The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

Realization To Confession/RaHi SS :Up-Part 2/PG 2

piya2025. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Realizatio n T o C onfession

Part One

 ( Realization )


Character's are the same as in the show.


May be Panchi have always loved Ranveer but also possibilities are there that except for few rare occasion like the last time when Banga had closed down Ranveer's ever-so-favorite radio station,when he was dedicating "Bin tere" song to Annie..Opps! his favorite radio station,he came & hugged her from behind,She felt something but mostly she brushed off her feeling watching him with any Ina,Mina,Dika,giving those "there my Bestie goes again"look & never admitting that she is feeling jealous, let alone Ranveer not even to herself.


Nevertheless,He was her best friend & She was his..


It was the day when She actually got to learn that She loved him but that too when Ranveer came & leted her know "He loved her"


But Destiny had some other plans..Sometime we get the things we ask for but we accept it in a hard way..Yes,We humans are real weird sometime.


'Motiii !!!!!!! ' He shouted stopping by his bicycle infront of Panchi.

While she was arranging her rather Ranveer's notes sitting there in college campus..


'Kya hai Nonu' Can't you see I'm doing something.'She said in an irritated tone..& again concentrated on the notes.




-What now? Panchi asked maintaining the same tone.

-Don't call me that Moti.

By the time she finished her work so having her ever so cute smile on her face she started-

'Like you ever goona stop calling me that..?


Err! Moti?

Haha ' Ranveer burst out laughing..

What?' Panchi asked with a confused expression.

'See you just admitted,you are..Motiii !



She knew she could never win from Ranveer when it comes to such arguments,it's another thing Ranveer always would do & give up to Panchi as well ..


Handing over the notes to Ranveer..-

Yea le tera notes..

Ranveer said while checking -

All finished? He exclaimed in disbelief.


Had to,otherwise tu pass nahin hota..

Haha that was funny ! NOT.Sleepy


Yeah know..Chal I'm leaving..


Panchi was 2/3step ahead of Ranveer when Ranveer got a hold of her hand & stopped her..



Moti! Ruk..!

Abhi kya hai? Notes toh mill gayye na..ab mujhe jane de..Nahin toh main pass nahin honghi..'She said while making cute faces..


-Who toh millne hi the..but I got to say something ."he said excitedly warping his hand around Panchi's shoulder..


-haan, Baako..


-I really like this girl ! 'pointing a finger where  the girl was standing.


Panchi could figure out the girl..She was new to the academy,actually joined just to finish an assignment related her project.


-Hey that's Reha !


-Yeahh ! Ranveer uttered having that mischievous smile on his face..meanwhile Panchi looked at him.


-To mujhe kya bata raha your U-Su-A-Ls She told him stretching the word..

-Haan that is what I'm goona do ..

Toh mujhe kya bata raha tha..she said putting off his hand from her shoulder,,


-Ranveer pretend to be a lil thoughtful & said-

Actually subha se koi mili nahin thought to make a bakri out of you..LOL


Panchi was about to hit him but he ran way from there while laughing..


Panchi shacked her head on his stupidity..-Pagal..


It has been almost 1month that Ranveer & Reha started dating..It didn't take him much to do to bag Reha kind of girl's attention,after all she was just the same type of 'easy to get'  just may be a bit too much bitchy.

It was V-day..& like every year Royal Academy's authorities has held function for their students..Everyone is excited about it as it's goona be there last year in the academy.


Panchi,Kiya & Boby walking in the corridor,discussing about the night..


Kiya : So are you girls excited ? Tongue


Kiya,she is the same girl who didn't get along with any of the college student a month or two back but now Panchi is her best friend & Boby who couldn't stand her Diva like attitude,she too comes in her Friend list..She has been pretended to be a hard girl but thanks to Panchi when she's with her new found friends,she behaves herself.


Boby : For what? That Loser night?-She asked rather told hitting the football on ground..

Kiya : 'Rolls eyes' Really now?

Boby : What ?

Panchi : Shut up you both,pagal ho gayye kya phir se?


She works as a peacemaker when this 2 newly becomes friends start going back to their "Enemy" mood..


Kiya : whatever 'Ignoring Boby's jallipana..

So Panchi.You are coming na ;) She asked excitedly..

Boby : Free ka advice hai fatty..say don't..

Kiya : BOBY !!

Boby : Okay !

Kiya : So what are you wearing tonight ?

Panchi : trying to ignore it..mujhe about you what are you wearing..?

Kiya : Obviously something in red..It's V-day afterall, moreover I'm goona perform :)

Panchi : & Boby you?


Boby rather looked shocked as if she did some huge blunder asking this question to her..atleast her expression said so..meanwhile all three stooped walking..


Panchi & Kiya : What ? !!ConfusedTongue

 Boby alone cont.walking alongside playing football in the same manner.


-Don't ask me to join you mental people in that mental asylum cum party..


Kiya gave her a "I-'ll-kill-you" kinda look but when Panchi gave her a It's okay look,She added a bit humor n asked politely to irritate her-


Kiya : Don't break Piddi's heart this way yaa ! She laughed then..


To which Boby said sarcastically-That 'd be in your case Chiklate (& this made Kiya irritated) may be your stoned-face didn't ask you out yet ? She said giving her a smile..


Kiya : YOUUU !!Angry


Okay Okay girls!She stopped them coming in between..

I thought you were asking me if I were coming or not..

Both stepped back & said..




Kiya : Haan so what is your answer madam,say it loud before I kill this artificial guy "glaring at Boby.''


Panchi Laughed a bit ! Okay..It's a NO.

Boby : Well Done fatty..patting on her back,Me proud of you..


Kiya standing infront of her..What well done ?? & don't call her fatty ! Get it..-pointing a finger ..


-Ahh! Aa gayi lady Ranveer..The mention of Ranveer made Panchi a bit uneasy ! may be..


Boby : Okay,I'm leaving,jab tum logo ki yea girls talk khatam ho jayye tab canteen aa jaiyo..


Boby Left,Kiya Shifting her thoughts from Boby asked Panchi why she's not coming..


Meanwhile,Reha just walked over from there giving them those look which Kiya & Boby could handle but Panchi was too sweet to give it back to her,may be that's why she could insult her when Ranveer & others were not around.


It didn't take Kiya to understand that what was the reason of Panchi not wanting to attain the Party..


*sigh* when this bitch 'd leave our academy..


Panchi : Leave her Kiya..I have my own reason not join  you all there.

Kiya : & the reason is you don't want it to ruin for Ranveer as he won't tolerate your insult & give it back to her,even better than we can do..

Panchi So jab janti ho toh why forcing me?

Kiya-That b'coz I want my friend to be with me/us.


Panchi somehow wanted her to stop asking about it so to shift her focus from her & she said,


Only me? How about KD ?


Kiya : Pan-chii !! She took her name in a shy tone,putting her arm around Panchi's,walking close to her..


Panchi : Yes,Kiya I..AM.. Listening..Smile


In a really short time this two has become  very close friend that Kiya never felt of the need to hide her feeling from Panchi.If it was anyone else she could giver the person a deadly look or a punch for sure but it was Panchi..


'You know how it is sweetheart..She said looking down smiling.


Panchi : Ofcourse I know..But how it'd  look happening if either of the two of you 'd not speak your heart out but keep on fighting but while being away 'd be thinking about only each other.


Kiya : Then why he doesn't just put his ego a side & ask me out? -She asked like a lil kid.

Panchi : may be he too thinking the same..


That made Kiya think but soon she just brushed it off & said '


But that doesn't make you not to join us in the party..


Panchi sighed that how she failed to shift her focus,afterall she 's not that good in such thing.


***In canteen***


So aa gayye gossip girls,Ho gayi tum loghki Dress se lekar Jooto ki assignments complete,She said as soon she saw Panchi & Kiya entering the cafteria..


Kiya was quick to ans,


Haan we are & also did manage to make Piddi agree to take you out..She knew Piddi was making all moony eyes & was coming towards them..


Boby looked back & saw Piddi standing with a football..


' By''


Kya hai..??

Poor thing always gets nervous when Boby talks to him this way..wait ! when does she talks normally with him? *He thinks*


Kya hai? Boby repeated it .


Piddi : Kya t tumm.. mere sath..


Urrggh ! Pratham punj can you for heaven sake stop stammering ?


Piddi already was scared of asking her out,so much so that he also brought a new football for her so that she 'd atleast agree for the sake of it but now it seems to go all down to the drain..He was about to leave in meanwhile Panchi stopped him.


Wait Piddi ! & Boby let him complete atleast..


How to do so when he keeps getting stuck in every single alphabet..


Piddi already was nervous so Panchi gave him an assuring look & indicate him to say..


Piddi closed his eyes & blunt it out..


Kya tum mere sath party mein chaloghi,see maine tumhare lia yea football bhi laya hai upfronting his hand he showed it to her..


Wow yaar mast hai.!!!.Boby said smiling..Chal tere liya na sahi iss k liya toh chalunghi tere sath..


Panchi was relived & Boby 's happiness hardly knew any bound.He said in mind -'Itni Jaldi maan gayyi".He asked-




Boby glared,before I change my mind chal phut le yeha se.


Boby didn't want to take the risk so he left saying ..actually almost shouting-


Sharp @ 7pm..


Boby though was a tomboy but deep down she liked the attention Piddi gave her & knowing the fact that he likes her gives her a nice feeling ,so it was not exactly the Football for what she agreed to go out with him.


Thank god ! The nautanki stopped ..said Kiya who till now was chatting in her BBM..To which Panchi just smiled.

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piya2025. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Part 2 'll be posting soon :)

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tani18 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 10:08am | IP Logged
yaay..m the first one to cumment..its an awesome ss...w8ing for more..lets see whtats in store pm me

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rocksravya11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
awww i luved reding it...spcly piddi n bobby's convo was hilarious... n plzz  i want RaHi convo more plzzz n ur ss was awesomeThumbs Up

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rocksravya11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by piya2025

Part 2 'll be posting soon :)

plzz post it ...i m waiting 2 read it plzzz

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sujana9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged
gosh..title itself gives me shivers LOLEmbarrassed

gosh.beauitfully wrtten Clap

loved word to word ...panchi is UBER cute..nd a FATUUU LOLEmbarrassed

nonnu ki mottiDay Dreaming

amazing start yaar ..! fablous job Approve

pm me wen u nxt update Big smile

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The007Shivani IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG it was toogud can u please update soon cant wait to see rahi now and the confession and gosh who is this b***h reha and please pm me when u update

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kittu_arsha Goldie

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AAHHMaaZinGgg !


Update Soon Now n Do PM Me :)

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