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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 39)

-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
R u sure u didn't misplaced Sujal anywhere in Vegas  LOLLOLLOL & this is his some clone  LOLLOLLOL
or may be something wrong in Italy's air LOLLOLLOLLOL

seems kashish came to some strict jail in Italy LOLLOLLOL poor girl LOLLOLLOL hope she gets relief soon SmileSmileSmile

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2012 at 12:28pm | IP Logged


Maa bhi uth jaati hai excuse me bolke

Bro-..emm..I too have to go Kashish...bye for now...see ya

k- Yah bye..

Kashish watches them leave and them slumps in her chair...stiff necks, she thinks...

She studies the menu...bhook mar gai hai uski

Par nahi khaya to aur sunegi Sujal se

Someone comes from behind her and kisses her cheek

Kashish shocked uchal padti hai seat hai ki kaun hai kaun hai

Turns around to see ki Sujal hai

He smiles

s-Bye baby

She cant help but smile

She puts her hands on his chest and gives him goood goodbye kiss

k- Kab tak aoge wapas?

s-Lets see. Will let you know. Bye for now. Getting late\

She nods hai

Sujal jaata hai signaling 'will call you'

She smiles and nods

Lekin smile bhi aadhi si thi...kyunki wo khush nahi hai with what happened in morning

Butler-Cough cough !

Kashish looks at him-

k- Is there a chef special?

Butler-I am afraid madam...chef special..isn't there for breakfast

k-Fine I'll have...

She thinks for a minute

k-...a basket of crossiant and some mix jam

Butler bows and goes

Idhar car mein really think it was a right decision?

s-Kiss bare mein pooch rahe ho tum?

Bro-About Kashish Sinha

s-What about her?

Bro-Well...was it a right decision

s-Wht decision again?

Bro-To bring her home

Sujal shrugs

s-I don't ssee any problem

Bro-You dont???????? How cant you?

s-She'll manage

Bro-She is extremely different...and...I dont know...I could have kept her in a hotel not home

s- You dont like her then?

Bro-Its not like that bhai. You dont dificult and adamant she was n the airport after you went

s-She's got a spine its irritating but fun too...

Bro-Mom hates her

s- Does she like me?


Sujal  laughs..

s-She needs me, she respects my brains and so maybe proud of my physique but like... I have doubts atleast that bit is clear with Kash

Bro-What does she want? The same including the wealth

s- I dont think so..she is better than that...she could have...taken advantage of that  if it was all she wanted... no she likes me I just hope she doesnt get any fancy ideas

Bro-Advantage like?

Sujal smirks at hi bro...not telling my secrets to tattletale

Bro-Bhai you are too simple. You dont know how these gals are

s- Dont I?

He says bitterly

s- It doesnt matter whatever she wants anyways.. this is just an affair...I'd rather have mother plague her instead of me... I wouldnt marry again that is clear, isn't it?

Bro-You wont? I thought you would? Mom is counting on you to produce an heir..

s-I am done with the I do's

Bro-Then why bring Kashish home? I thougt you were serious or something

s-I do like her more than others but not that much either.

Bro-ohhh...aise hi hai timepass or seti senti one day hai test match yaa 20-20

s-Its nothing long term. Dont be cheap about it

Bro-I wsn't cheap. I mean...bringin the gal home is a big thing. I didnt get my gal home ever

s-Maybe mom would throw you out if you did...

Bro-Same goes for you

s-She hasnt thrown me out as yet.. and if she does.. I got other places I can go to so no biggi...

Bra-I still cant agree with your decision of getting her home. You could have kept her in a hotel

s- Its done now.. cant be changed..its only for a few days anyways how much worse could it get?

Bro shrugs

Idhar Kashish ka breakfast to ho gaya

Kuttno ke sath khel rahi hai after carefully readig the memo ofcourse

The butler comes and bows

Butler-May I have the privilege to show you around the house mam?

Kashish khadi hoti ha

Kuch aur to karne ko hai nahi..

k- ok

To wo butler le jaata hai apne saath pura ghar dikhata hai

Starting frm bagal wala room jo Sujal ka tha

Saari painting and antiques ki history batate hue

Kashish is bored  listening to all the history and dead people

Stiffiling a yawn she follows the butler

Aisa karte hue lunch time ho jaata hai

Butler-Mam its lunch time...will mam proceed to the dining space for lunch?


Bechari ne pichle 3 ghante mein sirf ok hi bola hai..kamina butler chup hi nahi hota

Kashsh jaati hai wahan

Butler again pulls the chair for her

She says thank you and baith jaati hai

Menu rakha hai

Menu ki taraf badhne jaati hi hai ki butler hata leta hai menu

Ek aur army of servents aate hain servants aake khana rakh dete hai with butler directing them

They serve her

k- I dont get to choose?

Butler-Its not like that madam. Sir sent you this special luch for you from his favorite restraunt

k- oh.. can I thank him for this right now?

Butler-Your wish mam

She feel nice inspite of time costraintsnts he sent her his favorite food even if he cant have it with her.. very considerate of him

Kashish call karti  hai Sujal ko usse thanks kehne ke liye


k- Hi

s-O you

k- I hope I am not interupting anything.. I just called to say thanks

s-Had your lunch?

k-Yes  [She smles] Did you have your lunch?

s-Having. wanted to say thanks

 His voice changes to low whisper

k- yeah.. umm are you withsomeone important? I can call you later..

s-Yes...with you

Kashish cheeks turn red

k-oh... well... sorry I was late this morning. Ab galti nahi hogi. I learned the whole schedule

Sujal smiles

s-Good about you thank me and apologise in my way

k- hmm your way? What way would that be?

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 October 2012 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
nice cont soon
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 12:41am | IP Logged
part 55
OMG yeh kya family hai...
and Sujal is so different here...
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 12:41am | IP Logged
part 56
Sujal is not so serious about this relation?
oh no...
cont soon dear...
-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 12:43am | IP Logged
wonder wats going on Sujal's head ConfusedConfused ...he is not looking for marriage OuchOuch ...wonder when kashish comes to know how she will deal with it ConfusedConfused...

till she comes to know we can enjoy their romanceEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  before separation Cry

NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged



k-oh... well... sorry I was late this morning. Ab galti nahi hogi. I learned the whole schedule

Sujal smiles

s-Good about you thank me and apologise my way

k- hmm your way? What way would that be?

She teases..


k- umm I dont kow if that would be possible...


k-Tumne kiss ko schedule nahi kiya memo mein...and you seem a stickler for rules so...

Kashish is grining at her end

s-Ohh...well...kisses cant be scheduled..they should be everytime

k- But what if you get late..?and then you are not here anyways... how am I suppoed to say a proper thank you like this?

She pouts

k- I rather have had the luch with you... and then thanked you properly too...

s-emm...we will have a nice dinner...spicy and nice desert...desert as cream...then you scream

k- oh my...

She says going a bit red.. she never had such talks in her life before

k- But what if someone hears?!

s-They all know

k- Buut sstill...I mean knowing in general and knowing that we are doing it at specific moment is just...

s-You know..walls are sound proof

k-They are ?and the doors?

s-Yuppp, real hard teak wood

k- oh how hard?...

She says beatlesly...'ll know

k- Remind me. So you think you can come back a little early?

s-Why? What happened?

k-Nothing...can I go out and and look around the city then?


She sighs audibly...

k- Can you suggest something I should do at your home other than talking to your dogs or listening to your butler? can watch movies, play vedio cgame. We have a huge library too

k- Fine I'll find something to amuse myself with then...

s-well..I am busy..I'll call you later...ok..bye

k- Bye

Kashish bye karke phone kaat deti hai

Kashish ko samajh nahi aaraha ki jail mein band kyun kar diya hai usse

Ab dinner bhi ho leta hai waise hi

Sujal aur bro dono nahi aaye

Maa ke saath chup chap baithke karna pad gaya dinner

Maa to achche se Kashish ko ignore kar rahi hai as if she is some filth

Ab dinner aise hi cold frigid mausam mein nikal jaata hai..

Kashish bhi retire ho gai apne room mein...

 Thoda boring tv dekhti hai par sab italian hai usme

Phir apne night wear mein change kar leti hai

Bass late ho gaya madam sone jaa rahi hai ki Sujal bina knock kiye ghus aata hai

Kashish bhi ek baar uchal padti hai ki aise kaun ghus gaya...

He grabs her from her waist and takes her to bed

k-oh tum aagaye

She says and then losses herself in his caresses

He was kisisng her fervently...

Kashish is kissing him back equaly passionately

k- I missed you soo much...

s-Didnt I? Was longing for know its maddening

He says showering her with kissed

She gets her hands under his shirt

k- Tumne khana khaya ya sidha dessert?


He quickly undresses her without wasting time

They both get on with it.. 

Kashish bhi poore full mood mein getting his clothes out of the way...running her hands egarly oll over him

k- Comdoms?

He opens the side drawer

There was a beuatiful box...usmein the

Par Kashish ne itna kuch notice nahi kiya.. abhi to dimag thap pada hai

s-You know babes..I got you something

k- oh what?

He gives her a paper bag

Kashish leti hai aprehensivly dekhti hai ki kya hai

Its lingrie

s-Like it?

He kisses her

k- I though you gt something for me..?

s-Its for you, isn't it?

k-Its for you .. more than me ...

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 10:36am | IP Logged
part 57
but hope Kahsish gets to knows that Sujal is not serious about this relationship...
cont soon dear...

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