled and her squeezed her hand and again said.."good morning arohi.." arohi thought he is in a teasing mood..she again said.."good morning.." arjun again said.."good morning arohi.." he wanted to hear his name from arohi..he wanted to hear good morning in the way he is wishing arohi..arohi again answered.."good morning arjun.."..arjun smiled.."pehle q nahi bola.." arohi confused.."kia.." arjun got up and arohi too sat up facing him..arjun:"good morning arjun.." arohi understood that he wanted to hear his name and she smiled..arjun moved closer and he kissed her forehead..arohi shyed and then she stood from the bed..they both got ready and went downstairs..the whole family is ready and jay shefali purvi and salil also came..they all had breakfast and then the bus arrived..the servants were putting the luggages in the bus and the family is getting ready to leave..arohi took dadi's blessings and dadi wished them a happy journey..arohi received a call.."hello.." she said.."han g.." "han ye kam aj se hi shoru kr dein.." "teen din tk pora hojana chahye.." "g thankyou.."..she then moved towards the servants and ordered them something..arjun saw her talking on phone and with the servants and got confused wht is she upto..he walkd towards arohi.."kis ka phne tha arohi.." arohi :"wo..meri frnd ka tha.." arjun had heard her convo with the person on phone..but arohi said that it was her friend so he just ignored his mind and believed arohi..they then walkd towards the bus..

Arohi stepped inside the bus and she sat in the front followed by salil and purvi who sat in the back and the rest of the family then arjun came in..rashi looked at him and then arohi..she stood and sat with arohi and said to arjun.."arjun..tmhare lie peeche seat rkhi he..jay k saath.."
he looked at the seat and then he looked at arohi in the front with rashi.."no ways..mein ye itna lamba safar arohi k bina tu nai krne wala..kuch kr arjun.." he thought..the bus was abt to start..arjun moved to rashi and whispered in her ear.."rashi tu plz peeche chali ja..mjhe yahan bethne de.." rashi giggled.."no ways.." she said..arjun knew that rashi is stubborn and she will not leave her seat and he then looked at arohi..arohi knew why he was being restless..she smiled and arjun gave an irritated look..he then moved towards jay and said the samething to jay but jay too refused saying.."rashi k saath kese bethun wo tu mera sir kha jae gi..nahi tu chup chap beth ja yahan.." arjun made a puppy dog face and said  "please.." jay smiled and said.."ok.." he then stood and moved to arohi and rashi seat and said.."arohi..i mean arohi bhabhi..ap plz meri seat pe ja k bethiye mjhe yahan bethna hai.." rashi turned and looked at arjun and arjun gave her a thunbs down..arohi turned and saw arjun who smiled and gestured her to come there..arohi smiled and she moved towards him..arjun smiled and made her go in and he too sat beside her..after a while the bus started..

Arohi was looking out of the window..arjun looked at her and smiled..he then tried to gain her attention.."ahem ahem.." but arohi didnt listen him..she was so busy in admiring the beauty out of the window..arjun again.."ahem ahem.." but again no response..he then put his hand around her waist and pulled her close to him..this act bring arohi out of her world..she surprisingly looked at him.." ap kia kar rahe hen.." she said shyly..arjun smiled and put his chin on her shoulder.."jab mein pas betha hun tu meri wife mjhe q nahi dekh rahi.." arohi shyly.."ap ko q dekhun.." arjun raised his eyebrow...arohi smiled.."wo dekhiye kitna pyara view he..itni khubsurti he hamare desh mein..kitni saaf roads..aur kitna romantic lag.." she then stopped and shyed..arjun looked at her and smiled..he then kissed her cheek and said.."bht romantic hai.." arohi blushed and again stared out of window but arjun didnt leave her and he too stared out of window with her..he started pointing out things and was moving arohi's attention to differen views..arohi was enjoying her self..she always wanted to travel out of chandigarh but never got an opportunity..arjun sensed her excitement and smiled..they both stayed in their postion for few more minutes and chatted about the farmhouse they are going to..

It had been only one hour since they left their place..still 6 to 7 hours were left..jay stood from his seat and shouted.."is tarha chup beth k agar hum gae tu hum sab bore ho jaenge..chalo lets play game.." rashi:"how abt antakshri.." shefali:"haan aur jo koi bhi gana gaye ga us k akhri word mein se kisi b alphabet ko le k agla banda gana gaye ga.." purvi:"haan thats great chalo start krte hen.." jay:"aur sab game mein participate krenge..uncle aunty ap bhi..aur hello u love birds.." he said looking at arjun and arohi who were still sitting in the same position and chatting ..they both looked at jay when he called out love birds and everyone too turned to look at them..arjun moved his hand from her waist and arohi shyly moved a little and then looked at jay..everyone smiled and jay continued.."tum donu ko b khelna hai smjhe.." they both nodded and the game started with salil singing first.. "zindagi ik safar hai suhana..yahan kal kia ho kis ne jana..zindagi ik safar hai suhana yahan kal kia ho kis ne jana..arey o leiyo leiyo oleiyo leiyo, oleiyo leiyoo..zindagi ik safar hai suhana.." purvi continued.." suhana safar aur ye mausam haseen humein dar hai hum kho na jayein kahin..suhana safar aur ye mausam haseen.." now it was rudra's turn ..everyone cheered him but he hesitated..arjun got up from his seat and patted his dad's shoulder.."hey dad comeon u can do it.." rudra then sang looking at kumud.."aye meri zohra jabeen..aye meri zohra jabeen tujhe maloom nahi tu abhi tk hai haseen aur mei jawan..tujh pe qurban meri jan meri.." kumud shyed and everyone asked her to sing..she started.."meri duniya hai tjh mein kahin, Tere Bin Main Kya, Kuch Bhi Nahin, Meri Jaan Mein, Teri Jaan Hai, Hoo, Saathi Mere,meri duniya hai tjh mein kahin" it was jay's turn..he then looked at arjun and arohi and winked at shefali and started singing..

Ho Jaataa Hai Kaise Pyaar, Na Jaane Koi Na Jaane Koi
Ho Jaataa Hai Kaise Pyaar, Na Jaane Koi Na Jaane Koi

(he then moved towards arjun and made him sit with arohi)

halki Si Chubhan,
meethi Si Agan Lag Jaati Kyun Yaar,
na Jaane Koi Aoo,
ho Jaataa Hai Kaise Pyaar, 
na Jaane Koi Na Jaane Koi..

(shefali then continued coming towards arjun arohi..)

Halki Si Chubhan, 
meethi Si Agan Lag Jaati Kyun Yaar, 
na Jaane Koi Aoo, 
ho Jaataa Hai Kaise Pyaar, 
na Jaane Koi Na Jaane Koi..

(she then hugged arjun and arohi and give arohi's hand in arjun's and smiled..jay then put his hands on arjun's shoulder and made him look at arohi and he sang)

Shokh Haseenaa Se Milne Ke Baad Ho, 
shokh Haseenaa Se Milne Ke Baad 
saanson Mein Samaa Jaaye 
uski Hi Yaad Haay, 
yaar Ke Deedaar Ko Kyun Ghadi Ghadi Tadpe Dil 
rog Ye Kaisaa Yaar, 
na Jaane Koi Aoo,

(arjun smiled remembering the night and the day he spent without arohi cuz of her pagpheera and how he was desperate to see her..and arohi was just shying and smiling..)

Ho Jaataa Hai Kaise Pyaar, Na Jaane Koi Na Jaane Koi
Ho Jaataa Hai Kaise Pyaar, Na Jaane Koi Na Jaane Koi..

(then purvi stood and came to their side and made arohi stood..she hugged arohi and sang..)

Laakh Koi Soche, Saari Saari Raat
Laakh Koi Soche, Saari Saari Raat
aaye Na Samajh Yaaraa, 
raat Bhar Chhoti Si Ye Baat 
kabhi Ghabraaye Dil, Kabhi Sharmaaye Dil Rog Ye Kaisaa Yaar, 
na Jaane Koi..

(arohi smiled remembering her restlesness to see arjun and her will not to leave arjun when he dropped her to her house)..

Aoo, Ho Jaataa Hai Kaise Pyaar, 
na Jaane Koi Na Jaane Koi...

(shefali then winked at arjun and made arohi sit on his lap..she shyed and arjun this time became nervous..she at once stood and sat on her seat still blushing and arjun looked at her and smirked..)

now it was time for rashi to sing..

Katiya karun, katiya karun
Tera roo katiya karun
Tera roo tere roo
Tera roo roo roo roo
Saari raati katiya karun
Katiya karun, katiya karun
Saari raati kateya karun
Katiya karun, katiya karun
Saari raati katiya karoon
Saara din sochan vich langda
Tere lai hun jeeyun te marun
Ting ling ling ..

Eh tann mera, charkha hove
Hove ulfat yaar di, chitta roop

Ting ling ling ..

Nachdi phirun, tapdi phirun
Keeli main napdi phirun
Hadh karun, hadh karun
Hadh karoon roo roo roo ..
Yaara bu lle luteya karun
Luteya karun luteya karun
Yaara bulle luteya karoon
Mainu darr hun naiyo jag da
Tere lai hun jeeyun te marun

..she stopped looking at arjun as it was his turn..everyone waited for him to sing because everyone knew arjun never sang he is very much conscious of his voice..he hesitated first.."tum log thak gaye hoge chalo bas krte hein.." but everyone shouted.."nooo"..arohi looked at arjun and smiled reassuring him that he can do it..arjun smiled and started singning looking into her eyes..

Hua Salaam Dil Ka Maine Aashiqui Kar Li
Hua Salaam Dil Ka Maine Aashiqui Kar Li

(he then hold arohi hand making her blush..)

Umra Bhar Ke Liye Tumse Dosti Kar Li
Umra Bhar Ke Liye Tumse Dosti Kar Li
Hua Salaam Dil Ka Maine Aashiqui Kar Li
Umra Bhar Ke Liye Tumse Dosti Kar Li

(arohi shyed and released her hands from his grip and looked at everyone..but arjun didnt shift his gaze from arohi and continued the song..)

Kahin Bhi Chala Jaaon Main Tujhe Hi Bas Paaon
Main Pehra Hai Tera Har Jaga
Nazar Mein Basi Hai Tu Nazaron Mein Chupi Hai
Tu Chehra Hai Tera Har Jaga

(he then put his hand under her chin and made her face him..and arohi was now feeling more nervous cuz she knew everyone is looking at them she blushed and tried to look at other side..arjun smiled and continued..)

Jaan Jaayegi Agar Tune Be-rukhi Kar Li 
Jaan Jaayegi Agar Tune Be-rukhi Kar Li 

(arohi hearing this felt pinch in her heart..whatever happen in her life she now cant even think of going away from arjun..her eyes become wet and arjun squeezing her hand smiled..)

Hua Salaam Dil Ka Maine Aashiqui Kar Li
Hua Salaam Dil Ka Maine Aashiqui Kar Li
Umra Bhar Ke Liye Tumse Dosti Kar Li
Umra Bhar Ke Liye Tumse Dosti Kar Li
Hua Salaam..

(arohi wanted to hug him and arjun too but realising everyone's presence they controlled themselves and just smiled looking at each other at the end of the song..)

everyone cheered arjun and appreciated him for the song and teased it was her turn..she thought for a while what song should she sang which also convey her feelings her message to arjun..she smiled remembering the song and started..arjun too wanted to listen what she is abt to sing he was waiting to hear her voice because he had heard her singing in the video and was now being impatient..

Mere Pyaar Ki Umar Ho Itni Sanam 
Mere Pyaar Ki Umar Ho Itni Sanam 

(arjun surpriingly looked at arohi..)

Tere Naam Se Shuru, Tere Naam Pe Khatam

(arjun smiled..and everyone looked at both of them with awe..)

Teri Khushi Se Hai, Khushi, Tere Gham Se Hai Gham, 
Tere Naam Se Shuru, Tere Naam Pe Khatam
Mere Pyaar Ki Umar Ho Itni Sanam..

(she then hold arjun's hand which was resting on his lap so that no one can see..and she squeezed it..arjun looked at his and her hand and keep his other hand above..)

Bin Tere Ik Pal Bhi Mujhse Raha Nahin Jaye 
Ye Door Door Rehna, 
Ye Door Door Rehna, Ab Sahaa Nahin Jaye 

(she then remembered her pagpheras time when she was Away with him and smiled..and then remembering their hug she continued..)

Teri Pyaar Bhari Baahon Mein Hi Niklega Dam, 
Teri Pyaar Bhari Baahon Mein Hi Niklega Dam,
tere naam se shoru tere naam pe khatam..
mere pyar ki umar ho itni sanam..

they both then got lost in each other's eyes and their trance was broken by the other family members who then teased both of them and were looking at them awing them..they both smiled and released their hands and arohi again stared out of the window..everyone then sat back on their seats and got busy in their own chatting and were enjoying themselves..they stopped in middle to have their lunch in a nearby restraunt..after that they again continued their journey..

half hour was passed and everyone got tired of the long journey..arohi too was tired of sitting..she asked arjun.."kitna time aur lage ga.." arjun smiled.."arohi..abhi time hai 2 se 3 ghnte lagein ge.." arohi sighed..arjun smiled..after a while arohi leaned into her seat and rested her head on the back of the seat and slightly titled it towards arjun..she yawned..arjun looked at her and smiled.."feeling sleepy?.." arohi said.."hmm..good night.." arjun smiled..slowly she closed her eyes and drowses off..arjun suddenly felt something heavy on his shoulder and on turning he saw arohi and lost in her beauty..the beauty which had her head on his broad shoulder frame..she snuggled into him and came more closer..her hot breath touched his face..her warm breath were giving tingling sensations and he couldnt control himself at such closeness..arohi was sleeping peacefully with a calm smile on her lips..her lips were inviting him but he controlled himself against these urge..he then snuggled into her and hugged her from behind as if protecting her..he smile contentedly feeling her close to him and then he too drowsed off..

after a while Arohi opened her eyes..she was feeling nausea..she coughed and arjun opend his eyes..he looked at arohi.."thk ho.." arohi nodded in yes..arjun then again closed his eyes..arohi was feeling like vomiting cuz she had never been on this long journey..she has a travelling nausea..she looked at everyone ..rudra kumud jay salil sleeping..shefali rashi and purvi talking..she then looked at arjun whose eyes were also closed..she didnt want to disturb everyone..she was being restless she then shook arjun's shoulder..arjun again looked at arohi.."kuch chaiye arohi.." arohi:"arjun..wo..mjhe nausea ho raha hai..wo travelling nausea.." arjun atonce got tensed.."arohi tumne pehle q nahi bataya k tmhe travelling nausea hai..wait mein abhi bus rukwata hun.." arjun then stood from his seat but arohi hold his hand and stopped him.."arjun nahi is ki zarurat nai..mjhe bas lemon water le dein mein thk hojaungi..ap plz kisi ko pareshan mat karein" arjun nodded and then asked the driver to stop the bus at the nearest tuck shop..the driver did so and he stepped out and brought lemon water for arohi..arohi drank it and slowly she started feeling better..arjun with great concern ask her:"arohi..ab better feel kar rahi ho?..thk ho na.." arohi smiled.."thanks.."..arjun smiled and put her head on his shoulder and asked her to sleep..she just closed her eyes..after one hour they reached their destination..everyone stepped out of the bus and was stunned to see the view in front of them..

it was a romantic and natural place with lovely hills greenery and flowers all around..away from all the hustle and bustle of the city a very calm place..the sight was very beautiful and captivating..there was a beautiful lake..the swaying palms were making it an ideal scenario for a perfect holiday..full of lush greenery and exotic flowers like  hibiscus, bougainvilleas, fruit trees and jasmine...they were then taken inside the farmhouse..Whilst maintaining the purity and innocence of nature the inside of the house was aloso very beautiful and was huge with beautiful high cielings..Having an entrance hall and kitchen is very handy..there were almost 14 bedrooms and 3 floors..ground floor had kitchn a very large sittng area library a dinning area, gym, a small room with piano guitar and a music system, and 7 rooms in 2nd and 3rd floor with a small balcony attached with evry room..rudra kumud, salil purvi, rashi, jay, shefali, were given rooms on the second floor..where as arjun and arohi on the third floor..rudra has asked jay to give them that room so that they may have some extra privacy and also asked him to make that room a special one..arjun and arohi were asked to go to their rooms..they went upstairs and entered the room and was stunned and froze on their spot..

there were red and white chiffon curtains, silk bedding on the round bed, white and red roses everywhere and there were scented candles lit grouped together in all the four courners of the room..there were fresh cut flowers in a crystal vase on the dresser the fragrance of which were making the room more romantic..arjun looked at arohi and arohi was blushing seeing the sight in front of him..she looked at arjun and saw him already looking at her which made her shy..she smiled and entered the room ..arjun too entered the room with their luggage and kept it aside..he again looked around the room and then at arohi who was standing nervously playing with her sari's pallu..arjun felt a jolt of desire and looking at the room was making impossible to control his desire..they both were silent and didnt know wht to speak..arjun walked toward arohi and he trailed his finger down on one cheek which made her eyes widen in surprise..arjun smiled and said.."relax arohi..nervous hone ki zarurat nahin hai.." arohi smiled.."me..mein nervous..nervous tu nahin.." arjun:"yeah right thats why u are stammering.." arohi turned away..arjun smiled and said.."tum fresh ho jao aur thori der rest kar lo..dinner mein abhi bht time hai..i guess sab apne room mein rest hi kar rahe hunge.."..arohi nodded and she opned the suit case and placed his a nd her clothes in the wardrobe and gave him his clothes.."ap bhi fresh hojaein.."arjun teased her.."pehle tum? ya mein? ye eik saath?.." arohi looked at him in surprise and realising what he said she blushed.."ap jaye pehle.." she said avoiding eye contact with him..arjun chukkled and then went to freshn up..he came out and arohi rushed in the washroom and came out after freshning up...she thought of going downstairs to shefali or rashi but then she stopped thinking tht they might be resting..she then sat on the couch and arjun was sitting on the bed..arjun knew she was very nervous looking at the atmosphere of the room so he thought of starting a convo.."arohi pata hai hum jab vacations pe india ate the tu is farm house pe one week ka stay zarur karte the..humne yahan bht enjoy kia wa hai.." arohi smiled.."ap ki tu bht si yadeein hungi phr is jaga jaga itni pyari hai..kitna sukun hai na yahan..koi shor nahi kuch bhi nahi.." arjun smiled.."haan aur tumhe pata hai yahan k gardens mein jitne bhi flowers hein ye sab rashi ki zidd se lage hain ye sab us k favourite hein.." arohi smiled and then they both chatted for hours..soon the feeling of nervousness went away and she talked with him like they were long lost friends..

it was now 9 p.m and they both went downstairs and everyone was there waiting for them to have dinner..everyone was tired but was hungry too ..they all decided to have dinner and then they will sleep..the family had dinner and soon everyone went back to their rooms..they knew they have plenty of time to enjoy full 3 days but now they must sleep cuz may be cuz of tiredness they may fell ill..

arjun and arohi were in their room ready to the night time the atmosphere in the room was becoming more and more romantic..remembering his incomplete kiss with arohi and the way they slept last night brought smile on his lips..arohi layd down in the bed and arjun too..they both were tired and they slept wishing goodnight to each other..

1st day..

the next morning..he had his arms around her as if protecting her from the world while she had her face burried in his chest and her arms around his waist..arjun's eyes opened hearing a knock on the door..he looked at the way he sleeping and then at arohi..he smiled and again controlled his desire to kiss her..the door again knockd and he got up to open the door..while he was getting up she woke up and blushed to see their position..she too noticed sindoor on his shirt which made her cheeks red..they were so tired last night that they didnt even know how they came into this position..arjun opened the door and rashi was there.."uffo..kitna sona hai tum logo ne 9 baj gayein hain sab nashte k lie wait kar rahe hein.." arohi came at the door..rashi noticed sindoor on arjun's shirt which made her happy that finally his brother has got real happiness..she teased him and continued.."wese zahir hai agar raat itni achi guzar jae tu sbha ankh der se hi khulti hai.."she then winked at  arjun..arjun confused and then looked at rashi who was looking at his shirt..he then looked at his shirt and now it was his time to blush..arohi got embarassed.."mei..mein fresh ho k ati houn.."and she went to the washroom..rashi laughed..arjun stared her.."tu jati hai ya mein tujhe bhejun.." rashi :"ja rahi hun baba..jaldi ana.." she then left laughing..arjun closed the door and looked at himself in the mirror and smiled.."arohi..arohi se juri har cheez mjhe itni achi q lag rahi hai.."..he smiled 

 arohi in the washroom looked at her self in the mirror and blushed remembering her sleeping position and rashi's comments.."ye mujhe kia hu raha hai" she thought..after freshning up she came out of washroom and saw arjun who was smiling..she then moved towards the dressing and started getting ready..arjun saw her and smiled..he thought now its time to move on..he walkd towards arohi and stood behind her and soflty whispered in her.."good morning.." hearing him standing so close stiffened her and all the breath whooshed out of her..."" all she managed to say..being so close to her was also heating him up..only he knew how hard it is to control his desire whenever arohi is around..he slid down his hands to rest on her belly and he pulled her back into closer contact with him and was looking at her through the gave her a tingling feeling..he was making her heart flutter..her heart pounded..His eyes drifted down a bit seeming to peruse her body..She was suddenly nervous..She could barely breathe, he was so close and chills of pleasure raced down her spine..though she was nervous and was not used to of it but she must admit that she was liking it..she somehow managed to smile..A hint of smile quirked one side of his mouth seeing her smile..she didnt know what happen to her that she reached up with her hand and touched his cheeks and then her lips which only made his desire visible in his eyes..Her heart nearly stopped just from looking into his eyes which were so loving and truthful.. he then very gently placed a soft kiss on her fingers..She was breathing heavily when his lips touched her shivering fingers and a wild sense of nervousness barreled down through her chest...he then slowly removed his hand from her stomach and ran his hand down from her arm all the way down to her hand and interlocked his fingers with her tightly..she was very much nervous and shivering badly ..her hands were also now cold..arjun again whispered in her ears in a very husky voice.."arohi..mein hamare beech ki sari hadein khatam karna chahta hun.." hearing his words made her blushed..she didnt expect these words so soon..she was feeling nervous surprised and was now not able to handle the passion and desire which she is seeing in her eyes..she knew what he meant but may she is not yet ready..she didnt knw what to say..she was abt to say when again they were interupted by a knock on the door..arjun released arohi from his grips and arohi gathered her self and sighed..arjun closed his eyes.."damn...thori der baad baj jata.."..he opned the door and was now feeling like killing the person on the was again rashi.."kia hai ?' he asked..rashi smiled.."sorry to disturb you..par hume nashta karna hai..plz neeche ajao.." arjun smiled fakely.."coming..coming rashi.."..arohi who was ready and was now feeling shy and nervous with him around she thought of going downstairs with rashi..she spoke from the back.."rashi..mein chalti hun.." and she  passed arjun and went downstairs with rashi..arjun saw her leaving and thought.."damn!! arohi..jawab tu de jati.."..he closed the door loudly and went to freshn up and came downstairs after that..

the family waited f0r them and now on their arrival all of them had the breakfast..after breakfast everyone got busy chatting and talking and some went to have a complete look of this beautiful place..arjun and jay went to play snooker in the other room..shefali saw arohi who was sitting and reading a magazine kept on the table..shefali sat with her.."kia baat hai..akele akele..majnu kahan hai tumhara.." arohi glares shefali.."shefali tu b na.." shefali smiled.."wese jo bhi ho mein bht khush houn.." arohi:"q" shefali:" q k tu aur arjun khush hen woh b eik saath..par yaar mein confuse hun.." arohi asked again.."q" shefali:"shadi se pehle tu aisa tha k tum donu mein bas eik dosre ko katal karne ki kami reh gai change kese aya..ya phr ye acting kr rae ho tum donu..wese acting lagti tu nahi.." arohi laughed.."nahin aisa nahi hai..wo kia hai na.." she then continued to tell shefali the wedding night incident in which arjun asked her for forgiveness..shefali was surprised hearing this.."really arjun ne maafi baat hai..wo maafi bhi mang skta hai ye tu mjhe aj pata.." arohi sighed in disbelief.."arohi tune tu bht se record tor die..arjun se mafi bhi mangwa li.." arohi smiled..shefali then continued.."par chal us ne tujhse mafi mang li..par kia tune us se mafi mangi.." arohi confused.."mafi..meine kis baat ki mafi mangni hai.." shefali.."tune use thappar mara tha..yaad hai kuch.." arohi then remembered the whole incident and said.."are haan shefali..meine tu unse mafi mangi hi nahi..galti meri bhi tu thi..unhone apni galti mante hue mjhse mafi mangi..ab mujhe b mangni chahiye hena.." shefali smild.."bilkul.." arohi then thought.."han mjhe mafi mangni chahiye..mein aj hi arjun se maafi mangoun gi.."

the whole day then passed with salil rudra arjun and jay playing snoocker non stop where as purvi and kumud talking abt new new recipes and arohi shefali and rashi were chatting abt the general lunch time everyone had lunch and again got busy with their tasks and then arrived the dinner time..after dinner everyone decided to play a game..rashi..:"ye cloth pieces k upar sab couples dance krenge..and cuz i m single tu me judge krun gi.." jay with disappointment.."i m single too.." shafali put her hand on his shoulder.."jab dost ho pas tu ghabrane ki kia hai baat.." jay excitedly.."haan ye tu mene socha hi nahi.."..

All the couples..salil purvi, rudra kumud, jay shefali, arjun arohi..were asked to take their places..the song started..

Tham ja, zindagi, Tham Ja Tham ja, zindagi, Tham Ja 

Arjun held out his hand and arohi put her hand in his and she looked up into
his eyes and saw the world in them..

Yehi lamha hai, manzil meri, 

she instantly got lost in his dark eyes which were still burning with the same passion which she saw in the morning..

Tham ja, zindagi, Tham ja Tham ja, zindagi, Tham ja
Yehi lamha hai, manzil meri 
Tham ja zindagi, Tham ja' 
OOO Tham ja.

 They both stood in front of each other..

Saansoon ki garmi mein, hotoon ki narmi main 
Milne ki raat mein, chahat ki pyaas mein 

arjun smiled cuz he couldnt help His eyes to hide back his feelings his desires whenever he sees arohi..he too didnt know what is happening to him..for him it was just an attraction or may be more than attraction but definitely not love..

Aarzu si ek machli hai 
Machli huyi, ek aarzu, 

Arohi didnt care about winning or loosing..all she just cared was to not leave his eyes which was just busy in gazing her..she gently wrapped her arms around his neck, and he gently pulled
her against his chest. They both started dancing looking into each
others's eyes. 

Aarzu mei thera ek lamha 
Yehi lamha hai, manzil meri 

The song stopped and rudra and kumud got eliminated as they slipped in between..rashi folded the cloth piece and again the game got started.. Arohi was now nervous to dance cuz it will now make them more close..arjun smiled and carried arohi and made her stood on his feet..she smiled and then they moved to the music

Tham ja zindagi, tham ja

 Now purvi and salil got eliminated and arjun arohi, jay shefali were left..the cloth was again shortened leaving space only for one person to stand. .arohi again hesitated seeing the size of the cloth piece and again 

Tham ja zindagi, tham ja

arjun smiled and he picked her up
in his arms and stood on the cloth and moved to the music by himself and kept on staring in her eyes..

Yehi lamha hai, manzil meri
Yehi lamha hai, manzil meri

arohi was shy of this act of his but also was comfortable in his arms..salil purvi too copy their idea and stood like them and danced but they got disbalance which resulted them to lose the game..
Arjun sighed and didnt want the song to end cuz he wanted to be with arohi just this way..

Tham ja ooo tham ja.. 

 They were declared the winner and were cheered by the whole family...they were so lost in each other's eyes that they forgot abt the ending of the song and game..hearing everyone cheering made them out of their senses and then he gently put arohi down and smiled where as arohi just shyed..

Everyone went to sleep..arjun arohi were in their rooms..arohi had changed in her night dress and was laying in the bed thinking abt arjun's wish which he said to her in the morning.."kia mein ready hun..par ye tu mera farz he eik patni ka kartavya..par kia mein sirf eik patni ka kartavya smjh k apne ap ko arjun ko sonp arjun b sirf is lie ye keh rahe hen kynk mein un ki patni pati patni ka rishta sirf isi cheez ka mohtaj hai..arjun kia sirf pati ka farz nibhana chahte hen aur apni desire pori karna chahte hein.." there were lots of qts and confusions in her mind..she didnt knw how to answer him..she knew he is waiting for her answer but she is still confused abt her answer..arjun layd down on the bed and looked at arohi who was lost in her own thoughts.."kia mjhe ye kehna chahiye tha..kahin ye sab bht jaldi tu mjhe is rishte mein sirf isi cheez se matlb arohi se pochun us k jawab k bare mein..arohi ko time dena chaye tha mjhe..abhi din hi kitne hue hen shadi ko jo mene ek dum se...sirf ek kashish ki waja se tu mein arohi ko nahi mang raha..mein q arohi ko chah raha hun.." he stopped himself to ask her abt her answer and said.."goodnight.." and closed his eyes..arohi looked at him and said.. "arjun.." arjun turned and looked at her..."kia hua arohi..u ok?.." arohi:"i am sorry arjun.." arjun didnt understand why she said sorry..he got up and sat there and looked at arohi.."sorry..sorry q.." he asked..arohi too sat and then said..:"i am sorry k mjhe apni galti ke ehsas der se hua, sorry k mene ap ko tu maaf kar dia par khud ap se maafi nahi mangi, i am sorry k mene us din ap pe haath uthaya tha..mjhe aisa nahi krna chaiye tha..plz mjhe maaf kr dijiye.." and her eyes become wet..arjun looked at her surprisingly.."arohi plz tmhe sorry bolne ki koi zarurat nahi such mien arohi..arohi mjhe us waqt bht bura laga tha lekin jab se mjhe meri galti ka ehsas hua mjhe tmhara wo thappar justified laga..tumne bilkul thk kia tha arohi..wo thappar k bahane tmne mjhe chua tu sai.." he then winked at arohi..arohi smiled.."ap such mein.." arjun smiled.."arohi topic closed ok.." arohi smiled.."thankyou.." arjun smiled and then he said.:"arohi sorry tu mjhe kehna chahiye.." arohi:"arjun plz topic close hogaya na.." arjun:"nahi arohi mein is topic ki baat nai kar raha.." arohi confused.."phr?" arjun:"arohi mene jo sbha kaha us k lie.." arohi recalling his words remained silent..arjun continued.."arohi shaed mene jald bazi kar di..arohi mein tumse jhoot nai bolun ga..jab tum mere samne hoti ho mein kho jata hun tum mein pori tarha se kho jata hun..aur mere jazbaat mere qabu mein nai rehte.." arohi looked at him and was absorbing his words.."arohi mein nai janta q mjhe tmhara saath tumhari baatein tum achi lagti ho..par is ka matlab ye nai k mein tumhe kisi baat k lie force karun..arohi mein wada karta houn k tmhari marzi k bager is rishte mein aisa kuch nai hoga..mein tmhare lie pori zindagi intezar kar skta hun par tmhe zabardasti kisi baat k lie majbur nahi karna chahta..mein pati patni ka rishta is lie nai chahta sirf..mein tmhe smjhna chahta hun tmhe tmhari zindagi dena chahta hun jo shaed kahin kho gai he mein tumhe pana chahta hun arohi..arohi mein sirf ye rishta is lie nai jeena chahta q k ye meri zimedari he par mei is rishte ko apni zarurat, apni zindagi apni duniya banana chahta hun..mein tmhe har wo khushi dena chahta hun jo tmhe milni chahye..mein janta hun tm ne mere bare mein aj yahi socha ho ga k mein typical husbands ki tarha apni wife se sirf ek hi cheez chahta hun aur wo b sirf is lie q k mein husband hun..par nahi arohi mein sirf ye nai chahta mein tmhari khushi chahta hun aur agar tmhari khushi is mein bhi hui k mein tmhe kabhi bhi na choun tu mein ise bhi apni sir ankhoun pe rkhun ga par mein ye kabhi nahi chahun ga k tm mjhe galat smjho aur mere se koi bhi jhijak mehsus kro..hamare beech ki hadoun ko qaim rkh k bhi mein is rishte ko bht khubsurat tareeqe se jee skta hun..arohi mein nai janta pyar kia hta hai kab hta hai kese hta hai aur na hi mein ye kahun ga k mein tmse pyar krta hun mein sirf itna janta hun k tmhare ane se mene apni purani zindagi ko pori tarha se chor dia hai aur mein ek acha insan ek acha pati banna chahta hun..sirf tmhare lie..arohi plz mjhe galat mt smjhna.." arohi had listened to him silently and his each word was true from his heart..he had very beautifully told arohi abt his attraction to her abt his concern and abt his wish to make her happy..arohi couldnt find any words to answer him back..she felt like thanking god for this precious outstanding and understanding person in her life as her husband..she was glad that arjun felt the same as arohi felt for him..a tear slid down her cheeks..she had no doubt now that she can submit herself to him but still something is stopping her may be her fear that life will also snatch arjun from her..her tear didnt go unnotice by arjun..he gently wiped her tear and arohi just couldnt control her self and she threw herself in his arms.."thankyou..arjun..thankyou.." arjun smiled and moved his hands on her back and pulled her closer in a tighter hug..arohi too tightened the hug and pushed herself more close to him..she felt protected and loved in his arms..she didnt want to leave him ever and didnt want him to leave her..she can submit herself her entire world to him now..she was now sure that arjun is her ideal man..the man of her dreams..her prince charming and no other man can ever be like him..arjun was just smiling and relaxed with the reality that arohi is in her arms so close to him and he promised himself that he will wait for her and will not take any further step unless he too is sure and confirmed abt his feelings for arohi..he just cant break the barriers cuz of attraction...but yes he is very thankful to god for the day arohi slapped him and as a result just to take revenge he agreed for marriage and got arohi...he then released arohi from his embrace and kissed her forehead and laid her down on the bed.."goodnight arohi.." he then too laid down and was surprised by arohi's sudden act..arohi was laying with her back facing arjun..she turned and hold his hand and then again turned and kept his hand on her and her hand above his hand ..she then backed a little which made his chest touched her back..she smiled and said.."good night arjun.." she didnt want to be away from arjun not even for a second..she ensured herself that arjun is with her by holding his hand..arjun smiled at her act and they both slept..

Day 2:

"what!!!!???" jay rudra salil and arjun shouted in unison the next day..the family after breakfast in the morning was busy in themselves when all the ladies kumud, shefali, arohi, rashi and purvi came up with a plan and informed the guys abt it that shockd them.. Jay laughingly:"no ways..tell me tm log mazaq kr rahe ho.." purvi:"mazak nai he we r serious.." rudra making his voice strict..:"what rubbish kumud mana karo sab ko .." kumud got scared but rashi and shefali stepped in.."nooo" they both said in unison..arjun very politely making a puppy dog face.." kesa game he ap janti ho hum cooking nahi kr skte phr ap lunch hum se q banwa rahi ho..agar hume kuch hogya tu.."  He then winked at the other guys..kumud got worried.."haan ..rashi arohi hum hi kr lete hen rehne do in ko.." now arohi spoke.."no ways mom inhe kuch nahi hoga aj ka lunch tu yahi log banayen ge aur hum khayen ge.." arjun looked at arohi and walked towards her and whispered in her ear.."kyun izzat ka faluda banane pe tuli ho.." arohi smiled and answered.."hume bhi tu pata chale k ap k haath mein kitna swad ha..aur phr mene badla b tu lena hai jis tarha ap ne mere kheer banane pe kia tha.." arjun gritted his teath and said.."arohi wo baat khatam hogai thi..remember." arohi rolled her eyes.."nahi ab khatam krenge hum wo baat.." arjun "acha tu ye baat wait n watch.." he then joined other guys.."agar hum lunch banaein ge tu ap sab ko bhi kuch karna pare ga..q guys.." he said looking at the ladies particularly arohi.. "hume kia krna hoga.." asked rashi.. Jay.."how abt hamare kapre dhona.." rudra:"raat ka khana banwa lete hen.." salil:"competition hi na karwa lein jo team jeeti wo harne wali team se kuch b maang skti he.." arjun smiled:"nai phr tu ye jeet jayen ge..hum inhe asan kaam dete hen..lunch k baad hum cricket khelenge.." rashi shefali and purvi laughed.."done is se asan kaam tu koi ho hi nai skta.." but arohi was nervous..arjun smirked and looked at arohi..he rememberd their phone convo when they were talking abt their likes and dislikes in which arohi said that she hate cricket and also doesnt know how to play.. and arohi looked at him and he winked..arohi thought.."izzat ka tu faluda mera hoga aj jab mein bat tk nai pakar paun gi.."..

All the guys were now ready for their test and the ladies were in the dinnig area making fun of them.."bhook lagi hai khana do, bhook lagi ha khana do.." they all were singing in unison..arjun looked from the kitchn at arohi and smiled seeing her childish behavior.. Guys in the kitchn were just ruining things..jay was cutting onions and crying badly.."kasam le lo itna tu mein apne pore bachpan mein nahi roya.." rudra :"aur mein pori zindagi mei nahi.." arjun was cutting vegetables.."abey yaar mjhe itna pata hai sirf k ise khana kese he par banana kese he ye nahi pata.." salil was instructing them wht to do.."yaar tum log itna pareshan mat ho hmari izzat aj rahe gi..mein hun na.." he knew a little bit of cooking cuz when he was in foreign for his studies then there he used to cook for himself..

The girls outside were making their own noise which was irritating the guys inside the kitchn..kumud was very concerned for his son and husband..she heard the sound of a steel lid .."hey bhagwan mera bacha theek ho..mein ja k dekhti hun.." but rashi and shefali stopped her.."aunty plz.." "mom plz ap abhi ye mamta ko side pe rkhein.."..arohi heard arjun's voice.."aahh.." she got scared and she stood from her seat and rushed to the kitchn where as purvi and rashi was stopping her.."arohi wait..arohi.."..

Arjun was cutting vegetables when the knife slipped and he got cut on his finger..arohi came.."kia hua..  Ap theek tu hen.." jay teased her.."are wah..koi humse b poch le hamara haal..kash meri b itna pyar karne wali patni hoti.." arjun looked at arohi's concerned face and smiled.."ab theek hun.." arohi looked at his finger.."dikhaye..dikhaye na.." arjun showed his finger..arohi hold a napkin and cleaned the blood and massaged his finger with an ice cube..arjun all the time was just looking at her face and smiling..jay and salil interupted them.."oh hello..hume lunch banana hai dinner nahi.." arohi looked at them and then aj arjun..she smiled and left the kitchn..and outside everyone teased her..

Finally the lunch was ready and all the guys came out holding trays in their hands..ladies looked at them and laughed..they were all messed up with flour, eggs and the spices..they served the food to them..ladies started eating..first dish was baingan ka bharta which was soon as they took the first bite they coughed..second was mattar paneer which was better but slightly spicy..third was bhindi which was good.. Kumud appreciated them rashi gave them thumbs up shefali hugged them..arjun was waiting for arohi's comments..she smiled and looked at rudra.."dad ap ne khana banana kahan se seekha..wo b itna acha..i mean first time k hisaab se its very nice and tasty.." she then looked at arjun and said.."such mein.." arjun smiled and everyone then finished their lunch...
Cricket match was then cancelled cuz of the sudden rain..

"haan tu bata..kab keh raha hai arohi ko.." jay asked arjun sipping his coffee..jay and arjun after the game are in the garden having their coffee salil and purvi are having their romantic moments together rudra and shefali discussing abt business and kumud rashi and arohi are busy in their own chatting.. Arjun confused at jay's qts.."kia kehna hai arohi ko.." jay having another sip.."yahi k tu us se pyar krta hai.." arjun:"what!??? Ye tujhe kis ne kaha.." jay smiling:"teri ankhun ne tere chehre ne teri harkatun ne.." arjun rolling his eyes.."what rubbish jay aisa kuch nai hai.." jay smiled:"arjun comeon yaar apni wife se pyar krna koi gunah tu nai jo tu itna bhau kha raha hai.." arjun stood up from his chair and turned his face to the other side.."jay aisi koi baat nai..arohi meri frnd he jis ki mein bht care krta hun aur jise mein bht khush rkhna chahta hun aur jo mjhe.." jay interupted.."aur jo tujhe bht achi lagti he.." arjun turned and looked at him surprised.."nai..wo.." jay stood and walkd towards him.."relax arjun..mein janta hun aur kahin na kahin tu b janta hai k arohi tere lie dost se barh k hai..arohi se pyar tune pehle kia hai aur dost baad mei banaya care tu us ki karta hai wo koi dost kisi ki nai krta..meri tu nai ki tune kabhi..chal meri chor shefali..shefali ki tune aisi care ki kia kbhi..shefali ko kisi aur larke k sth dekh k kabhi tera dil jala tha jo arohi ka kisi aur larke k sth hona sun k hi tu pagal hogya tha..q arohi ko tu duniya jahan ki khushyan dena chahta hai..soch mere bhai dosti nai pyar hai jise tu dosti ka naam de ra ha"  Arjun looked at jay.."jay pyar aise h thori na hta hai.." jay smiled.."arjun mene pehle b kaha tha tujhe k pyar ek pal mei b hojata hai..ab tu intezar kr us ek pal ka jab tujhe apni feelings k lie dosti nai balkeh pyar ka naam mile ga..chal mein chalta hun salil purvi k kabib mein haddi ban k ata hun.." arjun smiled and jay left..arjun kept thinking of his convo with jay.."kia ye such mei pyar hai ya..." he thought..

After dinner everyone went to their rooms after their long convo with each other...arjun didnt feel like sleeping so he went outside near the lake and sat near a big stone leaning his back against it..he was still thinking of jay's words and was confused abt his feelings.."plz god koi ishara tu do.." he said..arohi was in the room waiting for him but he didnt come..she walked towards the balcony and saw him near the lake..she went down to him and sat beside him..he smiled at her..arohi smiled back.."sab tu so gae hen ap yahan akele kia kr rahe hen.." arjun:"ye jaga bht calm he tu socha thori der beth jao.." arohi smiled..they both sat there quietly staring at the beautiful lake..few minutes later arjun looked at arohi.."arohi.." arohi with her gaze still on the lake.."hmm.." arjun smiled and took out a small box from his pocket and moved it in front of arohi.."ye tumhare lie.." arohi looked at the was a small box wrapped in a blue and silver ribbons..arohi asked him.."mere lie..q" arjun:"wo..shadi ki pehli raat deta hai na husband apni wife ko...wo mjhe pehle nai pata tha jab pata chala tu phr le aya..lo na.." arohi smiled and took the box from his hands..she opend the box and was surprised by the thing was a beautiful diamond eternity bracelet.. She excalimed.."wow..arjun ye such mei mere lie.." arjun smiled.."tmhe pasand aya na arohi.." arohi nodded in yes.."its so pretty so beautiful..thankyou arjun..thankyou so much.." arjun smiled and took the bracelet from her hands and tied it in her wrist.."ab ye aur bhi zada khobsurat hai.." arohi smiled and moved forward and kissed his cheek and smiled .."thank you.." she said..she was thankful to him for being a part of her life, being her friend, being by her sidem for caring her, for understanding her and yes for this precious gift...arjun was surprised by her kiss and was also very happy by her move..he looked at her and smiled and kissed on her forehead...though he didnt was sure of the reason she is saying thankyou for bracelet or for another reason but by looking at her face her eyes her smile he could say that she really mean it so he didnt ask her the exact reason.. He smiled and then got up.."mein room mein ja raha hun..come.."..

Arohi shivered and a current passed in her body as she felt his warm lips on her forehead.she closed her eyes..though now it has become his habit to kiss her on her forehead and she has also become used to of it but today his kiss had different warmth in was like the one which a pure lover gives to his her lover..  It had a different feeling in was a new and a blisful feeling.. She was changing and is also started feeling the changes in her life her self and most importantly in him..her heart and her soul felt so vulnerable as if they werent her own anymore..this odd feeling that she felt for him and felt from him was changing her and she needed to put a name to it.. She came out of her thoughts hearing his voice..she stood and walkd with him towards their room..

'Arohi was running and a car following her from behind..she fell and saw the car coming towards her..arjun couldnt move and was tied with so many ropes around him..he was screaming her name.."arohi...arohi.." the car stopped and two persons came out of the car..because of no light their faces were not visible,,one was a woman and the other was a man..arohi screamed.."arjun..mjhe bachaye..arjun..arjun plz.." arjun tried to free himself but couldnt..the shadows of the persons moved towards arjun.."arohi ko koi nai bacha sakta..koi bhi nahi.." the woman spoke.."arohi ko jana hi hoga.." and they both laughed..arjun again screamed arohi's name.."arohi..arohi..mein tumhe kuch nai hone doun ga kuch bhi nahi.." the shadow of a man moved towards arohi and the woman's shadow towards the car..the car started and crushed arohi with its tires..and arohi screamed.."arjuuunnn.." arjun screamed..."arooohiii" ...'
"arohiii.." arjun got up from this terrible dream sweating badly and was shivering..he looked at his other side and found arohi sleeping peacefully..he sighed and closed his eyes.."thank god..itna bura sapna tha.." he again got few glimpse of his dream and he atonce opend his eyes...he walkd towards the window and leaned against the wall and praying to god that this dream may not come true ever.. Remembering his dream he felt his entire life passed before his eyes as he realized that without arohi he is nothing he cant even think abt living a life without arohi..seeing arohi beside him is his need his necessity his desire his wish his life.. every moment of his life was hers and she was his only his..arjun ki arohi.. The fear of losing her seeing her in pain hearing her screams set his insides on fire..he looked at arohi..her calmed face her beautiful face and he promised her his life..his love..his breaths..his soul..yes he got a name to his was more than friendship it was more than his life more than anything in this world more than eternity..yes he loved her..he loved arohi..his wife..his life..his everything.."i love you arohi.." he said..he smiled and releaxed leaning against the window looking at the moon.."tu ye tha ap ka ishara..itna darawni ishara dene ki kia zarurat thi.." he spoke with god..he remembered jay's words..

pyar tu eik nazar se hojata hai aur us ka ehsas eik pal mein..kisi ki ek nazar ap k dil mein ese utar jati hai k dil ki band khirkyan tak khol deti hai aur pyar hojata hai aur kabhi tu bht si nazrein b kam par jati hen...pyar dheere dheere b hta hai aur eik dum b hojata hai...
eik din eik pal aisa aega jab tu smjh jae ga k haan yahi pyar hai

he smiled and moved towards his bed and laid down..he looked at arohi and whispered.."i love you arohi..i love you very very very much..i love u like eternity..i promise arohi..aj se ye zindagi ye sansein tmhari hain..aj se sirf tmhare lie tmhare saath jeena hai..wo kehte hen na..  JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE.."..he kissed her forehead and slid his hand around her waist and pulled her closer to him and wrapped the blanket around them...arohi opend her eyes as she felt disturbance..she was arjun putting the blanket around then and his hand on her waist..she turned to face arjun and smiled looking at him who smiled back.. She snuggled against him and rested her head on his chest and her hand over his heart feeling its beats..the beats which were only for her and somehow she is feeling it.. "i love you arohi" he said to himself before closing his eyes..
And again They fell asleep like that in each other's arms..

Day 3:

the night passed away giving the best gift to arjun..his love and to arohi the desire of finding a name to her feelings..and now a new morning welcomed them with a hope to give arohi the same gift as arjun get last night..the confirmity of his feelings..
Arohi woke up and found herself in his arms..his huband's arms.. She was overwhelmed by a sudden adoration for the man who held her so lovingly so protectively so carefully.. She smiled and prayed to god "mjhe kabhi arjun se dur mat karna.." she smiled and tried to get up but as soon as she made first move She felt him squeezed her tighter and she realized that he was awake..she looked at him and he opened his eyes.."tum mjhse dur nai ja skti arohi.." he said to her..arohi smiled.."mein ap se dur jana bhi nai chahti.." arjun smiled and moved his closer to arohi with his gaze on her lips..arohi shivered but somehow knew that where it will lead to..yesterday she thought to submit herself to him and now seeing his face moving closer to her she felt not to argue and refuse him..she knew she is his..she just closed her eyes waiting for the moment..

arjun's lips were now so close to arohi..he smiled seeing her eyes closed..his warm breaths were feeling like current to her.. He knew he had to be careful and not cross the line but it was so hard to keep his sanity when she was around..finally letting his brain won he moved his lips to her forehead and kissed her there.."good morning arohi.." arohi opened her eyes and somehow felt disappointed that it didnt happen what she was expecting..she but smiled thinking that arjun will never cross the boundary unless is asked for by her when se is ready..she met his eyes and smiled.."good morning..arjun.." arjun then released arohi and moved from the bed where as arohi kept struggling with her heart for why she felt disappointment..she thought.."mjhe kia hu raha hai kuch smjh nai araha..bhagwan koi ishara tu ehsas ye kesa ehsas hai.." she sighed and got up..

The family had breakfast and were sad that this is their last day here and they have to leave tomorrw..the whole day passed with everyone taking snaps in front of the beautiful view there..salil arjun and jay played snoocker..their friendship bond within these 3 days become strong..they enjoyed each others company..purvi too was completely mixed up with the family..  Arohi rashi and shefali played board games purvi and kumud started their convo on food and were exchanging recipees..rudra too enjoyed the trip with the family and promised everyone to have such trips very often..later rudra and arohi chatted for hours and rudra just found rashi in arohi..for him arohi has become more than his daughter..arjun too adored seeing the bond between his father and his had been only 8 days of their marriage but it seemed like arohi was already there in the house from her birth..his family started loving arohi like hell and arohi too had become attached with the these 3 days arjun's arohi relation too has taken a different way..they started feeling more comfortable with each other and got to know more abt each other and for arjun these were the precious days of his life cuz he found his love here..arohi too started feeling something more strong for ajun she knew that feeling is very much precious and strong and more than attraction and  liking but still she hadnt given the name 'love' to it..she finally has accepted him as her husband and is ready to submit herself completely to him..tann aur mann se..time passed by and dinner too was done..after dinner everyone was gathered outside in the garden and decided to play truth or dare..

Everyone sat on the grass and placed a small table in the middle so that the bottle could be spinned..arjun and arohi were sitting opposite to each other..rashi spinned the bottle and it stopped on rudra.."dad truth or dare.." rashi asked..rudra:"dare tu kbhi nai pata nai is umar mei kia kara do tum log mjhse truth h thk he.." rashi then thought and said "ok tu ap ye bataye k dadi aur mom ap k lie kia hain.." rudra smiled.."mom meri duniya hen aur tmhari maa meri duniya mein reh k mjhe ye zindagi jeeni hai.." kumud shyed and everyone said " sweet"..the game continued and turn by turn everyone had to either tell the truth or to perform the dare..finally the bottle stopped on arohi and she chose truth..arjun looked at arohi and smiled..shefali then asked qts from arohi.."arohi agar kabhi aisa ho k haalat bht mushkil hojaen kisi b waja se k tujhe apne farz aur apni khushi k beech mei se kuch ek chunna pare aur tu kia tu farz ki khatir arjun ko chor de gi.." shefali thought.."arohi mei janti hun tera jawab kia hoga par mei chahti hun k arjun ko b pata chale k tera pyar kuch kam nahi.." arjun looked at arohi waiting for her answer.. Arohi hesitated to answer but looking at arjun's face she got courage ..she smiled and answered.."mein apne sapne mei b kabhi arjun se dur jane ka nahi soch skti tu unhe chorna tu dur ki baat hai..arjun meri umeed hen jese hum umeed nahi chorte tu mein arjun ko kese chor skti hun..arjun mera hosla hain jo har pal insan k sth rehta hai..mera wo hausla jo mjhe jeene ki chah dilata hai jeene ki chah arjun k sth..halat kabhi kese bhi hojaein par arohi arjun se kbhi alag nahi ho gi..arohi ka har farz arjun se jora hai..arjun ka saath pa k mein apne sare farz nibhaun gi..aur jis farz se arjun nahi jore hunge tu mein arjun ko apna hausla bana k us farz se jor dun gi.."  arjun was very surprised listening to was for the first time arohi is expressing her feelings this much to arjun..arjun judged from her words that her each word is truth and she mean was like a bumper prise for arjun..he just hold her hands and said.."arjun bhi apni arohi ko kabhi khud se door nahi jane de ga.." everyone clapped for them and hugged them..arohi shyed and released her hands..again the bottle was spinned and now it was arjun's turn..jay askd him.."haan tu tu bata kia le raha hai.." arjun smirked at jay he thought jay will ask him abt his love for arohi so he decided to pick dare.."dare.." jay smiled.."ahan...tu phr...hmmm..tujhe sab se mushkil kam karna hai.." arjun:"arjun k lie koi kaam mushkil nahi..bata tu sahi.." jay smirkd.." oh yeAH..!!! " he stood up and went inside the house making everyone confused..he came out bringing a piano stand..everyone was looking at him surprisingly and shockingly..jay put the stool near the piano stand and sat there.."mein ye bajaun ga.." arjun laughed.."tu mere dare tu pora krne ka soch raha hai.." jay smiled.."nahi balke mein tere dare ki tayari kar raha hun..mein yeh bajaun ga aur tu gaye ga.." arjun shocked.."what!!! gana mein...wo b music k sth...never.." jay:" u will arjun its a dare nahi tu haar maan lo.." arjun:"arjun kabhi nahi haarta.." jay:"tu phr gana gao aur wo bhi hamari pyari si arohi..arohi bhabhi k liye..un ki shaan mein chand alfaaz suna di jie janab.." arjun was feling like killing jay but on hearing that he has to sing for arohi he smiled..because for arohi he can do anything..he smiled and asked jay to start..jay started playing the music instruments with a beautiful tone and arjun looked at arohi and smiled..


(arohi looked at arjun and smiled..she too was dying to sing a song by him for her..everyone then cheered arjun.."


asmanoun se utara noor hai koi..
asmanoun se utara noor hai koi..

(the first words from him surprised arohi and she blushed ..everyone looked at arohi and teased her..arjun then continued..)

aisa lagta hai..k hoor hai koi
asmanoun se utara noor hai koi..

(arohi couldnt control evryone teasing her she was blushing..she instantly stood up and walkd towards the lake..and shefali too got there teasing her..arjun looked at her walking and smiled and walked towards her while singing..)

chalti hai tu sang tere chanda bhi chalta hai..

(arohi stopped at once and turned to look at him but found shefali..she smiled and again turned..arjun continued..)

hasti hai tu sang tere phool khil jata hai..

(she shyed and looked down..arjun continued..)

tu jooo palke jhukae tu saya dhalta hai
asmanoun se utara noor hai koi..

(arohi blushed and arjun hold her hands and made her sit at her previous place..
 and sat behind her..arohi was smiling waiting for him to continue and to hear more beautiful words for her from his mouth which were like universal truth..arjun then turned her face to meet his eyes and then arjun continued..)

sagar si ankhoun mei teri nasha sa chaya hai..
mehki si sansoun ne teri khushbu ko jagaya hai..

(arohi smiled and turned her face..)

tu jooo chehra uthae tu din nikalta hai..
asmanoun se utara noor hai koi..
aisa lagta hai k hoor hai koi..
asmanoun se utara noor hai koi..

(arohi smiled and ran inside the house ...)

if any one of you havent listened this song..then here is the link...its a very beautiful song and my favourite..i thought of including it here..

somewhere around there behind a tree there was a shadow of a person whose eyes were witnessing the whole moments..and the eyes were flashing in anger..."enough is enough...he loves me..he has to..he is only mine.." she was glaring at both of them with a glass of bear in her hands..she puts pressure on her glass and it breaks into pieces whch pierces into her skin and blood ozzes out of her hand..."mein kisi bhi qeemat pe tumhein paa k rahun gi...arjun..."

everyone clapped for arjun and teased arohi while she was running..and the game came to an end and evryone went to thier own rooms wishing night to everyone...

arjun and arohi were laying on the bed..arohi still blushing recalling hi song and arjun just smiling happy with the fact that he loves arohi and recalling arohi's words.. he turned to arohi's side and found her still awake..arohi looked at him and smiled..arjun:"arohi mjhe neend nahi arahai.." arohi:"mjhe bhi...arjun kal hum yahan se chalein jaen ge..mjhe ye jaga bht yaad aegi..kitna maza aya na.." arjun smiled.."haan bht maza aya..yahan bht surprises the...aur tum fikar mat karo mein tumhe yahan dobara le k aounga.." arohi smiled..there was a silence of few moments and then arjun continued.."arohi kuch krte hai..neend nahi arahi tu time b pass ho jae ga.." arohi excitedly.."game khelte hain...par konsi.." arjun smiled and stood.."mere pas eik idea hai.." arohi.."kia" arjun walked and came to her side..."dance.." arohi confused.."dance..???!!!" arjun:"music ka intezam bhi hai.." he then took out his mobile and played a song and again put his hand forward to arohi...arohi smiled and hold his hand...arjun walked with arohi towards the centre of the room..

the song started...

deewane hoke hum milne lage sanam
jabse jude hain silsile...

(arjun moved arohi's one hand around her his neck and he hold her tightly with one of his arms..there other hands are busy holding each other...being this close to arohi suddenly brought passion and desire in his eyes..he tried to ignore his emotions and concentrated on the dance...they slowly moved to the music..)

aankhon se rooth kar neendein chali gayee, 
na jane kaise gul khile..

(he swayed her and twirled her around and smiled bringing her close to him..)

na jaane kaise pyaar hua, 
na jaane kab iqraar hua
ke apni baat ban gayi...

(he put his hand on her waist and squeezed it tightly and pulled her close to him...)

deewane ho ke ham milne lage sanam, 
jabse jude hain silsile

(he twirled her..)

dhadakta hai dil tumhaare liye, 
ae husn-e-jaan zara sochiye
ye kya dillagee ye kya hai sitam
aaye abhi.. abhi chal diye, 

(he then swayed arohi away from him..and smiled...)

mitenge, kaise, yeh faasle

(he pulled her closer to him and as a result she landed on his chest.. she looked at his eyes passion is visible in her eyes too..she smiled thinking and what a big place in her heart he has made for himself and How much he has started to mean to her in her life..)

deewane ho ke ham milne lage sanam, 
jabse jude hain silsile

(arjun hold his hands and kissed her and she shyed and lowered down her gaze..)

muqaddar mera sanwar jaane do, 
dil jo kahe woh kar jaane do

(arjun turned her around and now her back is facing his chest..he hold her waist and they both moved against each other..)

meri baahon mein, chale aao tum..

(he hugged her from back tightly and pushed himself closer to her..)

hadd se mujhe, guzar jaane do..

(his hands reached into her saree and stroked her soft stomach which electrified her..arjun's lips moved to her neck and he stopped at the spot...he smiled thinking abt his imagination and this passionate sight of him..he just swayed her away from him and made a war with his heart to control himself and not to cross the boundary..where as arohi was breathing heavily experiencing this sight of him...)

ke aao, laga loon, tumko gale

(he again pulled her closer to him and turned her around to see her face..she had her eyes closed and her face was red cuz of continuous blushes..he lowered down his gaze to her eyes...)

deewane ho ke hum milne lage sanam, 
jabse jude hain silsilay
aankhon se rooth kar neendein chalee gayi, 
na jaane kaise gul khile
na jaane kaise pyaar hua, 
na jaane kab iqraar hua
ke apni baat ban gayi

Hm hm hm hm, hey la la la
Ho ho ho ho, la la la la 

at the end of the song arjun couldnt control himself and he without thinking abt the future results and her reaction smacked his lips on hers..

arohi on feeling his lips on her shocked at first but suddenly she felt light hearted and thought that as if she is floating high in the air and someone should catch her before she falls..from his kiss she felt like what he felt for her was far beyond a physical attraction...

arjun kissed her like hell...he was hardening his kiss which was making her crazy..she pulled herself even closer to him and her hands travelled to his hairs..he swallowed her lower lip making her groan and giving him further encouragement...he now bit her lips with wildness..she hissed when he bite her..his kiss had urgency, longing and raw desire..he savors her flavor her juice her taste...she kissed him back with passion...a moan escapes her mouth as he again nibbled her lower lip..she allowed him to part her lips as the kiss deeoend evokening the desire, the passion..he groaned in delight as she kissed him back..she ran her hands through his hair and pulled him closer..arjun travelled his tongue and explored her mouth..suddenly the realisation strucked him and he pushed himself back from her shocked at his act and cursing himself of what he have done...he looked at arohi's face her lips which were swoolen and her face was flushed..he closed his eyes..what he have done...he instantly said .."s...soory sorry arohi..pata nahi kaise..i m really sorry arohi..plz mjhe maaf kar do..."

arohi on hearing him opened her eyes and looked at him...she felt everything was right...the kiss was right..she didnt regret the moment..she just smiled..arjun looked at her expecting her mad eyes to rip through him..hate him curse him but he saw something else in her dark eyes..they were twinkiling and a small smile played on her lips.. all his feelings of guilt washed  away when he looked at her eyes..her eyes had no hurt in them, no pain, no anger, no hatred, no curse..they were just expressing an emotion which was so pure tht even he couldnt put words to it..

her heart was knocking and beating up her senses to make her realise what she was feeling but she just stood there at a loss of words and with no explanation for what her heart was screaming..she looked at his eyes which was showering only love and no lust..she saw something that she had never seen in anyone's eyes before..a love beyond words that only his expressive eyes could define..she too knew that she felt something for him something very very strong but what that something was she couldnt really say but yes it is something which can be compared to the emotion which is in his eyes now..

she gathered her self and managed to speak..."arjun...arjun plz is itne khobsurat pal ko sorry bol k zaya mat kijie..arjun mein nahi janti mein ap k liye kia mehsus krti hun par han ye jo bhi hai ye ek bht pavitra aur mazbut ehsas hai jo meine pehli baar apni zindagi mein mehsus kia hai aur mein is ehsas ko kabhi ant tak nahi pohanchana chahti.." she closed her eyes and smiled.."arjun mein chahti hun k ap hamare beech ki sari hadoun ko paar kar lein.."she opend her eyes and looked at arjun...

arjun was shocked surprised and happy on listening her words..he looked back into her eyes. and saw something which hadnot been evident before, an emotion that was finally starting to leak through..he thought he saw the same desire, same care, same love that was in there in his eyes and at that moment, somewhere inside him he knew for sure that she loved him, and there was no doubt to it...

arjun moved closer and hugged her..arohi hugged him back and felt secured in his arms..arjun asked her.."are you sure arohi..?" arohi released herself from his embrace and looked at him..."yes.." she said and shyed and lowered her eyes..

arjun was feeling himself on seventh sky..he couldnt believe his destiny..he picked her up in his arms and layed her down on the bed and again kissed her passionately making her moan once again.. he then smiled and kissed on her forehead..he then moved all the way down to her toes and kissed her feet slowly making her shivered..he then moved to her ankles and kissed her there..making her drive passionately..he then moved further upto her knees when a sudden call on his mobile interupted them..he ignored the call at first but when it rang second time and sighed..arohi smiled and got up..arjun picked up the call without looking who it was...

"what???...kab? kese?...mei araha hun.." he was shocked listening to the other person on the phone..making arohi shocked too..he atonce got up and said.."arohi..ssaman bandho humein abhi nikalna hai...dadi stairs se gir gayen hei...jaldi mein sab ko bulata hunn..."

as the shadow layed on the bed..the thought of killing arohi came to her mind.."ye thora risky hoga aur mushkil tu zarur hoga..par mujhe ye karna hai..aur ise ek accident banana hai...take koi bhi mjhe pakar na paye...arohi..tumhari koi galti nahi..par tumhe mere raste se hatna hi hoga...arjun sirf mera hai aur kisi ka nai.."

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on update will be in 4 or 5 days...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..ignore all mistakes...


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...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

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me firstParty
will comment in morning...sleepy

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Originally posted by ...vibha...

me firstParty
will comment in morning...sleepy

thanks i will wait...Smile

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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brilliant update absolutely loving it

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OMG! Who is that?!

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u update earlyHug,update is so romantic.u describe each line very is so romantic,n there kiss ahem ahemBlushing,last ph call bad who is she' shadow'QuestionAngrywating for nxt updateSmile

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Aaarzu Groupbie

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OMG it was amazingDancing...superb update..bas us vamp ko dur rakhna Arjun Arohi se..Arohi k life no more sadness pleaseeeUnhappy

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loved it!!!! 
it was too good... 
everything was perfect... 
but who was that? sunaina? 
i want to say more about this update like how arjun believed arohi when she said she spoke to her friend although he had heard her... there is more to say but i have to go now... sorry... 
loved every moment of this update... 

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