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Love Thy Neighbor(sk ff) (Prt-65, pg-45) (Page 14)

NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 7:38am | IP Logged

Hi dear...

I am gonna update the pm list for all my fics. Please do respond if you want notification for update.

The fics including links those I am gonna continue are-

Love They Neighbor-

Bad Couple-

Jaded Prince-

Any feedback and comments are most welcome...will be waiting for your

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 10:28am | IP Logged


Sujal uske gate band karne se pehla kehta hai  ki

s-Don't worry too much about it..they were...crazy women...they shouldn't have done didn't deserve any of it

She nods slightly and shuts the door

s-Let me know if you need me

He says gate ke bahar se and he goes back to his place

He is worried ki Kashish depression mein aakar phr koi harkat na kar le and he is convinced that Indian women are crazy

He also thinks Kashish is foolish to think that something like patching up with your ex's wife can happen

Sujal raat mein Ria ko phone karta hai ki wo aaye and check up on clearly Kashish Sujal ko to avoid kar rhai thi sharam ke mare

Sujal dials Ria


s-Hi, this is Sujal...umm Kahish's friend

f-Hi Sujal...[She says getting exited and grinning happily].Off course I remember. How are you?

Ria to pighal gai

s-I am fine. I hope I am no disturbing you and you are good too?

Ria-Off course you are not disturbing me. Yes, I am good and I am free too. Well...are you free?

s-Well then, can you probably come over to Kashish's place and spend some time with her.. she had some woman misbehave with her today and she is feeling ... I just don't want her to do something stupid. Can you come and maybe talk to her and give her some company...

Ria-Ohhh what happened?

s- Some ladies misbehaved with her at a public place well leave it, I am coming

Thodi der bad there's a knock at Sujal's door

Ria has come

Ria-Hi Sujal

Sujal is surprised ki wo uske door par kyn knock karr rahi hai

s- Hello

Ria-Hiii...Sujal...[She loses herself at his sight]

s- Hello?Did you see Kashish?

Ria-Huh? Oh haan...Kashish..her..her...door is locked

s- That's why I called you so you can probably make her let you inside and give her company.. I thought you were good friends

Ria-Ok let's knock together. Come

She holds his arm and drags him along her and knocks at her door

s-If she would have wanted me there she wouldn't have locked me out in the first place.. you should go and se to her

Sujal draws back and steps away

Kashish opens the door

Ria-Hi Kaaash


Sjal to chup chap dekh raha hai.. soch raha ki kya kiya jaye...

k-Aao na andar. Sujal aao naa. Come come

Dono ko ghussa leti hai andar khushi khushi, jaise kuch celebration se khush ho

Sujal gets suspicious ki itni bhi khush kyun ho rahi hai.. zarur kuch panga hai

Ria is happy ki Kashish is fine

Kashish goes to make some coffee

Ria-See ..she is perfectly fine. Sujal you are just extra caring

s-She is just putting up a front. Can't you even tell that much? I thought you were her friend

f-Kaashhh ! Are you ok dear?

k-Yeahhh, mujhe kya hoga?

She brings the coffee and some snacks, aake baithti hai all smiley

Sab baithe hue hain coffee pii rahe hain...

Ria pooch hi leti hai ki

Ria-Aaj koi panga hua kya?

k-Panga? Nahi to

Ria- To koi lottery lagi hai kya?


Ria-Itni kush lag rahi hai.. kuch to baat hai.. humein bhi batao...

k-Nahi ...nothing

She shrugs

Ria gets a call and leaves

Sujal and Kashish are now alone

Kashish is looking here and there

s-So you are ok?

She nods vigorously...

k-Of course!

s- You sure? Those ladies.. they were a mad bunch back there.. don't make much of it

She gives a he grin bt her eyes are swimming in tears

s-You don't have to pretend in front of me am..sorry..I involved all

s-It's ok. It's no big deal. Maybe seeing you with me.. they will not try and anything like this again...


s-I mean now she can be sure that... you are not with him anymore

She nods


s- As I said it's not a big deal. Tell me how is your job hunting going?

Ria comes back and both of them quieten seeing her

Ria-Kash baby...I am sleeping over at your place

s-Well then I'll take my leave..ladies...

He says getting up

Ria-Byeee Sujal. Good night hunnn

Ria gives a peck on Sujal's cheek and Kashish mumbles a quiet 'Good night'

Sujal gives Ria a tight smile at her enthusiastic kiss

s- Good night

He turns to Kashish

s-Buonanotte [Good Night]

Kashish looks questioningly at Sujal, not understanding what he said

k-Same to you

Sujal smiles and picks up Kashish's hand and kisses its back


Kashish gives a tight smile and Sujal goes

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ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
the up is good ria is taking chance pe dance hmm
and kahsish getting jealous
plz cont sona nd pm me

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
awesome part cont soon

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
Part 17

aww felt bad for kashish SmileSmile it was thotful of her to say sorry to Mrs.Gupta ...but i  guess lady didn't deserved it AngryAngry it was so mean of her Angrylike sujal said a crazy womanAngryAngryAngry  to humilate kashish in front of every1 AngryAngry
good to see sujal there to support & take care of her SmileSmile

part 18

i wonder if kashish is OK as she is sounding  SmileSmile hope nothing serious in store SmileSmile hope she manages to overcome the incident. Smile


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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged
part 18
nice part...
wow Sujal is so caring...
and Ria is one idiot...
how dare she kissed him...
cont soon dear...

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sania_58 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
saare parts padh kar main ek baat bohut acchi tarike se samajh gaayi,
Kashish Frustrated hai,
usse seriously counselling ki zarurat hai
par usse bhi zyada zaruri hai ek sacche saathi ki, jo hamesha uska saath de, ek Soulmate ki.
jo usse dher saara pyaar de,without any selfish motive, badle main pyaar ke sibha aur kuch naa mange
Kashish jab Sujal se kehta hai talli hone main uska saath dene ki tab ek aur hum jab Kashish ke upar irritate hote hai, par mujhe bohut dukh bhi hota hai, waise to Kashish bohut bubbly dikhti hai, par uska character bohut complex hai,
lekin mujhe lagta hai Sujal ka character kaafi easy, reliable hai, Sujal ke character main complexity nahin hai.ek saccha dost, i hope uske dil main koi selfish motive nahin hai.
Ria ek selfish girl hai, usse Kashish main nahin, Sujal main interest hai,woh aapne dost ki sensitive character ko kabhi samajh hi nahin paayi.
Kashish bohut hi lonely hai.
usme decision lene ki confidence nahin hai.
saath hi kaafi seedhi bhi hai, jisse yeh sehri duniya main stupidity kaha jaata hai,
jaise aapni boss ki patni se sorry kehne jana, Kashish sacche dil se sorry kaha, but woh bechari insaan ko judge nahin kar paayi, as usual insult hui.
good updates
waiting for the next.

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NilzStorywriter IF-Dazzler

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Sujal gives Ria a tight smile at her enthusiastic kiss

s- Good night

He turns to Kashish

s-Buonanotte [Good Night]

Kashish looks questioningly at Sujal, not understanding what he said

k-Same to you

Sujal smiles and picks up Kashish's hand and kisses its back


Kashish gives a tight smile and Sujal goes

Ria and Kashish lete hue hain

k-I hv decided


k-You like sujal naa

Ria-Of course I do... mujhe to samajh nahi aya ki tujhe pasand kyun nhai..I can't think of a girl who would be able to resist all that Italian charm

k-Mujhe bhi pasand hai...I also like him

She sighs


Ria-But not romantically right?

k-I will do will be together..I'll help you

Ri-Wow really!!! You will!!! Wow Kashish  yay!!!

Kashish nods

Ria-You are the best. Yay!

Kashish mudke so jaati hai par Ria to pareshaan kar rahi hai

Ria-Kya kaise.. kab...huh huh huh????!!

Poore 1 ghante pareshaan kiya fir sone diya

As days start to pass normally and normally Sujal and Kashish would make a plan to go out  par hamesha  kuch karke wahan Ria mil jaati hai yaa Kashish chali jaati aih jisse Ria and Sujal akele ho

Chahe koi bhi plan ho Ria zarur milegi Sujal ko ...kabhi Kashish ke  friend and Sujal bahar jaaye tab bhi,  kabhi Kashish ke friends and Ria ke common friends bahar jaaye tab bhi yaa kabhi Kashish and Sujal saath jaaye to hamesha coincidently Ria mil jaaye

 Dheere dheere Sujal ko bhi samajh aata hai ki ho kya raha hai

Sujal ko laga shayad lage since Kashish is pushing Ria and him together to shayad  she is not interested in him

He decides ki hadd ho gai hai...ab zyada kuch hua to he will clearly convey it to Kashish that he isn't appreciating Ria's advances

Kashish comes and knocks at his door once

Sujal kholta hai



k-I was just thinking...emm...hum sab plan bana rahe the Vegas ka. Why don't you join us? Mazza ayega

s-If your friend is coming then no thanks.. I've had enough  of her

k-No..I mean..we are all going...lots of friends. You met Raj naa, it's his bachelor party kinda thing. Please come

s- hmm I dunno... your friend.. I am sure she's nice and all..but I dunno... I'd rather not go if she would be making this into a couples trip or anything

k-No no, not at all. We are all friends. I am also going naa and we decided we will go to Vegas..right?

Sujal looks at her eyes narrowed...

s-Fine if  you say so...but I am warning... you.. if anything happens I'll..I'll


s-I'll yah.. I'll tell her that i am going out with you!


She rolls her eyes and leaves

s- Well, that's what I am gonna say if you don't control her

He shouts after her

Sujal, Kashish, Ria, Raj and a too much in love couple who are Ria's friends reach Vegas

Ek hotel mein teen room liye hain-Ria and Kashish are sharing a room, Sujal and Raj are sharing another room and third one is occupied by the couple

Every one has something new to see in wild Vegas; from pbd to bars, to pools, to beaches, to clubs and to every exotic entertainment ever made is there...and everyone knows it's a once in a lifetime enjoy Vegas with no strings attached

As they reach the hotel they decide to check out the pool

Kashish was sticking with Ria as the party seemed to be little nasty for Kashish's taste as people are too wild, people are getting drunk as if their sole motive is that, people are hooking up with strangers

There is sight of couples cooking up in public in various positions she hasn't ever imagined and also people are too high

Sujal lazing around casually drinking dipping his feet in the pool enjoying the sight and the pool

Sujal ne bhi ek do ladkiyonn.. ' you doing ' wali smilae paas kar di thi..

Kashish is a bit uncomfortable with too wild things around

People were too open and pathetic for her taste

She was sitting with Ria

Ria bhi thodi drunk thi to kisi handsome dude ne usko dance ke lie pucha to wo nikal gai

As Ria gai, Kashish's uncomfort level was rising

Also people were trying to hit on her

So she walks over to Sujal and sits beside him

Kashish look at him...and gives a nervous smile

Sujal Kashish ko bhi wai 'hi how you doing' wali smile pass karta hai...wo usi mode mei hai

She smiles friendlily...a bit in ease in his company

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