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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 31)

-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
Italy trip is on schedule Big smileBig smile ...hope they dont end up fighting before dat TongueLOLLOL... 

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 11:12am | IP Logged


Kashish ko bhi zyda kuch samjh aata nahi Sujal ke mood swing bechari kya kare ? Poocha bhi tab hi kuch nahi kaha...

Ab tv bhi  mute kar diya..

Ek Italian movie aa rahi thi english subtitles ke sath ek kisi channel mein wo hi dekhne lag jaati hai

To dekhte dekhte 10 min baad

k- Sujal?


k-Si bello iska kya matlab htoa hai?

s-You are handome


k- Aur andando. ka?


k- hmmm

4-5 word aur poochti hai Sujal se trying to undertand Italian..

k-Matlab I ko io kehte hain and you  ko ..voi?


He laughs

k- Kya hua?

He pulls her cheek

k- Isme joke kya tha? Kya maine galat bola?



s-It was alright. You are a fast learner

She smiles

k-Grazie [thank you]

She says turning her back to tv dono hath folds on top edge of bed and puts her face on top


He come closer..smelling her hair...really close

She fronws in confusion

k- Kaun bella?

s-Voi [you]

k-Mai to Kashish hoon.

s-Kashish e bella

k-ohhh I am beautiful?

Closing his eyes ..smeliing her hair..closer he moves...wriglin his other hand slowly on other cheek

She blushes afetr the meaning and the actions sink in

Bechari wahin zameen par statue sa freeze ho gai phir

He kisses her forehead

Kashish smiles at him

k- You are really handome too, you know..

Bina kuch aur zyada soche.. he caresses his face and kisses his forehead too

He closes his eyes

And pulls her towards him

She is on top of him her hairs curtaining the world from him

Kashish closes her eyes and takes a deep breath

She wants to drown in his scent...

He pulls her closer

He wants to give her the ample oppurtunity

He slides away his vest

s-I always want you to be this close..[He whispers in his low tone]

Instinvely Kashish slides her hand to mid his chest spreading her fingers feeling his heat his heart, his body  his muschels

She wants to rub her face there and purr like a cat

He is playing with her tresses

Once again very conviniently dono bhul gaye ki Raj wahin bagal mei so raha hai

Sujal is massaging his hands around her waist and lower back

She lowers her face to his neck  breathing hard. blowing warm puffs of exhaled breath on his neck. barely touching her face to his kin

Just a little brush of her lips  here touch there... her hair gliding along her face covering his chest marking him as her property

He puts his chin her ample space to tease him

Unable to resist anymore she puts her lips to the pulsing vein on his neck

He shuts his eys...the sensation was like fire on ice

She sucks his skin there and then kisses it gently.. leaving it to beat alone frantically

Every nerve of his body is pulsating and throbbing

Slowly she continues to move down

He moans softly

He loves what she does to him..completely loves her every move...she is a dream

Her lips are leaving a trail of kisses from his neck to his chest just where his heart is...she wil have his heart...moanin a little.. she rubs her lips and cheeks a aginst his chest

He moans.[darling]

Kashish ko to kuch sunai sa nahi de raha hai.. agar abhi koi aakar chilla bhi de to wo shayad hi sunegi...

He slightly holds her nape clutching the skin of her back

He pulled down the sleeve slightly down her shoulder massaging her creamy skin

Moving to his shoulder she gives him a small bite again leaving a trial of kisses...she moves to kiss and cuddle his ear...

He gives a small exctasic moan..chuckles

Kashisj too is murmuring insensible things moaning a low all the time

He nibbles her shoulders...licking the area sensually

k- Kiss me...

She whispers in his ears running her hands all over his exposed hot body

He passionately pulls her up, and grabs the back of her head

He plants his lips on her...turning it into a juicy, exploring, tongues, sans breath smooch not leaving her for a second

Kashsish also returns the kiss equally passionatly no holds bar...her hand pulling slightly on his hair... the other one flexing on his shoulder...

His hands are exploring her back and spine dragging down her t-shirt

Kashish ko to hosh nahi hai ki ho kya raha hai

Sujal ko tha...par Kashish ne itna seduce sa kiya ki he forgot everything in arousal

He is moving his hands on sides of her body circling his thumb on her skin

Ab Raj stirs a little

Ek haath aata hai.. groping around... between Sujal and Kashish looking for something

Raj mutters neendo mein

Raj- Oye Sujal.. meri bottle de...

Sujal rolls over...he is on Kashish now...her fingers entangled with his still kissing her rose petal lips

Kashish bhi alarmed ho jaati hai ki yeh kya hai

To hosh aaya ki Raj bhi  wahin hai.. dono akele nahi hai kamre mein

k- Sujal.. Raj

She says turning her face away

Sujal pulls her face towards him hungry for the kiss

k- Raj!! Sujal !!

She starts to struggle a little


His weight on his arms he looks sideways

s-f*** the drunken b*****

He again clinges to Kashish kissing her neck

Kashish's jaw drops in disbelief at Sujal;s action

k- What? No! Nahi Sujal ruko please

She puts her palm oh his chset trying to push him away

He holds her face...still high on arousal

s-He wont get up...doll

She shakes her head in no

He frowns

Kashish all flushed...even neck down

But her eyes are stubborn.. passion disolving into logic like ice under a blazing sun

She can feel that he is badly aroused but she can help it.. wo kis ke samne kuch nahi karegi.. chahe wo Raj so raha ho ya koi murda ho

Sujal gets up cursing Raj

s-f**************** ************************

Muttering 2-4 gaaliyaan

Raj nebhi sote sote Sujal ko return mei 2-3 gali dede.. jaise thnako you same to you

Kashish quickly pulls her cloths down looking highly embarrased and flushed.. giving Raj and then Sujal wide eyes glance ki wo thodi dere ke liye bhool bhi kaise gai ki wo akele nahi hain...

Sujal baitha hai sar neeche karke

k-I.. I ... I... forgot about him when you... and then he moved his hand and then we...I am sorry.

Sujal looks at Raj

Raj dusri side mudd gaya

Sujal looks at Raj then at Kashish then again jumps on Kashish again joining his lips to hers

Kahsish stares at Sujal ki is he really serious?!!!

She doesn't kiss him back

She pushes him away

k- Sujal stop it!

He looks at her still passion and arousal prevalent in his eyes

She is feeling all hot and bothered too..

Her heart wont quiet down and heat wouldnt leave her face.. lekin her mind... salla dimaag cooporate hi nhai kar raha

k- We cant do this...

Sujal looks at her


He opens his arms for a hug

She sinks into his hug relaxing a little.. thinking that Sujal is more reasonable again

He picks her up in his arms

She puts her hand around his neck automatically

He walls into the bathroom, and closes the door with his feet

Locks it and puts her down

k- Sujal?

Kashish samjh nhai aaya ki bathroom mein kyun aa gaye

Alhtough she had an affair it was all string less sex... zyada possibilities and position explore nahi ki hai Kashish ne

Sujal turns on the shower of the bath tub wetting her in the water

k- oh! Sujal!! Kya kar rahe ho? Geeli ho rahi hoon main!!

She tries to get away from spray of water

He also jumps into the water

k- Tumhe nahana hai nahao.. meain naha li

Sujal starts to kiss her from the ankle going up...brushing his lips to her soft skin

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
hot part cont soon

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Blushing...for once i also forgot abt Raj LOLLOLLOL thot they were alone TongueTongue...thank god Raj was too sleepy didn't realized anything LOLLOL...& yes!! make him sleep him more & dont wake him up to use bathroom else Sujal gonna murder him right there & then ROFL
as 4 SK have fun LOLLOLLOLLOL

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 10:29am | IP Logged


Sujal turns on the shower of the bath tub wetting her in the water

k- oh! Sujal!! Kya kar rahe ho? Geeli ho rahi hoon main!!

She tries to get away from spray of water

He also jumps into the water

k- Tumhe nahana hai nahao.. meain naha li

Sujal starts to kiss her from the ankle going up...brushing his lips to her soft skin other hand rubbing her other leg

She is plasstered agaisnt the wall one hand franticlly searching for knob to tun it off

k- S...Sujal...?

She looks scandalizedand woried

Paani se kapde chipak rahe hain Kashish ke...she is getting transperant

k- Sujal.. yahan ye...

Ek haath se she finally turns of f the wather to dekha ki haila I am in see through kadpe

She holds the cloth away from her body so it doesnit stick and looks more opaque

k- S...Sujal...

Shee says again trying to get her legs away from his grip


He is holding back of her knee with one had...kissing it

k- Yeah.. Sujal hum bathroom mein hai!!!

s-I know [he replies in a low tone]

Her knees are begining to shake threatening  to collapse

He sits down..sliding her down on his lap

k- Sujal ! Hum bathroom mei hai!!

She says loudly to him

s-Shhh I know...I know baby

k- but.. Its bathroom...we can't

s-Tell me..where do you wanna go. I'll take you there. Wherever you say [his low seducing whisper]

k- Huh?

Kashish feels herself getting lost under his spell again

Hurriedly she gets up and move away


He calls her

k- Sujal..please..

She says from the wall farthest away from Sujal tryin to wring water form her clothes without exposing much

He gets up and gets out throwing away some toilery with a hugeee clunkkk

Kashish is astonished at his sudden voilence

She puts her hand to her ears.. in shock

k- Tum kya kar rahe ho?!

Sujal chala gaya shutting the door behind him so hard tht it almost fell off its hook

He is super irritation...uska mood koi kharab nahi karta

Pata nahi aise beech mein why dids he back out...some stupid girlie logic of her...everything was so perfect...pata nahi beech mein ye...***** Raj

Wahan Raj ek drunk gana ga raha hai sharab par palang par sote sote

Sujal goes and kicks him hard

Raj gets up wih a howl

Raj- ooowww???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

s-Uth jaa s*********

Raj-WHAT??!! Kyun?

He says settling back to sleep

s-Abbey uthhh [another kick] c********** [ek aur kick]

Raj- Oyre band kar. Tujse to baad mien nipat lunga

s-Abbey ****** utha nahi naa tujhpe sharaab daalke abhi jala dunga

Raj finally thoda hosh mei akar sits up

Raj- Kya hai?!

s-Uth bey! Waise aur daru kahan hai

Raj-Wahin aas paas ki table par

s-Sab to khali hai. Subah se ek boond nahi pii. Ab main full tight hona chahta hoon. Sab khatam kardi kya tune? Tunn saale tu c******* hai k******** s********

r- Haan haan tu konsa kam hi?

Raj opens a bottle and jhands it to Sujal

Sujal takes a huge swig...bottoms up

Raj gives him a drunk smile himselves takes swing or two aur bhir yaad aya ki aaj ki dawai nahi li to wo jakar leta hai...

Kashish bechare bathroom ke andar apni transparent condiiton ka kuch karne ki kohish kar rahi hai

s-Oye sunn k**** 5 min bahar jaa

Raj0- Kyun $%!^! Mera kamre bhi hai

Sjal signals..from his thumb ki andar Kashish hai bathroom mein

Raj- To? Main kyun bahar jau?

s-s******** marega naa mere haath se

Raj gives s a disgusted look..lekin phir ghadhi dekhi

Raj-Theek hai main jakar Ria or Zach ko hadkaata hoon tu apni...[point to door] ko sambhal le

Sujal gives a thumbs up

Raj nikal jata hai akar Ria aut zach ko uthata hai tayar hone ko kehta hai

Udhar Sujal awaaz lagata hai Kashish ko

s-Kashhh come can come out now

k- umm can you give me something to wear?

s-emm..yeah..ok...emm...there must be my bath robe inside

k- That's wet ok fine..emm

He gives a shirt lying there

Kashish le leti hai... fir poochti hai ki bas shirt aur kuch nahi dega...ab lekin kahe bhi to Sujal ki shrit sleeves rolled she comes out looking flushed... the shirt is smelling of him...baal bhi geele ho gaye phir se...

Sujal was sipping frm bottle laid on the arm under his head

He looks at her without moving his head

k-emm do you think Riaa and Zach would be done by now?

s-Yeah..Raj went to check them out

k-oh ok.. I'll...umm go and get ready...

Kashish khisakti khisakti pohonchti hai gate tak

Dheere se gate kholkar she slips out

Wo pohonchti hia kamre mei...

Ria was there...dressing up

She turns


She stops mid way...her eyes widened seeing Kashish's attire and she has naughty grin


Kashish walks in pretending as if everything is normal even though there is a tell tale blush to the tips of her toe

Jakar jaldi se kapde nikalti hai...and goes into bathroom to chnage

Ria exclaimates

Ria-Naughy naughtyyy

Kashish to khus gia bathroom meni she pretends to not have heard

Ab sab ready ho jaate hain jaane ke liye

Zach was already thre

Ria and Zach were snoggin when Kashish comes out

k- ahem ahem... tum dono ka break ho to chale?

Ria had dresed s**tyly as ever

They beak apart and nod

Sujal aur Raj bahar khade hoke kisi private joke pe hass rahe the

Kashish agge bhadkar kamr ese bahar nikal jati hai

Kashish Raj aur Sujal ki taraf dekhkar ek general se smile pas karti hai.. phir Sujal ko dekh kar thodi lambi thodi aur sweet aur happy smile pass karti hai

He nods and smiles back

k - Sab ready?

Sujal touches her spine lightly and guides her out as he walks after her

He only knows wo kaise control mein aaya hai...normal mode pe

He was pleasantly surprised seeing the wild side of Kashish...wanna explore it more...dying for it...craving

Agar Kashish bol de aaj akele yahin ruk jaate hai...nahi jao...Sujal would jump

He briefly puts his arm arnd her shoulder

Kashish bhi object nahi karti aram se settles back

To sab pohonchte hain..

Ria and Zach give Sujal and Kashish few looks and then smile and then whisper and then make out..

Kashish thinks at least Sujal had decency...he isn'st into vulgar despones

Raj apni bottle ke saath alag duniya mein mast hai.. phone pe Crystal se pooch raha hai kab aogi

Sujal beech mein Raj se bottle cheen leta hai


Kashish opens her mouth to object but then bite her lips and says nothing

s-Abhi se pii lega

Raj- Kyun nahi? Kuch farak thodi padega..

He grins...snatches the bottle back and starts drinking again

They reach the dim lighted place

Zach -Ready for 110 cocktails??


k- 110!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you all MAD???!!


Kashish Sjal ki taraf dekhti hai...not happy at all

Sujal squeezes Kashish..'s the last day...

k-To liver fail karane ka plan hai?

He whispers in her ears...

s-Tumhare hote hue, thode naa kuch ho sakta hai...jaan bhi tumhe chodke jaane se mana kar degi

k-Zyada dialog mat maro.. Italian to tum ho hi... upar se piikar tum aur bhi ashique ho jaate ho

s-Maine nahi pii

Kashish ne Sujal ko dekha th pite hue when she got out of the bathroom

Sujal to usse kuch maanta hi nahi

Aaj to sab ne uske upar 2 pills li hai

All of them hit the bar

Ria-Le'ts try all of them

Kashish is frowning and  giving disaproving looks through out

Zach-Let's have a compettetion

s-Sit [He gestures to Kashish]

Kashish chup baith jati haii.. usse bhi pata hai koi nahi sunega...

Wahan Crystal bhi pohonch jaati hai

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
part 43
yeh Raj kabab mein haddi hai...
but Sujal OMG too romantic...
cont soon dear...

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged
part 44
nice part...
once again nasha and drinks...
cont soon dear...

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
aww poor sujal always end up incomplete LOLLOLLOL...hope he gets his full time soon WinkLOLLOL...
& Raj will surely be killed by sujal one day LOLLOLLOL

Last day LOLLOL party abhi baki hai LOLLOLLOLLOL

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