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Road To Love & Beyond NEW LINK ADDED pg 151 (Page 124)

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Waiting dear update soon

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Glitter Text



Next Part:-

Undying Passion & Possessiveness


Few days Later a Lazy holiday early morning,

Geet is lying on maan's chest when maan keep caressing her bare back to her waist when geet try to suppressed her moan .

Maan chuckled to see it & said sona ,

When geet replied hhmmm.

Maan turned her and rolled over her and said I have done nothing to u and u r and rubbed his nose with her then her cheeks.

Rose color crept on her cheek when maan smiles but Geet pouted to see her kuwar sa teasing her and she try to move but maan hold her under him and said shhh, not now.

Geet :-It's morning now, leave me.

Maan:- oh oh my sona is angry now and bite her nose and make her more flinched and looked at him when maan said accha baba ok, I'll not tease u but tell me na what happen, y u r blushing now, except u thinking about our previous wild night.

Geet now turn full red and turned her face to hide it in the pillow when maan said aww sona.

Maan held her chin and make her looked at him then kissed her eyes and geet slowly whisper, I don't know but ur simple touch and look make me shiver, & I  & looked maan whose gaze at now on his sona is too intense , geet shyly smiles and hugged him tightly like want to hide herself in him from his kuwar sa's raw gaze.

Maan just loved it, how his sona is innocent, her beauty and innocence make him fall for her and still and again & again making him fall for her.

He just kissed her shoulder and see her shivering in his arms like a leaf.

But soon again both of them drown in their passion .


Maan  Later get up slowly  and tucked a satin sheet from his waist and called  sona who is sleeping now after early morning teasing and passionate session .

She opened her eyes slowly and her face clearly showing how much content but still there is little tiredness .

Maan caressed her face with the help of his palm and said sorry sona, I'm making u too tired na.

When geet frowned & twist her lips cutely and said if u make me feel like this then don't talk with me. And turned another side.

Maan chuckled then kissed her earlobe and said ok,I'll not say but u need when geet turned and said I'm fine and not tried and u never make me tried but she hesitate little then kissed his nose & said I'I feel happy with ur love and passion, I feel my self lucky that mu kuwar sa love me.I know how the maximum men r in real but I got a gem in my kuwar sa , who never think about his own pleasure and wish, who always give me comfort , likes wish first preference. What I need more.who always think about me first , who flinched more than myself to see me in little bit pain u will explain all this ha, and never think u make me feel tired then u r also tired na then shall I blame my self for this ha.



Maan just stared at his sona who is so matured so much he feel's moist in his eyes when geet get up and not caring about her bare form just wipes his tears and  Cupped his face & said I love u kuwar sa, u r my everything, I feel complete to love by u.I feel like real woman ,I feel like now  got my own man who is and will love me till the eternity.

Maan just hugged her and thanks to almighty for giving him an angel.

 Maan slowly picked her petite form which is cover with satin white sheet and carried her by  his strong arms and entered the washroom for a shower.


At evening , geet is chewing her pencil when maan removed it fourth time and said sona who just frowned but maan said accha listen after few days there is party on ARMY BASE.

Geet:-hmmm ok.

Maan:- we have to attend the party .

Geet:ok, if u r with me then I'll go. Anywhere.


After few days , Party to welcome Another new batch there , Army Base:-

Maan is talking with his colleagues and geet is enjoying with their wives.

Party is going on with full swing when geet's eyes fall on something and make her blood boil.

But she looks more irritated when her kuwar sa is talking with a chipkali opps Captain Saxena happily.

Geet Murmurs :- chipku chidail, dekho kaise chipak rehe hain kuwar sa ke sath,aur iye asie bhole ban ke has has ke baat kar rehe hain huh.Kuwar sa know this woman is chipku always with any men but still, y Krishna, pls make him understand na.

Hawww, see what that chudail now doing holding his hands huh and what he is doing? Let her hold him , huh.

Geet went that side and called kuwar sa,  

Maan turned and said yes s,,, geet'..

Geet looked at him with some kind of emotions then said oh but that Captain saxena cut geet and said Major come with me, and let's have a one dance.

Maan politely said no Captain, m fine here, u go and enjoy.

Captain Saxena :- Come on Major , let's enjoy na, and miss pls excuse us.

Maan 's head turn now still he is polite with captain but not any more.

Maan with stern & strong voice said Captain Saxena I'm sorry to say,I'll not go but u can go and enjoy &Pls excuse us now then hold geet's hand .

Captain Saxena who though it'll be nice to spend time with Major khurana and if she can able to impressed him then may she has a chance after all Major khurana belongs from a rich ,RAJPUT family.

She want to connect with him, dam that young woman, Captain Saxena is new to here and heard lots of things about maan but now who is this new young girl or woman.

On other side,Geet is feeling but then little far from the place snapped her hand and looking at maan angrily.

Maan chuckled and said what happen sona?

Geet:- what happened ?Who is that chipkali and y she is chipakoing with u so much and y u allow her, she hold his hand possessively.

When maan at first stunned then smiles broadly and said oh so something burning here ha.

Geet looked at him and just about to say something when both lady officer ,captain Agarwal and Lt Saha came there .

They greeted Maan then said sir , if u give permission then can we take ma'm with us.

Maan smiles and said yes sure take ur ma'm with u.


Here maan is again busy with his few colleagues then engaged with a call .then he noticed Again Captain Saxena is approaching towards geet .

Maan shook his head and complete the call and went to wards and but heard something decide to enjoy it more.

Captain Saxena:- so miss, nice catch


Maan's blood  boiled & He is about to say something when maan heard , geet's voice.

Geet:- excuse me. Let me correct u one thing,I'm not miss, I'm Mrs Geet Maan singh Khurana ,wife of Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Captain  Saxena looked at geet like she is some allien then gasped and said maan ki shaadi hogayi.

Geet narrowed her eyes and murmur maan ha, ok then said with little stern voice it's not maan for u, it's either sir or Major khurana, hope u got it.Captain. thanks.


Maan just want to kissed his sona now , uff, she is so mature and the way she handled the situation .

Geet looked at captain saxena then said can u excuse us ,

Other two lady officers almost giggles then Captain Saxena left from there.

When LT Saha said ma'm nice one, she is so snob.

Geet:-hmmm, well.

There joined few more officers wives when they also heard the incident .

One remakred that captain Saxena doesn't have any manner and came from rich family but always like that.

Another on remarked Captain saxena got many punishment during her training periods.

But geet ignored all , as her eyes r searching for her kuwar sa.

There is her kuwar sa smiling and happily talking with few colleagues ,she feel happy and pray to almighty every time her kuwar sa smiles like this but then frowned and said to herself see krishna , how happy he is and ,here that chipkali came and spoil my mood and he is just .huh. but geet, he didn't know it na, other wise, he will definitely came here and say something to that chipkali.

After the party , maaneet r going back to their home  when geet, told him about  the incident and maan chuckled and said yes I seen it .

Geet turned her head towards maan then said u have seen that incident still , u didn't came and '.

She just turned her head in anger.

Maan:-sona, what happened ?I'.just that when u r able to handle the situation then , it's  not good to interfere there but geet just turned face towards out side.

Maan sighed but keep trying to make him talk but no chance .


that night geet is giving him  ignorance when maan is confuse to see it.

He try to talk but in return geet just yes, no,

At night maan slide besides her and called her sona when geet said, good night, u have work tomorrow, we r tired also.

Maan:- ok sona, but can u tell me y u r angry on me now?

Geet :-I'm not angry on u or any one, good night.

Maan sighed with little confuse with the situation and slide his arm on her slender waist and pull her close to him.

He kissed her shoulder then said good night.

Next day:-

Maan doing some work when geet came & looked at him but in anger.

Maan noticed it and wondered what happen now ?oh she is still angry on that incident but she is looking too angry yet so desirable and cute.

Maan get up and said sona , but she just said hmmm.

Maan :-sona, I' but geet said it's ok kuwar sa,she is ur colleague after all and u have to work with her,  y u will support me there.


Maan hold her hand when geet said I have few works,pls.

But maan still pull her and said so my sona is angry angry on her kuwar sa.

Geet who is already forgetting everything but plainly said angry on u, no m not , m not angry on u or any one.

Maan :- sona looked at me but geet snapped his hand said I'm not angry on u, see m smiling now.

Maan sighed then said sona, listen to me first.

Geet wriggled to freed herself when maan cupped her face & said sona, she is my collegue or not it's nothing mater, I leave the matter as I know u r capable to handled it, when u will not or falter I'm there to support u. and I know what she said and done there and trust me sona .she is nothing to me.

Geet looked at him then said I know she or any other woman r nothing matter to u & I trust u but but'I don't know y I don't like that chipkali and maan chuckled to hear it when geet hit his chest and said y u r laughing at me.

Maan kissed her nose then said I'm not laughing at u but the chipkali who faced my tigress , which make geet blushed when maan said I know u r upset to see her close to me or called me as maan, I know u trust me but u know what .

Geet softly repeat what?

Maan turned her and slide his hand on her waist and said by licking her earlobe , u r possessive over me and for me.

Geet looked at him with wide eyes when maan bite her cute little nose again and geet frowned and rubbed the area when maan kissed the area and said sona, never think I'm not supporting u or not besides u . I always there whenever u r . I always looking at u, so never think and then kissed her lips but geet clutched his collar and deepen the kiss as if want to say how much she trust him.

After their passionate kiss maan gently peck her lips and said , see u at evening.

Geet nodded cutely which makes maan smiles again.



Later after two days, geet is talking with a wife of Colonel Tripathi when her eyes fall on Captain Saxena is coming or no no she is going towards our home, oh no, kuwar sa there. Chudail is going there , chipkali kahi ki.

Geet:- aunty jee, will talk to u later have lots of work in home and u know kuwar sa is in home, he will need my help,ok bye see u and runs from there before mrs tripathi can say anything .

later she just said pagli hain.


Here in Maaneet's house, Sunil open the door to find  Captain Saxena is standing there with a smile and said may I come in , I want to meet Maan ,so , can u called him.

Sunil frowned and said yes come in and sit here.

After maan coming there, Captain Saxena get up from her seat and said ma'sir and how r u , good morning and just about shake her hand with him when she intentionally slipped and maan just hold her from preventing her to fall down.



Here geet almost dashed to their home and seen the scene and fuming in anger, she looks angrily at maan then almost throwing dragger to Captain saxena .

Maan gulped his saliva & quickly make captain stand on her feet and said s'geet, captain saxena but geet hold his hand and said I know, u r just helping her as she might be slipped as she don't have the havit to wear saare or shall I call this saree anyway, nice to meet u again captain have a seat then called Sunil to bring snacks and tea for the guest.

Maan chuckled to hear his sona.

Captain coughs to get attention from maan when he is staring at his sona .

Maan looked at her then said sternly yes captain.

Captain Saxena:-u can call me by my name also.

Maan :- let's come to the point for what u came here to meet me and one more thing u r junior than me and we have only professional relation so it'll be goo we maintain that .


Geet smiles and said to herself bari aayi thi name se bulane wala chipkali.huh

Captain saxena who came there with  a sexy saaree along with a backless and sleeveless blouse to impressed maan, her wish if she get one chance.


But maan didn't give her any chance, strictly called off the meeting within 5mins.

She glared at geet who is clinging more to maan and smiles at her broadly like teasing her .

Captain saxena left from there and cursing maaneet and their luck.

After captain saxena left from there geet freed her hand from maan's grip and said sunil bhaiya , come and help me to make lunch.

Maan couldn't comprehend what happened within few sec. just few secs ago geet is talking and now then got it , oh no she is angry or she misunderstood me.


After lunch, maan took shower and  noticed geet is doing some work , when maan said sona, I know u might be feeling sad but trust me sona.she just when geet said she slipped intentionally and u just helped her but again same plain expression and said I have some work .

Maan pinned her with his hard body against window and said then y u avoiding me.

Geet try to ignore the question when maan said no , not before giving me the ans sona,


Geet:- I'm not , I just frustrated with that chipkali ,I can't see u to adjust with some unwanted things.

Maan smiles and pull her to hug when geet said but that doesn't mean I'm not angry on u, what is the need of that chudail's enter our house, there is not official talk, just idhar udhar ke baat chipku chudail, all cause of u casual talk , u should tell her clearly.


Maan smiles and said accha toh my sona again possessive or jealous.

Geet twist her nose then hugged him back & said I'm not jealous and if u want till I will not let u to talk with that chipkali .and again hugged him.both smiles at the name chipkali .



In evening,They r returning from market and now geet is fuming again as they met Captain Saxena again.

Spring in Jannat but y there is so much hotness , adding the fuel in the condition is heavy rain and strom and in side the car geet is fuming and murmuring something .Maan looked at her from the corner of his eyes & falling for her more.he just want to loved her there but his little and cute sona is angry on him .


Maan try to say something after they reached at home but geet keep saying  she is busy.

Geet:- sunil bhaiya jee,pls take them inside when geet & move when maan scoop her in his arms and enter the home. But after few moments still same treatment as geet is silent.


When maan said now what is my fault if we met captain Saxe but stopped at geet is glaring at him then said I never said it's ur problem but I just hate that chipkali who just want to but stop and went from there .

Maan runs behind her and said sona , listen to me ,what r u trying to say ha.

But geet again same this time maan pull her and said don't u trust me, is it like m running on her house now and leaving u and  any one came and snatched me fr  but geet cut him & hold his coller and said if she will try then I will cut her, dare she lay her dirty eyes on  my kuwar sa, U R MINE only & next moment she slammed her lips on him .


Maan shocked beyond imagination as he never think his shy sona will but then her possessiveness and right on him , give her this courage.

He respond her well, both kissing each other like demanding each other more, like claming each other more, after their hot , passotionate kiss, maan is looking at geet when she understand her acts and hide herself in him .

Maan smiles & kissed her hair lovingly.


But geet in shyness try to move and turn quickly as she don't know how she could do that, she is feeling so shy when maan hold her shoulder and pulled her gently near to him and nuzzled her ear by his nose and whisper I loved my tigress sona.

Geet blushed but maan  kissed her ear lobe he slowly carrassed her neck to shoulder by his long finger & whisper , so sona, was jealous na.


But geet is just toungue tied due to maan's immense passion and word stuck on her  throat when maan bite her shoulder and make her moan his name when maan licked that area again and sucking it and making her throw her head in pleasure where maan hand went unders her kurti to carrass her waist when geet only sing his name as his hand went upwards gradually to hold her curve and squeeze them little then pinch her already hard buds when geet screamed in pleasure.


Maan just smiles and removed his hand instant and left her there and slowly watching her reaction when geet frowned and open her eyes as she is missing his warmth and love.

She try to turn and find no one when she felt his hot breath fall on her nape and then his hot lips kissing the area, licking  the place.

Geet moaned his name again and digged the nail on her own palm as the sensation of pleasure is too much, it's so heveanly.

Maan slowly hold her shoulder and turned her to face him and see her already red blushing face.maan smiles and kissed her eyes to make her see him.

She shyly smiles but soon maan just scoop her in his arms to take her in his passionate world again.


After their passionate moments , geet is lying on maan and just listening his heart beat which is sung her name only when maan hold her slender bare waist and said sona,

Geet is on some other land as she just said hmmm when maan teasingly said So , sona, now it's confirm na u r possessive for me and jealous of Captain Saxena ha.

Maan is watching her movement and soon geet's brain alermed her and she just looked at him first little confusingly then got the point and push herself and just cover body in a sheet and move from there when maan said sona, are suno na,  where r u going ?

But geet with chocked voice said ,I have to fresh up, and make maan alert, he quickly get up and put a sheet around his waist and said sona listen, are , m just joking sona, kidding, sona wait and hold her hand near the bathroom knob.


Maan pulled her chin and said looked at me sona but she is trying to open the door when maan just scoop her again in his arms and went towards the bed and gently placed when geet just turned her face to hide her tears which is start to fall but Maan pull her petite body in his hard form and said sona ,look at me.

Maan cupped her face and kissed her eyes and said I'm sorry sona.I was just kidding, teasing u.

Geet just looked at him when maan slowly again kissed her eyes, then peck her lips & said sorry sona, it's just .

Geet looked at him then said yes , I'm possessive on and over u & u r mine.that chudail is always looking at u dirtily what if some one looking at me like that or but maan cut her and pulled her in an agrressive ,Passaionate kiss then said never say that but geet also Princess and have rajput blood in her vein & said then major khurana u will also not saying anything like this .

Maan smiles at her then bend and kissed her forehead  to her eyes to her cheeks to again capture her lips then Maan's lips playing on her shoulder when geet just moaned his name  & surrender herself  in their undying passion .


After few days :-

Geet is coming back from her college with maan when maan said sona , , m coming within a min after attending this call, geet nodded and going towards their home when she met captain Saxena who just came from some where and said are geet na.

Geet murmur chipkali, chudail aagayi phir se  and turned and said yes captain saxena, it's mrs khurana for every one not geet,and yes do u need any help?

Captain Saxena just said no actually I want to asked how is maan ,sorry I mean  how is sir now actually u might be know that yesterday sir came late so.u know we stuck in the office , so, and  but stopped with little blush .

Geet looked at her  then said u know I'm feeling shame to called u as an officer, who is here to serve ur country but u  r chi, and about my husband then he is perfectly fine and he came late night cause he was with me that time and remember if he was not , if , then also I trust him more than anything n this world so don't try this trick , cheap trick with me and get lost from here , before I complaint against u.


Maan noticed some fire work is going on but he just smiles as he know how much his sona is possessive still her trust on him is immense and like her , he also trust her more than anything, may be in their relationship ,before love, there came trust , care and understanding r come first then Love and now with immense passion.




Passion to Trust to Worship & storm

 Previous Part:-

Ice Cube & Passion :-Page103

here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

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pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake

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PS:- m nervous for this part pls tell me how is it
as writing romantic part

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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hi all dearies
How r u all
I read each & every comment
sorry for not replied but really read & each and every comment
I'm glad that u loved the previous part, maaneet moments,maaneet's romance and their passion

Thanks to all of u who pressed the likes button
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pls keep showering me ur love and support always like this

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Hi all
how r u all
I'm so happy to see the excitement for uds of this FF
thanku thanku thanku
I'm feeling so happy to see it and I'll try my best to always entertain u and make u all happy by my works

pls read the note and pls trust me also

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 
First trust me dearies, every incident happened ,is happening and will happen only good for maaneet and their relationship

if u feel any part sad and don't want to read then don't know what to say for always showing everything happy, in real life we don't have happy life always, sad , hurt pain all r part of our life then how maaneet r exceptions

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

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such a hot story . passionate love ... of our kanwar sa and his sona...

cpt . stay apart from major maan . varna uski sherni ne tughe kachha chabba jana hai 

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