Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Nautanki Times#4 Meri Future Girlfriend Ki Shaadi!

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Dimpy sitting all alone in the NT Office

Dimpy: Bol! Bol! Bol!! Bol! Bol!!

Shivu enters holding a whole bunch of papers...

Dimpy: Bol! Bol!! Bachchan!

Shivu keeps the things on the table and turns to Dimpy... who is standing on the sofa and dancing.

Dimpy: Sun Sun Bole Kya Bachchan!
Shivu: woaahh!! Dimpy???
Dimpy: Bol Bol Bol Bol Bol!!!
Shivu: DIMPY!!! chup!!! bilkul chup...
Dimpy: Day DreamingMaan!! where's he!

Shivu snaps fingers infront of her.

Shivu: Shut up!! otherwise... I am leavingAngry
Dimpy: ok...I am SORRY!!! I was just singing...!
Shivu: seen Bol Bachchan lately?
Dimpy: nope... actually RK made me sing that song...
Shivu: hai???Confused
Dimpy: you know what Bachchan means?
Shivu: yes of courseBig smile Amitabh and Abhishek BachchanBig smile
Dimpy: D'oh Bachchan toh they used in the movie... but actually the word is bachan which means to fool someone OR to pretend something which is not real...!
Shivu: ohh...!!! so RK... ohhh!! ohhh!!! ohhh!!!!
Dimpy: shut up "ohhhooing"LOL
Shivu: you mean... Bol Bachchan here means... RK is pretending to be doing "prayshchit" when he wanna take revenge over Madhu!
Dimpy: finally... kuch toh ghusa bheje mein!LOL welcome people!!! Thanks for the tremendous response we have been recieving

I present yet another...

autanki imes #4 
M e r i    F u t u r e   G i r l f r i e n d   K i   S h a a d i  

Heads- Shivangi (--Shivu--) & Dimple (-Dimple-)
Banners- _Aanchal_
Logos- -Stutz-

:: Information for the Team ::

 >>You all have been sent the buddy requests from NautankiTimes Account, ensure you guys have accepted it.

>>From this week... that is from  28th July, all the entries must reach this account till Saturday Midnight or Max Sunday, 12:00 noon IST.

>> Any person who is unable to send the Section within the prescribed time for 3 consecutive weeks... will be called off from the NL Team and the Back-Up will take over.

>> If for any particular edition, some volunteer is unable to do the section...PM the back up at least 4 days before so that he/she can comfortably take over their duties

>> During some weeks... you may face some problems in penning down your sections... If you feel so... Just leave a comment in our Official Chat Thread made by deboleena.manna

>> Do NOT PM me that is -Dimple- or --Shivu-- with the problems and issues... it'll be tedious for us to check 2-3 things together... its better to use our Chat Thread.

>> If you have any suggestions on how Nautanki Times can be improvised... Post in the CC itself

Please do leave your comments People... it'll help us to improve!

**Scroll Down for the Newsletter**

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(By  ..tora.tangled. )


RK arrives at Madhu's house and says that he has come for repentance and forgiveness, saying that he has learnt the errors of his ways. He also offers  a film and a dance to Trishna. Trishna and Roma are thrilled. Then RK leaves. Trishna asks Madhu for forgiveness and she readily forgives her.  Everyone is happy about Trishna's chance to act. Back in his own home, RK shows his true colours saying that for those four days in jail, Madhu would have to pay a heavy price with the next forty years of her life.

Padmini on the other hand has a talk with Madhu.She is worried about why Shuvangi wants to meet her the next day.


Padmini  tells Madhu that she knows that her daughters won't do any such thingthat will make Padmini feel ashamed.

The next day, Shuvangi comes to their house and lays down the proposal of marriage between Madhu and Mukund. Later when, Shuvangi leaves, Madhu asks Padmini whether she is angry. Padmini says that Madhu should have told her something at least before Shuvangi had come.She then asks Madhu whether she loves Mukund. Madhu says that Mukund is a nice person and she is a good friend although she does not love him. Padmini tells her that the main essence of a relationship is trust which is necessary to make it last. Madhu agrees to marry Mukund.

On the other hand, Trishna and Roma visit RK in his vanity van to thank him for everything. RK shows them the thumbs up, but as soon as they turn away,he turns his thumbs down.


RK is in a mood to play "Bhagwan,Bhagwan" where he will play the role of God in Madhu's life. Shuvangi visits him in his vanity van and RK hands her a 25 lakhs cheque for doing as he says. Padmini phones Shuvangi and tells her that Madhu has said yes to the marriage and Shuvangi is happy. She says that she went to meet guruji(RK) who has said that  the next evening is a very auspicious one for the sagai. The engagement is set for the next evening.

According to RK's plan Trishna receives a phone call from Bittoo Ji who informs her that her look test will be held the next evening. Trishna is very happy. When Padmini hears of this, she is at first reluctant to let her go as Madhu's sagai falls on the same time, but Trishna promises to be back soon.

When Trishna reaches sets with Roma,and gets ready for her shot, the director ridicules her saying that she looks cheap in the dress. Trishna rushes off crying.


On RK's orders, Bittoo Ji arrives where Trishna is, to play his "part" in the act. He advises Trishna to call her personal make-up person to come and do her make-up. Trishna thinks of Madhu and calls her. Padmini doesn't want to let her go , but Madhu promises to come back within the desired time.

She reaches the sets and enters the wrong place. There, flashlights fall on her, as she walks on abridge and collides with RK. RK tells that he has heard from Trishna about Madhu's engagement, and congratulates her. Madhu thanks him and leaves from there.


Rk calls up Shuvangi and assures  her that the sagai will not happen as Madhu will not reach home before 6 o'clock. He tells her to do a lot of drama there.

Madhu does Trishna's make-up fabulously and she goes to take the shot. She is told to leave her mobile behind as cellphones are not allowed. Madhu wants to leave but a unit member tells her that she cannot leave as she has to do some make-up in between shots as well. Otherwise, they will have to cancel the shot. The shots are taking a lot of time and Trishna tells Madhu to leave as it will take time. However, Madhu is unable to go out as she finds all doors jammed or locked. Bittoo Ji says that she cannot escape as all cameras are focused on her while Trishna is posing in front of a fake camera.

On the other hand, everyone is getting worried as Madhu has not yet arrived and they cannot reach anyone on the sets through phone. Mukund's family have arrived and on not seeing Madhu present Shuvangi gets hyper.



Madhu somehow escapes from the studio and starts for home. She reaches home just after 6 and Suvangi is furious. She creates a big scene saying that as sagai isn't important to Madhu, it will not take place.On the other hand, RK is furious that Madhu has escaped and broken his trust on himself. Bittoo Ji gives him another plan and RK is satisfied.

On the other hand, afte a lot of coaxing Shuvangi agrees to the engagement. She phones and tells RK that though she tried to cancel the sagai, in the end she had to give in. RK tells her not to worry as he has his own plans.

Shuvangi is complaining when it starts raining saying that all this is happening due to the shubh mahurat of the sagai getting over. Shamsher arranges for a canvas to be hung overhead so that the area where the engagement will take place will be dry. Mukund is seated waiting for Madhu and he is mesmerized on seeing Madhu who looks beautiful. They are about to exchanfge the rings when the lights go off . In fact, somebody has switched off the main switch. Shuvangi is furious . She says that all this is a bad omen and the engagement will not take place. Padmini begs her notto cancel the engagement but she does not listen. Just then the guests come holding candles to give light so that Madhu's sagai can take place.

Just then, Roma and Trishna arrive and RK also comes. Shuvangi is delighted and she thinks that he is here to cancel the engagement but to her surprise RK tells them to go ahead with the sagai. The lights come back on, as Mukund puts the ring on Madhu's finger while RK watches with a smirk on his face.

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(By  Armu4eva )

 ... did u say Ermm haiiinnn ... jab Hero - Heroine SATH nahi.. to kahe ka Romance bhaiOuch

But wait wait...what was that.. Shocked

^^^ Wohooo Wink someone wanna take HIS girl... 'Asmaan se AAGE' Evil Smile Ahaa .. Ahaa.. 'I LIKE IT' Approve

The scene when Madhu walks strait into RKs TRAP errr his SET enroute to finding her sister dearest WinkLOL n upon seeing RK tries to turn to LEAVE.. n gets BLOCKED . .boy o boy ... did my dil do. .a lil FLIP in there Dancing! A possessive RK closed right in n told his Future MISSUS ... 'Aaji sunti ho... I KNOW .. ' (that u dun love that Mukku TongueLOL)! N lo .. hubby dearest..din stop there... ! He ensured to.. HOLD the HAND of his babe.. even if under the pretext of congratulating her before showing her the WAY AHEAD! Wink

If not a purely ROMANTIC scene.. it was... PASSIONATELY .. HEAVENLY Blushing

*Sigh*.. inki Mulakaton ka AGHAZ itna.. Passionate hai.. to inka ROMANCE kitna Awesome hoga Embarrassed

(By jigyasa28 )

(thursday) madhu entered with spotlight on her expecting to meet her didu but unexpectedly collided

with rough and tough RK Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile.Superstar ne apni herione ka haath pakda aur use

congratulate kiya all part of his masterplan.RK ne dhamakedar dialouges ki barsaat ki but our sherni

was also not kam usne bhi rk ki har baat ka muh tod jawab diya .

MADHUBALA 'ahaan'WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink 

(By lovelygeet24x7 )
The worst scene of the week comes from the Mahaepisode.Aai insulting the Maliks & the Maliks inturn begging to her to not call off the engagement.The entire scene was so annoying.I was like....Do the Maliks have no self-respect?Even after seeing Aai behaving in such a manner,do they still want to marry  Madhu in the Dixit house?Instead they should have shown them the door but no..Paddy literally begged to Aai as if Muku was the last person person on earth.And what's up with Madhubala?Could she really see her family being insulted?She did not utter a word in defence & was like an abla nari..To make long story short,the Maliks were being taunted for almost the entire ME

(By  Phoenix.Xeelan  )

Congratulation to Mrs. Dixit aka Mukunds Ayi for once again becoming the Bakra of the week for her consistence Nautanki in his own sons engagement and selling her and her familys dignityto 25 lacs Sleepy
Though this week Madhu, Padmini and Samsher Mallick are also included in the hit list because of their tolerance to extreme level of insult which Mrs. Dixit literally rubbed on their faces. Why they have to behave like cowards and act like Mukund is the last person on earth and suffer the humiliation when they haven't done anything wrong Confused
But ultimate tag goes to Ayi for insulting Mallick family left, right and center simply because of Madhu was late. Though she explained the reason was important for her and her sisters life and it wasn't a crime but she created the highest order of drama in the entire chawl to stop the engagement and humiliate Mallick family. Afterall its about 25 lacs LOL Honey money talks LOL

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(By  lovelygeet24x7  )
Scanning the offerings of this week,I couldn't find any hilarious sceneBut hold on RK surely did Golmaal by acting 'Bhagwaan' to Madhubala...if that counts.We probably need to wait for some more time for comic moments!

(By Armu4eva  )
#1 - Let the GAME begin

The words of Bittu  .. 'Barbad kar dunga' ...the words of RK .. 'Dekhta hun kaun tujhe kaam deta hai' ... to Roma and Trish ..just few days back.. was all forgotten .. in a FLASH... as RK FLASHED his dimples and offered the Legal Contracts.. ConfusedStern Smile 

I was really watching these two jump up in down in happiness n wondering.. whether to knock my head on the wall or hit the wall on my head LOL! Thankfully admist the rousing APPRECIATION .. n PRAISE of RKs STUNT of being a GOOD -buoooyyy .. it was only RKs MISSUS aka Madhu.. who felt .. something was A-Miss Geek (thankfully...) but credit to MOTHER INDIA for ensuring that Madhu too looks over the suspicion and gets to being her Deedus Makeup GIRL ..! AngryLOL

#2  - Qaid mein hai BULBUL 

Ok. .seriously.. which shoot has rules that.. the SET be locked up.. till the Shoot gets over ConfusedLOL .. I know..its Bhagwan RKs set.. but there must b union/labour laws.. righto? But.. interestingly our Bulbul gets trapped in her CAT-ty Majnus jaalD'oh n lo bhai..shuru ho gaya janjal ! LOL

Thankfully ..she does manage to get herself out of the trap..  but not before making you wonder... 'Ye kiya thaaa ... mere dost' Wacko

(By DamnedDrooler-)


It so has to be Madhu ... Stunning is the word ... for once we get to see Madhu in nice clothes on her engagement with Mukund ... such a relief it is ... Blue ...Red and Orange unique combination and it went so well with Drashti's complexion ... absolute stunner ...

(By Phoenix.Xeelan  )

I will spare Bittuji and Roma this week LOL Fashion disaster 1 trishna who went to her screen test which is her dream, screen test for RK's film on a multicolored - yellow, red, green, black zeometry designed (combination too eye-catchy) coat. really Trishna? You can do a lot better than that. when you want be RKs superstar you need to be polished and poised and always dressed to look good. 

And fashion disaster 2, the groom aka Mukund Dixit...dont even look at Madhu now LOL Sherwani was too old fashioned and flashy and specially beside Madhu he was looking like a fused blub. Its your engagement my dear, not your neighbors!! think of wearing something better Stern Smile


(By   _Aanchal_   )

(By .SilentPrincess   )
By Lonelyshadow


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(By   _Aanchal_   )

(By ..tanya.. )
(By  _Aanchal_  )

(By  Phoenix.Xeelan ) 

(By  bubblygal1711 )
VM of the week

by salmacreations


(By  Jyo_Ks )

Its article of the week, because this article has surprised us all by letting us know that RK the Superstar will be attending Madhubala's engagement ceremony & moreover he will also be seen dancing with Trishna (Madhu's sister). Dancing
It further amazed us by stating that Madhu will also join the dance floor later on and she will get stuck with something resulting in falling in the arms of RK as he will catch her after the fall! Day Dreaming
This thing has got in alot of excitement in all the fans who are eagerly waiting to see the dance performance.Embarrassed
The article got around 994+ comments with 597+ votes & 27502 views. 

(By deboleena.manna )
hey guys so this weeks Updt Of The Weeks is this tweets-

Thank you all for the overwhelming response of the maha episode. All the hard work of our team has paid off. Thank u once again

  •  Reply 
  •  Retweet 
  •  Favorite

N also we are seriously looking it to all the suggestions of our viewers. Want u all to b happy watching the show.

this tweet have 78 likes,378 replies and 4819 views..this is posted by congrts girl..Big smile
 (By --Shivu--)
Guess Guess!! kaun ho sakta hai?? Socho socho...!!! Well...umm... I couldn't get him out of my mind...Big smile

he wore a white shirt on mondayGeek

and then he said sorry... to Madhu and Paddo!!Confused

and umm...then his amazing plan...Day Dreaming

ermm... and then he did this

I knew it...!!! aap jaan jaoge...he's none other than...

RK... the Superstar... the Heartthrob!!

Oh Rishabh Kundra...I LOVEEE YOU!!!! you were totally outstanding this week!!!

from the sorry to the plan!!! TOO GOOD!!!
(By princess163   )
The Character of the week has to be RK for this week. Granted that Madhu did manage to somewhat thwart his plan,but the week belonged to him. The way his anger,frustration was portrayed was brilliant. The seemingly invincible RK's ego had been badly bruised and his brilliant dialogues where he vowed to make his culprit aka Madhu pay were fantabulous. His arrogance,his over confidence,his self obsession,calling himself God was again noteworthy. Our spoilt brat RK decided to 'direct' Madhu's life and the portrayal was excellent. Another striking scene was RK building a clay portrait of Madhu-one that was perfect and was also laced with his blood,signifying his ibsession with Madhu's destruction without bothering about any limits to acheive it. Kudos to VD n the director
:: Ratings othe Week ::

(By --Shivu--)

Monday- Day 1

An ok ok episode...but with dhasu RK... and stunned Madhu-Paddo... and sister milan!!!
It gets Star

Tuesday- Day 2

Yuckk!!! I don't like it... Madhu accepting Muku's Marriage Proposal

Wednesday- Day 3

No CommentsWink

Thursday- Day 4

I love this oneee... OMG!!!! Day Dreaming


for just that ONE Scene... when he held her back...Embarrassed

Friday- Day 5

Well...umm since RK held Madhu back from engagement... it will be..
StarStarStar 1/2

Saturday- Day 6

CVs ne Saare ME ka kabaada kar diya...nothing... not the dance...not the fall... they glued us to TV just to see the fall in PRECAPAngry


for the Magical RK!!!

That's it... see you guys next time..!!

~Dimple & Shivu~

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Great job NL caretakers ClapClapClap

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Fallen Angel IF-Sizzlerz
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 4:22pm | IP Logged


Stunning work you guys, the NL looks fabulous!! ClapClapClap

Keep up the awesome work!!!

Edited by Fallen Angel - 26 July 2012 at 2:04am

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itsRitzi IF-Addictz

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Superb Workk really loved the starting i never knew the meaning of Bachan  

thankx dimppy!!

And dd looked awesomie in that dress of engagement superb kust cudnt take eyes off her sexy back !!Wink

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maneet_forever9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
Wonderful job on the newsletter! Clap

LOVED DD's sari in the maha epi and RK attire as well! 

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