Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 71)

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

awesome update sehar - u are back with ur long updates - luved it
precap is scary - very very scary
luved arjuhis passionate moments and romance
oh God, what is this natasha and sunaina upto - aru shouldnt have allowed natasha to join arjun - anyways, will wait to know more
good update sehar - thx for ur pms

thankyou so much for liking...Smile

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Originally posted by Rimpikmh

As usely nice update.a s.raj hai kon?bt a natasha.i killed her,kitna drama karti hai.omg arjun n natasha dono london ma.
N kya promo hai:0.slaps.oo.asa kya kia arohi na?i'm dreaming now.
Nxt update plzzz jaldi dana.plzz can't wait

next update tomorrow...thanks for likingSmile dont worry arjun ko natasha k sth kisi surat nahi jane dun gi meiWink
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Originally posted by ...vibha...

Originally posted by sehar123

Originally posted by ...vibha...

awesome update sehar
loved impatient arjun asking for forgivenessLOL
u showed brilliantly that both of them were at a fault
but i am still having negative vibes about natashaConfused
continue soon and thanks once again for a quick updateEmbarrassed

thanks for liking...negative vibes for natasha...ok let me clear everyone's confusions...yes she is a  negative character...yes she is a positive characterWink

negative ya positive?????? ek batana
i think it's negativeWink

agar bata dia tu suspence khatam ho jae ga na...chalo bata deti hun...yes she is negative but for few people she is not ...arjun and arohi are her good friends..she loves them
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Originally posted by zoya_naziya

It was a very nice and a sweet update as usual:):) Bechare ko Hum aapke hain kaun dekhna padha punishment ke taur parLOL 

But mera dil us dhamake par hi atka hua haiWink  

Aur is kahani mein toh raaz hi raaz hain... Main toh is raj ke baare mein thodi der ke liye bhool hi gayi thi... Is Raj ka raaz kab khulega? 

Aur Natasha positive hai ya negative hai? Choose only one optionTongue

Natasha and Arjun in london togetherDisapprove

hum ap k hain kaun is my fav film too...and the reason for showing this film will be known in the next chapters..raj ko mat bhoolna bechare ka role tu ab ane wala hai..Wink natasha k bare mein i have told in my previous comment to vibha...thanks for likingSmile

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Originally posted by Varshu_Karthik

Nice Update But, Natasha and Sunaina are always irking me Out! :/

London? How could Jay Do sth Without Informing Arjun?

Will the Press Create Havoc in Their Lives??

And Arjun Slaps Arohi..?!!! WTH!!

jay ki kia galti yaar bechara kaam hi kar raha hia na...wese what if agar jay bhi negative nikle story mein...kesa lage ga?..Wink
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Originally posted by cooljaya11

BMJ sharam ko
Me to chahtiii hu is bar arohi royeeena par samne se ek do aor thappar mare
I mean arohi ko to tumne aadarshwadi bana rakha he !!!
Bahot ho gayi sweetnesss
Now want some spice :)
But me isiliye keh Rahi hu dear ki Arjun change to hua par puri tarah nahi
Kahi na Kahi arohi ke past se use sympathy he warna wo sanchitt wali bat uske muh se gusse me Bhi nahi nikalti
Arohi ke pyar ko samaj ne ke liye use time chahiye
Arohi aesi he cuz past me uske sath bahot kuch hua , jisse wo insecure he
I mean first her parents, then husband then brother
So now she scared to loose Arjun , Arjun have to understand her mentality :)

use waqai arohi k pyar aur us ki insecurities aur fears ko smjhne k liye time chahye bht sraa...aur ye me use dungi bht use sari smjh ajae gi...Wink
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Before starting the next part i would like to say a sincere THANKYOU to all my lovely readers (active and silent) who have liked my fanfiction and showered so much love to this arjuhi and this story...without all your encouragement and support i would not have made this far...i hope you will continue enjoying my work and will showere your love more than before..i have a lot more in store JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE and i hope you will continue and will love to walk with me on this journey...thankyou so you allSmile...

ok the update is not that much long as the previous parts but it is interesting...actually i was busy in my convocation so didnt get much time to write...enjoy readingSmile

PART 22:

The next day arohi woke up and looked at the time.."oh god..mein late hogai..." her eyes fell on the empty side of the bed where amrit slept last night and she stood from the bed and after freshning up she walked out of the room..downstairs she greeted everyone.."sorry mein late hogai..ankh hi nai khuli.." amrit smiled.."koi baat nahi arohi..maeka tu hta hi befiqri se time guzarne k liye.." she kissed her forehead.."chal aa ab nashta kar le.." she said ..arohi smiled.."nahi mom bas ab mein chalti hun ghar mein sab intezar kr rahe hun ge.." she said.."sab ya koi khas intezar kr raha hoga.." purvi said teasingly..arohi blushed and everyone smiled..salil walked towards her.."thanks arohi..kal raat k liye..tum thi tu hum tension free hogae.." he said..arohi smiled.."bhayya plz aise mat kahiye jab ap ki behn mom ki beti he tu tension kis baat ki.." salil smiled and hugged her.."chalo mein tumhein drop kar deta hun.." he said..arohi smiled.."mein apna bag lati hun.." she said and ran upstairs to her room..she picked up her bag and searched for her mobile and found it under the pillow..she sighed and checked the mobile.."itni sari missed calls!.." she said surprisingly.."oh god arjun kal raat se mjhe call kr rahe the.." she said and went through her call log and was surprised to see that 3 of the missed calls were of today's morning..she found two unread messages of him..she read it and was again surprised by the news she got..she atonce rushed downstairs.."chalein bhayya late ho raha hai..arjun london ja rahe hen.." she said...

Arjun was not able to sleep the whole night..he finally sighed in relief when the sun rays entered in the room through the curtains..he freshned up and gathered all the necessary things with him..he looked at the time.."7 baj gaye..abhi time hai bht.." he said.. He remembered atonce abt natasha's flight for london and he texted her.."me and jay are also going on the same flight...jay will be here by 10 ..saath mein chaleinge.." he wrote..he then again called arohi but still no one answered.."kia kaan band kr k so rahi hai.." he said irritatedly..after trying for three more time he ended up in texting her.."sorry arohi baat nahi ho office mein kuch problem hai jana pare ga.." and hit the send button..after few moments he again texted her.."hamari flight 1 baje ki hai...raaste mein tumse milta hua jaunga.." and again sent it..he sighed still no reply from her..he went downstairs and informed everyone abt his london trip and was surprised that natasha had already told them since she too was going..after having breakfast he looked at the time.."8 :30...arohi abhi tak so rahi hai kia?.."..he said and thought of calling her on landline.."hazar baar kaha hai mobile lia hai tu us ka istemal bhi karo par nahi use tu aram karana hai apne mobile ko.." he said to himself..he called at alluhwalia's house and inquired abt amrit's health after that he got to know that arohi has already left..he sighed and heard his mobile  ringing..thinking it would be arohi he instantly receive the call and was surprised to hear the person was from his office asking him to come as few documents needs his signature..arjun thought of going and doing the work soon and then come back so that he can meet arohi..he instantly picked his car keys and left..

Arjun entered the office and found everyone whispering something..he could not hear them and got confused..he cleared his throat and everyone stopped and got busy in their works..arjun looked around and walked to his cabin..he called the peon to bring the documents from so that he can sign and leave..he was waiting for the person and his eyes fell on the newspaper on the table in front of him..his eyes popped out and what he saw and read was another shock and surprise for him.."ye press wale bhi na..kuch bhi chaap dete hen.." he said and realization clicked his mind.."oh tu tabhi sab bahar..." he shook his head.."aur log media se bhi bare pagal..sab such maan bhi lete hen.." he said and  threw the newspaper away from him and suddenly arohi's face flashed in his mind and shockingly a name came out from his mouth.."arohi.." he said..he atonce got tensed.."arohi kia sochegi.." he thought nervously..but was interupted by the buzzing sound of his mobile which showed natasha's message..he read the message.."arjun...tum ne aj ka paper could they just print this off...arjun the media is just presuming things..plz do something..arohi kia sochegi.."..arjun after reading the message again shook his head and smiled..and without even thinking any further he replied to natasha.."dont worry i will take care of the matter and dont worry abt arohi she understands all this media crap very well..." and hit the send button..."she trusts me.."..he said and hearing a knock on the door he came out of his thoughts..

Arohi reached home and greeted everyone..she asked abt arjun and the servant told him and that he has gone to office and will be coming soon..arohi sighed and got relieved thinking that she has reached on time and still she can meet him..she excused from everyone and walked upstairs to her room and on passing by natasha's room she saw a packed suitcase..she got confused and entered the room and looked for natasha but she was no where..just then dhondo entered the room and was taking the suitcase out of the room..arohi stopped him and asked.."natasha kahan hai.." dhondo:"wo is room ka ac phr kharab hogaya tu wo kal raat guestroom mein hi soen.." arohi nodded and her eyes again fell on the suitcase..."aur ye kis ka hai?..arjun ka?.." she asked..dhondo:"nahi ye natasha maam ka..wo b london ja rahi hen aj arjun sir k saath.." hearing this "what!??.." instantly came out from her mouth..she was shocked hearing this..she shook her head and left the room confusingly.."arjun ne mjhe natasha ka kyun nahi bataya.." she said to herself..then she remembered his text in which he wrote .."hum.." so she thought may be this 'hum' refers to both of them..but still she was confused as to why she is going to london and that too with arjun..she stopped at the door of the guestroom and thought of asking natasha as why she is leaving so sudden..she entered the room and called.."natasha?.." but no reply..she checked the washroom she was not there too..she thought .."neeche hogi shaed.."..she turned and was abt to leave the room but something caught her eye..she walked towards the coffee table kept in the room and holding the Newspaper in her hand she went through it.. 

arohi slowly opened the paper... Her eyes widened with the title and then with the picture... "arjun singhania & his Girl????" the picture... They looked so close. arjun was hugging her from the back... Then at the bottom there were more... Few of his old parties may be... and surprisingly or shockingly they All were with natasha... Paper convinced they were dating or may be very still very close... her eyes filled up... She managed to speak up.."ye nahi ho jhoot hai...arjun...nahi.." she said to herself in order to convince or reassure herself..."nahi.." she said again and a tear rolled down her cheeks..she stood there silently with newspaper in her hand still absorbing the news and trying to understand the story behind it or with it..

arjun entered the house and came to know abt arohi's was almost 9:40 am...still 20 mins left for him to leave..he got jay's call who informed him that he is on his wway to arjun's home..arjun rushed upstairs to meet arohi..he was passing by the rooms towards his room but stopped seeing the guestroom door opened and arohi standing their with her back facing him..arjun smiled and walked towards her and slid his hands around her making her aware of his presence.."oh arohi i missed you.." he said kissing the side of her neck..."and i will miss you.." he said in a sad tone.."itni der laga di ane mein..pata hai mein kal raat se..." and his words stopped in his mouth as he was being pushed away with a sudden jerk from arohi..

she felt arjun's hand around her and she closed her eyes as if reassuring herself that whatever she saw and read was all a lie..his kiss surprisingly didnt send shivers down her body didnt made her weak as she was herself lost in her own world which was beyond his passionate love at the moment..but hearing his last words "kal raat se.." the images in the newspaper flashed in her mind and with a full force of her she moved his hands away from her body and pushed him back away from her..she turned and instantly threw the newspaper in her hand on his face and pool of tears started flowing from her eyes..

something hit his face suddenly and fell down ..he shockingly looked at arohi and then the thing fallen on the floor..he picked it up and opened it and closed his eyes...cuz of anger..yes anger because it was the time when he wanted to spend few moments alone with her telling her how badly he missed her and will miss her as he has to go and that too so sudden and was not prepared for this thing yet when he already knew the mistake was not his at all..he gritted his teeth and anger started making space in his eyes replacing the sadness he felt few moments ago for going away from her.."not again arohi.." he said gritting his teeth..his words multiplied her anger and she stepped forward and shouted in anger.."kia matlab not again ka? matlab hai ap ka..?.." she said..arjun trying to calm himself his anger and said in a composed tone.."arohi itz not like jo bhi tum dekh rahi sab..yeh sab jhoot..." and was stopped by her high voice.."jhoot hai?...jhoot? jhoot hai arjun..? ye sari tasweeren jhooti hain?...boliye na tu kal ki party ki hai bhi jhoot hai...?...aur kia yeh bhi jhoot hai k ap london ja rahe hen natasha k saath..natasha k..." she said and turned around..arjun listened to her and closed his eyes as again it was getting to much for him...something far beyond his patience level..he walked towards her and holding her arm turned her around forcefully .."kehna kia chahti ho tum...haan? kehna chahti ho..bolo na chup kyun ho ab.."...he said in loud voice..arohi didnt reply and was just trying to free her hand..she looked at his face and closed her eyes asking the other question for which she didnt want any answer.."arjun...natasha aur ap k beech mein kia chal raha hai.." she questioned in a very low voice which shocked him and he lost his self control..he was just staring at her and the next words from her mouth put the end on his control.."arjun ap mjhe dhooka..." and her words remained incomplete as the next thing she was awarded brought her out of her world.."arjun ap mjhe dhooka..." was something he had never thought and will never but how could she even ...he lost his control and he slapped her hard on her cheek and she fell all his anger he burst out.."tum aisa soch bhi kese skti ho hogaya hai tumhe...har roz tum ek naya tamasha khara kar deti ho..har roz tumhe mjhse kuch na kuch problem hai...mein thak gaya hun tumhe smjha smjha k natasha aur mere beech mein kuch nahi hai par tum ho k smjhne ka naam nahi le rahi..."...he ran his hand through his hairs and screamed.."thak gaya hun mein roz roz k is drame se.."..he turned around and in a same tone continued.."mein natasha k saath nahi jay k saath ja raha hun london..ittefaq arohi...ittefaq ..ittefaq se natasha ki bhi same flight hai...par tumhe q bata raha hun mein..." he said and turned around and continued.."q bata raha hun mein tumhe..tumhe tu mjh pe bharosa hi nahi...arohi agar isi tarha chalta raha na..."..he paused and looked at her.." tu frankly speaking arohi mjhe is tarha hamare rishte ka bhi koi future nahi nazar ata..."..."smjhi tum.." he said and turned around again...he was too much angry and he closed his palm in a fist recalling the slap he gave her and being angry and frustrated he looked at the bed and pulled the spread and threw it on the floor..he walked towards the window and pulled down the curtains and tore them apart..he broke everything down..lamps..smashed up the mirror, flower vase..

arohi fell down on the floor shocked of what happened with her..he slapped her..her hand on her cheeks and tears falling from her eyes..quietly she was listening to his each and every word that were hurtful..anger and frustration flashing in his eyes..his each word in a loud scream was like needles pricking her..she got scared and moved back as another sight of him was witnessed by her today..his act of smashing everything down scared her and she was just sitting there taking in the new sight of him...he ran his hands through his hair still not being controlled..arohi then composing her self managed to speak in a calm tone.."",,she said after the moments of silence which was spread in the room..hearing his name from her at this moment felt horrible to him...making all his anger rush back to him along with the pain he felt of hurting her slapping her screaming on her making her scared..he being frustrated taking out all his anger and frustration on her screamed again.."chupp.."...saying this arjun stormed out of the room hitting the door with his legs making it to close with loud noise...

It took few seconds for arohi to realize what had just happened.. She knows it is not his anger but his pain that made him to act like that.. his each and every word was running in her mind..."thak gaya hun mein roz roz k is drame se.."..."tumhe tu mjh pe bharosa hi nahi.."..."arohi mjhe is tarha hamare rishte ka bhi koi future nahi nazar ata..." she trembled with the fear of loosing him ..fear of him going far away from her and that too like this ..taking such bitter moments with him..she feared of him loosing his trust on her trust on him..she shivered recalling kumud's words..."par maa ab mard bhi roz roz ki chik chik kab tak bardasht kre ga.." she feared of him leaving her just like naman left arti cuz she didnt trust him cuz she doubted his love his sincerity towards their relation and same was the case with her..she too was doubting and questioning his love their relationship..she too was giving him vibes that she didnt have trust on him..she closed her eyes in disgust feeling his pain his anger.. and She is the one responsible for his pain, for his anger..for his frustration..for his act few moments ago..for his prediction of not seeing the future of their marriage and she also knew that it's her responsibility to rectify her mistake and she know very well how to make it up...without wasting another second she stood and stormed out of the room..

arjun coming out of the room stood near the stairs and punched hard on the wall..still not knowing the real reason behind his anger at the it because arohi doubted his love, or because she didnt trust him, or because she still has several insecurities regarding him his love their relation their marriage..or is it because he slapped her for which he was hating himself more than anything else..but thinking abt all the possibilities only increased his anger..he turned around and giving a last glance at the closed door of the guest room walked downstairs where he saw natasha leaving the house making him aware of jay's arrival..the rest of the family must be at their respective rooms as he couldnot see any of them..with heavy heart full of anger.. pain.. disappointment he walked towards the door and stopped at the door step..his heart his mind not wanting to leave the house..leave arohi..leave arohi behind in this matter how much anger he still has on her but still he was not feeling like going away from her leaving her behind sad, shocked, crying,...he turned around and decided to go upstairs to meet her and walked two steps but stopped hearing the horn of the car..he turned around again and stopped still thinking of what he should do..

hearing his name in such a loud shivering voice full of pain made him stop..he instantly turned to look back and seeing the sight in front of him made him froze ..he suddenly becomes pale...he looked like the ground beneath him has been pulled out..he looked lost and even scared..he stumbled seemed like his life ..his soul is leaving his body...every part of his body got numb seeing his life his arohi covered with one of her own favourite himself he atonce rushed to her screaming..."arohi..."...

arohi ran downstairs through the main hallway..her sari's pallu was flying..her hairs were falling on her eyes which she was removing harshly..she was bare feet and was just running to catch her life, her love..her she cant let him go at any cost..atleast not like this..

she ran towards the stairs and hurried her hurry her foot slipped and she tripped down first falling and then rolling on the stairs (imagine the scene from hum ap keh hein kaun)..surprisingly in the shocked state she didnt even scream still not registering what is actually happening..she fell down the stairs..blood on her face..her head was injured badly..she was struggling to catch her breath..her face become pale...everything in front of her eyes was rolling and very slowly her vision was coming to a blur..she was unable to keep her eyes open...she was bleeding and had a lot of pain but not more than the pain of being away from him, making him angry, making him sad..

the words were somehow lost in her mouth..her tongue was not supporting her, her mind had become numb..her eyes were now becoming a burden on her body and were not letting her to see anything around her...his back was the last thing she saw feeling happy of him being around her at this moment and a weak smile spread across her lips..her eyes got shut instantly and all she managed to say as her last word before closing her eyes was..."Ar..arjunnn..." was a loud scream which has so much pain, regret, fear and love in it...

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...
those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..

thankyou...take careSmile

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thx sehar for the news - will wait for it

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