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SHIKAR (A Dangerous Love Story) ~2 RTMC FF

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Welcome to Shikar's second thread...

Love you all my beautiful readers...Hug

For all those who wish to taste the previous parts here is the link...
Part 1 to 39

Part 40 Page 1
Part 41
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Part 43


Part 40

Chandni couldn't look into his eyes anymore... his arm snaked around her waist... though he did not touch her knee that might hurt her... he lay his arm under her head and embraced her tightly in his arms... Chandni couldn't ask him to leave...she felt complete when he was around her...when he touched her she felt beautiful... she felt happy when he loved her...

Soon he smothered her with rough, urgent, hot kisses...

"Stop it" Chandni insisted and looked away... Veer smiled and least bothered about her reaction he sucked her lips tenderly feeling her breath... Chandni almost lost herself in his arms... she forgot everything around her... for one moment her life was Veer and only Veer...

She heard the footsteps again... shockingly she opened her eyes and pushed him away... " I heard something" she whispered...

"but there isn't anyone..." Veer tried to lean on her when she pushed him again "but I heard the footsteps coming towards my room..."

This time Veer did not listen to her and forcefully kissed her...the kiss was not less than biting and sucking her...

with complete force she tried to push him away... "what the hell do you want Chandni???" exasperatedly Veer yelled at her making her almost shocked '..

"how could you Veer?? I never thought you would..." she sobbed...

Angrily Veer got up from the bed '.. "i don't understand why you always run from me, when I want to come near you..."

Chandni thought Veer only wanted to sleep with her...his love seemed lust to her... She was scared and tense...his attitude made her more angry and ashamed of herself for falling in front of him... "just leave me...and get out of my life"

Veer had enough of her ..he came closer and pulled her hair making her scream in pain "i will get hundreds of girls like you who are dying to sleep with me" he pushed her against the bed...

"now I understand you...i was only a prey for you as all other never loved me..." she was angry and tears did not stop from her eyes

Veer whispered close to her mouth "you are absolutely right Chandni" making her completely shattered ,  "Veer Raichand never leaves his prey at any cost..."... she didn't wanted anything except that he must leave her right now... her body was shivering with fear...

He tried to touch her when she shrugged off her shoulder "i would die rather letting you coming near me..." the pain was seen clearly in her twinkling eyes...devastated at his reaction she completely hated herself...

she could see the anger in his if he could do anything to her and would never regret... She couldn't escape from her destiny...

he came closer '...her hands and feet trembled as she saw the danger approaching her...she loved him but it was dangerous... "just leave me...i don't want to see your face..." she somehow got the courage from her weak body...though she was scared but she was ready to face him this time...

With anger raging in his eyes he opened the door and left...she was jolted with the door shutting loudly in front of her...not even in her dreams she thought her life would change, that she would face such an enormous storm...he was like a turbulent ocean that drowned her forever in his love, lust and anger...

Life plays strange games... she wanted to shout, to scream, she made a wrong decision of loving him...when he did not deserve her love...she was helpless, she felt lonely, how could she believe that he loved her... she cried out loudly while the dark clouds covered the whole sky...

she could not sleep the whole night...she simply hated herself for choosing someone like Veer who was a complete box of all faults...she had always hated men in her entire life, and Veer wasn't different from them...instead he wanted to use her... she wiped her tears and looked at the wall in front of her...her photograph when she was five and her mother was embracing her tightly in her arms...Chandni knew she won't be able to tell anything to her Mother...when she herself has made a wrong choice...

she heard the door bell again... this time she was scared to death... if it was Veer, she would surely die before he approaches her...but to her surprise that was her family who had returned back from Sarita's place... Chandni was completely lost in her thought...then who was there before...she did heard the door bell previously and she heard the same footsteps... her mind totally confused '.she closed her eyes...but there wasn't any sleep...


That was the last bottle in the stock... he was drunk...his eyes red...he was dejected...

Chandni's words echoed in his ears frustrating him '...he looked himself in the mirror...the worst part was the fact that he couldn't change his past and even when he loved Chandni, she never believed in his love instead she thought he was using her, she never understood his feelings, his emotions towards her and always took him wrong because of his past, he never felt so weak before as if he lost a battle between his love and his past life... he smashed the bottle over the huge mirror that broke into pieces...

Kaka heard the voice and quickly rushed upstairs... "Veer..." he was shocked to see Veer's condition... he somehow managed to help him lay on the bed...

Worriedly Kaka looked at Manohar "i have never seen Veer in such a bad condition...i mean look at him, today he crossed all his limits of drinking..."

Manohar knew Veer drinks but today he saw him drinking so much that it could cause adverse effect which may result in his death... "i think we must call the doctor or take him to the hospital"

Kaka was concerned and agreed with Manohar... "we must take are right Manohar..." Kaka immediately called the local private hospital...


Next Day

Meenakshi was wondering how did Chandni fell so badly... Kamla took Chandni's breakfast upstairs...Kamini did her morning prayers and sprinkled the holy water when she felt something strange... she walked upstairs in Chandni's room '..

Chandni was reading her newspaper, though she was just pretending...her mind was still thinking about Veer and how he tried to force himself on her...the more she thought the more she hated him...

Kamini could sense something strange in Chandni's room...she looked at Chandni who had newspaper in one hand and a cup of coffee in another... Chandni was least bothered about her Grandmother sauntering in her room... Kamini eyes turned all around... "Chandni..."


"don't you feel something strange around you??" Kamini muttered while looking around...

Chandni couldn't hear clearly, but she didn't wanted to be bothered "please Grandma...i want to rest...i don't have time to answer whatever you are asking..."


interrupted again by Chandni "please...please I fold my hands"

Kamini knew she must be in pain due to her injury...she went outside the room but her mind kept wandering...

"Chandni, I think I must take you to the doctor..." Meenakshi observed the wound...

Chandni wanted to get alright quickly so she can walk...the first thing she would do is go away from Darjeeling... "yes mom...i think you are right...i want to recover quickly..."

Meenkashi and Kamla helped Chandni to slowly walk downstairs towards the car...


"thank you doctor for getting Veer here" Kaka spoke to the doctor who was helping Veer to recover...

"it was important to admit him to the hospital immediately...he had consumed so much alcohol...but he is out of danger now...hopefully will be conscious in another four or five hours...please make sure he doesn't drink again"

Kaka waited outside the room... Manohar was still thinking why on earth will Veer drink so much when he knew that too much drinking will harm him...

" you know where Veer was last night??" Kaka asked curiously

Manohar didn't knew the exact answer but he made a wild guess "well probably with Chandni..."

Without wasting any more time Kaka went to Chandni's place... while traveling he only thought about Veer's confession of falling for Chandni and it may be possible that Chandni doesn't want to even see him and he's feeling bad... unsure about most of the things Kaka rang the door bell outside a huge house...

Kamini kept the cup on the table and walked slowly towards the door... "hello"

"Is Chandni at home??" Kaka asked without any hesitation...

Kamini observed carefully at the old man who seemed worried and tense, she remembered when he came with Veer last time "how are you? well Chandni isn't at home... she's gone to the hospital..."

Kaka couldn't wait to ask another question that would reach his destination "which hospital?"

Kamini thought it must be something urgent "the city hospital..."

Kaka greeted her and quickly instructed the driver to reach city hospital...


Meenakshi was still waiting outside...she had never seen Chandni so quiet,


"yes Dr Das"

Dr Das didn't look relaxed... "well its a serious injury...i wonder how could she fall so badly...i mean that too by herself"

Meenakshi was more worried for Chandni "how much time will it take to recover"

"Meenakshi, please don't worry...well honestly it will take few weeks... and for next one week she needs to stay in the hospital..." Dr Das consoled Meenakshi...

"does Chandni know this??" Meenakshi asked

Dr Das smiled a little "Yes...and you know she's a brave girl...she wants to meet you..."

Meenakshi wiped her tears and went inside... "Chandni"

"i am alright Mom..." Chandni said while lying on a bed... with a small table on her side and a chair next to her bed...

Meenakshi smiled and hold her hand '.. "i know you are brave...but I am a mother and sometimes can't control my tears" both mother and daughter had a moment...

"Mom, Can you please send my books...otherwise I will be bored here..." Chandni smiled and tied her hair in a pony tail...

Meenakshi smiled and kissed her on the forehead before leaving...


After one hour...


She heard the voice that made her look towards the door from her book, she was surprised to see Kaka standing with a bouquet of flowers... "Kaka"

"how are you Chandni?" he kept the flowers on the table...

Chandni lowered her eyes...she always respected him, but she would never answer if Veer had send him to see her...

"i went to your place and your Grandmother told me you hurt yourself..." Kaka paused... "actually I was in the hospital in Kurseong..."

Chandni immediately asked him "Kaka...what happened? Are you"

" its not was Veer who was admitted..." Kaka stopped to look at her expressions...

he could see a frown on her forehead that clearly showed her annoyance for him... "what happened Chandni?"

"no nothing Kaka..." she stopped for a second...then hesitatingly asked "what happened to Veer?"

Kaka was waiting for Chandni to ask "Well last night he..." Kaka stopped...he thought of not telling anything about Veer's drinking "he '.he has high fever..."

Chandni looked concerned... but she didn't show any signs on her face...


It was late night Chandni was still reading as she slept a lot during the day... she was about to flip another page when her eyes fell on a shadow outside her door... the door was closed, because of some light outside she could easily make out someone strolling outside her room...

without giving much thought she closed her book and kept at the table... slowly she lay on the bed when she heard a knock at the door... that was enough to scare her...she quickly pressed the button behind her to call the nurse...when no one appeared after several minutes she started sweating...

there was another knock '...she was breathing slowly and looked constantly at the door... "who...who is there??" she spoke with fear...she could easily hear her own heart beat... this time she didn't heard was pin drop silence... she wiped the sweat off her forehead...her lips were dry...she turned to pick up some water when she heard someone whispering in her ear...


Chandni's hand shivered and the glass dropped from her hands on the floor breaking in pieces... the nurse came inside... "Chandni...what happened?? are you alright?"

Chandni couldn't speak anything for few seconds... she was numb while the nurse asked the cleaner to clean the glass pieces... she asked Chandni to rest as it was late night...

Chandni couldn't forget and sleep was far away from her eyes... her mind and heart were completely disturbed... she repeated what she had heard "Satyabhama" she stopped for a minute "who is she?? and I haven't heard this name before..."

she pressed her lower lip with her teeth and thought about all the incidents that took place in her life... and why was it happening with her... her thought came to end in the morning when she was too tired to think and closed her eyes...


Next morning...

"What was reason of drinking so much??" Kaka asked Veer again who was holding his head... he wanted to shoot everything around him... the headache was killing him...

Kaka thought of getting some coffee for him... and walked outside the room leaving Manohar behind who looked curiously at Veer...

"i know your reason of drinking..." Manohar poured some water and gave him some pain killer...

Veer was already frustrated over the events going on in his life and now he was not at all ready to argue with him "if you know...then bloody hell keep your mouth shut" he shouted at Manohar who wasn't surprised to take this response from his dear friend...

"did Chandni..." Manohar wasn't allowed to complete his sentence...when Veer looked angrily in his eyes...

"don't you ever ask me about her..." that seemed Veer's final warning... he was very clear that he doesn't want her name anywhere around him...though he knew he loved her...

Manohar was feeling was very clear that something big has happened that made Veer angry... he saw him taking his medicines... Manohar could easily trace that Veer was in love but it seemed he was running from himself...


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Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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congrats for the second thread

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sweetnandu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 8:44pm | IP Logged
Congrats for the new thread...
The update was amazing...story is turning very interesting...pls do update soon...

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
congrats on ur new thread
awesome update

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.FemmeFatale. IF-Sizzlerz

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res <3
congratulations dhanvi di Party


New thread.New bhaari bharkam chapter Cool the update took off with the continuation of the prvious update's bliss Day Dreaming and then chandni spoke Angry argh!And this Veer also na,couldn't he simply try to convince her one more time Ermm i dont blame either of them though.Both of dem are right in their POV's in a certain way. Ermm

Tragedy struck,again! Cry WHY dhanvi di WHY? Ouch anyhoo,the update was deadly Cool perfect blend of romance,tragedy and ofcourse HORROR! Shocked who is satyabhama now? Shocked god this is so damn spooky Tongue mere toh tote udd jaate if at all i was in chandni's place ROFL Brave girl i must say Tongue

Veer and his old friend-alcohol meet again! Stern Smile its so depressing to see him like this Broken Heart  oh and btw,i was hoping veer and chandni could get admitted to the same hospital Tongue lol we could have some hospital romance then ROFL

Umm,ab aage kya hoga Disapprove why is it,that ALWAYS,when love is at its peak,tragedy remembers he too has a role to play? Angry 

We'll have to wait and watch.Oh no no wait and READ ROFL

Killer update di Clap cant wait to read the next ud!

Congratulations once again!We can never get tired of reading ur writing! <3

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JustinsBaby101 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Congrats Dancing

second thread ayHug

Beautiful update Clap

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rai-kishori. IF-Sizzlerz

Captain Javitri
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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Congo On The New Thread !!!!!

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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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congo shongo fr new thread di, n thnx fr givng us dis lovely shovely stry..
ud main bada maaza aaya,
kabhi kabhi romance se bore hoker, jagda bhi bada bhata h..
loved it,
enjoyed d hidden romance too, lovely just lovely..
strting frm strt..
veer is a passionate lover no doubt,
but may, chandini is bit secure, she dnt prefer more physical problem, not evry gal is so open...
but veer, plz try to understnd..n evn u chand, 
u bth lov each other...

who was it on the door, hmm..
 again mystery...
o god, so many mysteries around...

but veer, why the hell u drink so much.. oops! hospital main admit karna padega...
me feel like crying both veer n chand r ill...

kamini sm times is best, she undertsnds hng much well, but sm times she is vry stereotypical..
dat annoys...
but d way she tlked to kakaji, good..i like her here..

moms r best...friends of gals..proven by menakshi..
sweet mom...

dat bhootani is styabhama aunty, wow...
dat scene, god i loved it..
 but it alwayz scares chand, dats nt gud...

veer, buddy, 
dnt run frm urself, admit it.. u cnt live widout her...

chand is still annoyed wid him, his name cause her irritation...
kaka said dat he is in hospital..
lets see wat chand do now,..
will she undertsnd his love.. will veer improve...

god, so many thing still needs to open..
thnx di fr a wondo ud..
 lov u.

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