Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Written Update - July 23rd 2012. - Done + Pics Added

illuminated. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 7:25am | IP Logged
Hey guys,

The update will be in the next post. But that won't be posted until 10:30 PM IST.

Juleka is busy and I'm taking charge of it. Wink

Please be patient and try not creating topics asking for the WU. If you guys are extra nice and don't create topics, I might just do a picture update. (
Things I have to do to bribe you guys. ROFLROFLROFL)


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illuminated. IF-Stunnerz

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Here we go with the update. Wink

Thanks for being patient. HugHug

The episode begins with Arnav and Anjali sitting on Anjali's bed and Arnav tells Anjali that he would never lie to her, to which Anjali says that time has changed and she knows that now he is married. Arnav tells her that no one will ever come in between their relationship and nothing can change what they have. Arnav then tells Anjali that he married Khushi because of her. Anjali is surprised to hear this.

On the other side, Khushi is shown sitting with Nani. Khushi tells her that Arnav had only come back because the meeting had been cancelled. She further tells Nani that Anjali will now hate Arnav also because of Khushi. Nani listens to Khushi and keeps shaking her head. Khushi tells her that she doesn't have the intentions of hurting Anjali but whenever she tries to do something nice for her, the opposite happens. Nani tells her that whatever happened today was not good but it's not Khushi's fault because Arnav and Khushi are married. She further tells Khushi that Anjali was very happy about Arnav and Khushi's relationship before they got married. Khushi confirms from Nani that she is telling the truth and Nani nods her head.

Anjali and Arnav are shown again where Arnav tells Anjali that the night their marriage happened, Khushi entered the house as Arnav's wife but only because of her and the unborn child and that he thought that Shyaam and Khushi were together. Anjali is just surprised listening to all this. Arnav further tells Anjali that he didn't love Khushi when they got married but it was later on in their relationship that he started loving Khushi. Arnav reminds Anjali of the time when she had told him that a girl will enter his life who he won't be able to breathe without, Anjali nods furiously and asks Arnav that he remembers that? Arnav says that the girl he can't live without is Khushi. Anjali just smiles and Arnav tells her that he loves Khushi and that since Khushi is now in his life, it won't change the relationship he has with Anjali. Arnav tells Anjali to never think about this ever. Anjali calls him Chotte happily and the two hug. ClapClap

Scene changes and it shows Payal and Aakash in bed. Payal turns towards him and tells him that she is sorry and she didn't mean to be rude to him, it just happened by mistake. She further tells him that just like everyone else is tensed, she is also stressed out about Anjali and wants to keep her happy and not to think she is not a part of the family. Aakash says that she is right and that they should start all over again and to forget what happened in the past. Payal tells him that she is very happy to hear this from him. He tells Payal that never to do this again and that she was right with what she did by hiding it but it did effect the entire family. Payal promises to never let this happen again. The two hug.

Arnav is showin creepingly staring at Khushi while she sleeps. He starts talking to her and says that Anjali understands whatever happened and that slowly and gradually everything will be fine. He then says that she has lost the challenge from today and had hugged him. He calls her Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada and then says that "jab tum soti ho toh tum sey baat karna kitna aasaan hojata hai." Then he moves a hair strand from her face and the title song starts playing. Arnav holds onto Khushi's hand and falls asleep.

It's the next morning and Khushi is shown talking on the phone to BuaJi. Nani overhears her telling Bua that she will try to come if she isn't well. Nani tells Khushi that she can go along. Khushi tells her that she can go alone and take care of Bua. Nani tells her to go as soon as possible and that she will take care of everything here at RM. Khushi then tells Nani not to tell Payal anything because she will tell her everything herself. Just then Arnav walks in and Khushi walks away. Arnav asks as to what happened. Nani tells him that Bua is not fine. Arnav walks away too. Khushi is shown packing her bag. Arnav also takes his shirts out and says that he will go as well. Khushi tells him no, and that he should stay with Anjali. Arnav starts to argue but then stops. He then gives her the channay. Khushi gets very excited and starts eating them. Arnav calls her from behind and she turns and there go the channay flying all over the room. They both start picking up the channay and Arnav tells Khushi that she doesn't have to fall on her knees and should have accepted that Arnav is her husband. Khushi remembers the sequences from the night before where she had ran and hugged Arnav while Arnav is smirking. She then gets up and says that she is going to leave and thanks Arnav for the channay.

Payal and Khushi are walking down the stairs and Payal questions her as to why she didn't tell her about BuaJi's illness. Khushi apologizes for interfering in her life. Just when Payal is about to say something but Anjali calls Khushi. Anjali asks Khushi about BuaJi's illness to which Khushi says that her blood pressure was high. Arnav is looking at Anjali witha  surprised look on his face. Anjali then tells Khushi to eat breakfast and then leave and she walks away. Nani walks in and tells Khushi that she has made Laddu's for her parents. Nani then tells Khushi that last time Khushi had gone, she had the same tears and had said that she will miss them a lot. Khushi hugs Nani and says that she will actually miss them. Aakash and Manorama walk in then. Manorama tells Khushi that she shouldn't feel the need to hurry back home from the maternity home. LOLLOL Khushi tells her to take care. Arnav shuts his laptop just then NK comes and says that Nannav will drop her. Khushi says it's okay. NK says that he has shut his laptop too. Arnav tells NK that he was going to drop her anyways. NK tells Khushi to let him to along otherwise Arnav's heart will be "phoota." He then corrects himself and says "toota." Arnav tells NK to stop. Nani forces Khushi to leave with Arnav. Arnav takes her bags without asking for permission.

Arnav and Khushi are standing outside BuaJi's house. Arnav comforts her and says that BuaJi will be fine. He then reminds her of the song "Aaj mausam hai suhana" Khushi looks at him and smiles. Arnav says that fine, he won't sing but is she okay? Khushi tells him not to come inside because then Garima and Bua Ji will stop resting and make stuff for him to eat. Arnav agrees. Arnav stops her but then doesn't say anything further. He looks at Khushi and then drives off. Khushi looks at him longingly and the episode ends right there.

Precap: Arnav is standing outside BuaJi's door. And Khushi and BuaJi are arguing inside. He then rings the bell, BuaJi walks to open the door and Khushi is trying to stop her.

I guess a few more pictures are left from some scenes, I couldn't capture those. Sorry, will update this if there are pictures in the Pictures Gallery.Tongue

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Disapprove...why not soon?

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thanks for updating with pics...wonderful update...SmileSmile
loved arnav ka aaj mausam hai suhana..LOLLOL

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Just update as soon as you can :-)

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Thanks in advance! :)

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SO formal here? I SEE ROFL

Gonna wait for your update!

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OMG!!! such a sweet episode!! loving it so far <3

anjali finally told the truth about Khushi n Arnav's marriage...n loved her reaction...she's still our Anjali
Respect GH!!

Arnav: "waise jab tum soti ho tumse baat karna kitna asaan ho jata h..." LOL!! soo cuuuteeDay Dreaming

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