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New RN SS Kuchh Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta (16/08)

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Hello Guys, this is a short OS based on Rajveer-Naina, I've written recently. It was originally written exclusively for the RPFC.. I thought of sharing it with other RP, RN and LRL fans not active on the FC!! Hence, posting it here.. Hope you like it.. Smile


                      ***Part 1***

It was a beautiful night as the moon and the stars basked in their glory.. She lay on a sleeping bag in the middle of the forest.. She had been positioned here as a Surveillance officer for the last 2 weeks. She was used to the pin-drop silence around her barring the sound of rustling leaves, chirping night-birds and her own deep breath.. However tonight was different! She rolled on her make-shift bed, changed sides, yet sleep seemed to evade her..

She finally sat up and wrapped a shawl around her petite frame. She shut her eyes and then a familiar smiling face flashed in front of her eyes. She opened her eyelids slowly, touched her left cheek and found moistness there. So, you are the culprit!

She stood up and walked inside her tent and towards her trunk. She bent down and rummaged through her belongings and then her eyes fell on it!

A red saree... The Red Saree!! 

She clutched it with both her hands and fell to the ground.. She had carried it around with her each time she had stepped out of her house.. It was far too precious to let go of..

She sat down on her bed and was taken back to the memories of a scene 2 years ago..


'Tu paagal hai kya?', she had said to Huda when he had demanded his reward for supporting her and the others in the Jhabreela-Bhagao Aandolan..

And she had agreed to do it it.. Only for the sake of a bet; just so he could keep his mouth shut! Unaware of the fact that the night was going to bring her a surprise.. Memories of which she would cherish until her last breath..

She had quickly draped the saree around herself, put on a pair of dangling earrings and had walked into Huda's room. As expected, he had been smitten by her beauty.. But what he had said and done next, was unforeseen.. 

He had confessed his love for her yet again and at the same time, had come to terms with the fact that she didn't love him.. She hadn't loved him ever! And Huda, being Huda had stayed true to his words. He had let her go!

She had felt extremely light and contented that moment. Contented, because now she was free of the guilt of trampling over her friend's heart.

She was just on her way to the girls' dormitories through the corridor, when she saw him! He had just finished a conversation with someone and was rolling up his sleeves.

 Her heart skipped a beat at the mere sight of him. As if sensing her presence around, he abruptly looked up and saw her!!

And what he saw swept him off his feet.. There stood His Naina, dressed up in a red saree! 'Divine beauty', were the first words that came to his mind, and the last ones as well.. 

He was lost. Lost in her eyes as always. They took a few steps towards each other, attempting to reduce the distance.. Him, never moving his gaze from her, while she moving her hand through her hair, as a faint blush had started creeping up her cheek..

He eyed her from bottom to the top.. She was just perfect.

The Red colour really suited her. He sighed and uttered, "NAINA", in that deep husky voice of his. She was startled to see so many emotions floating in his eyes.

Yet, she thought of offering an explanation.. "Erm..Sir, woh actuallu Huda ne mujhse shart lagayi thi aur kaha tha ki agar main saree pehenke aa jaungi, toh woh revolt mein humara saath dega.."

And he had unknowingly stepped out of the composed facade of Captain Rajveer instantly, "Bohot kamaak ki shart lagayi hai Cadet Huda ne.. Kyunki iss khoobsoorti ke liye koi revolt toh kya jaan bhi de sakta hai!!" 

And all she could do was blush and try to digest what he meant..

He looked at her flustered face and understood that the cat was already out of the bag! 

"I mean.. tum iss saree mein.. I mean yeh saree tumpe bohot.. I mean tum dono milkar.. I mean tum iss saree mein bohot achhi lag rahi ho..", Phew done!!

"Maine tumhe kabhi aise college mein..I mean KMA mein.. aise.. Its for the first time.. So, its kinda, you know!!"

She stared at him and smiled, "Thanks..", while he nodded his head..

Naina: "for the compliment!"

And he was jolted back to reality..
 "Oh yes! Of course.. Its a compliment.. Just a compliment!!" 

And yet again Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat  had lied to Naina, his protege, his love!

He had to flee the scene soon, his heart was frantically increasing..

"You know, I have to go.. But you have a good night.. And.."

And she slightly nodded her head, waiting for his next words..

"And.. have a Good Night! Main chalta hoon.." And with that he had walked past her and disappeared into one of KMA's dark corridors..

She hadn't quite understood what had transpired there.. She moved to the nearest pillar to support herself and as realisation began to sink in, she hit her head lightly,

"Stupid girl! Kya school ki bachhon ki tarah Sharma rahi thi unke saamne..
But I think he liked me.."

And she had rested her head on the pillar and had revisited the scene over and over again..

                            ****FLASHBACK OVER****

 Today, it had been 2 years. Two fateful years had passed since that lovely incident.

 How her life had suffered a jolt in the following weeks! 
Rajveer was held responsible for the murder of a senior Army officer. His trial had had disastrous consequences.

 His love for her and her feelings had been mocked and made fun of, in the court, right in front of their eyes, and they had failed to stop her..

He had been stripped off his medals, his uniform and his dignity and sentenced to imprisonment for 14 years. Later only to be killed in a bomb blast while being shifted to the jail.

And the clock had stopped ticking for her. She had lost him.. Her friend-philosopher-guide and her first love!!

She and her friends had been expelled from KMA for having helped Rajveer escape, only to be brought back to be sent on a dangerous mission.

She had often thought of committing suicide and putting an end to her torment. She was struggling to breath, how was she going to survive without him by her side!

However, she had a mission to accomplish.. The reason she had entered the gates of KMA.. The reason she had met him!!
She had fought against the very people who had brought about his downfall.. She had restored her brother's glory and had finally proved to the world that Captain Naveen Sigh Ahluwalia wasn't a traitor.

That had been her mission, her ultimate goal.. What was to be of her life after that??

 Her friends had tried cheering her up, by talking both, sense and non-sense.. 
They knew she understood them. 

But they also knew she would never stop loving him, simply because she couldn't! 

Yes, he held an irreplaceable position in their hearts too.. 

But for her, He hadn't just been her mentor or her guide, he had been her inspiration; her love, her Soulmate!!

Her parents had finally confronted her friends about Naina's condition after a few months..
 They had always known that their daughter and their son's best friend, Naina's mentor had shared a special bond, but love?!?!!

 Their children's lives were cursed. Just when they thought their son had been granted his share of justice, life had been cruel to their only daughter, yet again!

Naina's life had been drained off all colour ever since. The state of her heart had reflected on the choice of her clothes, she had only been wearing white and black, for the past two years. 

She had stopped laughing, celebrating and living her life.. The only two times, when they had all seen her truly happy, were when her friends, Ali-Pooja and Alekh-Neelu had tied the knot.

But she had stuck to one thing, being a true soldier. She had never overlooked her duty towards her motherland. She had never forgotten her mentor's words.

"Its alright Naina.. Up on your feet now!"

"Sir Main ek sipahi nahi ban sakti.."

"Naina Singh! Tum na sirf ek sipahi banogi, balki ek avval darze ki sipahi banogi..

Aisa mera tumpar vishvaas hai, 
Zindagi mein har jung sirf atmavishvaas ke balboote par ladhi jaati hai..aur jeeti bhi jaati hai..

So, just believe in yourself, because I believe in Cadet Naina Ah singh!!"

She shut her eyes and let hot tears escape them.. His death had created a void in her heart. A hollow, which could never be filled!

She clutched the saree and cried her heart out. "I miss you Rajveer Sir.. I miss you.."

"Maine aapki jung ladhi Sir.. Maine uss har ek insaan se badla liye jisne aapka career cheena, aapke dost ka khoya hua gaurav unhe wapas dilaya ..Aur.. aur mujhse, mera pehla aur aakhri pyaar cheena!!

Kayi baar socha ki iss khokli zindagi se aazad ho jaoon.. Aapke paas chali aaon.. Lekin khair aisa na kar payi..

Aapke kahe hue shabd main aaj tak bhooli,

Ek sipahi apni aakhri saans tak jung ladhta hai, aur jab tak woh ek saans baaki rehti hai, tab tak ummeed zinda rehti hai.. aur jab tak ummeed zinda rehti hai, sipahi jung nahi choda karte!!

Maine apni jung toh ladhlii.. Aur use jeet bhi lii.. Ab aur kya baaki hai?? Mujhe ab aur kissi cheez ki tamanna nahi hai..

Lekin main phir bhi jeeungi.. Aapke liye.. Apne desh ke liye.. Kyunki meri zindagi iss desh ki amaanat hai.. Aur main isse isse zaaya nahi hone de sakti!

Lekin main aapse bhi bohot pyaar karti hoon, Rajveer Sir.. 

Aur aapke bina jee nahi sakti.. Please.. Please laut aaiye.. Ya phir mujhe apne paas bula lijiye.. Iss baar humara milan aisa ho, ki koi humein juda na kar paaye..

And she fell asleep clutching that piece of red cloth to her heart!

Somewhere someone hummed these lines, 

Kabhi kabhi hum..
Ek doosre ko khokar bhi 
Pyaar ko ooncha darjaa dete hain..

Juda reh bhi toh kar..
Pyaar ki oonchaiyon ko praapt karte hain..

Aur har Pyaar milan toh nahi..
Judai bhi ek Pyaar hai..


Hey guys, how was it?? Hope you liked it..Smile Hope I didn't make you sad  Well, If I did, there'a a consolation.. I might continue this OS as a short story if get enough response.. Well, that's for later.. Do leave your feedback below.. Smile

Those of you who would like to be PMed, please send me a buddy request and I shall PM you when I update next.. Please press the LIKE button and leave your valuable feedback.. Take care and Keep falling in love!!

NOTE: I do not own the characters.. My stories are my fantasies and are based on ideas derived from the show.. My works are only meant for members of IndiaForums and 
are not to be copied to other sites.. 

My index

P.S. : The banners or gifs made for this work are owned by me, however, credit for the originals goes to Sunaina.. Thanks a ton for uploading those vids dear.. Its only coz of you, that I could revisit RN and LRL..

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 This one's in continuation with Reminiscing the Rendezvous in Red!! posted above..

Anyway, here's the next one.. Hope you like it.. And please remember to leave your suggestions below.. Your feedback is always appreciated.. 

                        ***Part 2***

Two men were seated on a charpoy outside a small dhaba off the highway. Both had their heads covered with a shawl.

No. 1. "Dekho, mujhe abhi abhi khabar mili hai, ki woh log use vapas bula rahein hain.. Tumhe pata hai tumhe kya karna hai.. Koi laparwahi nahi honi chahiye.. Do you get it? Tum jaante ho, there's too much at stake if you fail."

No. 2. "Aap chinta mat kariye.. Main sab sambhal loonga.. Kissi ko mujhpar shaq nahi hoga.."

The first person nodded, "Mujhe ab chalna hoga.. Aur haan, yaad rahe, koi contact nahi.. I will find a way to be in touch with you.."

No. 2. "Theek hai.." , and the person stood up and shook hands. 

The second man slumped down on the charpoy and ordered for another cup of tea. 
He had accomplished many missions in the past, both tricky and dangerous ones. 
But what he had been asked to do this time, was even more complicated. 

He knew he couldn't fail his boss. He had to do it for the sake of the man, to whom he owed his career, his life. Aap jaisa chahte hain, bilkul vaisa hi hoga..

Naina had just returned to the Rahatpur base camp after having spent nearly two weeks in isolation in the deep forest. 
She entered her tent and was surprised to find a couple of parcels waiting for her. She put down her camping bag and was just about to open the first one, when she was interrupted by someone,

 "Lieutenant.. Welcome back.. Aapke liye ek call hai.." 
And Naina nodded her head in acknowledgement and made her way towards the telephone.

She picked up the handset and sat down on the chair next to it. "Lt. Naina Singh here.."

The person on the other side smirked, "uh huh.. Lt. Ahluwalia,

Aapki Yaad toh ek anmol phool hai,
Hum aapko bhool jaayein, yeh aapki bhool hai..
Koi yaad humein na kare, gila nahi..
Hum doston ko nahi bhooltey, yeh humara usool hai.."

Naina smiled and nodded her head, "Abhimanyu!! Aap baaz nahi aayenge, hain na?"

Captain Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan smirked and straightened his collar as he let out a sigh into the phone,
 "Naina.. Kaisi hain aap? Aur jo baaz aaye, woh baazigar nahin.."

Naina hit her palm on her fore-head,
 "Gosh! Abhi.. this one was too lame.. Aapko ho kya gaya hai? Aur haan, main bilkul theek hoon.. Bass abhi thodi der pehle.."

Abhimanyu: "Thodi der pehle aap camp pohonchi hain.. Humein pata hai.."

She knit her eyebrows together, "Aap.. aapko kaise pata? Aap kahiin mujhpar nazar toh nahi rakh rahein hai na?"

Abhimanyu let out a laugh, 
"Naina.. Aap bhi.. the ever so smart and vigilant soldier.. Jee nahi Lt. Sahiba, hum aap par koi nazar nahi rakh rahein hain.. Woh toh aapke naye posting orders aaye hain.. Aur humne socha ki hum khud unhe aap tak pohoncha de.. Isliye hum Rahatpur base camp aaye the.. Lekin humein pata chala, ki aap patrol duty par thi, isliye humne aapko disturb karna sahi nahi samjha.. Aur hum laut aayein.."

Naina seemed relieved,
 " Oh.. new posting orders? Unmein aisa kya special hai, ki aapko khud yahaan aana pada?"

And reality hit her as soon as she had uttered those very words.. 
This could mean only one thing!! No!!

Sensing her silence, Abhimany seemed to understand Naina's turmoil, 
"Naina.. I think you've probably guessed it already..Yes, Lt. Ahluwalia, you are to be posted as an officer on special duty and a faculty member at Kanchenjunga Military Academy.." 
and he let out a loud sigh. 

He had eventually done it. He had finally broken the news to her. 
He looked up and saw his favourite ex-Cadet, now a Lieutenant himself, grinning widely at him.

Naina was hit by a wave of nostalgia. She felt her knees go weak..And she hung up..

Abhimanyu realised that Naina had hung up on him. He had expected her reaction to be somewhat similar. 
He sighed and put down the receiver. 
The officer walked up to his chair, "Sir??"

Abhi looked up dejected, "Humein nahi lagta woh aayengi.. Humne toh tumse pehle hi kaha tha.."

But the officer looked unperturbed, 
"Woh aayegi Sir.. Jaroor aayegi.. Kyunki woh pehle ek sipahi hai.. Aur agar phir bhi nahi maani, toh apun leke aayega usko.. Apun usko asliyat se aur bhaagne nahi dega.."

Abhi nodded his head, 
"Humein pata hai Alekh, lekin hum nahi chahte ki humare iss kadam se Naina aur depression mein chali jaayein.."

Alekh placed a hand on Abhimanyu's shoulder, "Nahi jaayegi Sir.. Apun usko jaane nahi dega.. Woh Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat ki best Cadet reh chuki hai Sir.. Aur humare Captain Sir ne humein haarna aur musibat se mooh modhna nahi sikhaya hai Sir!! 
Lekin abhi time ho gaya ki Naina, woh kehte hai na, Sach ka Saamna kare.."

Naina had put down the receiver and started walking towards her tent. Her body and her mind had become two separate entities again. 
Her body was dragging her along, while her mind had already drifted back to KMA. She fell on the ground.

!Cadet Naina Ah' Singh.. Phoolan.. Behen bole toh sister.. Bina network ki tower.."

"Just believe in yourself because I believe in Cadet Naina Ah' Singh.."

"Naina, main tumhara mentor hoon, lekin tum mujhpar kitna trust karti ho? Naina kitna trust karti ho mujhpar? Kiss hadh tak?"

"Cadet Singh, I promise you. Main poori koshish karunga ki main tumhe kabhi niraash na karun..
Aur rahi baat tumhare mentor rehne ki, toh main tab tak tumhara mentor rahunga,jab tak tum meri best Cadet rahogi.."

"Toh phir deal pakki Sir?".. 
"And yes Cadet Singh, deal pakki!!"

"Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat.. I will drop you dead!!"

"I believe in you Sir.."

"Afsos iss baat ka hai Naina ki main tumse kiya hua vaada nibha nahi paya.."

"Red box ko paana, Captain Rajveer ki zindagi ka maksad ho gaya tha.."

"You're right Cadet Singh, court ne unhe bari kar diya tha.. Isliye unhe kissiko kuch prove karneki koi zaroorat nahi thi.. na Army ko, na duniya ko.. na kissi aur ko.. 

Sivay ek shaks ko, naveen ki kaatilon ko dhoondhne ke liye aaya tha.. Woh ek shaks Captain Rajveer ke liye itna imp ban chuka tha, ki uske liye koi baat imp nahi thi.. Aur woh tum ho.. 
And he wanted to prove his innocence to you.. To the one he loved!!"

"Captain Rajveer se unke rank, unke saare medals aur unke saare fauji commendations cheen liye jaayenge..Aur unhe civil prison mein chaudah saal ki saza kaatni padegi.."

"Haan lekin mujhse vaada karo, ki agar main apne maksad mein kamiyaab nahi hua, toh meri jung tum ladhogi.. Jo bi unhone mujhse cheena hai, mera career, mera dost, mera py.."

"Rajveer Sir!!!"

She screamed aloud and let out a wail. She sobbed uncontrollably for a few minutes and then realised that he had gone!! Left her alone.. 

She had to go back to KMA. KMA, which had been her home away from home. 
The very place, where she had met him, the place where she had made a few friends, friends for life, as they called themselves. 
KMA held many bittersweet memories for her, memories, which were all she was left with!

It was going to be difficult for her to step into the gates of KMA all over again..

 Shakti aur samman had been KMA's motto, but for Naina, it was only Rajveer that symbolised both pride and honour..

She shut her eyes and an image of Rajveer smiling flashed in front of her eyes. 

She made up her mind, she had to go back to KMA. 
It was time to repay her alma mater. 
Life in the army had taught her one important thing over all these years, 
there's always a reason behind everything.. sometimes invisible.. But there always is!!

She remembered her brother's words, "Soldiers do not find battles, battles find the soldiers"

And then her mentor Rajveer's words, "Mere liye, khud se pehle mera desh aata hai.."

 She stood up, wiped her tears with the back of her palm and turned around to grab the packets, one of which contained her new posting orders. 
She looked around and found only one envelope there. 
She bent down and looked around. 
She searched the entire tent and couldn't find it. Kya woh mere vehem tha? Nahi.. aisa kaise ho sakta hai.. yahaan ek aur parcel tha.. Kahan gaya?
And she moved out of the tent to ask an orderly, if anyone had misplaced it accidently. "Nahi Lt. Maine kissiko aapke tent ki taraf jaate hue nahi dekha.."
She returned back and sat down on the floor. Shayad mera vehem hi hoga..
A person had been lurking outside her tent, waiting to sneak in. 
As soon as he had seen Naina walk out of the tent to attend the phone call, he had taken the opportunity to sneak in and steal the parcel. 
He walked to a corner of the base camp and received a call, 
"Jee. Maine woh parcel chura liya hai.. Aap befikr rahiye.."
The person on the other side sighed and said, "Thank you. Aur haan, woh kal jaa rahi hai.. Dhyaan rakhna.."

Naina had just alighted at Ambala Bus station. She could already feel the nostalgia starting to creep in. 
She shook her head and walked towards a rickshaw. "Bhaiyajee, KMA jaana hai."
She was just going to load her luggage into the vehicle, when she felt a warm palm on her left shoulder. 
She turned around and saw them, smiling at her,
"Tujhe kya laga, apun ke hotey hue, tu yeh rickshaw wale ke saath jayegi? Dekh apun family ke saath tera welcome karne aa gaya.."
She smiled at Alekh and hugged him. 
His eyes immediately teared up but he managed to control himself. 
He separated from her and patted her head affectionately. 

She next turned to Neelu who was smiling at the reunion of this most unique brother-sister pair and was silently sobbing herself. 
Naina got worried seeing her cry and turned to Alekh, who threw up his hands.
Naina held Neelu by her arms, "Neelu, kya baat hai? Tum ro kyun rahi ho? Is everything alright?" 
She next glared at Alekh and pulled his ear, "Tune.. jaroor tune kuch kiya hoga? Kyun rulata hai meri Bhabhi ko?"
Alekh gaped at her with an open mouth, when Neelu burst out laughing,
 "No.. No Naina.. Iss qaidi ne kuch nahi kiya.. Woh toh tumhe dekhkar meri aankh bhar aayi.. And plus, aaj kal mere mood swings battar hotey jaa rahein hai.."
Naina was shocked and looked up at Alekh, who had an arm wrapped around his wife. He took Naina's palms in his own and looked into her eyes,
 "Apun ki family mein ek naya member aanewala hai Naina. Tu bua bannewali hai.. Aur apun Pappa.."
Naina jerked back with surprise and squealed, "Alekh!! Neelu!! Oh God! I don't believe this.. Congrats guys.. Aur main.. Main bua??"
She hugged Neelu and Alekh soon joined them in a bear hug. 
All three of them were sobbing, though for different reasons.
 Neelu was happy to see Naina happy.
 Alekh was happy as he had managed to get a glimpse of the Naina, he had known 4 years back. 
And Naina.. Naina was happy because her best friend and now brother, was finally getting his share of happiness.
However, they were unaware of a pair of eyes watching them through binoculars, standing on a hill, not too far away from them. The man put his binoculars back into his bag, put on his jacket and disappeared into the thick forest!

"Raah pe kaante bikhre agar..
Usspar toh phir bh chalna hi hai..
Shaam chupaale suraj magar,
Raat ko ek din dhalna hi hai..

Rut yeh tal jayegi..
Himmat rang layegi..
Subah phir aayegi.."

Hey guys, I hope you liked it.. I really do.. Do leave your feedback below.. Would love to read 'em.. Smile

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Amazing work Avnu ! Sorry yaara, couldn't read yesterday. Suddenly had to go out and came back late. Anyway, its awesome ! A series of OSs or an FF ? Whatever it is, I'm lovin'it ! Alekh. Missed him yaar! Thank God I remembered and came here first thing in the morning ! Now I'll have an awesome day ! :D

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Hey guys!! I've decided to continue this one as a SS..Big smile So obviously, the last two OS's will be Part 1 and Part 2 respectively. Also, each part now onwards, will have a title to it. Smile

Hope you guys like the idea.. Please continue reading, liking and commenting. As always, your reviews are always welcome and appreciated.. Smile

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Hey dearies, here's the next part.. I know, its been awefully long this time.. 
Do read it..  Hope you like it.. Smile

                       ***Part 3***

Alekh and Neelu had accompanied Naina to KMA. They had just parked their car and were walking towards the gate, when Neelu received a phone call and she excused herself.

Alekh turned to Naina and placed a hand on her head, "Tu theek toh hai na? Matlab, aise idhar wapas aakar?" 
Naina understood the hidden meaning behind his words and nodded her head, "Main bilkul theek hoon Alekh.. Aur agar nahi bhi hoon, toh mujhe theek hona hoga.. You know why, because I'm a soldier first! Baaki sab baad mein, hai na?"

Alekh smiled and gave her a hi-five, "Arre waah. Yeh hui na baat! Chal apun andar chalte hain." 
And they were just about to walk in when Neelu joined them, "Alekh, Mom ka phone tha. Woh aaj raat US ja rahin hain.. Toh woh humse milna chahti hain. Unhone mujhe abhi ghar bulaya hai."

Alekh : "Haan bass Neelu, apun Naina ko andar chod dega aur phir.."

Neelu looked apologetically at Naina, "Naina, I'm sorry, but I'll have to leave.. Mom ki flight ke liye kuch hi ghante baaki hain..I hope you understand.. I promise main tumse kal milne aaungi.."

Naina held her shoulders, "Its okay Neelu. Tum jaao.. Aur haan, Alekh ko bhi apne saath le jaao. Aisi haalat mein tumhe akele nahi ghoomna chahiye." 

And she turned to Alekh, who looked unhappy, "Alekh, samjha? Khabardar agar tune isse akele choda toh. I'll manage. Aur phir kahiin baar inn gates ke uss paar jaa chuki hoon main.. I'm sure I'll manage.. Tum jao."

Alekh shook his head and handed over her bags, "Abhi ke liye toh apun jaa raha hai, lekin kal subah hotey hi apun idhar hazar ho jayega, tere samne.. Samjhi? Kya samjhi!! 

Aur tu apna khayal rakh. Dimaag pe jyada load nahi leneka. Kya? Chal apun chalta hai."

Naina smiled and nodded her head. She waved to them until they were out of sight and sighed, " Kanchenjunga Military Academy, here I come back!". She inhaled sharply and turned around.

She saw Abhimanyu approaching her and walked towards the gate. The guards had opened the gate for Abhi. He stepped out and offered his hand, "Welcome back, Lt. Naina Singh Ahluwalia."

She shook hands with him and gave him a side hug, "Good to see you Abhi.."

He separated from her and motioned her to walk in. She took a few steps and froze! The moment had come. 
One step forward and she would enter a world of nostalgia, a footstep that would straightaway take her four years back, when she had entered these gates for the first time. Only back then, she had a purpose, a promise to fulfil, a mission to prove her brother innocent.

But today? How was she going to cope up in a place, where every single breath taken would remind her of Him! Every footstep taken would be reminiscent of those days, spent with him. The corridors, the classrooms, the cafeteria, the grounds, every single thing within these premises would constantly revive all those memories; memories which she had successfully managed to treasure in a deep corner of her heart!

She felt a warm palm on her shoulder and turned to see Abhi smile at her. He gently held her shoulder, "No hurry.. Take your time." 
However, they were interrupted by an orderly who had come there to deliver a message to Abhimanyu.

Orderly: "Sir! Aapke liye important call hai. Maine kaha ki aap kissi zaroori kaam mein busy hain, par unhone kaha ki baat bohot important hai, isliye main.."
Abhi nodded his head, "Its okay. Phone hai kahan se?"
Orderly: "Leh base camp se.. Sir!"
Abhimanyu was thoroughly surprised, "Theek hai, tum jao. Hum abhi aate hain."

He turned to Naina, who shook her head, "Naina.. woh.. important call."

She smiled, "Its okay. Aap jaiye. I'll be fine. See you in your office."

Abhimanyu smiled and followed the orderly into the Academy. Naina had finally mustered courage from every single muscle in her heart, and she put her foot forward. She sighed and began walking towards the main building. Her feet automatically dragged her to the Wall of Fame.

She walked closer and closer until she saw her brother's portrait hung proudly right at the centre. Shaheed Captain Naveen Singh Ahluwalia. She smiled and fondly caressed his photo. Her eyes immediately welled up. 

She looked around to find him, but realised Rajveer would never find a place here. She shut her eyes and let tears escape.

Just when she thought, her bitten lips would betray her and let her sob out, she felt a gentle palm on her head. She turned around and saw a pair of tender and loving eyes staring at her. 

She flung her arms around her neck and sobbed quietly on her shoulder.
Dr. Captain Shalini Singhal had been on her daily rounds, when she saw a figure standing close to the Wall of Fame. In her 8 years of service at KMA, she had never seen any Cadet or a faculty member admiring the Wall of Fame. Strange, she thought.

And then she had noticed Naina. Instinctively, she had walked over to her and offered her support and a shoulder to cry upon.
Shalini patted her head affectionately, "Naina.. Its okay Cadet."

Naina separated from her and wiped her tears with the back of her palm, "I'm sorry Ma'am. Woh maine aate hi.."

Shalini smiled and patted her head, "Actually I'm sorry.."

Naina raised an eyebrow and looked at her quizzically and saw Shalini smiling, "Woh maine tumhe Cadet bulaya, Lt. Naina Singh Ahluwalia!!"

Naina shook her head. Shalini was still the same. Naina looked around and suddenly KMA felt like home.

Shalini observed her and clutched at her sleeve, "Naina, ek coffee hojaye? For old times sake?"

Naina smiled, "Sure Ma'am. Lekin abhi mujhe principal ko report karna hai. I'll see you in a while."

Shalini nodded her head and moved aside for Naina to pass. Naina had just walked a few steps when she heard Shalini call out to her, "Naina!!"

Shalini: "Welcome back to KMA!", she smiled and walked away. Naina nodded her head and started walking towards the Principal's cabin.

Abhimanyu had been disturbed after attending to the phone call. He heard a knock on the door and looked up. He saw Naina standing there with shock written all over her face. It took him a while to register why.

He motioned her to enter. She stood there in disbelief yet managed to regain her composure soon, "Lt. Naina Singh Ahluwalia reporting Sir!!" Abhimanyu stood up and accepted her salutation.

Naina: "Abhimanyu, aap? Aapne bataya nahi? Mujhe toh pata hi nahi tha."

Abhimanyu: "Kaise pata hota aapko? Humne ek choti si party throw kit hi.. Aapke saare dost bhi wahan aaye the. Lekin aap.. Aap nahi aayi.."

She recollected Abhi inviting her to a party a few weeks ago, "Abhi, lekin mujhe pata nahi tha.. Varna main zaroor aati.."

Abhimanyu smiled and asked her to sit down, "Its okay. Beeti baton ko bhool jaate hain.. And lets make a new beginning. Shall we?"

Naina smiled and nodded her head, "I'll try my best Captain. Waise Congratulations. Bohot badhai ho aapko."

Abhimanyu nodded, "Thank you very much! Humein aapse kuch baatein karni hain.. Lekin pehle aap fresh ho jaiye. Humne aapke liye room taiyaar karvaya hai. We'll have dinner together, alright?"
Naina nodded and shook hands with him before departing.

She was following an orderly towards her quarters when she froze in her track and abruptly looked to her left.

She saw His room and the big iron lock dangling there. Her feet automatically dragged her next to the door and she clutched the lock in between her fingers. She caressed it as if it would open on her touch.

She remembered the first time she had walked into his room. She had hid behind the curtain only to be caught by Rajveer himself. And what had he done after the initial yelling! He had lovingly asked her, "Desert banayi hai, kabhi aapne?" She smiled at the memory.

She had entered his room innumerable times ever since, never really having knocked or asking permission. 

She sat down and recollected all of them. She touched the door latch,
"Kash aisa koi jaadu ho jaaye, aur aap wapas aa jaayein."
 She shut her eyes and saw him standing right there. 

She opened her eyes with a jerk only to be hit by the harsh truth once again. He was gone! She rested her head against the door and let hot tears flow down her cheeks.

Shalini had been watching Naina from a distance. At first, she thought of going to her and consoling her. But she realised, it would be all in vain. No words of comfort would ever be able to ease Naina's pain and heartache. Having been the first one to have confronted Rajveer about his feelings, Shalini had been sure that Rajveer had always loved Naina. 
However, after Rajveer's death, she had started realising that it wasn't a one-sided love track. Naina had harboured similar feelings too. She coudn't stop weeping, herself at the mere thought of these two star-crossed lovers. She wiped her own tears and marched towards Abhimanyu's cabin.
She knocked on the door and stomped inside. Abhimanyu realised she was angry and walked up to her, "What's the matter, Dr. ?"
Shalini: "I should be the one asking you this."
Abhi : "Have I done something to offend you?"
S: "Yes, you have!"
Abhimanyu sat down on his seat and smirked at her, "Well, lets hear it then."

Shalini fumed with anger and took a seat opposite him, "Mana kiya tha na, maine aapse Captain. Ki aap Naina ko yahan wapas mat bulaiye. Lekin aapne meri ek nahi suni. Aur nateeja aapke saamne hai."

Abhimanyu knitted his eyebrows, "Please calm down Shalini."

S: "No.. Don't ask me to calm down. Kya aapko nahi lagta ki Naina yahan aakar khush nahi rahegi. Har pal usse beete hue pal, woh din yaad aayenge. Uss bechari ka toh saans lena bhi mushkil ho raha hai."

Abhimanyu stood up from his seat and sat down next to her, "Shalini, uss haadse ne hum sabki zindagi badal kerakh di hai. Lekin its time, Naina pulls herself together. Raj ke saath jo hua, woh unfortunate tha.. Bohot bura tha.. Aur apne dost ko khone ka afsos humein zindagi bhar rahega. Lekin humari samajh mein nahi aata ki aap sab uss baat ka itna bada issue kyun bana rahein hai?"

Shalini looked up at him and stared straight into his eyes, "Captain, kya aapne kabhi pyaar kiya hai? Have you ever loved someone?"

Abhimanyu surprised by her choice of words simply looked at her.
Shalini stood up from her seat, "Nahi na.. Toh aap mere, ya Naina key a phir baaki Cadets ki feelings ko kabhi nahi samajh payenge.

Apne pyaar ko, apne best friend ko, ya apne sabse kareebi shaks ko khone ka dard kya hota hai, aap nahi samjhenge.

Aap apne aap ko Captain Rajveer ka sachha dost kehte hain na, his best friend? Kya aap ab tak jaan paaye, ki Captain Salve ne trial ke dauran jo kuch bhi kaha tha, woh sab sach tha.. It was the truth!"

Abhimanyu stood up and looked at her quizzically, "What do you mean Dr.?"

Shalini smiled at him, "I mean Captain, ki Naina loved him. And he loved Naina. Naina ka gham kabhi kam nahi hoga. Na aaj, na kal. Aapko pata hai kyun?

Kyunki uske dard ka ek hi ilaaj hai, Captain Rajveer khud. Main, aap, ya uske dost kuch nahi kar payenge. Because her heart desires something that can never be hers!"

And with that Shalini had walked out of his cabin, leaving behind a stunned Abhimanyu.
While Naina still sat with her head rested against Rajveer's room door.

Kahin toh hogi woh.. Duniya jahan tu mere paas hai..
Jahan main.. Jahan tu..
Aur jahan.. Bass tere mere jazbat hain..
Hogi jahan.. subah teri,
Palko ki.. kirano mein,
Lori jahan.. chand ki,
Sune teri.. baahoin mein..
Jaane naa kahan wo duniya hai,
Jaane naa wo hai bhi ya nahi,
Jahan meri zindagi mujhse,
Itni khafa nahi!! 

Those of you who would like to be PMed, please send me a buddy request and I shall PM you when I update next.. Please press the LIKE button and leave your valuable feedback.. Take care and Keep falling in love!!

NOTE: I do not own the characters.. My stories are my fantasies and are based on ideas derived from the show.. My works are only meant for members of IndiaForums and 
are not to be copied to other sites..


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Shaina_b IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Too good!!!!!Awesome!!!!!
Too bad Aalekh had to go just as Naina was entering KMA!!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy
Naina became nostalgic when she entered KMA because this place holds many memories for her!!!!!Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
Woh saare pal Naina ke saamne aa rahe hai yaadein ban kar!!!!Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
Shalini was quite worried about her and comforted her while she cried!!!!!!Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
Abhimanyu has become the principal of KMA!!!!!Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
The room where she had always gone into to get her problems solved was now locked!!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch
I do hope Naina's prayers come true very soon!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile
Shalini understands that nothing can ever remove Naina's pain!!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch
She is angry at Abhimanyu as she knows Naina will never be happy here!!!!!Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
I hate Abhimanyu as he is so insensitive and it is because of him that Raj lost everything!!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
Shalini ne accha sunaya Abhimanyu ko!!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve Smile Smile Smile Smile
I loved Shalini's lines where she says ke Naina ke dard ka ek hi ilaaj hai!!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
The song is very nice and portrays their pain very well!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile


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Revolutionbreez IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
wonderful avantika !!! please continue this one regularly and am already in your buddy list ! Wink

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suhana.dixit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 10:34pm | IP Logged

Hi Awantika

Update was just amazingClapClap
Naina became quite nostalgic when she entered KMA coz this place holds far too many memories for her.It is the same place where she came to proove her brother's innocence and found her true love in her mentor Rajveer.Big smile
Shalini was quite worried over her..
I am waiting for Raj's entry.Smile

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