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Hitler Didi 24th July written Update

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
Hitler Didi 24th July 2012 Written Update

A professional: (standing near Sharma Nivas looking at his watch around midnight) Now 4 days have passed and Hitler didi didn't realise her dreams also. If anyone was in her place, they would have gone down, But she is strong and is willing to cope up with difficulties. Now let's see what happens.

He moves away and Mandira comes in and tiptoes into Sharma
Nivas and into her room. Once in her room, she closes the door and blurts out that she has been saved and others have dozed off. She starts to sing the anarkali disco chali. At one point, she forgets the line and tries to recollect the lyrics. Indira enters her room blurting out the forgotten lyrics.
Indira: So you had forgotten these words.
Mandira: (surprised) didi, you haven't gone to sleep. (Indira remains quiet lowering her head). Actually, today was the last exam and hence I had been to a movie with friends. That is why I came late. Sorry.
Indira: (fondling Mandira's hair) how was your exams.
Mandira: (brightening up) it was good. I had worked so hard that I will not only pass but will get good marks also.
Indira: (sternly) ok, Now everyone has come to know about your hard work. (she drags her to the living room and turns on the TV. Mandira is baffled. The news about question papers leak and Mandira pictures are shown. Mandira freezes on spot watching the pictures.
Indira: (going agitated she slaps Mandira ) so this was your hard work? (Indira pulls Mandira's hand and twist it behind her back.) You people have played a joke on me. No one in this house has realized their responsibility. You think my dream is all about a joke. Why? (harshly slapping Mandira). One person is sitting idle at home and another one has locked up his shop and third you go in crooked way of in getting thing done. (Indira continues to slap her ruthlessly while Mandira protests). Now what should I do with you people. (She twists Mandira hands again. Rishi and Sharma family members arrive and interfere in the fight.)
Rishi: (comes in front of Indira to console her) hey what are you doing?
Indira: (still agitated, trying to move away from Rishi) you don't come in between us. I will not spare her . (She tries to reach out for Mandira but Rishi receives a slap from Indira unexpectedly. Indira stops and stares at him going remorse.)
Rishi: (trying to calm her) Now stop it. This is enough or else I too will get some of them. (Indira blurts out sorry, he takes a breath) now see, whatever has happened has happened. Mandira has committed a mistake but now your beatings will not solve any problems. Now we need to think of something to bring Mandira out of this mess or else her future will be ruined.
Indira: (frustrated) there is nothing to think about her now. Now it is time for her marriage and please find a groom for her. (Others appear stunned)
Mandira: (determinedly) no way. My wedding will not happen. You always make a decision on our lives and pressurise us a lot. It is due to your autocratic behaviour I need to take this path. In addition to this, the greed of the house too made me think in those terms. She had promised to hand over the house in my name if I pass the exams.
The Sharma family members look at her in astonishment.
Munna: the house in your name.
Indar: no way.
Mandira: (looking at everyone's reaction) oh ok, she allured you people with this one also.
Indira goes wild and charges at Mandira. Rishi pulls her back pacifying her.
Mandira: (frustrated) Rishi, do not stop her. We are used to her beatings. Anyway, she is our blood relation. Now, you can get me married after choosing a person for me. I will be very happy.
Rishi: Stop talking nonsense. Do you know what you said just now?
Mandira: Yes, I already made my decision and the rest is upto you. (She walks away crying. Kutumb and Sunaina go after her.)
Rishi: (to Indira) now please relax and do not take too much stress. Now you need to care about chiku. The stress will fall on this baby. Please take care.
Indira walks away quietly.
Munna: Now I have been cheated and pray to god to take away the pain in me. (Indira by staircase turn around to glance at Rishi)
Indar: I too cannot believe that I too have been cheated.
Indira walks out of to the courtyard and up the stair in distress while the music "Abhi mujh mein kahi" plays in the background. Meanwhile, Rishi is listening to the woes of Munna and Indar as they discuss that Indira has taken advantage of their innocence and cheated them.
Rishi: (suddenly becomes agitated and lambasts). What are you innocent? it is not Indira who has cheated you. But we are the ones who are cheating her now. She is going to be a mother soon and we are still lazy, unemployed and useless.(to Munna) You call yourself innocent. How long can she take on the responsibility of the family? How will she manage it after she has a baby? And you people are forcing her to take on the responsibilities which is not hers. I too belong to your category. However, Indira has done this because you people can only understand the language of greed and nothing else. I am done with all this now and will leave. (He walks away leaving Munna and Indar in baffled state)

Indira takes her pills in her room and Rishi walks in towards the bed and stares at her silently.
Indira: I know very well that I should not have been ruthless to Mandira. Now do not give me any lectures. (She walks towards the window and he follows her) However, her idea is not bad. You need to re marry. I do not have trust in myself. Perhaps you will be happy after you remarry.
Rishi: What is wrong with you? Why are you behaving like this?
Indira: (frustrated) because I am going to die, Rishi (they stare at each other in stunned silence)
Rishi: (burst out laughing) Oh come on, you always blurt out something in anger. Ours relationship goes on for generations. (Puts his arms around her)
Indira: Rishi, why don't you come out of your romantic novels talks (Rishi smirks and shake his head). What if anything happens to me in future?
Rishi: why are you thinking in this way? Have good thoughts in you. When Rk is alive, nothing will happen to you. He will take good care of you (Fondles her chin) However, in case, death eyes you. (Smile) My god, I will remove it eyes and kick it away as if it is a football. Now smile. (Indira winces) please smile and think of good things.
Indira: (moves away ) what good things can I think of? A brother who has fractured his hand. A sister who has ruined her career life and the parents who nearly went to jail and the shop is locked. In addition, a husband who is still unemployed. What good thoughts can I have? If anything happens to me what will you do?
Rishi: (putting his arms on her) nothing will happen to you. Why are you thinking negative all the time? Just remove you anger and frustration, as it will have an impact on our baby.
Indira: try to understand.
Munna: (walks in with others) we do care about you. (He forces her to sit on bed and goes to his knees) You know you have mistaken us. We all are donkeys both men and women (to kutumb and Sunaina surprise). See Indira, You are going to have your first child, we don't want to create tension in you and you too needn't take much tension about us.
Indar :( agrees and goes towards her as rishi moves away) I have not been a good father but I will not do any injustice to you. However, give us some time and we will definitely do something.
Each member pacifies her saying that she need not need to worry about them all and they can take care of her and themselves. Sunaina adds that she has given birth to 2 kids and Kutumb to 4 kids. Indira smiles silently as others laugh.
Rishi: Shrimatiji, this is cheating. When I was trying to convince you, you were not convinced but now you are convinced.
Munna: this is because Indira understands the language of donkeys and not horses like yours (everyone laughs)
Indira: (smiles and thinks) now I want to live my life.

Day 5
Indira consults the doctor and request him if she can live a bit longer if she undergoes chemotherapy session. The doctor replies yes, but there is no guarantee. Indira goes thoughtful and tells him to think of something to increase the days of life. She tells him that she had plans for 30 days and then the 5 days went away in waste. Now she wants to live for some more days to make up these 5 days, as I need to earn a lot of money in these less days. The doctor appreciates her sacrifice saying that she is willing to do anything for family despite being closer to death. Indira tells him that she has been taking up responsibilities since young age. The doctor suggests her that they will start chemotherapy session from next day. Indira asks him if it is expensive. He admits it and tells her to think about it.

Rishi and Sharma family members are seated at dining table. Rishi takes all the rotis in his plate and has it himself after telling others to prepare more food or get it from outside. The others are amazed. Rishi blurts out that he is taking vrat on Indira. He goes on to explain to them that Indira keeps talking about death and hence he has decided to take on the vrat. If a wife can take the vrat to gain long life for her husband so, why can't he do it for his wife? He fascinates Sunaina and Kutumb, as he loves Indira a lot. Later, the women in turn chide their husbands that they do not care about their wives. They compel their respective husbands to take on the vrat and the husbands reluctantly agree. Rishi explain to them that he has gone through seven pheres with Indira and hence he has to do it.

Indira is remarrying Rishi to another girl blurting out that now she can die happily as he will not be alone and is seen smiling with satisfaction after the wedding rituals take place. Indira wakes up to see Rishi lying beside her on bed. He takes her hand and tells her not to talk about death anymore and he is willing to do anything for them to be together. She tells him to remarry a girl of his choice. Rishi is stunned by her words.

Precap: Indira is waiting for her chemotherapy session and one nurse tells another nurse that a NRI patient in City Hospital needs a kidney transplant and the donor will be rewarded with good money. Indira decides to donate her kidney to get some money. The doctor appreciates her attitude.

written By Minky

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Thanks a tone for the written update minky,...it was my responsibility to write but because of certain things ...i wasn't able to write...thought of writing it now...but saw such a beautifully written update...thanks a tone for it dear...Smile you surely did a priceless job . Heart

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Thank you so much meenatri for this WUBig smile

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Hey Great job Big smile

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no words to say ur excellent written update, feeling as if i had watched  the show. thanks a lotThumbs Up

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Thanks for d update...felt like in watching HD again...loved d episode Embarrassed

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 Thank you allSmile. I usually do Written Updates for Hitler Didi site in Face book also.
 Today, did not notice any WU here and hence posted the same here. Nice to meet you people ..

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