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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 34)

NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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**Adult Content**

Kashish tried to push him off when he was a bit awake but his arms were wrapped around her waist tightly

Jab so gaya to kisi tarah se she slips out from under him

Sujal adha latak sa gaya Kashish chali gai tho

Kashish couldn't help it uske bhaar ke neeche dab kar raat nahi kaati ja sakti...jitna seedha ho saka Kashish se usne kar diya

Subah ho gai

Sujal to wahin pada hua tha ghode bechke

Kashish uthke goes for shower and all

Jab tak Kashish nikalti hai Sujal jaag gaya hai

He has ordered tea also

Kashish ko dekhta hai to prepares a cup of tea for her and hands over to her

Its as close to bed tea as possible Kashish thinks aur wo bhi Sujal ki haath ki

Kashish bhi kafi ache surprised mood mei chai lee haiaur baith jatihai

k- How are you feeling ... you mut be having a bad hangover pata naih kal tum kitne drum pii gaye the

There's a knowck at the door

s-I will open

Jaake thoda kholta hai

Mudta hai and smiles at Kashish

He is hiding something behind him

Kashish bhi smile karti hai

k-Kya hai?

Sujal walks to her and hands ove a 1000 mix colored roses ka bouquet

s-This is for you

Kashish is totally shocked and surprised and esctatic

k- For me? Really??!!!

He nods

s-Well..its just a small gesture to say thank you

Kashish phool pakadkar takes a huge whiff

s-Thank you; I know is a very small word for all you hv done for me

She grins broadly at Sujal

s-I am all pain I know but you are wonderful; you must know

k- oh hushhh zyada bhi mat bolo and these are so veryyy prettyyy

s-I know..I can't express I got these

He also gives a broad grin

s-I am gald you liked them

Kashish on impulse kisses his cheek

k- Thank you!!!

He closes his eyes and a smile comes over his face

He extends his other cheek

k- Par tumne ye sab order kab kiya?

She asks and pats his other cheek intead of kissing it...

k-Opportunist kahi ke...

He pouts

s-My mom says...things in odd no. aren't good. So always even them

k- oh aisa kya?

He nods

k-Well I guess then...

She gigles and curls a finger at him to bend down

He bends

She pats his other cheek

k- Lo ab even ho gaya

She says hiding her nose in the flowers

He sighs sadly while she is smelling the sweet flowery smell eyes closed in pleasure phir khud hi upar ho kar kisses hid other cheek too

s-Nope. Still odd no.

k- 2 is even

He has a mischief filled grin

s-Now so much time gap isn't allowed. They should be together



k- Pata hai mujhe kabhi kisi ne itne sundar phool kabhi nahi diye...

She says smling at him with something like love and deep adoration shining in her eyes


He takes her hand in his looking deeply in her eyes

His eyes are so deep...they wanna say so so much...his eyes have depth of oceon

Kashish is easily losing in them. she always is...they are endless like the pitch black night sky


He takes her name with so so much emotions

She stares back at him not blinking.. getting drowned

He holds her face with both the hands

s-You mean so much to me [his low dreamy voice]

Kashish sulps back her stomach in knots with anticipatuion

k- You mean more than you can imagine to me

She conffesses

He touches his forehad to her

s-Really?  [his low whisper]

Kashish nods

k- More than you can understand maybe...

His thumb slowly making circles on her pink cheek

She turns her head to kiss his palm

She kisses his palm..

Keh diya Kashish ne bhi ki wo kya feel karti hai, baad mein confusion naa ho..

Sujal rewards her with slow nibbling of her lips causing slow arousal

She hesitates for a few seconds...afraid ki sab spoil naa ho jaye..kisi bhi reason se...lekin her tempttions wins over her

He is massaging her spine slowly

She thinks waht the hell kuch nahi hoga..he love me and I love him; bas bola hi to nahi hai..

She gives herself full to the embrace hooking her hands aorund his neck

Sujal to mauka dhund raha tha to holds her tighttt in embrace

She stnads on her toe so that she can kiss him better

He smooches her as long as hard as much as he could

Kashish bhi poore cooperation ke sath moans and responds back kissing and niblling  and caressing

He was holding her tiny waist and massaging it to and fro

He smiles sexily as they break away for air

But he isn't reeady to leave her

He is breathing hard

He grabs her again more hungrily

She also kisses him again fulfilling his hunger by feeding him her own desires

His hands were exploring her... running his hands all over her... rubbing her neck

She is clinging to him as her legs give out

She wants him to take his shirt off so that she can feel his bare chest again

She moans..tugging at the top button of his shirt

He catches her and lifts her in his am, into the bed

He asks...

s-You want it out?

She pulls his shirt out of his pants..bolne mein time waste nhai karna

She feels the same urgency that he is feeling

She wants to belong to him.. to be with him.. to be his

Sujal lovesss the passion in her

s-Wild cat !

He actually exclamates and jumps on her pulling down her bath robe to her bossoms

Her soft pink bossoms...he always fantazised about

He licks the hollow of her breast kissing her there lining it

He slides up again

Kashish was twisting and moaning with pleasure holding him tight and pressing herself close to him

He looks at her pretty face brushing off the wild strands of hair off her pretty face

She whispering his name..mutteirng sweet nothings

He has a sudden grin remembering something

He touches his thumb to her lips

She clutches his hand ni her hand and pulls him down for another long searing kiss running his hands down her spine returning the favour

s-Bite wild cat.. torture me as much as you want

Kashish giggles...hooks a leg around his and rolls him over so she can be at top now

Now she can explore all she wants

Sujal obeys her command happily

She cover his chest with kisses and little nips...moves down.. exactting revengful pleasure from him...kissing a wet trial to his navel.. and then blowing hot air into it

Sujal moans harddd

He loves it so mmuch...he mas massaging her spine..he grabs her hard

Then she presses her lips from head to his stomach momentarily and tugs at his pants- off

He pulls her up exploring his fingers on her bossom ...circular motions around her nipples...trialing them with wet kissed

Kashish moans and then bites down on his neck.. giving him the hiickey he was asking for

Sujal moans and chuckls with ecstasy...takes her nameee


He wanted to bite her but was afraid somewhere of hurting her delicate skin

He doesn't want any discomfort to her

She is like his china doll

Kashish licks the place where she had bitten like a cat with a bowl of cream moving back to his lips slowly.. poori neck aur ears ko explore karte hue

Sujal traces from her navel to her collar bone..with his finger

She shivers with pleasure

He rubs his chin playfully to her shoulders...his small spikes of hair on his face...causing her sweet torture

Kashish moans at the slow exquisite torture

He was about to take off her last clothing but stops in middle and sits still

Kashish is like...don't stop..God please don't stop

She is grabing ad clutching him trying to draw him back to her

He kisses her feet, the fingers moving to to her calves knees and thighs

Then again he stops

After he is done doing that she hooks her legs around his.. so that he won't get away and so that he would hurry

But Sujal moves away slightly and sits silently looking tensed

Kashish looks all hot and flushed and aroused.. barely stoping her self from screaming in protest of Sujal's withdrawing

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spvd IF-Addictz

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part 47
nice part...
bechari Kashish kya kya karna padtha hai usse...

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spvd IF-Addictz

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part 48
nice part...
cont soon dear...

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 1:01am | IP Logged
Good 1 ClapClap... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed i also wanna know when sujal ordered flowers so early morning LOLLOLLOL
but it was surely sweet of him SmileSmile

guess Italy flight SK surely gonna miss LOLLOLLOLLOL & i am dreading an interruption ahead LOL whoever it gonna be Sujal will kill him/her LOLLOLLOLLOL

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing part cont soon

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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**Adult Content**

But Sujal moves away slightly and sits silently looking tensed

Kashish looks all hot and flushed and aroused.. barely stoping her self from screaming in protest of Sujal's withdrawing

Kashish bhi uth kar baithti hai covering herself a bit giving  a questioning look

He kisses her cheek

s-Baby you are lovely

Keeps her head on his chest and pats her head

Kashish sighs relaxing instatntly against him

k- Don't leave me Sujal..please

s-Kash..I am not's...I can't do you...this would be difficult for..for you...I can't do this to you...

She looks at him wht can't he do? Did he have some sexual problem...?

k- What would be difficult?

She asks looking at him innocently eyes still dark with strung up passion

He looks at her

s-I don't have a condom

Kashish looks at him with a 'What?!that's it?!' expression


She gets off and go gets her purse and dumps evrything on the bed...saare condom packs wahin nikal jate hain that shop keeper gave instead of change that day

Sujal laughs

For a while he laughs like a maniac

Kashish looks at him ki joke kya hai

k- What's so funny? and circumstances..I ws so disappointed..but you hv them. Bless the shopkeeper

She looks at him like ki pagal ho gaya hai talking nonsense in mid of something so intene

He then calms down...pulling her close to him again and then their lips are sealed in a kiss

She can feel him trying to come inside her

She starts kissing him again and they resume thier lovemaking without anymore stops this time...

They are satisfied yet too exhausted after it

They fall asleep together in ach other arms

Beech mein Ria aati hai, knock karte hue

Dono so rahe the

Sujal jaldi se bhaag ke uthke usse chup karane jaata hai as his Kashish his sleeping

Kashish ki neend disturb nahi honi chahie

Sujal jaldi mein gaya

Darr tha ki Kashish uth naa jaye aur Ria zyada halle naa macha le

Adha khola door jaldi se chehra nikala

s-Ria hushhh'

Ria looks at this and goes wide eyed with shock, embarrasement and astonishment

Ria- S..s u..Sujal t..tum.. aise?

Mooh nikalo to torso tak dikhta hai

s-Sshhh what do you want?

Ria- Kashhhisshh?

s-Shhh she is sleeping. I don't want to wake her up. Go

Ria again looks jahan tak Sujal dikh rha tha...and then at her watch..

Ria-Dude... subah ke 11 baje? Wow!!

 He raises an eyebrow

She tries to peek in and have a glimpse lekin gives up as Sujal kaafi achhe se block kar raha tha

Ria-ahem I mean... well you know... umm I'll come later

s-Yeah please

Sujal band kar deta hai

Ria keh kar khisak leti hai aur sabko info broadcast kar deti hai

Mazze ke liye sab sochte hain ki mazaak kiya jaye..

Phone karke house keeping se kehte hain ki Kashish ke kamre se request aayi hai safai ke... its Raj's revenge for 'fire'incident...raat bar store mein soya tha wo

Sujal to aaram se Kashish ko bahon mein leke so raha tha

House keeping wale aaye to Sujal bechra phir kisi tarah se samjha bhuja kar wapas bhejta hai

Crystal aur Ria to gossip mein lag rahi hain

Ria-She was setting him for me you knw

Crystal-Yeah and he also wanted to date me but noo way I totallly got the get off  my property vibes from her when I tried it with Sujal... but I guess their chemistry was too strong. This had to happen

Ria-Kashish is dumb...everybody guessed she liked him...everybody has seen in vegas..hai naa

Crystal-Sujal too was seemed to be chnating her name in drunk stuporbut  he ket a tight control when he wa sober ...

Ria-But ppl say naa..people say the truth when they are drunk

Crystal-Drunk man's words are sober man's thoughts

Raj and Zach bhi baithe the wahi..

Raj bhi Sujal ki saari poll pati khol raha tha ki..  wo to mauka dhuntda rehta tha to side up with Kashish.. uske paas jane ke.. Kashish hi thi jo on off signal deti rehti thi

Sab khush hain ki chalo bhai tension khatam hui dono ke beech ki...

Udhar Sjal ghadi dekhta hai ki 2 baje hain..aur late kiya to flight miss ho he decides to wake her up

He snuggles close to her and gives her a slow kiss

He kisses her slowly on her lips to wake her up moving his fingers on her tresses


She smiles in her sleep and respponds naturally to him.. murmering his name

s-Kasie..get up..

He lighty brushes his unshaven facial hair to her cheek

s-We have to get up...have to go Italy

Kashish opens her eyes low and langurous...

He kisses her forehead

She gives him as atisfied cat's smile

He also smiles

k- O we have to?

He kisses her again

She puts her arms around his neck and kisses him back

s-Well..I can stay here whole day..and love you day and night. I so wish to do that. Kiss you some more

Kashish smiiles kissing him as he is speaking

Sujal hides his face into the curve of her neck..snuggling and kissing her

Kashish dheee dheree waking up

He grabs her and rolls..she is on his top

s-You will love me this?

Kashish nods


She kisses his nose


She kisses his lips

He kisses him back

Another 'yes' and Kashish moves down and then 'yes' and goes lower ki Sujal ki navel tak pohonch gayi to hosh aaya aur neend khuli

k-SUJAL! Humein Italy jana hai!!!! Tumhare bhai ki shaadi hai!!!!

He smiles, pulls her up and pins her to his chest

s-Shaadi abhi nahi hai. Actually I have a better idea. Let's drop the idea and stay in the bed..forever

k-Drop what idea? Don't be ridiculous... hum jaa rahe hain.. aise thode hota hai...tumme promise kiya hai apne bhai se

He snuggles closer to her nibbling her

Kashish moans getting swayed by the passion into staying in bed


She was moaning his name

He is giving wet kisses on her neck

She moves her hand restlessky on his back.. his head pressing close to her lips

He is lightly gliding his hands in circular pattern on her bossom

Sujal lightly rubs his thumb to her lips

Kashish dig her nails in his shoulder pulling him closer ...wanting him to continue

She ducks his thumb but she wants his mouth

He comes closer..from her collar bone to hollow of her neck kissing her all the while...his wet kisses...then her chin

She groanswith anticipation and wait

His lips are just inch apart from her

He lightly presses his lips to her starting to press deeper

She invites him allowing him to go as deep as he wants


His annoying phone rings

Kashish moans in protest not letting him go

Sujal reaches for the phone with his hand...kisisng her simultenously

Presses it to his ear

Par Kashish honth chode tab to hello bole naa

Kashish tries to take the phone away... how dare an annoying peice of metal interupt?

Udhar se bro 'hello hello'

Idhar se Sujal 'ummm..ummm'

Kashish is giving him the hottet torrid kis lage ki aese mauke bar baar nahi aate... uthalo jitna faida utha sakte ho

Sujal pushes the phone to a bhi naa kiya...full concentration on her

He rolls down her...she is on top...allowing her to do..whatsover she wishes to him

This time Kashish returns the fvor of revious time

Sujal ka bhai bhi samjh gaya ki ho kya rah hai..

Bhai ke saath maa bhi thi

Maa ne puch rahi hai..kya keh raha hai

Bhai phone kaat deta hai kehke maa se ki signal prob lem tha baad mein phone karte hain

Ria aur gang are thinking ki Sujal Kashish lunch pe bhi nhi aaye

Yahaan dono lage hue hain.. driving each other to hieghts of passionate pleasure

Finally exausted they fall back into each others arms agin

Dono thak gaye... bones melted wih seductive contentment

Dono ek dosre ki bahon mein lying like lovers...

Sujal ka stomach grumbles zor se...He realizes bhook lagi hai...bhook par yaad aya ki plane bhi mis ho gaya ..plane se yaad aya phone jo beech mein aaya  tha

Kashish looks at him hearing his stomach grumble and grins

k-Hungy for food?

He nods

k-Lets order room service...


She nods

He gets up and walks to get the menu

s-Wht do you want?

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ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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the up is sooo hot
thank god its apleasant whether otherwise would have to turn on the AC heheee
and yaar the condoms gets utilised
plz cont soon

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 4:54am | IP Logged
awesome cont soon

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