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Director's Cut - July 23, 2012 (Page 2)

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
res ,  waiting dear.

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Ritzy - just loved wht u've written... u've so beautifully depicted the feeling b/w each
relation... Loved ur quotations of HOPE.. such an APT title...Clap

Ruby - Loved ur write up.. mere words are not enough to describe it...thank u girl.. kudos to u...Clap

GirlOfFire - Excellent... hw nicely u have helped the readers to understand the TRUTH, 
HALF TRUTH & BIGGEST LIE of ASR with Anjali... loved every sentence beautifully written. Clap

Beens - Inky Pinky ponky 
Akash & his obession for PINK LOL... along with ur excellent sense of humour - can I ask more Wink Embarrassed - PINK blushes to match Wink
Meri Jaan - kya answer likha hai tune Ruby ki Q's ko...waah waah...ROFL

Sampin - dear I just bow before u... I'm just in awe of ur writing... compare to ur age & ur
writing.. no one can guess so matured & beautiful thoughts.. hats off girl...ur last lines really cracked me ROFL

My 2 cents on the episode :

INSECURITY - it was one thing tht I felt very strong in today's episode along with
HOPE which my dear friends Ruby & Ritu have touch based.

- Be it Anajli's insecurity that her Chotte is no more hers & drifting away from her.
- Be it Arnav's insecurity abt the 2 women in his LIFE more towards HIS love of his life with a fear where he'll loose her & how to win her back.
- Khushi's insecurity (this girl was always INSECURE with every relation in her life poor thing) that she will be the reason for bro-sis relation to hamper or her sis - jijaji relation to amper so takes the decision of walking off but telling a lie.

In all this for now ALL I can say is look out for Anjali - can the real Mrs Anjali JHA stand up.. Is it really the way it looks? 

Such beautiful episode which had a mix of all emotions - SENTIMENT, COMEDY, ROMANCE, DRAMA... Thanks CV's & IPK team... pls keep giving us such good episodes & complete mix everyday...

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waiting for the update :)
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Superb Analysis...Ruby & RitzyClapClap!! "Is there really any Hope" & " Tera Mera Pyaar Amar, Phir kyon mujhko Lagta hai dar"...both are amazingly suitable to the myriad of emotions that various characters of the show are going through!!

Today's episode has emphatically taught me one thing all over again that ---
"Expect the Unexpected", Truly must be the Mantra of every viewer of this beloved show of ours!! & Of course the full credit goes to our wonderfully different & ever -surprising creatives !! I was stunned the way the story progressed today...truly Unexpected & pleasantly shocking !!

All it took them was a single episode for a complete turn around in the thinking pattern of the characters & providing the much needed direction to the highly troubled & confused mind sets of the various family members... First Anjali being actually happy about arnav feeling in love with khushi Big smile , after the way she had accused arnav about the same in the previous episode & then suddenly akash seeming to understand payal's pov & being ready to start afresh with her...the only thing that came to my mind after watching these two scenes was..."What The.." Shocked. Wow...Mr. Khan, today this 360 degree turn around in the episode has actually left me stunned!! Even in my wildest & far-fetched dreams, I had never ever imagined that the continuation of the weekend's episode would turn out to be like this...simply Superb!!

Loved the scene between Arnav - Anjali!! loved how softly & touchingly arnav again reassured anjali of her position in his life...& "Saansein hi Ruk jaayengi"... how wonderfully by referring to this single dialogue of hers he made he made her realize that not only how much importance her every spoken word holds to him --even including the ones which did not hold any significance to him at the time when anjali had spoken them-- but also made her understand that how much khushi means to him, made her realize that the only thing which she had always wished for her chotey i.e. for him to truly fall in love,  has been indeed fulfilled!! How beautifully In just a single line, he confessed his love for both khushi & his Di !!

The scene clearly reflected how elated anjali was firstly , when she realized that arnav had remembered the advice given to him by her so well, & secondly when arnav , even though partially , but answered the critically important & long-pending questions of hers regarding his hasty marriage...again showing her emotional dependence on arnav & how much her to have an important place in her brother's life means to her!! Arnav's repetitive reassurance that anjali was & will always be the most important person in his life & that no one could ever come between them were so comforting for anjali that in a moments time it took away all her insecurities, at least for the time being!! The same sister who was just some moments ago was accusing her brother of ignoring & lying to her coz he had fallen in love was so much comforted that she was actually shedding happy tears that finally her brother had fallen madly in love, which she had always wanted for him!!

However, it doesn't mean that she is okay with khushi or has forgiven her ...coz clearly she still is highly confused regarding shyam to be guilty of the accusations leveled against him by khushi & still sees khushi as the reason for the fiasco...but, her later attempts at trying to make a conversation with khushi was a clear example of how she is trying to be at least decently polite with khushi for the sake of her chote !! It is Yet to be seen that how long will this attitude of hers continues...will she soften even more towards khushi (which seems highly unlikely to me) , or more probably sooner than later Anjali - the wife would again overcome Anjali - the sister!! Further, I really wonder that how come anjali did not pick up the cue & ask arnav that if he did know about shyam's reality since the day of his marriaeg why he did not tell her!! It was surprising that anjali didn't pay it enough attention to question arnav regarding such a critical information that arnav knew about shyam for the past so many months!!

Lastly, what to speak about the beautiful bed time talk of arnav with sleepy was endearingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!! Finally CVs decided to give us the treat by showing ArHi on same bed in RM!! loved the way arnav was assuring khushi that anjali understands about their relationship...trying to feel relieved that he was finally being able to balance both his wife & sister - the two most important relationships to him in this world!! However, it did seem like he was reiterating it to himself, trying to reassure himself of the same fact!! Thanks a Lot ruby for explaining so well that why arnav was so much comfortable talking to khushi when she was asleep...coz he is still insecure of opening up about his feeling to khushi!!

Truly, Another Masterpiece by the CVs of this show...very well balanced episode Thumbs Up!! Depicting it all - the beautiful brother-sister bond again becoming strong; a much needed fresh start to PayAsh weakened relationship; flirtatious & romantic arnav already building up hopes for a more peaceful & beautiful future with his wife & his sister, & mean while totally unaware of all these developments & having lost all her hopes, Khushi leaving RM Ouchby lying to every one, expecting her departure to bring the much needed peace & happiness to the family that she dearly so much story development in a single episode !! Now, With Arnav already sensing strongly that something is amiss & wrong with khushi, I really wonder how the current track has gonna shape up...wonder how is arnav going to react or explode when he finds out about khushi's lie!! Guess we are in store for a lot more unexpected twists & turns!! Truly, Loving it ClapClap!!

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Originally posted by iritz

Dear All,

Thank you for the love and support for Director's Cut... Our version from the Director's Lens !


Hope !

"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all."

 - Emily Dickinson

Lets have a look at the ups and downs in the lives of the Raizada Family members... and a hope that all will be fine !

Anjali - Arnav

The episode started today where it left from Friday... Anjali trying to distance herself from her Chhotey... who is trying to do his level best to make her believe that nothing really has changed between them ! If he married Khushi... it was because of her... Anjali ! He is still the loving brother and that nothing will ever come in between them !

Does Anjali believe him? On the surface it seems so ! Her main concentration was on the fact that her Chhotey still remembers the things she had once told him !

Sun rahi hoon sudh budh khoke... koi main kahani
Poori kahani hai kya kise hai pata...

She listens to his side of the story... But did he tell her the whole story? Not yet ! She seems, on the surface to be happy for her brother and the fact that he has fallen in love... which SHE always wanted ! 

Is there really hope? Has she really forgiven Arnav and Khushi?

Khushi - Nani

Khushi, in the other room, is still blaming herself for the differences between Arnav and Anjali, she tells Nani that whenever she want to do some good, the result turn out to be opposite what she wanted !

But Nani... the wise matriarch comforts her by telling her that Anjali always wanted to see both Khushi and Arnav together... from the time even before they got married !

Is there really hope? Does Khushi believe Nani? Will she return to the Raizada house?

Payal - Akash

The differences between Payal and Akash seem to be resolving now... Payal has once again, asked for Akash's forgiveness... and this time he has relented... he wants to give their relationship a new life... but did we notice... Akash blaming Khushi for everything...

Is there really hope? Is he going to ever forgive Khushi? Will that mean another rift between Akash and Payal?

Khushi - Anjali

Anjali came downstairs when she heard that Khushi is leaving for Lakshmi Nagar. She finally speaks to Khushi, asking her about Buaji's health and telling her to have breakfast before she goes.

Did we notice the cold shoulder she gave Khushi when Khushi took a step towards her? Is there really some hope?

Arnav - Khushi

The man is in love... and will leave no stone unturned to declare it to the world ! He has acknowledged his deep love for his wife to his sister, he has acknowledged it in front of the family. Unlike Khushi, he doesn't get embarrassed or flushed if caught embracing his wife... She is, after all, his legally wedded wife. The ever silent Arnav Singh Raizada loves talking to his wife... specially when she is sleeping ! He finally gets a chance to speak !LOL

He is doing small little things for Khushi that he knows Khushi will love ! How happy he was to see her enjoying the chanas he got for her ! A heart melting smile, wasn't it?

Today Arnav has hope in his heart... hope that all will be well again. His Di has accepted Khushi once again... Did we see the small little smile when Anjali spoke to Khushi after so many days?

Khushi, on the other hand, is the only one in the house who is losing hope... she has lied to the family, to Arnav and is leaving him on pretext that Buaji is not well ! She knows he loves her, she knows he will never let her go... and that's why she has lied to him !

He's not happy that she is leaving, even if for a few days ! He's got the feeling that she may not come back... his heart wants to stop her, will she? For now, he lets her go... but for how long can she keep him away from her? Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is in love and he will not let his wife go.

Is there hope in their relation? Will they overcome every roadblock and be together forever?

Umeed pe Duniya Qaayam hai !!!

To know the answers... stay tuned to the magic called "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?" Monday - Friday 8:00 PM IST sharp in front of your TV sets !!!


If you missed the earlier versions, you may like to read below:

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Ritzy... beautifully written... crisp and to the point... my kind of analysis

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Finally I am able to post here! My mobile doesnt let me edit my post Angry 

 Ok.. here my two cents worth. Plz bear with my random thoughts!!Its incoherent but then it represents my state of mind.

 The episode was a shocker. I am always a positive person and try to take things positively.. But don't know why, Friday had left me in a gloomy mood..coz I could see dark clouds looming ahead. Although, Ruby, Lizzy , Ritz, Sathya, Doods and everyone had been positive in their analysis, and it really helps, it does. But Friday had me in big doubts abt the course its gonna take..not story wise, but emotion wise.. I love Anjali and was dreading to see her in that Vampish would have broken my heart as this bro-sis relation depicted in this show is one of its kind. 

5 minutes before the epi, I mentally prepared myself expecting to see worse reaction. A Heartbroken, shocked and saddened Arnav and a greyish Anjali making him feel more and more guilty for falling in love with khushi. And I had my fingers crossed.

But what I saw took me by surprise. 

Anjali-Arnav scene: first reaction was that she is really happy. For herself or Arnav is a different thing. The thing that I noticed immediately was that she was glad for the fact that he remembered what she has told him long time back. It is because of her that he got married, he followed her advice and what she told him long time back, came true. That she is still his number one priority and no one can come between them. The scene was very well executed in my opinion. Although she didn't show any outward reaction to arnav talking abt khushi-shyaam being together, I just felt its coz of her selective listening habit. She listens to what she wants to listen, understands what she thinks is worth understanding,. For her that statement of Arnav was just a remark, nothing to ponder over that coz before that she is floating in her world where she is the woman in her chotte's life. Baaki sab bekaar hai.. I could initially sense she is genuinely happy for him, happy that he finally found his match But later when I rewatched it, I m not so sure anymore. There is so much more to that scene I m sure.  

 Also now Arnav is sure that his di has understood him, he is relaxed, completely at peace with himself. And that's where shyaam's strike will hurt the most. Because he will never think that even after today, di is doubting Khushi. In his mind, she has accepted his love and his lady love and all is well.

 Another interesting aspect was her talking to khushi and moving aaway when khushi wanted to hug her.  It looked she is making amends, genuinely giving advice to khushi abt eating her BF before going to GH. But she is still not comfortable enough with the physical proximity, with display of affections..and that was understandable to some extent. I have rewatched that scene and I still cannot see any manipulative Anjali in that..maybe coz I don't want to believe it or DB as a fantastic actor has not left any scope of doubt regarding her good intentions.

 Arnav sensed something is amiss when he was dropping khushi off. Liked that. Also the fact that he asked her directly. Shows the growth and maturity in their relationship. Khushi looked like she is saying a final goodbye to him and is feeling guilty of lying to him. She knows when he finds the truth, he will be hurt/angry and she is saddened by the fact that she had to do this.

Oh, forgot the bed scene was adorable! He is back to doing what he loves the most..gently placing her hair-lock behind her ear and gazing at her face. Loved the scene for sheer simplicity and  the emotions it conveyed!

As for Anjali and her coming actions/reactions: I seriously don't know what to comment. But one thing that I am sure about is that she loves Arnav. He is always her 1sr priority even when shyaam is in picture. Remember when Mamiji went to spill the beans to Anjali in temple, her first concern was for Chotte and then shyaam. And I believe it will remain like that.

Its true, She will get influenced by shyaam, maybe temp believe what he is saying about khushi - " abt khushi and not chotte".  Khushi is  no match for shyaam when it comes to Anjali, so that is ok character wise..

But ultimately she will side with her brother! She loves him like a mother and will see the light of the day! This is what I believe in. Even when I see a greyish Anjali, I remind myself of the love she has for Arnav.

So it comes down to this:

She will trust shyaam over khushi -  no doubt

She will believe that Arnav is in influence of khushi and that's why he is behaving like that. So no bad intentions for chotte, its just khushi who is the culprit.

For some agonizing days, we need to tolerate the stress in this bro-sis relation coz chotte will be hurt by this act of hers.

Also just wanted to add that by showing what they showed yesterday, CVs have ensured there will be no bashing of Anjali. See, when she will turn greyish and that is IF she turns that, it will be because of shyaam..the way he manipulated arnav, the same way its basically not much fault of hers except not using her brain! For which we really can't bash her left, right and center. So I would say a great move by CV's yesterday.

PS: This is my first post in this Thread. And this is no way a director's cut because I don't understand the technicalities behind the scenes. Neither I am a good predictor nor can analyze deeply as rest of you can do here. But just felt like putting it in here..

Thanks for the patience to read such a lengthy post!!

Love, Sumi.

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Originally posted by redwine1


(Our Love is Eternal ..then why do I feel Fear)


Where love is Eternal.. Where love is felt .. Where love is sublime ..Where love is Life .. Where love is the very essence of YOU ' THEN  in that LOVE why DO U FEEL INSECURE .. MR. Arnav Singh Raizada .. welcome to the hallowed portals of Love .. 


Dear Fellow Reader & Veiwer .. welcome to yet another edition of DC .. todays episode probably brought back the old IPK for all of us .. the rakhi episode .. the flirty mehendi episode .. the poignancy ..the love .. the affection .. the camaraderie all were back for us to enjoy '. But with all this .. there were some interesting Ques raised in my mind as well ??? Whoa & beat this .. all these emotions packed in an 18 minute episode  of IPK '..


"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." C.G. Jung

Don't they say .. the one who falls last falls the hardest .. yea he fell in love a little to late .. yea he fought against this love .. a little to late .. he fought for his love .. yea that too a little late .. is it any wonder then that our dear man transformed a little to late ?? OR IS IT ?

While watching todays episode of IPK .. most of us probably felt .. whoa .Devyani Raizada rest easy today .. all is well in the world .. all your kids seem to have made piece in their lives .. all your kids .. seems to have moved in their lives .. all the kids .. seem to be in peaceful slumber ... All of them have their Eyes closed ... left me to wonder what will happen when the  EYES will OPEN .


Its 303 episodes of IPK .. many episodes touched you .. emotionally .. many episodes have made u laugh .. & many have made u go .. hmm & aww ..when u saw the flirty boy .. with his reticent mate .. BUT today .. romance in IPK  .. had all the ingredients .. there was flirting .. there were some comic elements ..there were awww gestures ... BUT what touched your heart was the POIGNANCY ... the angst .. the sadness for these two .. Star crossed LOVERS ... who .. time & again .. come close ... to be brutally separated by circumstance ... for the first time .. i cried for their love ... it touched me so much ...

Guys today Pls excuse me from the normal Pause Release format ..the love shown in the episode has over whelmed me .. & would love to tell you what the Director today was telling you about Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon?? an Eternal Love story of 2 Star crossed lovers .. 

Lets start with Friday .. dint really speak about the now infamous HUG .. since i believe true love needed no Words ..  ..But just for continuity .. 

   A Man whose heart was locked in a tight fortress .. has suddenly found the fortress to be made of sand instead of steel .. & today he finds this fortress has crumbled .. by the strong gust of Love of one hurricane going by the name Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada .. 

     This man finds his lady love in his arms .. finally at home where she belonged .. only to have the moment rudely interrupted by his family .. & then to compound it .. his most beloved sister .. who is his life has shunned him ... when he turns to his Future .. he sees her walking away DEJECTED .. LOST .. BROKEN ..

        The man goes to mend his fences with his sister .. & manages to placate her .. manages to make her see the truth in his heart .. the truth .. which on the face of it the sister has seen ... she has smiled & accepted the TRUTH ... but what was that truth ... was the truth .. that Arnav was in LOVE ... yes he is .. he has said so .. was the truth .. that Arnav loves his sister .. YES he does .. he said so ... Was the truth .. Arnav feels most RESPONSIBLE for his sister ... YES he said so .. she is his first priority ....

BUT THEN Arnav Singh Raizada also faces another truth which he speaks off ... KHUSHI IS NOW HIS LIFE ... SHE IS THE REASON HE IS BREATHING ... TODAY SHE IS THE REASON FOR HIS EXISTENCE ...

Guys the biggest moment of the episode was this ... after 303 episodes .. today the Director through his lens explained to you What Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is .. What is the PLACE of Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada in his life ... Please revisit the scene ..when he says this dialogue .. the saanse Ruk jayegi ... Arnav does not look into his Di's eyes ... he is on her laps ... the TRUTH ... YES THERE has been  PARADIGM SHIFT IN RELATIONS ...   YES ...PRIORITIES  between Love & Devotion ...

While watching this scene .. the thought running in my mind was ... Does our CHotte know what he has done today ?? has he reassured or has he opened yet another Pandora's box ... ?? the optimist in me .. feels ALL IZZ WELL .. but the cynic in me .. hmm can't rest that easy .. 


Yes Arnav lays down next to his beautiful wife .. with love in his eyes ... & talks to her .. she is asleep & he says he has managed to pacify his Di .. she is now cool .. he feels things will now be fine .. he then says that she lost today to his challenge .. she did run into his arms .. making her have to accept him as her husband .. & then he says one of the most revealing dialogues ever about Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada in love .. he tells his sleeping Wife .. it is so much easier to talk to you when you are asleep .. 

Dear Reader .. ever wonder why i wrote the above lines ... "Tera mera pyaar amar .. phir kyon mujhko lagta hai Darr" ??  well this summed up what the Director was telling us through his Lens today ... Mr. Raizada is in Love .. YES .. but he is one of he most INSECURE MEN in love .. yes the man with the BAHUT BADI EGO hai meri .. is SCARED of Loosing his life .. his Khushi ... look at all that he told her today .. 

Is he reassuring her or himself that his Di has understood him ??? Was he reassuring him or her .. that she is his WIFE ... By challenging her.. was he trying toWIN .. or my friends .. WAS HE EGGING her on to LOOSE ? 

Yes you can't speak to her when she is awake .. cause then you will have to open your heart .. you will have to let her see whats in your heart .. you will have to give control of your life to her .. Oh well .. No problem Mr. Raizada .. if not today ... WAIT ... In Mrs. KKGSR .. u have met your match .. she will make you say it .. THAT KHUSHI KUMARI GUPYA SINGH RAIZADA .. is the most important person in your life ... & u Mr. Raizada ... are not going to be functioning at all well without her .. 

The morning brings another blow for the young lovers .. a self sacrificing Khushi .. has decided to move away from RM .. & go to her maika .. under the guise of Buaji's sickness .. she manages to convince nani ( Khushi of course at this point is unaware that all is well in Payash land & that Arnav has spoken to his Di) ... as well.. when lover boy returns from his Run .. she moves to their room to pack .. 

The lover boy .. quickly hands over his clothes to her to pack as well .. which she promptly refuses .. he looks at her ..tries to reassure her on his Di ..saying he has a conversation with her .. WHOA WHOA WHOA .. yes this is Mr. Raizada .. he did pick up the subtle nuance that all is not well with his WIFE .. & their world .. 

He promptly hands her a packet of channas to eat .. which she delightfully accepts .. ( whoa whoa whoa ) .. .another beauty ... the Designer bag .. the designer saree all were rejected .. but a measly packet of channas were accepted .. did u guys pause here ... well this was a gift for her BY HIM .. chosen with her in mind .. chosen with her thot .. chosen keeping in mind what she likes .. bought personally by him ... SO SHE ACCEPTS IT ... yes she is leaving him ... & to her he has given her a gift of LOVE .. a gift of acceptance ... the Lover in me .. wept so much at the poignant tale . unfolding .. 

They bend down together to pick up some of the dropped channa kernels .. Arnav .. who by now .. is sensitive to his wife's mood once again goes about challenging her .. brings about how she lost the bet .. & how she now had to accept him as her husband ... Whoa whoa .. STOP PLEASE .. .. what was this ... the great man once again looking for reassurance .. ??? Khushi .. this marriage is here to STAY .. please tell me you are as committed to this as I AM .. ??? thats what the maker was saying through this most comical .. flirty .. poignant .. & loving scene 

Khushi leaves RM .. escorted by Arnav to reach GH where she refuses to let him enter the house .. When Arnav stops her asking her why she was so sad ... YES HE HAS PICKED UP ON HER NUANCES .. .. he sweetly reassures her .. sings or rather .. speaks the Suhana song to her .. which also fails to elicit a smile from lady love .. then he cups her chin asking her ..why she was worried .. ufff the concern vibrating out of his voice .. she reassures him that the concern is for BUAJI ... she turns to GO .. her voice breaking ... HE STOPS HER ... wanting to ask her ... KHUSHI .. TUM ... ?? TUM kya Arnav Bitwa .. kya tum wapas aaogi ????  She just looks at him ... she says CHALTE HAI ... yes you my dear reader remember this is the couple who needs no words ... the Ques was .. Khushi tum wapas aaogi ??? KHushi's answer .. is ?????????? i am GOING ??????  

Note the dialogue .. is its not HUM AATE HAI .. she says CHALTE HAI .. i am GOING ... heartbreaking .. heart wrenching ... YES all rolled in ONE ..

What a scene ... what lovely dialogues ... & what a lovely way to show at one end the MAN who has changed himself completely for this GIRL .. & at the other end ..a GIRL who is trying to change life's course for this MAN .. 

My dear Readers .. & fellow viewers .. if you caught todays episode .. please do tell me was there a doubt left in your mind .. what the maker has been telling you from the last 303 episodes .. this is a story of 2 star crossed lovers Arnav & Khushi .. Its their love Story .. its their poignant tale of LOVE .. i am sure a lot of doubts were cleared tonite.


Thought of ending here .. as my friends here would be doing an in-depth analysis of the episode .. but .. couldn't rest if i hadn't paid the proper homage to the Prima Dona tonite ... Mrs. Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha ... 

Todays scene of Anjali & Arnav brought to mind just one thought .. WILL THE REAL Mrs. JHA please STAND UP .. 

I want to leave you behind with some Ques tonite .. on Mrs. Jha .. 

1. What according to you was the biggest fear in Anjali's mind 

2. What according to you was the reason .. ( untold) that Anjali had an angst against KHUSHI 

3. Do you think today Arnav reassured his Di ??

4. Do you think Anjali .. has believed Arnav on Shyam;s truth?

5. Do you think Anjali has understood the gravity of the sacrifice both Arnav & Khushi have made of their lives for Anjali .. 

The answer to this my dear friend will of course be revealed in time by our lovely Production & Direction team ... BUT .. you know what ... I FEEL .. each one of us already KNOWS THE ANSWER to THE ABOVE ... 

Well guys .. its another Frim Pack up tonite .. 

Lovely episode .. a lovelier Precap .. &  even more lovelier Spoiler Pics .. me gonna be in dream land tonite .. & yea wil surface tomorrow once again at 8:00 pm .. till then ..

C U At the IPKs ... 

Chandni.. meri jaan.. superb is an understatement... really lovely
Tere in 5 sawalon ke jawab mere post mein... keep your eyes open...

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loved your analysis yes todays episode was heart melting I loved each and every scene.

Yes there is a hope in every relation to become normal but they need some time.

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