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Update by Serials2010... Thanks Serials...

Monday 30th July 2012  Episode -

CM ' Monday update

(Eclat I hope you don't mind, I saw the episode and had some time to write up the update) 

Gayu and Vadai in conversation on their first night.  Gayu says that she understands Vadai's concerns and that she will take good care of Vadai's kids.  Asks Vadai to bring the kids inside and proceeds to sleep on the floor. 

Morning ' Gayu's mother wakes up and sees that the kids are missing.  Wakes up and sees Gayu coming out of her room.  Gayu's mom goes into their bedroom to see the kids sleeping with Vadai and sees the makeshift bed that Gayu slept on the floor .  Is shocked and upset


Bell sees Sneha in conversation with AC SR.  Comes and tells Solai about it ' Solai as usual ignores saying that Pearl believes Snake blindly and will not do anything against her.  Suggest Bell ignore this and do jing cha to Sneha if he wants to survive.  Bell refuses and walks out'.

Gayu and mother going to temple.  Gayu's mother questions as to why she slept on the floor and asks Gayu if she questioned her husband about who he is and his past.  Gayu irritated says she does not want to know about it, her husband is a good man and she does not need to know about his past.  (There goes my hopes of her strangling Vadai, another patni vratha!!)  Gayu's mom polambufies and says that she wants her daughter to be happy and is concerned.  Gayu ignores her mom, says she should not talk about this and walks away.

Gayu back at home with her mother.  Vadai's friend Sundar comes in and is invited to sit down by Gayu.  Gayu's mom grills Sundar about the kind of person Vadai is and the brainless Sundar gives him a clean certificate, what a wonderful man he is blah, blah, blah.  Gayu's mom happy and relieved.  Vadai enters makes small talk with Sundar and says that a hotel is going on lease and he wants to take over and run it.  Decides to leave with Sundar, but his dutiful wife asks him to have breakky before he leaves

CM in hospital ' doctor speaking with the old man.  Says CM is ok health wise and can speak but is not speaking, must have faced some trauma.  He wants to advertise about her in the papers.  Old man says he wants to try something and asks doctor to hold off on advertising about her.  Old man discharges CM and takes her to an ashramam where they are greeted by a cute little girl who chats nineteen to a dozen.  Old man says that CM can stay in the hospital and all that is needed for her to stay is for her to sign her name ' CM writes something in the book (sorry video was not clear enough for me to see what she had written so don't know!!)  Screen freezes on the old man's smiling face'.


Updates by Shree



Old man talking to chellamma..Chellama sogama sitting...Thomas coming...Thathha tells CM to write her name...CM writes and thathha says Chellamma..nice name...Thattha tells thomas to sow CM her room...she will stay here hereafter...Thomas kadu kadu nne irukkar...says yes with same kadu kadu expression...

Thathha says life is too short...we have to do something usefull in our lifetime...Now go and take rest...CM leaves with thomas...

Thomas morachukitte going...Shows a room and tells her this is ur room...u should come down only when the bell rings...He leaves and CM looks around the room...

Oru new character is shown...Bus stand man thiruttu muzhi muzhuhings ...the says ...bus la pona ticket edukanumae!!!...

Next scene...same thiruttu muzhi man...Car la irundhu getting down...Driver asks for money...New man says ippodhaan lottery ticket vanngirukken...once i get that money i'll pay ur bill...Driver thoo nnu thuppittu leaves...

Next veettukku poga auto theding...His friend sujith sitting there...he goes near him and sujith says nee sethu poitta nnu sonnanga...This man starts his poo suthal story...blah blah blah blah ...sujith says stop...unga akka ponnukku kalyanam u know that??...

Achudhanandan...(finally...peru enna nnu therinju pochu...Achu)...Sujith says gayu va kattinavan already married and he has 2  babies says he will go and talk to his akka and gayu...



Achu fighting with someone...Vadai wacthing all this...Adi vangaravan says i'll inform the police...Achu says solluda i dontc care...Policeman comes and that man pottu kuduthing achu...
Achu says sir...i dont know this man...i didnt beat him sir...He is lying...vadai morachufying achu...policeman asks vadai...vadai says yes...POlice beats achu and takes him to police station...Achu warns vadai...Ennaiya maati vitta illai...unnai parthukaren da...

CM room...CM lying on her bed and thinking abt her family...AV,Vadai,babies...Her fight with vadai...

Thomas is coming towards CM's room with candles in his hand...He opens the door and CM gets up...Scree freezes on thomas bayangaramana face...



Updates by


Updates by Nithya

Thursday Aug 2nd Updates


Vishy aka Guru trying to make CM talk.. Priya falls down and screams thatha.. The duo run to her..


Vadai comes home and announce to MIL Parvathy and wife Gaya that he has finalized on the hotel to take-over and is confident of running it successfully.. Paro says good.. We need money to handle the 2 kids and future kid of yours.. Vadai and Gaya feel uncomfortable.. Paro continues saying my daughter is excellent cook so appoint her as head cook in your hotel.. I shall also be of gr8 help as her assistant.. You are new to Kerala and we are experts in Kerala style cooking.. We will take you to heights in this business. Vadai curtly says nothing doing.. Gaya will stay back at home and look after the kids and your will take care of her.. I prefer that we don't cross each others path and I don't like it also.. A shocked Paro asks Gaya if marriage was a method to make you an unpaid Ayya .. Gaya scolds her mom and warns why poke your nose into everything.. I agree with my hubby.. Please spare us from your torture.. Paro decides to not give up..


Priya hospitalized.. Bleeding Nose and Dr attending to her.. Guru and CM beside.. Dr scolds Guru for not taking proper care of sick Priya.. Dr says things under control and asks Guru to be a little more careful.. CM find her mouth finally.. She asks Guru what is the sickness affecting Priya .. Guru takes CM aside and tells his flashback. Guru's father a filthy rich Jamindar wanted Guru to become a doctor an serve the needy.. But arrogant Guru finished his MBBS and ran away to America to seek a good fortune.. He married an American and permanently settle there.. They had a daughter.. But life went a full circle .. His daughter married a south Indian and settled here in India .. They had a daughter Priya.. We 5 (Me , wife, daughter, SIL and Priya) were a small happy family.. Life turned topsy-turvy when we went to Pazhani temple to pray.. Our car met with an accident .. same time same spot where you dashed against my car.. My wife, daughter and SIL spot dead.. Priya and me escaped with minor injuries.. This was followed by the next blow .. Priya was diagnosed with blood cancer and will not survive long.. I was shattered.. But Priya was bold.. She swallowed  the pain of losing her parents and stood strong in battling her life with cancer.. She wanted to do something good to the needy before one of us left this world..  I felt like my dad's wishes came back to life through my granddaughter..  I started this ashramam to help the needy.. We both are finding solace in running this.. CM in tears.. Gurus says that is the reason I told you that Life is small and we should live it to the fullest and not get depressed.. Nurse informs Guru that Priya has woken up.. The duo go in..


CM goes near a smiling Priya and says You are fine.. don't worry.. Priya in all smiles, says See I made you talk.. CM sogama says you will be alright soon. Priya says looks like Guru has given you a detailed history about my life with litres of tears .. I know I will be fine and will fight our my disease.. That is the reason I have appointed this Dr.. I have even struck a bribe deal with his Dr for the same.. A surprised CM asks what is it.. Priya says secret come closer Guru shouldn't now this.. CM goes near Priya.. Priya says I have struck a deal that I will marry Dr's son if Dr cures me.. CM smiles with tears flowing her down her cheeks... Guru too gets emotional .. Priya asks CM to share her past since she has known Priya's past.. Guru chides Priya.. Priya says OK I understand we should not ask people about their past unless they share it with us..


Achu comes home.. Vadai and Achu are startled to see ach other..




Updates by Swash

chellame friday updt. the no good achudan or arjunan mama of that new bride comes home and Vadai and he does a cold stare match. he comes to know that vadai is the new groom and that he plans to open a hotel..when vadai asks what job the mama does, he hedges and vadai'a wife informs him that he just wastes time away and holds no steady job.
night time, bride comes in and informs vadai when he asks that the kids are with her mom. he asks abt the mama and says perhaps he can work in the hotel but wife says no, you will invite trouble. dont do that. vadai says idle minds is a devils workshop and the like and says he will take care. just then, bharathy cries and his MIL first cajoles and then scolds the baby as unnaala en uyir pogudhu and so vadai marches outside, pidungufies both babies and gives her good that let her uyir stay intact and takes the babies inside.  MIL is crushed.
chellams old benefactor is leaving the ashram to go somewhere and asks chellams abt her past and suddenly chellams confesses all and he pities her.
at MA's house, Valliammai is cooking when snake informs MA if she shd go attend a wedding being a widow and folks would speak ill abt them and such and MA says if they invite you shd go. VA realizes that Snake had listened to her comments abt them being widows and comes falls on MA's feet and apologizes. and says she said that word in a moment of anger and didn't mean it.  not content with that, she runs and takes the karandi from teh boiling kuzhambu and keeps it on her tongue and MA says i have forgiven you and why did u do such a foolish thing and asks Snake to take her to the doc.
Garden is outside and VA comes and says she had to apologize if they were to stay here adn he advises VA to say that she is practicing mouna vradham and not mutter that aloud but write it out for others.

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Serials2010 - Thanks so much for the update. I was searching for the episode and one site is buffering for the last 45 minutes...

Mind-aa adhellaam seyyavEmaattOm - romba romba danks..

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Serial and Shree .. Thanks for the updates..

2 more New characters.. Achudhan and Thomas !!.. Andava.. Ennnala Mudiyala..

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As usual, Radhika's husband has two wife's Confused

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Thanks for the updates Serial & Shree.
Janu Senior Member

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Originally posted by Visha_Dhami

As usual, Radhika's husband has two wife's Confused
Not only chellama husband, her anna also two wives... enna kodumai da saravana... oops saravana also two wives...

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Thank you, Serial and Shree.

I have given up on this serial ages ago and caught one episode by accident. Imagine my shock and horror when I saw the "old man". He is none other than K.Viswanath, the famous Telugu director who had directed, amongst others, Sankarabharanam. He has acted in many Tamil films, the latest in that turkey called "Rajapattai".

What a distinguished VIP in the cinema industry doing in a crap like this?

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Originally posted by Karthikka

What a distinguished VIP in the cinema industry doing in a crap like this?

Earning his money!!

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