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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

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Hiii alll , im very happy to start a new thread on this FF , this is all possible only because of you , when i want to dedicate this update to all of you ,who liked it and commented it , when i gathered names after each update likes and comments, these all people who liked this ff , im just astonished to see this big responce from your side , ii know some people started to read from middle of the ff , im requesting you plz read and hit LIKE button , i will be  very happy , its so encouraging to the writer seeing your likes and valuble comments , this is dedicating to who cooparete to comeplte the first thread as well as silent readers ,a special thanks for Tashuu who filled my first thread with beautiful images , a special thanks to Shahzeen ,made a beutiful siggy for my page , plz plz hit LIKE button make me happy , love you all hope you people like this update also ...eagerly waiting for your comments ...
This update is dedicate all who mentioned above ...thank you very much for your support ,criticism welcome ...
Plzz plzz hit like button ...

and 1 more this is my 2000 th post , im happy to present the update,enjoy reading it  ... plz everyone share with this success...

Thread 1 link---- FFSmile Prediction

My other works of RAYA..

FF HugSirf Meri Ho

FF  ... Heart Ishq Heart

FFSmile Prediction

SS Wink Love Journey

OS Star Love And Life

OS Blushing Special Gift

OS:Tere Bina Mushkil Hai Jeena

PART- 31 -page 20







PART-38 PAGE-121

PART-39 PAGE-129


He shiftd her to the bed , at 7.00 pm ..She stirred in her sleep , he patted her back to sleep again.soon she drifted again to deep slumber ..cudling more closer tohim..
his sleep disturbd by a phone call ..

ramm .phone uthiye na ,
hmmm ..turned & slept ...
plz attend the call ram..keeping  a pillow on her ears ..
he answerd the call ,while he talkin in the phone, she gt irritated ,

plz ram slowly ..
Again the flow cont..
Ramm can you just go outside and talk ...
He smiled at her frown ,she is looking tooo cute ...
When he is moving out ,she held his  wrist ...
Alzz don't leave me ...

His eyebrows notted with confusion...its an imp call ,how he will tell the other person to end the call,he joined in her ,rested his head on head borad, talking as slow as he can ,she moved closer  hugged him , resting her head on his chest ,listening her lulluby [his heart beat] closed her eyes,he stroking her hairs ,she opend her eyes to look at him, he glanced at her ,signaling with his eyes ,her to sleep , krishu ji came ,called ram to tell something ...

He signald krishu ji  ,she is sleeping ...shakes his hand he will come down ...
Its treat to watch for krishuji eyes , they both are so adorable ...
He finished the call ... kissed her forehead...
in a sleepy tone ...ram ...
Finishd your call...
Aap gussa ho muze pe??
Nahi toh ...why you are asking this ...
kuch nahi ... i love you ram,
I love you tooo hugging more tightly ...
Ram ...

"Im pregnant ram , caressing her stomach with her hand , still im unable to believe that he is already 5months old ..."

He entwined his hand with hers , he exactly know how she is feeling , this is  somuch to take her  brain to receive it in short time ...
pregnat and abortion talk,hiding her from these many months , it could have been torture for her , he left out a sigh ..

But ye toh such hai  priya , you have to believ my darling ...

Hmmm after a pause.." Im scared ram.."
For delivery ????
No ,
"Fear of losing you again !!!"

Hey ye kya bath kar rahi ho tum ??? what hapend ?? chup chap aram karo, everything is gonna be ok ..
kissing on her hairs...

Apeksha knockd the door ...

Ram unknowingly  responded  "come in ..."
The purple comforter hazily covered both of them.
wah wah kya pyaar hai bhai ???

priya squeld  Apeee... wants to getup from his grip ,her mangalsutra tied up with his kurtha button ,
she starightly falls in his safe arms ,he embraced her ..aram se...

...Im very happy to see you ,when you came apeksha ,trying to remove the knot from his kurtha  enquiring about her journey.

Again she asked , Apeksha when you came from australia??? turning her side ..
she is busy taking the video of them ..

priya flushed to the core ...
ape what are you doing ???tried to give an angry glare ...

what im i doing bhabhi ..
These all are sweet memories ...hehe ,turned to run from there bumped in deepak mishra..

priya didnt want to loose the chance she rolled on ram to catch her mobile, ram shocked to see priya on him ...
priya taking a video of them , it was a nice chance to tease ayesha tooo ...

Deepak hold apeksha ...ohhh hold on , what you were doing,sambhal ke...apeksha foot spraind ,moaned with pain ...ahhh
deepak held her tightly by her waist ,

Ram too moved hearing her pain to hold her ...

A tear rolled down from apeksha's eye, Deepak kissed her tear , ithni si bath haaa..

priya signald ram to move away,

StilL apeksha in deepak arms, lost in his eyes , he straightnd her foot looking into her eyes ..
she yelped with pain ,soon she felt relief...

Thank you ...

kis ke liye...

apeksha moved closer to him ...

Ahem ahem ,mai our tumhari bhai yeha par hai ,its not your bed room ...
bhabhiii.. ..
beep sound..

Apeksha looked at her mobile found their video..its from priya.

ye rah tumhari sweet memory meri pagali apeksha...hiding behind ram
bhabhii ...
priya shrugging his shoulders off left with ram , telling baki ka kam aapne kamre me plzzz...
bhabhiii ...hide her face in his chest ...
kya bhabhii ,again priya came back clicked a pic of apedeepak,
This is perfect ape i wil show to ma ,she left apeksha with no choice ...
deepak kissed her on her thoughtfull face ...kya hai ??

chodo muze...
After some time  both came down for the dinner ...
Already priya ,ram and krishu ji sat there ...
Apeksha sensed something ,but sat there with deepak...everybody is seeing at her ..
why you are looking at me??is there anything special..
Nothing  special all three answered like obedient students ...
she opend her plate ,to her surprize it was their photo just few mins back , when deepak kissed her ,priya cliked the photo ..
her cheeks turned to rosily .

Everyone clapped ...sung the song "Happy 100th day of your marrige"...
She felt great .. as it was her 100th day of marrige ,this surprise made her classy eyes to emerge the tears from her eyes..

priya wiped them off quickly ,hugged her ,
Bhabhi aap ye sub kaise ..kab...
 It just strikend my mind apeksha when i was taking your photo scan , i just remebrd your marige day , exactly it was 100th day ..just thought why dont we celebrate it ..
Come come now have your dineer with special kheer ...
All are having dinner , priya is playing with her food not yet all eating ...
Ram observing her ...tores a piece of parantha ,
Priya ...everybody atention turned to her ..
ha boliye ...
Do you  love me ???
Everybody stared at ram ...including priya ...
She said slowly Ha ram...worriedlines on her forehead ...

how you wil prove it ???
Ram ye kya hai ?krishu ji asked..

Ram showd her hand 2 mins ma...
prove it ?kya bath hai ram?? ok tell me how i should prove it to you ...
Dipping the parantha in whatever i say ...
sensing somethin..boliye ...
He feed the piece of parantha to her ...she gave an angry glare at ram...
you scared me ..bus ithni hi ...
she ate that ,soon he gave another piece she ate it , followed by that ...

Everyone understud his intention ,priya kept quiet as she very well knw if she neglect this dinner ..

"uff Priya ko koi bhi bache ga ,na krishu ji ,na god ..."

she giggled for her thought ,ram gave "R u OK" look to her ..
She ate 2 , bus ram ab aur nahi ka sakthi main,he didnt force her as he knw she will feel nauseatic ...

he brought milk with him to their room ,a black forest cake for him..

Ram abhi to mai ka liya ,aap bhi na ...he kept mum ..
ram aap bhi na , kitha na over protective hai ?? and you made me to eat 2 allo parantha wo bhi with  extra makhan ke sath ,one more kya kaha app ne ..
mai kya ???ram lowerd his head
Ha do i love you ha?? prove it .. her talk was unstoppable ...

He closeD her lips with his own method ..
When he felt they needed some air ,he left her ..she gulped a huge amount of Oxygen ...
Raam what you did ,if you dont want to listen to ...her words stopped by his attck on her lips again...
pulled her into a closer warm hug ...hmm baitho ...kuch kahooo
they shared some cute fights followed by a movie ...its around 9.30 ,priya's asusaul rose warm water bath time..

He held her in his arms ,removed her cloths one by one ,making her shiver more..
this was daily routine of him, that she will arouse in the very starting ,while he starts masaging her body ..she will cool down rathar she will fall a sleep ...
so he neglectd her  trembles ,he was a kneadling her body in a nice quick shups ,
but ram doesn't know , something is cooking in his hitler's brain .. that will be lead to an awesome night for them ...

She stopped him , stepped out of from bathtub,

priya just wait we haven't finished yet ...

She is looking  divinely beautiful to him...the rose petals spread on her body ,was sticked to her ,she was moving towards him with a passoinate look in her eyes ..

"Priya moving towrads him, ram stepping back , ruko priya, ye tum , he hit the wall ,her lovely finger traced a line from his forehead to chin,a current passed on his spine, he moaned priya ... tum .kya..tracing her finger down to her neck ...he arched his neck to give more acess to her"

"He asked her kya kar rahi ho tum .."

kya kar rahi hui mai ... her lips curved into small smile that erputed from her corner ...she sealed her lips with his, pulled him closer to her to feel her naked body on him..

He couldn't resisted , he pulled towards himself more tighter , turned her to the wall , deepening the kiss , he is relishing her with his tongue , playing with her tongue ,sending sweet squezes on her back , she sandwiched her body with in him and the wall ..her leg crawled on his ,Im desperatly waiting for this ram,plz love me ...

 Her hand started to unbutton his kurtha ..
"Suddenly the realization strukd he left her abruptly walked back to the room..."

She left out a small smile with a sigh ..finished her bathing , wrapped a towel on her ...
she found he is talking in the phone with someone...
she called out ...rammm..rammm

he ran to her kya kya ??what happen ??
what i should wear honey...
is this "pink" ok ---- pulling his collar i will be "very sexy" in this ...
ok let it be ,  what about this "light blue" ... i will be "angelic "
hardly suprresing his raging emotions ,
hmm ok you dont like this tooo  what about thisred nightie [the one which she weard in honey moon]

his mind diverted by beep sound on his mobile ...

she too peeped to see the msg ..

" Ram she is perfectly fine, she conformd with me in the hospital she can lead a nrmal FAMILY life , all the best ,sweet night ,Dr.Anshu"

She bite her lowerlip ,her surprise spoiled a bit ...but she was very happy that ram is so caring and too adorable ...
Breaking the silence kuch kaha priya ..
Nahi kuch toh nahi ??? you are saying something na before what ...
Ha what about this red nighty ...
Red nighty toh achha hai ,but you are more sexy without dress ,grasped one end of her towel ..
Sooo he held tightly to release from her towel..

Now his steps are facing back to the room ,his long strides reaching her very easily ..
She about to fall on the bed ..he clasped her tighly ,placing her on the bed gently , detached the towel from her body ..

She cupped her face with in her arms... wooo sharam aagayi ??

Woh do i have seen the desire in this girl just before few mins...he took the flowers petals from the side table which he used to put in her bath ...

He showered them on her face , some petals landed on her lips , petals were trembling with her heavy breath ...he moved closer crushed the petals between their lips ... it was melted and finishd in thier each longingness while savouring the nector from eachother ...

He purged his clothes off ..kissed her longly ,his kiss slid down to neck line , she arched her neck back to give him full acess on her ,her chest moving up and down with heavy breath , he gave his first love bite on her milky shoulder , all she could utter "ram" , slowly he deepens his kisses down to the cleavage.

He cupped her b*****s , caressing them feeling the softness ,her n*****s hardened by this action of him , her hands dancing on his back , she can feel his breath on her bosom , her breaths raised , she was expecting to him suck her ,take her to the extreme happiness, he paused a min.

She opend her eyes to look at him,he is looking somewhere,she followed his look , found his favorite black forest cake chalenging her ,she paused a min  not understanding his intentions,

Thinking in her mind yeh golu bhi na romance ke vaktha me black forest cake ko .her mind freezed when  a soft cream rubbed on her areola,she shivered like a leaf , 
 He glanced at her rosy face before his lips found its way , started lick the cream as well as soft flesh of her ,thousands of butterflies ran thrw her stomach ,

what it is ? she murmured under her breath ,
"surprise "
Ram what ..her words stammered , as he did same with another b*****t ,he cupped the other , sucking madly ,

priya... cream is ... too good you are delicious than cream ,

He attcked again by telling this ,she held her breath ,her body ached for more , a breathless longing was waiting for so much more she thought..
he reached her lips biting her lower lip, enterd in her sweet nector ,relishing of each corner in her mouth , twisting his tongue with her ,she was totally lost in her ..
he paused ...

What you were thinking priya??

She gasped ,holding her erratic heart beat ,a smile crepted on his face ...
How you felt honey ??
Her cheeks turned to crimson red ,bolo na he pleaded ..
"Amazed "
"sachhi "his fingers rolling on her nipples to feel the erectness,
she could only utter "Ha "
"Matlab"his fingers caressed her n*****s , she couldn't take it anymore ,she pressed her lowerbody to his ,to relieve her excitement..
"sachhi " again he asked
He pulled her n*****ls, grasped tightly with his fingers keeping a distance ...

plzzz ram..

He asssaulting her n******s again ..

you are hurting me..
But you are body enjoying my company ...
Free me from your grip ,
Than answer my question ,if you answer it i will leave you , if you wont answer i will show you what im up to...
"sachhi" again he asked ...

"ha sa" her words dazed in her mouth when he freed one of her b****t from his grip gulped in his mouth ,anothr hand still assalting her another n****e ,his free hand touched her sensitive area , she jerked ..
Ram..what ???
He freed a sec from his unstopble suking of her curve mumbled "sachhi"

She got the point if she wont repeat that word ,he will torture her ,anyday he wont let her to tell the word from her larynx upto he satisfied with his act ..
today she wanted to tell ,he clouded her mind rubbing on her private part , sucking of her curve , caressing another curve , pressing his lower body to her , his legs firing with her legs ,her hands not able to reach him , as one hand is lying under him , another hand is in long ditance from him , she grasped the pillow tightly moaning "RAM"

His masage went wildly ," Don't stop ram" , his desiry looks meet hers...and his lips nibbling her curve ,while the other hand fiercly caressing the other ,her leg muscles contracted , streching up ,he teased her without mercy !!!she is moaning his name uncountable times telling "love it" ,he knows she is coming to her peack, she about to tore the pillow in her tight grip,he fastend his actions on all ,she yelped a loud moan , "aaah" streched her body up and collapsed back with utmost satisfaction , the flow started wet on her lowerpart ..

She relaxed a bit , What you did to me ???? openin her eyes ...
His manhood trikling on her entrance ...what i did ? i will show you ,
he blurred her question entering her ,its been so long time ,missing you my inside priya ,she freezed with his action what he was up to ,he cupped her breasts to caress them , her nails digging on his back , his movements making her arouse to the core , the room filled with her moans ,his groans, he grasped  her hips to take total control over her , he pressed her more tighter than ever , her hands lazily back down as she can't reach ram , he is teasing her making charge over her ,once he is taking fully out and thrushing in her the very instance ,her mind and body clouded  only thing she murmurd "ram" all the time uncountable times...his grasp on her hips tightened more ..

"Ram i want more " he dragged her hips towards him , she easily slid down into him, making the puzzle perfect ,he is riding on her with his soft ,mild strokes,his strokes became progressive and fasten , she know he is coming  closer ,she snaked her legs against his waist , moved deeper ,his ride became fast , a jet flow passed on her innerwalls , he groaned "Priya " ...landed on her bosom ...she ruffeles his hair ,slid down from her slept beside her making her comfortable ...
He whispered in her ear ..

How it is ???

where you learned from this ?? asked while gasping for breath

My wife like surprises ?

That is not the answer for my question ?

Than what you want to know ???

Where you learned from this torture ???

Correctin " Sexy torture"

Ya whatever ???

Happy realization my dear hitler !!

she gave an angry glare to him,what  .. i mean ,he cut her words in between
you want it again ???

she about to spell  he sealed her lips with his to start of another smooth love making session...

Thank you once again ..please please leave your comments and plz dont forgot to hit "LIKE" you alll ...

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For new thread and your 2000 post...

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awesome awesome update just loved it than ks for dedicating it to me...

and specially mentioning my name love you...

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congratulation on new thread... Smile

hot sizzling update... too hot to handle... Wink... update soon... Smile

thank u so much... Smile

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awesome update... plz plz update soon

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Omg omg omg...woah !!!
im speechless !!!!

Thanku for such a wonderful update

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ohhh guru ji wat was that uufff superbly written ...hooottt sexxxyyy sizzzlinggg update Clap Clap Clap  Clap Clap Clap  Clap Clap Clap and congratulations for new thread Big smile Hug

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Once again congrats for completing 2000 posts...and starting a new thread...

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