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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 28)

NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 4:50am | IP Logged

PART 37 don't have to take off cloths. It isn't mandatory

k- But its expected..

s-Fine..we will not go. Don't get mad

k- No please don't stay back on my accord. Main kisi ka ye trip kharaab nahi karna chahti and I am not mad.

s-Fine..fine..we will go to see the fountains

k-Tum fountain dekh kar bore ho jaoge.. baad mein mujhe hi sunaoge. Tum jao sabke saath beech

s-No baby..I'll just end up missing you

 Sujal bass flow mein bolta chala jaata hai

Kashish gives him stop acting weirdly look.. jaise pata nahi kya bol raha hai

k-Sujal tum aisi line practice karte ho kya roz?

s-What? No

She gives him an assessing glance

k- Nah you do practice

She says smiling a little now

s-And we will go for nice lunch too

k- Theek hai.. lekin promise karo mujhe baad mein nhai sunaoge

s-No ways. Do you think I am just about drinking and stuff

k- No..I've known you longer than this and I know you are a much deeper person.. it's just u have made this trip about just drinking and stuff. and since it's a rare vacation you are taking...I guess you deserve to be allowed to drink as much as you want and do whatever u want.. but I just worry over your health and I worry that its gone on too long..

s-It's just few days and we will be back to routine and...

He smiles

k-Isiliye maine kaha ki agar jaana hai to jao. I know you are not a compulsive drinker or a nymphomaniac was all about being and enjoying with friends..but now..I am taking you out

k- Well...I am honored then..

She grins

s-Then come lets go

He takes her to the huge fountain series in his swoon worthy bike

Sujal instructs her to hold him tight

Kashish bhi pakad leti hai tight se.. yahi mauka hai pakadne ka

He comments

s-You don't event weight anything. If you wouldn't hv held then I would have never known you are sitting there

k-Compliment dena koi tumse seekhe. Kya Italy ke saare log aise hi hote hain? Tumhari tarah baat karte hain? Smooth talking heartbreakers?

s-oh please...I am no smooth talker. I am just pure honest


s-Waise bhi Italy ki har ladki tumhari jaisi nahi hoti. Alas! Chirpy, pretty and caring

Kashish blushes and hides her face in his back lekin chup thodi reh sakti hai

k- To kya silent movie ki vamp hoti hai saari Italian girls?

Kashish ko lagta ki Sujal maa par se bas silent hatado phir age aur character bilkul fit ho jyega

s-Now I know why these college boys prefer bikes

Sujal ki bike to 180 ki speed ke neeche nahi chalti hai

Kashish chuckles

k- Tumhe aaj pata chal raha hai? Awww tumhare saari jawani ke din to barbad ho gaye!! I old now?

Kashish chup

Sujal looks behind

She smiles cheekily

Then she realizes Sujal peche dekh raha hai accident ho gaya to

She turns his face to look forward

Phir socha koi naa sath to jeene ke asaar waise hi kam hain .. issi bahne saath mar hi jayenge..

They reach the magnificent fountains

Sujal fountain ke irch girch bike le jaata hai...khub ghmte hain mazze karte hai...pure geele ho jaate hain

s-Wanna have something?

k - Yup. Waise hum Italy kitne din ke liye aja rahe hain?

s-Till I finish the work...if you wanna stay more we can

k- Nai nhai.. even I have to be back and start looking for a job again. Tumhare relatives ko ajeeb to nahi lagega main jaungi tuhare saath agar to?

s-Cut the crap..Kash!

k- Isme gussa hone ki kya baa hai.. tumhare relative hain.. maybe they can feel that they don't want an outsider in the family affair...mujhe kya pata hai.. aur waie bhi tuhari mom to badi gusse wali lagti hain..unse daant nai khaani mujhe

s-Want an ice cream?

k- Yes

s-Buy it


s-My right pocket has wallet take it out and pay

k- huhhh??!!! Tum kyun nahi la rahe ho? Idea tumhare hai ice-cream ka

s-I am on the bike and Kash its middle of the road

k-Chalo na dono chalte hai... you... bike side mei park karodo

s-Can't you see it's a no parking zone. If you don't want then I am driving

k- Theek hai theek hai ruko. Batao tum kaunsi khaoge?

She says getting off the bike

s-Just take one for you..I don't like it much. It's too sweet for my taste

k-oh... to theek hai...

Utar kar she goes to the ice-cream vendor jo bhi less meethe taste wali ice-cream hoti hai wo kharidti hai.. so she can share it with Sujal

Kashish phir aakar baithti hai

Sujal again starts zooming

Jaan bujke kass ke brake lagata hai harr time

Sujal ki driving rash hai iss par to tippani Kasish time to time de hi rahi hai at every brake and acceleration or bump on the road

k- Taste karoge?


She extends her arms around so that he can taste

Sujal to saamne dekh raha hai, accidently licks her hand

She shrieks little... moves her hand back

k- Tum ice cream baad mei hi khana

s-Sorry sorry. Come on lemme taste. How can I was a mistake. Why do you jump every time? Am I untouchable?

k- Nahi accident ho jayega waise hi tum itni zor se break lagate ho aur itni speed par bike ko chalate ho. Tum driving par concentrate karo, ice-cream phir kha lenge

s-You don't wanna share

k- I don't wann be in an accident...

Kashish says losing the argument and again offers him the ice-cream.. even though she is arguing at the same time

k- Achi lagi ?

s-hmm its nice

k- What just nice? Mujhe to kaafi achhi lagi

Kashish wapas lekar taste kar rahi hai..

He looks at himself in rear view's on my nose and lips. Whip it

k- Nakhre tumhare.. kahi roko phir saaf karungi...

s-Rokne ki kya zarurat hai? Are you's a highway

k-Ab mujhe dikh thodi raha hai ki kya saaf karn hai.. mad main hoon? Highway par drive karte hue ice-cream khaani hai tumhe...muhh saaf karwana hai tumhe...lekin pagal main hoon...waise bhi tum itni fast drive kar rahe to main apne purse se tissue kaise nikalun? Saaf kisse karun?

s-Haath se

k-Aur phir haath kahan saaf karungi, tumhari shirt se?

Kashish ko apna idea psand aa jata hai

k-Accha batao kahna lag rahi hai ice-cream?

s-Nose and lips

k-Lips par se can't you lick it off?

She says trying to figure out ki uski nose kahan hai

k-Naak kahan hai tumhari?

She asks her hand waving in touching his eye

s-In middle of my face, the thing that's' hanging out is my nose

To thoda haath neeche karti hai nose tak and thoda brushes it off

k- Hata?


Sujal ko to mazze aa rahe hain

Kashish thoda aur idhar udhar unglya hilati hai

k- Hata?


Sujal stops his bike abryptly near a huge magnificently tall metal structre

k-Yahan kahan le aaye

s-Lunch karne


s-This; you won't forget ever. It's one of its kind in the whole world. Come let's go

Kashish is all confused ki ye kaisi jagah hai

She seats on a crane kind of a machine with Sujal...which is actually in table form with two people seating arrangements

As the things starts to move uo and up Kashish is horrified

She has fear 0f heights and ye cheez to upar chade hi jaa rahi hai...trees dikh rahe hain, then buildings ke roof dikh rahe hain, poora sheher dikh raha hai...then badal bhi itne paas

She hears that they feel take them 100 feet up.

Kashish is frozen...chipak gayi Sujal se darr ke mare...pakad liya Sujal ko ache se

Sujal to muka hi dhund raha tha chipakne ka

k-S.sujal...hum... please I wanna go from here

She says hiding her face in his chest not even daring to look down's a nice place

k- no..I..I..can't..I'll throw up..mujhe uchai se bohot darr lagat hai. Please Sujal chalo na.. yahan kyo\un laaye ho.. this is so ssc..scaryy..

She speaks to hs chest

Wo upar chad gaye hain...they reach the highest point

s-This is nice Kash. I am holdingyou. Nothing will happn to you

k-No please..mujhe bohot darr lag raha hai

She is clinging to him..her fingers diging into his shoulders.. she absolutely refuses to look anywhere

s-I should have got a bottle..[He says cheekily] 1 swig..and every fear out

Kashish to chipk gayi hai Sjal se.. hilne ko chodne ko tayar nahi hai..

k- Tum mazaak mat karo!!

She say her fingers flexing.. 

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ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 5:04am | IP Logged
the up is sweet
kashish doesnt wan to go to that beach so she tells her decission sujal who doesnt wan kashsh to be alone agrees to go with her for  fountain visiting
kashish says that why he is cancelling his trip to that beach
but he said he will miss her
finally they heads
sujal and kashish are riding on a bike wow
and in that kashis i feeding ice cream to sujal what a crazy person
and sujal he wants her to wipe out the ice cream which got struck on his nose and lips
very naughty sujal
poor kashish somwhow tries to wipe it out 
plz cont soon

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 5:10am | IP Logged
LOL LOL good to know fountains won LOLLOLLOL...coz i fear what wud have happened if they went to nude beach LOLLOLLOL...

nice idea of sujal of biking, ice cream eating & romancing WinkLOL...very smart of him LOLLOL

lunch poor girl kaha chada diya sujal ne usse...hope she manages to have lunch LOLLOLLOL

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
awesome cont soon

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 12:59am | IP Logged
part 37
nice part...
Kashish is thinking she will spend this time with him...
cont soon...

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 11:48am | IP Logged


k-No please..mujhe bohot darr lag raha hai

She is clinging to him..her fingers diging into his shoulders.. she absolutely refuses to look anywhere

s-I should have got a bottle..[He says cheekily] 1 swig..and every fear out

Kashish to chipk gayi hai Sjal se.. hilne ko chodne ko tayar nahi hai..

k- Tum mazaak mat karo!!

She say her fingers flexing..

k- Ssujal...please chalo naa yahn se.. ab to dekh liya na jo tumhe dekhna hai...ab chalo..please

s-Kash baby..we can't come down..we are already up..have your luch...all the people are having it...its beutuful here

k- No.. mujh nai pata.. mujhe neeche lekar chalo abhi agar nahi lekar gaye to..



s-To wht?

k-To I would never go anywhere with you again.

She says puncing him slightly in the chest but baki nahi hili waise hi chipki hui hai

s-Kash jsut 5 minutes, people are eatin no. Come, just hv this bun you'll feel good

k- 5 minute meni kya ho jayega.. kaonsa khuaa mil jayega.. ya jaannt dikh jayegi?

She satrts muttering

s-Kash..shhh..have this bun. My Kash is a brave gal

She looks up a little from his chst her eyes huge with fear and anxiety

k- Mujhe tease karne mein mazze to aenge hi tumhe...and I am not brave..I am a coward

s-Kash...I are a brave gal..I knw it. Open your eyes

k-No I am not

s-Just for 1 sec

Kashish kholti hai dheere se apni aakhein looking straight up at Sujal..kahin idhar udhar nahi.

s-See babes...its so nice

Her mouth quivers and she gives the slighest shake of head

k- What if everything falls? What if we fall? What if the foundation crunbles?

s-Nothing will happen; trust me. I am with you

k- But you are not God.. you can't conrol any of that are coming down and no matter what hppns ..I'll save you...even if I die..I'll save you. You are safe in my arms...always

k- Pehle babes kehna band akro.. naam yaad nahi hai tumhe mera?

s-Kashish Sinha [he smiles]

k-Aur please marne ki baatien mat karo mujhse

She says frowning at him a new worry entering her eyes

He comes closer and kisses her cheek

She does't even object just hug him closer

He kisses her nose

k- Have we reached yet?

She asks breathless all of a sudden

s-No in 5 min

k-Tumhare 5 min khatam hi nahi ho rahe...

She says  and dares to look down

Ab bhi upar hi the..bechari aur dar jaati hai, is baar to kass kar gale lag jaati hai Sujal ke

k- Tuum gande ho! Bohot gande! I hate you. I hate you I hate you..


She doesn't reply


Kashish just shakes her head

He kisses her forehead

k-I hate you .. you are the worst.. bringing me here scaring me.. I hate you

s-I thought you will like it Kash

k-I hate it.

s-Sorry. Really sorry

k- You should be.. I really hate you.. agar mujhe phir aisi jagah laaye to baat nahi karungi

She says but she grows soft and plaint in his arms

k-Aur tum mujhe ab ice cream bhi khilaoge.. meri saari tumne kha li thi

s-No..I jsut licked it

k- No you ate it

s-Fine I'll buy you whole stall

Kashish gigles-

k- You are the best...

She smiles

s-I know

Sujal ka mann kharab ho gaya as Kashish didn't like his surprise

But then he thinks she did say tht he is the best and poore time to usse tangi rahi

Par criticize bhi to kia, but then wo to poorani aadat hai Kashish ki..

Dono neeche aate hain at last

s-You will eat something?

Kashish nods-

k-Haan chalo khaate hain

Sujal takes her to a restraunt


k- Bolo?

s-You are very beuatiful

k- oh.. well..thanks:

She looks down and blushes at his sudden compliment

k-You are ver y handsome too.. but I gues you already know that

s-You are angelic

Kashish laughs as she knows she is no angle; she is far from angel...

k-And you are a devil tempting and sed... tempting everyone


He says with a little wink


k- Kya totta? Kahan?

s-Tum to-tta

k-Kya? Main? Kyun?

Sujal has his devilish smile


Kashish wonders aisa kya kar diya usne that he is calling her bird brain...whereas Sujal complimented her in ;anguage he picked up from In dian streets

k- Achha batao kya khaoge?

s-I ate, you eat tum kuch to lelo...aise akele sirf main hi khaun achha nahi lagega...

s-ok I'll take a beer

Kashish sochti hai isse achha to muh band hi rakh leti...

Kashish order karti hai khud ke liye.. Sujal bhi beer order kar deta hai

s-You'll have a drink?

k- I'll have water

She answers with a smile

Sujal looks at Kashish intendly while she haves her food and tells him ki jab wo choti thi to ek baar pedh par chad gayi thi phir neeche nahi utar paayi thi. She stayed there for whole day.. tab se usse heights se kuch zyada hi darr lagta hai

s-You are sexy, you know

Kashish apne monologe mein Sujal ka ajeeb comment sunea chup

Sujal is also sprised at hearing what he just said...he doesn't believe he jst said it aloud

s-ohhh why didn't you get down?

k- Huh?

s-Why didn't you shout for help

k-Wo pedh door tha.. nobody heard me... and those who did didn't help.. sab ne mujhe chedne ke liye wahin chod diya... and its difficult getting down than going up


He holds her hand

k- Sujaalll.. haath to choda.. main khaungi kaise?

He looks into her eyes sincerely

s-I will always be with you

She looks into his hypnotic dark eyes

k- You will? Really?


k-Even when I make stupid mistakes?

s-Yes always


Kashish bites her lips hestatingly..

k- But why...?

s-Because...because...I dunno..

k- Not even a tiny idea?

Kashish asks looking hopeful me

k- Maybe coz  you care about me? Like I care about you?

He nods

k-And more

s-You are like a bubble, handle with care

She raises an eyebrow

s-China doll

k- You are one big adorable cuddly bear..

She smiles with dreamy adoration

s-Bear???[He breaks into a fit of laughter]. Do I look so fat? I have 6 packs

Thoda t-shirt uthata  pvt screenin ke lie

k- No.. not that way I mean you are fit.. really fit...yeah... no fat there..

She says getting all flusered licking her lips

s-Straberry icecream

He winks again

k- Straw berry ice cream?

He looks at her cheeks and then looks at her smugly

She looks more confused than ever

k- Are you drunk already? Coz whtever you are saying is not making sense to me's my code

k-Code for what?

.s-On you

k- Tum bi naa.. batein banana koi tumse seekha aur yeh kya code hai?

s-I am always honest. Koi mere saamne aisi khubsurat ladki bitha dega to aur kya kahunga

k-You are a flaterrer..  [and a flirt...she thinks]...I am not that great eiher..

s-You don't know your worth. I had decided I won't get married or be in a relation but I guess now..people have to reconsider

k- Why did you decide to never be in a relation or gettiing marrried?

s-Well...well...I..I never knew you existed

Sujal gives his flirty side grin while Kashish goes all red

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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k n s out on a date...


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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
wow this part was super awesome cont soon

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