Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 14)

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Originally posted by Aaarzu

nyco update Smile..continue soon Big what is the connection between Arohi and sachit????Confused


all the connections, past, and everything will be cleard in part 8...u guys will have to wait till thenSmile

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Originally posted by sehar123

Originally posted by luv_karankri.

yes I'm satisfied wid the story till now
but I don't want marriage so soon
want Arjuhi moments more be4 marriage

putting kajal scene was awe ,jealousi,lunch :))
precap :o update asap

thankyou so much..Smile...arjuhi moments will be more now after their wedding...i have planned so many scenes and that will come soon

okkk thanks to u ;)
waiting waiting …………
plz update soon
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Arohi woke up when the sunlight coming from the windows touched her she is not the one arohi that she was yesterday..that arohi had started living again, started feeling again, bt today she is sitting like a lifeless fish, her face didnt show any emotions and most importantly she was nt happy..she has prepared herself that from now on she will not think abt herself  anymore and yes she will not think abt arjun..arjun sir...she stood up from the floor opened her wardrobe and took out the white sari which she wore at the party and the dress which she wore yesterday and put those dresses in a suitcase and thought.."ye dresses shaed mjhe meri zindagi k guzre is maheene ki yaad mein nahi chahti..arjun sir na mera aj ho skte hain aur na hi mera kal q k mein apni had apne ap ko kabhi paar nahin karne dun gi.." she took out a cream dress to wear today and went to freshen up..after coming out she again tied her hairs in a pony tail ..her eyes fall on the calender and she remembered something.."oh my god aj tu 1st aug hai..mein kese bhool gai.." she pickd her phone and dialed a number..."hello hotel xyz?" "yes mein arohi alluhwalia.." "eik private room " "han g eik private room mein ap sari arrangements kar dein sari decorations ache se kijiye ga candles white roses and yes cake pineapple cake.." "thankyou so much..i will be there at 12 p.m" she disconnected the call and pickd up her bag and went was 7 a.m and still half an hour is left for everyone to be at breakfast table..she wrote a note "had to leave early..urgent kaam hai office mein" and left the house...

Arjun woke up and felt a sharp pain in his head..he ignored the pain and smiled remembering arohi's face but atonce the words of her repeated in his mind.."i love you too karan" his smile faded away and all his face got sad.."mjhe bura q lag raha hai..arohi ki life mein koi aur tu hoskta hai.." "arohi ne kabhi zikar nai kia is baat ka.." "arohi ne tu kabhi kisi baat ka zikar nai kia.." "mjhe arohi se pochna chahiye kia?" "zahir he wo engaged nahi hai warna dadi shadi ki baat mjhse kabhi na karti ab dadi ko tu pata hi hoga na us k bare mein.." "bas kar arjun zada mat soch dost b hoskta hai..arohi se baat krni chahiye.." he instantly got up and freshn up..he went downstairs and greeted everyone .."good morning!" dadi:" aja puttar nashta kar" arjun:"nahi dadi i m getting late ..mein ye sandwich le leta hun...ok bye everyone.." and he rushed out of the house...

On reaching the office he sat in his cabin and waited for arohi to come but she didnt come.."office ai b hai ya nai..." "mein khud hi bulata hun.." he asked the peon to send arohi in..

Arohi reachd office and sat on her desk..shefali saw her and noticed something different..shefali:"arohi ...kesi ho?" arohi saw her and just nodded..shefali thought "kuch garbar lag rahi hai.." she asked.."sab thk he na arohi.." arohi was abt to say something when peon informd her "sir apko cabin mein bula rahe hen"  arohi looked at shefali and said:"sab thk he shefali dont worry ..mein ati hun.." she hold her mobile cuz she was expecting a call anytime and a file and left..shefali was nt satisfied with her answer bt didnt ask further qts..she just smiled and saw arohi leaving,,

arohi knocked at the door and arjun who was impatiently waiting for her instantly answerd "come in" arohi saw arjun and felt a pain in her heart the pain with which now she has to live ..arjun saw arohi and realized something is wrong he thought.."arohi...tmhari ankhein..aj mjhe in me wahi dard q dikh raha hai jo shaed pehle hua karta tha.." he didnt like to see arohi in pain he wanted to ask her abt her pain abt karan but he thought first he has to start a normal conversation with her..he spoke.."aa..ahem..arohi come sit.." arohi walkd and sat on a chair..she kept her mobile and file on the table..arjun:" .." arohi:"no sir thanks.." arjun smild and was abt to continue when his eyes fall on the file which arohi has brought in with her.."are ye tu mishra group ki file he na.." arohi:"yes sir.." arjun:" oh right..tum ye file jay ko de ao wo dhund raha tha ise use kaam he is ka.." arohi nodded arjun continued:"aur han wapis ana mjhe kaam he tumse.." arohi without looking at him left his cabin ..arjun saw her leaving and thought" ye arohi ko aj kia hogaya yes sir no sir aur bas " "meri tarf eik baar b nahi dekha.." he was lost in his thoughts when arohi's mbile started ringing..arjun saw at her mobile and thought.."mobile lagta hai bhool gai.." the phone kept ringing and arjun thought.."imp call hoskta hai tabhi shaed mobile saath lai cabin mein.." "utha leta hun.." he was abt to recieve the call when it stopped ringing..he kept the phone and it started ringing again..he saw at the door and received the call before arjun could say anything the caller spoke.."hello maam this is rucha from hotel xyz..maam ap ne jo jo decorations ka kaha tha wo sab hogaya hai but maam mr akash k kehne pe humne wo sari honeymoon suite mein kar deen hen q k aur koi private room available nahi tha..he will be waiting for u at that ok maam.." arjun was confused hearing the words he didnt say anything ..the caller again asked.."maam is that ok.." arjun just said.."hmm" and disconnected the call.. He thought.."arohi ne hotel xyz me private room book karaya par q?" "ab ye akash kon he.." "arohi private room akash.." "kia soch raha hai arjun koi kaam hoga use.." he sat and looked at the clock which striked 11.. "arohi ko ane mein late q hogaya kab ki gai v he.." he dialed jay's number.."yar jay arohi.." jay:" abey yar chura thori na lia mene teri arohi ko..wo file ko discuss kar rahe the hum abhi nikli hai.." arjun disconnectd the call and arohi eneterd the cabin..arjun saw her and asked her to sit..but she stood there and thought.."i am sorry god mjhe jhoot bolna par raha hai par i cant help it.." she spoke:"wo sir ap mujhse baad mei baat kr skte hen.." arjun saw her with confused   Looks and arohi continued.."mera matlb hai sir meri dj...dadi meri ...unki reports doctor ko dikhani hai 12 baje ka appointment hai tu mjhe jana hai mein do ghnte me ajaun gi..plz sir.." arjun without thinking.."haan haan sure y not tum jao ..i hope koi serious baat nai.." arohi:"nahi sir bus aise hi..ok sir bye.." she pickd her mobile and rushed out of the building..arjun smiled and thought.."oh tu shaed dadi ki reports ki waja se pareshan hai.." but got shockd recalling arohi's words.." doctor?!! 12 baje! Phr wo hotel..!???"  arohi ne aisa q kaha?" "kia arohi waqai dr k ja rahi hai ya ..." "nahin nahin arohi jhoot thori na bole gi.." "phr ye hotel..aur dr..." "kia pata arohi ko yaad na ho" he sat down on his chair.. He shook his head in order to come out of his thoughts and started working but couldnt concentrate on his work..the words of the caller and arohi were continuously repeating in his mind..he stood from his chair..."kia mjhe jana chahiye?...nai...nai me arohi pe shaq q kar ra hun...sirf cnfrm h tu karna hai na...lets go.." he hold his mobile and car keys and left...

Arohi hires an auto and made her way to hotel xyz..whole way she was asking god to plz forgive her for the jhoot she spoke..she reached the hotel and entered in...
Arjun made his way to the hotel all the way praying "god plz mein ghalat sabit hun...mjhe maaf karna arohi.." he reached the hotel and went inside in..he looked right left bt didnt find arohi..he saw at the reception desk where arohi was standing..he felt a pain in his heart seeing her here..he hid behind the pillar and hear her convo...

Arohi: "hello!" she thought "lagta hai staff change hua hai.." she continued.."me arohi alluhwalia..mene booking karai thi..." receptionist:"hello abhi check krti hun" she after a while.."yes maam mr.akash and ap ka suite ready he...he is waiting for you..this way plz..." arohi followed her and arjun was shocked to see that she is actually here and is going to meet a man in personal and that too in honeymoon suite.. He too followed them silently and also secretively..arohi reached the room and said:" thankyou..plz make sure no one disturb us.." rec:"sure maam.." she went and arohi knocked the door and the door was opened by a man..he smiled looking at arohi and arohi smiled too..he gestured her to come in and arohi stepped in..he shut the door...arjun couldnt believe his eyes..he was standing shockd and was thinking.."arohi ...nai aisa nahi hoskta..." he rubbed his face with his both hands and thought "kia pata arohi kisi imp kaam se ai pata yahi dr ho...par is suite mein...god..." he was wandering here and there and didnt know what to do...he stood against the other wall and after 15 mins a waiter came with a trolly on which it was cake a champagne bottle and food..he knockd at the door..a voice came.."yes" waitor.."sir food is here.." voice.."come in"..waiter opend the door and placed the trolly against the door and one by one picking up the Things he started arranging the table inside the room...luckily the room door was opened and arjun now could see arohi and the man standing..his eyes travelled all inside the room which was decorated with white roses and candles and some flower bouqets on the floor..he try to hear their convo...
Man: arohi kisi ko pata tu nahi k tum yahan ho..
Arohi just moved her head in a no...
Man smiled and looked around the room and said:"arohi ye sab mere lie tum ne..."
arohi smiled:"ye tu kuch b nai mei aur b bht kuch karna chahti thi par time nahi tha.."
man:"ye b bht he.."he hugged arohi and kissed her forehead.."i love you arohi.." arohi smiled in his embrace.."love you too.." waiter interupted them.."anything else sir.." man left arohi aside.."no thanks you may leave and make sure no one disturbs us for the next 2 hours.." waiter nodded and left closing the door behind him...

Arjun was now completely shockd seeing and hearing them..he was feeling like punching the man hard on his face.."himmat kese hui uski arohi ko chone ki.." "arohi sab kia kar rahi hai.." his thoughts were broken by a call..he answered .."hello" his tone was a bit harsh.. It was jay's call..jay spoke:"hey arjun kahan hai tu tujhe pata hai na hume meeting me jana hai.." arjun in the same tone:"tu chala ja mein nai aa paun ga." jay sensed something wrong with arjun :"kia hua yaar sab theek tu hai.." arjun:"bye jay.." jay thought..."ata hai tu pochoun ga"... 

The place was becoming hell for arjun..he couldnt stand there anymore he decided to leave from there..on his way to the exit door he heard three waitors talking...

One waitor : "sir ki bhi kia life hei..." second waitor: "subha se teen larkyan aa chuki hen un se milne.."
third waitor: "tu?"
second waitor:" tu is ka matlb nai smjhta?"
third waitor:"nahi"
first waitor:" abey yaar ab hume kia pata band kamre k peeche kia hu ra hai.."
second waitor:" wese ye teesri larki bari hot hai..sir ki tu diwali hi hogai.." all three of them laughed... Arjun blood was boiling and he was fuming with anger.."himmat kese hui is ki arohi k bare mein ye baat bolne ki" ..he rushed towards the waitor and slapped the second waitor hard on his face...the waitor was shockd..arjun in a tone full of anger almost shouted.."sharam nahi ati ..himmat kese hui eik larki k bare mein tum..." he was interupted by the manager..."what happend sir.." arjun in the same tone..:"cheap staff jo ap ne yahan rkha hai in ko smjha dijie k cheap soch apni apne gande alfazoun mein na layen.." manager.."sorry sir..i will handle.." and he asked the waitors abt the waitor: "sir hum tu harry sir ki baat kar rahe the aur wo larki jo..." arjun again gave a death glare to the waitors and left...
He drived in a very fast speed and reached the office...he enterd the building and rushed to his cabin like a storm..shefali saw him and thought.."aj tu bht gusse mein lag raha hai...ab bhagwan hi bachae is k gusse se sab ko.."..arjun's anger was increasing ..he  recalled arohi's words.."i love you too karan.." "love you too" and the hug and forehead kiss.. He loosend his tie and throw a glass on the floor...his eyes were red with anger.. Being an hotheaded person no one dares to speak him when he is angry and today his anger was 10 times more than usual..he thought..."arohi tum aisa kaise kar skti ho...jhoot bola tum kar rai ho tum us k saath.." he broke the vase kept on the table.." kyun arohi kyun..." ..."kyun mei aisi larki ki taraf attract hogaya kyn..." "itni ghatya...chi..." he  was in a very bad state... Almost one hour was past but still his anger was at its place..he heard a knock on the door and his anger increased more to see arohi entering..

Arohi left the hotel after sometime..she was a bit happy and relaxed now cuz she has met the man whom she loved the most.. She was walking towards the road to hire an auto when her eyes fell on a stall of rakhis..she smiled looking at them and thought.."are kal tu raksha bandhan ..sab k lie rakhi le leti hun.." she walkd towards the stall and smiled ...stallkeeper:"kahiye didi kia wali rakhi dikhaun.." arohi just stare at all of them and "bhayya wo wali dikhana" the stallkeeper shw her the rakhi ..arohi smiled "haan eik ye kar do .."  and thought "karan ko ye bht pasand ae gi itni cute hai.." stal:"didi aur leingi?" arohi:"haan dekh rahi hun.."  arohi then pickd one rakhi which was appealing too much to her eyes she thought.."ye achi rahe gi.." "bhayya ye bhi kar do...bhayya aisi eik aur he?" stal:"han didi mil jae lo.." arohi thought..."jay...jay ki b tu koi behn nai hai aur wo mjhe apni behn kehta hai tu jay k lie b eik le leti hun..." "bhayya wo wali wo jo wahan upar pari he eik wo b de do..kitna hua?"... " 250 hogaya apka.." arohi gave him the money and took rakhi bag from his hand..she saw the rakhis and smild.."ye jay k lie ye karan k lie, ye salil bhayya aur ye s..." and she stopped thinking something..her face fell in disappointment.. And she thought.."aur ye us k liye jise shaed mein ab kabhi ye rakhi nahi bandh paun gi.." she gave a small smile with wet eyes in her thoughts and took an auto..she thought:"are bht late hogaya sir ko b mjhse baat krni thi..." "jaldi karo bhayya.." she reached the office and looked at shefali who was standing there and talking with peon..she saw arohi and smiled..arohi smiled too and was going to arjun's cabin..shefali saw and said..."are arohi ruku..arjun is waqt" but arohi had already knocked the door ignoring shefali... She entered the cabin and saw arjun standing looking at her..she saw something in his eyes ...and realised that he is angry.."mein tu time pe agai phr q gusse mei lag rahe hain.." arohi thought..she saw his eyes and then on the floor where a glass and a vase was broken and then again looked at him ...except of anger there was nothing on his face..she got scared at his sight and "sir...mein baad mein ati hun.." but arjun stopped her by asking..  Arjun coldy..:"kahan gai thi arohi.." anger was audible in his voice but still he managed to ask coldy..arohi noticed this and thought.."shaed mere pe gussa nahi hain koi aur baat hogi.." she didnt want to lie bt she has to.."sir wo..sir mene ap se kaha tha na k mujhe dj ki reports dikhani hen dr ko..tu wahen gai thi.." arjun didnt believe his ears.. He wanted to trust arohi but after seeing her today in the hotel and that too in honeymoon suite in the arms of a man he couldnt believe her..arohi cursed herself for lying she thought.."eik jhoot so jhoot ko janam deta hai sahi kaha hai kisi ne.." she looked at arjun lost in his thoughts so she decided to leave "sir mein chalti hun.." arjun heard her saying that she is leaving but he was too engrossed in his thoughts that he didnt reply..
Arohi was abt to leave ..her left hand was abt to open the door when she felt a strong arm holding her elbow roughly..arjun hold her elbow roughly and turned her around pushing her against the wall tightly holding both her arms...arohi didnt understand his act..she was confused and felt something piercing through her soft skin she looked at her arms which he was holding and realised that it was his nails which were causing pain to her..without realising his nails were piercing through her soft skin he bursted out..."jhoot! Jhoot! Jhoot!" arohi shocked :"sir ye ap kia kar rahe hein..?" arjun:"tumhe kia lagta hai mein pagal hun jahil hun andha hun k mjhe kuch dikhta nahi.." arohi was confused as to what he is saying all she managed to say.."sir ap.." arjun was very much angry and was nt interested to listen her..."tumhe kia lagta hai mjhe nahi pata chale ga.." he punched hard on the wall  and continued.."nahi pata chale ga mjhe haan..k tum kitni ghatya larki ho.." arohi was shocked to hear ghatya word for her bt she couldnt speak as he was not allowing her to speak...he continued:"mein tumhe tu itna masoom samjhta tha par nahi tum tu masomiat ka naqab pehne we thi arohi alluhwalia..tmhara asli chehra dekhne ko itni jaldi mile ga is ka tu mjhe andaza nahi tha par again thanks to you jo mujhe wo b dikh gaya..." arohi was feeling crying she somehow controlled herself and asked.."sir ye ap kia keh rahe hen choriye mjhe dard horaha hai.." arjun coldly and shouted more angrily now :"dard han dard arohi dard horaha hai mujhe dard horaha hai yahan.." he then pointed his finger on his chest.."yahan dard ho raha hai k mein tumhe pehchanne mein galat kese hogaya, kese nahin jana k tum kitni neech aur ghatya larki ho." arohi in a loud tone:" sir plz.." and then was trying to free herself and arjun noticing it again pinned her harshly against the wall.."kon tha wo arohi haan kaun tha wo jis k saath tum band kamre mein...chi...mjhe tu bolte we sharam arai he par tumhe karte we b nahi ai...pehle karan ab wo larka kia naam tha us ka...oh forget it tum ne tu ab tak shaed kitno k saath waqt guzara hai tumhe bhi nahi pata hoga haina.."   now arohi couldnt hold her tears each and every word from arjun's mouth was like fire for her she couldnt believe that the arjun she knew for the past month can go to such extent to insult her ... She has never seen this sight of him he was not insulting her for her less education and dressing but for her bad character..he is acussing her for her bad character...a tear slid down her cheeks as she couldnt digest his words..seeing her tear arjun felt that someone has just ripped his heart out but he ignored her tear and thought "nahi arjun ab mat ana is ki masomiat mein".. Arjun:"u know what arohi ghin arahi he mjhe tum se ghin arahi hai ye soch k tum aur wo...huh...arohi i was started attracting towards you" ..arohi was so shocked to answer back but when she heard his attractness towards her it brought more tears in her eyes bcuz somehow or other whether she agrees or not but this was something she wishd could happen but now the scene happening is not the one she has ever wished...arjun ignoring all her tears continued.."arohi sahi kaha tha tumne sahi kaha tha k jis tarha pyar eik pal ka muhtaj hai nafrat bhi usi eik pal ki muhtaj hai us waqt mjhe tmhari baat smjh mein nai ai thi par ab shaed wo pal agaya hai jis me mjhe tumse sirf nafrat ho rai hai sirf nafrat...i hate you suna tumne i hate you.." he shouted in a loud voice and left her arms with a jerk and  moved aside...
Hearing arjun "i hate you" she felt like something has broken within her ..the strong emotion which was being built within her is now completely broken...this was not what she wanted to hear from anyone altleast not from him..she cried and all her face was drenchd with tears her nerves become numb and she was neither finding words nor courage to speak..she wanted to ask him abt what cause him to mistrust her doubt her but she was not able to...arjun was feeling like crying and shouting ..he was going mad he wanted to ruin everything he wanted to ask her why on why but seeing her face is only increasing his anger..he once again grabbed her arms and pinned her with the wall and again bursted out..."kia kar rahi thi tum us k saath han kia...bolo na kia kar rahi thi.." "kahan...yahan...yahan chua us ne tumhe" he said by touching her cheeks and then..."ya yahan chua us ne tumhe" he touched her neck and asked...arohi pushed him away from her and was abt to speak..."sir plz control ap ye.." when arjun again pinned her..."nahi arohi batau na k yahan chua us ne " he then looked at her lips.."mein b cho skta hun tumhe tumhe tu intezar hoga na is ka tum tu yahi..." and then SLAP!!!... It was now enough for arohi she had heard enough and now she couldnt handle it anymore...unwillingly her hand got up to slap him and she slapped hard on his face and pushed him away and shouted "enough sir enough...bht bol lia ap ne mujhe ghin arahi hai apki choti gandi aur ghatya soch pe itni gandi soch eik ganda insan hi rakh skta hai jo shaed ap hen...han sahi kaha tha mene aur sahi kaha ap ne k nafrat bhi eik pal ki muhtaj hai aur aj mere lie b wahi pal agaya hai ...nafrat ho rai he mjhe ap se aur apki soch se...i hate you..." and she opend the door and left the room slamming the door   Behind her..very quickly she tried to clear those tears from her face that were falling down uncontrollably...she badly wished she could burst out at that very moment and let those fears those pains those feelings those emotions those happiness those words which she heard from his mouth she wanted to let all of them out of her body , out of her soul, out of her mind, out of her heart, out of her life...ignoring all the people around she stormed out the building in a hurry... Even ignoring shefali's concernd voice..shefali saw her coming out of arjun's cabin..she thought.."arjun gusse me tha arohi ko tu kuch..." she called arohi.."arohi...arohi..ruku" but arohi was in a hurry she saw her and her eyes fall on arohi's arm and she noticd nail marks which made her scared.."arohi sunu tu kia hua mjhe batau tu.." but she ignored her and ran..
Arohi reached home and to her good luck no one was on the way to her room so she just rushed to her bedroom and lockd the door behind her...she leaned against the bedroon door and broke down crying...she wanted to scream out herself, let that anger out of her mind out of her heart... She was hating her self that how could she be attracted towards such person and she was hating him too for the words which he spoke abt her today.never ever in her dreams she had dreamt or thought such thing would happn or this day would come..she was also hating her self..she thought.."mjhe haath nahi uthana chaiye tha un par ..." "par haath q na uthati mjh me itni himmat tu nai k mein itni ghatya baatein apne lie sunti aur wo b un k mou se.." she cried.." q sir q ...aisa q kia ap ne.." she cried and realised that her fantasy world has now broken not only broken but it has shattered into several pieces and can never ever be ammended... She sat there and cried cried and slept one in the house was aware of her arrival...

Arjun's hand was on his cheeks where she had slept and mind recalling her words...this only was increasing his anger,,,..."how dare you arohi how dare you...tmne mjh par haath uthaya mujh par..arjun singhania par..." he threw another vase from the table on the floor...and shouted.."arjun singhania pe haath uthaya tumne..himmat kese hue tmhari.." "arohi thappar tumhe bht mehnga pare ga bht zada mehnga..." "chorun ga nahi me tumhe..." "is thappar ka hisaab tumhe dena hoga.." "barbaad kar dunga mein tumhe.." he was shouting like hell..

Shefali was so scared to see arohi and she immediately ran in arjun's cabin and saw at the room's condition and at arjun who was in a very bad state... She hold his arms tightly and askd in a tone full of anger..."kia kaha hai tumne arohi se? Wo aise q gai yahan se?" she saw arjun was nt replying to her which increased her anger.."bolo kaha hai tumne us se..arjun.." "arjun ..arohi ko agar tumhari waja se zara b takleef pohanchi mein tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karun gi sun rahe ho tum..sun rahe ho?" arjun was getting irritated from shefali and her concern  For arohi was like a fuel to his anger he aside from shefali and rushed out of the cabin, the office building..shefali stood there and cried and called jay and told her all that happend..jay:"kia keh rahi ho shefali..arjun aisa q kare ga...mein abhi us se baat karta hun.." arjun sat in his car and drove at a very fast speed and stopped the car near a club...he left his mobile in his car and went in...he sat at the drink bar and started drinking remembering all the incidents that took place, arohi's covo with the man, hug kiss her lie her slap...he drank and drank and didnt realise the time.. Jay called him but he was nt answering which worried jay more..he thought.."abhi baat ki tu shaed aur baat bigar jae...itna khar dimag he...thora time deta hun use.."

on the other hand.. Arjun's dadi and rudra came to arohi's house to meet dj and also for arjun's proposal..
Dj and dadi meet very nicely and sat and talked where as sudhir and salil and rudra were busy in their own conversation...they were laughing and talking.. Now it was time for dadi to arrive on the main point..amrit and purvi came and serve them some snacks and then they too sat there..

Dadi: "dj bht baatein hogaein...ab asal baat hojae jis k lie mei yahan ai hun.."
dj: "han lajjo bol.." sudhir and the rest of the family saw dadi curiously...
Dadi:" dekh dj ghuma phira k baat nahi karun gi...saaf saaf kehti hun..mein yahan apne pote arjun k lie teri poti arohi ka haath mangne ai hun..." dj and everyone shockd to hear dadi..dadi saw everyone's face and continued.."mein janti hun ye bht shocking bt he par tum logo k kaan bilkul sahi sun rahe hen.." dj:" lajjo ye tu kia keh rahi he.." sudhir:" maa ji ap aisa soch b kese skti hen.." dadi:" q sudhir tu arohi ki shadi k bare mein nahi sochta kia..kab tk aise use ghar bitha k rkhe ga.." sudhir:" maa ji ap janti hen atit mei jo hua us k baad arohi.." dadi:" atit atit hogaya he tum logo tum log us ateet se bahar nikalte ho aur na us bachi ko nikalne dete ho..arohi sari zindagi apne ateet k saath nahi reh skti puttar.." amrit:" ma ji hum ap ki bht izzat karte hen par is ka matlb ye nahi k ap aise koi b baat keh dengi..." dadi:" amrit puttar kia tu apni beti ko khush nahi dekhna chahti.." amrit:"wo khush hai ma ji.." dadi:" khak khush he... Wo bachi khush nahi ha bas jee rahi he waqt ki roti khana, ache kapre pehnna , eik achi jaga job kar lena ye khushi kehti ho tum.." rudra:" amrit bhabhi dekhiye me smjh skta hun ap ka dar par ap sirf arohi k bare mein sochiye k ab ateet se use bahar nikalna chahie zindagi bahein phelae us ka intezar kar rai he ap use us zindagi ki tarf bhejiye na k us se door.." sudhir:" maa j aisi baat nahi hai k hum arohi ki khushi nahi chahte beti hai hmari q nahi chahein ge us ki khushi...par eik dum achanak se rishta..." dadi:"puttar arohi ki khushi aur apne pote ki khushi donu k lie mei ye rishta le k ai hun..arjun arohi ko pasand krta hai aur mjhe yaqeen he wo arohi ko sari khushyan dega jiski wo Haqdar he aur hum ...hum b use utna hi pyar denge jitna use yahan mila hai.." dj thought.."par arohi tu shaed kisi aur se pyar krti he.." she spoke.."dekh lajjo mjhe arohi ki shadi se koi aitraz nahi hai are mein tu kab se chahti thi k us ki shadi ho aur wo apne ghar ja k base aur arohi ki shadi mein karaun gi bhi...par us larke se jise wo khud pasand krti he.." everyone shockd ..sudhir:"maa phr tu arohi ki shadi ap bhool hi jayye q k wo shaed kabhi pasand na kre kisi ko.." dadi:" arohi kisi ko pasand krti he..?" dj:"haan par wo sure nahi he lekin zahir he mein aise hi us ki shadi..." purvi and salil were quiet listening to the elders..but now purvi thought to speak and she interupted dj.."sorry dj sorry dadi mein beech mein bol rahi hun...par mjhe lagta hai arohi jise pasand krti he wo arjun hi he.." salil and everyone shockd except dadi ...salil:"kia keh rahi ho purvi.." purvi:"haan salil kal meine arohi aur arjun ko restraunt me dekha eik saath lunch krte hue aur party mein b tu donu eik dosre ko hi dekh rahe the.." dadi:"dekha purvi tune b dekha tha na...arohi arjun eik dosre ko jese dekh rahe the.." purvi"tu phr hume koi aitraz nai..." salil interupted.."nahi dj itni jaldi nahi...arjun singhania eik jana mana naam he is shehr mein jo apne kaam ki waja se tu badshah he h par us ki personal life b kisi se chupi nahi he..tu mein meri behn ka rishta eik aise larke k sth kese hone doun jis ka larkyan badalna shoq hai.." dj:" han lajjo ye baat tu humne soche hi nahi.." dadi:"dj..meine apne pote ki ankhun mein arohi k lie pyar dekha hai aur us ne mjhse khud kaha hai k wo arohi k lie khud ko badal de ga.." sudhir..:"maa j hume is baat ki bht khushi he k arohi ka such jante hue ap k ghar se arohi k lie rishta aya.." rudra:"han sudhir aur hum wada krte hen use wahan itna pyar mile ga k wo apni zindagi ki un karwi yaadoun se bahar ajaegi..." sudhir:" ye me janta hun par ma ji, rudra kia arjun ko such pata hai..." rudra and dadi shockd..rudra.."nahi wo..." dadi interupted.."nahi pata par mjhe yaqeen he such janne k baad b use koi aitraz nahi hoga hum aj hi use sab bata denge.." dj:"mein arohi se baat kr k hi hamara faisla tum logo ko bataun gi.." rudra and dadi smiled.."hum ap k jawab ka intezar karenge..acha g ijazat di jie ab..." and they left... In the car..rudra:"maa arjun ne such janne k baad agar mana kar dia.." dadi:"nahi kare ga mein janti hun wo nahi kare ga..aur tu dar q raha hai such bhayanak zarur hai par arohi galat nahi ha wo pori tarha se us such mein doobi thori na hai.." rudra nodded and both of them prayed arjun to be agree...they reached home and told kumud abt their convo with the alluhwalia family and waited for arjun to come...

After dadi and rudra left amrit shouted at sudhir.."ap pagal tu nahi hogae shadi karaenge arohi ki..." dj scolded her for speaking in a loud voice to which she apologized.. Amrit:"tu arohi office lunch karne k lie jati he..hmari peet peche wo ye sb kar rahi he.." sudhir in a calm voice  "amrit tmhe aisa lagta hai...tumhe apni parvarish aur apne diye hue sanskaroun pe bharosa nahi hai kia.." amrit realised her words were wrong and just sat on the sofa.. Salil:"arjun jesa b hai apni family k saath bht acha hai agar wo keh raha ha wo arohi ko pasand krta hai aur shadi krna chahta ha tu mjhe yaqeen he wo arohi ko khush rkhe ga q k arjun shadi wagera k chakar se hmesha dur raha ha aur arohi se shadi k lie sochna is baat ko sabit karta hai k wo waqai khud ko badle ga aur shaed is ki shuruwaat us ne kar di he.." everyone"arohi se baat krni hogi usko manana shaed mushkil ho.." sudhir:"arohi se baat amrit kare gi.." amrit shockd.."mein..mein kese karun gi.." sudhir:"tum maa ho amrit aur eik maa hi apni beti ko smjh skti he aur smjha skti he..." amrit.."mein ...mei nahi...mei kia kahun gi,,," sudhir:"arohi ki khushi hum sab k lie bht ahem he aur arohi ki khushi shadi kar k apna ghar basane mein hi chupi he aur ye khushi hme arohi ko deni he..." he them movd towards amrit..."amrit maa baap banne ka subhagya hume upar wale ne de dia ab hume apne farz nibhane hain tu tum ban gai ab maa ka farz bhi nibha lo..." amrit has tears in her eyes listening to sudhir she nodded... The family came to know that arohi is in the house through a servant so sudhir asked her to talk to her right now..

Amrit walkd upstairs all the way cursing her self  for the words which she said to arohi yesterday..she thought.."arohi agar mana kare gi tu shaed meri hi kahi baat ki waja se ...mene q keh dia aisa...mjhe maaf krna arohi.." she knockd at arohi's door and didnt get a response..she knockd again..arohi opend her eyes and realised someone knocking on the door she at once opened the door..."mom ap.." amrit saw her eyes which were red and swollen..she thought that arohi must have cried because of her..she felt guilty ..she entered in and lockd the door behind her and hold arohi's hand and made her sit on the bed and she too sat there..
Amrit:"arohi mjhe maaf kar do.."
arohi:" mom plz ap aisa q keh rahe hen.."
amrit:"q k mein eik achi maa nahi hun shaed.."
arohi:"nahin mom plz aisa mat kahiye ap tu world ki best mom hen.."
amrit cried and kissed her forehead:"aur tum world ki best beti.." arohi liked amrit calling her world's best daughter and she instantly hugged her and cried..amrit let her cry and after sometime she continued...
Amrit:"arohi janti ho jab beti paida hti hai tu maa usi din se apni beti ki shadi k us k dulhan banne k us k dulha k ane k sapne dekhti he..wo apni beti ki bidai k sapne dekhti he.." arohi was confused and looked at her with confusion.. Amrit continud.."arohi mene b yai sapna dekha hai k eik din eik shehzada aega aur meri shehzadi ko dulhan bana k ghore pe bitha k le jaye ga.." arohi was now in shock to hear her mom..all she managed to say.."mom..ap..." amrit.."arohi tumne apni is maa k har sapne har khuwahish har arzoo ko pora kia hai aur aj phr mein apni sab se bari khuwahish lie tumhare samne bethi hun.."  Arohi asked her in a shaking voice..""...
Amrit kissed her forehead and said.."arohi apni is maa ka us ki beti ko shadi k jode mei vida hote hue dekhne ka sapna pora kar do.." arohi looked at her shockingly and was abt to cry..amrit continued.."rudra bhai sahab aur unki maa ae the tumhare lie arjun ka rishta le k ..." arohi shockingly.."mom ye ap kia keh rahi shadi..arjun sir..mei kese mom." and she cried hugging her.."mjhe shadi nahi karni khush plz mjhe apne se sab se dur mat kijie plz mom.." amrit too cried.."arohi maa baap ka bus chale tu wo apne bachoun ko kabhi apne se dur na hone dein..aur beti ko tu bilkul b nai..beti ki vidai duniya ki reet hai jo har maa baap ko nibhani hai har beti ko nibhani ha...tu shadi kar k apne ghar jaegi apna ghar basae gi tu hum sab se zada khushi aur kisi ko nahi hogi q k tu khush ho gi.." arohi:"mein khush kese hungi.." amrit:"ho gi arohi arjun rakhe ga tumhe khush wo dega tumhe pyar jis ki tum haqdar ho..arohi ateet sath nahi rahe ga tumhare,,tmhara aj aur kal tmhe saath rkhna hai tumhe ateet bhoolna hoga sab bhoolna hoga.." arohi crying.."bhool jaun...kese..." amrit.."jala do sari yaadein dil se dimag se zindagi se,,"

Releasing her hands away from amrit's hold, looking down, she just sat there like a sculpture. She didn't know what to say as her answer...all of a sudden the memories of her haunting past flashed in her mind all those painful moments came back like a flood rolling down her face...
amrit hold her face and said :"arohi...apni mom se pyar karti ho tu aj apni mom ki khushi k lie use us ki beti ki khushi de do...haan kar do is rishte k lie...singhania parivar mein tum bht khush raho gi.." arohi didnt answer...she thought.."aj jo hua us k baad arjun ne rishta kese bhej dia ..wo kese maan gae...singhania parivar mein mein kese khush reh skti hun jab wahan wo arjun jo mujhse aur mein us se bht nafrat karte hain...wo mjhse nafrat karte hen tu mjhse shadi q karenge" she didnt want to marry and leave her house but just cuz of amrits words "apni mom se pyar karti ho tu aj apni mom ki khushi k lie use us ki beti ki khushi de do" kept repeating in her head so she didnt need anymore time to think... she thought.."mein ap sab k lie hi tu jeeti ai hun aur hamesha ap sab se apki khushyan cheeni hain aur aj mein ap se ap ki khushi nahin cheenoun gi mom..." amrit was not understanding what arohi is thinking so she asked again..."arohi tum do gi na mujhe ye khushi is parivar ko ye khushi.." arohi didnt reply and just looked at her face...amrit knew arohi loves her very much and will do anything for her so in order to make her agree to the proposal she intentionally said.."arohi agar kabhi tumne mjhse ya is ghar se zara bhi pyar kia hai tu tum is rishte se inkar nahin karo gi aur agar tumhara jawab na hua tu mein smjh jaun gi k ..." arohi interupted her and said.."i need some time to think" amrit understood and kissed her forehead and left...   arohi looked at herself in the mirror and said.."arohi apni zindagi k safar mein tune bht se mor dekh lie hein eik mor ye bhi sahi...mein ab apni waja se kisi aur ko takleef nahin de skti..tu kia hua agar mein ab arjun k liye wo sab feel nahin karti zahir hai agar nahi karti tu pyar tu bilkul bhi nahin tha tu kia hua ab agar arjun mjhse nafrat karte hein mene tu hamesha wo hi paya hai jo bht bura hai tu age ye buri zindagi hi sahi...maut ka intezar hi karna hai ab tu sari zindgi tu chahe yahan reh k karun ya us insan k samne reh k karun jis se mjhe nafrat hai...pyar ka matlb bharosa hai aur jis insan ne mjhe pe bharusa nahi kia mein us se kabhi pyar nahi kar skti kabhi b nahi aur na hi kabhi khud k lie us k pyar pe bharosa...i hate you mr.arjun singhania " she then made her way downstairs and found everyone waiting for her answer...everyone looked at her and waited for her to speak...arohi:"mein shadi k lie tayyar hun..."...
Everyone smiled and felt happy hearing her answer and hugged her.. She smiled fakely and askd everyone's leave so that she could sleep ..she shut the door and without thinking or doing anything she slept..

Everyone was happy hearing her ans though they knew arohi has not given the answer happily but they were sure that after the marriage seeing arjun's love for her she will definiely be the happiest woman..everyone was sure of her happiness after called singhania mansion and calld"lajjo arohi ne haan kar di..hume ye rishta manzoor hai.." she said happily.. Dadi was happy hearing this and she calld everyone and informed them abt arohi's answer... The family's happiness knew no bound and they immediately call the pandit g to look out for the mahurat...

he was drinking at the bar and was very angry on the events that took place today..

there comes sunaina wearing a short black dress hairs open..she turns around she saw arjun all lost and drinking so she smirked..."aj us din ka adhora kaam mein pora kar k rahun gi arjun" and then she went to dj and asked him to play a smiled and after some time the song played..

Yeh raat ruk jaye, baat tham jaye, teri baahon mein
Khwaishein jagi hain pyase pyase labhon pe
Khud ko jala doon, teri aanhon mein
Aagosh mein aaj mere samaa ja
Jaane kya hona hai kal
Aa zara kareeb se, jo pal mile naseeb se
Aa ja zara kareeb se, jo pal mile naseeb se
Jee le...

she started dancing and advanced towards arjun..arjun was surprised to see her again but didnt respond and kept on drinking..she made arjun stand up and danced all around him...

Yeh jahaan saara bhool kar
Jismo ke saaye tale dheeme dheeme chale raat bhar
Pal do pal hum hai humsafar
Thay abhi dono yahaan honge subah jaane kahan kya khabar
Aa ja zara khud ko mujh mein milaa ja
Jaane kya hona hai kal
Aa zara kareeb se, jo pal mile naseeb se
Aa ja zara kareeb se, jo pal mile naseeb se, jee le
 .she went to the centre of the dance floor with arjun grabbing along a drink with her and made him drink...she made him put his hands on her waist and touch her all over..

Khwaab hoon main toh makhmali
Palkon mein leja mujhe maine diya mauka tujhe ajnabi
Hosh mein aaye na abhi
Ik dooje mein hi kahin khoyi rahe teri meri zindagi
Khamoshiyan dhadkano ki suna ja
Jaane kya hona hai kal

she caressed his face with the back of her hand and put her hands around his neck and pecked him on the cheek.

arjun was getting irrittated by her moves and tried to free himself and move but she held his hand and made him stop but he again pushed her and went to grab another drink...sunaina thought that the plan might not work so she decided to leave it...and Then went back to the centre once again where the spotlight shone on her.

Aa zara kareeb se, jo pal mile naseeb se, aa ja
Jo pal mile naseeb se... Jee le..!

Raat ruk jaaye, teri baahon mein
Aagosh mein aaj mere sama ja
Jaane kya hona hai kal
Aa zara kareeb se, jo pal mile naseeb se
Aa zara kareeb se, jo pal mile naseeb se, jee le

as soon as the song ended, arjun came to sunaina, took her and walkd into a room upstairs of the club. sunaina smiled at her victory and arjun just stare her..He lay her down on the bed gently and then got on top of her.
Just b4 he cud capture her lips she spoke "i love you arjun"... he ignored whatever she said and He smashed his lips onto hers and then his kiss got harder and harder each time. It became forceful and then he finally let her go... he unzipped her dress and as soon as he was abt to continue arohi's face flashed in his mind and all the good moments of the previous days so he just stopped himself and without listening any word from sunaina he went out of the room..

He drove at a fast speed to his home and was drunk..he went to his room and fell on the bed on his stomach and his eyes were closing he was feeling drowsy..
Realising that arjun has reached home rudra and dadi went to his room..
They spoke.."arjun tujhe kuch batana tha"
rudra:"arohi k bare mein.."
dadi:"arjun puttar..."and she told everything abt arohi's past to arjun not knowing that arjun is not in his senses..dadi.."tujhe koi aitraz tu nahi na puttar.."
arjun was feeling drowsy and was abt to sleep when dadi and rudra came..they were speaking to him and arjun was getting irritated he didnt listen any of their word and slept..his eyes open when he heard dadi.."tujhe koi aitraz tu nahi na puttar" arjun wanted to sleep he was not liking anyone around him..  Dadi repeated again and thought that arjun will refuse but arjun in order to make dadi and rudra out of the room said.."nahi dadi mjhe koi aitraz nahi hai...ab ap jayye aram kijiye mjhe neend arahi hai.." and he finally closed his eyes..dadi and rudra were very happy to hear his answer and they both hugged and felt proud of their son., dadi called dj.."dj arjun ko arohi k ateet se koi aitraz nahi wo abhi b razi hai.." and the family too were happy and thanked god for sending such an angels in arohi's life...

"SLAP!" Arjun wake up in the morning dreaming abt the slap from arohi ... He wake up and felt a pain in his head and thought.."zada pi li.." he then got up and freshen up..he went downstairs and saw everyone busy ..some on phone some packing mithayan kumud talking to pandit g on phone... Arjun confusingly went downstairs and asked dadi..."dadi ye sab kia..." dadi hugged arjun and kissed his forehead.."mein bht khush hun puttar tune mjhe ye khushi di he..arohi ne shadi k lie haan kar di aur aj hum pandit g se poch k shadi ki date b fix kr deinge,.." arjun was shockd hearing this.."arohi ne shadi k lie haan kar di.." he thought.."what the hell mein arohi se shadi karun ga...aisa kabhi nahi hoga.." he was abt to say no to dadi when suddenly he rememberd the slap... He then thought with a smirk on his face..." arohi alluhwalia...thappar mara tha na...mjhe nai pata tha bhagwan itni jaldi mjhe mauqa denge tumse badla lene ka.." "ab is eik thappar ka badla mein tumse jab tak chahun tak tk lun ga...eik thappar tumhe is ka anjam roz bhugatna hoga arohi alluhwalia...naaa...arohi would to be arohi arjun singhania ..." " i hate you arohi and i will make sure to make you life a living hell..." he then hugged dadi and left for the office... While driving he thought..."arohi ne shadi k lie haan q ki ..kal jo hua us k baad bhi..huh,,,kahin mjhe b unhi larko ki tarha smjh bethi ho gi soch ri ho gi mjhe istemal kare gi...but no ...arjun use karna janta hai use hona nai...i hate you arohi..."

precap... Arjun arohi face off, arjun arohi marriage date fixd, arjun arohi dinner date,  raksha bandhan, arjun karan meeting, wedding shopping, dadi's advice to arohi, arohi's truth revealed to arjun, everyone's waiting for baarat...will wedding happen or not?... 

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on update will be in 3 or 4 days...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..ignore all mistakes...

thankyou..take careSmile

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arunsunita_gm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
Plsss arjuhi ke bich me ab aur problems mat lao   arjuhi ke faceoff mein sab kuch thik kardooo plsss plsss   Ab to hume love story milegi na ya abhi bhi humein kuch updates tak aur intezar karna padega aur hate ko love me convert hone tak intezar karna padega
gn tc ks hsd

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Whats d arohi's past yaar.

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SalluTheUllu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
amazing update :))
Y was arjun so jealous jab khud karta tha tab ghin nai ayi use khud par :@
who's this akash? ?
luv fighting between Arjuhi :P
yeh raaz kya hai? ?
Badla Badla hehe
can't wait for next update :(
.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
We need to know arohi's past to get the hold of the moment i guess...

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
nice update but please reveal the arohi past 
atleast readers ko to pata hona chahiye ...arjun ko chahe bad me pata lag jaye 

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