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Posted: 26 May 2005 at 8:32am | IP Logged

Rough Update for 25 May by  jingle 

I was not able to watch the serial ,i had to attend important work in the office so i am posting the update as per the story told to me by my friend Bela over the phone


Vedanth challenges and warns dk that he should never try to come near disha or touch her dk is ferocious and asks to give the phone to disha vedanth disagrees and dk asks him whether vedanth is aware that he is speaking to dk sehagal ,dk also tells he can do anything to him even kill him vedanth is angry and shouts "go ahead" ,I am not going to budge they keep the phones disha vedanth and dk are upset

Dk comes home throws the mobile on the bed and is angry tells to himself what does he think of himself, that time sumitra comes there and tells control your temper that time dk remembers how disha used to tell him the same dk goes from there sumitra checks the mobile to see to whom he had last spoken to she finds disha's number.

They show disha and vedanth hugging telling "I love u" to each other ….suddenly inder gets up to realize that it is just a dream he is upset, there rano comes and tells that she got a beautiful dream of vedanth and disha's marriage she goes from there inder tells to himself I don't want disha to marry vedanth .

Dk is taking to someone over the phone he asks to find out the whereabouts of vedanth that time sumitra comes there and makes dk to wear the coat and asks him whether he happy with the marriage ,but dk tells he is very happy that sumitra tells that pari has told her reason for his tension "disha" pari has told her that disha loved him and wanted to marry him but dk did not love her and he married pari , dk is relived by hearing to this.sumitra tells him that a person cannot keep everyone happy at the same time he will surely hurt someone but it doesn't mean he has to sacrifice his happiness dk agrees with her later sumitra tells after dk's marrige she will have vedanth married and dk has to do a lot to him since he is his younger brother, dk tells and thinks yes I have to do a lot……

Dk is in the car he calls someone and tells that he knows where vedanth is there so they have to complete the job within hr

Vedanth is going in the car thinking of disha suddenly is above to hit someone ……nothing happens he tells to himself "mr vedanth sehagal " don't dream, disha will not marry you .disha is thinking of dk(all flash backs ..dk putting sindhoor to disha,rain scene)

Vedanth gets put of the car that ime some men come and hit him with hockey sticks ,the injured vedanth is taken to bhonsle house suhas asks disha to marry vedanth .after vedanth comes disha goes to dk'soffice and slaps him.


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Posted: 26 May 2005 at 8:35am | IP Logged

Filled in the blanks of 25th episode by Vidya

Jingle u havent missed anything.  U have written almost all.  Vedant is acting too great of himself now.  Just cant stand the way he is behaving with DK.

They show Disha asking Ved "Will u marry me?"  And a long love scene was there.  (I for one was shocked.  How could she?)  But then of course it is that Bunder dreaming all this. 

DK is speaking on the phone and telling whoever is there on the other side to find Vedant.  Here Vedant is driving and dreaming about Disha.  And there Disha is dreaming about DK.  They show all the scenes sindoor, hotel, rain, etc.  Vedant thinks to himself that Disha will never marry me.

The next scene is at DK's house.  His mom helps him to put the coat and asks him if he is happy.  DK gets irritated and says "Ma tum bhi baar baar yeh sawaal kyun puchti ho?  Main khush hoon".   I know u are tensed because of Disha.  Well u cant make everybody happy at the same time.  So DK sez "Haan Ma sabke naseeb mein khushi kaha hai? "  (Of course he means himself here).

DK is in the car speaking on his cell.  He says I know where Vedant is, now u do exactly like how I have told u".

The next scene Vedant is waylaid by 3 goons and he is hit very badly on the head and is left by the roadside.

Here Suhas once again asks Disha like what is her decision regarding her marriage to Ved.  Disha asks for time.  She says it is not proper for me to marry him.  He is DK's brother and it is not right.  So Suhas says what is DK to you? nothing.  Disha says I dont want to be the cause of enmity between the two brothers and exactly at that time an unconscious Ved is brought there by Gautam and a couple of guys.  Gautam says he saw Ved by the roadside so brought him to their place.  Suhas says who could have done this and Disha is thinking of the previous phone conversation bet the two brothers. 

DK is once again on the phone.  He says good, kaam ho gaya?  Fine.  He says whether it is in life or in business i wont leave anyone.  Bang on that time Disha is there listening to all this.  DK is stunned on seeing her.  she comes forward like an express train and zor se ek chaanta lagaati hain.

Well thats it.  I hope Jingle I have filled in all the blanks.

I think it is Inder who has done all this.  anyways lets see.

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Posted: 26 May 2005 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jingle

Highlights for May 26th

Inder the villan in making

Vedanth being little considerate by not asking disha to remove the bangles

Dk not able to accept that disha is going to marry vedanth

Marriage on the same day

Again  a new kassam.

Any one wants to borrow cancer ……it is ready to use in the teleworld.


Disha slap to dk is replayed twice or did she slap twice was not quite clearly evident ,DK was shocked by the sudden slap not able to understand the cause behind the slap poor dk was touching his hurt cheeks (any sponsors to nurse it), disha starts walking all around dk's room

Disha: I never thought that u will stoop so low that you get your own brother hit by the goondas, you can never change you are the same selfish dk, who thinks of his own happiness, who can do anything to fulfill his purposes

Dk is all the time trying to tell disha: disha I…but disha doesn't allow him to complete the sentence

Disha tells dk: you dare not come near vedanth because, even I have the right to be happy, now I am going to marry vedanth your younger brother (the whole screen turns blue and white and the background music of lightning) dk's face turns pale. Disha leaves the room .dk is dumb folded.dk tells to himself "disha you don't know what you are doing, you are spoiling your fate by your own hands.Confused


The goondas are tlaking they are saying we should not have done the work until the advance was given to us, that time a car comes there, the glass is lowered and money is given to the men. They say that the work has been done properly, they leave the place.

Suddenly and slowly they show the one and the only the great inder (the wild monkey),

Who thinks "now I will see how vedanth will marry disha, forever he will not dare to think of a marriage with disha (a wicked smile)?"disha couldn't be mine so she cannot be of anyone especially of that vedanth never?the background music: the same type as that given to sanya and gargi)Angry


Disha enters the house that time suhas asks where she had been disha tells that she had been to the bank suhsa is above to go from there that time disha calls her and tells  "ayyi ,I am ready to marry vedanth?ayyi is very happy(as if she got the noble prize),then suhas asks disha if you r really ready to marry vedanth then remove the magalsutra and sindhoor now it has no value for you disha tells to herself "ayyi if you had asked me to give my life then I would have given that also to you?SPAN>  disha removes the mangalsutra and sindhoor (flashback:marriage of dk and disha ) ayyi asks her to remove the bangles , when disha is above to remove the bangles that time vedanth who has bandage on his forehead comes there and stops disha from removing the bangles and tells these are of  badhi mom so you have to wear them, you will be her bahu even though I am her step son ,disha is happy .

Rano goes and tells Inder that there is good news inder asks everyone knows what the good news is "you r becoming maa and I dad?(acting like devoted hubby) then rano tells no disha has agreed to marry vedanth ,inder is shocked and shouts (he shivering and upset) how can that be possible rano asks why? Inder (Ltrying to cover up)disha loves dk doesn't she,rano looks a him


Back In bhonsle house

Vedanth asks disha whether she is sure that she wants to marry him since until yesterday she was telling that she loved dk and none else and he(ved)was just a friend ,and whether she is taking the decision under pressure.

Disha: I have forgotten dk, there is no place for him in my life ,I never thought that he can get you injured ,please don't raise his name before me

Vedanth who was not knowing that dk was behind the hitting business is shocked.

IN A room azuba , vedanth and disha (in blue salwaar )

Suhas  comes there and tells that pundit has told coming Monday is a good day for marriage vedanth tells "next Monday is brother's marriage?disha: so what we are going to marry on that day?o:p>

Suhas is happy hearing to disha's decision

 When azuba and disha are alone

Disha asks for his blessings that time azuba tells he is not ready to accept that dk could do such a thing and he has no strength and capacity to bless her ,he goes from there ,disha is sad 

In sehagal house

Dk is talking to someone over the phone

Dk: there is no need to find out the whereabouts of vedath ,he just needed him to get

Some of his signs on some tender papers

Dk is sitting on the sofa alone ,sad trying to swallow and come in terms of disha's slap and her words ,heis  not able to tolerate he takes a drink in tumbler and is above to drink it paari mata stops him dk goes wild

Pari?I cannot see you in this condition, I will not allow you to drink, I am you wife, and now you need my company (she is still holding the tumbler)

Dk tells her at least now you don't try to be my wife.

He gives the cup to pari and goes from there

Par:pashima (some Bengali word)

In the jail

Vedanth goes to meet gargi

Gargi is very happy looking at him and tells that she never thought he would come to meet her because of her behavior last time, do you remember me please get me out of this jail, here it is very hot they give me thick rotis to eat with half boiled dal,and also asks him how come he is injured

Vedanth tells her she is there in the jail because of her own deeds and it is in her fate; gargi tells, "gargi creates her own fate?o:p>

Vedanth tells her that there is a marriage proposal listening to this gargi is excited and asks who is it? Her name? 'vedanth tells that it is disha ;gagri is shocked ;veadnth turns his back towards her and tell  ?it was my dream to marry disha and now it is coming true, no one can stop me (gagri doesn't like this she tries to stop ved by her hand but he goes from there )

 In sehagal house

Vedanth enters the house face dk; vedanth tells dk look again I am in your path ,sorry brother ,and now I am marrying disha

Dk is upset and controls his anger

 Bhonsle house:

 Dk comes there in his car gets out, disha who is in pink salwaar looking at dk comes there ,Dk tells her that he was not behind the beating incident ,disha is not ready to listen and dk tells her he still loves her and he is forced to marry pari because maa might die any time "she has blood cancer?and he has to fulfill her last wishes ;disha is touched by this both are crying they hug


The dk's car stops dk comes out his beautiful dream, he gets out of the car disha who sees dk comes there and asks why he has come dk holds her hand and tells that he loves her that time disha removes his hand and tells I am your younger brother's would be wife ,dk is above to tell maa that time disha tells every time you do what you want by using maa's name now you are marrying pari s now please don't come near me ,touch me ,and your maa's kassam you don't try to meet me or talk to me

Dk is shocked (his eyes are moist)


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Posted: 30 May 2005 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jingle


Welcome entry of a new girl!-guess who?

Dk turning to be devdas

Suhas trying to show inder his place

Sumitra accepts vedanth and disha's marriage

Want to see sanya's dance!




In the bhonsle house

Dk tells disha that no one can stop him from seeing her when he wants, even she cannot stop him and tells her that she can keep all types of wrong impressions about him since she does not want to listen to the truth, dk is above to go disha stops him. Hopefull dk comes back trying to convince disha that time she tells him that "if he cannot give or keep any promise she cannot help it but today she will take a kassam, that the day she marries vedanth she will stop thinking of dk and dk has no place in her life". Hearing to this dk is above to cry he goes from there, suhas who notices disha speaking to dk is upset and asks her what was he telling her and it is important for her to know it since disha is marrying dk's younger brother, disha asks suhas to trust her and she  informeddk that there is no place for him in her life,suhas and disha hug.

Rano's house:

Suhas is cutting the fruits for rano and she(suhas) had come there to take rano for the sangeeth function, Indy(acting like a caring hubby)tells that he will drop her in bhonsle house after the doctor's checkup ,rano goes to take bath that time,

Inder :why are you forcing disha to marry vedanth ?

Suha(who is shocked and is fuming in anger):no one is forcing her to marry vedanth

Inder: first she married dk under pressure u didn't tell anything even though u knew very well that we (disha and inder) wanted to marry, now she is marrying vedanth (suhas is upset listening to this and looking at inder's attitude)

Suhas: u better accept what' going on, it for disha' welfare

Inder who is upset leaves the place.


Sehagal house:

Vedanth calls up one of his friends; it is a girl –GUESS WHO-NONE ELSE THEN THE KAREENA FROM KAREENA KAREENA

He informs her that he is getting married on Monday and she has to come there girl is very happy and she promises to attend the marriage

Dk who enters the room that time is fuming in anger.

Dk :u have played a very well planned game to separate disha from me ,I  never thought that u could go to such a extent

Vedanth is above to give back answer but notices sumitra entering the room ,so keeps quite

Sumitra asks the what's the matter that time vedanth tells that he is going to marry listening to this sumitra is happy but dk leaves the room (a dejected look), vedanth tells that her would be bahu is disha sumtra is upset(she gets the flash back when she threw dihsa out of the house)


Next scene in the room

Pori comes near the room door

Sumitra :I am happy that u r getting married

Vedanth :then what's the problem? 

Sumitra tells pari has told her that disha was in love with dk

 Pari is shocked (no one has seen her)and upset

So vedanth convinces her saying every one has a past, in the same way disha has a past but now she loves him, sumitra is convinced.


In vedanth's room

Vedanth is taking out a coat from the cupboard pari comes there and tells this is a old coat but no problem some how even your wife is old that is her's is a second marriage, vedanth is irritated.

Dk is standing near the door and listening to their conversation

Pari who notices him (dk) tells vedanth: I know why u r marrying disha, because your girlfriend is marrying dk so your marrying dk's wife disha don't worry of her since dk was always cheating her and treating her very badly even u can also do the same thing and we both can easily continue the relationship, and when u get bored u can throw her out of your life as dk did

Vedanth makes hand action asking her to laeave the room ,dk is upset


In the bhonsle house

Disah ,sanya gauthum and suhas r selecting the mandap designs that time sanya tells" u can select one for this marriage and another for the next marriage" gauthum asks to shut up so sanya goes from there

Sumitra comes there looking at her suhas is surprised and little taken aback suhas tells her they didn't inform her since they thought vedanth will tell and there was only little yime for the marriage her sumitra tells that she has not come to break the marriage and infact she is happy and tells that she wants to talk to disha privately

Sumitra and disha r alone

Sumitra: do u really wants to marry vedanth  ;disha : " yes"

Sumitra: when u come to my house as bahu remember not to cross the decency limits and to behave properly and not to do anything which will force me (sumi)to throw u out the house like last time .


Sumitra and disha hug




DK is sitting on the rocks he is drinking (he emptied one bottle), he gets the flash back (disha on th phone asking him why he hasn't yet told the truth to mummiji,and pari's statement to vedanth)

Dk tells himself I can no more tolerate disha hattered, I have to tell her truth

He tries to get up; he falls, again gets up and goes

In the bhonsle house

Sangeeth function has started suhas searches for disha

Sanya brings her and forces disha stay in the function saying, "Madam it is your marriage u have to stay"

Banno rani song is played sanya dances along with other women  (disha simply sits on the floor)

Disha stays without wanting to do so suhas goes to call up someone that time dk's car comes in front the house dk gets out of the car stands near the car and shouts    "disha! Disha!"

Suhas goes near the window and looks at dk , dk's voice draws disha's attention



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Originally posted by jingle


May 31 update:

dk continues calling disha and shouts that he will come inside the house if she doesn't come out to meet him suhas increases the volume of the music so that disha doesn't hear anything ,gauthum goes to stop dk but dk pushes him to the side and tries to enter the house that time azuba stops dk and asks him not to create trouble and that he has no right to take away disha's happiness which has reentered her life ,dk is shocked and tells that disha is his wife and she cannot marry anyone else that time azuba questions dk as whether he can cancel his marriage with pari, dk just puts his head down helplessly and doesn't tell anything azuba requests dk with folded hands to go from there dk obeys and leaves the place .

sumitra is above to take medicine that time dk enters the place totally drunk and falls on teh floor sumitra takes him inside and asks why is he drinking and pari had told her that he was drinking before and he has got everything a beautifull and caring wife and wealth dk is agitated and shouts "let that pari go to hell " and is above to tell the truth he looks at her medicines and remembers what doctor had told him and keeps quite and tells her crying that he drunk because of happiness and today everyone r happy disha ,vedanth ,u(sumi)so even i. sumitra informs him that disha has promised her that she will not create any problems ,pari who is listening to all these things comes there keeps her hand on dk's shoulder and tells no one can come between them and dk will never leave her that time dk goes from there .

rano wants to got o the sangeeth function inder tells her that doctor has asked to stay in the house and if disha is particular that rano has to be then let her postpone the marriage rano agrees and stays back ,rano asks inder to attend the function

inder meets disha and asks why she is marrying for the second time against her wish since she doesn't love vedanth that time she tells that she doesn't love vedanth and the marriage is for the happiness of her people suhas who listens to this is upset and asks inder what is he doing there and sends him out ,sukanya who looks them tells to herself that she do her best to increase the suspicion in suhas mind

dk tries to call disha since he is upset of his behavior and he wants to tell sorry to disha when he calls up disha is praying so he doesn't receive the call ,later when sees his number she tries to call up by that time dk had thrown the cell phone near the mirror.

sukanya and sanya r talking when they see suhas sukanya asks sanya is there any custom of friends meeting the girl before the marriage that also younger sister's husband; and how inder and disha were meeting today suhas is upset listening tot his .suhas goes to disha and asks to check the list of the friends who have to be invited ,disha who is arranging the cloths tells u only check it ,suhas is agitated and tells u r marring because of me and u don't love vedanth that's what u were saying to inder and if u try to come between rano and inder again I will (suhas makes her as if she is going to strangulate disha).


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There was this one scene when Sanya meets Gargi in jail. Gargi wants Sanya to stop the wedding b/w Dish and Ved (and that is what we want too Gargee auntie...). and Gargi is ready to pay any amt to Sanya once she is out of jail. But Sanya says that for her it would be better if the wedding takes place. Gargi is shocked. Sanya says that if the marriage happens Dish would go to Kanaka house. SHe (Dish) may get thrown out once again by Sum/Ved. She will have to come back to Bhonsle house and then she would be dependent on Sanya for everything and Sanya would extract her revenge. Poor Gargi is just left staring.

In the last 3 minutes of the episode DIsh was aboslutely shocked to hear Suhas's accusation. Pori is looking at a invitation and admiring it. Just then teapot Dk comes there. Pori comes near him and touches him. teapot DK just wards her off. Pori continues as to they also need to prepare a very good wedding invite. teapot DK is least interested. Then Pori mentions that their invite needs to be better that Ved and Dish's as they are much better couple. That is when teapot DK notices the invite and looks suitably shocked. Dish continues to remain silent and sits down quietly. She looks at the invite, and burns the invite in the candle fire and sees it burning. (She had a sad dejected look in her face).

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hey guys can u tel me how u get pics up on screen coz i don no how!!!!!!!!Cry
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Posted: 05 June 2005 at 9:58am | IP Logged
were do u get this info from?????????????????????Question

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