The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

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Hey guys!

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"Panchi, Prom's in one week! Come on! You gotta come!" Bobby exclaimed, as she locked her hands with Piddy's who was busy running his free hand through her hair.


"Nah Bobby, I don't think I will come'" Panchi says, biting her lip in nervousness, looking up around her to see if he was there.


"Why? What's wrong Panchi? You are not this nervous, since that one presentation you had to do, which was not until grade 10!" Kiya questioned who had just paid attention to the conversation, after her concentration was taken off KD, her boyfriend.


"I don't know guys! I have to babysit my cousins!" Panchi tried to issue out excuses, just to hide her disappointment in the fact that the guy, she really liked Ranveer, a close friend, was dating someone else. It just saddened her, thinking, that the guy she liked most, was not hers. He belonged to someone else. First, he had taken her advice to ask this girl out, and Panchi had thought that girl was going to be her, everything went wrong, the moment she saw him hugging another girl, and interlocking his hands with hers. It was an emotional time for her. Ranveer was her best friend, a guy who'd be there, even if she called at 1am, early morning.


Even though, they had not gotten off to a good start before, with their argument and ego problems, slowly, they had become best friends. He had shared all her pain, her happiness, her anger and she had shared his. Panchi never knew, when she got to liking this guy, and now, was trying to avoid seeing him with his girlfriend. It just burnt. She was not jealous, but just sad, that she had kept herself in a light of dreams, and he'and he had kept leading her on.


For example, the time, her friend, Sonal, and now his girlfriend, were sitting together, he'd come up and start questioning Panchi about her favourite singer, band, colour etc, and she had answered all of them properly, but actually, it turned out, that he wanted to know, what Sonal's favourites were. And now, she knew why he had asked her. He had asked her about her favourites, because Sonal and Panchi had exactly the same favourites! Favourite colours: Green, blue and black. Favourite band: Linkin Park, Westlife. They were exactly the same answers!


And that time, when Ranveer had asked Panchi on how to propose a girl, Panchi though he was asking her advice on how to ask her out, and Panchi answered all those questions with her heart, placing herself into the girl Ranveer wanted to ask out's position, little had she known, that it was the same as what Sonal would have said.


That day, while on the bus, she had seen him walking with Sonal, she had thought he was talking to Sonal about her, but it all turned out crystal clear, when that night, when Sonal called and Ranveer MSN'ed her about how he had asked Sonal out. They were beyond happy. That night, Panchi hadn't cried, believing the fact, that whatever happened was for the better and she also believed that it shouldn't only be girls who cry from a heartbreak, and if she cried now, all of that would just sound like a stereotype 'would it not?


As time went along, Sonal decided to hang out with Ranveer more than Panchi, whereas, Ranveer would drag Panchi along as a friend, while with Sonal, except for sometimes, when Panchi knew they needed their privacy. Soon, Panchi saw herself coming back to her regular routine, being the smiley face of the school, lighting up sad faces, passing on sarcastic comments, and then making funny jokes. It was as if, Ranveer didn't matter to her, as long as she still had him as a friend, but even with that, sometimes, Panchi deep down would wonder about how things would have been if it was Ranveer and Panchi.


Sometimes, Panchi felt Sonal was not suitable for Ranveer, because all in all, she didn't know anything about him. He knew everything about her, but yet, Sonal didn't know anything about him. Even his favourite colour, she had to text Panchi and ask, --for their first date that is. His favourite books, games, songs ALL of which Panchi knew by heart, had to be texted again and again to Sonal, numerous times. But what counted most was, Ranveer and Sonal were perfect for each other. He liked her, and she liked him.


"Oh come on Panchi! You are saying as if you haven't ditched babysitting your cousins before! Remember the time when you had to go the movies with Ranveer? You had called up saying you were sick!" Kiya recalled, bringing back some of the liveliest moments in Panchi's life spent with Ranveer.


"I know Kiya! But that is why I am paying up now! By the way, buy a purple dress for prom, it will suit you! And anyways, Prom will be boring anyways! You'll be with KD, dancing your butt off, while Bobby will be all coo chi coo with Piddy. And that leaves me with no one!" Panchi replied, beaming her smile.


"Panchi, you will still be there for me, won't you?" Ranveer said, coming up behind Panchi, having a firm grasp on Sonal's waist.


Panchi wanted to cry right now. She really did but she held her tears back. I can't cry, she told herself, again and again. "Why? Want me to babysit you two?" Panchi says, cracking a pathetic joke.


"Maybe?" Ranveer said, winking at Panchi while Panchi did her fluttery eye lashes expression, which was a major favourite expression between Ranveer and Panchi.


"Nah, I'll skip! I'd rather be at home, playing Xbox 360." Panchi complimented.


"No way!" Ranveer replied, sounding excited. "You have the latest games?" he questioned, letting go of Sonal's waist and pulling a chair up close to Panchi.


"Certainly, yes I do." Panchi replied back, smiling, while Sonal looked on with a blank expression, an expression which she got, when she was confused, or maybe even jealous, or disgusted.


"Man! I wish I could be there with you that night!" Ranveer commented, sounding a bit down. Xbox was his life, where as Sonal looked on with a shocked expression on her face.

"*Ahem* Ranveer, you know I am right behind you, you know!" Sonal exclaimed.


"Sorry, but I can't live without Xbox! You should know that by now!" Ranveer replied, shocked, while Sonal looked embarrassed.


"Oh ya'that! Of course I remember that Ranveer!" Sonal exclaimed, and then dragged Ranveer away from the table. I smiled, at how childish Ranveer becomes when it comes to Xbox, but hey, that was what made him, him.


"So Panchi, are you coming or not?" Bobby asked for the final time, while Panchi laughed.


"Nope. I already told you my plan. I am playing Xbox 360 at home." Panchi replied, before leaving the cafeteria.


"I swear, she is one stubborn girl." Bobby mumbled under her breath.




"Hey Panchi!" Samar called, walking up beside her.


"Oh hey Samar!" Panchi answered back, delighted.


"So, you know, the prom is coming up, I was wondering'would you like to be my date?" Samar asked innocently, where as Panchi was left shell shocked. For a moment, everything was awkward and nervous. Nothing seemed right, nothing.


"Samar'I really don't think that would be a good idea. You are a great friend and all, but I am spending my time, babysitting my cousins." Panchi tried to gather some believable excuses, and this, seemed the sanest one, apart from the "I-might-go-cliff-diving-like-Bella-this-Friday" random ramblers that surrounded her brain.


"Oh ya, no worries Panchi, but I just wanted you to come'actually I wanna ask this girl out, and since you are someone who gives great moral support to me, I just wanted you to be there, when I ask her." Samar explained which made Panchi become guilty. She gave Samar a tight hug.


"Samar, text me. I'd always be there for you." Panchi says, giving him a cheery smile.


"Panchi, if you ever need any favour from me, please tell me. I'd be happy to help." Samar exclaimed, and Panchi laughs.


"Thanks for that Samar. I'll call you next time I want to talk to someone at 2am." Panchi laughs.


"Anytime'anytime" Samar winks.




The next day, which was a Saturday, Bobby and Kiya dragged Panchi to the mall, to go dress shopping! Yipee! Who'd miss that? It took at least 3 hours for Bobby and Kiya to select a dress, a reason being, Panchi was hard critic.


"Urgh!" Bobby mumbled, as Panchi told her to go change for the nth time. "Panchi! I have tried on 21 dresses! Marne ka iraada hai kya?" Bobby exclaimed, walking back to the trial room, while Panchi checked out Kiya's dress which was a pale blue strapless, a line dress with beading on the bodice and is slanted, with a bit of a curve at the bottom.


"So, how does it look?" Kiya questions Panchi, who was just awe struck at how beautifully, the dress outlined Kiya's elegant but yet childish nature. It was a perfect suit for her.


"Perfect." Panchi replied, where as Kiya was relieved as now, she wouldn't have to go back for her 11th trial.


"Panchi, stay here with Bobby, and I will go look for a pair of nice stiletto's to go along." Kiya states, running away, to get her shoes.


"Now?" Bobby says, making a sloppy walk towards Panchi, showcasing a light purple line dress, which wrapped around her body in a very simple manner which had a dark purple belt, surrounding her stomach.


"Amazing." Panchi replied, smiling at Bobby, who was finally glad, everything had turned out okay.


"Shoe time!" Bobby and Kiya selected their perfect stiletto heels, where Kiya chose silver addressed with her dress, Bobby chose white. And time came for accessories, and the needed make-up, they chose everything so it matched the styles of dressing. Kiya chose blue and silver accessory, where as Bobby supported white and purple, with a hint of silver.


As Kiya and Bobby got engrossed in finding their perfect accessories, Panchi took this time to sneak into the washroom's and took this moment to text each of their respective boyfriends, giving them hints of what to wear in order to match up with their respective dates for the upcoming evening.




That night, after Kiya, Bobby, Panchi had had a nice dinner, Bobby asked Panchi again about her reason for not coming to the prom. At first, Panchi started off with her same excuses as last time, but then finally gave in and told them the real reason.


"Fine. I am not going to the prom because of Ranveer. I really like him'or in fact even love him, and seeing him with Sonal all the time, burns my heart. I can't bare it guys. I just can't. Therefore, before I see them getting close, I won't be able to bare it." Panchi confided, after which, Kiya and Bobby were silent for a while.


"Panchi, you have gone through all odds, you have seen them holding hands, and just because, he isn't there for you, during prom, doesn't mean you don't have any reason to go. Panchi, for once, think about your friends, not him'" Bobby begins.


"But he IS a friend Bobby." Panchi argues back, holding back her gush of tears.


"I know Panchi, but this may be the last time you are seeing any of us. Even though we are attending the same university, but this is the last time, we will be here with our gang. Samar is going to a different university then us, won't you miss him? Don't you want to see him before we part ways? Sonal, is also going to college. Don't you want to spend some last few moments of 'togetherness' with the people, you have known since kindergarten?" Kiya adds, getting emotional, while trying to persuade Panchi to attend Prom.


Panchi shook her head. "No Kiya. I can't come. I just can't'" and before anyone knew it, the conversation was over and forgotten about.




As Bobby and Kiya got ready for their big day, Panchi was the one who took the pictures. She was after all, in her pajamas still. "You guys look beautiful" Panchi complimented, smiling whereas Bobby and Kiya couldn't help but blush.


"Do you think he will like it?" they both asked at the same time.


"No." Panchi replies, her smile fading, giving goose bumps to Kiya and Bobby.


"No?" they both ask, shocked.


"They will love it actually." Panchi replies, giggling, where as the nervousness on both of their faces; disappear behind the closed murmurs of laughter.


"Panchi, think once again'" Bobby asks, and Panchi's face falls, and the smile returns.


"Soch na kya hai?" Panchi questions and then quickly runs downstairs, just in time to open the door for the guys.


Right in front of her eyes, stood 4 good looking and handsome men, all wearing Armaani formal with the except of KD, who had just decided to support a simple look, with just a light blue shirt, with a black vest, but even in that, he looked damn sexy 'Kiya's words. "Hello guys?" She glares.


"Hello Panchi. Are the girls ready?" Piddy questions. He was supporting a light purple shirt with a dark purple tie, with black formal wear and man the combo looked good on him.


"Yep, almost" Panchi was about to add her compliment for Piddy, when she heard Bobby and Kiya click clack down the stairs. "And there they come." She adds, turning around to Kiya and Bobby, who walk up to KD and Piddy respectively.


Piddy quietly grabs Bobby's hand, and brings it close to his lips and kisses her hand, and they had their little eye contact. His big dark brown eyes stared down into Bobby's.


KD went a little further, and gave Kiya a warm kiss on the lips in order to show her his appreciation for making this day special. To this silent compliment by him, Kiya couldn't do anything but blush, in other terms she was 'feeling the love'.


KD and Piddy escorted their lovely dates to the big white limo where as Ranveer and Samar stayed behind to have a little talk with Panchi before leaving.


"They look cute together, don't they?" Panchi complimented, staring at the 2 couples walk gently enter the limo, where as Ranveer and Samar nodded.


"Hey Panchi! We were wondering, you sure you ain't coming?" Ranveer questions.


"Positive." Panchi replies back. "By the way, you don't look bad yourself." She said, checking Ranveer's red tie and shirt combo with black formal wear. He looked good, different from what he normally wears.


"Oh thanks. Actually, I wanted to match up with Sonal, but it turns out, she chose to change her dress at the last minute and now is wearing something white." Ranveer says, with a sad tone to his voice.


Panchi gives Ranveer a hug, and despite just being 'friends' Ranveer could say that Panchi's hugs always made him feel better. They had the warmth that Sonal's hugs didn't.


"And you to Samar. Green suits you!" Panchi complimented, and Samar hugged Panchi back. Somehow, Ranveer felt uncomfortable as to how tightly Samar had held on to Panchi. Ranveer tried to mind his own business, but just seeing Panchi being soo closely hugged by Samar, and that too this tight, made Ranveer jealous. So, he couldn't help but put his hand on Samar's shoulder to tell him to go.


"Let's go man, or else we will be late." Ranveer says, and as Samar turns around, heading towards the limo, Ranveer turns around and kisses Panchi on the forehead. Panchi gives a faint smile, and Ranveer quickly runs towards the limo.


As the limo proceeds to leave, Panchi smiles as everyone takes their face out of the limo window to wave to Panchi, who waves back, smiling.




As Panchi played her Xbox 360, she couldn't help but wonder about what Bobby and Kiya had told her. Prom was all about friends, not about who asked her and what not. Panchi turned off her TV, and took out her iPhone, quickly punching in Samar's number.


"Hey Samar. You said I could ask you for a favour anytime didn't you?" Panchi verified.


"Er'yes?" Samar replied back.


"Well good, cuz I need one right now." Panchi replied, with a hint of mischief in her eyes and a grin on her face.




Panchi quickly ran to her cupboard, and picked out a red strapless dress with a bit of sparkles on it, and quickly changed into it. She then, picked out her simplest silver with a bit of red necklace along with matching earrings and adorned herself into them, along with a silver bracelet. She then ran downstairs to pick red stiletto heels which she had bought from New York 1 year ago. As she brushed her hair, so they were long and open, she couldn't help but glance at how different'mature she looked.


Just before she had a chance to add anything else, Samar had arrived. Panchi quickly exists her house and gets into Samar's car.


As Samar begins to drive, he can't stop but wonder about what made Panchi change her mind. "Panchi, why the sudden change of mind?"


"Just suppose, someone told me that I should spending this time with my friends, living my life to the max, rather than being holed up, in the corner of my house." Panchi says excited for once.


"You know, sometimes, I fail to understand you." Samar says, confused, which makes Panchi giggle.


"Thank you for the compliment Samar. By the way, did you see her yet?" she questions.


"Yep. I saw her alright, now I just got to make the attempt to ask her." He adds.


"Don't worry, I am there to get your back now." Panchi encourages.


Before they knew it, they were entering through the front doors of Sky Banquet Hall. As Panchi took her first step into Sky, she could feel 'Down' by Jay Sean playing. It was her favourite song. Panchi could feel the gush of air rushing through her hair, as she entered the hall, which was designed with banners, of "Congratulations Grads" Panchi smiled at the warmth of the room and could feel all eyes staring at her. Even the people dancing had stopped to look at her. Nervous at being the centre of attention, she walks inside, where she is greeted by excited chants of Kiya and Bobby, and grumbles of Sonal, who couldn't stand Ranveer, had ignored her and was now staring at Panchi with his eyes wide open.


To Ranveer, Panchi looked like the most beautiful girl standing in this room right now. Even though, he had never thought of Panchi in that way before, he couldn't help but imagine now, how all this would have been if he was here with her and not Sonal. To Ranveer, he just had a misconception, of overlooking Panchi's beauty which was more natural and simplistic with a hint of childishness and a mixture of brightness put together, compared to Sonal's which looked more like a charade.


Ranveer walks over to Panchi, and takes her hand towards his lips and gives her a light kiss, to which Panchi remained unconcerned. She didn't want to give herself false hopes, she really didn't. Ranveer pulls Panchi close to him and stares right into her eyes. "You look really'really'.enchanting today." Yes. That was it. To some Panchi's beauty up this time, the right word had to be 'enchanting'.


"Panchi, I am really happy you came!" Bobby exclaims hugging Panchi.


"You're welcome Bobby." Panchi whispers in Bobby's ears and then smiles.


Slowly, she gives a hug to everyone, Piddy, KD, Kiya. She mentions a special thanks to Kiya for giving her that lecture of Prom being a time for her friends. At last, Panchi gave Ranveer his share of hugs. To Panchi, Ranveer's hug was the most soothing reaction ever. To her, his hug was promise to keep her safe, no matter what happened and that is what was special about him.


Sonal walked over to Panchi in her pale white dress and dragged Ranveer away from the group to have a slow dance, just merely passing a 'hi' to Panchi, Piddy-Bobby and KD-Kiya left too to dance to a nice slow brown number from the movie 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na'. As Panchi stared at the couples dancing, Samar stood beside her. Panchi turned around to look at Samar, who just sighed.


"Wanna dance?" he asks.


"Sure." Panchi replies.


Samar takes Panchi's hand in his and walks her to the dance floor. He then puts one hand around her waist and one hand holding her hand tightly where as she places one of her hand lightly on his shoulder. As they quietly twirl around to the beats of this brown song, Ranveer couldn't stop staring at them. He stopped dancing with Sonal and excused himself for a drink. As he poured himself coke, he couldn't stop but stare at how beautifully Samar was twirling Panchi around the dance floor. Urgh. Ranveer wanted to be there with Panchi'holding her close tight, instead of Samar.


Sonal who had slumped right beside Ranveer, couldn't help but get angry over the fact that Ranveer kept staring at Panchi, and completely ignoring her. "Ranveer, I need to talk to you." Sonal demands, walking out of the banquet hall, leaving Panchi wondering as to where they were going. Deciding to follow Ranveer and Sonal and see what the matter was, Panchi quickly excuses herself from Samar and walks towards the banquet hall entrance, where she could hear Sonal yelling at Ranveer.


"What's wrong Sonal?" Ranveer questions, confused towards Sonal's behaviour.


"Oh don't worry Ranveer. I will tell you what's wrong. 24x7 you keep talking about Panchi. Even on the phone 'Panchi and I did this; did that' and did you know one day, we'' Honestly I am fed up of listening to you speak about Panchi every time. To add on to that, sometimes I feel that instead of you asking me out, you should have asked her. She knows everything single detail about you. Your favourite food, your favourite colour and to add on to that, she even knows what you are allergic too. What kind of FRIENDSHIP is this Ranveer? What kind? Sometimes, I feel she even knows you better then you know yourself. Today, when you saw her dancing with Samar, you were jealous weren't you? You love her, don't you? Sach Ranveer, you love her. Not me. She is meant for you, not me. And now, I can't take this relationship anymore. I can't keep being sidetracked, again and again. Goodbye Ranveer." Sonal says, explaining herself, bluntly while Ranveer just smiles at his stupidity.


"Thanks Sonal. Thank you for making me feel the truth. I had, have and will always love Panchi. Thanks a lot'" Ranveer adds, smiling and almost happy. "By the way, all those things you knew about me'you asked Panchi, didn't you?"


Sonal smiles, a more sarcastic one "Yes."


"Thanks Sonal. Thank you very much." Ranveer adds.


After Sonal had left the banquet hall, Ranveer turns around, happy that he was finally on the right path. He couldn't wait to propose to Panchi. As he turned around, happy, he found her right there, in front of him. She looked as if she'd break down into tears any minute. She quietly took little steps towards Ranveer, and Ranveer took little steps towards her.


"Panchi! What are you doing here?" Ranveer said, trying to hide his break-up news.


"I heard what she had to say Ranveer. Did you really talk 24x7 about me with her?" Panchi questions, smiling.


"Maybe? Why? Can I not?" Ranveer replies, smiling too.


"Well, I thought you'd have better things to talk about'like your Xbox, your dog, your love for songs, sports'" Panchi says, walking closer to Ranveer, so they were just standing an inch apart.


"I'd do that Panchi, but what could I have done. I had you on my mind 24x7." Ranveer replies back, confessing.


Panchi lets down a little tear and gives Ranveer a big hug. A big warm hug, which this time meant 'they were inseparable.' "I love you Ranveer!" Panchi says, after breaking away from his hug and leaning on to his broad chest.


"I am sorry Panchi for not reflecting on my feelings earlier. I feel like such an idiot now. It had always been you. It had always been you." Ranveer restates while Panchi is happy.


Ranveer brings Panchis lips up close to his, and stares into her eyes, feeling the energy, feeling the 'completeness' of what was not there before. Slowly, as they drowned more and more into each other's eyes, their faces began to in closer; and closer; and closer which then, turned into a kiss on the lips. A kiss to tell each of them, that they belonged together, and were inseparable.


As they broke apart from their kiss, Panchi just stared into his eyes, feeling her happiness for the first time. These exact eyes, told her that their friendship would never change, no matter how deep or long their relationship went.


"Want to go inside?" Ranveer suggested while Panchi just nodded her head.


Ranveer wraps his hands around Panchis in a firm manner, which told her "I'll always love and protect you for life." She really loved Ranveer.


"Ranveer, did you know, I always loved you'ever since the first time I saw you walking through the hallway, and when he had our first official meeting of 'bump-drop-pick-walk'. Remember the time, you bumped into me, and I dropped my books? That one." Panchi recounted.


"Then why did you argue with me? Those big ego problems we had? Why was that?" Ranveer asked.


"I don't know. Maybe because I wanted to see how cool you are with arguments? Honestly, I don't know. It is just maybe like a tester, or something." Panchi shrugs at this question, as honestly, even she didn't have a real answer to it.


"I wanted to ask you something'you and Samar? What's the deal?" Ranveer asks.


"Oh nothing. Samar likes this girl, he wants to propose to, so he needed my help. Trust me Ranveer, nothing is up between me and Samar. If it was, I wouldn't be here with you right now." Panchi states.


As they entered the banquet hall for the 2nd time, this time, something felt new, except for the fact that her hand was joined together with Ranveer's and that the guy she loved was right there, beside her. Something was certainly different.


Ranveer walked Panchi to the dance floor and instead of being all intellectual and complicated with hands on waist etc, Ranveer went straight to holding Panchi close together in a hug, putting his hands in a ball around Panchi's body which was now leaning on his chest.


"Ranveer, I love you'" Panchi says, out of the random, while Ranveer's grip tightens around her.


"Panchi, I love you too'" he replies back.


Panchi stares into his eyes, and they share another kiss on the lips. KD-Kiya and Piddy-Bobby along with Samar-Juhi saw Ranveer-Panchi dancing and sighed. It had turned out to be a lovely evening after all.




That night after the prom was over, Ranveer had invited Panchi over to his house for a cup of coffee, when suddenly all news stations started relying the message that there was going to be heavy snowfall in the month of June and there was a warning sent out to everyone to not come out of the their houses until the blizzard went away. Shocked, Panchi and Ranveer both wonder about this strange news.


"Ranveer, did they just say, snow in June?" Panchi questioned.


"Yes, that is what I heard too." Ranveer replied back.


"Great, what a wonderful birthday present." Panchi replies sarcastically.


"Indeed it is. Who else is that lucky to witness a blizzard on their birthday and that too during summer and too, getting to stay at your boyfriend's house'alone with no one but him." Ranveer says, with a hint of mischief in his eyes.


Panchi who was sitting near the fire place, got up and ran towards Ranveer, jumping on the sofa with him and tackling him down. As soon as they are about to break down in their 3rd kiss of the evening, Taurus comes. "And we have Taurus too!" Panchi comments laughing while Ranveer just mumbles something under his breath. "I am going to go get changed." Panchi leaves to get changed where as Ranveer goes to check on the coffee.


Panchi comes back in a short span of time, wearing Ranveer's pajamas leaving Ranveer shocked. "Now, even you look cute in these too!" Ranveer compliments.


"They are too big for me." Panchi says, rather than complaining.


Before Ranveer could reply, they see light snowflakes falling down in front of their window. Panchi quickly walks over to the window and sees the snow fall, where as Ranveer comes from behind, wrapping his arms around her stomach, leaning into the Panchi, whereas Panchi leans back against his chest.


"It is beautiful and true." Ranveer compliments.


"True indeed, but nothing less than a fairytale'" Panchi adds.

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WOW what an amazing os and the first one on Rahi congo and the kiss and all that was too cute and omg it was amazing and wow i cant say anything more but wow

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Shifu you made me read such long post Ouch but totally worth it Heart
liked the concept and beautifully written Clap 
hope you write more but SHORT, soon Hug

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How come you didn't tell me Shifu?! Shocked 

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@ Shivani: Thank you soo much!Hug

@ Aanchu: Thank you! Hug I realized after I posted it that it should have been a short story!ROFL

@ Rosh: Okie!

@ Khushi: Tell you that I write stories?ROFL I've been doing it for a long time now.ROFL

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awesome osClap

luvd itBig smile

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omg..dis is amzing..yaaar adorable..!!
its like frm frndship to love is shown beautifully!!

fablously written..! first written up on RAHI..nd its BANG ON..!

lovely one Clap

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