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::~Parichay Times Issue # 3 ~::

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Hi Friends ..

Welcome to Third issue of Parichay Times ..

Issue # 3

By -sahasra-

Though there were some good dialogues amidst the 2weeks crap fest,I didn't find any dialogues worth to be The Dialogue of the week.So I have selected Kunal's dialogue to Thakral after loosing the court case from June 27th epi as The Dialogue of this week because this particular ThaNal scene was very nice but this epi couldn't be covered  in last issue n this issue of NL.

This particular dialogue reminds me of the dialogue in Baazigar movie

"Kabhi Kabhi Kuch Jeetne Ke Liya Kuch Haar Na Parta Hai, Aur Haar Ke Jeetne Wale Ko Baazigar Kehte Hain"

I guess this perfectly suits Kunal's situation.He won his pregnant wife's freedom n made sure that she isClap in safe hands of his family.He's definitely Baazigar Wink who won against Thakral  in spite of loosing the case.

27th June


"Thakral saab aapke bete ko shaanti mile ya naa mile..lekin aapne khushiyaan manana shuru kardiya.magar aap jeete nahi Thakral saab kyunki hua wahi jo mein chahta tha.haaa case aap jeet gaye lekin mein haara nahi hu kyunki jise mujhe bachana tha na usko meine bachaliya."

"unhe kya milega ya mujhe kya mila hai yeh tum nahi samajh paoge Thakral.Tum sirf yeh socho ki yeh case jeet kar bhi tum paaya hi kya?Jisko tum apne bete ke muzrim samjha tha usko toh meine bachaliya.haa tujhe shabashi milegi,wah wah bhi milegi lekin mujhe iss baat ki tasalli milegi ki mere patni mere ghar mein hai,mere parivaar ki saath.haa tumhe professional jeet milegi, mujhe personal jeet milegi aur haan kaunsi jeet badi hai yeh toh nazariyonpe depend karta hai.Jab tum jeet ka jashn manarahe hogi na ek baar sochna ki tumhare bete ki aatma ko shaanti milegi ya nahi."ClapThumbs Up

Among all the dialogues in this fortnight epis I liked the following dialogue of Kunal-Vikram.This dialogue of Kunal conveys various emotions he's going through-His concern for his wife n child,his helplessness,warning Vikram about Thakrals n requesting him to take care of his wife.

July 9th:


"Important nahi khatarnak.dekh Vikram Rohit-Thakral..yeh kuch bhi karsakte hai,samjha.Tujhe hamesha Siddhi ki hifaasat karni hogi,hamesha uski saat rehna hai,kyunki yeh JKR ban ne ke chakkar mein kayi baar bhool jaati hai ki woh maa bannewali hai.Agar Siddhiko kuch hogaya na toh mera yahan aana aur zinda rehna...dono bekaar hojaayega.kaash mein bahar hota ,ab jobhi karna hai tujhe karna hai."

Though SiNal are putting a brave front before each other ,the following self dialogues show how much they are missing each other n want to be in each others arms.

July 11th:

Kunal:Tumhare liye tumse door toh chala gaya par tumhare bina ab reh nahi jaata,kaash yeh dooriyan khatam hojaye aur mein tumhare paas chala aau.

Siddhi:Aapke aane ki ummeed mein meri bechaini aur bhi badti jaarahi hai,pehle din nahi kat tha tha,aur ab waqt nahi kat tha,iss photose nikalkar aap mere saamne kab rahoge.

Kunal's dialogue to Richa when she visits him in jail was awesomeClap.Hope Kunal or should I say cvs remember this before thinking about  showing misunderstanding leading to SiNal separation that too due to Richa's stupid plan in future.

July 2nd:

Kunal to Richa:

"Bas karo yeh naatak,Mujhe tumhari hamdardi,tumhari madad,ya tumhari ehsaan ki bilkul bhi zaroorat nahi hai.Iss se achha toh yeh hoga ki mein zindagi bhar yahi rahu,iss jail mein.."

"Jaanta hu..lekin Siddhi ke wajahse nahi Siddhi keliye...bohut farak hai iss mein.Tum nahi samjhogi aur samajhne ki koshish bhi mat karna,Mein toh Siddhi keliye yeh duniya bhi chod du"

"Band karo yeh bakwas,Mein Siddhi ke khilaaf ek shabd bhi nahi sun na chahta hu,samjhi tum.Siddhi mere baare mein kya sochti hai,kya mehsoos karti hai mujhe tumse jaanne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.Mein achhi tarah jaanta hu "

July 3rd:

Veena to sleeping Siddhi:

"Jin aankhon mein pati ke intezaar ho,toh neend kahan se aayegi,par mein hoon na,jab tak Kunal wapis nahi aajata mein tujhe kamzor nahi padne doongi Siddhi."

July 10th:

Thakral to Siddhi:

"Haa mein Kunalse apni dushmani nibhayi,uss se case jeetkar mein bohut khush bhi hua tha.mein jaanta tha ki aisa karnese mera beta mujhe wapis nahi milega.par agar Rohit ke aanese Kunal wapis chod sakta hai toh koi baat nahi.Mein agar Kunalse case haaru toh koi baat nahi,mein zindagi bhar Kunalse case haarne keliye tayyar hu sirf apne betese milne keliye.Ek baar Rohitko mere saamne le aao,batado plz batado"

July 12th:

Rohit to Siddhi:

"Tumhare iss tappad aur gusse se saaf saaf lagraha hai  jo dard meine tumhe diya tha woh mein achhese feel karsakta hu."

"pyaa ki tarah nafrat bhi andhi hoti hai,woh apnon ko nahi doosron ko takleef deti hai.Mein yahi chahta tha-Kunal ki haar,uski majboori,uski tadap,usey jitna tadapte hue dekhoonga na mujhe utna sukoon milega"

"Tumne mujhe dhoond toh liya lekin yeh kaise sochliya ki tum mere paas aaogi aur bologi chalo meri saath aur chaldoonga.Maan na padega You are such a brave &smart girl,lekin tumhari hoshiyari aur braveness yaha nahi chalegi.Mein tumhare saath aanewale nahi hu kyunki mera plan doosron ke saamne marne ka tha zinda rehne ka nahi"


"Tumhare sukoon ke umar na tumhare jhoot ki tarah chota hai,isiliye aaj yahan meri saamne aakar khatam hogayi"

"Kuch plans zindagi khud tai karti hai jise hume maan na hi hota,kiske taqdeer mein kya likhna hai woh khud tai karte hai,jaise tumhare taqdeer mein likha hai jail jaana aur Kunal ke taqdeer mein apne family ke saath rehna"


"Tum humse zyaada apne raaste pe dhyaan rakho kyunki hum toh ghar pahunch hi jaayenge,tum kahi aur mat pahunch jaana"LOL


"Tum meri bahu nahi bansaka shayad isiliye Kunal aaj musibat mein hai lekin jo meri bahu hai woh usko uss musibatse zaroor bahar nikal layegi,Ek baat aur bahu ban na toh door iss janam mein agar ek achhi insaan bansake toh wohi shayad bohut hai"Clap

By poshah

Siddhi seeing Rohit Alive

If we recap the past two NL issues, we had the first shocking moment, where Richa had made her so called promise of keeping Siddhi/Kunal together, infact it appeared that she would soon start praying to God keep them together. And it started with the brilliant plan made by Richa/Rohit to trap Kunal/Siddhi.

As time went by, the audience came to know that Rohit is infact alive, there was no accident and there was no murder. But our hero and heroine of drama were still not aware that the villain who they thought they had bumped off is sleeping peacefully not in the grave but in his bedroom. 

So, yes the shocking moment for this fortnight is Siddhi coming face to face with Rohit. The one person whose death had turned her life upside down was hale and hearty and not dead. A lot of people had come under the law's eyes as being suspects, right from Siddhi, to Kunal to Vikram. 

Siddhi would have never imagined that the one murder/accident case which had put her in dilemma over choosing between Vikram/Kunal would turn this way. She couldn't have imagined that someone can go to such an extent to take revenge that they stage their own death drama even if means giving pain to their own parents. It is true, that one can either make one's victory as their goal and one can make others defeat as their goal.
Rohit/Richa have only one goal, to defeat Siddhi/Kunal, if only they had put in that effort in their own victory, their lives could have been different.

By tanyashrivastav

 1 ) Kunal's  absence from the show

The last two weeks in the show have been completely disappointing and a major let down much that most of us have even giving up watching the show temporarily .. and the biggest disappointment obviously is kunal 's absence from the show ..,in the last two weeks we have hardly got to see him ..the entire focus has shifted away from him and he has been side lined real badly and has been reduced to a negligible character   in what is supposed to be his OWN show '.much to everyone's dismay ..

ideally it should have been kunal doing all the investigations and finding out about the mystery of what exactly happened on the night of the accident ..but sadly he hardly has any role to play in this track now ..he has been turned into a  loser , a man who is always at his wife's mercy to prove him innocent and get him acquitted from all the charges ..this samething happened in the previous court case track also and is continuing even now ..Parichay was originally a male centric show ..but that now seems to be a distant past the main character ,kunal chopra , the male lead of the show is only missing and totally out of focus ..since the last two weeks  we haven't got to see much of him..barring a few minutes 'this indeed a matter of shame as well as pity ..


2) Siddhi being potrayed as a highly dumb lawyer

The way siddhi is being potrayed currently is also a big disappointment ..she is being potrayed as a such a dumb lawyer 'who is not using her brains ..all she does these days is slap people randomly and only warn the thakraals about how she is going to get her husband out of jail ..but in reality she has not been able to do anything substantial in the case so far ..and  what is more ridiculous is cvs show her running around so much ,even jumping from the first floor ,and she is doing all this inspite of being even least bothered about herself or her baby .Every time she needs to be reminded by either kunal or the other chopras that she is pregnant ..jumping from the first floor was indeed too much to digest ..yet she escaped fully unhurt without even a single scar and with her baby fully safe and secure ..its really frustrating to see siddhi being turned into a complete superwoman in the name of naari shakti ..would have loved to see such an intelligent Siddhi ..whose shown dealing with the case sensibly ..and what is even more irritating is  her habit of going anywhere without informing the concerned people still continues ..really hated the way how she landed herself in trouble in the red light area ..where as she should have informed vikram about everything ..

By vidhisalot

So as everyone know kunal was hardly hardly shown in last two weeks so i was disappointed..anyways

Whatever siddhi told to Kunal,whether it is Vikram being @ fault or Rohit being alive Kunal believed his wife..which i liked it very much...also Vikram came to meet Kunal in jail n Kunal expressing his feelings for said mere yaha anne ki wajah aur zinda rehne ki wajah koi mahine nai rakhti agar siddhi mere sath na ho...
This guys is madly deeply crazily in love with his wife...
It was so hurting to see Kunal in jail

Also Veena came to meet the way he calmly handled it..he told to have faith in Siddhi...

Liked Kunal that he didnt panic much was juz calm n cool

Rohit was too good ...liked him...Karam did a fab job...his sense of humour his talks with his sis Richa...hw well he knws Siddhi n her next steps...changing the tables round...

Also Vikram was also good...he got a slap in front of a huge crowd but then too he accepted it in a good manner n also helped Siddhi in searching the truth...

Raveena was also too good with her confrontation with Siddhi...n Seema is always good..

In all it was a rocking performance by them..
But @ the end for me Kunal steals the show..

By Deblina

My story hilarious moment title:

"Tumhara mere diary se kaisa hai yeh dushmani purana.."

Siddhi misses Kunal  a lot and remembers a moment shared wid him..watching his shirt..

Kunal sitting with his legs crossed..

Kunal is writting diary..

Siddhi comes with a shirt she has bought for him and wants him to wear and requests him to wear"Kunal please ek baar try kijiye na  nehi shirt layi hu apke liye"

Kunal doesn't pay attention to the shirt and tells rudely with all his akkar and tells he wud not see only wearing it is  the next part.."Try karna toh dur dekhunga bhi nehi aur ha"and repies wid it making a rude face" ghurna band karo koi farak nehi parta mujhe "
Siddhi sees sharply and replies she also doesn't care what he tells and he wud wear this shirt and until he wears she wud not move from there( with a lot of confidence in her voice)"aur apki baaton ka bhi koi asar nehi parne wala jab tak ap yeh nehi pahenge main yaha se nehi hilungi"

Kunal sees with attitude..
"main itni pyar se leke ayi hu toh ap..sautan ke saat baithe hai she stops and talks wid herself silently in irritated mood.."

Kunal gets irritated and tells"oof!phir musibaat uhh!sirf black ke alawa kuch pasand nehi mereko"with a bold approach

Siddhi requests him and urges him to wear..
"ha ek baar try to kijiye"

Kunal finally agrees to wear but in 1 condition:
"dekho pehen raha hu magar pehne ke baad agar tum hasi na phir  mera gusaa janti ho tum"

Siddhi replies in certainty"main kya sab apka ghussa jante hai,Kunal tells "ha" putting some weight in his words!Siddhi continues"bilkul nehi hasungi jayiye aur pehen lijiye.."

Kunal with extra boisterous way tells""kya yeh..zebra ki tarah strips bana rakhi hai..
Siddhi forces him to go and wear the shirt and adds saying
"Acche lagte hai"

Kunal with akkar"humm acche lagte hai..yhuh!

Kunal wears the shirt and comes in front of her making a sound so she could see him as he wore the shirt..even he doesn't like..Siddhi turns back..

Siddhi comes in a cool mood"dekha kitna accha lagraha hai"

Kunal with a akkar feeling with folding his lines in forehead replies"sach bolrahi ho ya daar ke mare bol rahi ho..."

Siddhi in a phony way"sach bolne mein kaun sa daar"

Kunal with auspicious way tells lawyers don't tells lies right..
"ha wakil toh kabhi jhooot blte hi nehi hai"

Siddhi smiles,,,Kunal in still in a ticklish way stares at Siddhi..Siddhi appreciates that he wore the shirt and replies:

"waise thanks apne mera gift accept kiya "
Kunal interrupts"actually mujhe bolna chahiye woh tumne.." not so comfortable way..

Siddhi replies"waise apko thanks nehi kehna chahiye kyun ki jo apko kehni nehi ati use keh kyun rahe hai"

kunal with lines in his forehead in a spastic way
"tumhe bhi jo nehi kehna chahiye na woh nehi kehna chahiye..then in a curious way he her..

Siddhi replies in a confusive way "matlab"

Kunal replies"matlab diary.. sautan.."

Siddhi puts her eyes down, sees here and there replies in an uncomfortable voice tone..."apne suna tha.." in a shuck and jive mood..Kunal in a cocksure way tells he had heard everything..he sees everthing..replies"sab sunliya..sab dikhta hai sunai bhi deta hai.."and Kunal takes step towards her..

Siddhi  urges.."isliye ap normal insano se alag lagte ho alag dikhte ho.."
Kunal walks forward Siddhi runs Kunal after her...

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-sahasra- IF-Rockerz

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By SU0612

SiNal SceneEmbarrassed

I selected sinal scenes from 9th july episode where siddhi meet to kunal in jail n tell him about rohit that he is alive n now she can prove it that kunal  is innocent' I choose it because in this scene because this scene shows lots of feeling of SiNal for each other'their  worried about each other n for their  child' n their trust , love n fear of losing each other' n  the missing communication in sinal relationship also there'Embarrassed

So scene like---> siddhi tell kunal that rohit is alive but kunal still confused ' then siddhi says  to kunal to trust her .kunal replies that he trust her but rohit who can planed his own fake death to take revenge , that he would not sitting quite now ..this is not a case of truth n lie but it is matter of life n death. Thak rals can crossed their more then being happy he is tensed about rohit being alive n ask her  to be more careful now'Smile

SiNal hold each other handsEmbarrassed (BG Song- Abhi mujh mein), siddhi says nothing will happen to her n as long as his trust n the confidence which instilled by veena is there ..she will prove him innocent'Big smile


Other sceneBig smile

The other scene I selected it is from 2nd july when richa come to meet kunal in jail' n try to convince him that this all is siddhi plan but kunal  disagreed with her' I choose this scene because   as it indicated the future track of parichay. first trust and love of kunal for his wife, second richa's plans the dialogue where she tells about sidhi did all this, and where she tries to manipulate kunal... the next track will deal with this problem, will kunal trust sidhi or will he believes whatever richa says...Smile

So the scene like--->kunal comes to meet siddhi as constable said him to that he had visitor but when he saw richa he become angry n says  richa to go away from there. Richa says she was concerned about him n brings him out as she can't see him there.. kunal shouted her to stop all he acting n he desnt need her help, concern and favor' then richa says she want him to be free n spent the rest of his life with her' n says he is not in jail because of her..he is because of siddhi' then kunal corrects her that he is not becos "OF siddhi" but FOR Siddhi" n there is lots of difference b/w this'richa ask why he spoile his life for siddhi then kunal replies that he will leave this world for siddhi..then richa says this all siddhi plan n she take advantage of his feelings n emotions...Ouch

Then kunal shouted at her to stop all her acting and he cant take any word against siddhi n also said he  will very well knw siddhi's feeling toward him n no need to knw it from u(Richa).. she holds his hand n request him not to be so rude with her, he takes his hand way n leave from there'Smile


With kunal being in jail focus was shifted to siddhi and this week one of the scene was well emoted by was the scene where siddhi dreamt about kunal and suddenly woke up.when she realised that it was a dream the pain she felt was visible in her eyes..even though she didnt have to cry like she always does her expressions were enough to understand what she was going through...

By -Rani

The whacky scene of the this week is ' Although it was a tough competition for this title this time around as well, it made my job very difficult to choose one killing moment from so many such moments which were consist of Richa's evilness, Rohit's shrewdness, Vikram's incompetence, Raveena's selfishness, Kunal's absence; however, the kill moment award for this issue goes to Siddhi doing LONG JUMP to escape from the Red Light Area.

Okay, before I describe this scene, please be informed that this stunt was being performed by a 5 months old pregnant woman.  The scene starts with Siddhi breaking the solid iron rods with so much ease then taking a long jump from the window to the roof of the building and then finally rolling down from the roof top to the ground completely unharmed and unscratched let alone causing any harm to the baby. During these stunts, she surely seemed to be a trained and professional gymnast because her landing on the ground was a worthy of perfect ten even in Olympics. If there was any reality shown in this scene, I would have been able to digest it, but is it really that easy for a normal human being to pull out solid iron rods from a window? Is it really that easy for someone to fall from such height and still be unharmed? Is it really believable for a pregnant woman who is well into her 2nd trimester, to be 100% fine with such jumps and falls? I was hoping to see her put her hand on her belly to make sure her baby was okay, but she just touched her knee and walked away which was disappointing to see. Since this scene was way too illogical and unbelievable that I had to pick this scene as Whacking/Killing moment for this issue. 

By shweta_r

Blooper 1 - The Sunshine Hotel waiter calls Raveena saying hers was the last dialled number (on Rohit's phone) and he wanted to return the phone that he found in the hotel to its owner. However, when Siddhi gets that same phone, she finds that  the last called number is that of Vikram's... "Spooky Phone"!

Bloooper 2 - Siddhi finds Vikram's locket in Rohit's belongings left in the hotel room (which Rohit never came to take) but actually the locket fell when Rohit and Vikram were fighting in the rain outside. Wonder how the hotel staff knew to which guest the locket belonged!!!

Blooper 3 - Five month pregnant Siddhi is shown as breaking/removing the iron rods from the window and jumping one floor down to escape from the red-light area, still nothing happens to her.  God's own Child!!!

By -MariaMars-

 Didn't find anyone like style icon in the last week .. everything was so sad and disappointing.. No Style Icon for the week at all Ouch

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By -NaGs_BaBy-

Pics of Keerthi in NBT Sangeet!!!

By hima2012 with 32 replies and 1027 views


By Dew-drop

Best Siggie  of the Week 
Goes to --nIdHi-- 

12 Votes 

By Dew-drop

Avi of the Week 
Goes to --nIdHi-- 

11 Votes

By -Rani

Mera Ishq Sufiyana -Part-17 & 18 by Shumi

with 40 likes (part 17), and 45 likes (part 18)

By -Rani

Mann Jaage from the movie Bittoo Boss by awesumsonia

with 31 likes


Volunteers required for the following NL section:

Weekly Summary

Those who would like to volunteer PM me i.e -sahasra-

Scene of the Week(taken): roshani45

Edited by -sahasra- - 25 July 2012 at 1:55pm

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Important Links of the Week

Last Week Written & Video Updates
(18th July -24th July )

Richa rescues Rohit

Rohit dead!!!

Siddhi signs divorce papers

Siddhi rude towards Kunal,leaves him

Richa wins Round One!!!

Kindlyy discuss all news regarding Leap & CVs here ..
Save Parichay/Leaps discn here-Links added-VB Nt Pg-5

Editors Note

Hi Folks ..
Finally our 3rd issue out ... a big thanxx to all my reporters  4 doing such a fab job ..
& We have a new reporter 4 the Blooper section so plzz welcome her ..she is none other than shweta_r  ..
Welcome Shweta to the NL Team .Big smile. Hope u have a fab time noticing bloopers ..Wink
& then we also have Rani taking on another section as Naz couldn't be able to do it ..
Thanxx Rani for filling in at the last moment  ..
we appreciate it ..Embarrassed

Thanxx Big smile

Banners & Logo Credits :: Glimpz Creations

Edited by Dew-drop - 24 July 2012 at 1:23pm

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-RD- Moderator

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*claps hard* Super Super NL <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 n congrats to all the winners!

Edited by -RD- - 24 July 2012 at 1:32pm

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-Rani IF-Stunnerz

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Great job everyone and congratulations to all the winners. 

@Shabz - Np, happy to do the whack/kill moment. It's actually funSmile

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su369 IF-Sizzlerz

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parichay NL 3...Embarrassed great work by all... Clapn congrates to all winner... Claploved NL...Embarrassed like every section...Big smileTongueEmbarrassed

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Great going once again.. Kudos to the reporters and  Congrats to the winners ClapClap

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