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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 7)

NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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s-Nahi nahi waste nahi.. I am optimistic kya pata future mein kya ho'.achha ab chalo kisi mall mein chalkar tumhe bikini bhi dila dete hain..

k-Nahi..mujhe nahi lena

s- Why not?

k-Mujhe sharam aati hai

s-Isme kya sharmane wali baat hai???and c'mon you got guts ..Didn't you just march to a busy shop and shout for cond*ms?

k-Nahi nahi'you get it for me

Kashish giggles

s-Me? What if I get something you don't like?

k-Na get it for me.

s- I still think you should about I do the talking and you can just stand there

k-O no. What we can do is u can go and get it and I can do the preparation for the dance

s- Arre aise faida hi kya? Agar tumhe pehni hi hai to apni pasand se apne mann ki pehno.. .chalo.. it won't be so bad..

k-Nahi naa'

She hides her face in his arms

Sujal sighs..

s-Theek hai theek hai...-I'll see what I find

He says patting her shoulder

She smiles

k-Thanks you are a sweetheart sujju..

She pulls his cheek

Sujal goes to the shop

Wo jata hai'asks for bikinis this time he gets all the censorious glares but he just shrug it off usko ab tak itni baar mil chuki hai ki ab usse zyada farak nahi padta...

Sales girl-what size sir?

He messages Kashish and asks for her size and answers the salesgirl after receiving her reply

He chooses three'.he can't decide between them

Ab Sujal teeno le leta hai khushi khushi

Mann mein ladoo to phoot hi rahe hain imagination start to ho hi gai hai

Sujal aata h to

Kashishk saara furniture side kar rahi thi dance ke liye

k-Phew ! Hey ! You are back

s-Yup... why are you moving my furniture?

k-Creating space

s- For what? course

s-oh the dance... hmmm I what are we dancing on?

He says handing k the bag containing the bikinis

Kashish checks the bag

k-You got???? oh? There are 3?

s- I couldn't' decide...

He shrugs innocently

s-We'll see which ever looks the best..

k-ohhh never least you helped.  I'll try them

Sujal nods.. curbing his enthusiasm and not smiling too encouragingly

Kashish ghus jatai hai andar ghuske nikal hi nahi rahi

Sujal wait kar raha hai... 15 min ho gaye

so he asks

s-Kashish what happened is it ok? Lemme see.

k-yeah...its nice. Thanks for the help

s-it is ?then come out, let me see

k-What???????? Why should I come out?

s- So how would I know how nice they look?

k-You don't need to know

s-Don't tel me tumne bathroom mein pehenne keliye bikini mangwai thi...

k-To aur kya karu unka?

s-I mean agar kisi ko pata hi nahi hoga ki tumne pehni.. to kya matlab pehene ka... if no one saw it, it didn't happen

k-Mujhe pata hai maine pehni..that's enough

Sujal shakes his head not believing this...

s-Agar tume akele mei n hi dekhna tha to khud ko to  apne undergarment mein hi dekh leti... swim wear material ki kya zarurat... they almost look alike anyway...

k-To main kya ye sab tumhe dikhane ke lie kar rahi hoon

s- Nai maine aisa nhai kaha.. mai to bas yeh keh raha hoon ki tumhe feel hi nai ayegi ki tumne bikini pehni hai agar tum kisi ko dikhaogi hi nai..besides... jo achhi lagegi wo hum vegas le kar jaenge...

k-Vegas leke kyun jayenge?

s-Maine suna hai wahan ke hotels mein bahut aache pools hote hain.. and is some they have a hot spring kinda thing...tumhe room meni hi baithana hai wahan jakar to theek hai tumhari marzi

k-Thik hai thik hai par tum dekhoge nahi. Ankhein band karo

s-To bataunga jkasie ki konsi achhi hai

k-Wo..wo mujhe..pata hai

s-c'mon Kashish... what are you afraid of? I am not gonna jump on you , you know that

k-I know but...I...I have never'I...ok ok..I'l come

She wears the pink one first

Kashish to darri hui, sehmi hui

She was ready to run away

Sujal gives her big smile upon seeing her and nods his head appreciatively-

s-Nice... I do have a good choice...

Kashish runs to the room

Sujal wait kar hai next ke liye..

k-Sujal ! I can't wear this

She says from behind the door

k-ohhh God

s- Ab kya hua?

k-I's'I mean...skimpy...Sujaaal

s-Kashish bikinis are supposed to be skimpy...stop being a prude. I thought you wanted to get out of the small town conservative mentality plus I didn't buy anything cheap or vulgar

She opens the door, peaks out'pinkish ho gai hai khud blush karke

s-come out. Lemme see

She comes out hesitantly, kaanp sa rahi hai

Sujal looks at her a bit slack jawed in awe but quickly recover his cool before she can notice and gives her an amiable grin


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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing part cont soon

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 August 2012 at 2:05am | IP Logged
Hey readers...i wld like to add all of u...on fb...gimme ur fb id or ask for ya

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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ROFL ...
cant help it but i am ROFL
i wonder wishes kiski fulfill ho rahi hai...LOLLOL i think indirectly its sujal who is on the gaining side LOLLOLLOL
hope kashish happy with 1 more wish fulfilled Big smileBig smileBig smile such a sweetheart sujal is EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
last wish tak pahunchte pahunchte i wonder where SK will end up TongueLOLLOLLOL

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LaurenPeace Newbie

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Posted: 02 August 2012 at 8:33am | IP Logged
Part 6
Kash really got some go to a store n ask for a particular 'thing' which ALWAYS draws others attention is truly a couragious thing to do.
Sujal got some really good details n kinda giving her knowledge on it n she's all enthusiasticROFL
Sujal boy got her covered so nothing to worrySmile
Part 7
The wish list is still incomplete n Sujal's helping Kash which is great but i think he is really excited especially after the shoppingROFL  but boy don't start drooling over her.
Hope you still remember the kick so don't do something stupidLOL
Now go n dance with her...shy girl really wanna danceEmbarrassed
Or do they have other plans?LOL
Loved it...continue soon.

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spvd IF-Addictz

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part 7
cont soon...

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pinky901 Goldie

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 10:56am | IP Logged
i remind this story
kahi suni hai n kahi kuch kuch discuss bhi kia tha...gud its there
all the best..tume yad nai hoga i'm sure par mujhe yaad aa gaya 1st part padte hi..

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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s-come out. Lemme see

She comes out hesitantly, kaanp sa rahi hai

Sujal looks at her a bit slack jawed in awe but quickly recover his cool before she can notice and gives her an amiable grin

s-It looks very nice... black looks nice on you

Kashish glances at him and retrieves back to her room

She wears her fierce red colored bikini

Sujal also gets ready for the showstopper

She comes out...the color is complimenting her milky skin increasing the oomph factor

All he can manage is a blank face

s -You look very good..

She smiles

k-This one is nice, no?

He nods ...very controlled motion so that he actually doesn't go jaw dropingly ogling at her

He is fine actor par andar ki baat to wo hi jaane. Upar se Kashish is staying longer in front of him in this red

k-I guess this is the best

Sujal nods-

s- Yah it's definitely very nice

She again smiles


She goes back to her room

Sujal relaxes back once she is gone and closes his eyes to savor and remember the image... a sort of leery smile curving on his lips but then he is amused at how  embarrassed and shy she was...Sujal ko hassi aa jati hai

He is now waiting for her to come back out... He is wondering ki later date mein Kashish ko chedne mei kitne mazze ayenga abut this bikini incidence..

She comes out wearing her tee and Capri sits beside him

He miles down at her... in a very happy mood... achha sho dekhne ko mil gaya.. mood achha ho gaya

s- So what all is left?


She extends her hand

Sujal accept her hand and gets up

k-Music to on karo. Ye video on karo

Sujal on kar deta hai-

s-So we dance to that?

k-Yup. Start

Sujal dekhta hai and then starts copying but he can't bring the same antagonistic feeling to the dance'abhi to usne itna enjoy kara how he can he put love hate emotions into it'so he decides to put a bit of passion and seduction...

They dance dancing...

Kashish to poore filmy mode mein sab aciotn reaciotn love hate copy kar rhai hai.. aur yahan Sjal alag hi dhun baja rahe hai... the steps are same.. yet jahan video mein the actor is a bit rough Sujal is all wram and coaxing and seducing heroine ka hi mann na kare uski ki baoon se bahar jane ka

k-Sujal stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pehle video ache se dekh lete hain

s- I think we are doing just fine...lekin tumhe dekhna hai to theek hai...

Bechari Kashish apne steps bhool rahi hai Sujal ke mood ki wajah se'She would just pause in middle and reach her dreamland thinking about her ultimate wishes she didn't share with Sujal even

As they start watching the video she coos seeing the hero dance

k-Awww I love him. Kitna handsome hai. Kitna passionate hai

Sujal raise his brow'

s- Ye passionate? He is wooden..

 He plans to show her some real passionate dancing now

k-emm? oh?

She comes out of her dreams

k-Chalo karte hain

Sujal nods.. dripping charm. He kisses her hand before the dance begins

She is awestruck for a second

He pulls her into his arms quickly and starts dancing

Jahan video mei hero ke actions had been a bit punishing..yahan Sujal ke action are lightly caressing...his eyes smoldering with passion

Kashish is looking into his eyes and forgets about the whole world and drowning deeper into those pitch black pools. She forgets her step again; when she is suppose to roll away from him so he can pull her back'but she is lost, she doesn't wanna roll away. So Sujal hi thoda push karke usse durr bhaj deta hai.. and then in next instant pull her even more closer than the couple in the video. They are closest to each other, their skin touching each other, their breath warming each other's skin; the sensation making the lost onto each other and forgetting the everything that exists in the whole wide world. Their hears beating with passion as their bodies move on the tune of their passion and they move closer to each other. Kashish tip toes a little wrapping her arms around his neck and Sujal holding her more tighter and closer around her waist. As Kashish moves her face a little up and Sjal dips his face a little their lips are just an inch apart, and they slowly closes their eyes welcoming the moment.

They are about to kiss but then the blaring music of next video starts and they break apart...

Even though they break away they both know and have full notice that they were about to kiss... Kashish has become red as a beet root and is looking at furniture. Kashish to dihar udhar dekh rahi hai, not meeting her eyes with Sujal

k-emm..I..have some house hold work...I'll go to my apartment

Sujal is also ki haan why sure.. idhar udhar... alhtough zyada nai.. since she is also doing it so socha ki usse hi dekh lein kyonki wo to apni sharam mein dekhegi nahi...

Kashish bhaag jaati hai

Sujal hasnt seen a modern gal shying and coy like her. Italy mein to ladkiyan usse bhi zyada bold thi. Date ke baad kund jaati thi uske upar

2 ghante baad Sujal jada hai Kashish ke darwaze par knock karta ahai

Kashish ne saare romantic romantic gaane chala rakhe the

She opens the door


s-I was wondering about the remaining list of yours...

He says leaning at the door frame


s- Wanna go to the movie?

She smiles and looks down

k-Yes. Which one?

s-Frankly i dunno... mujhe nahi pata ki juvenile behavior kiss movie theater mein allow karte hain.. tumhe pata hai?

She chuckles

k-Koi idea do

s- How about we bring some movie back and watch it and you can hoot and shout and dance all you want?

k-Naah. Theatre mein. Kaunsi film chal rahi hai theatre mein?

Sujal shrugs '

s-Tumhare paas newspaper hai?

k-Haan hai naa. Wo to pada hai dekho. Main ready hoke aati hoon



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