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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

TD - 2 May’05 Complete Update and my take

swathi Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 10:11pm | IP Logged

Tumhari Disha : 2nd May '05 Episode Update and My take

Ok people, 1st things 1st...I have already clarified in the promo thread anyways here it is once again. In the promo DK and Disha are not talking with each other rather they were thinking aloud to themselves. My comments in italics within the update. 



I have reproduced twine's update below for continuity sake. Thanks twine.

i just saw the first few minutes of td, update of which i am giving here:

Disha is sitting in  her room ,she is sad thinking of sumitra who doesn't recognise her and how she asked disha to go back to her house,

Disha comes out of her room ,from behind pari calls her name  "disha", disha looks back .

pari:at last the day has come for you to leave the house , and here is a gift for you .

disha is irritated she opens the cover ,where a album of pari's snaps with western outfits are there.

pari:since dk and vedanth are having traditonal values so from now on i have to stick to descent dresses ! since disha your r leaving the house you can take this some how you have done a lot of favours to me ,whenever you remember me you can see this photos.

disha is about to leave the place but returns back and tells pari in my absence you remember not to create problems in this house if you do then i will not keep quite ,i will send u to  the place where gargi is there, so this pics will be usefull for u ,u better preserve them............

SUDENLY:lady constanble throws pari on to the prison where a gargi is kept , after the jail door is closed gargi comes to pari with a rope in her hand to strangulte her pari shouts save,save........

Pari realises it was just a bad dreamLOL


suhas is cleaning the room, disha comes there suhas hugs her and tells that she is happy to see disha back but disha says she hasn't yet left dk's house ,still sumitra's condition hasn't improved and so she needs her attention even dk needs.

suhas:pari dk's wife is there to look after them ,disha this is your weakness you always think of the whole world in turn you don't get anything,disha is sad disha and says i will leave dk's house tomorrow only, i will shift my things here suhas asks her to promise that she will not change hert decision ,disha promises.suhas says that she is going to ranu's place to give her pickles so on the way she will drop disha to her house .

azuba comes there he is happy to see disha he tells that he wants to see disha's face atleast weekly one's before disha replies suhas just makes her eyes indicating no tell him anything .from the nextroom some sound is heard so all the three go there.-

it is gauthum who is throwing all the gifts sent from the girl's side on the floor sukanya annd anil are trying to calm him down.

gauthum:i have told u that i am not interested in this marriage but still u people r bringin these things.he goes to disha and tells her i need your elp i can no more fight alone ,he leaves the place .

sukanya goes wild and shouts at disha first you were a problem to your family and now you are becoming a  "grahan" to my family"

disha is upset she is above to give a back- answer suhas stops her and asks disha to go and keep the things in the car.

(that's all i saw, next scene was dk's house,if i see the repeat i will complete the update)

I continue with the next part:

In the car Dish thinks that she is caught up nowhere. She does not know whether she should be true to her birth parents, the people who brought her up or her house after marriage. None of them are her house. Bhonsle house is Aai's house while Kanaka is DK's house. and she continues in this mode of thinking.

Pori is in Sum's room and Pori's masima is braiding Sum's hair. Pori claims that masima was the one who took care of Sum completely. Pori also mentions that she also took care of Sum and that DK had lots of bad habits (she mentions drinking) before but now thanks to Pori he has improved a lot. Sum is startled. Just then she notices DK outside the room. DK has this sarcastic cum 'what to do with this girl' kind of a look. He moves away. He (DK) calls out to Pori and tells her clearly that only Dish is Mrs Sehgal and his wife and asks Pori to control her toungue. Pori begins her natak as usual and mentions that Sum thinks that she is DK's wife, Porinita Ganguly ok Porinita Sehgal. and DK asks her to cut out the drama. Pori then tells DK that Dish has left the house and DK is shocked. He is not able to believe her. He kind of speaks with himself that Dish has left this house and did not even tell me and go. He becomes kind of agitated. (for a moment I thought that DK will once again misunderstand Dish but nothing of that sort happened) Pori continues her talk on this. Their voices get raised and Sum comes over. Pori says that DK is shouting at me, is angry with me. DK has a 'please be silent' look on his face. Finally Pori changes mode and says that DK wants me to go to a film but how can I leave u alone and go Sum. Sum says that she will be ok. Sum also mentions that she has arranged some 'havan' the next day and both of them shud sit 2gether for the havan. and if they have to go out they should do it 2day. Sum leaves the place. Pori then irritates DK and wants him to go to a movie ('Kaal' as she mentioned Shahrukh khan dance item). Just then Ved comes over there and Pori makes a escape from that place. Ved tells DK that he will take care of Pori.

In Rano's house Rano, Dish and Anupam are eating what Dish has got. Dish tastes some pickle and says 'ouch, it is so ...'. Anupam says that it has to be eaten with something (I gave a miss in this scene, Did not concentrate). Then Inder comes. Inder also tastes the pickle and makes the same dialogue as Dish made. Rano remarks that Dish and Inder's tastes are the same. Dish , Inder and Anupam exchange uncomfortable glances. Dish decides to leave for home and Inder comes to drop her till the car. They talk for some time (sorry here also I did not concentrate) but the gist was that Rano should never know their previous relationship.

DK and Ved are talking with each other. DK mentions to Ved that now they should join hands 2gether and should never allow any 3rd person to create misunderstandings between them. They continue with more of this talk when Ved mentions that DK is talking just like Dish. DK with pride mentions that Dish has brought a good change over him and Dish is too good and he can never be like Dish and goes on for some more time (basically DK was praising Dish).

Dish comes back home and faces DK. DK tells her that he was worried sick abt her and asks her where she had been. Dish replies back as to why he was so worried and she had just been to Aai's house and Rano's house. DK mentions that the whole day he wanted to call her up but did not want to as he knew that Aai was very angry with him. DK tells Dish that he understands her situation and is waiting for an opportune moment when he can break the news to Sum. Until then she has to bear with him.  DK also tells that Dish should never leave this house (he used the word 'Hamara ghar' here. I kind of thought  that it relates to Dish's feelings while coming in the car that none of the houses are hers actually and here DK mentions that it is his and her house) . Dish tells DK that its night and he should sleep now. Wishes him good night. Dish thinks to herself. Remembers the promise made to Aai that she will leave Kanaka house and resolves to herself that she will leave kanaka house 2morrow. Episode ends on her face.


There was this one scene in today's episode. When Suhas speaks with Dish, Dish mentions that everyone needs her and she makes a statement 'Unhe bhi meri zaroorat hai'. (Translation: he/she (with a note of respect) also needs me). Suhas looks at her with surprise and Dish says that actually Sum needs me. Generally wife addresses husband as 'Unhe' sometimes. Somehow this one thing is lingering in my mind. Maybe it just reiterates the fact that DIsh considers DK as her husband.

Episode was so so. The usual things happened. One good thing was DK did not cry in thie episode. He is back to emoting with his eyes. Looks like they will show more of Gautam in the coming episodes. Acting wise it was a OK day for all.

I was not concentrating on TD as I was doing some other house work. So I have not mentioned all the dialogues in this update. So please bear with me.


    Bangles ?? Will Dish finally leave Kanaka house ?
  • Will DK sit with Pori for the havan ?

I posted it as a separate topic (and not as a reply to twine's post) so that it is easy for members to find the update. Thanks to twine for the part update. Please do provide ur comments.


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lalgulab Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the wonderful update, Swathi (& Twine) Big smile

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Jaslove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 10:25pm | IP Logged

omg disha should stay back.

hopw 2morrws episode is a real damaka.

thks swati and twine Clap

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by swathi

Episode was so so. The usual things happened. One good thing was DK did not cry in thie episode. He is back to emoting with his eyes. Looks like they will show more of Gautam in the coming episodes. Acting wise it was a OK day for all.

LOL Swathi....I really liked the way you have commented on DK......that he did not cry today..........I found it very cute & humorous!

Dunno why, but TD has made a dynamic character like DK into a Weeping Willow..............DK was one of the strongest, sexiest, awe-inspiring character across all the soaps, and now he is just one of the others...........I remember reading about DK in the earlier episodes, when he was this lean-mean, evil guy.....and seriously, he used to sound so, so desirable!

Wonder why the Producers of TD did this to him? Such a fine actor & such a remarkable character............its pretty sad!

BTW, a great update. U guys should get a pat on the back from the makers of TD for continuting to write such excellent updates, inspite of the fact that TD has completely lost steam and has gone totally awry!

No wonder, I dont't see Lata and DKaddict here anymore and yeah, Disha77 seems to have completely abandoned the shipCry This is what happens to a perfectly good serial, when the Producers kick the story out of the window and decide to concentrate on the TRP's...........

Do u guys think, there is any chance of a salvation for TD? Will it regain its lost glory? Will DK again warm the cockels of our Heart? Will Disha finally stop projecting herself as a Matyr and behave like a normal woman?


PS : Swati, think about ''Jumping the Gun'' thing, your expertise is so required and desired! TD Forum has some of the best talents across all the others and I still go back to the old posts and read and re-read them to get inspiration for my Updates!

memsaab IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:04pm | IP Logged

I hope in this havan only husband and wife sit together and Vedant would do something so that Pori is off DK's back.. maybe he would PATAU pori... gosh.. I was thinking of doing the TD in pictures till end but if the story goes RING A RING A ROSES.. then probably I'll have to have my clones made since now I'm participating actively in Sindoor forum also


.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:12pm | IP Logged

Clap to swathi and twinkle for their fab updates. Eh you know what for us for 3 days there are no programs in zee after 3.00 pm only the damn cricket match being played in Abu Dhabi Angry. I cannot watch TD ya , else yest. I would have surely preferred watching TD to KYPH since KYPH was more like a saturday entertainment program Ouch. Now we will be lagging behind in TD for 2-3 episodes almost and even if I want to, I will not be able to update TD CryCry. and no chances of promotion too now for me WinkEmbarrassed. just kidding. But seriously sab mehnath gaya paani mein Confused .

Chilly my love yeah I switch channels to watch TD and KYPH but looking at both the serials now I will have to take Star Plus maybe to see what will be aired at the same time Tongueand if it is worth watching. Since now both TD and KYPH are Thumbs Down at the moment , no gr8 shakes. But yeah my affections are still with TD and DK at the moment LOL

Anyways thanks for the updates once again. Have a nice day all.

Love LataLOL


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jingle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
to take Star Plus maybe to see what will be aired at the same time Tongueand if it is worth watching. Since now both TD and KYPH are Thumbs Down at the moment , no gr8 shakes. But yeah my affections are still with TD and DK at the moment LOL


thanks for the update i was desperately waiting for it after eading the promo .Clap

i feel the promo was just a collection the past scenes and dialogues in tdConfused

hey lata what star plus!!!!!!!!!!! some nonsense "dekho magar pyar sae" is aired at 8pm in star plus it is a total bakwas ,trust me you will be wasting your moneyLOL

Mamta_ Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:53pm | IP Logged

tx Swathi & Twinecool..........

am awaiting 2 c what role ved plays in helping dish/dk get back 2gether...........Wink



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