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Naina tere!!!!(KR+SS) ss prt8pg 138 :D (Page 43)

Born2Dance IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
Me on thru cell
Kal dekhungi

Born2Dance IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Sp ?
Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
maine bola soja ... abhi bohut kam likha hai and mai kab so jaungi pata nahi

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Born2Dance IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
I wanna res n go
Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
so here i m back with a update!!!

a request... plzz do like atleast...

so i wanted to type this part from yesterday but this song i took my heart!!!!!!!

i hope u ppl will love it

and many *especially swaron fans * may think upar toh KR+SS  likha hai and abhi tak SS ka kuch nahi...its just coz i in the story unki story abhi tak start nahi hui...  shayad iss part mei bhi na ho jyada...but ppl dnt get annoyed... once the ri8 track will come u will get swaron too!!!!!! besides kriyaansh!!!

so hope u all like this part

ps: shadi ke pehle din hi haldi hoti haina??? agar nahi hai toh sorry...

the arrangements were going on done seriously!!!!! finally its haldi tym.

it was a big hall... kriyaansh were made to sit opposite to each other

kriya was looking gorgeous wrapped in a simple white saree and long white diamond ear rings hanging ... and a simple diamond necklace shined on her neck... even thought the pink transperent cloth blocked his view...rey was smitten by her beauty... as soon as he laid his eyes on her he muttered... " angel" and gave a hearty smile *million dollar smile* which was ofcourse seen by kriya and a  peach colour  completed her make up making her more beautiful now...

sh: aww u look gorgeous while blushing

sharon gave a peck on kriya's cheek making someone  wanting to do the same ...

the haldi started swayam was  called for somework... sharon applied haldi to kriya and also to rey ... she was running as kriya's mom called her and *bang* she banged into swayam carrying the " phool ki tokri" filled with pink petals ...making them fall all over them and sharon landed upon swayam...her hands automatically stiffened as she has haldi in her hand...and this whole scenario took place between the two bonding hearts... they looked at them with shocked but happy for them expression... swaron looked too cute...

she kept her eyes closed tight expecting a bone cracking fall...and yeah she felt the same  hitting the strong chest...but a few seconds later she realised she was not on the floor... she slightly opened her eyes and looked up into those already staring eyes...he held her tight by shoulders saving her...they were this close ...for a moment sharon got lost into his eyes and he ... *batana padega ki swayam ki kya haal hai??*

" arey... kya hua??" priya came running to them and asked making swaron break their LLHH

p: aaram se utho...

she said as sharon in a reflex tried to get up but again banged into swayam...swayam said her to stop and slowly held her by shoulders helping her...

priya: offo... donon ki dress kharab hogayi...jaake badlo!!!!

she said as haldi was all over their cream coloured dress...

here two hearts are feeling something...something un known...something new...kriya slowly raised her lashes to look at him... rey was looking at priya and swaron... she grinned shyly seeing his glowing manly!!! the next second she felt the feeling of that day... his face close to hers whispering in her ears... and the peck!!!... she blushed and lowered her gaze...he looked hot in that white satin sherwani...gosh...almost half of his chest is exposed ...for a sec her eyes struck seeing his manly figure and then looked away... feeling shy and embrassed for looking at him lyk dat... but soon her eyes returned to the last place...she slowly shifted her gaze up/...and widened her eyes blushed deeply and suddenly got up and ran to her room...

all most the whole thing came to end...swayam was arguing with his mom as to y change now!!!!! rey nodded his head...both always have these silly fights... he chuckled at his mom and bro and looked front as he caught her looking at him...he first got confused on her expressions but soon realised she was literally drooling on him...he contralled his her eyes got loked in his he stared at her intensely ...and the slighty naughty spark in his eyes with a small naughty smile... thats it... " arey" he called her as she just ran away...

sm: kriya ko kya hogaya??

all for once got tensed...

p: dekhiye toh sahi uski tabyat theek hai ya nahi...

r: she is all fine mom woh toh bus...

rey stopped and bit his tongue... what is he gonna tell now...he smiled at his stupidity...

p: woh toh bas????

r: kya pata...
he fumbled...swaron gave a teasing look as they got kriya ran coz of blusing ...pria gave a small glare for stopping them and proceeded towards kriyas room

sh: aunty mai dekhti hun...

sharon said and ran upstairs...


k: kaha jaa rahi ho??? mujhse thodi baatein karona

kriya said as sharon was abt to go out... sharon teased and helped her out removing the haldi etc etc and now kriya  was on her bed...

" kaam hai baba" sharon said and opened the door...

" arey kaam baaki sab dekhenge aur servants haina." kriya said cutely

" haa hum haina...tum rest lo beta" smriti said bringing them milk and placed on the table...

" par aunty..." sharon was cut...

" kal shaadi hai... kriya ki chehre pe stress dikhni nahi chahiye aur mai chahti hun ki tum bhi ek dam fresh now go to sleep" smriti said patted their cheeks and left closing the door...

" ab toh bat karo" kriya pouted...

" acha baba bolo kya baat karni hai" sharon flopped on her bed and gave kriye her glass of milk and she took hers...

" paagal" sharon smiled seeing the sleeping kriya... kriya was the one who wanted to talk and now she slept while talking...sharon pulled the blanket over her and caressed her cheek lovingly...

" itni kam tym mai koi mera itna kareeb nahi hua... we share that special bond... di... hmmm bachpanse i felt i m a single child...but its worth waiting to get a sister lyk u kriya...kal tumhari shaadi hai...and i m very happy... ab toh aur bhi close aayenge once we go back to mumbai..." sharon smiled and turned of the mainlight switching on the bed light and turned but someone caught her...

" di bulati ho toh akele chod ke jayegi??" kriya spoke lovingly...she woke up in the middle itself...and was listening to sharon...

" tum soyi nahi" sharon faked anger...

" so rahi thi par neendh khul gaya... ab naatak band kar...aaja " kriya opened her arms...sharon smiled wide and slid into her arms... kriya kissed her forehead lying on her left arm and caressed her hair and sharon hugged her and slept..." kriya was more than happy to have sharon in her life... she was a single child too... and being a single in this big mansion is lyk hell...

" hmmm... aaj meri ek jo kami thi wo bhi poori hogayi... all this is just beacuse u stepped into my life rey... u are a the imp person of my life" kriya thought and slept...


" goodni8 bhai" swayam wished and rey turned around sitting on the bed and said " gud ni8 chote" rey said removing his wrist watch..

" kya baat hai swayam??" rey asked as he sensed swayam moving ut but turning around to something but hesitating...

" bhai aajkeliye aapke saath rahun ...yahi pe??? kal se toh i wont get that chance ri8?? bhabhi aajayenge ... aur mai hamesha ki tarah jab chahe tab aapke saath so nahi sakta" swayam said slightly  hurt as somewhere he felt his bro is going a bit far from him...

marriage...!!!!!! this single word changes many lives.. even though only two ppl get married it effects the whole family... it was some unknown feeling ...every person has their own set of feelings to face...

rey sighed

" chote...never ever... tum jab chahe tab aasakte ho" rey said calmly with a smile

" acha ...toh achanak ek din aake bolunga ki mujhe aapke saath sona hai toh aap bhabhi ko bologe ki tum jao aajkeliye swayam mere saath soyega??" swayam chuckled...

" haan..." rey sounded serious...swayam looked up shocked slightly

" ek...tu ainvayi mere paas nahi aata jab tak tum hurt na ho and uss tym pe mujhe apne chote bhai ke paas rehna hi hai... so zaroor kahunga... and kriya ko itna toh jaanta hun ki mere kehne se pehle wo samaj jayegi..." rey smiled...

" aapko pata hai bhai...u r crazy" swayam shaed his head...this man can do stupid things like this too...he chuckled...and slid into those protecting arms which protected him from childhood


sharon woke up as soon as the first ray hit the earth... amd the movement made kriya wake up too...

" sharon kya hua ... kuch chahiye kya??" kriya asked in a sleepy tone...

" nahi... mujhe jaana hai" sharon said
" kaha?? wo bhi...*checked the clock* subah ki 3:30 ko...

" for ur kind info aaj tumhari shaadi hai and aaj mai sab kuch kaam karna chahti hun... di bulaya toh itna toh banta hai" sharon said rushing into the washroom

" what??? itni subah ko?? nahi...mujhe sona hai aur bhi" kriya whinned digging her face into the pillow

" tumhe kisine nahi uthaya...soja" sharon shouted from inside...

"nahi... mai bhi aati hun tere saath" kriya said finally sitting on the bed...

" not at all" sharon came out wiing her hands with the towel and spoke...

" arey aise kaise... mai bhi help karleti hun" kriya said getting up from bed but sharon slightly pushed her back...

" dulhan ko aur fresh rehna just sleep" saying this sharon went closing the door behind her...

kriya gave a helpless pout and fell on the bed sleeping on her stomach... reys face caught her eye...

shaadi ke pehle pyaar mei padna kitna acha hota haina...kaash mere saath bhi aisa hota... swayam ki tarah rey bhi mujhse pehle se pyaar karte toh kitna acha hota!!!

kriya thought and imagined rey taking her to a long drive... a romantic date...uska rootna and rey ka manana...

kriya smiled  but soon came out of her dreamland
" jhalli... fir bhi u got rey...i know he will make me feel like princess" she said and blushed on seeing his pic and dnt know when but drifted to sleep...


" aunty ab kya karna hai??" sharon chirped...she was for sure very exccited today...

" peeche wale garden mei jao and  white and red roses leke aana..." smriti said ..

" okay!!!!!!!!" sharon said excited...she loved plucking the roses ...should say kriya's garden has lot of roses ...

shaadi!!!hmmm... it must be feeling heaven na...  do anjaan logon ka shaadi hona... wo awkwardness... uske baad ek doosre se pyaar mei padna... awww... kitna cha hota...kaash mere saath bhi aisa hota...

Sharon thought of her being getting married….  That helping shoulder of him…… cute romantic moments…..

Sharon smiled wide dreaming but suddenly shook her head…….

"woah girl stop!!!!!! Ye swayam ki chehra beech mei kaha se aagaya…. Kriya ki bachi tu itna tease karti hai ki dekh mai swayam ke saath dream karne lagi……..huh!!!!" Sharon said and plucked the roses


" arey chote tu kab uth gaya??" rey asked rubbing his eyes as swayam shook his wet hair making the water drops fall on rey...

" ooppss sorry bhai..aap so jayiye" swayam said and wore the shirt...

" arey par itni subah kahan jaa raha hai???*checked the tym* just 4" rey said yawning

" bhai..aaj aapki shaadi hai... kaam toh karni haina.." swayam said..

" oh yeah aaj toh bohut jyaada kaam hoga na... chal mai bhi chalta hun mom ko help karloonga" rey said pulling his sheets away...

" bhai no... aaj aap koi kaam nahi karenge aur no go back to sleep..." swayam said sternly...rey pouted...he hated sitting idle in the room

" nahi ...mujhe neendh nahi aarahi hai... so mai chalunga" rey said stubbornly hoping swayam would let him...

" agar neendh nahi aayi toh bhabhi ki sapne dekho sahi wali tym pass ho jayega... now bye" swayam said and left the room locking it behind him...

" arey...huh!!!!" rey was annoyed...but soon he smiled...

" kriya ki sapne??" he said to himself and last days events flashed...

but his mind struck at swaron...

" pyaar??? pyaar karke shaadi karna will be beautiful.. shaadi ke pehle hi ek doosre ko poori tarah se jaan must be magical...i wish mai kriya ko pehle hi dekhta aur humari love marriage hoti...par no problem...abhi bhi hum ek doosre ko jaan sakte hai... par kya hum ek doosre se pyaar ??

rey blushed
unknowingly...the flashes of him dancing with her on a romantic number... kria waiting for him and he going to her with a boquet ...innocent chasings... flashed before his eyes...

" i promise to make u my queen. shaadi ke baad hi sahi i will" rey said and slowly drifted to sleep


" swayam!!!!! maina kaha waha nahi" priya shouted...

" mom...aapki kya problem hai...mai yahi pe rahunga... mai entrance ki decorations dekhunga..." swayam said

" nahi matlab nahi...aage ka koi aur dekhlega tu interior ki dekho" priya said...

this and son...never agree to one thing...

" huh!!!!!!!!1" swayam hissed and went in...

shaadi!!!!!! kitni wonderful feeling hoti haina...bhai aur bhabhi ek doosre ko jaante nahi...aur shaadi...abhi abhi toh ek doosre ko samajh rahe cute...ek stranger ko life partner banake soulmates ban ...kaash meri bhi aise hoti...but ab toh mera love marriage hi hoga

swayam chuckled ...the images of sharon as his wife... serving him breakfast... that cute morning romance...  feeling eachothers presence every second... etc etc flashed before him...he blinking his eyes dreamily plucked each petel of the rose...6th rose...his day dream was broken by priya...she bet him on his head...

" ye phool decoration keliye...aise neeche girane keliye nahi...jaldi kaam kar" she said and left...

swayam smiled thinking abt his stupidity...

so here ends the part!!!!!!!!

ps: yeah its all sugary sugary...kisiko low sugar hua toh ye dikhadena...but i want it this way...full on filmy u may say...

plzz do hit the like takes a micro sec

waiting for ur comments...

hope u ppl like it...

love ya!!!



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Born2Dance IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
unres !

hayyeee ! me in d song dreamworld !

uprse u used it oon KR n SS too !

me dead !

buh - bye !


*earth callin mish*

*earth callin mish*

*earth callin mish*


ok bak 2 d updtae !

hayyyeee !

di kya JHAKASS part likha !

me toh all smiley - smiley !

awww !

dis was jus so sweet part di !

d krisha n reyam convo !

awww !

so simple n pure !

i jus loved d caring nature of dem towards each other !

n den d thoughts of dem for marraige n love !

too adorable !

fab update sp !

i lovveeeddd it !

next part JALDI do pleaseee !

thanx fr d pm !

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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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res for my kiddoLOL

Edited by deetha - 31 January 2013 at 7:13pm
Born2Dance IF-Sizzlerz

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Rather gm


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