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--We HATE but still LOVE-- #4

hARSHA_Neeti Goldie

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Posted: 27 July 2012 at 7:48pm | IP Logged
Happy KriYaansh friendz...

Welcome to d 4th thread of ur vry own FF -
"We hate but still Love".

(banner credit to my cuteeShaitaan aka kinjal)
Congratulations to all of us...

i missed u all so so so so much..

but no worries i m back wid a new thread dat too 4th thread of dis FF.

i cant evn belive,its rili incredible 4 me..

But u all have made it possible...

Thanks wud be a small word infront of whatevr u all gave me in dis FF.

But still i wud like to thank all my frinendz who read dis FF & leave dier valuable ,cute & long coments...

thank u so much guyz. 4m d core of my heart...

Also i wud like to thank the devil rokerz 4 dier wonderful spamming abilities...

now lets celebrate our new thread...

Lets party & dance...

So i have begun d dance now all o f u come & join & rock d dance floor...

Lets party dance & celebrate...


As a treat of new thread scroll down 4 d nxt chapter...

Love u all

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hARSHA_Neeti Goldie

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Posted: 27 July 2012 at 7:49pm | IP Logged

chapter-37 "Bday romance" (above post)


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hARSHA_Neeti Goldie

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hARSHA_Neeti Goldie

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Happy KriYaansh friends'

1st of all mai kan pakad ke sorry asking'

Sholly vry sholly 4 keeping u await 4 so long'

I m rili sorry guyzz..

Evn I was vry desperate 2 write nxt chapter but u as I told I shiftd to Assam 1 week back den all admission process & welcum ceremony continued & den here in hostel it took me time 2 adjust,still I m not adjustd so I don't find tym to write but now I hav deicided dat I'll routine my schedule well so dat I can find tym to write my love,my passion & my addiction ,our FF.

Ok so enuf of my bak-2 now I wud like to provide u recap so dat u can quikly get back where we stooped.

Recap: Surprise test is done,reyam rin rehrsal hall r trying 2 find way how kria turned 2 Rr,suddenly nil informs dem dat 2moro is Rr's b'day party.


Next day

#Evening 5:00 pm#

*Swamaira's house-Rr's room*

After getting fresh-up she cums out of d washroom,wiping hr wet face wid towel she notices sumthing placd  on hr bed.

Rr:Such a pretty gown,wowe beautiful jwells.
Her feet strike a box placd on floor ,picking it up she opens it.

Rr:wow dats a pretty sandal, everything of my taste..hmm.. so  kunwar samraat aap jaha bhi h plzz humare samne ajayie.

Sam (cuming out of d curtain ):it takes u seconds na' to guess what I do 4 u.
Rr:yaa as it jst takes seconds 4 u  to selct all d gifts exactly of my flavor'dats our friendship..

Sam:hmm.. dats d special bond we share..
Rr:Ab ye toh batayie prince ki kis party mein mujhe aapko company deni hai..

Sam: Its d success party of d  deal dad send me to crack here in India.

Rr: Success party dats cool, u know what sam I feel so proud of u , how perfectly u handle d business deals of ur empire along wid ur clg life.

Sam:As if u don't!! Shayad aap bhool rahi hai princi, dat b4 cuming to India aapne bhi toh Raajvansh empire ke land & property ke issues ko perfectly solve kiya tha.
Rr:Haan par hum wo sab kabhi nahi kar pate agar aap humare saath nahi hote, 2day whatever I m in Raajvansh business world or kingdom is all coz of u, coz aftr dat accident u have only guided me d way 2 bcum back princess Rr.
Sam smiles in respond but his smile is not a true smile 4m heart , it's a strange smile ,a smile painfull smile polishd wid cheers & happiness.

Sam:Ok princi get ready soon I m waiting 4 u outside.
He moves out.

*Raajvansh palace*
@ d entry gate

Two pretty angel like dressd gals stood 4 welcome.

Nil:Dude ye welcum gals bi kitni beautiful hai na.

Simmy:Nilesh tum bhi na gate par khadi welcum gals ko tak line mar rahe ho..

Nil:Simmy gals ko adore karne ka liye unki beauty dekhi jati hai unka location nahi & by d way I said dis to viky , y r u answering.

Shr:Ok guyz ab age chale..

All:yaa..lets move.

Dey walkd over red carpet covrd wid white jasmine & red rose petals.

Entring d palce hall dey  eyez were attackd by d beautiful royally decoratd hall wid  clump of rounded candles @ evry corner ,daffodils boquets on walls,light pink balloons rolling on d floor, royal drink corner, maids & servants dressed up royally , all d guests around having business & kingdom talks & d Loiusians @ d entrant of d hall stud glaring dis royal world'

wen dier eyez were busy in glaring dis heaven-like hall,dier hands were caught by lil kids(gals hands were caught by small boys & boys hands by lil gals ) d kids caught d Loiusians palm wid dier lil soft hands & kissed dem saying: thank you 4 cuming to spark Rr di's party even more.

All d gals were so touchd by dier innocent welcum dat dey  kissed back d kids & boys waved dier hands on dier cheeks.

Viky:dude ye rey aur Sw kahi dekhayi nahi de rahe, dey said dey have already arrivd.

Nil:yaa dude where r dey??

*stairs of palace*

rey dressed in above get-up.

Sw dressed in above way.

Rey: hello uncle.
1 gentle man: hello beta, aap Rr ke clg friend hai.

Sw: yes uncle.

Rey: uncle aap Rr ko uske bachpan se jante hain na.

GM:Haan beta.

Sw: toh kuch batayie na uske childhood ke bare mein,schooling,previous clg, hr life'

GM: Born in jaipur, schooling & clg in London, life as a princess who has been ovr-protected by hr parents but after dat acc..

Rey:yaa aftr ..

GM: Nothing, jst aftr dat dazzling life in London she shiftd to Mumbai wid u all.

Reyam: Hmm..

Rey:ok uncle lets enjoy d party
& dey leave.

Reyam @ 1 corner .

Sw: Ye 5th person hai is party mein dude jisne Rr ki entire story bata kar aftr dat accident ki line ke baad sab topic end kar dete hai yaar,ab hum kya kare ,how wil v find what happnd in dat accident??


*@ d entry of hall*
A strong muscular arms encircled a pretty face wid his palms placed over hr beautiful eyes  & both entrd d hall.

d pretty face.

in following dress.

& d person wid her.

Samraat slowly dropping his hands down whispers in hr ears :Surprise princess'

Rr slowly opens hr eyes & finds a world infront of hr which is cumpltly dedicatd to hr wid lil kids surrounding hr in no tym, wid sam dier as lead who stud in mid of all & said:Happy Birthday to 1 of d most precious angel of d world.

Rr was spellbound cumpltly speechless.

Rr*slf talk*: O yaa 2day is 26 july my b'day(she didn't evn remember it as it was not d day she had been celebrating hr bday really since hr childhood she knew it was hr bday only coz it was written in hr birth certificate)

Rr:Thank u so much sam 4 making dis day so special, I evn didn't remember but u nevr 4get.
Sam smiles & says: well dere's yet another surprise waiting 4 u.


Sam turning hr to left by placing his arms around hr sholdrs says:There it is.

Turnig 2 left she screams out of joy:Pitaajiii..

She quikly runs 2 hr dad & hugs him, Maharaja hugs hr back wid lot of affection & care & kisses hr 4head saying:Happy B'day my princess.
Rr:thank u pitaaji par aap yaha Mumbai mein .
Ar:Aapke bday par bhala hum aapse dur reh sakte hai.

Rr smiles wid full of cheers in hr eyes.
Den d cake cutting ceremony takes place( I m skipping dis part)

Sam (holding d myc):So now d tym has cum 4 d youth party 2 begin so I rqst all d respctd elder guests to plzz move to d courtyard accompanied by Arya uncle & d boys & gals 2 remain here to rock d party.
Elder guests shift to courtyard 4 royal dinner.

Sam:ok guyz so lets begin d 1st game of 2days nyt  & d game is like some of d gals articles like dier ring,breclet,scarf,hair-clips,etc. r hidden some-where in dis party hall itslf & some of d boys articles like dier breclet,chains,watch etc r also hidden here, so d gal & d boy who find each-othr's articles 1st will b d winner,remembr guyz d articles shud belong to d opposite membr only not any 1 else.

Ok so lets begin.

All start dier search in d entire hall,down d dinng corner,drinks corner,near benches ,around d dance floor & d search goes on'

Finally Rey finds a scarf wrapping a flower pot,he picks it up & smells it,it has d tantalizing fragrance of his Baatcutter, on d othr hand Sw finds a breclet under dipped under d wine cup,he takes it out & in 1 glance he is clear dat it is his love-sharon's belonging. Both of dem cum to each-othr.

Sw: lets c how much tym dey take to trace our belongings .

Rey:yaa..Lets c how strong is deir love.

 Rr keeps on searching & she got struck wid a a candle stand,she tries to place it back  in a proper way,where she finds a jacket wrapping it @ d bottom, she takes it out ,hugs it close to hr heart & cud feel only 1 person & whispers:Rey'.

Sharon aftr a lot of search notices sum shining thing among cluster of flowers in a bouquet ,she looks @ it carefully & finds a watch hidden in it,she takes it out & smiles saying:Dats my Sw's secret of being so punctual.

All the 4 move 2 sam 2 show d articles dey found,& sam concludes dat dey r d winner of d game.
So now dey have to perform a task, a bowl of chit if offerd 2 swaron,both pick up a chit,it reads "a romantic dance".

Sam announces dier name 4 d dance,dey dance lost in each-othr' world in d titanic's romantic music'
It's a superb performance by swaron,now comes 
Ramyaansh turn.  

Ramyaansh pick up d chit which reads "KISS".
Rr feels vry uneasy thinking abt kissing dat too infront of all, hr uneasiness cud b well read by rey.

Sw:Guyz whats d task??

Rr:Task is to.. aa..

Sam:What happened princi jst speak up.

Rr:Umm..(cut of by rey)

Rey:Task is to jst hug each othr.
Saying dis he gently hugs Rr ,Rr cudnt understand anything she jst hugs him back & breaking d hug ,moves away.

& d game continues,wid othr couples searching 4 dier articles.

Rr (walking to drink corner)*slf talk*:How perfectly rey understands me, jst coz I was a bit uncomfortable he lied dat our task is hugging rather than kissing.

Sam cums near hr saying:hey what happened?? where r u lost??

Rr:Nothing no where, u tell did u do d work I said u to do.

Sam:what work ??

Rr:Common prince u know what I m talking abt.

Sam:Not again princi!

Rr:Obviously again yaar, I mean hume toh sanajh hi nahi aa raha ki d handsum hunk Samraat who can charm evry gal of dis universe , any gal will go to cloud 9 if u propose hr,dat samraat is hiding his love. I mean y??

Sam:Its nothing like dat yaar, I m not in love.

Rr:Oh so plzz don't lie me atleast, what I saw in ur eyez dat nyt was a true passionate love & I know dat.
Common dude u r Samraat-d charmer ,who will say no to u?

Sam:will u say yes?


Sam:No na.. so leave it.

Rr: No I wont leave it,is she in dis party?

Rr:Is he in d party.
Sam:if u have some othr topic den we can talk otherwise lets go & meet our othr friends 4m London.
Rr:ok baba, I wont say but u have to propose hr soon.
Jia flew to dem,& strtd flickering hr wings.
Sam:I think jia wants to take u sumwhere..
Rr:yaa.. chaliye jia ab aapka surprise kya hai ye bi dekh lete hai..

Jia flew to d tarace of d palace followed by Rr.

Rr:jia aap hume tarace par q le ja rahi hai, abhi kaun hoga wahan?

Jia continued flying & stopped by resting itslf on sum1's shoulder who was facing his back.

Rr walkd to him.

He turned around.

Rr:rey aap.

Rey:Haan mai.

Rr:So jia was ur messenger.

Rey:yaa sumthink like dat.

Rr:Y did u call me here.

Rey:The task!!

Rr (in low whisper):Task..

Rey( cuming closer 2 hr):hmm..i have heard dat princess Rr cumpletes evry dare given 2 hr.

Rr:yaa but u only changed d task so how can i??

Rey(nearing evn more):U still can'

Now rey was so close 2 Rr dat she was grabbed by his presence,she 4got everything else xcpt d tantalizing closness of rey sumthing in which she wanted to sink deep beyond everything.She blushingly raised hr eyez which were partially closed by dis tym & d eye contact began wid LLHH & BG:O ho ho..o ho ho..ho..

She neard him, rey closed his eyez to feel hr evn more.

Hr face neard him evn more, 4m centimeters to milimetrs d sepration decreased. D moon on d sky as a background began appearing evn more romantic,d chill breeze softly drizzled ovr dem,d stars twinled wid evn more spark & d distane b/n d two lovrs decresed, decresed & decresed'.

Now dey had nano-metrs distance b/n dem & finally hr rosy lips collapsed wid his cheeks vry vry gently'& she steppd aback,she blushed & lowrd he eye lids.

Rey: Well What was dat??

Rr:I don't know, what I knew I jst did.

Rey:well dat was a butterfly kiss.

Rr:Butterfly kiss!!

Rey:yaa its vry popular in place like Dehradun, u myt have visitd d place sumtym b4 & wud have learned it dere.

Rr(blushingly):May be.

Saying dis she blushingly turns away to walk ahead but hr wrist is caught by Rey,she turns back to rey asking:task is done.

Rey:But jst half of it.

He pulls hr by hr wrist so dat she ends up falling in his arms,again Rr is caught in Rey's world now she has no senses xcpt feeling rey's closness surrounding hr, he slowly raises face by lifting hr chin-up,moves near making milimetrs distance b/n dem,hr heart began beating rapidly,he looks @ hr in a way asking permission ,she closes hr eyez in return ,he lifts up his hands & his fingers scribbling his er hairs on both side of hr face wid his palms touching her cheeks, she takes gentle breath to feel his touch ,he tilts his own face a lil bit & gently plants a kiss on hr ryt cheek . 

Seeing dis jia starts flickering hr wings as if she's celebrating dier kiss.

Dey slowly move apart & blushingly Rr walks down ,while rey keeps on smiling looking @ hr walking away.

Jia cums & sits on his sholder.

Rey: Thanks jia(kissing jia)really u r vry sweet.

Rr happily walks down stairs memorizing d most beautiful part of hr life which she experienced few secs b4 & suddenly sumthing strucks hr mind,as she remebrs hr recnt butterfly kiss, she feels like having such incident b4,she places hr hand ovr hr head which is experiencing stress of blurred flash-backs.she steps down drinks a glass of water to calm down but still d flash-back lingerd in hr brain,she runs immediately to hr room to relax a bit.

*@ d hall*

Rey smilingly steps down,Sw notices him & he quickly runs 2 rey.



Sw:hmm'Great going haa dude,widout being official couple ur romance goes on & c me i have to jst satisfy my heart wid a dance.

All of a sudden a servant bumps upon Reyam making both dier shirts wet by d drink he was carrying.
servant: Sorry sir.

Reyam: its ok.

Rey: Where's d washroom ?

srvant: Straight ahead 4m here & den take left.


Dey walk ahead to washroom to clean up dier shirts while all d tym Sw keeps on teasing rey, while dey return dey take sum othr way by mistake.

Rey: hey v r on sum different way.

Sw:yaa but lets move , age rasta mil hi jayega.
Passing by a room dier hear a voice"Happy Birthday Ramaira"'happy Birthday beta.

Dey stop.

Rey:hey who's wishing Rr in dis isolated room, she I'snt here na, she myt be in d party.

Sw: Lets c.

Dey near d room & manage 2 peep thru its window sum-how as it was a closed isolated room.
Den dey c a guy who's back is 2wards dem places his hands ovr d man's shoulder who wished Happy Birthday but not 2 Rr, he said is looking up to wall photo.

D man turned around,he was Maharaja & hugged d guy.

To be continued'..

So finally I have cumpltd writing dis chapter hope u all enjoyed reading. I'll try my bst to update nxt part soon.

Till den Happy KR ,love u all & I m anxiously waiting 4 ur valuable comnts.

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Awesome part!
I hope Rr ki sachai jald hi Swayam aur Rey ko pata chal jaaye =)

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amazing update thanks for the pm

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awsmly.. written... lovd it dear... ab rr ka sach rey k smne aa jayega... wow... plz... update soon...

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