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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 17)

NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 August 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Thinking to quit writing sk one comments...its been 7 yrs I have been writing on IF never got my due...and now...have to beg fo every comment...ppl wont even notice the difference of my absence...its better to move on with time...move with present...This is my last SK fic

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 12:16am | IP Logged
liked sujal's idea of kicking Raj out of room LOLLOLLOL bechara Raj LOLLOLLOL must say inspite of being drunk sujal ka dimaag daudta hai LOLLOLLOL...raat ko sujal & subah kashish poor Raj apne hi room mein nahi ja sakta LOLLOLLOL
waiting for kashish to buy italian dictionary LOLLOL & wonder what gonna be her reaction LOLLOLLOL
as  sujal wat a morning for him LOLLOLLOL hope he still not thinking he is dreaming LOLLOLLOLLOL

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 3:12am | IP Logged
part 23
OMG Sujal is uncontrollable when hes drunk...
and Kashish soon learn Italian...
cont soon dear...

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 April 2006
Posts: 3192

Posted: 28 August 2012 at 4:34am | IP Logged


s-Urghhh!!![Holds his head]..I must have been very drunk

k- You need something for hangover?

She says.. gently rubbing his head to ease some pain

He looks at Kashish and realizes her attire

s-What the hell are you doing in my clothes..and in my room?

He asks checking her out shamelessly

k- oh... I... umm

s-yuppp..[He closes his eyes and rests his head back]

k- I just borrowed them for a awhile..

s-You look nice

k- I... wo Ria hai na. wo pata nahi kisko le aayi saath

s-ohhh [he raises his eyebrow amusingly and grins]

k-Aur main kahan jaati raat mein... to maine tume poocha bahar chaloge, tumne Raj ko bhaga diya aur hum dono yahin so gaye...what do I do? But nothing fits...subah subah mazaak mat uaao mera. Chalo let jao, let me take care of your head ache

She says massaging his temples

k- Aaj subah bhi kniock kiya.. gate hi nai khola.. kal se wo gande kapdon mei ghoom rahi thi... to...I hope you don't mind

s-Off course I don' can use them anytime. Don't worry  look completely attraente [sexy] in them

Sujal doens't mind at all...he loves her in those baggy clothes...those sexy legs are so appealing...baggy clothes are sexier than the bikini for him

k-Atte what? This is not fair...tum aise Italian nai bologe. Mujhe kuch samjh nahi aata hai. Main tumse baat nahi karungi agar tum aise hi cheating karoge to

s-Well..I just complimented you

He says with a mischief laden grin

k- oh.. thanks..

She says as he cheeks acquire little color

k- ermm you want something to eat.. shall I order some breakfast for you.. or do you wnna go outside.. oh lekin mere to kadpe abhi sukhe hi nahi.. aur gate bhi nahi khula

s-Come now..gimme a massage now baby...a niceee relaxing one

Araam se stretch ho leta hai

k- Baby?

She asks naively and starts t massage his temple

s-Well...what's so wrong with it? It isn't imp for me to always use your fulll name Kashhheeeshhh

k- Itna bhi bada nahi hai... ar baby koi name nahi hua..aisa lagta hai infract ki  tum mera naam bhool gaye ho aur kuch yaad nahi aaya to baby keh diya

s-I just said Kashish

Tabhi Sujal ka phone bajta hai

He picks it up

s- Hello

'It's Crystal hi'

s-Who Crystal?

Crystal-Crystal.. we met a the pool yesterday

s-Yeah yeah..ok..hiii...I am so sorry...I just got was a bit slow. How are you beautiful

Kashish ka mood Crystal sunte hi bigad gaya

c- I am fine. Must have been huge hangover..

s-Yeah really a huge one...but don't you think Vegas is all about that

c- hmm as wondering how last night could have been..

s-My last night was not much happening...just about drinking. How was your last night?

c-So if you are  a big boy, you think you can get over your hangover and make plans for tonight?

s-off'll much a big boy I am ..i am ready for the ride now. Can you take it?

Kashish is getting pissed off hearing their open talks and Sujal ko signal kar rahi hai ki phone rakho phone rakho..

Par Sujal to dekh hi nahi raha, aaram se letke baat kar raha hai

Crysatal gives throaty sexy laugh..

c-oh you have no idea how much I can take...

s-Then I would love to know

Kashish Sujal ki ankhon ke same haath pher rhai hai uska sarr dabate hue

Sujal haath jhatak sa deta hai, signal her to hush up

c- ok then. How about 9... tonight.. where we met yesterday

s- Sure...will be waiting. Crystal, did I tell you yesterday that you looked hot

 hahaaa another sexy laugh from Crystal

c-I remember me telling you how much I appreciate that body of yours...welll...cya tonight

s-yeah see you

They hang up

k- Ye kya bakwas kar rahe the tum?


k-Tumhara dimag kharab hai?


He frowns

k-You aren't meeting anyone anywhere tonight. Pata nahi kis kis ko kya kya keh dete ho

s- That was crystal. I am not a small boy..I can meet whoever I want and I wanna spend time with her, have fun in Vegas

Kashish gives him a shut up bakwas mat karo look

k- Maam ke ilawa kuch pata bhi hai?

s-Pata chl jayega islie to milne jaa raha hoon. Are you my guardian?

k-Am I your guardian? Sarr nahi phodna mujhe.. it just that I am the only undrunk person

Ria barges in and hugs Kashish

r-.Kaash babyyy

k- Wha.. tum!!

She pushes Ria away...Sujal ka gussa Ria par utarna hai ab

Sjal uthke bathroom mein ghus jaata hai

k- Ek ye pagal majnu hai are ek tum pagal ladki ho... dimag to hai hi nai dono mein... ek ko dekho to gaya doosra...

Ria-Awww kya hua? I am sorry...but thank seems you and Sujal had a lot of fun

k-Shh!!!!!!!!! chi!!! Kapde nahi the mere pasa nahane ke baad. Tum gate kahan khol nahi rahi thi. Ek anjaan ladke ke peeche saari dosti bhool gai... duniya ki sharam bhi nahi rahi

Ria to khushi se uchal rahi hai

r-. Kya sharam? We are together. Myyy Zachhh was so much funnn!!! So hottt!!! Chal sab batai hoon. You can try it with Sujal. He will love it


r-Its Vegas baby...sharam varam bhulke have funnn

k-Vegas bay Vegas baby!

Kashish does a bad mimicry of the word

k- Vegas hai... to papon ka ghada kam bharega kya inn harkato se?

r-Chalnaaa aaj ka din waste karegi kya

Ria drags Kashish to her room

k- Ruk to kahan le jaa rahi hai.. mujhe kuch baat karni hai Sujal se.. aur mere kapde bhi wahin hain..

Kashish says getting dragged along muttering anad cursing Ria

Ria takes her to room

k-Pagal gadhi ullu!

Udhar Raj bhi aake padh gaya room mein

Raj ko hotel walon ne pakad kar store room mein raat katne ko jagah di

Sujal bathroom se aaya to dekha Raj has kept some vodka and rum bottles and menu dekhraha hai

Raj-Hey dude !

s-Heyy...where did you go last night?

Raj-wandering...then had to sleep in the storeroom. Tere mazze ke lie apni vatt kag gai

s-Store room!!!?? Mere kaunse mazze?

Raj-Kash aur..khair, leave it

s-Main to sofe par soya, ek insaan bhi nahi aa sakta hai inn sofon par... size dekh.. pair hi nahi aaye mere

Raj-Do you remember the rule?

s-Rule? What rule?

Raj-The week rule I told you about

Sujal shakes his head ki kya baat kar raha hai

Raj-Abbey! Avoid hangover stay drunk!

s- oh woo...

Raj-one week...we have decided to hog on and get drunk..every second we have our eyes open. Wicked fun! Aur Kash isn't participating, tu bata

s- Usse nahi karna to theek hai.. attest one person need to stay sober to drive the car


Sujal reaches for a vodka bottle and shrugs-

s-Got a hot date tonight

Raj-ohhh wicked !!!!!!!!!! have fun'. Babes are smoking hot here

s- Yupp.. her name's Crystal.. her legs.. 

Kisses his fingers in a gesture saying magnificent

s-Kuch order kar

Raj orders food

Raj-Aur pata hai kya

Raj gets up enthusiastically

s-oh kya?

Khana aata hai and they start eating while continuing with their drinks

Raj-Zach told me about this thing

s- What thing?

Raj-You know..have it...drink whole day like a dog...get high...without passing out or puking...not much hangover too That's what the rue was remaining drunk



Raj-So what? What's your point, dude?

s- Either you are drunk or I am coz you aren't making sense. What does this Zach has to do with the rule?

Raj-Ufff it's a diffrent thing'. Zach told me about this amazing thing and we can get it for ourselves

s-What thing?

Raj- If you want you can have it

s-What damn it?

Raj-I told youuu...the thing that won't let us pas out

s-Drug?'s not drug...drug..but...yeah kinda and don't tell Kash about it..she'll freak out

s-Have you tried it? Zach has tried it. We can try it today. It's f***** awesome, I heard. It's just a pill kinda thing. What's  your say? It's better to have it than...pass out in a gutter and make a fool of yourself. It's not narcotic

s-Any side effects?


s- So how do we get it?

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 June 2007
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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 4:50am | IP Logged
sounds like a plan sujal LOLLOLLOL just wait for kashish to know it jis sir ko daba rahi thi ussi sir ko fod degi LOLLOLLOL already girl is Jealous crystal LOLLOLLOL god save sujal & crystal LOLLOLLOL

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sania_58 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 8:55am | IP Logged
Part 19
Sujal gadha nahin hai, ki Kashish ki harkate naa samajh paaye
so ab Kashish Ria aur Sujal ki jodi banane ki kohsish kar rahi hai
very bad match making dear
Kashish bohut hi frickle minded hai
now, in Vegas
yay, yay, I know, Kashish ke taste ka nahin hai
so bharosa Sujal
chalo dekhte hai dono ke beech kya development hota hai
good part

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sania_58 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 July 2006
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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 9:12am | IP Logged
Part  20
boo, ultimately Sujal ki yaad aa hi gaya
Sujal ke sibhya tumhara koi nahin hai balikaWinkWink
arre lekin Sujal to kisi aur ke saath karne main busy hai
Kashish ko bhul gaya
so Kashish approached Ria
yeppy, Ria samajhdaar nikli, Sujal interested nahin hai samajh gaayi, so naya pakad liya
Kashish hi nahin samajh paa rahi hai Sujal interested hai
Raj ke paas gaayi to musibat
ab bhorosa Sujal
lekin woh to Crystal ke paas jana chati hai
Kashish jaane nahin degi
but yes, ek chiz to hai Kashish Sujal ko aapna khud ka property samajh rakha hai
soberness not allowed in Vegas trip
Kashish tera kya hoga??
all the best
nice update

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sania_58 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 July 2006
Posts: 5335

Posted: 28 August 2012 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Part 21
yaar, Kashish ka character kaafi interesting hai
sometimes lagta hai she is wild
but dekho, she is not enjoying very much in Vegas
coz, aisa sar se pao tak drunk hona, ek dusre ke upar girna, almost kapre naa hona,
modern girl, with values
sab drunk hai, Kashish ko chodke
par koi usse shanti se bethne bhi nahin dega
lekin Sujal hai naa, kaise akela chode Kashish ko
Kashish bhi Sujal ko kitni trust karti hai
kitna bhi drunk kyun naa ho Sujal, bartameezi nahin karega
nice update
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