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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 43)

NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 10:20am | IP Logged


Ab Kashish chali jaati hai…chilla chullu ke…rote hue

Sab log aas paas ke ghar se bahar aa jaate hain shor sunke

Sujal silently retrieves back to his home

Sujal was busy whole week with wrapping up his work and all

Then goes to Italy quick as uske bhai ki engagement and pre wedding bash hai

Do hafte guzar gaye

Kashish bhi chali gai thi wahan se

She was living in a tiny apartment with a job with a wedding planner

She avoided meeting much people and all

Professionally she meets par doesn't socialize

She would remember her days jab she used to take care of Sujal…when he was drunk

But itna sab kiya

She had reason with boss coz she wanted things

But with Sujal...she was honest….completely honest

But what did she get?...The tag of being a sl**….did she deserve that?

She was feeling alone...lonely

Ria was getting married to Zach

She was planning their wedding

She felt lonely...she wanted someone

There was vaccum in her heart

She didn't pick up calls of friends much

She doesn't want to remember things

She jst couldn't see Ria happy…it aches her heart…when she talks about the Vegas trip and how much she is in love

Sometimes Kashish would rationalize that why would a rich businessman…who is an Italian like her…it was kind of him to even consider her as a friend

Udhar Sujal apne ghar pe hai

The house has lavish arrangements for wedding

Sujal somewhat has become irritating to his family…he humms bollywood songs some times…orders the cook sometimes to make spicy food

His expression was always grim too

His bro asked him once  that has someone died? Why do you look as if you are in a funerel?

Sujal just shaked his head

When bro offered him a smoke

Sujal refused saying, he has left smoking

Bro asks how????

Bros jaw drops with shock as he was a chain soker

Sujal remembers Kashish's constant nagging about hs smoking, she would sometimes throw away his ciggrett packets when he wasn't looking or would pluck the ciggrett from between his lips and throw it away

s-Just...Kash you know naa..she just..emm..just left

Bro looks at his elder brother but remains seilent

Udhar maa Sujal ke kaan ke saamne hamesha chilaaye jaye 'hier hier hier'

Maa says 'jo bhi hai...I need a hier. Tumhe waise bhi ladki se matlab nahi to I hv chosen a gal. She will come to the pre wedding bash.  You will like her she is an international model...she is good looking and very sexy'

Sujal leaves without a word

Bro looks at his brother going and looks on as he brother was slowly turning into a zombie

Sujal kahin khoya khoya rehta hai

Baate karte karte..sunte sunte gets lost in his thoughts…couldn't sleep much..uthke mandraane lagta hai, lost his apetite…bechain sa rehta hai

Short circuit ho gaya hai brain mein…fuse udd gaya hai

Sujal was thinking again and again…jo bhi hai…he shld called her  sl**,,,she was hurt…she was crying…he made her cry

It was the day of the brp's pre wedding bash

Sujal was standing in at a corner like a statue in a black tuxedo

Maa introduces him to the girl she had chosen for him

The girl was wolf whistlably sexy…long legs, great assets, pouty lips…maximum ooph factor

She is also so hum-chum with maa ki uske Sujal ki wife banne ke full chances hain

Sab ladke to uss ladki ko dekh ke bass usko hi dekhte reh gaye aise

But Sujal's wasexpression does not change and he actually yawned seeing her

It was eve of bro's bachelor party

Sujal actually apni bro ki bachelor party mein peeke rone lag gaya

Bro was shocked and embarrassed

Sujal bachelor party mein peeke roke sabko whana hindi mein apni Kash ke gunngaan gaa leta hai

Par hindi to uske bhai ke ilawa kisi ko aati hi nahi

Sab soch rahe hain bol kya raha hai

He is also humming her fav bolly number

Ab bhai bechara pareshaan

Pakadke le ata hai apne devdas bhai ko

He is all sozzled...ghar pe pohonchke bhi chup nahi hua

Maa ke saamne bhi badhbadha leta hai…ro leta hai

Kashish ka bass chale to uss Kashish ka khoon karwa de…bana banaya kama bigad raha hai uski wajah se, par kya kare unfortunately maa neither has the resouces nor the extrimist thinking to really go out and hire contract killers

Bhai says to maa ki 'Bha ko kya ho gaya hai? He wasn't like this'

Sujal kai dino se ghar pe kisi se bata tak nahi kar raha tha

Sar bhari rehta hai bechare ka aajkal tension se har waqt

Chest mein pain sa rehta hai…bhari sa lagta hai

He everyday practices to smile genuinely infront of mirror and failing daily

Sujal was checking his personel mails after a long time when he finds Ria's mail

Where she had writer-'Come on chat right now…you moron-Ria'

Next day  maa phirbreakfast table pe  hier hier kar rahi thi

s-I am going to India



Ma-What work do you have there? Wahan ka to saara kama pura ho gaya hai. Abhi kuch saal baad wahan kaam ayega. Abhi kaunsa kama hai?

s-Its personel

Ma-Personel work??????? Are you gonna meet that Kash? You are not going. You are out of your mind! Uski wajah se itne badtameez ho gaye ho. I will not let you go..tum gaye to mujhse bura koi nahi hoga..soch lena what I can do. You'll not get anything. I'll not let that ***** stay here. You know what I can do. I can kick you out Sujal

s-Cool...I dont want all this..I am capable enough to mak a life for myself

Bro almost chokes on his food

Bro-Should I come withyo u bhai?

s-No..I think I can manage

Ab Sujal sab kaam ko gadhdhe mein daalke jaata hai India

He calls up Ria ki Kashish kahan hai

Ria usse achche se sunna deti hai ki

Ria-You broke my friend's heart. You are a jerk. Emasculated chicken!

Sujal sab sunn leta hai jab tak Ria ko tasaalli nahi mil jaati

Raat ke teen baje aa dhamakta hai Kashish ke ghar

Kashish darwaza kholti hai neendon mein

Sujal grin ear to ear seeing her face

Jo hassi itne din kahin kho gai thi maano laut aai ho

Kashish shuts the door thinking..she is dreaming..jaake so jaati hai

Sujal is jaw dropped

He starts banging her door


Kashish gets up with a start ki  uska naam leke kaun?

Jaake gate khokti hai

Strts rubbing her eyes seeing Sujal in front of her

He embracess her tightly


She pushes him and frowns at him with confusion

k-Why..are you here? What do you want?


He answers instantly with his happy grin intact

k-That was really cliche

s-Yeah I know. Kash..Kash baby..I knw I am a jerk


She crosses her arms

s-Leaving you lik tht...not commiting..that's the biggest jerk thing to do…but...I may be a jerk...I am not a fool and...turning my back on such a valuable thing ..that's is true love is foolishness

Kashish looks at him

s-Ti amo…Kash Ti amo [I love you…Kash I love you]

k-Tum gaana kyun gaa rahe ho?

s-No, I love you Kash

Kashish is if he said I am frm jupiter

k-You flew to India after getting drunk?

s-No I am not drunk. I am sober

He breaths for her

s-I really mean it Kash

Kashish steps back a little from him

Kashish chup hai…endurance test sa le rahi hai


He takes her face in his palms

s-What's wrong?

k-Nothing is right

k-You leave...

Her lip wobbles and she clenches her fist tight as if trying to do something really impossible

k-Just leave. We' will forget what you said as if nothing happend

Sujal ka face white sa ho gaya hai usko samajh nahi aa raha...hua kya


s-Where should I leave to?

k-Italy..your home

s-I have no where to go...just this apartment of yours...I thought you will keep me here


s-I left and I came

k-You should go back

s-Kashish I proposed you; cant you understand?

k-I am a trouble, cant you understand?

s-No you are not..who said you are?

k- You said


k-You were sayin it to your bro…all pros and cons

Sujal chup

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 11:17am | IP Logged
so he left everything n came to her...nice...
jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
nice cont soon
siyana Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Wow u gonna write
on mg thats great
will be waiting eagerly
and i love reading
ur ff cause i simply
love ur writing dear
-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2012 at 12:25am | IP Logged
Thank God some one got the brains LOLLOLLOL better late than never TongueBig smileBig smile ... hope now kashish doesn't throw much tantrums TongueSmile...jaldi se maan jaye TongueSmileSmile 
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 October 2012 at 3:31am | IP Logged
part 61
hope Sujal clears her this time...
cont soon dear...
NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 October 2012 at 11:44am | IP Logged


k-I am a trouble, cant you understand?

s-No you are not..who said you are?

k- You said


k-You were sayin it to your bro...all pros and cons

Sujal chup

s-Yeah but...I..emm...emm..I am sorry..I didnt mean it

She narrows her eyes

k-Probably you didnt mean your thausandth I love you..and your sleeping around and flings. I am fed up !!!!!!!!!!! I am fed up of being in toxic relationships. Please'll get many women, I know...much prettier and better women than me

s-I know you are not are short and petite ..but still I love you

Kashish narrows her eyes

k-Sujal go. I dont wanna talk to you or see you ever. Let me live my life, live yours. I am just the flavour of the month for you, nothing more

Kashish was looking away whole time while saying

Koi awaaz nahi aai Sujal ki to idhar udhar dekha

Kashish neeche dekhti hai

Sujal is sitting on the floor on his knees

She wonders did she see a few drops of water on the floor

Is he crying?...She cant be sure as his head is down

k-Sujal..Sujal? I..are you...are you...? Get up...are you crying?

He shakes his head and rubs his face with his hand

s-I..I am sorry...dont leave me please. I...had always decided people wont walk out on me...I will walk out on them. But please precious. I cant bear it third time

Kashish looks at him quizically

Sujal was actually weeping

Kashish to hairaan si ho gai

She takes him in her embrace

k-Shhh...what has happened tell me

s-I never told anyone..ever..we dont have a dad coz...he walked out on us. One fine day..just..

He smirks

s-Then...then my wife

Kashish is shocked

k-Wife? You..your wife?

He nods

s-I got married 6 years ago

Kashish thoda peeche ho gai moving her hand away

Last thing she wanted was another relationship with a married man

Sujal looks at Kashish who has moved away

k-Biwi kahan hai aapki?

He looks down...

s-She left me on our marriage night...left with her boyfrnd. Then after few years that guy left her. She wanted to come back to me

k-That's good...aap uske saath apni zindagi shuru kijie

He stares at her and frowns harddd

s-Do you even know what you are saying?

k-You married her

s-Is marriage just about name..or it is about commitment, trust, love and respect? Don't you know that Kash?

k-But..I dont knw..if I am compatible. Our relationship doesnt have much of future and I dont wanna take you away from your family. I dont want an unhappy life for us...where we end up hating each other. I did lot of thinking...and counter thinking...imagining..if you would ever come back then..what would happen. I dunno how will it work?

s-You dont love me?

k-I love you..I really do but..marriage is a big thing

s-Then...? Be clear? Break up or hang on

k-30 day trial

s-What is that?

k-We will have a trial as a husband and wife but no physical relation. If it works then fine

s-Matlab tum mujhe uske baad chod dogi

Kashish looks at him...blankly

s-No..its better we break up...I love yo too knaw what? I am a human...and I also have emotions ..I also feel..I also feel pain..I also get hurt

Sujal uthke chala gaya

k-Sujal ! Sujal !

Sujal chala gaya gusse se darwaza patak ke

But more dejected than angry

Kashish sits on the floor sad and feelng void

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siyana Goldie

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Posted: 28 October 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Nice update
sujal's wife left him
on marriage night
poor guy must be
now kash is also not
trusting him
will be waiting 4 nxt
do con soon

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