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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 16)

spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 August 2012 at 1:06am | IP Logged
part 19
Sujal is smart enough...
he stepped back from Kashish feeling that she doesnt feel for him?
does Sujal like Kashish in romantic way like in Ria and Kahsish's language?
cont soon dear...

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 August 2012 at 2:35am | IP Logged
poor sujal kashish hooking him with ria LOLLOLLOL ...instead of telling kashish i like sujal's other idea LOLLOLLOL that sounds more convincing LOLLOL...

both of u have fun in Vegas TongueLOL ...just checking kashish ki koi wish bachi toh nahi naLOLLOLLOL... 

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 August 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged


Sujal lazing around casually drinking dipping his feet in the pool enjoying the sight and the pool

Sujal ne bhi ek do ladkiyonn.. ' you doing ' wali smilae paas kar di thi..

Kashish is a bit uncomfortable with too wild things around

People were too open and pathetic for her taste

She was sitting with Ria

Ria bhi thodi drunk thi to kisi handsome dude ne usko dance ke lie pucha to wo nikal gai

As Ria gai, Kashish's uncomfort level was rising

Also people were trying to hit on her

So she walks over to Sujal and sits beside him

Kashish look at him...and gives a nervous smile

Sujal Kashish ko bhi wai 'hi how you doing' wali smile pass karta hai...wo usi mode mei hai

She smiles friendlily...a bit in ease in his company

Jin aur ladkiyoon ko Sujal smile paas kar raha tha.. usme se ek aa jati hai ..awai bakwas karne

Kashish looks at her

Wo ladki smidge kar rai thi.. aur ye yahan pair dalkar baithe aisa hi baat karti hai.. ki kahan se ho

Kashish touches Sujal's cheek and chehra apni taraf karti hai asked me about work right? That day

Sujal is like ke abhi serious talk karni hai kya... he looked a bit let down lekin phir Kashish ko hi kehta hai aur us firang ko bhaga deta hai

s- Yah tell me about it

k-Yeah...emm...emm... [she bites her lips]..nothin

She doesn't know what to say, can't he say anything...she thinks

s- Aage aur kahan apply kar rahi ho?

k-Let's see

She was looking around...swaying her feet in water

Aise hi phir dono kuch serious talks karte hain..

Sujal ki drink khatam hoti hai to wo puchta hai ki Kashish ko kuch chahiye kya.. he was going for a refill

She shakes her head

k-emm..just...come back soon

s- Alright stay here. I am coming back

Wo jata hai uth kar..

Wapas aa raha tha lekin wo pool wali ladki akar chipak jati hai... pooch lei hai ki if Kashish is someone serious blah blah...

Kashish is looking at that direction thinking...phir chipak gai...fevicol kahin ki...kapde to dekho...pehnne ki zarurat hi kya hai

Wahan kuch log Kashish ko akela dekh bhi approach marte hain...

Sujal wahin magan ho jata hai.. she lady was nice.. baat bhi sai kar rahi thi, sundar bhi thi...aur Sujal ko to unn bikini wale kapdo se koi aitraaz nai hai

Jab adha ghanta ho gaya Kashish ka sabr tutta

She calls his name in a lovely silky voice


s- Huh?

He looks around and spots Kashish

To yaad aya ki arre.. Kashish bhi thi...

To apni nayi friend se number exchange karke.. he makes his way back to Kashish

s- Nice people in Vegas.. don't you think so?

k-No! You took 35 minutes 40 seconds. How could you place is so...people are mad


k-Yes mad. You don't have to get mad with these people

s- I am not mad .. why are u mad..what's wrong..what don't u like here?

k-What is likeable? Huh? People drinking like there's no tomorrow..and making out randomly?

s-Well...there is the pool and .. the people aren't that bad.. if you wanna hook up with some one...

k-What?????????????? I guess you are too drunk for your senses!

s-I don't see what being drunk has to do with anything...

k-You are talking nonsense, utter nonsense. I guess everybody is mad out here except me

s-Makes one wonder who really is mad...matlab if you are sane, what are you doing in mid of a bunch of mad people; on other hand.. we are we all same as you were saying... then you can be somehow in midst of us by some explainable accident

k-Arghhh!!! I am going to Ria

She glances at the bikini gal and heads for Ria

Sujal waves her bye

Kashish gets more irritated by his gesture

She walks over to Ria


Wahan bikini wali idhar udhar paas hi madra rahi thi to sujal bhi wapas ussi se baat karne chala jata hai

Kashish stops midway seeing Ria drunk and hooking with a white guy

She again walks to Ria with renewed determination

k-Tch tch ! pssst ! Ria !


Ria doesn't wanna waste air on talking

k-You liked sujal naa. Why did you drink so are out of your mind

Ria-Yah but he's not interested.. Imean nto the long term thing.. and fir agar mujhe kuch exotic tryout ke liye hi chahiye tooo...

She starts kissing the stranger again


She walks to Raj

Raj is drunk tooo... jisne liquor ko staple food samajh liya the Vegas mein

Raj-Hey Kashuuu...come come

Kashish walks


Kashish ke kamar ke around hath dalkar pulls her close..

Raj- Everyone my friend can all just cal her Kay...and this here is Sean.. he's been asking about you for some time...

Kashish moves away a bit

k-Raj please

Raj-Sean's never been with an Indian girl before. Can you believe it?

Sean bhi aagey badhkar 1 badi lecherous.. hi how you doing wali smile deta hai..looking like a a th*rki wolf..

Kashish gives a tight lipped smile

k-Yeah..emm..bye Raj. Enjoy your drink

Kashish bhaag gai

Kashish ke paas aur koi raasta nahi Sujal ke sivaye

She won't even approach that other weird couple

Sujal jo ki apni nayi bikini friend ke saath dheere dheere khisakne ka soch raha tha ekaant mein, wo gate khol khada hai us ladki ke liye ki pehle wo baithe


Kashish chillayi dekh ke ar bhaag ke gai

His head turns around in a jiffy hearing the voice

s-Huh ?Kashish?

Kashish parks herself between Sujal and bikini gal

k- Where are you going?

Asks and gives a dangerous glance to tht gal

Ladki andar taxi mein biith gai, Sujal darwaja pakde khada hai aur Kashish beech mein hai

s-ummm wo... that's Crytal she wasn't feeling so well so I was ... seeing her to her needed me?

k-Yuppp. She can take care of herself. You come with me

s-But ...wo...

She holds his hand and starts pulling him

k-Wo kya? Bye Crystal!

s-Hua kya?

He says lekin bikini girl ko apologetic look deta hai signal karta hai ki phone karega aur bhaga deta hai

Ab Kashish ko dekh kar

s-Kya hua hai?

k-Tum uss ladki ke'll...I..chalo bass!

She drags him

s-What? Kahan.. kya hua hai.. Kashsihhh...-hic-.. slow down or God's sake..


She smells him

k-You are drunk! Stupid !

She hits him on his arm

s-What?? Sirf tumhe peena ka hakk nahi hai

He says hitting her back only lightly though

k-Maine kab...arghhh

Kashish Sujal ko  wapas pool ke paas le aayi

s- Ab yahan kyn lai ho? a\Ab to mera mood bhi nahi..

He mutters to Kashish

Raj staggers to Sujal

Raj-Hey dudeee !

s-Yah heyy

Kashish to peeche hatt gai...phir wo Raj idiot

Raj-Yaar...tera g..lass kizzar h

Sujal ko ek bottle pakda deta hai

Kashish gives him a hard stare

s-I am done ...

Sujal says lekin bottle pakad leta hai... mood kharab ho gaya bechare ka

Raj-Come vegazzz

s- Been here done that...

Kashish narrows her eyes

Raj-Bur...we were playing the gameee...aur ek aur ruleee issue hua h...zzz wild week ruleee


Some little interest perking up again

Kashish raises her eyebrow

s-What are you people gonna do?

Raj-Weee man

Sujal nods ki haan haan we

Raj-It's a rule to enjoy the mood of Vegas

s- Sounds fun...

Raj-Sobering up isn't allowed...avoid hangover...stay drunkkk... whole Vegas trippp

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 August 2012 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
aww poor sujal LOLLOLLOL seems every1 dragging him according to their wish LOLLOLLOL bechara apne mann ki nahi kar sakta LOLLOLLOL 4 kashish confused girl LOLLOLLOL either stay along sujal or stay away LOLLOLLOL baar baar come & go LOLLOLLOLLOL 

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 3:38am | IP Logged
part 20
nice part...
now only slowly Kashish's inside character is getting out...
shes not like what shes portraying herself...
and Sujal is interested in his new friend...
cont soon dear...

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 12:10pm | IP Logged


s-What are you people gonna do?

Raj-Weee man

Sujal nods ki haan haan we

Raj-It's a rule to enjoy the mood of Vegas

s- Sounds fun...

Raj-Sobering up isn't allowed...avoid hangover...stay drunkkk... whole Vegas trippp

Sujal laughs ki achha idea hai

s- I am in

Kashish's jaw drops

k-What??? It's such a stupid idea. You are not in!

s- Yes I am! What better way to avoid hangover?!


Sujal peeta hai jo uske haath mein bottle hai usss se

r--Cheers man !!!!!!!!

Raj shoves the bottle into Sujal's mouth and Sujal bhi pii leta hai ab mood wapas acha ho gaya

Kashish rolls her eyes and drags Sujal towards her

k-ss pagal ki baat mat suno

s-hmmm kyn nahi

He smiles the flirty smile at her

Kashish narrows he eyes, sar pakad liya

s- tch tch... tumhe to bina piye hang over ho raha hai... meri mano tum bhi toda pii lo...

k-Shut up Sujal

s- Maine kya kaha...

Udhar raj aur sab log...bottle mooh mein udhel ke pii rahe the

Wo couple aur Ria bhi saath go gaye

Sujal ko bh i 1 boodle mil jati hai wo bhi pii rha hai.. -2 baar Kashish ko bhi offer karta hai

Kashish looks away

Music bhi strt ho jaata hai

It's getting wilder...sab naach rahe hain with drunk dancing drunk falling...falling inside pool

Kashsih apni novel leke baith jaati hai kone mein aur kuch ladke aake Kashish ko approach maarte hai to she shoves them away

Par usse koi sse novel ka 1 page padhne de to naa.. har koi aa kar line maar chuka hai.. friend approach kar chuke hain

She thought she will have fun...but this wildness isn't her idea of fun

Kashish aa nahi rai thi aur logon ko laga she shuuldn't miss out.. she is just being a prude...

To wo sab 1 bade drum mein rum punch.. beer water mila kar Kashish par udhel dete hai

Kashish shocked and drunched in cocktails like a cat in water

Baaki ke loog taalli baja kar khush ho rahe hain

k-Aaahhh!!! STOP IT !

Kashsih ke kapde novel sab geele


Sab ko bahut mazze aa rahe hain Kashish ke mazze lene mei


Kashish things of going to her room par sab uskaa haath pakad pakda kar dancekarne ko bula rahe hain

Kashish is saying no ki kiske saath dance kare...sab talli ho rakhe hain

 To achanak sab ko side karke Sujal comes

s- tch tch you don't know..anyyy thing

Sujal ne sabko side kiya chup karaya, Kashish ke samne gaya ...bade etiquette and nazaakat se Kashish ka haath pakda

Kashish looks o at him as if her everything has stopped seeing his gentleman's charm

She frowns


Kashish knows he is drunk some what.. par badtamizi par nahi ayege.. abhi itna hosh hai ki kya sahi kya illegal ka difference pata hai...he may be tipsy, sluggish and staggering..but he is still a bit graceful and still in his senses enough ki kisi ko lekar nahi gir padega.. he isn't tripping over his own feat.

Kashish looks around then nods slightly

Saab hoot kar rahe hain.. nai manegi.. ice princess blah blah..

Sujal smile karta hai badi wali Kashish ko

Thoda bow karke aram se Kashish ko pulls towards him aur phir ke ki kamar mei hath dalkar gives a proud smirk to every one

Dance floor par pohonch kar they dance...

Sujal Kashish ko laya hai to ashish ke wsath wo hi dance karega.. aur kisi aur ko uske sath karne bhi nai dega.. kyunki wo laya hai...kisi aur ko haan nahi ki Kashish ne... thoda ego se chati chausdi ho gai lekin ye bhi nai ki gawaron ki tarah chipak ke dance kar rha ho..respectable distance se thoda kam lekin bhir bhi kaafi tamiz ke sath he is dancing with Kashish..

He is sort of showing off Kashish dekho she's with me; with me

Kashish bhi akhirkaar hass deti h

She is likes the music getting somewhat comfy around these wild people

Kashish looks at Sujal

Sjal ke lips ke paas thoda drink drip sa ho raha tha

Kashish haath se usko saaf karti hai

k-Laga tha

She smiles

Sujal to hah pakad kar hath kiss kar deta hai...-yumm

Kashish gasps a little but it was was Italian way she thought

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
nice cont soon.

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
good1 Big smileBig smile
hope the trip turns intresting & beneficial for both of them

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