Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 105)

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PART 28:


"hey arjun..tu yahan ...bus k pass..wapis ghar jane ka irada tu nai haan.." said jay walking towards arjun on seeing him standing beside the bus..arjun turned and looked at jay..smilingly he said.."ghar tu wahan hai na jahan arohi hai..." he said..jay smiled and putting his hand around arjun's shoulder.."shukar hai tu muskraya tu..." he said.."arjun arohi sahi kehti hai wese.." he smirked..arjun removing his hands from his shoulders.."kia.." he asked.."yahi k tu ajeeb hai...wese tha tu nai ...par arohi keh rahi hai ab tu matlab tu pakka ajeeb hai.." he said teasingly..arjun glared jay and shooking his head broke out into a laugh..jay smiled.."wese tu yahan kar kia raha hai.." asked jay..arjun showing him his phone.."bhool gaya tha.." he said..jay nodded.."acha chal ab bht bhook lag rahi hai.." jay said dragging arjun along with him..




"ye jaga...mjhe itni jaani sab.." thought arohi standing against the window..dressed in her blue capri jeans and pink chiffon top..her hairs tied in a high pony tail..she was looking like a beautiful innocent teenagae young girl...after freshning up all the tiredness of the long journey was washed away but the blurred images in her mind was still the one which she didnt understand that if they are freshning up too or are washing away..its been 10 days since she met with the accident..yes she knew abt her memory loss..the doctor has told her.."dont worry arohi..ek din sab yaad ayega ap ko..par u dont have to stress urself to remember all the things..arohi it always come naturally so dont ever panic for this.." .."arohi ki reports meine dekhi hain..i am sorry to say par koi progress nahi hai..arohi k traumatic amnesia mein hume kisi kisam ka improvement nazar nahi araha..its not a good sign.."..."agar thora bht bhi kabhi kuch yaad aye tu zada zor mat dalna..jab jhalak dikhti hai kisi cheez ki tu pore darshan bhi hote hen..agar aisa hua tu it will be a good sign..par plz i am telling u again n again ..stress mat dalna.."'s words echoed in her mind...she shook her head and smiled contented with the fact of having some blured visions which according to the doctor was the good sign..being an obedient patient she shook herself out of the thoughts and looked out of the window..the garden from above was as beautiful as it was from was giving peace to her has several colourful flowers which were giving her eyes a soothing effect..moving her eyes to the other end..she found sanchit standing by the lake talking with someone on the phone..not being able to talk to him during the journey she thought of spending some time with him..closing the window she made her way downstairs towards the garden..




"preety sab theek hai..ab tum plz baar baar aise mat pocho..mein kuch galat nahi kar raha.." said sanchit while talking to preety on the phone..."sanchit i know but still ..u know na i love you.." said preety..sanchit closed his eyes..."preety tumhe baar baar bolne ki zarurat nahi hai..i know u love me..tumhe insecure feel karne ki zarurat nahi.." he said...preety smiled.."sanchit i trust u and i m not insecure..anyways u have fun..i will talk to u later.." she said..sanchit smiled and disconnected the call..he turned around only to be bumped into someon..




arjun along with jay was walking inside remaining deep in his thoughts of how the coming days would be..without noticing where he was walking he bumped into a person..looking up he realized that he had bumped into the man he hated the most in the world..sanchit alluhwalia..


arohi who just came downstairs to have some time with sanchit stopped at once when she saw the two of them staring at each other..she was little surprised at the unspoken interaction between them..the hatred etched across arjun's face surpassed the guilty-sorry look on sanchit's face..she saw arjun glaring at sanchit..arjun looked at him in anger and clentched his fists. He dint say a word and walk out with a sour look on his face..she stood there confused and not able to understand what had actually transpired between them.. shooking her head ignoring all what she saw she smiled and looked at sanchit standing silently lost in his thoughts..


"Hey sanchit..ka kar rahe ho.."..arohi initiated on reaching towards him..sanchit looked at her and smiled putting back the phone in his pocket.."kis se baat kr rahe the.." she asked ..sanchit thought for a while.."ahm..wo..friend tha.."..he lied as he was talking to preety ..arohi nodded and looked around the garden ..the beautiful lake..looking around she was admiring the way the grass was moving...slightly hitting a rock nearby...the wind blowing their tresses, teasing them...and then she let her eyes look upward... at the sky. The skyline was beautiful... She closed her eyes and was enjoying and taking the view completely inside her.."tumhe bhi ye sab acha lag raha hai na sanchit..tabhi tum yahan sab se alag akele khare ho.." asked arohi opening her eyes..sanchit looked at her and smiled.."shaed..shaed yahi waja hai mere yahan hone ki.." he said..arohi smiled.."sanchit hamare darmiyan baatein khatam ho gayein hain...aisa lagta hai k hum kafi arse baad baat kar rahe hen ..kuch baat karne ko hi nahi...aisa q hai.." she asked innocently shocking sanchit..he stared at arohi not knowing what to speak...looking at the expression on hi face arohi laughed.."aise kia dekh rahe ho..simple a tu question pocha hai.." she said...sanchit mumbled.."aro..arohi wo..aisa nahi hai..."..he said..arohi confusingly.."sanchit mera matlab tha k tum kafi chup chup se lag rahe ho mjhe..ab ye tu tumhe bhi pata hai k this is not the real sanchit.." she said..sanchit just kept staring at was unbelievable for him that still after this much arohi is the one who knows the real sanchit..she still know very well that he is not like the one he used to be..smiling in his thoughts.."arohi bht bhook lag rahi hai..khana kha lein phr itni baatein krun ga k tumhare kaan pak jayenge.." he said making her smile..




in his anger walked inside and again bumped into someone...purvi this time..jay shook his head.."andha ho gaya tu tu aj.." he said and walked away..arjun looked at purvi.."sorry.." he said..purvi nodded and was abt to leave only to be stopped by him.."purvi plz..aise berukhi mat dikhao..takleef hoti hai..arohi hai wo dene k lie tum tu mat do.." he said ..purvi turned around and looked at arjun..feeling something wet in her eyes she touched ..tears were they.."arjun..plz aise mat bolo..i m really sorry arjun..mene jo us din kaha mjhe nahi kehna chaye tha.." she said..arjun surprisingly looked at her.."arjun mene jo b kaha sab gusse mein kaha tha mera wo sab kehne ka koi matlb nahi tha..i really didnt mean it..plz forgive me.." she said..arjun smiled.."plz purvi maafi mangne ki zarurat nahi..i know u didnt mean it.." he said..purvi smiled.."arjun arohi waqai bht khush qismat hai jo tum us ki zindagi mein aye..mein pratna karun gi k bht jald sab theek hojaye..i m really sorry.." she said wiping her tears...arjun smiled and walked towards her.."aur ye bhi dua karna k ab jab sab theek ho tu kabhi phr kuch galat na ho.." he said and they both smiled.."ao lunch kar lo.." said purvi to which he nodded..purvi left..arjun smiled feeling relieved of the burden of being responsible for everything..




"arjun.." called sanchit when he saw arjun walking upstairs after the lunch..hearing his voice arjun's feet stopped and he turned..anger was something natural which kept him occupied whenever sanchit is around or his name is taken..glaring him with same anger flashing in his eyes he stood there..sanchit sensing his anger sighed..he closed his eyes and took a heavy breath..walking towards him he stopped in front of him.." bhi hai..i hope ye gussa ye nafrat ye karwahat..mera matlb.." sanchit trying to make sense to his words..relaxing himself he continued.."arjun agar tum chaho tu contract khatam kr skte ho..koi masla nahi hoga..everything will be managed.." he blurted out..arjun staring at him gave a scarsatic laugh.."mr.s.raj malhotra..or mr.sanchit alluwalia..who ever u are..let me be very clear to you..arjun singhania k saath kaam kr rahe ho tum..shaed arjun singhania k bare mein tumhe kuch pata nahi.." he said..sanchit confusingly looked at him..."arjun singhania apne personal conflicts ko apne business pe effect nahi karne deta..i know very well how to handle my personal and my professional life.." he said proudly..sanchit smiled hearing this.."nice.." he said.."arjun ...mei arohi se..." he said and arjun not liking the name from his mouth instantly grabbed his collar.."arohi ka naam apni gandi zaban se mat liya karo..tumhare liye behtar hoga k tum arohi se jitna zaruri hai sirf utna hi wasta rakho..arohi ki soch bhi tmhare dimag mei nahi ani chahye ..smjhe tum.." he said gritting his teeth jerking him away from him..sanchit setting his shirt again stepped forward.."arjun mere kehne ka matlab tha k mein..." he said but arjun interupted him.."sanchit alluhwalia..tmhare liye yahi behtar hoga k tum mere as pas ya mere samne bhi mjhe na nazar ao..nahi tu mei khud bhi nahi janta k mei tmhara kia hashar krunga.." he said and glared him with anger pushing him back with a jerk he walked away..




Arohi after lunch thought of waking shefali up as she was sleeping since they arrived here..walking towards the stairs her feet stopped when she saw arjun pushing sanchit and heard his words.. "sanchit alluhwalia..tmhare liye yahi behtar hoga k tum mere as pas ya mere samne bhi mjhe na nazar ao..nahi tu mei khud bhi nahi janta k mei tmhara kia hashar krunga.."..her mouth left open in shock..she saw arjun walking away and sanchit standing with a strange guilty and embarassed expression on his face..hearing such tone of arjun was enough to raise her anger...every ounce of blood in her body boiled and reached to her dare this man misbehaved with sanchit..from the time they settled in bus and till now she have noticed some tension between sanchit and arjun but she didnt know that arjun is such a rude and mannerless man who didnt even know how to behave with his own guests..she not able to tolerate the situation any more rushed back following arjun..


Holding his arm she pulled him towards her so as to stop him and again with a jerk she pushed Him back making him stumble on his feet..shockingly he looked at arohi and didnt fail to understand the anger she carried with her..."who do u think u are haan.." she said in a bit loud voice..arjun confusingly staring at her.."aro..." he said but didnt able to finish as she was ready to burst out all her anger.."smjhte kia ho ap khud smjhte ho.." she shouted..arjun's ears and eyes were not letting him believe the sight in front of him..arohi in rage...he tried to speak but was again interupted by her..."pehle tu sirf sanchit ko ghor rahe the..ab dhamkyan dene pe bhi utar aye.." she said in anger..arjun felt the floor slipped from beneath his feet realising the only reason behind her anger was him misbehaving with sanchit...she is shouting at him cuz of sanchit..she is feeling bad for sanchit..all her feelings her emotions are now for sanchit..he closed his eyes as the pain inside him was now struggling to come out from his eyes..


hearing arohi's voice sahil sanchit rashi and jay came runningly in the corridor.."arohi..arohi kyun chilla rahi hwa.." asked jay rushing towards arjun and her..arohi angrily shifted her gaze from arjun to jay.."apne is dost se pocho kia hua...pocho in se kia hume yahan zaleel karne k lie bulaya hai?..pocho in se kia agar hum in k ass pass dikhe tu hamara kia hashar karenge ye..pocho in.." she screamed and was stopped when sanchit hold her hand which was holding arjun's arm fiercely.." kar rahi ho sab tum..." he said..arjun glared at sanchit..feeling so much part from arohi ..glaring sanchit he stepped backwards..."u know what insan pehle tu mjhe sirf ajeeb lagta tha..par ab..ab mjhe nafrat ho rahi hai is se.." she said and turned around failing to notice the reactions of arjun who stood there hurt and dejected... .."are ap kia hume aas pass ane se mana karo ge..hume khud bhi nahi ana..i wish k ye 7 din ..i dont get to see you.." she said ..arjun felt the whole world rolling..arohi's words shocked him more than the reality..sanchit sahil jay and rashi too got shocked witnessing the whole situation..they thought the trip would be a very good idea for making some path for arjun arohi relation but now everything has seemed difficult..more than shocked they felt bad for arjun.."aur ek k baad..." she said and turned only to be affected by the emotion she saw in arjun's was the same she saw when she met him today for the first time..she stood ..her tongue lost for words..his eyes ..the pain in them pinched her somehow..she closed her eyes calming herself and without even glancing back at arjun holding sanchit's hand she walked away leaving arjun devastated and broken..


 arjun was shocked... Of all the things he had expected, he never thought arohi would say something like this...or would behave like this with him.. He stumbled back... He looked at her in shock and heartbroken. He could not believe that arohi had just said what she had just for sanchit... he saw her leaving...leaving him all alone with his pain...he stood in silence  registering each and every word that had hit his ears..jay stepped forward..putting his hand on his shoulder he whispered concernely.."arjun.." he said..arjun showing him his hand indicating him to let go..walked towards his room..


Not able to see the condition of her brother..his pain..his broken situation rashi holding back her tears ran from there... outside the house in the garden she sat on the grass looking at the sky shedding her tears she prayed.."plz bhagwan..plz sab theek kar do..arjun ko itni takleef mat do...bhabhi ko theek kar do..plz.." she said..resting her chin on her knees she was weeping..sahil came out searching for rashi..his eyes fell on her and he sighed..he has never talked to her before this trip..but on seeing her he knew she was a strong girl but today seeing her crying was something he was not was not suiting the image of her which he has created just in a few meetings..he walked towards her and sat beside her.."lo mjhe tu laga tha k tumhe sirf tang khechna ata hai..par nahi tumhe tu rona bhi ata hai.." he said hiding his smile..rashi lifted her face and looked at the person..she wiped her tears and turned her face.."tum yahan.." she said..sahil smiled.."ab ansu chupane ka kia faeda ye tu mene dekh liye.." he said..rashi turned to face him..sahil wiped the fresh tears from her face and putting his hand in his pocket he took out a chocolate and gave to her..she shook her head negatively..he unwrapped the chocolate and broke it into two and gave half to her and ate the other half..rashi accepted the chocolate and ate it.."wo..kehte hein chocolate khane se mood acha ho jata hai.." said sahil..but still rashi's face didnt lit..sahil sighed.."rashi..plz yar agar aise ro gi moun latkao gi tu arjun ko aur takleef ho gi..age wo kam takleef mein he jo ab tum bhi uski takleef barhana chahti ho.." he said..rashi looked in front and stared at the grass.."aur agar arohi ne sab k mou latke hue dekhe tu kia kaho gi use..trip pe enjoy krne ai ho ya rone.." he said..rashi still staring at the grass.."jab mera bhai hi nahi khush tu mein enjoy kese kar skti hun.." she said..sahil.."rashi tum dekhna sab theek ho jaye ga..arjun bhi khush hoga..arohi aisi nahi hai k wo yahan sab k saath trip pe akeh kisi ek ka dil dukha k apna enjoy kare..tum dekhna arohi ne agar ye takleef di hai arjun ko tu wo hi muskrahat bhi laye gi us k chehre pe.." he said..rashi looked at him.."bhabhi kia aise hi rahe gi..arjun kia hamesha un k lie ajnabee rahe ga.." she asked him sadly...sahli smiled.."sab insan pehle ajnabee hote dost bhi dost baad mein bante hein aur pehle ajnabee hote hein..rishta tu sab se pehle ajnabee ka hi banta hai na.." he said..rashi smiled as his words had some reassurity in it..sahil smiled seeing her smiling..this somehow made him feel happy from inside.."ab hum bhi tu pehle ajnabee the par dekho ab hum dost ban gaye hein.." he said teasingly..rashi raised her eyebrow.."oh really..kab bane.." she asked.."are abhi tu bane..meine tumhe chocolate di tumne khai..hum ne share ki wo chocolate...aur sharing tu friends mein hoti hai na.." he said making her laugh.."yeah right.." she said and they both smiled...




"arohi..tumhe kia hogaya hai..itna gussa kab se ane laga tumhe.." said sanchit when they reached downstairs in the hall..arohi looked at sanchit still silent her mind kept on wandering the moments witnessed few minutes back..she was not a short tempered girl then why..why did she loose control..why did it seem like her calm and composed approach to matters has slipped out of the window..moreove arjun's image was flashing in her mind..she saw what he was going through at that was very much evident in his eyes..pain..pain was evident in his eyes..which was still pinching him...she has become the reason for someone else's pain today.."arohi..arohi mein tumse kuch poch raha hun..ek zara si baat ko le k tumne arjun ko itna q sunaya.." asked sanchit again when he didnt get any answer from arohi..he too felt bad for arjun and was not liking the fact that arohi did all this cuz of him.."sanchit..wo tumhe..itne gusse se...meine suna us ne jo kaha..aur tum q nahi kuch bole..mein kab se dekh rahi hun tum donu ko k.." she said and sanchit interupted her...he knew arohi has noticed some tension between them and is perplexed thinking abt it.."arohi mein aur arjun ek contract pe kaam kar rahe hen..thore din pehle us contract ko le k mjhse ek bht bari garbar hogai hai..tu us ka itna gussa tu jayaz hai na.." sanchit said so that she dont think abt any other thing..arohi got surprised hearing this.."really..par..." she said and stopped realising that she over was their professional conflict and she unnecessarily got angry on arjun.."mere sir mein dard ho rahi hai..mein apne room mein ja rahi hun.." she said and left..


on entering her room she shut the door behind her and sat on the bed not feeling happy for what she did..a feeling of guilt was overcoming her emotions..shooking her head she sighed and went out of the room to wake shefali up..





arjun inside his room was lying on the couch..her words echoing in his ears..his eyes moist..staring at the image embedded in his heart...for 

ever...staring at the picture of arohi on his phone..He was lying as if life has drowned from his body...with arohi's memory loss his desire to live was also gone..and now he wished to not live for anyother moment..deeply hurt by the incident few minutes back his eyes shed the tears..


looking at her pic in his hand and the empty room around him reminds him his never ending loneliness which is sucking the flicker of life remaining in him...he cried bitterly broking down hugging her picture..his eyes were shedding tears..tears of pain... tears of agony...tears of his intense love.. tears of separation...tears of loss..tears of guilt..tears of loosing her..crying bitterly bowling at his state of helplesness he whispered her name...


his mind wandered back to the past 10 days which were enough to hurt him...those ten days were worst but arohi's rude and bitter behavior towards him was more worst than those days..but still the past 10 days were now like a nightmare for him which he never ever wanted to have...yes his arohi was not with him...the thought in it self brought goosebumps in his body and the images of those horrible days flashed in his mind...



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feeling completely shattered after the loss of his love..his life..his happiness..his arohi..along with the memories of their gglorious days arjun's senses got numb...the loss along with the shock in it self was the worst and to add in the fuel ...sanchit was also here..not having the courage to face the worst reality of his life..of loosing arohi..not having the courage to control his emotions..his tears..his pain..his anger arjun giving one last glance to arohi with tears in his eyes walked towards the door...stumbling on his feet he managed to reach outside the hospital...




Almost breaking through all the signals on the road.. he was driving..unaware of his destination...controlling the wheel with his left hand while massaging his forehead with the right.. he couldn't help his mind wandering back to the sight he saw in the hospital...punching hard on the steering wheel he increased the car speed...applying sudden break on reaching his destination..his house..singhania mansion..he jumped out of the car slamming the door behind..taking long steps reached his room.. locking the door behind him the only thing he could do was scream out all his pain..all his anger..."arohiii.." he screamed and sat leaning against the door..




For the last 3 hours he had been drinking as if there is no tomorrow...feeling awfully miserable than matter what! he couldn't forget her voice...calling out the name ..on hearing which his heart broke into several pieces..unable to forget all that happened in the hospital..which was haunting him like a shadow..throwing the wine glass right at the mirror infront of him arjun made the last attempt to get rid of his anger towards his own life..which has become hell in just 24 hours...yes life without arohi for him is living in a hell.."nahi ja skti tum mjhse door...koi nahi cheen sakta tumhe mjhse...tum sirf meri ho..." he screamed.."koii nahi cheen skta tumhe mjhse..koi nahi...tum khud bhi nahi arohi...nahi..." bursting out to his content.. he collapsed onto the floor,... letting out a cry as he fell...


feeling two hands on his shoulder he turned to face the only person..the embrace of whom will take him away from all his pains.."mom.." he cried and resting his head on her lap he broke into another painful cry..."mom arohi..arohi mjhe nahi pehchanti..mjhe mom..apne arjun ko..ap ne dekha na..nahi..ap ne suna..suna ap ne us ne sanchit ko bulaya mom..." he said sobbing..kumud feeling his son's pain cannot control her tears and giving up she too let them fall from her eyes..running her hands through his hairs she tried to console him.."sanchit mom..kese..kese us ko wo..mjhe bhool gai mom..apne arjun ko.." arjun cried ..."sab theek ho jae ga..sab theek hojae ga.." she said reassuring him and herself..arjun looked at kumud and due to constant drinking his vision got up his consciousness his head again fell on his mother's lap for a peaceful sleep...




standing outside of the hospital room ..not having the courage to step inside to face the reality he stepped back...he couldnot make himself strong to bear the was his routine since last two days...coming here and then going..seeing arohi from far was the only option that has left which he can do with full he has lost everything..yes arohi will not recognize him.."kese dekhun ga arohi ki ankhun mein apne liye beganapan..kese.." he said to himself..his heart crying more than his eyes ...stepping backwards he walked away from there ...his eyes fell on the she was getting discharge..talking with the doctor abt arohi's health and futher precautions he thanked the doctor..clearing all the bill and fulfilling other formalities he dialed sahil's number.."arohi ghar ja skti hai se sari details meine le li hain..arohi ka khayal rakhna" he said with heavy heart..breathing a heavy sigh he turned only to be stopped by the person in front of him.."kho diya na sab..sab kho diya tum ne arjun.." said purvi..arjun surprisngly stared at purvi trying to understand her meaning.."aise kia dekh rahe ho..tumhare aise dekhne se such tu nahi badle ga.." she said bitterly..arjun confusingly.."kaisa such.."..."yahi k aj arohi ki is halat k zimedar sirf tum ho..sirf tum arjun.." she said gritting her teeth..purvi's words hit him like a heavy ice block..he stood shocked ..surprised from the fact known to him by purvi..wiping the tear which slid down his cheek he asked in a shaky voice.."me..meri waja" he said..purvi sighed and closed her eyes..wiping her tears.."arjun q arohi ko takleef di tum ne..arjun agar tum us din us ki baat sun lete tu shaed aj ye accident na hua hota.." she said..arjun's heart beating fast...was he really responsible for all this..he stared at purvi like she was from an alien world.."arjun mein ye nahi kehti k sab tumhari waja se hua hai..par arjun arohi ko jo dhoka natasha k saath mil k tumne dia ne arohi ko tor dia tha..mana k tum galat nahi the..arohi galat nahi thi..par tmhara natasha k saath wo ek lamha jo us ki nazroun se guzra us ne arohi k dil o dimag pe gehra asar dala..aur agr aj doctors keh rahe hen k use shock laga jis ki waja se aj ye sab...arjun is se bara shock aur ho bhi kia skta hai arohi k lie.."...she said..not knowing herself what she is saying..why she is blaming him..her words were not making any sense..but she knew only one thing that arjun hurted arohi..."mein tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karun gi..meri nazar mein arohi ka asli gunehgar sirf tum ho..jis ne use apna ban k dhoka dia.." she said and ran away holding back her tears leaving him standing numb..of all the things this was the least he has expected..him being responsible for all his loses in his life..responsible for arohi's loss..




purvi's words echoing in his the whole room..drinking constantly he kept on recalling the events at hospital..sanchit around arohi..purvi's blaming him for the accident..was making him miserable..he clenched onto the glass full of whiskey tightly... Under his anger filled pressure.. the glass shattered into tiny pieces... The broken pieces of glass pierced through his skin... He clenched onto it tighter as if taking the revenge on himself for hurting her so badly that she has to lost every thing..


The blood oozed out of his skin and his hand was layered with bright red color of his blood. But still, he didn't feel the pain. This pain was nothing compared to the pain erupting inside him. 


absense of arohi in it self was becoming the worst nightmare in his life..evrything in the house kept on reminding him of her..her memory loss has also snatched away all his happiness..his content..his peace..his smile..his all these days he has cut off with the entire world entertainment..tears..him..and her memories were the only thing which was now becoming source of living for him..




flipping through images of her in his mobile he madly carressed her face trying to get some sensation of 

her..trying to get a little feeling of her being around him..He was madly smitten by her.. her beauty.. her 

attitude.. He loved her unconditionally...throwing away the phone on bed he walked towards the window..


standing beside the window in his room.. staring out at the sky filled with glittering stars... His eyes brimmed with tears...His gaze shifted to the large mirror hanging on the wall above the dressing table in his room and he saw her image on in...she wearing mangalsutra and he applying sindoor on her maang..but that was not for long..cuz it reflected back his own image now...


he went up to the mirror and smashed his fist into the mirror... The entire mirror broke into pieces the same way his heart had broken into pieces... The tears strolled down his cheeks...He was truly broken...broken from the reality..from the bitter truth..


He helplessly fell onto the ground and stared at his hand.. the victim of his fury and anger... The pain was something that he was not able to feel at was nothing..nothing for him..



But then his eyes fell on the small frame that rested on the side table, next to his bed... He gently picked up the frame and stared at her image..Her soft creamy skin... Her angelic caramel eyes... Her cute little nose... Her rosy pink lips... Her long silky wavy hairs... She looked perfect in that picture... Her smile made him wonder if anyone else in the world had such an adorable smile..But now, he would never get to see her face again... He would never get to see her smile..he would never get to hear her voice..he would never get to feel her...sense her..





flashback ends..



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living in the memories of the past 10 days he didnt realise the time and didnt know when sleep overcome those thoughts and he slept lying on the couch..




 "hello everyone.." said arohi before taking a seat in the dinner table..the aroma of food reached her nose and she smiled rubbing her hands eagerly.."itni achi khusbhu arahi hai.." said shefali who just came and sat next to her..arohi smiled reaching forward to grab a plate..everyone was eating like if they are doing some sort of formality noticed arohi..and she began serving her self..glancing back again on the occupied seats she noticed absence of one person..arjun was not there..her eyes grazed the room searching for him..'Ummm...arjun dinner nahi kare ga?' she asked, as casually as possible.. raising the spoon up to her mouth...


the concern in her voice and his name from her voice grabbed everyone's attention..feeling a bit happy that she noticed his absense everyone managed to hid their smiles.."arjun shaed so gaya hai.." said jay..."haan par shaed..wo kia hai na arohi dopahar k baad se hamari baat nahi hui us se.." said rashi taking another bite..


arohi's hand stopped mid air and she dropped the spoon back onto the plate...getting up from her seat she walked towards the stairs.."kia hua khana tu khao.." asked purvi getting confused on her act.."bhook nahi hai..." said arohi and continued walking..




arohi holding the pillow sat on her bed..head resting on the back..eyes shedding tears..not knowing the reason of her sudden comeback from the dinner table she herself was confused..she didnt know anything but only thing she knew was on hearing abt him not having dinner erased her hunger..why?..she didnt know..may be she knew the reason for his not having dinner..he was hurt..may be angry too..


she sighed..and her tears stopped yet a feeling of anger intermingled with guilt tug at her heart... Never had anyone evoked such fury in her as he had done today.., yet she couldn't help but feel a bit guilty for what she had said to him...for how she misbehaved with him..for how rude she was with him since morning..she was not like that .. not at all..then why is she behaving like this..not getting any anwers..feeling guilty .."mjhe kal unse maafi mangni hogi.." she said to herself and laid down on her bed..


Day 2..


..Arohi  Waking up in the morning today had a different feeling as compared to the one she had in the past 11 days...coming here in this farm house she was feeling very homely..she felt she own everything..Was it cuz everyone here are the people whom she is familiar with or is it something else..coming out of the bed she went to freshen up..standing in front of the mirror looking at herself drying her hairs image of him atonce flashed in her mind..arjun..hurt..broken..suddenly sadness spread on her for the first time she has become the reason for someone's pain..she hurted someone..she was never like that..again feeling guilty over her act she sighed.."sorry bhagwan jee ..mein kisi ko hurt nahi karna chahti thi..." she said sadly...




 coming downstairs dressed in black half sleeved kurta and blue jeans her hairs open the first person to notice her was arjun..since after the accident he has seen her in jeans capris etc and found her more innocent and cute then she looked in saris..this new sight of her was very much appealing to doubt her haunting past not only snatched away her happiness but her innocence.. her childness.. her stubbornness too...she surely had lost the child in her which has now again born within her cuz this arohi is completely unaware of the past happenings..betrayels..pains..destruction in her life..seeing her a small smile crept on his lips thinking no matter how bitter the reality matter everything has gone wrong after her accident but something very good has surely happen and that was in front of him..arohi back to life..she has got her childness her innocence back..his arohi for him is the most beautiful woman in the world ..her cuteness and innocence was still there but being arohi sharma she is now living her life like the way she has lived since her childhood..his smile didnt go unnotice by arohi who on coming downstairs felt the urge to see him first without realizing the reason of her desire..Though there was some sadness in his smile but still it relieved her heart seeing him smile..she knew the sadness was cuz of yesterday's incident but still at least he smiled..Passing a smile back to him she rushed towards the breakfast table..wishing everyone in her excited tone.."good morning everyone.." she wished smilingly..everyone replied her back..looking at sanchit she smiled.."good morning sanchit.." she said wishing him specifically..sanchit smiled and nodded..arjun felt anger rising in him but he controlled himself to not let it spread on his face..arohi then turned to arjun and stared him ..not with anger but with a smiling face..taking a seat opposite him beside rashi she said making everyone surprised.."gud morning arjun.." in the most sweetest tone ever..the tone which he has always heard every morning since after his wedding..he surprisingly looked at arohi as it was the first time after that accident she has talked to him without being angry or irritated with him..a smile of happiness..awareness spread on his Lips and he wished her back happily.."good morning arohi.." he said making everyone smile seeing the happiness on his face..



it was afternoon and arjun was still in his room..he didnt had lunch and was busy in attending few video conference calls with the between he got calls from kumud and dadi to know if they are doing good and abt his and arohi's interaction..arjun told her everything was alright..sighing he ended his work and thought of having something to eat..he made his way downstairs and was passing by when he heard a sound of laughter...and he knew who it was...he had butterflies in his stomach by just the mere sound of her laughter ...he stopped in his tracks and turned around and found her so happy with the twinkle in her eyes which he was dying to see..her one hand was on her mouth and the other on her stomach and she was laughing like it has been ages since she last laughed...a carefree laughter..shefali , jay, salil, karan, and arohi were sitting and having their convo when jay cracked a joke by telling one of the funniest incident in his life which made her to laugh..arjun smiled seeing her happy and walked towards them.."kia baat hai aisa kia chal raha hai yahan pe jis pe itna hasa ja raha hai.." he asked smilingly..shefali made a seat for him and he sat beside her..arohi was laughing and on seeing arjun she atonce stood and sat beside him.."pata hai arjun jay abhi bata raha tha k jo us ki life mein pehli larki ayi thi jise us ne propose kia..usne jay ko bhayya bulaya tha.."..she said holding her laugh..."can u imagine ..bhayya...jay bhayya.." she said and laughed..arjun was surprised seeing arohi like this and more importantly her behavior towards him today was different from yesterday...this act of her made him happy letting him forget about every pain, every anger..and he just smiled looking at her laughing..surely there was nothing funny in the incident but her laughter was making the incident funny..he smiled and everyone else smiled looking at him...

on the other hand rashi and sahil were enjoying each others company telling each other abt their likes dislikes and all others..they have gotten together quite easily and were enjoying each others company to the fullest..sahil was indeed a happy go lucky kind of guy but deep inside was a bit reserved personality..and was totally mesmerized by this girl... her chirpiness.. her beauty...the glitter in her eyes when she laughs left him spellbounded...within just two days they found themselves enjoying their newly found friendship..rashi has very few friends and she doesnot easily mingles with others but she found something special in sahil which she was not able to judge yet but definitely there is something special which has made her to spend time with him..



Sanchit was passing by the hall when his eyes fell on sahil sitting on a chair staring at the chess board..sahil who was waiting for karan as they have planned to play chess but he has gone as purvi called him so he was waiting for him..sanchit smiled remembering how he and sahil used to play this game ..they were crazy abt this but everytime sanchit used to win and sahil used to hug him and he always became happy whenever sanchit used to win the game..he walked towards him and on reaching beside him.."mein khelun..??.." he said..sahil looked at him and didnt reply..sanchit again asked to which sahil replied rudely.."nahi..karan araha hai.." he said and turned back to see if karan is coming or not..but on not having any sign of him he stood and was abt to leave when sanchit requested him.."plz ek game sahil.." he said..sahil stopped and looked at him.."ok.." he said and sat back..sanchit smiled and they both started playing the game like the way they used to play it..silently..focussing only on the game..


"lagta hai aj bhi tu hi jeet jaye ga.." said sanchit getting stuck..sahil gave a sarcastic laugh.."tu na hamesha aise hi kehta hai..aur end mei tu hi bazi marta lie apna muh band rakh aur chup chap khel.." complained sahil..sanchit smiled...they both were completely engrossed in the game..


"yes..yes mei jeet gaya.." exclaimed sanchit and stood from his place ...sahil smiled and immediately stood and hugged him.."i knew it..tu champ hai mere bhai..tjhe hi jeetna tha.." he said and tightened his embrace.."i am so happy for u .." he continued..again it was the same moment which they always shared after the end of the game..on realizing what he is doing sahil stepped back..sanchit too stepped back..sahil turned and was abt to leave.."plz yar maaf kar de ab..ek baar.." sanchit said stopping him.."tere mere beech mei itni dooryan kabhi nahi theen..ab bhi nahi rahen gi..bas ek baar mjhe maaf kar de.." he said ..sahil sighed and turned.."jis din meri behan tujhe maaf kar de gi us din mein bhi tujhe maaf kar dunga.." he said and walked away leaving sanchit all alone again..

Rashi who was standing near the staircase has witnessed the entire sight..the coldness in sahil's behavior, sanchit's little request to play the game..both completely lost in the game..the sweet bond of lost friendship and again the realization of something wrong..the hatred..the anger..she sighed when she saw sahil leaving outside the house..she walked towards  the direction he went and stopped when her eyes fell on him standing beside the lake lost in his own thoughts…

"kuch rishte aise hote hain jo zindagi mein is tarha jur jate hain k chah k bhi hum unse door nahi ja sakte..chah k bhi hum unse nafrat nahi kar pate.." said rashi when she reached his side n after two minutes silence when she noticed that he didn't even notice the presence of second person so she spoke making him aware of her presence..sahil who was too much engrossed in his own thoughts on hearing rashi's voice looked at her side..confusingly he kept on staring at her understanding the meaning of her words..rashi smiled .."tum bhabhi se bht pyar krte ho na.." she said..sahil smiled and nodded..looking in front .."bht zada..she is my only family now.." he said.."aisa nahi hai k baqi sab mera pariwar nahi..wo sab bhi mere apne hain meri family hain..mein sab se bht pyar karta hun par arohi..arohi  meri jaan hai..mere mom dad ki amanat, mere mom dad ki zindagi..arohi mein mein mom dad ko dekhta hun.." he continued..rashi smiled .."aur sirf bhabhi k liye tumne apne dost se rishta tor dia.." she said..he looked at her shockingly..the smile was still on her lips and she was staring back at him..sahil shook her head in denial.."sanchit..sanchit mera dost nahi tha..wo meri zindagi tha..arohi meri jaan thi aur sanchit meri zindagi..bachpan se le k hum donu ne zindagi ka har qadam saath teh kia, boarding, abroad…hum donu ki zindagi ka koi pehlo hum donu se chupa hua nahi tha..par pata nahi zindagi ka wo knsa lamha aisa aya jo us ne mjhe itna paraya kar dia k apni zindagi mein aye ek nae shaks k bare mein wo mjhe bata nahi paya..aur ant mei meri hi zindagi ne meri jaan ko khatre mein daal diya..sanchit ne arohi ko tor dia.." he said and wiped the tear which fell from his eyes.."rashi mein ye sab hone se rok sakta tha..mein sab kuch theek kar sakta tha..agar sirf ek baar wo mjhe bata deta k us ki zindagi mein koi aur hai..mein sab ko smjhata..arohi sab ko smjhati..are mjhse acha tu arohi use smjhti thi..wo ek baar use hi bata deta..par us ne aisa nahi kia.." he said and stepped backward..turning around he walked towards the bench and sat there..rashi looked at him and followed him and sat beside him.."rashi mene us pe goli chalai thi in haathoun se.." he said looking at his hands.."use marne k liye..jaan se maarne k liye..kyun k arohi k saath ye dhoka mein nahi bardasht kr skta tha..aur sirf arohi k saath dhoka nahi hua tha..mere saath bhi hua tha..mere dost ne mere bharose ko tora…meri behn ko tora..hamare rishte ko tora..hamare ghar ko haathoun se us pe goli chalane k baad mein khud bhi pal pal mara tha..pal pal..mene sirf use nahi..khud ko bhi maar diya tha..dosti shabd se bharosa utha dia tha us ne ne mere saath kuch kia hta tu mein use kab ka maaf kar chukka hota par arohi..arohi  ki kia galti thi..arohi ki zindagi q barbaad ki us ne..mjhse zada pyar to wo karta tha arohi se..mjse zada arohi ki fiqar use hoti thi..arohi ki takleef pe mjhse zada wo tarapta tha..phr apne career k liye sirf wo arohi ko umar bhar ki takleef de k chala gaya.." he said and looked at rashi..he was crying and rashi felt a pinch in her heart seeing him in this state..she hold his hand.."sahil ab sab badal gaya ye nahi kehti k sanchit ne  jo kia wo sahi tha ya galat..aur na hi mein yeh kahuyn gi k us ko maaf kar do..mein sirf itna kahun gi k zindagi ka sab se bara sabaq humein zindagi mein sab se bara dhoka, sab se bari thokar aur sab se bara ghum pa k milta shaed hum sab ko bhi mil gaya hai aur sanchit ko liye ab agar wo sab theek karna chahta hai tu use mauqa milna chahya.." she said.."tumhe bhi tu ye mauqa mila tha..tumhe bhi tu un logun ne maaf kar diya jin se tumne un ka sab kuch cheenne ki koshish kit hi.." she continued..hearing her he surprisingly looked at rashi understanding her words..rashi smiled seeing that he finally got her point..she left his hand and stood.."apne ateet k zakham  bharo aur apne aj mein ek pul khara karo aur us se ane wale kal k liye achi umeed lagao.." saying this she walked away leaving him speechless staring back at her..

Sanchit wiped his tears after listening to sahil's heart..after he saw sahil leaving he too followed him back but stopped when he saw rashi with him..he was standing far away from them but still their voices could be heard by him..and after listening to sahil's thoughts he cried..thinking that cuz of him everyone has suffered so much..he surely has no grudges against sahil and as far as the shooting matter is concerned he has never hated sahil for that..he knew why he did this and if that time someone else instead of him had hurted arohi then he too should have done this or may be more than this..just because a little mistake of his which he now considered as a sin not only he but everyone has suffered a lot..that day everyone lost only sanchit alluhwalia, mom dad lost their son, salil karan lost their brother, dj lost her grandson but he lost everything..his loss was not more than arohi's loss but not even less than her loss..arohi lost her happiness, her childness, her innocence, her friend, her husband and he lost his family, his mother, his father his siblings, his trust on him which everyone had,,he lost everything and today even after 3 yrs ..being such a rich man, owner of malhotra empire still he has nothing..still he is empty handed..he sighed and promised himelf to make everything alright..


 "btau sahil truth or dare...?.." asked purvi..after the dinner everyone decided to play the game..refreshing the memories of the last trip jay and shefali suggested truth or dare game..arohi got very excited and was waiting for the game to start..arjun first refused to play but after so much insistance from rashi and karan he agreed..everyone was settled on the grass outside in the garden..sanchit was no where to be seen..noticing this "sanchit kidhar reh gaya..mei bula k lati hun.." arohi said and stood but karan stopped her.."di mein bulata hun ap bethiye.." he said and ran inside the house to call him..when karan told sanchit about the game he also refused saying.."tum log enjoy karo..mein theek hun.." ..karan didnt insist him but walked back to the garden saying.."di ap ka wait kar rahi hain.."..hearing this sanchit without thinking anymore followed karan outside the garden..on seeing him arohi smiled..sanchit smiled and sat beside karan and the game started..first the bottle stopped on jay, then karan and now it was time for sahil...


"truth.." answerd sahil ...everyone then started thinking for the question to ask him..jay smirked as the question came in his mind ..looking at rashi he smiled as he is among those people who have noticed how much company she and sahil are giving to each other in this trip which in itself is very surprising because as far as rashi is concerned thn he know that she chooses her friends very carefully and to be her friend in itself is a very difficult task..then surely she must have noticed something special in sahil thats why he is her friend now.."sawal bht seedha hai..kuch khas nahi.." said jay...sahil nodded.."ok...pocho.." he said..jay.."so ab tak kitni girl friends reh chuki hain tumhari.." he asked.."ju..just for information haan.." he said when he saw everyone glaring him for asking such a simple question..hearing this question sanchit let out a small laugh.."wrong question.." he said instantly gaining everyone's attention and confused looks..looking at them he smiled.."is ne kabhi kisi girl ko friend nahi banaya tu girl friend kahan se aye gi.." he said...rashi smiled.."bilkul ...sahil bhayya  hamare liye bhabhi le k ayenge kabhi ye b doubtful hai.." said arohi winking at salil who patted sahil's shoulder and smiled..jay very curiously asked.."really sahil!...thats very impressing.." he said..sahil smiled.."yes..meri koi girl friend nahi ...zada dostun ki kabhi zarurat nahi pari..sanchit aur arohi hi kafi the.." he said..sanchit looked at him and smiled but sahil's smile faded seeing sanchit's face remembering the past..

"ok next " said shefali and rolled the bottle..which now stopped on arohi...before anyone asked her what she will take she instantly spoke.."truth..mein bhi truth.." she said..arjun looked at arohi and without thinking he just asked instantly.."dar..tumhein zindagi mein sab se zada dar kab laga.."..he asked her and stared her waiting for her answer..arohi looked at him and smiled.."dar..mjhe sab se zada dar tab laga jab mene accident k baad apni ankhein kholi aur samne sanchit ko nahi paya.." she said shocking everyone..arjun stared at arohi not believing what he heard.."pata nahi kyun par mjhe dar laga k kahin sanchit mjhe chor k tu nahi chale gaya.." she said and sighed.."ye ek dar kam tha k mjhe apni memory loss k bare mein pata chala..aur mera dar aur barh gaya ye soch k kahin mein apni zindagi ka koi important hissa tu nahi bhool gai..kuch aisa jo meri zindagi hai..par jab mene sab ko apne samne dekha tu mera ye dar khatam hogaya..lekin ek dar hai jo mjhe abhi bhi tha.." she said confusing everyone..arjun hearing arohi found his eyes wet..."hosh ane k baad har lamha mjhe aisa laga k sab ka saath hone k bawajud bhi kuch missing hai..kuch tu hai jo mere pas nahi hai..mere saath nahi hai.. Lekin yahan ye trip pe aakeh meri ye feeling ye dar bhi khatam hogaya..aisa lagta hai ab sab mere pass hai..wo sab jo mere pass hona chahye..".."pata nahi q par aisa hi hai.." she said smilingly...arjun was staring her and felt a little happiness hearing this that she is still incomplete without him and cuz of his presence around she now too is feeling secured ..whether she remembers or not but he is still an important part of her life and that thought brought a smile on his lips..

The bottle this time stopped on rashi..everyone looked at rashi..shefali atonce initiated.."mei question karun gi rashi se.." she said..rashi smiled.."pocho.." she said..shefali looked at sahil and then again at rashi..the interactions btween sahil and rashi since these two days didnt go unnotice by shefali and she was sure something is or will brew up between them..smirking within her self she give her question a thought and then looking at rashi .."rashi question tu bht easy aur wahi ghisa pita hai..par haan tumse koi pehli baar poch raha hai..q k is bare mein kabhi tumse kuch suna hi nai..tu mene socha aj wahi ghisa pita sawal tumse bhi poch lia jaye.." she said..rashi looked at her confused.."ab poch bhi lo.." she said..shefali smiled.." rashi tumhare liye pyar kia hai..i mean according to u tumhe kisi se pyar hogaya hai ye tumhe kese pata chalega.." she asked..everyone looked at rashi and praised shefali for this question..sahil arohi and arjun was waiting despeartely for her answer looking at her with a smile on their faces..rashi smiled listening the question.."dard.." she instantly whispered thoughtfully in a voice loud enough to be heard by everyone..sahil sitting opposite her beside shefali, his smile faded listening the word thinking how negative view she have for the most beautiful and the pure feeling in the world..everyone looked at her disappointed with her answer..rashi came out of her thoughts and looked at everybody's fallen face.."are mera matlab hai mere liye pyar dard ka rishta hai.." she said..everyone looked at her confusingly..rashi smiled and continued looking at arohi.."dard jo ap ko jane anjane wahi sab se zada deta hai jo ap se aur jis se ap sab se zada pyar karte hen.." she said..she then smiled and continued.."mere liye pyar ek dard ka rishta hai wo dard jis ki tadap ka ehsas use ho jo mjhse pyar karne ka dawa shaks mera dard smjhta hai..mera dard dekh k jis ki ankh mein ansu aye mere liye tu wohi shaks hai jo mjhse sab se zada pyar krta hai..jese mom, dad, arjun, dadi.." she said and smiled..shefali sighed and hit her hand on her forehead.."ye tu waheen hai mama papa pe..kuch nahi hoskta is ka.." she thought..rashi glancing at shefali rolled her eyes and continued.."is k ilawa i know shefali tum kia sunna chahti ho..jis din kisi ka dard dekh k meri ankhun mei ansu agaye mera dil tadap gaya us din mjhe ehsas hojaega k i am in love with that person..aur jis din mere dard ka ehsas us shaks ko bhi hogaya jis se mei pyar krti hun tu wo mjhse pyar krta hai ye janne mei mjhe zada der nahi lage pyar dard ka rishta hai wo dard jo dil mei hota hai aur ankhun se jhalakta hai..aur ankhun mein basne wala dard wo hi smjh skta hai jis se ap aur jo ap se sab se zada pyar krta hai.." she said .."ab khush shefali.." she said smiling at her..everyone smiled hearing her thoughts..sahil's smile again came back spreading on his lips and the image of him consoling rashi in the garden yesterday flashed in his mind which he Shook himself to come out of his thoughts and again look back at rashi who was smiling back within her thoughts..arjun after listening rashi gave her a thumbsup saying.."i am impressed.." and his eyes fell on arohi who was sitting confused within herself..his thoughts on seeing her wandered back to the day when she first time bumped into him and he noticed the pain the sadness in her eyes.."mera aur arohi ka bhi tu dard ka rishta hai..wo dard jo pehle din se mjhe uski taraf khenchta gaya.." he thought and smiled within himself..arohi after rashi's answer instantly looked at sanchit and didnt know what happen to her when she found herself glancing at arjun and then again back at sanchit still confused on what she heard..she shook herself out of her thoughts.."kia kar rahi hai arohi.." she said to herself and focused on the game..rashi's answer also confused sanchit leaving him in his own thoughts wondering such thing never happened in her and preety's 3 yrs marriage and 4 years relation..he sighed and continued with the game..


"e..ek minute..arjun tu dare le ga smjha tu..bht hogaye sawal jawab.." said jay when the bottle stopped on arjun..arjun rolled his eyes.."meri marzi mein jo marzi lun.." he said.."truth..i will go for tru.." he said and was interupted by arohi's disappointed voice.."kia arjun ab ap last bache ho aur ap bhi truth..koi maza nahi aya is tarha game ka sab ne truth liya.." she said..arjun looked at arohi and smiled..without giving another thought he said.."ok dare.:.dare i am going for.." he said and smiled seeing the excitement on her face..jay smirked.."ok..tu tujhe.." he said and thought for a second when the last time's game clicked his mind.."gana gana hoga.." he said and everyone except sanchit and arohi then said excitedly.."are haan..arjun comeon ek baar phr se tmhari awaz sun li jaye.."..arjun shooked his head in denial.."never..koi aur dare dena hai tu do warna mei chala..." he said..shefali stopped him as he was abt to stand.."comeon arjun..jese pehle arohi k lie gaya tha aj bhi ga do..plz.." she whispered.."arohi k liye nahi tu wese hi kuch..thora sa..plz.." she whispered..arjun stood and said.."no.." and was abt to walk when he heard her.. Arohi standing up from her place.."are gao na dont be a spoilsport..plz ga do" she said and smiled..and that was all it took..her words her request her order was enough..he raised his face to look at her and made an effort to look into her eyes..if arohi had not requested then he would never have agreed to sing..he would do anything , anything under the sun for arohi..his arohi..and if this is all he had to do..then he would definitely sing..jay excitedly rushed inside and brought guitar with him..

jay stood in front of arjun holding the guitar but arjun was lost in his own thoughts.."are pakar na.." said jay..but arjun stood like a statue..everyone thought he will not sing and getting disappointed.."rehne de jay.." said salil..arohi too turned around..


Ummm Hummm Humm Ummm

Ummm Hummm Humm Ummm

 and before  anyone knew it was coming... a guitar's strings strummed... arohi surprisingly turned her head to look at arjun as he began humming the beginning of the song..

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena
Bin Tere Tya Hai Jeena

every one smiled and cheered for him..arohi smiled hearing his voice and stood staring him singing the song..he turned to look into the eyes he most cared about and he sang the next lines looking into her eyes..

Meri Dil Ki Rani Tum
Meri Kushiyon Ka Masusam
Mere Kwaabon Ke Tabeer
Mere Sapno Ki Tasveeer
Bin Tere Kaisi Yaaar
Woh Jeet Ho Ya Haar

Tere Sang Hai Sab Kuch..
Tu Naa Ho To Bekaar...

he paused  And a smile formed on his face when he saw arohi staring back into his eyes..arohi felt something strange when he sang the lines looking at her..she felt like if he is conveying some message to her..getting confused she lowered her gaze and the smile from his lips also faded away...

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena..
Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena




he walked towards the direction arohi was standing in and without once removing his eyes from her face he continued..

Suni Khali Raatein
Roothie Feeki Baatein
Har Ahat Per Chowkun
Tujhko Har Suu Dekhon
Tujhko Har Dum Sochon
Tujhko Har Pal Chaahon


arohi's heart beat skipped and she looked at him and found him standing in front of her...his eyes caught her eyes and she got lost in them..


Tere Bin To Jeevan Mera Hai Intezaaar...

arohi realising his words atonce broke the eye contact and stepped back..she noticed the look on Arjun's face and the eyes which held so much pain and sadness.. Someone who looked in those eyes could notice the emptiness ever present there...same was the case with look in those eyes told arohi that he had gone through so much which is not known to her... 

he turned around and looked at everyone and smiled singing another lines..

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena
Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Ummm Hummm Hummm Ummm 

Ummm Hummm Hummm Ummm 

arohi saw his back and was pondering over what was that she saw in his eyes..was he really in this song the way to express his feelings..she again stepped back and was about to move when he walked towards her and stood in front of her again..

he lifted his right hand and touched a place on his chest where his heart would be and sang the next lines looking at her face..

Tere Saath Jeeeye Jo Pal
Kuch Unse Nahi Badh Kar

 arohi confusingly staring him..the smile was now lost somewhere and only a frown was on her face..she tried to walk away and moved to her right but he too moved in the same direction stopping her..


Tere Khatir Saaans Mein Loon
Tere Khaatir Jeeta Hoon

she lifted her eyes to look at him..he was feeling something..he was trying to say something more than the words in the song..what was it he was feeling..his eyes were speaking..speaking a lot..but what..


Marne Ki Tammna Bhi 
Tere Saaath Main Rakhta Hoon

She broke their trance and moved to the left, this time again, he copied her move... Before she could move again.. 

Tu Hai Jeene Ke Wajhe 
Kar Mera Aitbaar.

this last line was an end to the brief battle of feet they had shared a moment ago..she stopped and stood numb as if she has believed what he has said..arjun looking at her smiled..

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena
Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeenaa
Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeeenaaa
Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeenaa

they both stood staring at each other..arohi finding answers to her questions her confusions..and arjun finding himelf in her eyes..they both were standing close to each other and were lost in each other..arohi shook herself out of thoughts and lowered her gaze..she slightly held a hand to his chest.. pushed him gently and made her way out.. arjun's smile had become somewhat lopsided. and this time again it was difficult to say whether it was a smile of happiness or sadness...

arohi giving him a last glance ran away from if she is running from his gaze..his presence..his pains..


Arohi shutting the door of her room stood against it..her heart beating fast..not knowing the reason of her sudden run away from there..why she ran..cuz of the closeness..or cuz of the pain which was flashing in his eyes..which she somehow was feeling like if she has been hurted..what was that sadness and pain which was flashing in his eyes..why he is in pain..or it was just her thought..may be he was not in pain..may be it was something else..may be she is mistaken..her head fell in her hands and she sighed..keeping her thoughts aside she went to washroom and splashed water on her face..looking at herself in the mirror again his face flashed in her mind..with the same hurt and painful look..she closed her eyes and shook her head...


Arjun saw arohi going away and he stood there matter how much he tried to control his emotions but arohi is the only one person from whom he can never hide anything not even his emotions and that is the reason which always let him express all that is in his heart in front of her..but now he should have to be more careful because this is arohi sharma..he sighed and turned back to look at everyone's fallen face..he with his teary eyes passed a smile to them "dont worry..mein theek hun.." he said making everyone smile along with him with teary eyes.. ..



...Arohi feeling so much tired of her own thoughts decided to take a break..tying her hair in a bun and changing into her pajamas she laid down on the bed and closed her eyes..she was too much tired and exhausted that the moment she placed her head on the pillow..she was out..


Arjun was tossing and turning on the bed unable to sleep..arjun laying on his bed was again remembering his those glorious days which  he spent with he met they got married..their first kiss.the entire moments..He sighed in delight remembering those days..They were the only moments which he cherishes now..those memories of her are now engrossed in his heart.. in his his surroundings.. in his life..along with those days...the incident happend few minutes ago was also flashing in his mind..making him unable to sleep..

giving up he stood and started pacing in the room..the way arohi ran away from him after the song ended it was continuously flashing in his mind..he knew she must have been thinking about that moment..the confused , the painful look on her face was not going away from his mind..he wanted her to remember all that she has forgotten but not like this..panicking way..he wanted to see to her..ask forgiveness from her..make sure that she is not perplexed..not giving so much pressure on thinking abt all the stuff..he sighed and looked at the time..1 am.."ab tak tu sab so gaye hunge..arohi ki bhi adhi raat ho chuki hogi.." he thought..without wasting another second he went out of the room to have some peace for his mind which he can only get by a single glimpse of her..

He reached outside her room and very carefully he opened the door without making any noise..he just walked in and found her sleeping peacefully on her bed..she looked peaceful as she slept.. and the added light from the moon only magnified her beauty...  Shadows of a tree that stood outside resonated on the wall behind her this darkness of the room her glowing face and the moon light were the only light in the room which was enough to make him have a look to the one for whom his eyes were craving few minutes before..

Arohi was sleeping well with a content look on her face...until a certain unnerving feeling crept up her stomach...She shook her head twice.. trying to get rid of the images... She shut her eyes harder and held on to the bedsheet and restlessly moved her legs around...  A few beads of sweat were now forming on her forehead...  She gasped a little as her heart pounded in her chest...She tried to block out the noises of a screeching tire and the vision of herself covered with blood...  She moaned as the images became a bit clearer... She was having the worst nightmare of her life.. The peaceful look that had been on her face a while ago had now been replaced with anguish and terror...  She held her breath as the car in her dream overturned and rolled... A stiffled scream was reaching her throat when she heard a familiar voice calling out to her...


Arjun stood there admiring his arohi when he found her restless and amidst a dream... She was looking so scared that arjun couldn't help but rushed towards her to comfort her..calm her... He placing his one hand over her hand that was clutching the bedsheet tried to calm her..and with the other he swtiched on the lamp kept on the side table.. She was definitely dreaming of something terrible...something worst.. The look on her face said it all... ...He wondered what it was and suddenly he got panicked seeing her like this.."arohi...Arohi ankhein kholo..arohi tum theek ho?..arohi.." he called her in a stern but calm voice..

Hearing his voice and feeling a protective hold of his hand she woke up with a jerk only to found him crouching over her..she removed her hands from his grip and sat up straight..her heart beating fast recalling her nightmare..arjun was staring her panickedly and soon she sat up he sighed and moving his hand towards her he moved away the strands of hair that escaped out of her bun and wiped off the drops of sweat which was on her forehead..arohi was staring at him and the moment he was done with his act and was moving away his hand arohi immediately grasped it..feeling herself completely secured by giving her hand in his hold..a tear rolled down her cheek...arjun worriedly.."arohi..tum theek ho hua koi bura sapna tha kia??.." he asked..arohi didnt what happen to her that she immediately threw herself in his arms clutching his shirt tight she cried.."bht dekha..mene" she said between her hicups..arjun was shocked at this sudden act of her..arohi felt secured in his arms..felt like this is the only place where she can found comfort, security..unaware of her surroundings she lost herself in his his possessive and protective hold..arjun instantly wrapper his hands around her and pulled her closer to him and subtly hugged her.."relax arohi..bas bura sapna tha..relax.." he said and calmed her..after few minutes silence realising the situation arohi left his shirt and pulled herself awkward silence arise between them..arohi looking everywhere but not him..arjun sensing the awkwardness cleared his throat.."u ok?.." he asked breaking the silence..arohi nodded without looking at him ..realisation struck her.." meri awaz bahar tak arahi thi.." she asked cofusingly making him confused too.."nahi kyun?.." he asked confusingly.."tu phr ap yahan kese aye ho..ap ko kese..." she said..arjun got confused as to what he should say..he thought for a second.."nahi wo..mein yahan se guzar raha tha..wo mene awaz suni tumhari tu ..mein wo.." he was saying whatevr was coming in his mind..arohi was staring him but his answers were only confusing her more so she interupted him .."itz ok..thanks.." she said and smiled..arjun sighed and smiled.."chalo ab tum so jao..kisi bhi cheez ki zarurat ho tu..mein barabar wale room mein hi free to ..i mean u can always come to me.." he said..arohi sat there silently and was just staring him not liking the fact that he is about to leave..arjun smiled and stood.."goodnight.." he said and walked towards the door..

"Arjun" she called him when he reached the door..arjun immediately stopped hearing his name from her mouth which he wanted she never stopped saying..he turned and looked at her.."dont go plz until i sleep..mjhe dar lag raha hai.." she said innocently..not knowing why she asked him but she felt safe when he was around her few minutes back so she thought may be that safety made her to stop him..arjun was very surprised by this innocency of her which made him more happier than being was not a request..not an order..she simply asked him sure enough that he wont deny..he smiled and walked towards her and sat beside her..holding her from her shoulders he made her laid on the bed..holding her hand in his palm he said.."so jao arohi..mein yaheen hun.." he said..she smiled and closed her eyes saying with full authority.."good night arjun..yahan se hilna mat.." she said..arjun smiled at her words and ran his hand in her hairs.."good night arohi.." and stared lovingly at her face..his arohi's face feeling blessed to again have her so close to him..her hand in his hand..feeling the warmth of her..again being blessed by the sight of his sleeping beauty he moved his face closer and pressed his lips on her forehead..lingering there he whispered.." i love you arohi.." he said and caressing her face he stood and spread the quilt on her..

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...
those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..

thankyou...take careSmile


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zoya_naziya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Me first!!!! You are just too awesome ANd i love you for itHug

Thoda busy hoon ab but will read it leisurely during the night and comment...

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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absolutely brilliant loving it

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Omg now waiting for next
Plz update ASAP

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