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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

DBI (L.H.) #2 ~new thread added

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Hi Guys,

This FF is especially for our page Geet Beginning Of new Era 
Please Like for further updates of different writers happy smiley, jump smiley, happy smiley, animation smiley, animated smiley

Somebody here ...
Behno aur Behno aapka yaha par boht boht swagat haiii LOL
Big smile Well meri smile is not at all stopping today I Mean OMG ...

OMg Im starting New Thread for Dreams beyond Imagination (Love Happens) Goddd somebody please pinch meeeLOL

For Me its not less than a gift given by you alll...
This is My first FF Who completed its first thread Tongue
I mean Wowww Its fantasticcc
Its all your Love frnds, its all your Support and without you peoples Im nothing on IF Embarrassed
I specially wanted to thanks My amazing Frnds Angelic_Mishty, Umme Marzana, Tj ke Maaneet Cindy geet who helped me alot in this FF, always beside me throughout the whole journey of this first thread... Thank you so much Lovely Frnds Without your support i wnt be able to do anything and me Phaink nahi rahi sachi wala Wink
Then amusing and amazing spammers Zoha Farheen, Painted sky, reachsky who were always available on My demand of completing the Page ka target LOL
Buahhahahahahah credit goes to you alllClap ClapClap
one more thing one more thing I never thought I will every be able to write anything still remember, I used to bin my writing because of fear what if someone sees it... Leking abhi mujhe Kisi kaa darr nahi  Wink Wink  Wink
arey waha itni badi speach di me neeeEmbarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed


Does arrange marriage posses' love?  Two peoples when became husband and wife, because of arrange marriage do they actually love each other, or its just they become used to of each other, Do they make love with each other, or it's just a satisfaction of desires, and necessity of Sex. Is it infatuation or true love of emotions? 

Hmmm Kyaaa pyaar Ho jata hai, ya sirf zaroorat aur ek dosrey ke saath hi reh jata hai.

Geet: A simple girl with a romantic dreams of her would be, age beginning of 20's. Immensely in love with her Diary, this possessed her lots of secrets...

She thoughts Love marriage no never, There is No trust in Love marriage. Is that true, Or the Love marriage is best because they already know each other, each other's habits , they understand each other,  their compatibility ...

there is no point of deceive, regression, and above all her family wont allowed her a love marriage not even on her death bed...

Whereas Arrange marriage need to make it up, where they have to understand each other after marriage, what if he is not her types, what if he don't like habits.

















The girl having, some dreams about her life partner, some expectation, some desires, and some sweet demands. What will happen when she will meet the stranger, who will become her life, just by signing two papers, without even meeting him?

Does love ever exist in arrange marriage.

The story of Maan and Geet who became maneet. Will they ever understand each other, or it's just a mere physical togetherness. Will they ever fall in love with each other or its just need?

Will maan ever understand his Geet, or it's just about his satisfaction.

Will geet ever accept him, as the God of her heart or it's just a compromise for the sake of family?

Geet handa a typical girl who belongs to a family where there rituals, rules regulations and respect are much bigger than their lives.

It's a community where they can disown their own daughter if she ever tried to cross the limits of femininity.

Whereas Maan a man of his words, a man of his work. Who never thought about his life that can be change just in a fraction of time. For him love is nothing, its all about to add something or subtract something. Soft feelings are existed but simply for love ones. Does geet ever come in the list of Love ones for Maan.

Well it is a story of arrange marriage where people don't know each other, even they haven't seen each other, will love ever come between them. It's a story of Maan and Geet who became maaneet.

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Hi Guys,

This FF is especially for our page Geet Beginning Of new Era 
Please Like for further updates of different writers happy smiley, jump smiley, happy smiley, animation smiley, animated smiley


Maan was not at all agreeing for the Bachelor trip, but meera somehow managed to convince her and why he wnt convinced aftr all in his mind too was imagining her with him, he also wanted to be with her Bahisht, he also wanted to see in her hazel brown chocolaty eyes, he wanted to drowned in them and yes he wanted to listen to her hours and hours...


Xaviers College of Arts, Mumbai

Geet entrerd into the college, same in her salwaar suit, some boys looked at her and again gt busy in their work whereas some was busy in admiring her, Geet smiled uncomfortably, first she was alone secondly people starring her  and start running towards the class cursing Ranbir...

He was again came soon to meet his girlfriend before the classes...

She entered into the class and seen both love birds were sitting into the last benches...

She glared him and Ranbir left shruti's hand abrubptly and smiled weekly  to geet, she ignored him, and move towards riddhima  and sat next to her...

Proff. Sharma entered into the class, he was professor of literature, Basically urdu literature... Geets favorite subject...

Okhh so lecture started and discussion going on about the Phrase...

Yeh Ishq nahi aasaan bas Itna samjh lijie

Ek aag ka daryaa hai aur doob ke jana hai

Can anyone explain me these lines, can anyone tell me what love is,


Ranbeer stand up with cruel smirk, love is nothing but a feeling, a scorching hell,  a feeling can destroy you, a feeling can make you suffer with your own deeds, a love is nothing but an evil angel...

He sat down with a smirk and lopsided smile, it was yesterdays topic only, yester night both(geet and Ranbir) were sitting in the hall area and arguing aimlessly, according to Ranbeer love make your life hell whereas Geet's feeling  was contrary with it, According to her love is divine feeling which always ready to embarace you in their wings, yup  it is indeed an angel but an angel which is descended down from heaven to give peace in the life... for her love is never a  complicated course, it is relation ships and human behavior which makes love complicated and made it scorching fire, its not love its desire, its lust who make love burning hell...

She was in the library really very busy with all study material scattered around her, basically she was drowned in the poem about Love...

It was her project topic ...

Gham e Zamana aur Ghame e Mohabbat...

She was all engrossed in it , reading a phrase again and again...

Gham E Zamana bhi Gham e Yaar me shaamil karlo

Nasha badhta hai shaarabein jo sharabon me mile


Huhhh... what ???

She was very much inside the stanza when somebody screamed in her soft ears, making them go numb for a whole minute...

Kyaa kar rahi hai ...

It was riddhima, sat infront of her ...

When librarian Glared them, Geet directly dipped her head in book, whereas Riddhima made baby face and start looking here and there...

Sun na...

She whispered

Kyaa hai... Geet said annoyidly...

Arey idahr to dekh...

Arey Let me work yaar, please Shooo Shoo just leave Go ...

She said irritateldy when somebody grabbed her hand,riddhima, Isskaa samaan lekar gaadi me aa...

Ranbir said authorotively... and moved towards his black zen

Geet was all the while cribbing where they are heading... Ranbeer was all the while quite smiling, looking at her and then concentrating his gaze towards the Road...

She seen herself on the helipad way...

They reached near the helipad where she seen a helicopter named Gyro in a black and red combo waiting for them With MSK marked on the mid...Showing nothing but the status and standard of MSK who never compromise on less than a Best... He is Best and he deserves best...

Geet was all unaware of the fact, where her destiny heading towards, walking with Ranbeer, she never questioned him, why should she, she always knows he will never let her suffer, or never even let a harms shadow  touch her shadow...

And Ranbeer also never failed to fulfill his responsibility, Geet was first and last frnd he could ever have and he could every ask God to give him, she was as nave a new ray of sun, she was as beautiful as sunset, she was as pure as dew, and he always prayed she ever remain like this, His Mandu...  

And to give her this happiness only he knows how much he tackled people, how much he spend time to make others understand, He planned everything with Veer and then make Anjali realized that Maan and Geet should meet once before marriage, then he planned everything with Meera...

They all were heading towards the Goa, Maan's many cottages were there, and they all planned to stay in one of them...

The gang comprises of eight peoples...

Prem Heer, armaan, riddhima , Ranbeer meera and Maan & Geet...

As soon as trio (Ranbir, Geet and riddhima) entered inside the gyro; armaan, meera prem and heer were waiting for them...

Now geet was feeling uncomfortable with so many people around her, Ranbir introduced them as Maan's friends Well Now our Ms. Geet was definitely searching for Her MSK when Meera said teasingly ; Ji aap ke honey waaley woh toh nahi aaye...

Geet looked at her bit embarrassed and then smiled weekly...

All settelled in the craft, prem and heer enjoying each others company, wheras armaan  and riddhima started talking formally , Ranbir was sitting beside meera nd talking seriously on some matter and Our Geet...

Ms. Geet ke mann me buteerflies were dancing...

In her mind and heart she always thought Her Maan will definitely meet her before marriage , she always dreamt how they will meet very first time, she always thought what they will say when they will meet first time,...she was starring outside the window and dreaming about her Maan, well though she have another work than this, this was the only thing which give her happiness beyond any boundaries beyond any limitations...

They all reached Goa in half an hour from Mumbai... All settled properly, Geet was now very much comfortable with all his frnds... they all were sweet, armaan  and Prem were always ready to tease her, even they started calling her Bhabhi ji, on which her heartbeats rise like anything...

It was second day of their Trip and maan was nowehere to be found, Geet indirectly asked to his frnds but either they were so much innocent or they were acting smartly, Geet liked heer, she found her like Anjali di only but Meera's behavior was quite odd and difffrent for her, sometimes she talked with her with so much sweetness and love, whereas sometimes she just ignored her, sometimes she came behind her and help her in everything and sometimes behaved like she not even exist, she was sometimes very much Warm with her and sometimes Cold like anything, geet found meera starring her, whenever she was talking with someone, or laughing on something , but as soon as their eyes contact each other she just moved her gaze in different direction... she left the hope of frndship with her...

They all were having fun like anything; Geet was with his Friends, somewhere his smell was with them, as if they were so much familiar to her, because they all somewhere related to him...

Gang left for beach seeing today... they all were enjoying it like its first time they came, though they always used to come when they all were in the college...

Their first destination was Candolim beach, Situated in the north region of Goa, it is therefore becomes the first beach that can be accessed from the capital city Panaji. It is best beach in Goa that attracts peace lovers towards itself as it is untouched by the crowd that comes to Goa. Though not many facilities are available on the beach but it is the perfect place to meditate. They all hired a beach umbrella as it helped them to have a comfortable stay. They all were enjoying their morning cup of tea well offcourse prem and Heer were taking tea from the same cup and Geet was getting uncomfortable with each their passing minutes of their public show of love.  Then geet moved the attention to the peaceful serene beauty of the sea. She somewhere missing her maan, how the fate were playing game with them naa, they not even met each other, they just seen each others  picture and accepted as their life partners and after wards when LOVE HAPPENS, pata hi nahi chala

After lunch they all setteled in Scorpio and moved towards the different beaches, they left for Palolem Beach which Sobriquet as the paradise beach, it is the most stunning coastline in the whole area, its among the Goa's best beaches.

Then Baga Beach Located on the west coast of Goa by the sides of Arabian Sea, Baga beach is quite a hit for its water sports and fishing excursions. Then Aguada Beach .This beach is famous for its Historical site Aguada Fort which was built by the Portuguese to shield Goa from the foreign incursions. The place is also quite known for its Reis Magos Fort along with the beautifully built Reis Magos Church that offers a spectacular view of the Mandovi River.the sight near the church was so serene so devine that it might took a toll on heart, the breeze was serving most peaceful thoughts and calming mind and heart instantly, they all moved towards the church inside and Christian wedding was taking place, all were damn excited to witness specially Geet, and that eagerness didn't went unnoticed by a person who was looking at her intantly without any hesitation, and yeah why he would hesitate, she was all his, She was his Mishty, His Bahisht and he was Her Maan, Maan just reached the Aguada beach but the happiness on his angels face kept him away, he wanted to captured her each and every smiling, exciting, giggling and childish emotion, because he knew after her come into picture she will only Shy shy and shy ...

Maan was behind them, he was following them, he wanted to come infront of her bahisht first, he don't wanted to show up infront of anyone, Umm he was very much excited about it and somewhere feeling butterflies doing Garba in his stomach with the thought itself that his Bhahisht is gonna be with him soon  he seen them they were just taking ride from one beach to another somewhere getting down to purchase some stuff and somewhere just roaming and doing window shopping, they again left for  Mabor Beach which is  located to south of the Cavelossim beach and village of Benaulim which is Goa's one of the most clean and quiet beaches.  Though Marbor Beach was famous for Celebrated nightlife but they left early from there to Dona Paula Beach which is located 7-km from Panjim is the Goa's Dona Paula beach which is special as compared to other beaches as it is bathed by both the Goan Sea and rivers. There is this interesting myth related to the beach that it is haunted by Dona Paula de Menezes lost love and hence the atmosphere is a fusion of love and myth. Miramar Beach, whose sunet and natural beauty after sunset is just a peiece to see...

Miramar Beach It is just a kilometer away from Dona Paula. It is an exquisite golden beach of soft sand complimented by a thick grove of shady palms, in front of the blue Arabian Sea. It derives it name from Portuguese word that means looking at the sea and the fact that it provides a scenic view of the sea. When moonlight falls on the soft and silvery sand bed, sparkling effect is created which capture the hearts of the visitors. All the essential facilities like resorts, good restaurants, shopping places, adventurous activities and sightseeing is available here. The memorial to Goa's first chief minister along with Dhempe College of Arts and Science are other places worth a visit.all were resting in the respective tents near the sea shore, Geet was sitting outside throughout the journey she felt someone was gazing her, someone was starring her, but who ???


Was he there, but how he could be there, Unn kit oh meeting thi naa, she remind herself a common answer given by them...

She sat there all were sleeping in their tents, something was cooking between armaan  and riddhima , she found them numerous time whispering and giving blushing smile to each other, she smiled a bit with a thought, who can stop themselves when love is in the air...

She just loved this place, all place were awesome and amusing piece of nature... She started writing names on Sand...

Geet... the waves came and all rubbed it... she smiled and Wrote Maaneet ... the waves again came and rubbed it all , she then wrote Maan... but this time with two inch border and this time naughty waves failed to mischief the again...

Her heart skipped a beat when she felt somebody's presence behind her, she just closed the eyes when she felt somebody's hot breathing on her ear...

Mera Naam toh tumhaarey dil me likha hai Geet, duniya ke kisi paani ki lehron me itni zurrat nahi ke Maan singh khurana ka naam apni geet ke Dil se mita sake...

And Geet smiled, and turned and hugged him back wondering it may be her one of the common dream, which she used to dream about their togetherness...

Maan smiled and took her in his protective embrace, both were lost in each other, maan in Geet and Geet in her so called dream, least she knew its time for dreams to become reality, she was with her Maan... she was with her jaan, she was with the person who posess her, she was with him whom she belonged too ...

Their sweet moments disturbed by wicked sea waves, jinho ne Maaneet ko apni pyaar duniya  se bahar laaney ki gustaakhi kar di, aur In gustaakh lehron ki sharat ki saza Maaneet ko mili, geet gt scared what the hell...

If it was her dream then why she could feel her strong arms took her in the cage of strong chest , the moment geet tried to withdraw herself Maan tightened his grip around her, she was so much wanted to ome out of this dream now... what the hell is wrong with me, Okk I was dreaming about him with open eyes but the heck is wrong with me why I can Feel her...

She wriggled one more time and he again tightened the hug, it was almost crushing her bone...

Apne sapno me aa sakti ho geet Meri baaho me , magar ab jab me tumhaarey samney hu toh mere saath yeh pal aur hasin nahi banaoghi geet, Kyaa inhey yaadgaar bananey me tum mere saath nahi rahonghi...

And the time stopped for geet... she could only feel one thing at that moment... and that was not one thing, that was everything that could be in that moment, it was her Maan, her Maan, who came for her, she is in his embrace, she was with the person to whom she belonged, she was with the person to be with whome she was longing for, It had and has Maan and Geet never be apart, they were always together... Maan and Geet " Maaneet"

 precape: HeartHeartHeartHeartin Goa Embarrassed Embarrassed 

author's note

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A novel on MaaNeeT SmileSmile

Madno (Echo through ages)

By my Sweeti pie
 HeartAngelic ShalzHeart (Mishty) please like the page to be updated with the current status of the Book Heart

Do visit My blog 

Angelic's World

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Congratulation for new tiered

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