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SHIKAR (A Dangerous Love Story) ~2 RTMC FF (Page 12)

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ridzzi

i m back...finally able to read all the parts
n congo for the second thread...akhir hum sab is story ko 2 thread tak le hi aye
loved all the parts...super fantastic...Maneka n namohar loved their efforts for the love birds...n these love birds are really idiot...No doubt
but poor chand again got trapped by veer...looking forward for their meeting
N di i hv said it before don't forget to pm
ok now oi m going oi hv to rest ff also...update it soon
luv u
hey sweetie...that's so good to see you back...was missing your wonderful comments... luv u Hug

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ashu1909

just read all missed part and it was superb.
thanks dear...Smile
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dhwanimehta23

lovely update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the updates are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile
thanks a lot dear SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile some extra smiles for a smiley person SmileSmileSmileSmile
Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonalimurat

Sorry for late comment di
Updates are very awesome as always
loved it !!
ohh Veer drunk sp much that he hospitaliszed ...
n dat too reason coz of chandini
don't know when these two  understand each others feelings
hmm to chandini  presented three demands n Veer's only one but I was sure  uski ek demand bhi bichari  chandini par bhari padegi LOL
n dekho pad gayi Bhari LOL poor chandi have to make breakfast n feed him with her own hands Wink
continue soon di
love u
hey sweetie...doesn't matter whether u comment late or early...all matters is that you are liking the story... and i love reading your comments...thank you so much fro appreciating... updating today... lov u Hug
Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by BhartiKhushi909

awesome parts
loved it
sory being late :)
thanks dear...Smileloved your siggyBig smile
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sultanahabeeb

congrats for new thread nd waiting for next update plzzz
thank you so much dear...i am updating today... won't make you wait longer...Smile
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:17pm | IP Logged

Part 42

Part 43

Tending flustered and agitated at the circumstances Chandni felt her heart would sink any moment...It was not less than climbing mt everest for her...

After ten minutes of strenuous efforts finally she opened one of the cookery books she saw lying under the pile of old books...

Chandni quickly flipped the pages looking at the dishes... "no...not this seems too difficult" she kept murmuring "it looks horrible..." something was killing her inside...if she didn't meet his demand, he would surely not follow her demands... at once she looked around for a suitable bowl...then reached the table to cut some vegetables...

Meenakshi woke up for a cup of coffee when she saw Chandni in the kitchen... "is that really you, or am I still dreaming..."

Highly strung at her mother behind her she tried to control herself...relaxingly she gave a fake smile " got up so early..."

Meenakshi walked towards her... "its 7:00am '..i normally wake up by this time...but what has happened to you?"

Chandni didn't look into her eyes... "well...nothing really...i thought of cutting some vegetables..." she smiled once and looked down...

Meenakshi couldn't understand Chandni's reason of standing in the kitchen and cutting vegetables...and that too so early... in the meantime Kamla came inside the kitchen and looked at the mother and daughter... "as far as I know Chandni...this time you normally go for jogging or you are still in your bed..."

Chandni felt uneasy, as if she had a jittery ride over rough was not that her mother had seen her in the was more because she lied to her... how can she explain to anyone that she's tricked by the devil who must be enjoying his morning on her expense... she felt like pulling her hair out...

Chandni didn't have any good reason of explaining to her mother the reason of cooking right in the morning... "well know I go to college three days a week...and I hate eating its more healthier to cook at home and take away my own food..."

Meenakshi looked more curiously at her daughter who wasn't facing her... "really???"

Chandni didn't look at her even once... "of course mom" she said pretending to be confident about her statement...

Impracticable at her daughter's words "either you have gone insane or something's seriously wrong with you" Meenakshi walked away...

Chandni took a deep breath '... and asked Kamla to help her... Chandni was still thinking how she would face her family's reaction everyday when they will see her cooking...she has to find some solution to this problem... she cannot cook everyday for him...she would seriously go mad... its easy to work on a project rather than standing in the kitchen... and she never liked cooking at all...


Veer smiled white putting on his shirt...he started buttoning his shirt while looking in the mirror amusingly...

"may I ask the reason for this broad smile...?" Manohar looked at his friend astonishingly who got up so early from bed...this was not less than a miracle...

"Why not Manohar...i don't want you to deprive yourself from any information..." Veer's strange response perplexed Manohar...

Manohar almost stumbled, how could Veer say that so easily when he never tells anything to anybody...Manohar dared to ask another question to the handsome man who was wearing his jacket and looked extremely good looking... "where are you going Veer?"

Veer brushed his hair and smiled at Manohar... "in a witch's den" and patted lightly on his cheek...watching Manohar's bemused expression...

Veer walked downstairs... when Pratima called out "Saab...your breakfast"

"leave it lady...the witch is waiting to feed me" he sauntered outside the main door...making Pratima jolted for a moment...she had never seen Veer smiling so much and the way he said those words that made no sense to her... she folded her hands and prayed to the Gods "please save my Saab from any witch..."


Finally Chandni was happy to see the breakfast all ready...she quickly packed and quietly sneaked outside the house...she knew it will take her ten minutes to reach...

she took fast steps but just after few seconds she realized she wasn't wearing her jacket when the cold winds entered her body... "oh no..." she immediately thought of going back into the house and changing or she will surely fall sick... she quietly opened the door and found her grandmother sitting in the temple and reciting her prayers...

She kept the box at the main door and walked upstairs to change...

After few minutes...she came wearing her casual jogging clothes... and an extra jacket over... soon she was outside the house walking towards the valley...


Manohar was still thinking why would Veer dress up so formally as if he was going on a date... well he had never seen Veer smiling so much even when he went for a date...there was something that was making him curious to know... his thoughts were disturbed by the old man's talks with someone over the phone...

"yes Acharya Ji...i was waiting for you to come ' when will be the auspicious day?"

Manohar could hear Kaka inviting someone over...but then he was least bothered in his activities... he looked at Kaka who seemed happy after putting the phone down '... with a small piece of paper Kaka was about to move when Manohar smiled at him "so where are you landing next to meet your ghost friends??"

Kaka looked annoyingly at Manohar "its none of your business...let me do my work..."

Manohar didn't wanted to leave a single chance of annoying the old man... "am I invited to this ghost party...??"

Kaka turned around "It would be my great honor to invite the world's most annoying ghost"


The moment her eyes fell on him standing near the bench her heart skipped a beat...she could die a thousand times to have that glimpse of him... as she started moving towards him she murmured "my heart is seems you have become like my God... and I have said yes to be with you through out my life"

Veer looked at the road and saw her coming towards him...a naughty smile escaped his lips...he wanted to laugh seeing Chandni carrying a three tier tiffin box... and murmuring something...he thought she must be cursing him under her breath...

but soon he saw something that made his smile turned into a serious gaze... "you are just like a divine light that has entered my life completely capturing my are only girl whose magic worked on me..." he said to himself...

but as she came closer...Chandni glared at him as if she would eat him "you know its so difficult"

he gave a serious look "stop complaining...and open the box..."

Chandni furiously thought about him...he was the most ruthless man she has come across and still she loves him...why on earth did God made her heart fall for the world's heartless man... she opened the first box...

"what the hell??" he said looking pathetically at the green salad...that wasn't even cut properly...

Chandni looked at him "well...its healthy...and the only thing is I don't know how to cut"

"even a animal won't eat this green leafy thing and you are expecting me to eat this" Veer shouted at her...

Chandni looked angrily at him... "fine then don't eat..."

she opened the second which Veer made a drastically bad look "i can't believe apple!!!!"

Chandni didn't had a single clue what he was actually expecting her to make...

"Chandni...i can't believe...the way you carried such a huge box, I thought it must be some lavish breakfast today...but you disappointed me..." pretended to be angry at her... though he wanted to laugh aloud at her innocence...

"alright, now open the last box...lets see what have you got in that..." Veer said hopelessly looking at Chandni...

the moment she opened the third box...he wasn't surprised to see a dry toast... he wanted to laugh but he showed his anger "do you think I am ill??? what kind of food is this???" he again shouted at her...

Chandni silently listened for few seconds until he clearly said that he will not to follow her demands for the day.. "why not? I have made the breakfast today..." she put forth her statement before he came closer...

"this is what you call breakfast???" he angrily yelled at her "go learn something from Pratima..." he said and turned away from her to avoid laughing in front of her...

Chandni was never so furious in her life as she felt after preparing breakfast for him "you are expecting me to become a maid..."

Veer somehow controlled his laughter and turned around to look at her "well, whatever you think...but I won't eat this food..."

without saying anything else he came closer '... grasped her tightly from her waist and placed a kiss on her pink lips making her completely mad...

until she realized what he was doing he pulled back and smiled at the astonished face that turned red...

she clutched the collars of his shirt "what was that???" her eyes looked big and beautiful...Veer couldn't escape himself from the dagger eyes that were killing him...

sliding his hands around her waist... Veer started laughing making her totally confused... Chandni was looking angrily and hopelessly at him...when will he stop teasing her, how could he just do what he wants every time and without giving her any time to even think...

"you don't you want me to repeat and let you know..." he answered back...

"no... no" she replied instantly...

her eyes were attracting him to embrace her tightly in his arms... he touched her eyelashes with his thumb...

"what are you doing Veer??" she blinked her eyes rapidly...

"checking if you have fake eyelashes..." he said seriously...making her more angrier...

Chandni eventually pulled away from his arms and started walking away while he smiled at her and said to himself... "everything seems dwindled in front of those skewing arrow like eyes that give me tremendous pain..."


"what are you throwing in the bin??" Kamini asked her dear grand daughter who was emptying the box outside the house...

Chandni turned around to see Kamini with a jug of water... she must be watering her plants... "nothing grandma..."

"where did you go??"

"went to feed the cows on the hill" Chandni replied with extreme anger that was hitting inside her...

Kamini smiled "really??? so did they eat"

"even the cows didn't liked my food..." Chandni replied frustratingly...


Part 44

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The update was so funny..
Who gets an apple and a toast ROFL

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