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Hitler Didi 27th July 2012 Written Update

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Hitler Didi 27th July 2012 Written Update

 By  Minky

At  doctors cabin in City hospital
The NRI family consisting of a woman and a teenage son is talking to Indira.
 Woman: (goes emotional) I don't know how to thank you Indiraji for being generous enough to donate your kidney. You are like God. We are from Canada and both the kidneys of my son are damaged. We had been very hopeless since then. But now you are going to give a new life to my son. I will never forget your generosity.  Oh his father will come to give you Rs. 15 lakhs.
Indira: (surprised) 15 lakhs!
Young boy: thanks didi for saving me.
Indira: (gong emotional holding his hands) No, you need to thank me as you have saved my dream from being ruined. Thank you (sobs)

Day 8
Indira is trying to reach someone on the phone standing near a main road. Rishi comes in bike with a young woman seated behind his back. Indira watches this and goes ill at ease. Rishi drops the woman at a point and drives towards Indira who fumes at him.
Indira: (fuming) so you have come now. I have been waiting for you since so long. But you have time to go out with other girls.
 Rishi: (smiling) hey, I came to pick you up. She is my colleague. She was coming in this direction and hence gave her a lift. Comes lets go.
Indira: (walks away going moody) no need for that. I need to go somewhere.
Rishi: hey wait.
Indira: Didn't I tell you that I need to go somewhere? Ok then we will meet in the evening bye. (walks away leaving Rishi baffled and grumbling)
Indira: (turns around to see Rishi drive away and stops suddenly) why do I feel jealous seeing a girl with Rishi? How can Rishi's wife withstand this?
She receives a call from the doctor in City Hospital. He informs her that the patient's father has arrived and he wants to meet her regarding organ transplant.

The patient's father writes a cheque of Rs. 15 lakhs and stands up to greet Indira who is in hospital gown. When they sit down, the boy asks her if she is nervous. The father hands over the cheque to her and Indira thanks him. Meantime, the doctor calls her for last check up. The father tells her that her family has given permission to donate the kidneys at the young age. Indira blurts out that she is doing it for the sake of family. The father tells her how she will manage the rest of her life with one kidney. Indira stares at the doctor going stunned. The doctor tells them that it is time for surgery. Indira stops him and ask him why he hid the truth from the NRI Family. The father is curious to know about it. Indira tells them that she is a brain tumor patient and her life is short. The patient's father goes stunned, instantly admonishes the doctor for hiding this fact, and threatens him that he can legal action on him. The doctor convinces him that the kidney will not be infected due to brain tumor and the transplant is 100% safe. The patient's father is not convinced, rejects the kidney transplant deal, and takes away the cheque from Indira's fingers. Indira tries to convince him but he in turn accuses her that she is greedy after money. Indira goes furious and blurts out that she is self-made and an independent woman earning her own salary. She also has taken care of her family since ages. Later, She cools down and beseeches him that she is not cheating on him and tries to convince him that she can give his son a new life and the money will be useful to her family. He treats her rudely and tears up the cheque in pieces. Indira asks the boy to convince his parents but in vain. The parents walk away with the boy in wheelchair leaving her in frustration.

In one of the rooms of Sharma Nivas, Munna is sitting on bed with Sunaina standing next to him. Indar and Kutumb are moving around thinking hard. Tension is written in all their faces. Munna tells them to cooperate or else the goons will fracture his other hand. Kutumb tells him that it is not possible to do Indira's Chauta, as she is her special daughter. Munna tells her that he is also her son and his life is been threatened. Munna compels them to do it. Indar wonders how to do chauta of an existing person. Munna tells them angrily that if they do not do then his body will be in pieces and then they have to do his chauta. He gets up in annoyance and walks away from them with a drink bottle in his hand. In a while, Munna is sitting by the staircase; he pours the drink into a glass, and has it. Indira climbs the stairs passing by without a word that surprises him. Munna in drunken state asks her if she is all right. She admits it. He tells her not to spoil his mood and asks her why she is quietly walking away without admonishing him. He grumbles about his problems that cannot be solved so easily and hence drinks to cool his head. Indira questions him if the tension decreases after drinking. He utters that she will find peace.

At nightfall, Rishi brings his bike to a stop in front of Sharma Nivas.
Rishi: (grumbling) oh god, Shrimatiji has become so jealous of seeing me with a girl and is not picking up my calls nor she is present in her office. I wonder where she is. (Takes out his keys, gets down the bike.
He hears Indar and Sunaina worriedly calling out Indira's name while Indira is at the terrace standing and swaying at an edge of the parapet with a drink bottle in hand.
Rishi panics and enters Sharma Nivas.
 Munna: Indira come down
 Indira: (intoxicated) shut up.

 Curious neighbours, Radhe, and passerby look up to watch the scene.
Rishi:( confused) hey, what is happening  here?
Munna: she is drunk
Rishi: (surprised) what Shrimatiji is drinking..?
Indira: (uttering in intoxication) everything from dreams, heart and liver too get ruined.
When liver is ruined by drinking then what is wrong. (sways about)
Rishi: (panics) hey be careful.
Indira utters that everything will be ruined.
Munna: hey, Indira why are you drinking as you are going to be a mother.
Indira: So what. What do you think? If I drink then will I nurture a drunkard like you? (giggles and sways about).
Kutumb grumbles.
Mandira: (hissing) oh god, didi you are always giving us instructions to follow rules and regulation. Now learn to behave yourself and do not lose your respect.
Indira: (swaying about at the edge) you are the one who has lost respect and you want to talk about respect to me. Whoever wants to talk nonsense can continue to talk and I am not bothered.
Rishi: Please Shrimatiji please take care. Now stop it, this is too much.
Indira: (yells) shut up.
Rishi: Now please come down and we can talk coolly downstairs. Come down.
Indira: Rishi (sways about) don't worry. I am indulged in drink (giggles and shrieks) Now Hitler is drunk for the first time. (she falters at a point)
Rishi: wait, I will come up.
Indira: Don't you dare. If anyone comes up then. (she tries to jump. Others protest and panics).
Rishi: (panicky) Ok now, I won't come up. But relax and go backwards
Kutumb: (sweetly) see indira, my dear child, come down please or else you will fall down (almost cries)
Indira: (giggles) look what my mother said. Hey, Chandni Chowk people see what my mother said. She said because she is scared that if I fall down, she is more worried about running the financial income of the family,
Indar: hey stop it there child and stay there tight
Indira :  Indar Sharma, now see Chandni Chowk people what Indar Sharma said. (Radhe and other people gather inside Sharma Nivas). He is a very great father (swaying and faltering to one side and sits down) See how worried he is about me. (laughs at Indar)
Kutumb: (admonishing) hey you. What are you creating a scene here?
Indira: (covering her ears) Indar Sharma, just tell her to shut up. Am I creating a scene? What have you done till now, tell me ma. You always created a scene of performing pooja, pati vrat and always creating others scenes in your life. You are such a boring woman, and that is why your husband left you for another woman.
Kutumb: You have gone mad
Indira: (taking a sip from bottle) Indar Sharma, I want to say something. I cannot forgive you. However, Indira has a heart. A big (sways in seated position and Rishi panics) heart. Now I think I will forgive you. Now you can enjoy life however much you want and you can marry 4 or 5 or 7 times also. (Laughs as other appear distressed) Why? Who know who will cheat whom? Life is a big swindler. (She looks at neighbours gaping at her from other balconies and some at Sharma Nivas) hey why are you staring at me? (throws a stone and gets up to her feet holding the bottle). Don't you have any other work other then interfering in others matter? If indar marries second time, it is ok, if munna works second time it is ok, But I drink 2 sips then it is not ok.

She dances around singing a song. A person laughs at her and she admonishes him to stop laughing and utters nonsense. The man tells Munna to deal with her. She laughs and mocks Munna saying how he will deal with her. Meanwhile, Radhe convinces her to come down as she sways on the spot.
Indira: hey Radhe (laughs) you are an estate agent. You display the houses to everyone but you are confined to one room. Learn to develop your status (Radhe is embarrassed) hey you come and drink this. (Showing the bottle of drink)
Rishi sees a chance and scurries up the staircase.
Munna: hey come to your senses.
Indira: I am in my senses now but was not before this. (Swaying about as Rishi is seen coming up to the terrace.) When the drink has gone inside me then I came to senses. I get so angry that (she falters and Rishi, reaching the terrace, bends a little and rushes to her. The terrified expressions on Sharma family members are calmed down when Rishi grabs her from behind and steadies her while she struggles free from his grasp.)
Indar: Please take care of her.
Rishi: This is a family matter, I can take care, and you people please go ahead.
Munna angrily shouts at people to get back to their homes. Rishi tells Indar and others that he will deal with her. Sharma family members disperse and go inside. Indira is still yelling at Rishi to let her free.
Rishi: Now relax.(putting his arms around her)
Indira: (excited to see him) you came back to save me again. (she fondles his cheeks) I love you Rishi. Rishi please save me from everyone. (she lies on his chest) I want to die like this.
Rishi: (admonishes her gently) why are you acting like this and in this drunken state? What is the problem that is gnawing inside you?
Indira: (innocently) shall I tell? Shall I tells the truth
Rishi: (Eagerly) yes, tell me. I am listening (Indira goes dejected swaying slightly in his arms)

Precap: A fake chauta of Indira is held at Sharma Nivas courtyard. Sharma family members are in white clothings. Each one is talking about Indira in emotional way. Meantime, Indira is watching them secretly behind a wall.

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thanx for the update Minky Smile

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thanks WU
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Thank you!!!
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Thank you so much for this WUBig smile
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very nice minky. keep it up.

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