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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 29)

-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 3:24am | IP Logged
aww felt bad for sujal...poor him itni mehnat ki surprise ke liye but kashish ko pasand nahi aaya Confused cant blame her since she is scared of heights ConfusedConfusedConfused...but i guess Sujal must have loved scary kashish clinging to himLOLLOLLOL ...

hope Sujal disloses soon whats is in his heart WinkWink

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 11:03am | IP Logged
part 38
lovely part...
Sujal is so full of flirt and flattering...
cont soon dear...

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 11:33am | IP Logged


k-You are a flaterrer..  [and a flirt...she thinks]...I am not that great eiher..

s-You don't know your worth. I had decided I won't get married or be in a relation but I guess now..people have to reconsider

k- Why did you decide to never be in a relation or gettiing marrried?

s-Well...well...I..I never knew you existed

Sujal gives his flirty side grin while Kashish goes all red

k- Chup karo.. pii li hai tumne zyada...

She mutters...

He smiles.

s-.Strawberry I aen't drunk

Kashish release a puff of breath blowing air out of her eyes..

k- Tum aisi baatien tab hi karte ho when you get drunk...

k- acha batao.. hum Italy kitne dino ke liye jayenge?

s-I told you as long as you wanna stay

k-Tum kabhi kuch theek se nahi batate ho... mere mann se kya matlab hai.. kaam tumhe hai;main to aise hi aa rahi hoon.. aur tumhe India mein kaam nahi karna hai kya? Velle ho gaye ho bilkul? Aise thode hi chalta hai

s-I don't know...kitne din kaam chalega. India office is the branch of Italy office. It's all the same

k-oh to I guess we should stay for a week , right? usse zyada to kya rahenge... but tumhari bhai ki shaadi ki date bhi to nahi pata abhi... I guess agar shaadi aur baad ki hui to tum ruk jana main wapsa chali jaungi

s-Kash...apna dimaag zyada istemaal mat kiya karo...waise bhi kam hai...[playfully knocks on her head]. Come lets go..kitna khaogi?

k- Main kitna khaungi? Tumm kotna piyoge..mera khana kab ka khatam ho gaya!! Aur bhagwan ne dimag diya hai to use kyun na karu uska?

s-Kam hai naa..khatam ho jayega to. I am worried

He is giglin under his breath

Kashish playfully punches his shoulder

k-Chup raho..

He mounts the bike

s-You wanna go somewhere else or back?

k- Kahin aur chalte hai!!


k-Anywhere you say.. except a place at height...

s-Kash...your choice now. Where do  you wanna go?


s-Jeez! Museum bass bachce aur school teacher jaati hain


Kashish thinks hard

k-emm..Ido't know...yahan kya acha hai...

s-Main sggest karun?


s-How about a ride in the sky? Helicopter tour?

k-ummm it safe?

s-No..I am jst gonna push you frm there..that's why I am taking you

k-Mazak  mat karo..! I mean... gate thodi hota hai helicopter meni..hota hai kya?

s-Is this even a question?

Kashish bites her lip...uska mann to bohot ho raha hi lekin darr bhi bohot lag raha hai..her eyes shine but hands tremble

k- Agar mujhe kuch hua naa... then my ghost will haunt you to eternity!

s-Kash...[he touches her shoulder warmly]...I am there no. Nothing will happen. They have parachutes too

k-oh they do? Chalo pir!!

She grins ear to ear happily

k-You know..mera hamesha se mann bada tha upar se land dekhne ka.. but always I have been so afraid...

He smiles

k-I am so glad you are raking me there.. aur tumm nahi hote are the best ...!

She kisses his cheek out of hapiness

He smiles..slightly flushed...Kashish aisa karegi to, Sujal to aasmaan mein hi ghar banale

Kashish looks at his reaction and giggles...muh chupake

He tries to act as if nothing happened

s-Come; we will get it from the top floor of this 25th floor building

k- 25? ok..

Her stomack queches at the word

They take a transparent lift..

Kashish is holding on tight to Sujal's hand whith both her hands muttering lift 'andar nai laga sakte the... steel ki nhai laga sakte the.. 25th se jaane ka kya matlab hai...

Sujal srely loves heights now

Kashish ko lagta hai ki bahar ke bajaaye Sujal ko hi dekh lo, ussi pae concentrare kar lo

Sujal ne to achche se Kashish ko kaafi close thama hua tha

She touches underside of his chin with a finger

k- You nicked yourself while shaving...did it hurt?

s-I did? I didn't notice

She nods..

k-Dhyan kahna tha umhara?

s-Bata doon

He whispers with a sly grin

She slowly glides her figer acoss his neck to near his ear

k- Another small one here...

Sujal's heart is fluttering.

He wanted to grab her and kiss her hard

She trokes his ear and cheek a little... feeling the texture of his cheek

k- Dhyaan kyun nahi rakhte tum apna?

s-Sab main tum kya karogi...

He whispering in a low humm in her ear

k-Mujhe shave karni nahi aati... naai rakhwa lein?

She whispers back

s-Dhyaan rakhna to aata hai

He touches his lips to the curve of her ear

He lifts her chin up

She is looking straight into his eyes..lost in the moment...hypnotized in hi arms

He bends down  hiding her face with his

Kashish ko kya pata...Sujal ne arousal mein lift rok di bech mein stop button dabake

Sujal is moving close to Kashish pinning her to the wall

Kashish to khoi hui hai

k-Phirr... I.I... phir?

He tilts his head..touches his lips to her and strts ibbling her lips slowly slightly increasing the passion..urgin her to part her lips

Kashish moans a litle.. pressing closer to him

She reponds to him... follows him however he leads

It becomes a 3 mniute non beath smooch

He is masaaging her spine and lower back with his motions

Kashish is a blushing strwbery by now..

He parts for a second to breath and let her breath then again presses his lips to her supporting her head on his arm grabbing her tightly

She curls her arms aroundhis neck.. giving herself completly to the kiss...her knees weakend.. she clings to him for support..

He grabs her by waist..tight pressing her more to his body

As lift ruki thi to authorities again restart it

Lift phir chalne lagti hai

Sujal parts a bit both are panting

s-F*** the chopper...I jst wanna love you

His eyes are oozing passion

k-- Huh??

She come back down o earth

k-f... the helicopter? The helicopter! Hum abhi tak lift mei hai!!

 She gasps looking here and there

k- We.. we..

She becomes tomato red aand gaps as she realizes what just happened

He is still playing with the strands of her hair

She presse her hand to her slightly swollen lips.

k-We.. this...

Sujal is looking at her with his pitch black brooding eyes

Kashish moves away a bit from him...stiffening.. looking wary and confused and perplexed and strung up

Sujal was gazing at her with full passionate eyes

She closes her eyes and turns her face away from him.. her blush had reached her neck .. and lower but only neck was visible so...

k- We go...

She says clearing her throat.. her voice was smoky and scracthy... [sexy sounding... bed voice]

k- I... yes we should go...maybe this was a bad idea

s-It was the best idea!

He holds her waist lightly  [his voice sexier. huskier]

She shakes her head.. her hold body trembling.. shivers racing down her spine at his touch

He smiles seductively..side grin..

s-You are acting a like school girl

k- And..this... we shouldn't.. we are friends..

She shakes her head again to clear her thoughts to stop getting lost again

s-bBut you care about me..and more, isnt it?

k- ..this has nothing to do... friends care for each other... and this... we'll forget this happened

s-I dont wanna forget anything. I loved the moment, cherish it. Want it to happen again and again and again...every second..every moment

Her cheekc again acqire color

k-Sujal tumm.. please... try to understand this...yeh nahi hona chahiya's not wise

Sujal retrieves back..

s-I can't help your thinking

Sujal nikalke starts to walk towards the helicopter

Kashish presses her self to the wall opposit him for a second then starts to slowly follow him after making sure her vreathing and heart beat are again somewhat normal

She follows him keeping 5 paces away from him

s-If you don't wanna go then we can leave

She just shrugs...

She is lost for the moment aching to go back to hi arms.. she is even more frightened of the consecuences of going back to him than the heights...helicopter to bachha hai compared to her inner torment

As they reach the chopper

Sujal give his hand to her helping her climb

She accepts his hand and climbs in.. while her hands are cold by now..

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 12:25pm | IP Logged

loved their kiss...he wants more while she is not sure abt it...

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
Agree with sujal helicopter ride is the bestest idea till date LOLLOLLOL as at the end its he who gained EmbarrassedTongueLOLhe got wat he wanted to do since longTongueTongue may be while shaving he was thinking abt it only LOLLOLLOL
hope kashish's inner conflict solves out soon SmileSmile...

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 8:53am | IP Logged
part 39
lovely kiss...
nice part...
cont soon dear...

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 11:33am | IP Logged


s-If you don't wanna go then we can leave

She just shrugs...

She is lost for the moment aching to go back to hi arms.. she is even more frightened of the consecuences of going back to him than the heights...helicopter to bachha hai compared to her inner torment

As they reach the chopper

Sujal give his hand to her helping her climb

She accepts his hand and climbs in.. while her hands are cold by now..

He sits beside her

s-Fasten the seat belt

She fumbles with it.. her fingers aren't working properly nor does she know how to

He helps her and fastens it for her

Inside sujal is wondering..why is she acting like a school if its her 1st time..he knew she had a prev affair

They take off

Sujal was lookin out

He thought itni hi problen hai Kashish ko to who is he to persuade her

Kashish kaafi tensly baithi hai apni seat mein.. wo bhi dekh rai hahi bahar but hardly leaning outide..bas moving her eyeballs to look around

Her main problem is that she doesn't want to lose what they have right now for a single night of pleaure.. coz if she agrees to that she would never have any self esteem left and if Sujal promises a relationship..she is afraid that they may brekup one day after all she is nothing great and Sujal can have anyone he wants

He starts playing soccer in his mobile

Then achanak sar uthake looks at Kashish direct

Kashish1 min ke liye Sujal ko dekhe fir 15 sec bahar dekhe

She  turns to look at Sujal to find him already looking at her

He looks straigh into her and now she can't look away

He has his focused laser stare on her

She is getting a laser surgery of hert in tht direct attack

He has some power of staring with his pitch black eyes..without even blinking

He keeps on doing tht

Ab to Kashish bahar ka bhi bhool gai sab

Inadvertly she leans ever so slightly towards him... ki kisi ko pata bhi na chala... aur Kashish ke dimag se saari duniya gayab

Wahans saamne baitha guide bata raha hai dikha raha hai. par ab to uski awaaz bhi sunai nahi de rahi

Sujal puts his hand in he hair sliping her hair between his fingers

She leans her face to brush against his palm..her eyes unaable to blink look away to close to savour the moment..

He can't do anything but stare back...her creamy skin touching his palm..

He slowly starts rubbing his thumb to her cheek in slow circular motion

She parts her lips a little in anticipation...her mind is dissolbed in ecstacy.. her hert pumping furiously

He moves his thumb closer to her lips slowly gliding his thump frm one corner of her lips to other...but not even touching her...[his sweet torture]

 She kisses his thumb

Sujal presses his thumb further to her lips wetting it

He wants her to suck it

Kashish  licks his thumb a little and then bites it teasingly... then licks it again...hard wet suck

Sujal is satisfied with her teasing skills

He bites his lips in arousal

Sujal ka to mann h..abhi jhapat le

He rubs his thumb to her lips..bit hard

She takes his thumb further into her mouth but not fully... she's a tease...

He lovesss it...his imagination running wild

Both of them can't help but moan and their breathing is escalated too

Sujal grabs her har close to him..

.s-Bite me me hard

He has animalistic passion in eyes

Helicoptor and guide ko lagta hai ki time and paise kyun waste kiya jaye and time bhi khatam sa hona wala tha flight ka...

So they bank sharply to turn for landing...

Ooora helicopter 45 degree se tedha...

Jo Kashish muh kholi thi to obey Sujal...wo ek choti screem mein convert hogaya..

Jo heart rate pasion se badhi hui thi wo fear mein convert ho gai

Jo Sujal ne Kashish ko pakda tha...ab Kashish Sujal ko jagad ke pakad leti hai


She is grabbing his shoulders..looking terrifed and horrified and scared

s-Pilot..please take it slow...she has a fears. I am there Kash...I am there...don't worry

He is moving his hand aournd her hair and spine to calm her

She calms down a little but doesn't let go of Sujal...

k- Sujal.. can we... go ..please...on land?

s-Yes sure dear...we are landing...don't worry

He makes his grip tighter

s-We are reaching

She hides her face in his chest and just nods at his words

k-Thank you

s-Don't worry Kash..I am with you...I''ll not let anthing happn to my princess

k- I know...I am.. glad..

They land after few minutes

They get off

Kashish is stil a bit shaky from everything.. the lift the ride the horror the passion...

Sujal to mazze mein hai par afsos hai ki moment beech mein reh gaya

He has securely grabbed her choda nahi hai

s-Feeling better? Shall we have some juice?

She nods

Againn uss lift mein chadte hain to come down

Kashish still holding on to him says

k- I just want to go back.. can we go backk.. I don't want anyhting to drink...please can we go home?

He nods

s-Kash..don't worry..we are out of want water?

Kashish ke chehre ka jaise Sjal ke chest se fevicol ka jod lag gaya hai

Bechari ka chehra kisi ko dikh hi nahi raha

k- I just wanna go home please...?

s-Ok ok

Sujal jhatke se apni bike nikalta hai


Kashish baith jaati hai

She is all red and whie.. no normal color

Lips are white cheeks are flushed...

Sujal is looking at her from rear view

s-Hold tight. We will go fast

k- ook

She holds him tightly by the waist breathing deep into in hi scent

He feels ticklish

200 ki speed mein zooms...idhar udhar overtake karta hua  moving lik a snake

Kashish bhi bilkul chipak ke baithi hai Sujal se not a breath of air between them

Traffic signal pe bike rukti hai to Sujal straighnes up

Ek haath se holds her hand in his

Her hand is still cold but atleast she is not rembling now

He is trying to warm it by rubbing her hand with his

k-I was so afraid... agar... agar kuch ho jata to? And... tum... you could have.. just coz of me.. you could have been..

She murmers slowly haltingly

s-Because of you?  What because of you, what? Wht have you done? Were you driving the helicopter?

k- Agar main nahi hoti to tum kabhi wahan jaate hi nahi.. mujhe ghumane hi lekar gaye the...

She says haltingly..

Sujal could fel a little damps spot at the back of his shirt.. where Kashish was unable to hold back her tears..

k-I was soo afraid...

s-Kash's not your falt

He removes his helmet...saamne rakhta hai...kisses her hand

s-Don't worry...nothing has happened. It's just your stupid fear

k-It was.. and even if it wasn't...tum apna khayal aur thik se kyun nahi rakhte ho?

s-Ab ismein maine kya kiya?

k- You just... just keep away from dangerous things from now on

s-Which dangerous thing? Kash..stop frekaing out

k-And I know it's my stupid fear but I cant help worry

s-Nothing has happened...nothin at all. It happens during landing and you know what

He turns to her

s-You are my lady luck..nothing can happen to me if you are with me

She looks up at him huge pupy dog eyes

He kisses her hand againn

k-Then you'll keep me with you always?

He nods sincerely

k- Promise?


He smiles

Kashish sighs.. relaxing her tight grip

k- Main tumhe kabhi kuch nahi hone doongi, that's my promise

She gives a teary sincere smile

He smiles back

s-I will freak the whole world out before that

Sujal sidha hoke helmet pehenta hai, starts the ignition againn

s-Hold will jerk

Kashish ne automatically Sujal ke kehne se pehle sule ke turn hone ke just baad kass ke wapas pakad liya tha

She likes holding on tight to him

Wo mana nahi karta ki dheere pakdo.. complain nai karta ki chubh raha hai yaa bole dheere pakkdo it hurts..

She can hold on as tightly as she likes and he would not say anyhtihng to stop her

Sujal thinks he has regressed

Acting like a teenager, dying for closeness from a gal but...whtever it is..he is enjoying every moment

They reach the hotel

Sujal stops the bike with a jerk

He feels like kissing her again wo hi jaanta pe sidha kaise baitha tha while Kashish was holding him so close and tight

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
awesome part cont soon.

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