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PurpleFairy'sCreations#1:SC+QH+Suku+SI+KT&KW-Pg111 (Page 58)

.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26295

Posted: 08 October 2012 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by EvilMindedMe

OMG! They are gorrrgous! I LOVVVE it!
Mayur! OMG! 
They look so damn cute! That is one of my most favorite scene of theirs! I love love love love love love it!Hug
And thank you so much for the dedication! Your the bessst! Hug
Okay, how many can you stack vertically at a time? 'Cause I want 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9th! 'Can you do that? 

Thank you sooo much for doing this! Thank you sooo much!

And you coloring for the SRK Avis! Amazing! Love 'em! Especially the second last one!

And Now I think I HAVE to watch the Rohan-Muskan show!

Aww, Amna, thank you soo much!! I'm so glad you liked the MN stuff 'coz I love making avis on them but unfortunately, not many of their fans visit my shop so whatever few do, I really appreciate thatEmbarrassed
Yes, please watch RM if you can. I'd love having another common favourite with you (:
Thanks once again, dear!Hug

Originally posted by -Ridzzi-

Neethz, Ur Right regarding IPKKND. Just dragging and dragging and totally no idea what is happening there. Pinch

Anyway, the update is beautiful. I love the Rohan-Muskan ones the most!

Great going! 
Thanks for the PM :))


Thanks, Ridz! Glad you liked the Rohan-Muskaan stuffEmbarrassed

Originally posted by Mylosthopes

tumne bulaya  or m agayi jan Wink
wow omg neethi omg awosme outstnding 
update luv it soomuch 
wow i luv ur siggy too HeartWink
cant believeShocked its ur 2st time keep it up hunWink

Thanks 4 the pm jan Hug

Aww, thank you soo much, Fatima!Hug
Your comments always make my day! That's very sweet of you. Glad you liked the updateHug

Originally posted by PinkCinderella

Reserved!  Tongue

--Edited -- 

Sorry, for the massive delays for comments as you know totally got stucked in studies and all, But you're aware with the fact how much i love your work and always keen to use 'em so don't get naraz with me. LOL And no , not at all i know lately IPk has been descended in the dark shadows which we had never assumed to have though now as per LM is back with a bang so i can see things getting at its place back 'coz his direction has its own essence which attracts itself. I concur with you here, old scene of ArHi is unforgettable ever and ever. they'll stay alive in my heart for a lifetime and then. <33

I can never get naraaz with you, Sadaf. I understand how busy you've been and whether you comment or not, I know you always see my work and that is enough for me. You comments always encourage me a lotHug

Okay coming to the update : 

RM avis, OMFG! They're love together the show is going fine for now though i can't wait when they start to recall their past memories and get fall in love all over again. As always coloring is simply epic. <33 Me, too. The show should get more gripping once they start getting deja-vus. I'm waiting for thatBig smile

Arjun-Arohi avis came out perfectly beautiful. <33 And ya, this scene is hot. Blushing I know right? Arjuhi are a lot like AbhIya that way.They don't have too many intimate scenes and yet, their chemistry oozes out of the TV screens. That's about one of the closest they've had in KMH1Tongue

Mayank-Nupur avis, haye, they're so adorable together, just so cute. Love the avi's so so much. I knoww, right?? Thank you so much!Hug

Yikes! OMG! OMG! I can't tell you JTHJ atuff turned out epic, fantastic , eternal beauty like i can't find words to praise and the new size you've given is ufff maar daala. Day Dreaming Even i cant wait to see 3 super-stars-altogether moreover than that, the movie seems promising as well. I just heart the coloring so much. (= Me, too. Really looking forward to this movie!! SRK seems to be back with his old magicDay Dreaming

And you already know AbhIya siggies took my breath away. Stern Smile How much i miss 'em my heart knows. I just love all those three captured essential scene which played a big role in their journey. Will use 'em for certain. I knoww. I miss them too, everyday! They were an iconic couple and always will be <33

Overall , Perfectly epic stuff Neetzu, loads of hugs you're a rockstar. And ya, do try making more siggies please. Big smile 

Love you darl. Hug

Thank you, Sadaf! Made my day to hear from you after soo long!Hug

.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26295

Posted: 08 October 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cute_Gal

Amazing creations..
loved it..

Thank you, Cute GalBig smile

Originally posted by lost_in_love

neethi...!!! Hug lovely creations dear!!!Clap Though all ur works are fav.!!!! But I loved jthj and pkyk avis the most!!!EmbarrassedMayb coz am waiting 4 d first one and ofcourse the next one is my all tym fav8 couple abhiya!!! Tongue And ya... the texture and colouring is wonderful!!!Thumbs Up Keep it up dear.. Smile

Thank you soo much, Indu!Hug
Glad you liked the update specially JTHJ and PKYEK stuff. Thanks once againBig smile

Originally posted by pkriyaansh

amazing workEmbarrassed

Thank you, dear (:

Originally posted by Sunshine Girl

WOW Neethi beautiful avix...RM and MN onex are superb...
JTHJ Eee me too waitng for that movie..and WOahhh I just LOVE ur large avix <3 they came out xcellent !!! coloring adn size is perfectooo and they are not so heavy...I like avix this way !!!
Nd u made those sigx??God I had no idea u can make sigx as well...why dun u make them..ur so good at them...ufff u defo shud make more !!!

Thanks so much, Sunshine!Hug
I'm waiting for JTHJ too. SRK and Yashraj is a combo which can never go wrongDay Dreaming
Well, I recently started making siggies encouraged by a lot of people. Thank you so much, dear. Will definitely try my hand at more. After all, practice makes perfectTongue
.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26295

Posted: 08 October 2012 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sreya19roy

Gorgeous update neethi Smile

Arjuhi n JTHJ edits r undoubtedly my favourites...they look outstanding Smile

HJNH, MJHT n Abhiya edits look beautiful as well...I really love the colouring of this whole update...its so simple n soothing, I love it Embarrassed

1 question apart from the update...who has made this pc avi that both of us r using?? Actually I saw it in ur avi dabba on sunday n since then I've been trying to find who has made it bt I just can't Unhappy can u plz tell me?

Thanks so much, dear! So glad you liked the colouring on the update.
Sano had made that aviTongue

Originally posted by Kinma

Lovely update dear...loved everything !! keep it up !!
Update soon !!!
Kinma !!

Thanks, kinmaEmbarrassed

Originally posted by chand1234

Superb :)

Thank you, dear (:

Originally posted by AASUS

Hey Neethi how are you?

pg 50 Rohan Muskaan, ArJuhi, MaYur, SRK Kat, SRK, avis simply wonderful.  Thanks for sharing. Great job. Keep it up.

Hi, dear. I'm doing well, what about yourself? (:
Thanks for liking all the stuff you mentioned. Really means a lotEmbarrassed

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26295

Posted: 08 October 2012 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by OptimisticEyes

Awesome update!!! luv the siggies n avis...

Thank you, dear (:

Originally posted by AnuRathi10

WOWWW beautiful  and amazing siggies i loveee the upcoming SRK's movie's all the siggies u made woww. Good going gal keep it up

Thank you soo much, Anu jaan!Hug
I'm glad you liked the JTHJ stuff. Can't wait for that movieEmbarrassed

Originally posted by AmaZayn

Amazing stuff!

Thank you, dear (:

Originally posted by ..Amira..

Goorgeoous Upptaade <333 Thank You for the pmm! Will use thiss onne

Thanks so much, Amira! That means a lot to meEmbarrassed
.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26295

Posted: 08 October 2012 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Madhura..

Neetzie, 1stly I hit the like, cos I had missed to, :).
Coming on ur note, I understand ipk storyline has no base now, they r going round, plus ofc not!! A creator makes stuff on what he/she likes..and is free to do so, so ofc am not disliking cos of that, cos I appreciate creativity than my favs, lol!
Plus I also had given up stuff on d3, PSing..and u must b knowing current d3 state, which is like, horrible where SwaRon track is messed up.
Coming on the upd, as usual half loads, mayur, arjuhi,RM.
Arjuhi stuff looks lovely with sepia tinge and colouring, clear and beautiful avis...
RM avis, look fantastic and superb colouring!! I will use 1 soon,:)

Thank you soo much, Madhu!
Well, you're one of the very few people who appreciates creativity in the creations instead of the subjects but I'm glad you doHug
Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked the stuff you mentionedEmbarrassed

Originally posted by Phoenix.Xeelan

 StarAwesome update Neethz...im not tired of saying again and again how beautiful your avis are. as usually beautiful coloring and clarity.  Aww, thank yoou soo much, TanzieeHug
Best coloring for this update goes to HNJH and JTHJ stuff...outstanding.. this is my fav:

Im defo gonna use it.. already using a small one Embarrassed if you have saved the psds can you please make this one a icon sized? if not no problem.. i will use the small ones 1 by one anyways.. im waiting for this movie...
I'm waiting for this movie too! I hardly ever save my PSDs which is why no two of my colourings are ever exactly the sameTongue That one will not look good in an icon size since it'll mess up the proportions of the video. If you still want, PM me and I'll try to make it with as close a colouring as possibleEmbarrassed
the arjun arohi scene is my fav too... its soo beautiful.. im gonna use it as well..later. Thanks, dearHug
I havent seen that MJHT scene so donnot much about it but the avis surely look gorgeous Smile Thank youu <33

The abhiya siggys are beautiful and I have already told you that. and this ones my fav. the epic moment of heartbreak and betrayal... Totally agree. Very heartwrenching scene :(


this is for you Star Hug

Thanks, dear! You always drop the most encouraging commentsHug

Originally posted by -Gunners-

Awesome update...

Thank you so much, dear (:

Originally posted by Anjalii...xXx

 Neethiii...Hug Hug pdate aftr long!! I was just wondering a few days ago why u havn't updated..n i'm so happy u did Hug dint expect a arjuhi updateShocked thank you so much..n yeah fire scene is my most fave scene from season 1..but i love so many other scenes too Heart and wow..u make such good siggy's!!EmbarrassedClap
and thank you for stacking the avi's!! Will use it soonEmbarrassed i love love the colouring on all your avi's Heart
and you made large avi's..omg plz do make large avi's on Arjuhi alsoDay Dreaming on the saree ripping scene from KMH1 if u can and on this scene..but make this one a large vertical one..if u can!!Embarrassed
your update as always is neat n beautiful Heart Day Dreaming

Thanks so much, AnjaliHug
Lol! Well, I'm glad I could surprise you with the Arjuhi update. I love many scenes too but banana toh ek-ek karke padegaTongue
Thanks for liking the update, hun and i have already downloaded the videos of your suggestions. Will work on them in a couple of days. Will surely be there in the next updateApprove

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26295

Posted: 10 October 2012 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pinky0902

nopey, i didn't.. I just saw u updated but it's oki.. i keep track anywayEmbarrassed hehe.. so i didn't really miss out. Embarrassed

back to this one.. love the avis and the love avis for jab tak hai jahaan are gorgeous! amazing coloring. can't wait for the movie too.

the siggies are gorgeous!Big smile

i understand ur part on arhi & ipk - i almost gave up during the miscarriage scene and after. it was full of anjali-shyam crap. it seemed like they've forgotten that arnav & khushi are the leads and not shyam anjali.Confused i'm glad LM's back and the last 4-5 episodes have been good so far.Embarrassed

OMG, I'm so sorry, Pinks! That is a lapse on my part. You've very much on your PM list, I should've been more careful. Please accept my apologiesEmbarrassed
I too can't wait for JTHJ and I'm glad you liked the avis and the siggies. Means a lot to me.
I know. LM's back and the show is already improving. Hopefully, it'll soon get back it's old magicEmbarrassed
Thanks for dropping by, dear, and for the lovely commentHug

Originally posted by Monami_50

Luvd abhiya siggy nd JTHJ icons

Thank you, dear (:

Originally posted by SilverFairy

Well Done Lovely Stuff. I Dont Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Either. The Show Sucks.

Thanks, Nici. LM is trying hard to get IPK back to the set standards. Hope he succeeds <33

Originally posted by Jenifer.

Neetz, Neetz, Neetz. Have I been here before because if not, I'm a fool. Girl, your updates are amazing. Like seriously. I may be graphic illiterate but I'm loving the JTHJ stuff. SRK lost his charm on me a few years ago but I'm hoping with Chopra's magic, he returns with a bang. Your avis certainly do the trailers justice.

OMG, JenHug
I've seen you like my updates but i don't remember you commenting so welcome to my shopHug
I kinda got over SRK as well post RNBDJ but I see the old charm back with JTHJ. Yashraj and SRK combo cannot go wrong <33
Thanks for liking the update, dear. Means a lot to meEmbarrassed
.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26295

Posted: 10 October 2012 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Saraa.

woww..beautifull update..Loved the Jab tak hai jaan update..and i so so loved ur new style big ones..wanted u to make big ones too..and they are really beautifull..u should make them more often.

Thanks, Saraa! Glad you liked the JTHJ stuff. And yes, I think you should be seeing me experimenting more with the sizesEmbarrassed
Thanks once againBig smile

Originally posted by Fallen Angel

Fantastic update :D 

Thanks, Angel! :D

Originally posted by --Aartzz--

Neetz ohmg
thank you. i don't watch the show anymore too because i TOTALLY lost the connect so 
whoohooo :)
Loved everything! Love the coloring on the JTHJ stuff! 

Me, too, Aartz and it's very very tough to get a lost connection back to the show. I haven't yet been able to do that with any show. Hope IPK will be an exception.
Thanks for liking the update and colouring on JTHJ. Means a lot to me <33

Originally posted by cherry...

Gorgeous update (:
Man I love love all the avis, they are a wonder. Going to use the Mayur ones and I miss MJHT more now! Best show ever...anyways all of the avis are great and the sigs are actually fab! Thanks for the PM. 

Thanks, Cherry! I know, man! There can never be another MJHT. That show was epic and will always remain evergreen.
Thanks for using, means a lot to me <33
.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26295

Posted: 10 October 2012 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drunkiiebabe

amazing creations

Thank you! :D

Originally posted by likaboss

MN Avis are beyond amazing Day Dreaming 
Great Job Neethi ! Loved everything <3

Thanks, dear! Glad you liked everythingEmbarrassed

Originally posted by Deepali88

Awesome and Gogeous Update NeetzHug
HJNH and Arjun Arohi  Update Just breath taking beautiful.Day Dreaming.
Loves the whole stuffs and gonna use themDay Dreaming

Aww, thank you so much, Deepz! So glad you liked the update and thanks for using. Means a lot to meHug

Originally posted by -Fatz-

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous updatee <33 Rohan-Muskaan avis were my fav <33 beautiful colouring Neetz!!
Love the big avis too <3 and the sigs are AMAZING <33 i love 'em <33 gorgeous stuff Neetz xD update soon <33

Fatz!! Thank you soo muchHug
Can't tell you how happy I am that you liked Rm, big avis and specially the siggies because you're the one who urged me to continue making non-animated stuffEmbarrassed

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