Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

WU-25/7 - Sanakadevi and her Smart Pati

-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged

Mein aa gaiTongue

And YAYYY!!!!

SACHAI Jeet gai (yaane mee!!!)
Zaalimon ne haar maan li (Yaane CVs ne!!)

And I finally get a GOOD episode

Aaj Mausam hai Suhana,
Shayari Karne ka hai bahaana!!!

What the what the what theROFL

So shayari toh banti hai

Khushi ne Khaye gol and Gappieee,
And ASR Ne usko di ek zoro ki Pappieee!

Khushi ke Saare bahane hai jhoothey,
Anji the ganji ke bhaag hai Phootey!!

Khushi called Buaji nanhi si Jaan,
And kahani suna ke usne Pakaa diye Doctor ke kaan!!

Buaji frightened us with  her big snore,
ASR loves his Sanaka devi to the core.

Khushi pe chad gaya hai Mahaanta ka Bhoot!
ASR  ne  Pakad liya Khushi ka Jhooth.

Kal pata chalega ASR ko, Kyun Khushi gai bua ke ghar,
ASR ko ab lagega Judai ka actual DARRR!!!

So we ishtartTongue

Ah so me all garden garden
so the update will be in pink and greenTongue

Khushi and Buaji gobbling Golggappes...(It is so relieving to See Buaji and her refreshing attitude...Maami was actually hitting on my nervesAngry)

The Sanakadevi sees her patiparmeshwar's (ASR) white car (how many car does he have??) making an entry into her chhotu si lane and immediately dunks and makes Buaji almost gulp down her golgappes ...she watches her patiparmeshwar almost about to ring the bell and actually pushes the poor woman off to drink water (Bechari Bua...she is so right in naming her mad bhanji...) She calls ASR and asks her where he is just as he is about to ring the bell...ASR is super perplexed and answers that he is standing right outside her house...and she tells him that she has come to some stupid hospital...The poor hubby of hers tells her that he could have taken her had she told him so (Owww...I actually pity the guy...he is so gonna pay for ever meddling with this one girl in his lifeLOL he has literally become a driver these days...driving to and from the Raizada Pagalkhaana to his Paagal wifeyLOL)

he leaves for the hospital...and she watches him go...she actually throws the water glass from bua's hands and says that they need to go right now to buy a 'BANYAAN' (undervestOuchLOL) ..(Aur kucch nahi mila??? Sidha banyaan??? LOL)
buaji asks for whom ?? Damadji ?? (no for you, buaji...she wants you to pose for the next Vogue editionConfusedROFL)

Sanakadevi sees that her PP (Patiparmeshwar) is gone and hence drags the poor old Aunt aka bua of hers to the house telling her to forget about the banyaan and then calls her PP to inform him that he doesnot need to come to the hospital as she has reached home...he asks whether she has lost her head (O beta!! Abhi toh shuruat the time she is finished with might end up like this guy)
She tells him to go back when he hears buaji from the behind...and she again fibs, telling him that buaji's health has worsened...and she needs a lot of REST...ASR asked that what did the doctor said...she tells him that the doctor was not available as he himself was sick Poor fellow gets all perplexed and she bangs the phone on him...Ouch and mumbles that ASR is after her jaan (Meri jaan, woh  haath dho ke teri jaan ke picche nahi. Puraa Nahaa dhoke apni jaan ke pichhe pada haiROFL)

On this side Naani and Maami sitting int the hall...and Maami getting missed calls...she asks her dear MIL whether it is her boyfriendConfused... (E lo...Abhi uske pautey ki LS shuru nahi hui and Maami is actually trying to play matchmaking for NaaniShocked...Hey Ram!!OuchLOL)

Anji the akal se ganji comes there and says that she needs to go for a walk...Naani wants to accompany her but she says that she will be fine...and leaves (Maami...where is fierce tigress wala stance right need to be with Anji the akal se ganji 24x7...but now you wont since there is no question of Paayash spending any time is only then that you get all your concerns about anji the akal se ganji naAngry)

Buaji is snoring to her peace and Khushi thanking Devimaiya for it when she hears a knock...and there is a doctor escorted by ASR...Khushi looks from one to another and ASR tells her to move away from the door...She asks why did he bring the doctor??? he tells her that he wants to play hide and seek with her that is whyLOL...
She tells them that she is sleeping, and ASR tells The doc to check the patient asleep...he pushes her aside totally frustrated with her nautankis (It is so funny the way he takes her overtures in his strideLOL)

They  go inside to find the sleeping beauty aka Buaji snoring in her dreamland and ASR sits beside her in concern...Buaji's hand falls on ASR's hand (Poor hand..must have been crushed!!OuchLOL) Khushi Tickles Buaji and Buaji laughs in her sleep and takes away the hand (Oh this was an epic scene...Bua was so sweet...and ASR was like...HEEEHEEE!!!! Why the hell is she heeheeing this some kind of disease or is it hereditary madnessROFL)

Doctor measures the sleeping beauty's (Buaji) BP and finds it normal but before he can complete his sentence Khushi jumps in...
Khushi tells them that she is having problems in her stomach and signals ASR to get out as buaji cannot be examined in front of him...the poor dimlight who is all the timeShockedConfused these days...walks out...and calls the poor 24x7 'Aapki Kheedmat mein' Aman and asks whether he found anything about the landlord (I actually feel for Aman...I would have told my boss...YOUR wife, YOUR sasural, YOUR sasural's rent and YOUR Sasural's  landlord, how the hell am I supposed to know HIM!!!AngryOuchLOL).and the doctor asks whether he should check bua's BP?? Khushi tells that it HER BP that needs to be checked...she then starts a 'Dukhbhari Daastan' boring the doctor..and finally tells him that she needs to come here to take care of Buaji who is alone, but her pati parmeshwara is not letting her so she has to make all kind of excuses...
the Doc agrees and gives her a 'timepass' prescription and tells her that he wont tell her LaadGovernor Pati ( I tell you, the professionals are going to go for a Morcha against these CVs someday...first they show that Snake as a Lawyer, they show the doc giving time pass prescriptionsDead)
he tells her not to give it to ASR...and leaves...ASR questions him what happened to buaji and the doc gives some vague reasons...
Khushi tries to leave after the doc for buying meds...ASR snatches the prescription and says that he will goEmbarrassed

They fight about who will bring the medicine...The bigada Nawab (ASR) takes away the prescription and khushi is  jumping to snatch it from him..he catches her by the waist and brings her nearBlushing and then asks her whether she wants the prescription and she says yes...and he tells her that she knows what she needs to do ..and brings his face near hers, with a deadly intent know na??? to kiss her...

She is all conscious and is totally mesmerized..but in the end she snatches the prescription and says that he has lost the bet and turns away...he just smiles and says that may be ,..but them why is she all out of breath (Oyeee...dimaag ki batti jali finally...itney dino se kya ho gaya tha tere kaano ko !!.) and we again hear the dhak dhak going...He looks on and then leaves...
But turns back and gives her a side hug and a kiss on the cheek and says that he NEVER loses *haye haye**hyperventilates* *thud* *faint* *arrey abhi updating baaki hai..somebody chhhidko some water on me*

Anji the akal se ganji reaches home and Maami feels that she was talking to someone and asks her...Anji the akal se ganji immediately puts the phone to her ear and starts talking and immediately thephone rings (HAHAHAHAHA ...Khushi ka worst timing uski SIL ko pass on ho gaya...)
Maami gets suspicious but doesnot say anything ...and takes her inside...
On the other side Khushi is still under the effect of that kiss (And  I dont blame her..we sitting in our room across kilometers are feeling the shock...toh uss bechari ke toh kya haal current laga na useey tohEmbarrassed)

Buaji drinking tea with Khushi and says that she had a strange dream where someone was telling a very sad tale and Khushi is almost about to drop the tea when the Landlord calls to tell her that the rent has been paid, and she fumes and puts down the phone but before she could react the door bell rings..and in saunters her patiparmeshwara...

Buaji is so happy to see him and gets all shy why and welcomes himBlushing(I love buaji lifting and lowering her eyelashes and telling him to come in...she is such a fab actress!!)
He comes in and says that he is disturbed as he heard as sad story and starts narrating the sad tale that Khushi had narrated to the doctor...Khushi tries to stop him but he goes on and on ...looking at her accusingly...and finally tells bua that her nieces husband must be a tyrant too...((Uski Bhatiji ka pati bhi bohot bura aadmi hoga ...Oh I love this statement...ASR is actually incriminating himself...and looking accusingly towards if feeling terribly hurt that she considers her to be this bad!!)

Khushi finally manages to stop him and drags him inside ...he closes the door and starts angrily that how could she do it...but she being KKGSR...launches on him...and actually corners him at the doorLOL asking him why did he pay her rent...and he gets all conscious and actually fumbles...she tells him that she doesnot want any favours from him...and this gets him mad...he inturn presses her towards the door and tells him that it is his concern as she is his WIFE and this house is his concern...



After Such  a long time I did an update of such a GOOD episodeEmbarrassedParty

Precap: Naani reminds him that it is six months of his marriage and he realizes that the contract is over

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First to comment yay thanks for written update lOve it!

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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ThanuAditya IF-Sizzlerz

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waiting yaar

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waiting eagerly...

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-GayabCat- IF-Stunnerz

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thanks in adv 

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illuminated. IF-Stunnerz

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Waittinggg. Take your time. Wink


AMAZINGGG episode. And fantastic update!! ClapClapClap

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paru_rox IF-Rockerz

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Chatpati Srush aayi wapas,
le kar Kaafiye ka pitara
Yeh kaise hua hum poochein,
kya chamka hai kismat ka sitara LOL

Updating Soon !!!


Srushti ji is happy & that makes us happy coz she gives "garden-garden" wala update after such a long time LOL

Me out of time bey but am sure that your #%#W%W reached the CV's ears & we can expect better Wed episodes from now on Wink

calls the poor 24x7 'Aapki Kheedmat mein' Aman and asks whether he found anything about the landlord (I actually feel for Aman...I would have told my boss...YOUR wife, YOUR sasural, YOUR sasural's rent and YOUR Sasural's  landlord, how the hell am I supposed to know HIM!!!AngryOuchLOL)
I really want to know Aman's designation yaar ... want to know what designation gives him the Job profile that he has *the HR wali in me jagofies LOL *

They fight about who will bring the medicine...The bigada Nawab (ASR) takes away the prescription and khushi is  jumping to snatch it from him..he catches her by the waist and brings her nearBlushing and then asks her whether she wants the prescription and she says yes...and he tells her that she knows what she needs to do ..and brings his face near hers, with a deadly intent know na??? to kiss her...
I DEMAND to know why the above is in bold & underlined bey LOL ... kya aap sab isi ka wait kartein hain ki kab Arnav ji apni biwi ko french kiss karenge Tongue ... kyunki let me tell you -- we do not go beyond cheek kisses Ouch

Chatpati Srush , i know short update this time but me totally loves you bey Heart ... Never doubt that Hug HugHugHugHugHug

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