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Taarey&Swaron ff "2nd Chance" part 14 up!

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
HI!!!! I noticed that there arent many taarey ff's, which is kind of dissappointing, so i decided to write one myself, also, i feel that Swaron are very cute. TAAREY and Swaron fans plz read!!!
"2nd Chance"
Character Sketch (main characters only)

Reyaansh Singhia: Eldest of 3. Very caring person, he fell in love with Kria Gai. He was completely shattered after he found out that he was cheated on... best friends are Taani and Swayam. He was far from his family for 6 years in order to complete his studies. After Kria's death he became serious and lost himself and kept most of his closest friends and family distanced from himself.

Taani Raiprakash: loves dance! Would do anything for people who are close to her, her best friend is Rey. She has a little sister, Sharon. She also left but for 7 years.

Swayam Shikwant: tries to make everyone happy...he has tried cheering up Rey, but Rey pushed him out of the way after Kria's betrayal. Really close to Taani though. Is in love with Sharon, even though they rnt exactly friends. She also left for 6 years.

Sharon Raiprakash: Hates swayam due to some misunderstanding. Is really energetic, but very straight to the point which often causes her to seem rude. Formed her own group of social butterflies.

Vicky Singhia: in love with Neha, is very concerned about his brother, Rey. Part of Sharon's "group"

Simmi Singhia: very friendly, doesn't like any divides but unknowingly got caught in one. Part of Sharon's "group"

Rinni Walia: dumb, but sweet part of sharon's "group"

Neha Kapoor: in love with Vicky, but is excluded from Sharon's "group"

Bharat Roy: excluded from Sharon's "group"

Vaishaka (Via) Aage: excluded from Sharon's "group"

Amar Jaabi: excluded from Sharon's "group"
Character Sketch...Page 1 (Above)
Part 1...Page 1 (Below)
Part 2 & PM list...Page 4
Part 3...Page 5
Part 4...Page 7
Part 5...Page 8
Part 6...Page 12
Part 7...Page 18
Part 8...Page 21
part 9...Page 25
part 10...Page 30
Part 11...Page 35 
Part 12...Page 40
Part 13...Page 46
Part 14...Page 55

Part 1

It's been 1 year since Rey left Exel College in Delhi. He busied himself in work, doesn't really have a social life anymore, just does what his family wants.

Mrs.Singhia: Rey, Vicky, and Simmi! We all have to go to a gathering at the Raiprakash house, it's kind of last minute, but Mr.Raiprakash said he wants to surprise his wife, and he wants everyone to be there in order to witness it... I thought it's very sweet, so I told them we r all go get ready!

Everybody just got ready without any complains

At the party~

Vicky and Simmi go to join the young group of people, while Rey just sits in the living with the oldies.

With the gang~

Vicky and Neha are sitting on opposite sides of the room but, r still looking deep into each others eyes...until Sharon interrupts.

Sharon: Vicky! Ur not supposed to communicate with any of Swayam's friends! Ur part of MY group not HIS!

Simmi: Sharon, Swayam didn't actually form a group of his own, u kinda created it for him...and just because Neha tried defending him from your rude remarks, it doesn't mean that they are friends.

Neha: actually it does! I only defend my friends and family!

Sharon rolls her eyes and puts on a bored expression...

Swayam: y m I always the topic being discussed?

Sharon: because u always do something wrong!

Swayam: what did I do now?

Sharon: you and ur little "group" showed up at MY house!

Via: hey little miss brainless! Ur dad invited our families! We didn't invite ourselves, and we definitely didn't come to spend time with you guys! EW

Bharat: exactly!

Sharon: *gets mad and throws a vase across the room* don't give me attitude u nobody!

In the other room~

All the adults hear something break...

Mr.Raiprakash: srry everyone I think Sharon and Swayam r having their usually problems

Rey: * thinking- I still can't believe that someone actually dislikes Swayam. That's odd and confusing...but this Sharon chick sounds wacko, I wish I didn't leave Swayam alone, poor guy doesn't have much of a life anymore. I really miss Taani, every time we try to talk something always happens that make our conversations brief. I hope Taani isn't going through any problems, but she is a strong girl she knows how handle things. I think I lost my closest friends all because of that stupid Kria! She ruined everything! I m never going to forgive her! I m going to go for a drive*

Mrs.Raiprakash: I'll go check on them

Rey: excuse me, uncle?

Mr.Raiprakash: yes?

Rey: I have to go my office, something urgent came it okay if I leave for an hour?

Mr.Raiprakash: of course! Go beta, but try to hurry back.

Rey leaves and Mrs.Raiprakash goes to the room where the gang resides and finds a broken vase and flowers scattered everywhere...

Mrs.Raiprakash: Sharon! Wats all this!?! Y did u do this!

Sharon: because I was frustrated!

Mrs.Raiparkash: y did u take it out on my poor vase?

Sharon: *folds her arms, and looks at Swayam* because, it would be rude to through a guest across the room

Mrs.Raiprakash: Ur sister would have been so ashamed of you rite now! Didn't u promise her that you will try to get along with Swayam?

Swayam: *thinking- y would sharon's sister care? Awww poor Sharon looks so sad*

Sharon: ma, I don't, it's just that-----

Mr.Raiprakash comes running into the room shouting "the surprise is here!"

Mrs.Raiprakash: Wait! It's important to deal with this situation before checking the surprise

Mr.Raiprakash: hahaha no it isn't, trust me! Just come to the living room!

Mrs.Raiprakash: *sighs* come on everyone, let's go to the living room, but don't think that this discussion is finished! Nobody gets to leave this house or the living room until the problems are somewhat solved.

Everyone groans and follows the two adults into the living room. Everyone in the room is talking amongst themselves about what the surprise could be, then suddenly all the lights go off, and the room gets very dark.

Sharon: uff! Yeh stupid lights ko ab jaana tha!

Then the lights come back on, everyone looks at each other, than they realize a new person is in the room with them, a female.

Mrs.Raiprakash: Taani!!! *runs and gives her daughter a big hug*

Taani: hi ma!

Mrs.Raiprakash: omg! Toh tum ho meri surprise? *Taani nods her head* Isse ache surprise toh mere liye aur kuch bhi nahi ho sakta!

Mr.Raiprakash: attention everyone!!! I would like to announce that my older daughter, Taani has come back home, and now will permanently be living in Mumbai! Also, she has managed to open her own dance academy!

Everyone cheers...many people go to congratulate and talk with Taani, but Taani keeps trying to look for someone.

Sharon: Di! Ur back! I m so happy! I missed you so much!

Taani: Sharon I missed u 2!

Mrs.Raiprakash: Taani after hearing wat I m bout to say, u will probably change ur mind *Sharon looks down*

Taani: Kyun? Kya hua ma? Is everything alright?

Mrs.Raiprakash tells Taani what happened in the other room...

Taani: I can't believe this! Y do u keep picking fights with him Sharon?

Sharon: di! U don't even know him, so just stop trying to protect him!

Taani: ma I m going to Sharon's room, call me downstairs after everyone leaves, and have the two "groups" stay...

Taani goes to Sharons room.

Swayam didn't hear the conversation, but he saw the trio talking, he had a smile on his face, because he is finally seeing Taani after 1 year. He is very happy with her. All the guests thought that the smile on Swayam's face was for Sharon.

After 2 hrs all the guests leave, except for the members of the two "groups". Taani comes downstairs and has everyone stand in a line. She keeps walking up and down the line...

Sharon: di! Will u stop pacing?

Taani: could everyone split into the two groups u supposedly are divided into?

Via: hey, y should we listen to you?

Taani: because, if u want to go home than we have to minimize most of ur problems, and I m here to help with that

Via: Look I don't want to listen to u, so I won't

Swayam: just listen to Taani guys! It will be a shorter process.

Taani: he's right *she winks at Swayam*

Swayam: *chuckles*

Everybody is surprised by the interactions between Swayam and Taani

Sharon: *thinking- wah...normally Swayam acts as if I m the only girl he's ever liked, wat about today? Y does he keep looking at Taani Di? Wait...a min, y do I care? It's his life he can go jump off a cliff for all I care*

Simmi: let's all just quickly do wat she is asking, I want to go home!

Neha: Yea, I agree

Via: Fine, whatever

Everyone goes and stands around their respective leaders.

Taani: *walks up to Rinni*,excuse me, wat is ur name?

Rinni: Rinni

Taani who is ur "groups" leader?

Rinni: of course it's Sharon!!! One of the most beautiful ppl alive! *Sharon smiles, everyone else looks irrtated.*

Taani: o lemme guess ur one of those ppl who don't have a brain of their own?

Rinni goes speechless, and everyone, except Sharon start laughing.

Taani: *walks up to Bharat* excuse me, wat is ur name?

Bharat: Bharat

Taani: okay so, Bharat who is ur "group's" leader?

Bharat: Swayam

Taani: o so, are the group leaders the only ones who fight with each other? Or do the rest of u also fight with each other.

Vicky: only Swayam and Sharon fight! They've made it impossible for me 2 live freely!

Nilesh: yea! Vicky and Neha are in love, but they can't spend much time together because all us rnt allowed to mix the groups.

Taani: who's neha *Neha raises her hand* congratulations!

Neha: thanks?

Taani: okay, so Swayam and Sharon can one of you tell me why my little sister and one of my best friends don't get along?

Everyone had a confused expression on their face.

Amar: you already know Swayam? *Taani nods her head*

Rinni: how?

Taani: that story we could talk about later, rite now, we need to minimize some will someone plz tell me the cause of the hatred?

Sharon: The first time I saw Swayam, he was taking this girl home...I got disgusted...then the next time I saw him, he told me he loved me! He is so characterless!

Taani: ummm that doesn't sound like Swayam

Sharon: how would you know?

Taani: I have known Swayam for 7 years, I think I would know

Everyone: 7 YEARS!?!

Swayam: actually, Taani that day when Sharon saw me, I was helping a girl, the girl was bleeding, I was trying to take her to the hospital, so I carried her. I told Sharon the truth about loving her, because------

Taani: I know...u liked her since u first saw her. *turns to Sharon* he's not a bad person, don't let this misunderstanding get in the way of gaining a trustworthy friend.

Sharon: r u sure Di? Do u think Swayam is a good person?

Taani: I don't think that, I know that! He is very kind, y do u think he is always so silent? He doesn't like arguments.

Sharon: *looks at Swayam, then at Taani* okay di, i will try to get to know him better

Swayam: *thinking- wow! I just love Taani! Dost ho, toh Taani jaisi honi chaiye*

Neha: so does that mean Vicky and I could talk now? *Sharon smiles lightly and nods her head*

Sharon: guys, I m srry...I should have dragged everyone into this mess, and I know was rlly rude to all of u, do u think u can forgive me?

Via: Sharon, I can actually understand ur perspective, it's okay, I would've done the same if I were u

Neha: I would've also *smiles*

Vicky: awww! Group hug!

Everybody except Swayam and Taani gather for the hug

Nilesh: Hey y rnt u guys here? Come!

Swayam joins the group, Taani was about to, but then she heard a knock on the front door, so she went to open the door *Note: the entrance into the house is in the living room*. When she opens the door, she squeals in excitement, everyone looked up at saw Rey at the front door.

Taani: Rey! *hugs him tightly*

Rey: Taani! Tum yahan? *hugs her back tighter*

Everyone, except Swayam, were shocked to see them hugging, because Rey normally moves away when ppl try to hug him, but he is willingly hugging Taani.

First part complete! Plz like and comment!

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heyy like i said before on my previous comment i love this ff Embarrassed cnt wait for u to continue 

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plz pm the ff ...Smile

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Wow superb ff excellent work plz update soon. I love it

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loved loved loved itClapClap
plzz update soonEmbarrassed

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hey superb yarr plz pm me Smile

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pm needed! loved it! 

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its cool update cant wait to see what happens next

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