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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 9)

sania_58 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 1:03am | IP Logged
Part 8
aise show ke baad aadmi ka mood to accha hoga hi hoga
waise Sujal ka control dekh kar maaza aa gaya
but Kashish ki harqat seriously jis disha main jaa raha hai, mujhe nahin lagta Sujal zyada der control kar payega
waise loved the dance sequence
u wrote it very beautifully.
Kashish ek request hai, tum jaldi se jaldi aapni last two wishes bhi Sujal ko bol do, coz uske sibha tumhare yeh do wishes koi nahin poora kar payega.
chalo ab next wish ki baari, finger crossed
& all the best Sujal
mindblowing update
StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar& this is for writing the beautiful & passionate dance sequence.

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 1:13am | IP Logged
part 9
nice part...
shes something really...
cont soon dear...

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sania_58 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 July 2006
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 3:30am | IP Logged
Part 9
thank U for sweet of u.& Happy Friendship Day to u too dear
chalo ek aur wish poora ho gaaya
yess, Kashish main gut hai, unique piece
but yes, yeh wish poora karte waqt Sujal pehli baar dar gaya, he was afraid.hona bhi chayiye, Kashish ko to kuch nahin hoga, but yess, Sujal ke liye khatre ki ghanti hai.
lekin chalo anth bhala to sab bhala,
Kashish ki wish bhi poori ho gaayi, aur Sujal bhi bina maar khaye cinema hall se nikal aaya.
& next wish poora karne chala hai Sujal, all the best
waise ek chiz mujhe khatak raha hai, kya Sujal yeh sab plain dosti aur complete fun ke liye kar raha hai
yaa phir woh usse secretly pyaar karne laga hai, yaa phir koi aur maksad hai????
kuch lines mujhe Sujal ki intensions ko le kar kaafi khatka.
anyways, nice update
beautifully written
great going
plzz continue soon.
& plzz plzz continue Bad Couple.

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 10:20am | IP Logged


They reach that place.. bahar gaudy sa electric blinking sign hai

k-emm..Sujal mujhe darr sa lag raha hai...pehle to main excited thi...ab mujhe darr sa lag raha hai

s- Kyun darne ki kya baat hai? tumhe dekhne ke ilaawa kuch nahi karna

She nods

k-Dekhne mein hi darr lag raha hai

s-Chalo chalo it's not a big deal

Sujal Kashishko le chalta hai andar haath pakad kar

Kashish chup chap darr darrke chal leti hai


s- Hmm?

k-rmm..[She looks at if a turmoil is going inside]..kuch nahi

Sujal Kashish ko bitha deta hai 1 seat par jahan se 1 dancer dikh rai hai she is stripping and doing poll dance aur baith jata hai uske bagal mein. Kuch seconds baad takes out his phone and starts fiddling with something in it, ignoring the strip dance

k-What are you doing?

s-Kuch nahi.. junk mail delete kar raha hoon

Kashish yawns

k-She is so boring. Isse acha main dance karlun

Sujal ka ye bekar attitude ek stripper ko pasand nahi aaya.. wearing a provocative bikini and a very tight transparent shirt she walk up to him

Runs a hand down his cheek

Striper-Hey handsome.. Noting of interest?

Sujal shrugs.. from his teenage only this was always the problem.. wahan girls in Italy fell for his slightly dark and exotic looks.. yahan girls fall for his slightly fairer than average looks...

Striper bends close to him displaying what little was left to display and whispers something in his ears

He shakes his head-

s-No umm.,,thanks

Striper-C'mon..why don't I give you a demo?

Kashish thoda ajeeb sa feel kar rahi hai awkward sa..ajeeb sa..she never felt this way

Striper cradles on Sujal's legs and practically sits on his lap

Kashish has far from amused expression

Sujal has a tight polite smile on his face

s- No I don't want it

Kashish grabs his arm

k-Let's go

Stripper does some grinning Sujal come hither looks... sexy and provocative

Sujal shakes his head, grabs Kashish's hand and heads for the door

The stripper keeps a hand on his chest to stop him


Kashish was feeling..guess territorial

s- We are leaving..thank you for the umm offer.. but no thank you

Dono  bahr nikal aate hai.. striper is just standing there and shrugging.. she cant understand ki agar pehle se gf hai to yahan aya hi kyun

Bahar aakar he exhales a long sigh of relief

s- Phew... now that's over with...Thank God

Kashish is standing like a statue with a blank face and focus less eyes

s-Tumse zyada to mujhe darna chahiye tha andar jane mei.. meri izaat lut jati to?

Kashish is silent and straight faced

s-Seriously yahan men ka strip joint nahi hai kya, wahin lekar jata.. nahi on the other hand if they were all gay and they thought..OHHH...nahi nahi.. ye hi better tha...

He says getting in the car

Kashish whain khadi hai statue hoke

Sujal gaadi nikaalke Kashish ke saamne khadi karta hai

s-Waise tumhe kya peena hai?

Kashish andar nahi gai wahin khadi hai

Sujal khidki se muh bahar nikal kar horn bajat hai-

s-KASHISH?? Kyaa hua? Ab chalo

She looks dazed...she mumbles

k-Do you think I am a s**t?

s-WHAT?!! What type of question is that? Why are you asking me that?

k-You think right??

She nods

k-Hmm. Offfcourse

He down off the car and stands in front of her

s-I think what? Kya bol rahi ho? Maine kyun sochunga aisa tumhare baare mein?

k-Kyun nahi sochoge..sahi hi to hai...apne boss ke saath soti hai aur kya hai

s-You did that coz you liked him.. I mean agar if it was just for... monetary gain.. you wouldn't have hurt yourself when you guys had a fight... so I thought you really liked him...was I wrong?

k-I don't know

She is dazed


She shakes her head

s-Kya hua?

She wanted to say , she wanted love..true love

s-c'mon Kashish..we went to a strip bar together, you can tell me...kya baat hai?

k-So? [Her shoulders sink a little] Strip bar jaane se iska kya link?

s- Link to kuch nahi hai.. it's just that we have been embarrassed together.. to aisa kya hua jo tum nahi bata sakti?

Tabhi ek jeeb se kuch rowdy men get down

Sujal Kashish dono car ke bahar paas khade hokar baat kar rae hai.. Sujal Kashish ko car mein ghusane ki koshish kar raha hai

He sees the rowdy crowds-

s-Chalo car mein baithte hain Kashish

He says pulling her to the car and she has to sit

He pushes her toward the car and opens the door for her

She sits

Chup hoke baith gayi

Sujal bhi akar baith jata hai

They wait for the rowdy crowd to get in to Sujal bhi fir wahan se nikal lete hain

Kashish is misty eyed and looking out of window

s-What's the matter? Why are you so worried?

She shakes her head..without looking at him

He pate the top of her head reassuringly-

s-Stop worrying about stupid things...

She keeps looking out

Sujal pats her head for a few more seconds and then takes his hand off her

s-Socho aur  batao tumhe kya peekar talli hona hai?

She chuckles and looks at him her eyes were swimming in tears


s- I said kya peekar talli hone ka plan hai?

k-Kya peekar...I don't' know? Tum batao

s-Matlab ki kya peena ka shauk hai... there is vodka.. rum much to choose from

k-emm..I don't know...sab try karte hain

s- Bata do main jakar dukaan se leaata hoon

k-Dukaan se kyun? Let's go to some disc, lounge, club or you go

s-Wahan kyun jayege?

k-Kyun nahi jayenge? Tum bhi to jaate ho

s- Disc?wahan jakar nai milegi... itni nahi ki tum drunk ho jao besides one should  always get drunk in privacy; poori duniya ke samne hosh khona is stupid

k-Tum bhi to hote ho aur kaunsi puri duniya mujhe hi dekh rahi hai and I wanna try every kind. Uske upar aise ghar pe baithke to main bore ho jaungi wahan to dance vance bhi dekhne ko milega

s- I don't like the idea of getting drunk in a club..aur kisne kaha main disc jakar drink karta hoon? Wahan we just have drinks but no one loses their senses their aur tumhe sab try karna hai to bar chalo, wahan achi proper variety milegi

k-yeah yeah [she rolls her eyes] Mr Sujal is fully sober when he comes back on Friday nights. I am the one who has those hangovers

s- Did I say I was getting inside the disc.. jeez Kashish you waan split hairs? Fine!! On Friday nights, we go to disc and then to some bar.. or we go to no disc at all and go straight to some bar.. or I just buy a bottle ask the driver to drive around and get drunk.. ab khush? atakne ki bhi hadh hai..

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
awesome part cont soon

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spvd IF-Addictz

Joined: 22 December 2007
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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 1:19am | IP Logged
part 10
cont soon dear...

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 1:44am | IP Logged
thank god sujal ki izzat bach gayi LOLLOLLOL ...bal bal bach gayi...ladki marwaegi kisi din LOLLOLLOL cure her soon or better make her fall in love with sujal soon LOLLOLLOL...iski wishes puri karte karte i wonder how sujal gona handle her LOLLOLLOL..
so bar is next Silly..

Have a safe drive back home LOLLOLLOL

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:42pm | IP Logged


Sujal doesn't like the idea of being evicted from a second place in one day.. movie hall se to nikal hi diya... night club mei masti dekh kar Kashish aur fudakne laggi aur pange ho gaye to he doesn't think he can handle's just that he likes Kashish and all but he isn't in love with her or anything and if she keeps embarrassing him and keeps getting him into trouble he doesn't think he would want to stick around her...

k-Kya hua? What are you thinking? Where should we go?


k-Nooo, it's too manly...let's go to a night least there would be other gals


 Sono pohonchte hain's a dark place full of young crowd and loud music

They walk in and sit on the bar stool

Kashish is grinning away with excitement

k- Let's try every cocktail

Sujal nods

Bulaata hai bar tender ko and samjhata hai ki kya chahiye...wo bhi kaafi mused expression deta hai

s- We'll sip in in order of alcohol

Kashish looks at Sujal

s-Is that ok?

She nods

Bartender bhi laakar 7-8 drinks rakh deta hai unke samne

Kashish again looks at Sujal

Bartender- That's upto 20 % alcohol content

Sujal gestures her to try it

k-oh ok...what are the names?

Bartender bataane lagta hai

k-We will start it together.

She says looking at Sujal

s- No, I am driving so I won't drink

k-We will get a cab!

She pouts

s-One of us should be responsible. Stop pouting. Here taste this

He says handing her a glass

She looks away...pouting more

k-We were supposed to do this together.

s- I don't remember that part mentioned or said before

k- Fine should better go. I can take care of myself

s-Why are you being like that? Hua kya hai?

k-You just go

s-Kashish baat kya hai? Mujhe kyun bhej rhai ho? Maine kiya kya hai? I have arranged everything on that list for you .. ab kya problem hai?

k-Koi problem nahi hai..thank you for everything...kindly leave

Sujal gives her a frustrated look

s-Achanak kya hua hai?

Bartender is also giving them looks and so are few people nearby, logon ko  lag raha hai ki Sujal ched raha hai Kashish ko

Sujal is also feeling uncomfortable aise public mein trying to pacify her..

k-Go !

She walks into the ladies room

Sujal  sits there watching her go...frowning... pata nhai kya hua hai

He gets up, calls the bartender, pays the bill for the drinks on table

He calls Kashish on her mobile

She picks it up

Uthake chup hai

s- Main bahar car mein hoon. Aana ho to aajana

He says, disconnects and leaves the nightclub

Kashish nahi aati

Sujal wait karta hai 30 minutes par wo nahi aati

Sujal jata hai andar nightclub mein par wahan bhi nahi hai

Sujal jata hai bartender ke paas poochta hai ki Kashish ko dekha kya

Bartender shakes his head

Sujal leaves his mob no. with him ki agar k dikhe and she is in trouble ya jo bhi ho usse call kare

Sujal calls Kashish again

She picks it up


s-Kahan ho tum?

k-Jao..samajh nahi aata tumhe

s-Fine Ms attitude

Sujal kaat deta hai; thoroughly frustrated and tired. Chala ata hai wo wapas ghar

Wo to jakar so gaya mumbling and grumbling ki dimag kharab hai...ladki hai pata nahi...why I am even bothered... mera bhi thodi dere ke liye kharab ho gaya hoga dimaag uske sath maybe that's why

Sujal so jaata hai

Subah hoti hai

Sujal ka dudh wala bell ring karta hai

Sujal jata hai gate kholta hai

Dudh wala-Saab ye lo dudh

Sujal leta hai dudh

Kashsih tabhi apnae gate ka lock kholke andar ja arahi thi

Sujal glares holes at Kashish's back... phir doodh lekar slams his door DHAM and chala jata hai kitchen mei coffee bannae ke liye

Kashish just glances over her shoulder and goes in

Sjal wondered ki kahan thi raat bhar..but he is still khafa at her brush off from last night...she made him feel like wo hi chipak raha hai Kashish ke.. so abhi is showing his karna hai kare .. bachhi thodi hai

Kashish ne bhi baat nahi ki, aai bhi nahi subah se ek baar

In the afternoon-

Kashish goes to meet her friend in coffee shop

k-Hi Ria. How's life?

Ria-Badhiya, tu kaise hai?

Kashish sighs

k-Thik hoon. Unemployed hoon, dumped hoon; waise thik hoon

Ria-WHAT?????? Kya bol rai hai? Uss budhe ne tujhe dump kia, uski himmat? Tu harassment ka case kar de.. ek bara mei line par aajaega

k-Dump nahi ...use karke chod dia

Ria-Use? What do u mean use??? Yaar it was arrangement with mutual benefits.. tereko achhi pst mili and usse achhi company

k-Chod wo sab...I am over him. Mujhe usse koi matlab nahi hai, nass kaatke akal aa gai mujhe

Ria-Naas kat li tune??? Tu pagal hai??? Bataya kyun nahi pehle???? Nass katne ki kya zarurat thi.. it's not like you loved him or anything

k-It's like..I wanted commitment..true love par shayd..kuch cheezien nasseb mein hi nahi hoti

Ria-Arre to thik hai...commitment aur love chahiya tha to dhund leti.. you don't love him aise sochne se thodi kii se zabardasti true love ho jaega... aur kya karti usse commit hokar? Tere par bhi cheat karta. T**rki hai s**la. Realy Kashish, yeh nasa katna to pagalpann hai. Are you depressed or something?'s nothing

Ria-It's nothing??! How can you be so casual?? Marr jaati tu!!

k-Marri to nahi naa..bach gayi naa wahan bhi kismat kharab hai

Ria-Ehsaan madam ka hum can you be so casual about playing with your life. Kashi tu pagal ho gai hai. You are suffering form depression.. baat maan kal therapist ke sath 1 session schedule kar le


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