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Devon ke Dev Mahadev
Devon ke Dev Mahadev

Devon Ka Dev Mahadev Written Update For 23 July 2012

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Hi all, I'm Sia.Big smile
I have got this privilege of updating the Written version of the show for Mondays and Fridays.

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

23rd-July-2012 : 'Just for the sake of Jag Kalyan Mission'  

Prescribed - A Must watch Episode!
dnt know how much of it actually happened ,..but i thoroughly  njoyed the epy

To many ROLF scenes stored intoday...Pehle baar Shiv ko sharmate,sehmainhue,embarrassed n dutiful hubby avtar main dekhaa...Mohit is extra ordinary!StarStarStar

At Kailash

All the devtas are present including Lord Vishnu n Lord Brhma, in order to
persuade Mahadev to find a way out of this helplessness

Vishnuji  informs Shiva that,after Parvathi's kanyadan is done Himvan n Menavati would instantly get Moksh (Liberation) "
Shiva says "That is good for him."
Vishnuji explains that " if that happens the earth will be in a great trouble.It will be deprived of the great Himalayan ranges,the mountains,the rivers n lakes...the earth will suffer severely.The earth is already suffering due to wicked Tarkasur. "

Rishi Narad reasons "what exactly do we all propose?Do we all stop Shiv n Parvathi's marriage or not letting  Himvan n Mena do the kanyadan? "

Devraj Indr says "In order to kill Tarkasur ,your marriage is essential."
Nandi utters "But ,only after conducting the kanyadan a marriage is said to be complete!"

Lord Vishnu finds a middle way saying that,if one does the kanyadan ritual  in doubt n halfheartedness it is not counted as complete..if kanyadan stays incomplete it may hinder the moksha process.

Lord Brhma  suggest that all this is possible by marring Shiva's image in front of Himvan.

Nandi retorts saying that now they expect Shiva to self deprecate himself?

Guru Brihaspati says that" Shiva's disparage can be done only by Shiva himself...hearing Mahadev's criticize Menavati n Himvan will become a bit more confounded and will carry the kanyadan ritual with doubt..tha would result to there incapability of attaining liberation.   "

Everybody from the deva's side are relived on hearing this.

But Mahadev's followers Gann n prayt opposite this idea..and asks Maadev to reject this proposal.
All the gann n prayt cry loud words of disapproval.

Shiva gestures them to stay calm.

Shiva explains to his followers that" Narayan n all the devtas have come here for the purpose of betterment of the world.. duty for the world is way beyond things like liberation...for instance if suppose Yamraj or Sagar (God of the oceans ) start thinking of attaining moksh it then wont there by any barrier in the nourishment of this world?"

He further continues "People with special positions cannot escape from their duties.And Himavan is one of them,thus i'll make Himavan n Menavati uneasy n create a sense of doubt towards me."

Nandi again retorts questioning "If this thing gets over boarded and if they disapprove to Mata Parvathi n your marriage?"

Mahadev explains him yet another time "Fearing personal lose or doubting the result one cannot evade the welfare of this world.Welfare of this world is more than the marriage. "


At Himvan's place:

Himvan says his thanks to Vishnuji for showing him the right  direction for Parvathi n Shiva' marriage...that would lead them to the path of liberation...he informs that they are soon leaving for Kailash...he prays that all things should go smoothly.

Everything is set for the shagun ceremony..they take tons of jewellery,precious jewels,cloths..sweets...other eatables etc to the Kailash.

Parvathi is very excited and is instructing everyone to do arrangements perfectly.
Himvan n Menavati enters and are equally excited to see all this...

Parvathi asks her father to see that is there anything left in the preparations...Himvan says that she knows about Kailash n ppl at Kailash more than anyone..

HImvan inquires about Menavati's mother's arrival,as she is the one who knows all about marriage n every single ritual attached to it...Mena says that she will be reaching anytime.


At the Swarg lok:

Tarkasur is having his drink..when the real shockker comes..LOL

(Supper scene this was..i literally jumped outta my bedLOL)

Changu,Mangu n Tingu i.e the three asur sons of Takki are wearing the saffron robs like those of Shiv bhkts...

Tarkasur freaks out ..all his nasha has went off LOL
Tarkasur "what the heck is this..what's this new drama..."

Mangu says "Father ,this attire has now become our reality..."
Changu says "Father,we have come here to take your permission!"

Tarkasur asks for details...

Changu says "we three are leaving for the woods,for Shiv aradhna.."
Tarkasur is perturbed...n bases them saying that if they dnt listen to him he would kill them...LOL

Changu replies "Oh Great,at least by this way we would die n attain moskh."

Takki lifts his sword and puts it at changu's neck!

Shukracharay stops Takki from killing his own sons...saying that Shiva's prayers have been a significant part of there lives as they have been given many boons by him..and it is a good thing if they wanted to do this.

They leave the places paying there respect to there father and Shukracharya..

Takki is skeptic about the havish effects.

Takki calls Chakri and orders him to stop all those havans that are taking place on his sons n his names.


AT Himvan's place :

They are still preparing for the shagun n wedding ceremony's

Himvan inquires about Parvathi..Mena says that
the bride is forbidden to come in front when Shagun is to be taken to the grooms place ..

"What ruinous thing are you going to do?"  A voice cries
A Brhman along with his sevak appear on the doorstep of the palace...
(It was Shiva along wid Nandi)

Himvan n Mena are like wearing who would that be? expressionLOL

Sevak "Being a Vishnav how could you do sucha thing? to stop such immoral thing my guru has come.. "

MEnavati mumbles"who are these people..talking all ill stuff at this auspicious hour..'

Sevak shouts "What are standing here for,wont you arrange for a proper seat for my guru?"

Both the guru n sevak keep this angry n plum expression...Star

They arrange a decent seat for the Brhman dev..and ask how could they help him>

Brhman guru "Being a Vishnav you are gonna marry your daughter to Shiv,I dont agree with this proposal! "

HImvan tries to sort ..only being cut by the Brhman dev from further justifications..
Then the brhman guru (aka Shiva) bashes n says all things ill about Shiva..
Brhaman guru says that"How could you marry your daughter to a person who is horrible looking,who has no family neither does he has a proper kull (cast)"

The brhman warns that if he married his daughter to Shiva his own kull (sect or cast) will banish/shun him...

Jaya n Vijaya feel disgusted and inform Parvathi about this..

Parvathi thinks for a while and realizes that its her Mahadev...then she asks her friends to come along with her to the kitchen to make some kheer for the brhman devta.

He even adds that Shiva was responsible for Sati's fatal death n Daksha's beheading...adding to the insult a goat's head was fixed to his body...

Himvan explains him that they have personally met Daksha and have come to know that he was at fault,but not Shiva.
The brhman guru aka our dear Mahadev continues with his self bashing session full swing..and doesnt notice Parvathi coming..b

where as Nandi sees his mata coming in their direction and is helpless as he couldn't stop Mahadev from ceasing his talk.

As he speaks out saying against about his own self..he spots Parvathi coming..and he instantly stops his rant..

He was like Shocked,surprised n happy all at a timeLOL

Mohit-was has once again proved his talent...glycerin ya great looks ki zaroorat nai..let the talent do all the talkingStarClap

Shiva now kinda composed himself seeing his future wife...Nandhi n his Bholenath had this expression of
Chori pakdigayaLOL

Himvan clears that Sri Hari Vishnu himself has suggested this marriage...

Parvathi invites Brhman guru to have some kheer...Mahadev could just nods his head to her invitation.

Nandi and Mahadev gesture each other by their eyes..Nandi tells Mahadev to go ahead n manage things..I toh I'm to embarrassed which Mahadev gestures that its ok I'll manageLOL

Parvathi is like..aooa ooo ab toh kair nai aapki expression!@

Nandi stays back to give them some privacyLOL aww so sweet

Parvathi puts some kheer in a bowl in front of Mahadev and asks him to eat...
Lolz excellent scene...ROFL

As Mahadev tries to have the kheer Parvathi picks at him saying "Things that you where meant to fail to do it,..and you jumped outta nowhere over here,where your supposed to come only after the wedding!?"
Parvathi was taking ops already taking her hubby's class and he like a dutiful husband
(may be practicing for the futureLOL) listens to every word of her with patience n utter sincerity! ROFL

She lovingly scolds him ...then he puts the bowl of kheer down on the table...n listens to his pouting wife.LOL aww chooo cuteee

Parvathi "ahh, you have done enough Jagat kalayn for now,..think about your own kalyan now!! As your own marriage (kalyan) is important for the betterment of this world...Think of me at least."

He looks at her with innocent eyes..kinda bheegi billi expression...he wont dare say a word in front of his pouting wife.Wink

She again asks him to continue eating the kheerLOL
Poor he pores the whole thing into the plate...and tries to eat it with his hands...only to be interrupted by her non stop chatter..

This time she asks him about who all is he gonna with him on the wedding..

Lolz Mahadev jokes bhee marte haiiLOL ok read on.

He is kinda boggled hearing that and replies "Who all..what do you mean by that..IT MY WEDDING ParvathiLOL "

Now devi Parvathi teaches him about rituals n stuff...

Parvathi lovingly explains"As part of the tradition,a groom brings along him, his family,relatives n friends..its inevitable in a social marriage."

Shiva listens to her with utter care...Day Dreaming
Parvathi "And what have you turned yourself into? just come back to your original form."

Mahadev comes back to his original avtar...and advances to go..

Parvathi now stops him...and feeds him the kheer with her own hands..oh this was ur Idea...ahem ahemLOL

Then Parvathi umm actually she doesn't speak out,...but her words are heard loud conveying the messgae to Mahadev that
He need not worry about her parents Moksh ...even after her kanyadan they would forever stay back on earth



Saptarishi are at Kailash and Mahadev requests them to take the marriage proposal to Parvathi's parents (as in officially n traditionally!)

Rishi Dhadhich announces the tithi of their marriage which is Phalkung mass- Krishnpaksh ki Chaturti,,,which will be celebrated as ShivRaatri in the future.


Thanks for reading

Have a nice time


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ROFLSia darling what a Hilarious epi  do update soon ,,,Mahadev got a demo for how his future Life going to be ROFL...Vow i saw the essence of Dakshu in Mahadev's face (Bechara he can't forgot his lovey dovey Former FIL till now ) that training HImavan to scold him ROFL(Hey new FIL u know ! i like only Scolding -Ve voiced FILs ,don't u know Dakshu ,poor guy improve urself ,u are going to be my Official FIL soonStern Smile)
Nandhi is awesome today ,when signaled Mahadev not to go inside i was likeNuke ROFL

Parvati not letting mahadev to eat that kheer ...Stern SmileLOL
asking him to think about their personal kalayan first  hahahahhROFL
Mahadev is also witty ,he raised from his seat purposely ,so that he can have the food from his wifey hands ...Wink...

Atlast how can we forgot Pyare Changu mangu tangu ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ROFL ROFL ROFL
Takki is Broken Heart Broken Heart
Beware takki karthiya will jump Soon it seems LOL

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So Mnx tells us not to overly criticize the CVs, and how do they thank her?  By stealing bits & pieces from CNAT ROFL

It was funny to see Nandi tremble in fear once Parvati entered.  Nandi seems like a real bad actor - if the environment changes, he chickens out.  I just can't wait to see him being trashed by Ganapati Bappa, but I'm guessing it'll be a while b4 that happens

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Thanks for the update!! :)

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Thanks for nice written update..

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Thanks for the update Sia.
Loved the epi yaar.
What a shock Taki got! Then who are we? All three sons frm asurs to rishis. What a transformation. I am still amazed that Taki didn't change. Though my imagination has covered him up as well. Lol.

And oh Mohit was amazing. I have lost count how many times he has changed his wardrobe. Awesome exps frm him. Enjoyed the Shiv-parvati interaction thoroughly.

And the precap looks exciting. Parvati looks pretty. Waiting for the next epi!

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Originally posted by .Vrish.

So Mnx tells us not to overly criticize the CVs, and how do they thank her?  By stealing bits & pieces from CNAT ROFL

It was funny to see Nandi tremble in fear once Parvati entered.  Nandi seems like a real bad actor - if the environment changes, he chickens out.  I just can't wait to see him being trashed by Ganapati Bappa, but I'm guessing it'll be a while b4 that happens
The CNAT has muliple advantagesROFLROFL
They are not doing that bad job that you want to criticize them so muchLOLLOL They are any day better then our previous Mytho show's CVs.LOL
So Tarakasur will fight the war without his sons?
In this epi. everyone was concerned about Moksha. Even Vidyunmali was sure of getting Moksha & Himavan's was to be avoided.
Shivji failed to put a doubt in Himavan's mind, in the end he told the Brahmin he is acting as per Vishnuji's order. With parvati he was caught, couldn't speak a word, was very well portrayed by Mohit's expressions. Parvati knows Shivji well. It will be good to see their future such interactions.
Thanks for the update SiaSmile

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So looks like rishis from now on will have nothing to do.  They can't do yagnas honoring the devas, since that won't make Indra a pushover like Changu, Mangu and Tangu, but at the same time, they can no longer do yagnas honoring Taki Angry  So essentially, they'll be left w/ nothing else to do but sit on the sidelines and watch Shiva-Parvati's marriage and grihastak jeevan?

I'd like to see some rishi defiantly tell Chakri or Vritra that they're not gonna stop worshipping Taki.  What will they do - kill him?  Taki will be bound to protect them. Evil Smile

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