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May Week 1 Updates

Tumhari Disha : 2nd May '05 Episode Update by twine and Swathi

Ok people, 1st things 1st...I have already clarified in the promo thread anyways here it is once again. In the promo DK and Disha are not talking with each other rather they were thinking aloud to themselves. My comments in italics within the update. 



I have reproduced twine's update below for continuity sake. Thanks twine.

i just saw the first few minutes of td, update of which i am giving here:

Disha is sitting in  her room ,she is sad thinking of sumitra who doesn't recognise her and how she asked disha to go back to her house,

Disha comes out of her room ,from behind pari calls her name  "disha", disha looks back .

pari:at last the day has come for you to leave the house , and here is a gift for you .

disha is irritated she opens the cover ,where a album of pari's snaps with western outfits are there.

pari:since dk and vedanth are having traditonal values so from now on i have to stick to descent dresses ! since disha your r leaving the house you can take this some how you have done a lot of favours to me ,whenever you remember me you can see this photos.

disha is about to leave the place but returns back and tells pari in my absence you remember not to create problems in this house if you do then i will not keep quite ,i will send u to  the place where gargi is there, so this pics will be usefull for u ,u better preserve them............

SUDENLY:lady constanble throws pari on to the prison where a gargi is kept , after the jail door is closed gargi comes to pari with a rope in her hand to strangulte her pari shouts save,save........

Pari realises it was just a bad dreamLOL


suhas is cleaning the room, disha comes there suhas hugs her and tells that she is happy to see disha back but disha says she hasn't yet left dk's house ,still sumitra's condition hasn't improved and so she needs her attention even dk needs.

suhas:pari dk's wife is there to look after them ,disha this is your weakness you always think of the whole world in turn you don't get anything,disha is sad disha and says i will leave dk's house tomorrow only, i will shift my things here suhas asks her to promise that she will not change hert decision ,disha promises.suhas says that she is going to ranu's place to give her pickles so on the way she will drop disha to her house .

azuba comes there he is happy to see disha he tells that he wants to see disha's face atleast weekly one's before disha replies suhas just makes her eyes indicating no tell him anything .from the nextroom some sound is heard so all the three go there.-

it is gauthum who is throwing all the gifts sent from the girl's side on the floor sukanya annd anil are trying to calm him down.

gauthum:i have told u that i am not interested in this marriage but still u people r bringin these things.he goes to disha and tells her i need your elp i can no more fight alone ,he leaves the place .

sukanya goes wild and shouts at disha first you were a problem to your family and now you are becoming a  "grahan" to my family"

disha is upset she is above to give a back- answer suhas stops her and asks disha to go and keep the things in the car.

(that's all i saw, next scene was dk's house,if i see the repeat i will complete the update)

I continue with the next part:

In the car Dish thinks that she is caught up nowhere. She does not know whether she should be true to her birth parents, the people who brought her up or her house after marriage. None of them are her house. Bhonsle house is Aai's house while Kanaka is DK's house. and she continues in this mode of thinking.

Pori is in Sum's room and Pori's masima is braiding Sum's hair. Pori claims that masima was the one who took care of Sum completely. Pori also mentions that she also took care of Sum and that DK had lots of bad habits (she mentions drinking) before but now thanks to Pori he has improved a lot. Sum is startled. Just then she notices DK outside the room. DK has this sarcastic cum 'what to do with this girl' kind of a look. He moves away. He (DK) calls out to Pori and tells her clearly that only Dish is Mrs Sehgal and his wife and asks Pori to control her toungue. Pori begins her natak as usual and mentions that Sum thinks that she is DK's wife, Porinita Ganguly ok Porinita Sehgal. and DK asks her to cut out the drama. Pori then tells DK that Dish has left the house and DK is shocked. He is not able to believe her. He kind of speaks with himself that Dish has left this house and did not even tell me and go. He becomes kind of agitated. (for a moment I thought that DK will once again misunderstand Dish but nothing of that sort happened) Pori continues her talk on this. Their voices get raised and Sum comes over. Pori says that DK is shouting at me, is angry with me. DK has a 'please be silent' look on his face. Finally Pori changes mode and says that DK wants me to go to a film but how can I leave u alone and go Sum. Sum says that she will be ok. Sum also mentions that she has arranged some 'havan' the next day and both of them shud sit 2gether for the havan. and if they have to go out they should do it 2day. Sum leaves the place. Pori then irritates DK and wants him to go to a movie ('Kaal' as she mentioned Shahrukh khan dance item). Just then Ved comes over there and Pori makes a escape from that place. Ved tells DK that he will take care of Pori.

In Rano's house Rano, Dish and Anupam are eating what Dish has got. Dish tastes some pickle and says 'ouch, it is so ...'. Anupam says that it has to be eaten with something (I gave a miss in this scene, Did not concentrate). Then Inder comes. Inder also tastes the pickle and makes the same dialogue as Dish made. Rano remarks that Dish and Inder's tastes are the same. Dish , Inder and Anupam exchange uncomfortable glances. Dish decides to leave for home and Inder comes to drop her till the car. They talk for some time (sorry here also I did not concentrate) but the gist was that Rano should never know their previous relationship.

DK and Ved are talking with each other. DK mentions to Ved that now they should join hands 2gether and should never allow any 3rd person to create misunderstandings between them. They continue with more of this talk when Ved mentions that DK is talking just like Dish. DK with pride mentions that Dish has brought a good change over him and Dish is too good and he can never be like Dish and goes on for some more time (basically DK was praising Dish).

Dish comes back home and faces DK. DK tells her that he was worried sick abt her and asks her where she had been. Dish replies back as to why he was so worried and she had just been to Aai's house and Rano's house. DK mentions that the whole day he wanted to call her up but did not want to as he knew that Aai was very angry with him. DK tells Dish that he understands her situation and is waiting for an opportune moment when he can break the news to Sum. Until then she has to bear with him.  DK also tells that Dish should never leave this house (he used the word 'Hamara ghar' here. I kind of thought  that it relates to Dish's feelings while coming in the car that none of the houses are hers actually and here DK mentions that it is his and her house) . Dish tells DK that its night and he should sleep now. Wishes him good night. Dish thinks to herself. Remembers the promise made to Aai that she will leave Kanaka house and resolves to herself that she will leave kanaka house 2morrow. Episode ends on her face.

May 3rd update thanks sree_20

Disha is before her dressing table, looking thro' the mirror. She picks up sindoor and she goes to put it on her hair. She is smiling. She suddenly stops when she realises that Sum does not consider her as her bahu. She takes her hand back, but a bit of sindoor is already put in the hair. She sees it and tries to wipe it off.

Pori is dressed up in a gorgeous saree. She has her hair-do from her assistant. She has put lots of sindoor on her maang. She says she wants to look like rekha before Sum.

Disha is in her room, lighting the lamp before God. She asks Bappa why she is put to all these testing times. Pori enters. Disha is shocked to see her in a pakka bahu style, with saree, decked with jewels, sindoor on her forehead, a chavi ka ghuccha in her saree palloo. She is very happy. Pori says today is an auspicious day for her as Sum has arranged for a havan for her and Dk's good life ahead. Disha is shocked. Pori says disha is her biggest hurdle and so after the havan, Disha should pack her bags.

Disha is before bappa. She tells God that she does not know what to do. She has to take good care of Sum. She does not know what the end result of her marriage with DK will be, asks God to give her the strength to make sure that Pori's plans do not become true.

Pori is feeling very hungry as Sum has asked her to fast. She is eating an apple without anybody's knowledge. Sum comes there and is busy arranging the house. The entire house is arranged with flowers. Disha is also there.She is happy to see Sum happy. DK comes there and stands  near Disha. He tells her that Sum looks happy. She is always in the habit of performing havans. She has done this for me and Dad. She has also done this for Ved and Gargi. They both are happy seeing Sum. Vedant is standing at a distance and seeing Sum and DK in a very affectionate talk. He feels that he does not have a loving mother. He says my mom does not even bless me.

Gargi is in jail and is restless. Ved comes there. She is happy to see him. She says i knew that you would not leave me alone. Take me out and we will then destroy DK and Disha. Ved gets angry. He shouts at her. He says its high time that you change yourself. You are in so much of trouble, no way out for you. The only way in which you can come out is throw away your wickedness ,ask for forgiveness with Sum. Only DK can save you, Ved says. Gargi is angry. She says she is the owner of Kanaka and she will somehow come out. Ved screams at her saying he hates her. Gargi gets angry and says saanp ka beta sapola  hi hota hai. Ved gets very much upset. Gargi says how do you know that the famil yand father you are talking of, are true and  you are his son? Ved gets a shocker. Gargi  realises that she has talked too much, tries to cover it. She says she said it unknowingly. But Ved is upset. Gargi then pulls him , kisses  him. Asks him to forgive her. Ved says no and walks off very upset. Gargi is in tears.

The havan arrangements are made. Sum is sitting there with Pori where the havan is to be performed. DK is sitting in the sofa. Sum asks Pori if havan samagri has come. Pori does not understand. Then Sum tells her that this is the one and shows it. Then Sum asks whether lor kapoor has come. Pori thinks it is a guest name. Then Sum says lori is the thing with which thika for God is put. Kapoor is the thing with which arti is taken. She then asks where is khund? Pori thinks what is this? Just then, Disha comes ther with the kund. She places it. She sits down. Disha asks Sum whether things can be arranged. (she names many things) Sum says you are very cultured and believe in puja pat. Disha is happy so is DK. Pori goes away from there saying she is thirsty. Sum says bahu told me that your husband left you. He did a big mistake in rejecting a girl like you, she says to Disha. Both Disha and DK are upset. Sum says she will tell DK and then turns to him and says sunny, you look for a good boy for Disha. We will get her married. This shocks both Disha and DK.

May4th update thanks to twine

Disha enters dk's bedroom calls dk, dk  ;dk is not there in his room so she opens his cupboard and removes a kurtha and shoes keeps them ready for dk to wear!

From behind dk who is wearing the bathrobe and is in bear foot comes disha who realizes that dk is behind her, disha avoids dk, dk is smiling

Disha: dk I came here to keep the dress ready for you, I thought you were not there in the room, I know I should not have come like this

Disha is above to leave the room dk pulls her hand with a naughty look Embarrassed

Disha is shocked and taken aback,dk says disha why do you hide your feelings tell me you came here to see me you don't hide or suppress your feelings

Disha who is facing dk is taking her steps backwards in order to leave the room and dk is moving towards her

Disha:please  control yourself!!!remember mummy is in the house her condition is not proper ,if she sees us like this she will be shocked ,she will start looking down at me ,she will stop trusting me!!

Dk is not affected by her words still moving towards disha and smiling when disha nears the door dk closes the door and again smiles ,disha is dumbstruck!

Dk goes back and says come and help me to wear the kurtha! I will never break your trust disha..i will wait for the day when you will come to me and accept that you love me

Disha is overjoyed; she goes and helps dk to dress up .Tongue

Dk: how many more days do will  we hide the truth from mummyji she has to come to know about us someday?

Disha: if she comes to know the truth now then it will be real shock to her

(The pandithji arrives; sumitra proceeds towards dk's room to call him, disha and dk are still indulged in conversation)

DK:but today you have to be their in the pooja if mummji asks me do anything with pori which I don't like then immediately I will pull your hand and make you sit in her place maa ka kasam you have to be there,if not I will tell every thing to maa

Disha how can you take an oath like this

Dk :I have taken the oath now I will not get back my words

Disha is upset

SUMITRA OPENS THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sumitra enters dk who is wearing the kurtha is standing bear foot.

 sumitra says that he looks really good in the dress and he has to wear such dresses daily.

Disha who is hiding behind the door just slips out of the room ,

When disha comes out she faces pari they just look at each other disha just walks off

Pari thinks :what was dk and disha  doing in the room ,somehow I will not let these two come together , "you just see disha what I will do  in today's havan"

Sumitra is asking dk to wear the slippers pari comes in dk tells that pari wil make him wear it ,so sumitra leaves the room

Dk asks pari to make him wear them pari tries to lift  dk's foot but he keeps his foot tightly on the floor so that pari is not able to lift his leg, he looks at her amused .he says this not within your reach he wears the slippers and leaves the room

Disha in her room

Ayyi calls her up and enquires disha as to when will she come back; disha says that there is a havan so she cannot come before it is over ,ayyi is upset and says if she doesnot come she herself will come to take her

At the same time sukanya and anil are trying to convince gauthum for the marriage


Sumitra asks pari to sit next to dk, disha is standing and looking at the whole thing,

 havan begins, sumitra noitices that there is no sindhoor on pori's mang ,pari gives the reason that she had washed her face that time sindhoor went off

Pori tells to herself: purposefully I removed it.


so sumitra says since she has not seen their marriage it is a good time for her to see dk putting sindhoor on her bahus mang saying that she gives sindhoor box to dk

dk is dumfolded disha is shocked pari gives a witch look

dk takes sindhoor in his hand and is above to put it on her mang

Current goes ,the servants put the light saying that it was because of loose contact

Sumitra notices that sindhoor has been put to pari's mang,she is happy and says sunny you have put the sindhoor even in the dark,dk is shocked (he hasn't put), pari is flabbergasted .

Dk and pari look at disha she hides the sindhoor in her hand she smiles sarcastically as if

to say I have won pari (poor,poor, poor…pori all her plans had been just washed off)


Disha  is talking to herself as to how she can I leave the house now if I go and tell dk that I am going he will be hurt ,which I can never do

Disha's alter ego appears

Alter ego:disha are you leaving the house ,have you made up your mind

Disha :yes I am going

Alter ego : why did you stay for the havan 

disha:I stayed here only for mummyji

Alterego: don't you love dk , you stayed here only for dk's sake

Disha :is about to accept that she loves him but says she just likes him and stayed for mummyji.if I had gone dk would have told the truth to mummiji

alter ego :your r not telling the truth

disha :no it is the truth

Alter ego:so you have deciced to leave ,then go


Disha looks confused  and prays to bappaji to give her strength ,her mobile rings it is from bhonsle house, at the same time dk knocks the door disha puts off the mobile and opens the door 

Disha goes out dk is having a coffee cup in his hand ,dk is above to enter the room disha says it is not right for him to come inside the room because mummyji is at home she takes the empty cup from his hand like a dutiful wife

Dk:tell me disha didn't you purposefully put off the lights and put the sindhor in her mang because you did not want me to tell the truth to maa

Disha  falls in short of words


Sumitra comes there with prasad and she  thanks disha for helping her in arrangeing for the havan she also tells that disha is the guest and dk should not make her do his personal work of giving the empty cup to disha .disha is sad

Dk :maa I want to tell you something

Disha realizes that dk wants to tell sumitra the truth so,

Disha:mummiji today you are tired ,go and take rest , I will clean the havan area ,and asks sumitra not to call her a guest

Sumitra:sunny go and sit next to bahu she is tired

Disha takes sumitra to her room

DK thinks how long will you hide your feelings that you love me disha ,I waiting for you to come voluntarily towards me but i cannot wait for a long time ,I am becoming impatient


May 5th update thanks to twine

Suhas is above to go to disha's house that time azuba asks suhas to think again before she goes to bring disha back suhas replies that she very well knows what she is doing, azuba tells that you cannot change her fate suhas replies that you don't know want disha is undergoing in that house suhas leaves the house azuba tells to himself "suhas if today you come back without disha ,I will not feel bad infact I will feel happy at your failure"

Sehagal house:

Disha is praying to bappa, knock on her door, she thinks ayyi has come and opens the door it is vedanth who has come with power of attorney paper, he has transferred the whole thing to disha's name, disha objects saying that thing has to be transferred to dk's name because he established kanaka and is the rightful owner of the thing listening to this Vedanth who had noticed that disha had packed her luggage asks whether she is leaving the house or is she planning to go for a honeymoon with dk , disha asks him to just shut up ,vedanth reminds her that her marriage contract is over and dk has burnt the contract papers, disha who is upset by listening to this says the relation between a husband and wife is between hearts and it does not stand on papers it is beyond all such things. vedanth pulls her hand and asks are you in love with brother disha snubs him saying that dk is her husband and he cannot speak such nonsense.


Sumitra is lying on the floor vedanth puts her on the bed the doctor comes and says it is because of high B.P caused by exertion, doctor advises that sumitra should take rest, sumitra tells that she has to prepare the night dinner since havan took place and pori is not feeling well, disha says that she will prepare the dinner but sumitra says that disha is guest and she need not take the trouble ,disha asks her not call her as guest since she is like her daughter .

Disha is above to go out she hears dk saying "I want to tell you something", disha tries to stop him (she thinks that he wants to tell her the truth about disha) but dk stops disha and tells sumitra that he doesnot want to see her lying like this on the cot .disha is happy……


Vedath is in the garden (flash back of vedanth and disha is shown)

Suhas arrives vedanth asks her what's the matter?

Suhas:I have come to take disha back home, I thought I can trust you, but you instead of supporting disha you are supporting dk because he is your brother, disha has no respect in this house, dk has brought that pari as his wife

Ved:it is not true disha has got complete respect and honour in this house ,your just misunderstanding things

 suhas not ready to listen to anything she goes in


 IN disha's room

Suhas asks disha to come with her disha tries to her that she wanted to come, and she had packed the luggage's but now there is problem

Suhas is irritated and ask's what disha tells that she has to prepare the dinner since sumitra is sick suhas tells that there are servants and also that pari to do that work if not dk can get the food from the hotel ,disha finally holds her hand and tells I have not yet informed dk, suhas says that she will go and do that job of informing, disha stops her that she will herself tell dk and she needs a day's time to leave the house

Suhas who is upset shrugs disha's hand and leaves the room.


Dk in the sitting area notices suhas and is surprised disha comes there dk enquires as to why suhas had come?

 disha asks :why ayyi cannot come to meet me

dk;not like that,but it appeared that she had come here for some other purpose


DK tells disha that he wants to give disha a gift for which she has to close her eyes disha tries to avoid by saying that she has to prepare the dinner dk insists, disha calls dk a stubborn


Next scne:

Sumitra is shown walking she is thinking (all the flash back scenes of dk and disha in front of sumitra is shown)

Sumitra goes to pari and asks as to who is disha and why is she staying for such a long time in their house and how pari doesnot feel insecure


Pari replies that disha is dk's friend and since her husband has left her and since dk has got a big heart jhe as brought her here and she has got full trust on DK so no problem

Sumitra tells to herself that she will not let anyone to come in between pori and dk as gargi had come in between dhru and herself


Disha has closed her eyes dk puts sindhoor on her mang

Disha opens her eyes and asks where is the gift?

Dk :I have given the gift and tells disha to look at her reflection in the water

Disha bends down to look at the reflection in glass bowl kept on the side table

Disha is upset she starts crying

Dk: what happened? Have I done anything wrong?

Disha :no you done this in a wrong time ,today I wanted to tell you that I am leaving the house for good and that she is going out his life forever…..


DK is shocked and is not able to take this ,he takes his steps backward he is dumb folded disha is crying she notices that dk will fall down since there is steps right behind him

Disha shouts dk stop

But dk still goes back suddenly dk slips down he rolls down the steps disha shouts "dushyanth!!!!!!!!"

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MAYweek 2 updates

May 9th update thanks to twine



Disha is standing in front of dk after he has put sindhoor to her mang she is crying dk asks what's the matter she tells that she did not expect this and she just keeps quite.

DK:tell me disha that you love me ;isn't it true that you put the sindhoor on pori's mang ,tell me disha

Disha tries to go from there by saying that she has got some work to do dk holds her hand and stops her .

Dk:I will not allow you to go from here disha until you tell me the truth ,it was u who put the sindhoor ,it was u who put off the lights……

Disha was crying all through out

Dk takes disha's pallu where disha had wiped the sindhoor during the havan and asks disha what  isthis?

Dk:why are you hiding your feelings ?why don't you accept the fact that you love me ?please let me know your feeling disha: dk it is true that…..

Lights off!!!!!


Light are put on by a man he climbs the steps and goes up near a woman who is reading a newspaper and asks why are you reading morning's paper now what is so special in it –they are anil and sukanya in bhonsle house

Anil:let us allow gauthum to marry the girl whom he likes.

Sukanya who is still reading the paper asks him did you read the paper

Anil:yes in the morning itself

Sukanya :if you had read it properly you would have told me this news in the morning itself

Anil:what news?takes the paper from sukanyas hand .there at the end of the paper gargi's photo and article is there

Sukanya:did you recognize her it is gargi

Sukanya takes the paper and leaves the room



Sukanya goes to meet gargi

Gargi is sleeping sukanya calls her gargi gets up and asks why have you come here

Sukanya:I never thought that you will reach here so fast, I came to know about this today after reading the paper,she shows the paper.

Gargi snatches the paper looks at it and throws it down saying what type of down market and cheap papers do you buy she goes back to her bench (where she sleeps in the jail) and gets a bundle of news papers she shows them .

Gargi:Look……look….,in all these papers my arrest is given in the front page they are head lines. Sukanya what do u think that I am going to stay here forever within few days I will be out. She holds sukanyas throat and is about to strangulate her but leaves her and tells what do u think that I have gone mad ,I will not go mad so fast before that happens the whole world wil go mad (gargi acts just like a mad woman!!!)

Sukanya feels that gargi has lost her mental balance

Sukanya: anyways I am her to ask u my money

Gargi: what do u think of me one's I come out I will throw them on u

Sukanya is about to leave gargi calls har back and asks her to get ascotch and tells that she will pay for it afterwards and then laughs

Sukanya is tired by looking at gargi she leaves the place.


A man is doing something near the switch board dk goes there with his cigar lighter and asks him what happened????????

Disha arrives there with a candle in her hand

Dk looks at her with passion in his eyes from bottom to top

Disha is wearing a black saree

The seravant: sir there is lose contact in the fuse I will set it right now

Disha :mostly while I was putting offf the lights in the morning it might have happened

Dk is just looking at her

Lights come

Disha is above to leave

Dk:atlast you accepted that it was u who put off the lights,today I will not allow you to go you have tell me your feelings tell me.

Disha is getting down the stairs dk is coming behind her

Dk:disha don't go ,first answer my question didn't you put the sindhoor on pari's mang

Disha stops

Disha:dk I can never see you putting the sindhoor on other any woman's forehead , I have lot of feeling attached to it ,for me it is not just red colour but it is everything it shows my relation with you

Dk:for in the beginning it was just red clour but now I value it,today when mom asked me put sindhoor on pari'smaang ,I just went wild  , but you stopped me from doing it infact you prevented me from doing a blunder if not mom would have got a shock by knowing the truth.


 Indy  and his dad are in the lawn

Indy's dad tells him that he is going to become a father so he has to forget his past like disha who has forgotten her past and has moved forward, indy tells I know I have to move forward but forgetting my past feelings is difficult (his eyes r moist) exactly then  ranu comes there with pickles in her hand

Next scene

Dk: disha please tell that u love me ,I know that you love me

Disha: I wanted to tell u something ayyi is angry she wants me to go back today is the last day ,infact tonight is the last night of mine in this house and also in your life.

Dk:it cannot be possible will try to talk to your ayyi ,very soon I will tell mom the the truth. I cannot live without u

Disha :I will talk to ayyi but don't worry ,but let me go tomorrow

Dk:promise that you will come back soon

Disha promises

Dk hugs disha and tells I love you

Disha: I love you dk I really love you, I cannot live away from you , I always wanted to tell u this (she crying , both r still hugging)

Sumitra who is standing near by shouts: disha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk and disha look at sumitra who comes there

Sumitra to disha: what I thought  about u? what did you turn out to be? I thought u were a cultutered girl ,I treated u like my daughter …….but u turned out to be a cheap person a woman of low moral .you are worst then gargi

Dk :shouts maa I always wanted to tell you that disha is my....

Sumitra stops him  and shouts your mistress ! sunny didn't you see how gargi spoilt or dad and my life now this lady is trying to destroy your house

Sumitra to disha: because of u my sunny has raised his voice against me , you are not only trying to separate a husband and wife but also a mother and son

(dk is upset he keeps his hand on his foreheadand and facing his back toward sumitra)

suddenly dk turns toward sumitra and tells maa disha........

sumitra stops him:if you bring this lady's name again in your mouth you will see my dead body, dk is shocked and dumbfolded do you want to loose your mom again

sumitra: if only she is there all problems are created I will not allow pori to undergo what I had to face ,all those insults in the society,……….so I will not allow her to stay here in this house even for a minute…..

(disha is crying ,she is shocked listening to this,dk is crying and he appears helpless!)

sumitra drags disha's hand (disha:mummiji please..)and takes her out of the house  and throws her and tells don't show your face here again.

Disha is crying she gets all the flash back(dk and disha scenes :bedroom scene ,holi scene)…….as she moves dk who is standing in the balcony calls disha! He crying he closes his eyes looking at the sky disha looks back…

May 10th update thanks to twine

Disha goes back to bhonsle house she is in a shock she happens to bang the          & ; ;nbs p;          & ;a mp;n bsp;      table as a result the candle -stand falls down. Suhas comes there, at that time azuba ,sukanya and anil  are also present.

Suhas asks why she has com eat this time if the night; sukanya tells that disha might have been thrown out by dk or she might have done something by which she has been forced to leave the house ,suhas tells that if she doesn't like disha' presence then she and anil can leave the house since the house is disha's .

Disha keeps her head on azuba's shoulder and cries,sukanya and anil close the door for their room

Disha tells ayyi that mummiji threw her out and then goes to her room

In the room disha is crying and she just thinking of DK and DK in his room is having disha's earing in his hand and is thinking of her (all flash backs are shown but one special one was – dk in a blue shirt disha's earing gets stuck to his shirt k laughs and takes it –the same he has got I his hand now)disha feels that dk has come near her but it is dream

Next day

Dk is in his room sumitra opens the door she finds dk alone and just wonders where is bahu(pori) .

Sumitra asks dk to forget yesterday since she  happened to speak a lot but disha is not a good girl dk is upset, and she calls him for breakfast but he is unmoved sumitra blackmails that she will not have anything until he comes for breakfast ,dk is worried.

Dk tells maa you don't know what u did yesterday the day you come to know u will go to disha and ask her to come back and her for forgiveness

Sumitra listening to this feels giddy dk looking at this becomes upset

 sumitra :a day will come when u will realize that what I have done is right ,she goes from there…..

Dk:: that day will never come…


Sumitra asks pari to prepare baingan ka bartha

pari thinks " I have come here to become maharani but this maaji is making me a maharaj" she tells sumitra that disha prepares wonderfull bartha which dk likes sumitra tells that she threw disha out pari feels very happy and overjoyed sumitra asks as to why is she so happy?

Por:which wife will be happy to see her hubby's girl friend in the house .but u don't tell this to dk he will just go wild

Sumitra:u don't worry I am there with u

IN DK's room

Dk is worried pari goes there and sits literally on dk dk pushes her off and asks her to leave him alone pori: if u send me out I am not so shameless to come back, and u have to answer your maa who will call bahu……….

 pori tells if disha loved him she would not have left him in the mid of the night

"The people who love will be ready to face all difficulties and they stand by all throught out"

dk is happy listening to this he takes his finger and touches her face and tells"pari I thought that you are just a beautiful woman but today u proved that u have a brain "pori is feeling dk's touch..

dk: now I have to get ready

pori:r u taking me out ,dk: no

pori:so u r giving me a gift

dk:shows the door and asks her to close it pori goes and is above to close the door from inside dk tells her to close from outside pori is irritated


pori tells to herself "I have got maaji in my control and soon I will get these brothers in my control"

She goes to vedath's room vedanth is sleeping.

Pori softly calls vedanth she touches ved in his sleep tells stop it "dish!!!!!!"

Pori gets irritated and wakes him up calling him "mohan lal" your disha has left the house now you cannot call disha here and she goes from there vedanth is shocked


Bhonsle house:

Sukanya enquires disha: where is gauthum

Disha tells that she has no idea as to where gauthum has gone

Suhas and azuba comes there and tells that he has taken their blessings and has gone to marry the girl of his choice disha smiles..

Disha's mobile rings:she thinks it is dk but it is gauthum who tells to come to a particular place where he will show the girl whom he loves disha:I am a bad omen so I will not come

Gauthum forces her so she agrees,

By the time disha reaches, the girl has left because she has got some important work to do but sukanya reaches there following disha so gauthum just slips out from there, he gives disha her snap but disha doesn't see it.disha finds dk 's car so she runs towards it but the car goes off ,the snap fall down

Disha turns back sukanya is standing disha gets irritated (they show sukanya sanding on sanya's snap,disha doesnot see the snap nor sukanya)


Bhonsle house

Dk comes to meet disha ,suhas tells that she will not allow him to meet her, it is enough that dk and his mom have insulted disha that he need not meet her

Dk :I will not tolerate anyone coming in between my wife and disha even if it is disha's mom

Azuba comes there dk asks him for disha azuba tells that disha has gone out suha tells azuba not to come in between

Suhas :dk I had enough of you ,don't u dare to meet disha …….look never consider suhasini bhonsle a weak woman who be afraid of u ,u leave this place if not I call the police

Dk:u don't know how powerful I am

Suhas:soon I will marry disha to a man who will love her, who will give her status in his life and who will also be a good person ….this is my promise

Dk is shocked

May 11th small update by Sree

DK challenges Suhas that comewhat may, he will fight against all odds and get Disha. Azuba then tells DK that Disha has gone out to meet Gautam. Azuba asks DK to be calm. He tells DK to think and act. If God wants thwem to unite, they will definitely unite. Dk says his words have given him courage. DK asks where Disha is and goes to the park where she was to meet Gautam.

Disha is standing outside DK's house and is crying. In the meantime, DK comes to the park. Disha is entering the house to meet DK when Pori brings Disha's luggage and throws it in the lawn. She asks the security to throw it out but he declines. Disha sees all this and cries. She wants to contact DK when she realises that she has misplaced her mobile in the park when she hit against a person. She oges to the park.

In the park, DK searches for Disha, but does not find her. So, he calls her mobile, but is shocked to see Disha's mobile ringing there itself on the ground. He is worried , gets into the car and starts. Disha comes there. They both miss each other.

Disha searches for the mobile but cannot find it.

In Bhonsale house, Sukanya and Suhas have a fight. Sukanya says if Gautam's marriage gets cancelled, she will see to it that Suhas's daughters are not happy. Suhas gets angry and slaps her. Azuba is also there. Sukanya is angry and vows that her daughters will have ruined lives.

In the hospital, Rano and Inder are there for Rano's check up. They see a worried Gautam there. He says he is having fever, so has come. But SAnya comes out of the gynaec room, think she is pregnant. Sanya goes, Inder and Rano do bnot see her.

DK comes home when Sum is scolding the securtiy for not obeying to Pori's orders and throw the luggage out. Dk asks what is happening. Sum says she does not want Disha's belongings here. She goes in. Pori is happy. DK says to her it will not take time for things to become better. Pori says things will become better for both of them.

DK sees Bappa idol in Disha's bag. He takes it out and says i have never believed in you. Never got to trust you. But Disha trusts you a lot. Why are you troubling her like this? He sries seeing the idol. He shakes his head seeing it.

May 12th update thanks to twine

Dk calls up  azuba and informs him that he has got disha's mobile azuba promises dk that he will ask disha to call him up, dk is waiting for the call sumitra comes there in search of pari sumitra calls up pari ,pari tells that she is in the temple ,sumitra is impressed and says tat she is lucky to have bahu like pari

In the jail

Pari dressed up in gargi's saree just like gargi with diamonds on the eye lid (…..well gargi in making)she is with a packet of sweets and tells gargi who is meditating that disha is out of the house so the sweets .gargi is not happy but is irritated looking at pari and asks why she has worn her dress  pari tells breaking gargi's cupbord door was not a big thing to her and she wants some tips to get rid of her boredom since spending time with dk is boring gargi calls her near and tries to strangulate her ,pari gets rid of her afterwards gargi laughs like a mad and shows pari the earings what she had taken out from pari's ears(infact they r gargi's earings) pari calls her mad and leaves ……..gargi laughs…


Disha who is in salwar kammeez is trying to call up dk and dk is waiting for the call but pari has diverted the call to her phone …..pari from a window ia looking at dk that time vedanth arrives there with power of attorney papers and gives it to dk saying that he doesnot need them and he is not interested in them, on the words of disha he has transfered it to dk's name ……pari who overhears it is exicited and feels that dk is rich so she has to be a good bahu and calls maaji and runs from there(dk and ved r unaware of her presence)


Pari goes to sumitra and gives her prasad from the temple and tells that she prayed for sumitra's health .sumitra says that she is lucky to have her and tells that she will pray for her sunny's happy married life …..pari makes a sad face and says what happiness ……I  always thought of a grand marriage but because of your  illhealth we went for a court marriage.sumitra promises that soon she have a grand marriage with band and bharaath ,pari is satisfied….


Dk tells vedanth that he doesnot want kanaka infact he wants ved to look after it .the house and the company is a gift of DK to ved and forces ved to accept it ved and dk hug (a chilhood flash back is shown where both of them r playing)…


Back in the bhonsle house disha is trying to call up dk but all her efforts are in vain.azuba advises to go and meet dk but disha says it is impossible

She hears a car horn –it is gauthum talking to his  girlfriend .to meet her disha runs downstairs  gauthum has left the girl alone in the car, disha goes to talk her but sanya avoids her and talks to her by changing the voice disha is sad she leaves, sanya takes a deep breath …….disha comes back and tells ……I caught u……disha looks at her ……it is sanya …..disha is upset …..disha tells sanya u entered my brothers life to destroy it and I will never allow it to happen sanys tells that she loves him and what is disha's problem before when she loved dk disha came in the middle and again she is coming her path ..disha is irritated and tells the word "love "  does not suit people like sanya ………sanya laughs and tells …… ".u want to know the truth ur brother is in control of my beauty ,marriage is  just a reason , I want security"

Gauthum comes there disha tells him that sanya 's past was with dk gauthum tells that he knows it disha begs him to leave sanya since she is not a good girl…….listening to this sanya gets iirritated and leaves in the car gauthum tries to stop her but she goes .

Gauthum tells disha that her life is in  mess and and doesnot want others to stay happily ,you inder and dk had a past .YOU know dk's past but you put his name's sindhoor and wear his mangalsutra why?????????/if you want me to leave sanya then you have  to leave dk .the day you leave dk – I will leave sanya ,(disha is upset.

Dk calls up disha –she is crying, dk tells  "I miss u disha" disha : "I miss u too" disha hears suhas voice so she keeps the phone down suhas enters the room and tells that she had been to ranu's house and her health is better dk calls up again; suhas picks  dk:suhasiniji I want to talk to  disha; suhas tells wrong number and keeps the phone down.

Suhas is talking to disha(in mute) disha is not interested her eyes are on the phone

Disha goes back to her room she is crying dk in his room throws the mobile in desperation and he crying

Next day sunrises they show both dk and disha still crying

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May 16th  update thanks jingle

Note: today they did not show the title song!!!!!!!!!!! (have they changed the concept)


Disha calls up to talk to dk but since the call is diverted to pari's mobile she receives it and tells that she need not call up and now she (disha ) cannot talk to dk since he is sleeping and she better not disturb them

Disha is upset, dk enters the room where pari is there, the landline phone rings pari is above to pick it up but dk stops her and he receives it

Disha is very happy that dk received the phone she tells him that she was trying to call him up but somehow pari was receiving the mobile dk looks back, pari is trying to listen to the conversation she acts as if she is cleaning the cushions

Dk tells disha that he loves her and he badly misses and he cannot wait anymore and whether they can meet and asks disha to tell, "I love u" (pari is upset listening to this)

Disha tells that she wanted to talk something important about sanya, and she also wants to meet him, disha is shy she tells I. …Love. ……(sukanya comes there so she acts as if she is talking to the doctor dk asks her meet in the restaurant at 1.30

After dk keeps the phone down he asks pari as to what she did to his mobile she tells that she diverted the call she is above to leave dk twists her hand and holds her from the back, pari screams, sumitra arrives there, dk tells nothing happened and since pari saw a cockroach she screamed, sumitra is above to leave, pari tries to stop her but she goes .dk tells pari that he will not leave her if does such nonsense again ,dk goes from there ,pari tells to herself : "I am not disha ,let me see how you will twist my hand again"


Sukanya enquires disha that who had called up disha tells that it is none of your business

Phone rings again

IT is vedanth who asks disha to come to kanaka since it is his first day and he had to take an important decision disha tells that it not possible since she has  to go somewhere else and he is capable to handle the matter so he need not worry

Vedanth goes and asks dk to come with him to the meeting at 1pm, dk tells that he has got an important meeting which cannot be cancelled or postponed at any cost dk goes from there, vedanth wonders how come  disha and brother have got a meeting.


Next scene In the restaurant

Disha is waiting for dk she is in a peacock blue sari, they show man with the stick (dk holds hat type of stick) walking towards disha he is having flowers in his hand, disha is delighted looking at him it is DK dk comes near disha disha stands up and hugs DK, he givers her the flowers, dk sits down

Dk:I miss u disha

Disha:even I miss u

Dk:I can no more stay away from u

Disha: even I cannot stay away from u

Dk: please can't stay together like we did before

Disha:but our people will be hurt

Dk:I will talk to your ayyi; she will surely understand the circumstance

Disha: but what about mummyji, she is mentally sick u know it

Dk:disha :my fate cannot be so bad that it will not allow me to stay with you ,I will take the risk ,I will tell maa the truth , I can take this risk, I have always been taking risks in my life.

Dk takes disha's hands his eyes are moist he kisses her hands he is holding them in both his hands disha is very much touched by this behavior, he kisses her twice


Suddenly phone rings disha gets up from her day-dream it is gauthum who has called her up

Gauthum enquires whether she is with him to fight against the family, disha replies that she is with him, but sanya is not a right person and will destroy his life she doesn't love him. But is simply using him to create problems in dk and her life, gauthum tells he doesn't want to listen to all such nonsense and asks her to meet him, disha looks at the wall clock and tells that she has to go somewhere else.

When disha gets ready to leave (she is in orange color sari) sukanya stops her and questions whether she is going to meet gauthum, to encourage him to go against his parents, disha tells that gauthum is grown up and he can take his own decisions he needs no help from anyone. Sukanya tells that it is her husband's house and disha is a guest there, disha asks her to keep quite and not to interfere in her personal life ,she leaves


In the restaurant:

Disha is waiting for dk ,a man who is limping with the stick in his hand and a bouquet  shown disha is happy .but it is not DK, disha is very sad and upset she is above to cry waiting for Dk

In the sehagal house Dk is above to leave sumitra comes to dk's room and tells that she needs to talk something important ,pari comes there sumitra tells that pari told her every thing about their marriage, dk gets worried thinking whether pari told everything about disha ,pari is giving a evil smile ,sumitra tells that the marriage in the court doesn't have that much vale as it is done in front of the agni, she is upset that because of her ill health they did the court marriage ,dk is confused , sumitra tells that she wants them to marry again properly before the god taking sath pera before the fire

Listening to this dk is shocked he is taken aback he turns blue …….the screen turns blue.
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Update 17 May by jingle

Today's episode was like a dream episode

It was hot, hotter, and hottest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dk at last notices the bangles!

Dk who is upset tells that he doesnot believe in customs and in sathpera and what will the people think, but sumitra tells that she wants to see him as a bridegroom and that he need not worry about the society and asks him to come for the marriage shopping pari, pari who knows that dk has plans to meet disha pesters that dk has to come with them if not she will not go for shopping, dk is desperate to leave the place, but sumitra forces and gives order that dk has to come

Sumitra leaves the room

Dk shouts at pari that she has put the idea into his mom's head pari says that it was  "your maaji plan, if not how can I ever get the idea of such marriage, if you think that I am the culprit then I will go and tell maaji the truth, we r forced by circumstances, we are helpless, what happens just for majji if we take sath pera, the truth will remain in it's place that disha is your wife"

Dk goes out of the room pari tells to herself that "let me see how dk and disha will come together, I will see to it that very soon I will get the control of the house and its wealth, after all I am parineetha gangully"

Disha is waiting for dk in the hotel….

Dk along with his mom and pari is above to leave the house, he tries to tell sumitra that he has got an important work so they can proceed, that time pari acts as if she is angry so sumitra forces dk

Sumitra sits in the car when pari is above to enter her sari gets stuck to the car handle ,dk is trying to remove it ,that time pari keeps her face on dk's shoulder …..vedanth looks at them  from his bedroom window  tells to himself   "so brother's important work was to go out with pari ,which he considers more important then the business deal"

Disha is still waiting she is desperate (background song: sajjana tera bina………..)

Dk is sitting in the front seat even he thinking of disha (same song is running)

Disha tries to call up dk ,that time dk calls up to bhonsle house sukanya receives it so he keeps it down ,as result they r not able to communicate.

After the shopping they come back home pari goes to get lemon juice for sumitra who gone to her room

Dk remembers of disha and calls up to her house azuba tells that disha had gone to meet him (dk ) in the afternoon and has not yet come back ,azuba asks dk to search for disha

Disha is waiting for DK in the rain holding an umbrella

Dk comes there in his car he gets down, disha who looks at him is very happy and runs towards him dk (is looking really hot) is smiling he fully drenched in the rain ,disha who is still holding the umbrella goes and hugs dk


Dk tells sorry I made u wait disha:its okay dk ,

Dk:I love you disha

Dk and disha are still hugging they are under the umbrella near the car (the most romantic scene)

Dk : in the morning your were telling me something but you stopped in the middle

disha : nothing ,I don't remember anything ,

Dk :really ,I know what you wanted to tell me ,but whatever it is I will tell you  "I love you disha"

 Dk gets out of the umbrella, gets fully drenched in the rain stretches his free hand and shouts  "I love you disha " again he points out his hand at the sky and shouts  "I love u disha" ……………..disha who is laughing runs from there dk laughs and goes behind her and again he  takes a circular turn and shouts " I love u disha"

Suhas suddenly gets up from the sleep goes to disha's room she becomes upset on not seeing her, she goes to the sitting area calling her name, azuba comes there and asks what happened suhas tells that disha is not there in her room 


DK and disha are sitting in the front of a road side tea shop (it has stopped raining, a small boy is preparing tea) they order for tea

Disha tells that she wanted to talk to him about sanya and dk tells that he wanted to tell her about pari but dk tells    "now we are not going to talk about anyone, no sanya, no pari, no gargi, but only we"    

   disha is smiling and is looking at dk ,dk asks what happened ,disha : I can't believe that  you are the same dk who was a selfish, egoistic man"

Dk " r u the same disha who married me and put her life in danger to destroy me"

They laugh

Disha " mai sirf tumhari disha"(I am only your disha)


Dk looks at the sky and thinks:  "let this time stop here, don't take away this happinnes from me"

Disha thinks, "bappa can't this time stop here" 

Disha : dk today even though I am away fro home I am very happy because you are with me

She keeps her head on dk's shoulder and holds his hand

Dk looks at her bangles, he holds both her hands: when I asked you to wear them you didn't ,but now being away from me you are wearing them

Disha: after going away I realized that I miss u, I love u dk 

Both are laughing dk slightly pushes disha with his shoulders and they go on like that they hug

Disha realizes that tea boy is there and tells, people are there

The small tea boy is smiling (other then tea boy no one is there)

Disha asks the tea boy  "what are you dong ,u prepare another cup of tea for us "

Dk and disha laugh and hug

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May 18 update thanks jingle

Dk and disha share the light moment near the teashop, disha is admiring dk's ring

Dk goes to leave disha to her car, he tries to come closer she tells him people r there dk tells her that u said tht time tea boy later driver, when can we be together? Disha wait until we r alone, soon, they laugh

Dk tells her that he cannot wait anymore and he is going to tell everything to his mom, disha tells him to be careful disha tells dk when they were together they stayed separate dk tells it was because of his stubbornness and her hatred as result they r so close today

Suhas ,azuba,sukanya,and anil r waiting for disha, sukanya tells since disha has come back the peace of the house has gone, what will happen if ranu comes to know about disha and inder ,suhas tells such a thing will never happen .

Inder and ranu r going on the road when some road side bad boys make fun of them when they say ranu's elder sister  "disha" is an atom bomb inder goes wild and hits them ,ranu stops him and scolds what happens to u when u listen something against disha.


Dk goes back to the house and tells sumitra that he wants to talk to her something important and asks pari to go in, afterwards he says disha is his real wife and her bahu, sumitra is shocked she collapses dk calls for bahadur and pari comes there checks her pulse and tells she is dead, dk is shocked

Disha is happily coming back.

Inder's alter egos appear and tell him that he loves disha ,inder gets upset and he tears her pic which he sticks afterwards ,inder is upset and accepts that he still loves disha and he throws the glass cup, in the bhonsle house anil tells that disha never bothered of the house and the way she married dk is the proof sukanya supports it azuba talks in support of disha, suhas tells azuba not to support disha


Dk gets out of his dream sumitra what he wanted to tell her pari is overhearing them, dk tells that he will fulfill her wish; sumitra enquires why is he not happy? Suhas on the other hand tells disha that she responsible herself for going away from dk ,dk doesn't consider her as his wife and has brought pari as his wife dk and his mom have disowned her ,and now she has to select between dk and ayyi. sumitra asks dk where his happiness lies ?


On the screen they show dk and disha both saying to themselves dk "disha"

Disha "dk"
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May 19th update by sree

Disha runs into her room and cries. Suhas follows her into the room and asks her to decide now. Disha says please give me some time. Everything will be sorted out. Suhas says when will your problems end? You have a mangalsutra, sindoor , everything. But you are not considered as a married woman as you have not yet got the right yet. Disha says DK is considering Pori as wife bcos of some reason. He actually, when she says this, Suhas says stop it. Dishatries to tell her that DK is a changed man now. Suhas says yes, he is changed. Before he was your husband, now Pori's. Disha is unable to tell anything. Suhas says i do not know what clauses were there in that contract, but i cannot call you a divorcee also, she says and leaves. Disha is sad.

DK is with Sum. DK tells him mother that i love my wife very much. I want her for the rest of my life. I cannot live without her. Pori is there, he sees her and tells this. Pori is a bit upset as he is refering Disha. Sum is very happy that DK said this. Pori then asks DK not to day dream and take Sum to the doctor. They leave.

It is Rano's Ghod-Bharaai. Sukanya is doing the rituals for her. Rano is very happy. Suhas, Disha are there. Both are happy. At one point, both Disha and Suhas look worried. At that time, Sukanya comes near Disha and asks her whether she is thinking if she was there in Rano's place, it would have been nice. Disha scolds her. Just then, Indy comes there and tells her that he wants to talk to her, so asks her to come to the room. She goes.Sukanya notices them going in.  Indy closes the door from in. Disha asks him to open it. Indy says he does not like what is going on there . Disha is shocked, asks him why is he not  happy for Rano? Indy hesitates and says yes. Then very angrily asks her are you not thinking if i was in her place, having my child? Disha gets angry. Indy comes near her, touches her, she tries to move back. He comes near  her and says you left DK. Come back to me. Disha is angry, screams at him that please go out. Indy then says i understood and goes out.

Just then, Disha  gets a call from DK. He says the doctor has said that Sum is alright. So i have decided to tell everything to her. Tomorrow morning she will come to your place and bring you , her bahu home. Disha is very happy. She is all smiles.

Disha immediately goes to Suhas and tells her that Sum is coming tomorrow and taking her home. Suhas does not believe it. She says this is not going to happen. Nobody is going to accept you as bahu. Disha is sad. She asks her why are you not believing me? Suhas says you are living in a dream world. I will be happy if what you say happens. But i know that this will not happen. Disha very confidentally says this will happen , also vows that if this does not happen, she will do what Suhas says. Suhas tells her not to vow, bcos till now, whatever Disha has vowed has not happened. Disha very confidentally says no, this will happen.

DK is in the hospital. Sum is still undergoing check up. DK asks the doctor what the matter is. The doctor says nothing to worry, but we have to do some tests. DK then gets a call from Pori who says she is going to the parlour. She asks what facialcan she do? DK says do not dream about marrying me, Sum is alright now. So i am going to tell her everything. So Disha is coming back to her house. I do not want to see your dirty face hereafter. Pori is shocked, puts the receiver down.

Night time, Disha is putting the suhaag ka joda over her head and dreaming. Sukanys comes there and mocks at her. Disha very proudly says she is going ot her husband's house tomorrow. Sukanys then says thank god, i prayeed to God that you should go out of this house  so this is happening. Then she corrects herself, says i prayed that you go with your husband. Disha thanks her. Sukanya then asks her about Gautam. Disha says  i was with Gautam till the point i got to know that the girl is SAnya. Sukanya then asks who is Sanya? Disha does not answer and says i cannot tell. Suknaya just blinks.

Next morning, Disha is paraying to Bappa. There, DK comes out with Sum from the hospital. Sum gets into the car, DK says bye to her. He remains in the hospital. Sum goes to Disha's house. Disha is praying when Azuba calls her to see who has come. Disha is very excited, runs to the hall. There she is more excited when she sees Sum. Suhas, Azuaba are also there. Disha seeks Sum's blessings. When Suhas asks her to come in, Sum says she is getting Sunny and Pori married again according to hindu customs. All are shocked. Disha is crying. She runs to the phone and calls DK. DK(i think is still in hospital) very reluctantly picks up the phone. He looks very dull and sad. Disha screams at him asking him why has he not told Sum the truth? When will he tell her? Dk then asks her what are you saying? I dod not get you. Disha is shocked. She puts the receiver down. She remembers DK saying Sum will come tomorrow to take you, then she remembers DK saying what are you talking about?? Disha is shocked.

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posted by vidya

Hello all of you just thought i will give the full update.  Hope none of you mind.

Well here goes,  DK is talking to the doctor.  The doc says after going thru Sum's blood reports he is sorry to inform DK that she is having leukemia (blood cancer).  She has very little time left to live.  DK is like shocked.  The doctor advises him to keep her as happy as possible.  DK starts saying he will do whatever she wants and so on and somewhere he says something regarding Pori being his wife and the doctor is surprised.  He says but Mr. DK, Disha is your wife isnt it?  DK says yes but mother thinks Porineeta is her d-in-law.

DK thinks to himself, "For how long can I make Disha wait for me.  I will have to  make her hate me".   So his dialogue of the other day when Disha asks explanation from him.   "What are u talking about"?  Disha is stunned.  She cries a lot.   Vedant all these days was just not there when needed and today he is there at Disha's side, which gives mom Suhas the wedding ideas.

He tells Disha why are u crying?  What more did u expect from brother?  He has always been like this playing with peoples emotions.  He has always fancied Pori and today he is marrying her.  badi mom is just an excuse.  Disha tells him to stop it and to leave her alone.  But he goes on and on and then tells her to forget him and start living her own life, to get on with her life.  All this while Suhas is hearing from the outside.

When Vedant comes out, Suhas corners him.  Tells him Disha has never got the due respect in the Sehgal House.  She tells Vedant to give an honest reply to her question, which is whether he loves Disha and is he ready to marry her.  He says but we should first ask Disha if she is ready for this marriage.  Suhas says she got her reply and goes away happily.

Here DK and mom are discussing the forthcoming marriage.  He tells her he will arrange everything in a grand manner and he has booked a 5 star hotel hall for the wedding.  Vedant comes there.  Sum goes inside and Vedant starts his My, my, my.  He asks DK but from where are u going to spend on all this.  DK says I know how to manage anything.  Vedant starts shouting at DK why did he have to play with Disha's emotions.  DK gets angry and tells him if you are so sympathetic towards her u can very well go and marry her.  Vedant is angry and goes off.  DK after he goes says "I am sorry brother to have hurt all of you but i am helpless".  He then makes a call to Disha.  She picks up the phone but he doesnt talk.  she knows it is him but she also does not talk.

Aazoba comes to Disha's room and says,  "Just what is all this going on?  At first I thought DK has changed and he truly loves u, but now I too am getting doubts.  I feel u must get on with your life without him".  Disha says "No aazoba, may be he is under some pressure or some difficulty has come up.  Please, I would like to meet him at least once and find out everything.  Or even he may come to meet me here".  At that time the bell rings and she really thinks it is DK.  But who is at the door?  Well Inder.  She is angry on seeing him.  She walks off from there, but her pallu gets caught in a plant ka thorn and she has to pull the saree.  It gets torn and this chap is watching everything.  There they show Suhas and aazoba talking about Disha.  Suhas says, before for Rano's sake I asked Disha to sacrifice her love but today I want to give back her happiness.  I want her to be happy.  I want her to get married.  Inder is listening all this and he is happy thinking he is going to get back Disha. (mad fellow)  From there he runs towards Disha's room and there she is changing her saree and this chap is playing the peeping tom.  he sees Suhas coming out from the room, so he again runs behind another pillar.  Today he was acting true to his name, which all of you have kept for him (bunder).  Jumping from one frame to another. 

Well he listens once again to what Suhas and Disha are talking about.  Suhas tells Disha, "You have made a promise to me, u remember that isnt it?  Disha says yes.  Then she says I want u to be happy always.  I have selected a boy for you and he also loves u very much.  They are showing Inder's face and he is very excited. Disha is like shocked.  Suhas then tells "You should marry Vedant, he will keep you very happy".  Disha is completely shocked, and Inder is like a deflated balloon.  The episode ends on his face.

Well thats it.  Hope u guys all liked it. 

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May 24th update thanks to jingle


Sanya and gauthum marry!!!!!!!!!Confused

Gargi acting was outstanding like a old witch lioness behind the bars!Tongue



Inder's hand starts bleeding after he breaks the vase he leaves the bhonsle house. Rano bandages the wound and scolds him and asks him to become responsible inder shouts at her, rano becomes upset. disha tells suhas that she considers vedanth as her friend and even he thinks the same and she wants to spend her life alone.

Sukanya goes to meet gargi in the jail. gargi tells if she(suk) wants she can shift to the neighboring jail sukanya asks her if she knows anything about sanya gargi thinks that sanya can be made use to harm disha but thinks and decides not tell anything about sanya to sukanya gargi advises her to get them married since gauthum knows sanya and asks her to bring sanya for tea to the jail.

Disha who reading the magazine hears the front door bell ring she thinks it is dk runs and opens it ,she is shocked sukanya has come with gauthum and sanya who have got married sukanya tells disha that she reached there  at the right time if not she would have missed her son's marriage ,disha is unhappy sanya tells disha to forget the past since she is married now ,sukanya asks disha to bring things to welcome sanya ,disha doesnot move sukanya forces her ,sukanya is standing outside with gauthum and sanya when disha brings the pooja thali sukanya takes it from her hand but azuba who comes there tells that disha has to welcome since she is gauthum's sister sanya gives a evil smile listening to it anil is unhappy.

Vedanth is finalizing a business deal in the office after vedanth finalizes it , when the clients are still there dk comes there and tells infact insults vedanth telling that he has no authority to do any deal without his consent ,and vedanth knows only to go behind girls and make disha think against dk ,and he is unfit to handle business, vedanth gets upset and tells even I can speak about u and pari, that time dk shouts that he has no right to speak about them ,vedanth that time tells dk that suhas has proposed disha and he is going to marry her, dk listening to this is dumb folded and shocked

Inder goes near rano who is sleeping and touches her, she gets up and is happy and hugs him that time he remembers about suhas and disha's conversation and so he goes from there telling that remembered something impt, next day suhas calls up rano and asks whether disha has come rano tells  "no" later suhas  tells that she intends to marry disha to vedanth that time rano is excited and tells the same to inder who becomes upset and cannot tolerate it .

Disha back home is crying and thinking of dk, vedanth comes there and tells that he respects disha's decision and he will not force anything on her, disha tells him that her life has become so confusing and tensed filled with problems that time vedanth tells her other name for life is ups and downs and no one has got a smooth life, and also tells disha even if she disagrees to marry they will remain as friends and he will always support an be on her side.

Dk and Mr mittal finalize the deal ,mittal tells whether he can trust dk, dk tells that he will always stand by his (dk)words Mr Mittal tells dk that the deal was possible only because of dishaji so dk has to inform her and tell her his regards ,dk is excited and calls up on her  mobile and tells that deal is finalized suddenly he realizes and remembers what doctor told him, so he goes out of mittal's room and tells by mistake I called up ,disha keeps quite vedant who is there asks disha who called up that time disha tells some of her acquaintances, vedanth pulls the cell phone from her hand and looks at the number and redials dk and tells :don't  u dare to call up disha, u keep distance from her ,don't dare to come near her ,call her up ;

dk: u keep distance from disha u r instigating disha against me ;vedanth: until I am alive u cannot come near her or even touch

They fash dk and vedanth together an the screen

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