Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 23)

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Originally posted by cooljaya11

First eid Mubarak
Fantastic update
Yaar ye Arjun to real hero nikla
Aakhir mana hi liya
N congrats to for new angels who come in your family a very pure day
God bles u
N Plz update next


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Originally posted by Aaarzu

first of all congratulations sehar for the birth of an angel in ur sisters life Clap... and really nyc update..this part has everything pain, happiness, feelings everything is described by u is superb Heart..finally everything is on ryt track 


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thankyou so much everyone for taking time to read my ff , commenting and hitting the like button...thankyou so much for your love and u have given to a new writer like me it means so much to me i cant express it..thankyou so much.. even if you are not commenting and liking but just only reading is also a great great thing for me..
here is the next chapter..enjoy...

PART 10:

arohi was in the washroom...she was blushing..."arohi kia  hogya hai tujhe..." she thought... she looked at herself in the 
mirror and smiled...she liked his complement..."matlab sir ne mjhe dekha.." she said to herself...she shyed and turned her 
face away...she was very happy that now arjun doesnt hate her and all misunderstandings are cleared..she forgave him by all 
her heart and when she said its ok..she really meant it.. in this past few days she has seen that arjun who saw her with 
confusing as well as accusing eyes , who was cold to her, who didn't had a thing for her in his heart and it hurted and 
pained her a lot ...before today she has never imagined to be given to her a second opportunity by life but life has given 
her so she also wanted to give him a second chance she forgave him... she dressed herself in her comfortable 
dress..a simple salwar suit of baby pink colour and washed her face...she then went out of the washroom..and started 
keeping all her jewellery in their respective boxes...

Hearing the door open, he turned around to see her coming out of the washroom, looking fresh in that simple salwar suit and 
got lost in her innocense and natural without makeup..she was busy keeping her jewellery in their boxes 
whereas arjun kept on noticing every movement of her..he then smiled and went towards his closet, took out a white  t-shirt 
and black Pajamas to change himself...

arohi after keeping the jewellery sat on bed...she was too tired and wanted to sleep..she was waiting for him to come out 

of the washroom..and then she may sleep saying goodnight to him..

Coming out of the washroom, arjun saw her sitting on the bed and smiled looking at her...arohi smiled back..he walked over 

to the bed and picked up one of the pillows from there... arohi saw him and got confused...then he said in a concerned 

voice..."arohi bht late ho gaya hai aur tum bhi thak gai jao.." and then he started to move...he didnt want to 

make her feel uncomfortable with him..he knew and thought may be it would be uncomfortable for her to share a bed with him 

so just for her convenience he decided to sleep on the couch ...

watching him holding a pillow and walking towards the other side she atonce asked.."kahan ja rahe hai ap..."...she was 

confused but realised may be he is not feeling right to share bed with her...arjun turned around and looked at her..seeing 

her cute confused face brought a smile on his lips..."yaheen houn...tum bed pe so jao..mein yahan couch pe so jaun 

ga...dont worry..." arohi just stared at him...she didnt like this thst just cuz of her he feels uncomfortable..and she 

found his reason very stupid...according to her sharing a bed can be done if you know ur limits.. arjun looked at her 

staring at him and he got confused..."ab kia kamre se bhi bahar chala jaun?..." he thought... he then said teasing her..." 

arohi agar tum kaho tu mein kahin bhi so jaun mein..?? wahan tu bed aur couch dono nahi hain...acha phr 

garrage mein...? nahi subha subha sooraj sir pe ajaega jaldi ankh khul jae gi aur ac bhi tu nahi hoga wahan.. chalo phr 

guest room mein...? nahin wahan actually do din pehle meine cockroach dekha tha tu agar wo dobara agaya tu...mjhe dar lagta 

hai...bacha living room ...tu wahan kese so dad dadi aur rashi kia sochenge...unhe bilkul bhi acha nahi lage couch of this room is the best option...right..?..."  arohi on hearing all those odd options for which he is 

answering him self she couldnt help but smiled and hearing his last words "unhe bilkul bhi acha nahi lage ga"..she looked 

at him and said..."aur mujhe bilkul bhi acha nahi lage ga agar ap couch pe soenge..." arjun looked at her with surprise and 

words intantly came out of his mouth..."tu phr kahan???...floor pe!!!!???" arohi smiled and laid on the bed and covered 

herself with a comforter..."bed pe...sir ap bed pe so skte hen...mujhe koi problem nahi hai..."she said...arjun didnt 

expect this from her ... he made sure of her decision, in a gentle but serious tone, " Are you sure?!!...mein nahi chahta k 

tumhe koi problem ho..." arohi smiled ..."sir abhi tu ap ne kaha hum dost hein...aur friendship ka first rule...sharing 
hota hai..." arjun smiled and said.."yes sharing is caring..." he then walkd towards the bed and lied down saving a decent 
distance and enough space for her...arjun looked at her "goodnight arohi..." she smiled..."goodnight..." both of them 

closed their eyes...

remembering his odd options broke into a quick laugh..she was laughing uncontrollably...arjun opened his eyes feeling 

surprisd and confused as to why is she laughing..he stared at her and observed this new sight of her...a laught without 

worries...he asked her ..."arohi...arohi q has rahi ho..."..arohi looked at him and controlled her self...arjun looked at 

her with one eyebrow raised..."what???" arohi :"ap cockroach se darte hen...i mean arjun singhania..the arjun singhania is 

afraid of cockroaches..." and she again laughed...arjun feeling embarassed..."han tu...all...allergy he mujhe..." arohi 

didnt answer and just laughed...arjun saw her innocense in her carefree laughter and smild.."arjun...lagta hai tune apne 

wadoun ko pora karne ki shuruwat kar di hai..." he thought...arohi then controlled herself and smiled at him..."allergy ... 

hmm...anyways...goodnight.." arjun smiled and closing his eyes he slept... Arohi closed her eyes and now was sad 

remembering her own house.."sab so gae houn ge...karan kitna udas hoga.." her eyes become wet and decided to call at home 

but her mobile was left at her own home..she become more sad and looked at arjun's side..she saw his mobile on the side 

table and thought of using his phone but then she stopped ..."agar inhe bura lag gaya tu.." and then she sighed.."kal kar 

lun se poch k..." and she closed her eyes and then she remembered her fantasy world with a smile on her ideal husband she has always dreamt of..the one who wakes her up every morning with a sweet kiss, who applies sindoor on her maang everytime when there is need, the one who always ask her to do his all works, the one who ask her to tie his tie, the one who takes care of her and is possessive abt her, the one who always kiss her on her forehead, the one who understands her, the one who is mad for her...she smiled and shook her head and slept...

The birds chirped delightfully welcoming a new day..a day of 

new beginning... Arjun opened his eyes...he yawned and looked at the other side...arohi was sleeping peacefully with a cute 

smile on her face..he saw her and lost in the innocence of her face .. he smiled thankful to the fact that she will be the 

first person he will see every morning ...the sun was breaking through the window and he put his hand up to cover it from 

hitting her eyes...
...He kept looking at her with tenderness in his eyes.. He was loving the cute smile on her face..he touched her cheeks and 

caressed them...he thought..."itni masoom hai...3 saal pehle tu is se b zada masoom hogi...koi aisa kese kar skta 

hai..sanchit ne arohi k saath aisa q kia.." he felt very bad for arohi..he then moved his hands from her cheeks as he saw 

arohi's slight movement...he then immediately closed his eyes and pretented to be sleep.. She opened her eyes as the sun 

rays fell right on her face through the window..stretching her arms, still feeling sleepy, she looked at the other 

side...she saw him sleeping..seeing him brought a smile on her lips...she noticed the innocence in his face while 

sleeping...she couldn't help but stare at his cute face...she kept admiring him with a smile on her face..seh 

thought..."sir kitne masoom lag rahe hein...insan sote waqt bilkul bacha lagta hai  aur sir b bache hi lag rahe 

hein..."...she smiled and stood from the bed...she took her clothes and went to freshn up... 
arjun opened his eyes and smiled...

arohi after taking shower came out of the washroom wearing a orange flairy shirt and red churidar with red dupatta...she 

sat down in front of the dresser...she took out a box from the was a sindoor box...she was abt to open it when 

she heard his voice...

arjun saw her coming out of the washroom and admired the beauty in front of him...he noticed her every movement..he saw 

sindoor box in her hands and atonce stopped her... "arohi...wait..." arohi surprisingly turned to look at him..."ap uth 

gae?...good morning..." she said...arjun smiled and stood from the bed and walkd towards her..."good morning arohi..." 

arohi smiled...he asked.."i hope tumhe koi problem nahi hui is room mein..i mean insan ko apne room ki adat hoti hai aur 

eik dum se nai jaga adjust karna mushkil hojata hai.." arohi smiled at his concern.."theek tha sab...har nai jaga ki adat 

hojati hai jab pata ho k wo jaga apni hai..." arjun looked at her ...he liked the word..'apni'...he smiled thinking that 

she has accepted this house and room as her own...arohi then picked up the box and took a pinch of sindhoor and was abt to 

apply it on her maang when arjun held his hand...arohi looked at him confused...arjun held her hand and with his other hand 

he took the pinch of sindhoor and moved his hand to her maang and looked at her confusing eyes..."may i??" he asked 

...arohi was surprised by this act...she was liking his behavior towards was the part of her fantasy that everytime 

if she wants to apply sindhoor her husband will take this opportunity and today was the first time after wedding that she 

is applying sindhoor and here her husband is asking her permission to do this..she felt really happy that her fantasy world 

still exists somewhere..she smild and just nodded...arjun when saw her applying sindoor he felt this urge to do this act 

himself..he just wanted to do this cuz he knew that it is considered as god's blessing and he wanted to be blessed by god's 

blessing everyday..he also remembered the words of a lady "arohi beta tum bht kismat wali ho tmhara pati tumhe bht pyar 

kare ga.."...and he thought..."agar roz sindhoor lagaun ga tu pyar tu aur barhta jae ga..." ...seeing her nodding her head 

he smiled and then he applied sindoor in her maang and then he bend down ...arohi opened her eyes and saw him ..he looked 

at her and said.."arohi if you wont mind..tu  mein  tumhari maang mein jab jab sindoor lage ga ..wo mein khud apne haath se 

lagana chahta tum mjhe ye haq do gi.."...arohi was again surprised listening was her dream and here he 

is ready to fulfil it..she just smiled and said.."ye tu ap ka farz he..." hearing this arjun felt very happy and he moved 

forward and kissed on her soon as his lips touched her skin on her forehead a current passed through her 

body and she felt like she was burning from inside...she controlled her self and tried to absorb this act of his...on 

kissing her forehead arjun felt a deep urge to kiss her lips too which were driving her crazy...if it was in his hand, he 

would have never ever let her go away from him even for a second...controlling himself he looked up at her eyes and 

said..."arohi mein eik bht acha dost banne k saath eik bht acha aur zimedar pati banne ki bhi pori koshish karun ga.." 

saying this he stood up and walkd towards his closet and took out his clothes...hearing his words arohi totally forgot that 

she even has a tongue and she could speak...a single tear ran down her cheeks as his sweet gestures of applying sindoor, 

kissing on forehead and the words uttered few moments ago just flashed in her mind...still looking at his back, she 

quietly smiled... and then composing herself she managed to say..."mein bhi..." arjun on hearing this stopped and turned to 

face her and seing her smile he smiled too and was abt to goto freshn up when arohi stopped him..arjun turned and arohi said:"wo mein...mjhe..mera mobile ghar pe hi reh gya..mjhe karan se baat karni mein ap ka mobile use kar..use kar lun.." arjun smiled and said.."arohi tumhe pochne ki zarurat nahi meri har cheez tumhari he..tum bina poche sab use kr skti ho.." arohi smiled and then he went to freshn up..arohi dialed her house no and talkd to everyone in the house telling them abt how much she is missing them ...after talking she kept his mobile on its place..

arohi smiled and then completed her task to get ready ...she cleared the room and went downstairs...she was greeted by thw whole 

family..arohi touched rudra's feet and took his blessings..she mived to kumud who gave her a warm hug ...dadi kissed her on 

her forehead and rashi too hugged her..kumud kissed her on her forehead and gave her an arti thali and said..:"arohi beta 

ye hamare parivar ki reet hai shadi k baad ki pehli subha ki pehli pooja ghar ki nai bahu k haath se hoti hai aur phr wo hi 

sab ko arti deti hai...tu ye lo aur pooja karo.." arohi smiled and took the thali from her hands .. she put her dupataa 

over her head and walkd towards the mandir..

arjun after coming out of the shower came downstairs..he was wearing a nike t shirt of green colour and blue jeans..he came 

down and greeted everyone..rashi teased him..."kia baat hai aj tu arjun pooja k time pe neeche agaya..." dadi said 

teasingly.."ise pata chal gaya hoga k pooja is ki patni kar rahi hai..." arjun too in a teasing mood replied.."haan dadi 

mujhe raat mein khwab aya tha is lie mene socha ab jab pata hai tu q na pooja mein shamil ho jaun..."he then smiled and 

looked at arohi who was looking pure and innocent with the pallu over her head..holding the thali arohi started the 

pooja..arjun couldnt take his eyes off  from her..he was so much attracted by her her simplicity, her quiet nature, her 

totally expressive eyes..he with a grateful smiled thanked god for supporting him and blessing him with the best...the best 

girl the best wife the  best friend the best person..." after finishing the pooja arohi gave arti to everyone..
everyone now headed towards the dining table for breakfast which was alreay prepared by kumud and the maids..everyone got 

seated and started the breakfast.. 

everyone was enjoying the breakfast but arohi only took one bread slice and half glass of juice and was just staring at 

it..she was feeling very shy y? she herself didnt know but she was feeling a bit uneasy to start breakfast cuz of the new 

envirionment and new faces..she was missing her home her family the breakfast time at that house and everything..arjun 

noticed her and thought.."arohi itni udas q lag rahi hei..." he then asked arohi..."arohi...tum kha q nahi rahi..." arohi 

lied.."wo bhook nahi hai.." kumud with concern.."beta aise kese bhook nahin hai..kal shadi ki gehma gehmi mein bhi tumne 

sahi se khana nahi khaya aur ab nashta bhi nahi karna aise kese chale ga..chalo shabash nashta karo.." arohi :"nahi aunty 

seriously bhook nahi hai.." arjun looked at her and sighed..he then took two bread slices and spread jam on it and pour 

more juice in her glass and said in a serious tone..."within 5 minutes ye glass aur plate khali honi chahie..aur agr nahi 

hui tu mein isi ko double kar dunga."hearing this arohi smiled and started eating..arjun felt relaxed and smiled...kumud 

then spoke.."arohi beta nai jaga pe dil lagana mushkil hota hai par lag jata hai...shadi k baad har larki k saath aisas 

hota hai..har cheez karte we eik jhijak ajati hai..par beta yahan tumhe pareshan hone ki zarurat nahi ye tumhara ghar 

he...smjhi" arohi nodded and smiled...kumud :"arohi aur haan jis tarha mein rashi aur arjun ki maa hun aj se tumhari bhi 

hun ...tum meri beti is ghar ki beti ho.." arohi smiled..:"thanks mom..." hearing mom from her mouth arjun smiled and kumud 

too..."mein yahi sunna chahti thi beta..." rudra then smiled..."aur mein bhi..." arohi smiled.."sure dad..." rudra stood 

and kissed her forehead ..."dad bol rahi ho ab mein dad ban k dikhaun ga..." arohi smiled looking at the entire family..she 

liked them..their sweet friendly and welcoming nature..she loved them..rudra then left ...dadi too left..kumud:"arohi beta 

aj reception pe pehnne k lie tumhara dress aur jewellery ready hein tumhare room mein rkhwa dia hai ...ready ho jana shaam 

7 baje tak...koi bhi help chahiye ho tu bol dena.." she stood and kissed her froehead and left..
rashi looked aT AROHI AND then arjun and then started teasing them..."wese arjun tumhari jo smile ka channel subha se chal 

para hai us se tu ye lag raha hai k ye morning good night ki tarha bht hi goood morning he..." she then winked at 

him..."abhi tu eik raat k baad smiles ka ye haal hai age kia hoga..." arohi blushed and arjun coughed ..."kia rashi tu b 

na..." rashi winked at him and hugged arohi..."mein bhi na aisi hi hun...anyways mein yahan se khisakti hun...ap apna 

breakfast enjoy karein..." she then left...

arjun looked at arohi whose cheeks were now red..he just smiled seeing her order to start a convo he 

spoke..."arohi eik baat pochun.." arohi felt relaxed.. rashi has left and she was feeling awkward in this silence...she was glad 

that arjun finally spoke..."g.." she said..arjun:"arohi tumhare liye life kia hai.." arohi smiled and said instantly.."idealism se reality tak ka safar.." arjun liked her answer.."matlab jo idealise karo wo mil jaye.." arohi:"nahi jo idealise karo wo kabhi reality nahi banti..aur shaed kabhi ban bhi jae.." she remembered the sindoor event and smiled..arjun smiled and thought.."mein tumhari reality ko tumhare idealism ki haqeeqat se bhar dun ga..har wo cheez jo tumne idealise ki hai fantasize ki hai mein use reality banaun ga arohi.." he then asked another qts..

"arohi tum apne friends ko kis ranking pe rkhti ho..." he asked this qts 

just wanted to know his rank , his place as a friend in her life so that he may know whether she has made friendship with 

him by full heart...arohi listening his qts smiled and said..."sir mein ranking nahi deti friends ko...mere liye mere 

friends diamond hein aur family gold..." arjun got happy hearing her answer ..."matlab mei arohi k lie heera hun.."he 

thought...he asked excitedly.."arohi yani mein bhi diamond hun tumhare lie..." arohi smiled..."friend hain  tu diamond bhi 

hue.." arjun:"friends ko itna zada consider karti ho aur family ko sirf gold...i mean gold is not precious just as the 

diamond.." arohi smiled..." sir gold is very precious ...more than a diamond.." arjun looked at her confused..arohi 

continued.." mein agar darar par jae tu hum use dobara pighla k pehle jesi shakal de skte hen..jese family mein 

agar humari hamre apnu se larai ho jae koi bht bari baat pe tu hum ye jante hen k unhe kese dobara pehle jesa karna 

hai..jab k diamond mein jab eik baar darar par jae tu hum chah k bhi use pehle jesa nahi kar skte the end hume use 

torna hi parta hai..." arjun smiled at her explanation and this thought..he really liked her thought of considering her 

family as gold and friends as diamond...he smiled and looked at her..arohi looked at him..they both looked into each 

other's eyes...arjun said:"arohi mein tu phr extraordinary precious hua..." arohi:"matlab.." arjun:"mein tu gold aur 

diamond donu tumhari family ban k ...tmhara pati...aur diamond tumhara dost ban k...agar hamari dosti mei darar 

aa bhi gai tu bhi hamare rishte mein koi farq nahi ae ga q k mein apni patni ko sona ban k jeeet hi lunga.." ..."hamare rishte mein humne sone pe apni dosti ka safed pani charhaya hai agar ye safed pani utar bhi gaya tu us k neeche sona tu he hi .." he smiled and 

stood from his chair and left leaving arohi speechless ...arohi smiled and said to herself.."mein apne heere aur apne sone 

ko kabhi koi nuksan nahi pohanchne dungi..."

the whole day then passed with arohi getting involved and comfortable with the entire family and geeting to know more abt 

house and other activities..she was introduced to the servants of the house and other necessary details were also told to 

it was 5 p.m when arjun was sitting alone and watching tv..suddenly the convo with arohi at the breakfast recalled in his 

mind and he thought..."kia arohi ne mjhe maaf kar dia hoga..." ..."mjhe us se pochna hoga.." he then stood and went out to 

the market and came back in 5 minutes..he went upstairs in his room and put something on the dressing table and took a 

paper and wrote something and put it along with the thing..he then heard footsteps and said.."agai" ...he rushed out of the 

room and hid behind the vase...

arohi after meeting everyone looked at the time and decided to go upstairs as  She Rememberd kumud's words to be ready till 

7..arohi went to her room to get ready for the reception party...she entered the room and pickd up her dress and was abt to 

go to washroom when her eyes fall on the dressing table..she walkd towards the dressing table...there was a little bear 

with a rose in his hands..she took it in her was a white teddy with a heart that had "SORRY" written on 

it...along with it, there was a rose with a note attached...she removed the note and opened it...she started reading 

it..."arohi...i know ye baat kal khatam ho gai thi...par in case agar tumne mjhe abhi bhi maaf nahi kia...tu plz is cute se 

chote se mote se teddy ko dekh k mujhe maaf kar do...plzzz" arohi read the note and smiled...she found this effort and act 

of his a very cute one..."sir meine apko maaf kar dia..mene tu apko dost bhi maan lia..." she whispered...she smiled and 

kept the note in her drawer and teddy on the bed in between his and her pillow...she looked once again at the teddy and 

smiled..she again pickd up her dress and went to the washroom...

arjun who was standing outside the door saw arohi reading the note and smiling after it and he even heard her 

he felt completely relaxed and happy..."thankyou arohi..." he whispered to himself.. he smiled and entered the room and alo 

pickd his suit and went to the other room to change..

Arohi came out of the washroom after taking a quick shower dressed in her oufit for reception..she then sat on a chair of a 

dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror..she did her makeup starting from the base then applied eyeshade liner 

and kajal giving a smoky effect, pink gloss blush..she combed her wavy hairs and left them open she then put on her 

jewellery... she was trying to tie the necklace but after so much efforts she still couldnt tie it...taking a break she 

sighed in frustration...

arjun after changing walked towards his room...entering his bedroom he just freezed there on the spot...he was looking at 

the stunning beauty in front of his eyes who was now looking like a ravishing angel..he was lost in her glamourous 

appearance...dressed in a navy blue sequined sari, she was looking beautiful...she had added matching  earings and silver 

bangles along with the mangalsutra around her neck..his eyes on seeing her were now filled with so much love and desire in 

them..he was very boldly staring at her...he noticed her struggling with the necklace...he loved that annoyed look on her 

face ...she was looking very cute with that look on her face but now  he wished he could help her get out of her current 

dilemma..and could remove that annoying look from her face by leaving a sweet kiss on those lips...he smiled at his 

thoughts and standing at the door kept staring at his stunning wife...

in hope for the last try she was about to tie the necklace around her neck when her eyes caught a sight of the figure 

standing at the door looking extremely dashing and substantial in that all black suit...she caught his passionate eyes 

looking straight at her through the mirror...she was shocked and became nervous..

he started moving towards her with his cute mischievous smile...arohi was heating up under his passionate gaze and was 

unable to meet his eyes..she bacame more nervous seeing his coming towards her..she decided to stood from her seat..arjun 

noticed her nervousness and was enjoying it ..he saw arohi standing up from her soon as she stood up he stopped 

her by gently holding her from her shoulders..on feeling his hands on her shoulders her nervousness started increasing to 

its height...arjun smild and made her sit on the chair facing her face to the mirror..he picked the necklace which she was 

trying to wear but failed..arjun pickd it up and looked at arohi through the mirror...arohi was nervous so she didnt meet 

his eyes...arjun smiled and said in a husky voice.."let me help.." ..he moved her open long hair from back to her shoulders 

to have a clear view of her back then put the necklace around her neck and bent down to tie it..his fingers and his warm 

breathe touched her neck like a breeze she closed her eyes..he tied the necklace and looked at her closed eyes throught the 

mirror..he smiled and then moved his face towards the back of her neck..he moved his face close to her neck taking in her 

flowery fragrance..he then kissed her neck very softly making her frzzed on her electirc shock travelled her 

spine and she forgot about everything..she just stayed on her spot like an ice sculpture..she tightened her already closed 

eyes...and her cheeks become blood red cuz of the shyness and blushes..he moved his face and looked at her blushed and 

nervous face and smiled...he wanted to do more but he controlled himself..he moved with a generous smile and said.."done 

arohi.." arohi opened her eyes and looked at his face through the mirror..he has the same desire in his eyes and a smile on 

his face..seeing his eyes she felt shy and at once looked down..looking down she smiled through her red blushed 

face...seeing her shy smile he smiled and again felt an urge to kiss her lips..he liked...he loved the shy sensual smile on 

her luscious lips...but he understood that arohi is also nervous so in order to change the topic he said clearing his 

throat..."ahem..arohi..mene tumhari help ki ab tum meri help karo.." arohi looked at him turning her face to him and 

askd.."g boliye.." arjun smiled and show her his tie..arohi looked at him confusingly..arjun said:"meri tie bandh do..." 

arohi stood from her chair and stood in front of him..."ap ko tie bandhni nahi ati..." she asked him surprisingly..arjun 

smiled.."ati hai.." arohi raised her eyebrow.."tu phr..?" arjun put the tie on his neck and gestured her to start her 

work..."wo kia hai na mein chahta hun k jis tarha roz meri wife ko sindoor mein lagaun ga usi tarha meri wife roz mujhe tie 

bandhe.." and then he smiled..arohi was again surprised hearing this from his mouth..this was her another dream of an ideal 

life a moment which she always wanted to live more and more..she smiled and stepped forward and hold his tie and started 

tying it..arjun aw her smile and thought..."tmhara har khwab mein pora karun ga aur mein janta hun ye bhi tumhari fantasy 

world ka hissa hoga..mein tumhare fantasy world ko reality mein pora karne ka wada pori tarha se nibhaun ga.." he smiled 

and then he slipped his hand on her waist..arohi on feeling his hands felt tickling in her entire body..she looked up at 

his eyes and he said smilingly..."by the way kia meine tumhe bataya..." arohi said.."kia?" arjun pulled her towards 

him..."yahi k tum bht khubsurat lag rahi ho..aur aj tu tmhare chehre ki chamak bhi barh gai hai.." arohi shyed and looked 

down and thought.."ye shaed ap ki waja se hai..." and then finishing her task she stepped back..arjun smiled and stepped 

forward and moved his face towards her cheeks.."thanks.." and smiled ..arohi again shyed and turned her face away..arjun 

was again moving towards her when they heard a knock on the door...kumud enterd the room and hugged arjun and kissed 

arohi's forehead.."bht sundar lag rahi ho.." arjun teasingly..."aur mein acha nahi lag raha..." arohi smiled and 

kumud said:"meri beti se zada nahi hai..." arjun smiled:"janta hun .." kumud said:"chalo beta sab mehman agae hein .."all 

three then went downstairs..

the reception party was being held at the singhania mansion's lawn..The whole singhania masnion was beautifully 

decorated..the lawn was beautifully decorated with garlands of colourful lights hanging everywhere...stage was also 

decorated with roses and jasmines flowers, giving it an elegant look and the sweet fragrance of flowers were filling the 

sense of people...there were star lights hanging over entire lawn enhancing its stalls with every type of 

cuisine were lined , the aroma of which was filling the senses of people... The heads of the family were busy receiving the 

guests...the party was in full swing,all the guests were enjoying their own moments.. the newly married couple was 

receiving blessings from elders, compliments from all,and even teases from their all this arjun's eyes never 

left her magnificent sight in the crowd of so may people..he was looking at her every now and then and arohi too was 

stealing his glances whenever she is sure of him not looking at her..she didnt know what was happening to her but whatever 

it is she is loving it..she is loving his sweet gesetures his intense passionate and careful gazes though they were making 

her nervous but she was also loving them..

the alluhwalias arrived at the party and arohi seeing them ran towards them and hugged each one of the family member with 

tears in her eyes..arjun saw this and at once rushed to her side ..with so much concern he asked her.."kia hua...arohi tum 

ro q rahi ho..tum theek tu ho.." dadi came from behind and patted his shoulders.."theek he wo.." arjun worriedly.."dadi 

arohi ro rahi hei.." purvi smiled :"arjun wo is lie ro rahi hai q k wo apne maeke walo se mil rahi he natural hota 

hai..itne anjan chehroun k beech mein use apnoun ka chehra us k dukh k ansu nahi hain..satisfaction he ise hume 

dekhne ki..." arjun smiled:"oh tu aisa hai.." and looked at arohi..arohi looked at him and smiled..arjun wiped her tears 

and said.."dont worry arohi..ab mein tumhare saath hun..tumhe akela mehsus karne ki zarurat nai..." arohi smiled and 

thought.."ap k saath mein khud ko kabhi akela mehsus kar b nai skti.." and then she remembered all that happened last night 

and thw whole day today...karan hugged arohi and he too wiped her tears.."i know di jiju will never let you cry...he is 

very nice.." arohi smiled and kissed his cheeks...

the dinner was then served and everyone enjoyed it..there was chines, italian, indian food ..after dinner jay made and 

announcement requesting all the couples to join on the dance floor around the most admirable and newly wed couple of the 

party..arjun and arohi..everyone clapped and joined the dance floor..

arohi become nervous and started playing with her sari's pallu..arjun who was standing beside her smiled seeing her 

nervousness and thought.."arohi mere saath itna ghabrana kab band kro gi tum.." he sighed and grabbed her hand and took her 

to the dance floor..arohi was surprised by the sudden act but she gave up cuz she knew she has to dance..she started 

feeling butterflies in her tummy the song started..

Paaya maine paaya tumhe
Rab ne milaaya tumhe
Honthon pe sajaya tumhe
Nag mein sagaya tumhe

Holding her hand arjun twirled her around bringing her in his embrace and both started swaying with the music...

Paaya maine paaya tumhe
Sab se chhupaaya tumhe
Sapna banaya tumhe
Neendon mein bulaaya tumhe

he held one hand of hers and gently placed his hand on her waist..It was bare..her bare waist..A sheer runs down his spine 

as his hand touches her creamy soft  cold skin of her waist..He puts his another hand on his back drawing her closer moving 

to the beats..arohi hesitantly puts her other hand on his firm shoulder..on the touch of his arm a chill runs down her 


Tum jo aaye zindagi mein
Baat ban gayi
Ishq mazhab
Ishq meri zaat ban gayi

under the radiating moon he saw her skin glow...she looked magnificient in the sari...seeing her so beautiful and so close 

to him, a smile crept up on his lips.. he thought that she is so sweet, innocent and beautiful and again thanked god for 

this blessing..

Ho tum jo aaye zindagi mein
Baat ban gayi

he tenderly pulled her close and stared at her eyes..She feels his eyes on her..she looks at him and gets lost'in him ..

Sapne teri chaahaton ke
Sapne teri chahaton ke
Dekhti hoon ab kayi
Din hai sona aur chaandi raat ban gayi
Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein
Baat ban gayi

arohi follows arjun step by step as if they were both moving as one.. he firmly tightened his grip, as if expressing his 

sentiments of supporting her for the rest of his life...she felt like she heard something, as if she heard of his honest 

emotions...feeling a strange and strong connection with him, she stared at him..dwelling on their feelings, both were lost 

in each other's eyes and forgot about the surroundings..

Chaahaton ka mazaa faasalon mein nahin
Aa chhupa loon tumhein hauslon mein kahin
Sab se upar likha hai tere naam ko
Khwaahishon se jude silsilon mein kahin

he was going insane with every move of hers and being so close with her..His heart was going wild seeing her magnetic 

beauty which was attracting him..arohi was feeling very satisfied and relaxed now with his touch and she felt herself lucky 

being in his arms.. and arjun too saw that glint of satisfaction in her eyes with his touch and he smiled..Releasing her 

from his hold, he distanced himself from her and they both grooved beautifully coming closer, ultimately landing up in the 

other's arms...shefali looked at arohi who was totally engrossed in arjun and jay noticed arjun's struggle to keep his 

desires aside..both shefali and jay along with other family members could clearly see the immense passion and love in their 

eys..arjun's spark in eyes on being close to arohi and arohi's fondness for arjun was clearly visible to everyone

Khwaahishein milne ki tumse
Khwaahishein milne ki tumse
Roz hoti hain nayi
Mere dil ki jeet
Meri baat ban gayi

Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein
Baat ban gayi

arohi  was actually living the best moment of her life and was ready to submit herself infront of his passionate 

desires..whether or not they knew or realise but there was a feeling for each other in their hearts..
They kept staring at each other with nothing but love in their eyes for the other.arohi felt the whole world was at her 

feet with just being in his arms..she was loosing herself in his magical and mystical touch..while arjun was just lost in 

her eyes in her beauty in his own desire..looking at her eyes was giving him the power to do things he couldnt even think 


Zindagi bewafa hai yeh maana magar
Chhod kar raah mein jaoge tum agar
Chheen launga main aasman se tumhein
Soona hoga na yeh do dilon ka nagar

he hold her face and looked into her eyes and then moved his face towards her forehead and kissed her..arohi closed her 

eyes and smiled..arjun too smiled and then he shifted his gaze to her lips..feeling shy under his gaze She tenderly 

encircled her arms around his neck while he holds on to her waist and she rests her head against his chest..arjun smiled 

and kissed on her head..

Raunkein hain dil ke dar pe
Raunkein hain dil ke dar pe
Dhadkanein hain surmayi
Meri kismat bhi tumhaare saath ban gayi

arjun grabbed her waist tightly and raised her a bit above the ground moving around and then bringing her down he twirled 


Hoo Tum jo aaye zindagi mein
Baat ban gayi
Ishq mazhab
Ishq meri zaat ban gayi

Sapne teri chaahaton ke
Sapne teri chahaton ke
Dekhti hoon ab kayi
Din hai sona aur chaandi raat ban gayi

Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein
Baat ban gayi

arohi was feeling so close to him as if she was always this close to him..he again twirled her around and brings her 

towards him until their lips are almost touching..arjun smiled arohi blushed and shyed away..

Paaya maine paaya tumhe
Rab ne milaaya tumhe
Honthon pe sajaya tumhe
Nag mein sagaya tumhe

Paaya maine paaya tumhe
Sab se chhupaaya tumhe
Sapna banaya tumhe
Neendon mein bulaaya tumhe

they both swayed in each other's arms starting their new life and wishing it to be more beautiful with each passing day..

the song ended and they came out of their worlds with the noise of applause..gently leaving her he looked around everyone 

and smiled.. arohi gathered herself from her unknown feelings and emotions and desires forming with in her and she smiled 

looking down..everyone praised and admired the sweet couple and prayed for their happy life and togetherness..arjun looked 

at arohi and hold his hand..arohi looked at him ..he smiled and kissed his hand and whispered.."thankyou"..arohi smiled and 

again looked down..
jay came and hugged arjun and arohi and said.."kia baat hai kia pyar hai.." they both looked each other surprisingly and 

jau rolled his eyes..jay then said:" jo log kehte hen k shadi k saath hi live stories ka end ho jata hai wo bilkul galat 

hote hen.." arjun and arohi looked at him confused..jay smiled and continued.."are mere dost..the journey of exploring love 

begins after marriage.." he smiled and patting his shoulder he left..arjun looked at arohi and thought.."do i love her? or 

is it only attraction.." arohi looked at him and thought..."ye pyar tu bilkul bhi nahi hai..pyar aise hi thori na hojata 

hai..par kia waqai mein pyar talash kar rahi hun arjun sir mein..?" they both smiled at each other and moved towards the 

other family members..

the party ended and all the guests left wishing the couple a happy married life..everyone in the family was happy seeing 

arjun and arohi as husband wife and prayed to save them from all evil eyes..everyone then asked the couple to take rest and 

went to their own rooms..arjun arohi headed towards their room and changed their clothes..they both laid down on the bed 

thinking abt the party and jay's words and was confused of their feelings for each other..they both slept thinking abt the 

turn their lives had taken and the turns life has to take and in this way an nother beautiful day came to an end..

precap:..3 days family trip to family farmhouse by road, few romantic moments, relationship growing stronger, first kiss...

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..ignore all mistakes.


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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Oooh am I first - feeling great

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow wow sehar - what a superb going - luving the story
Luved each and every scene of this update
The song chosen was awesome - a very good luv song for my arjuhi
Wonderful uPdate - thx for the pm

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Wow wow and Just WOW!

Seriously it was really beautiful!!

The way they are adapting to their new lives!!

The love which is blooming! Its fantabulous!

Loved reading it, the entire update was sooo warm and love filled to read!

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kritz4ever IF-Rockerz

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awesome n the way arjun said sorry to arohi was tooo cute

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fab update.arjun is so cute.his sorry is so nice.arohi is too shy.wating for nxt update their first kissBlushing

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