Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IPKKND Forum's Writers Interview #1

ChocoLavaish Senior Member

Joined: 17 March 2012
Posts: 321

Posted: 23 July 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Okay So Hello Everyone Me (Chocolavaish)..Is Starting This Series...IPKKND Forum's Writers Interview also known as IFWI [ IFWI...not so nice name LOL]..Here I'll Try To Take Every Awesome Write..Who Makes People Happy When There Are Dark Times In The Show With Their Awesome Writing , Imagination And Talent Embarrassed...Wait Why Am I Giving a Speech...LOL Okay So Lets Get To Work...Embarrassed


Everyone Welcome  The Beautiful , Gorgeous And Very Talented...Risha (Risha_IPKKND)

Me:Hello how are you risha

Risha:Hello there!Doing pretty well :)

Me:How are feeling about this , this interview ?

Risha:Nervous because I really don't know what wrong stuff I am going to sa...err type I meanLOLBut except that excited to know what you have in store for me!

Me:So we hear your writing this new SS "Falling Thrice" ...where did you get the Idea of it ?

Risha:Hush!Don't want to remind everyone I have an update pending do you?!Well yes-I never thought I could continue a story well.I have always been good at OneShots.Infact Falling Thrics started out as an OS but after quite a few generous comments I decided to try my hand out at continuing it.Idea?Well the OS idea was definitely inspired by the frequent use of force of gravity when Arnav and Khushi are near each otherLOLIn short-she literally keeps falling thrice in his arms throughout the story!

Me: Haha...I Think You Should Update It Everyone One Is Waiting Here..Right Guys ?
*The Crowd Cheers*

So Taking About Writing At what age did you begin to have an interest in writing?

Risha: Umm well I remember the first poem I had written was when I was eleven and I was getting bored.It was about all my friends and it was then that I discovered that I could rhyme up words pretty well.I wrote poems after that,rhyming ones,emotional ones and even funny ones.Later when I was fourteen an year back I stumbled upon India forums.And I saw people just like me- inspired by characters of a tv soap writing fiction.Then I realized one day that if they can then why can't I?It began as a past time and soon turned into something which made me forget the real world.I started writing proper fiction at fourteen :)

Me : Wow..You Started Writing Fictions At Fourteen and look a me being just useless...LOL

So Before We Continue More Questions...Lets Play Rapid Fire Round , How Is It ?

Risha:  Oh..Okay.. Smile

Me:Pepsi Or Coke ?

Risha:Coke :D Pepsi is...ermm too sweet Tongue

Me:Strawberry Ice cream or Chocolate  Ice cream  ?

Risha:Chocolate forever![Reminds me I have some in the fridge ;) ]

Me: Yeah...Chocolate Rocks and Me Too...Big smile..sorryJust Got A Little Excited LOL

Writing or Sleeping ?

Risha:What?That is cheatingLOL Well writing-atleast it makes me feel worth a Time.

Me:Wow...You  Have a Strong Power to say not Sleep...LOL

Shaan or Sonu Nigam ? [That Was Really Random]


Me:Old Anjali or Nk ?

Risha : NK babua anyday! Koi pak?[Shak I meanStern Smile]

Me : doubt Nk...Big smile

Horror or Thriller ?

Risha : Eh?Romance pleaj!LOL Thriller I would say.

Me:haha...romantic Girl..LOL

Romance or Humor ?

Risha : Tough choice ErmmRomance-since it can have comedy included too ;)

Me : Hmmm..Nice Choice..i would say Smile

Swimming pool  or Water fall ???Confused...LOL

Risha : Water fall [were you thinking I would be biased for the poolside?Evil Smile]

Me:Well..Thought So...LOL

Okay So Here Ends The Rapid Fire Round...Smile


 I'm Going To Read Fan's Questions...

This Is From...Heartdawn

Do you have a special place where you like to write?

Risha : Fans ?? LOL Okay So...When I go to my hometown there is room in the house which has a window I love to sit next to.It is quite away from the rest of the house so whenever I want to write in silence I always go there and sit next to it.Except that I can write anywhere if I have a pen and paper in my hand or a laptop to tap on!

Me : Hmm...Sure..Whenever I try to write , My Brother..comes and say "OhoWriting...Author Banja Tu...LOL

And The Next One Is From...Arshi_BS

Do you like writing under a deadline?

Risha : I would not say a deadline since I am not a professional writer but when I started writing fiction online people suddenly wanted updates.So no, writing under deadline always puts me into pressure since all I can think of is to finish what I am writing and not because I want to.I write only when I am in the specific mood to.

Me: I Can Hardly Make A writing must be very difficult...Embarrassed

Next one is from...sarun_deewani

Would you like to, or have you, written a novel?If yes which genre ?

Risha : As of now no I haven't written a novel since I am just fifteen but I would love to try my hand at it down the line someday!!From what I have seen I can write romance in a way which doesn't encourage people to throw shoes at me so I have taken it to be pretty much okay.Yes,I might write something close to a love story one day but it wouldn't be sans emotions or sound like a foolish mush fest!...

Me : haha "sound like a foolish mush fest!..."

This One Is From...princessunara
Did you ever stay up way too late writing?Wink

Risha : Yes there have been WAY too many days when I have done this!infact sometimes when I get an idea in the middle of the night I end up typing at full speed at two am not caring about anything else than putting the idea on paper.So writing can be pretty addictive if you enjoy doing it :P

Me:haha...summer is school.. you know what i meanWink

Risha: LOL...LOL

Me : Haha...Okay This One Is The Last but there a way too many left but even i want to ask...LOL

Its From...--SweetFarwii--

.Is there anyone or anything that has inspired you writing ?Smile

Risha : I love reading and read anything from books to magazines to newspapers but one author whose style I was inspired by was Cecilia Ahern. Her way of transporting people into a different world and turning words into meaningful sentences just drew me to write.And of course two characters from a tv soap I confess I watch are Khushi and Arnav.My journey with the pen began with these two and I still love writing fiction on them.So yes in a way I can say that the characters indeed inspired me to write.

Me :  Arnav and Khushi...Day Dreaming [Lost In A dream World]

Risha : Haha...Did You Just Listened Arnav and Khushi from my whole answer ??LOL

Me : Of course not...well maybe LOL

Risha : Lol...change your name from Chocolavaish to Dreamy ChocolateLOL

Me : Nice Idea Wink

Do comment from your fans help your writing technique ?Embarrassed

Risha : Well I wouldn't call them fans but rather readers :P And yes it does help quite a lot!There are less of constructive criticisms but if there are any they do help me improve on what I write.Sometimes even my writing style is influenced by them since I get to know what genre I can write well and what I can't.Readers play the most important role to help me improve.

Me : Ahhh...I Understand...Smile [but you didn't understand what i meant by this comment LOL]

Title of your first ever story or fan fiction (do you remember ? Evil Smile)

Risha : Yes I do !My very first fiction was on a song I had heard.I was so obsessed with the song that I ended up writing something on it.The song was - Jiyein kyun and it was a oneshot with four parts to it.Except that my first poem I remember was about dreams and them coming true :)

Me : Gotta Hear That Song...maybe i get inspired too LOL

Risha : Haha...Try Karne Me Kya Jaata Hai LOL

Me : lol...LOL

At last  What would you like to tell your fans ? 

Risha : As I said I won't call them fans but readers :P So I just want to give a word of thanks to each and every person who spent time going through what I write.Sometimes I feel really good when people say I made them smile or cry or even think.Because in the end we all write not only for the love of it but also to bring a change in what and how people think.It can be a small comment such as - awesome! Or a  huge comment saying "You made my day!" it doesn't matter as long as I feel that I have impacted at least a few people with what I write.So my readers I love you till the end of this world and even after that- thank you for being too generous with comments and praises!! I love you all!

Me : aww... I We Had Fun With You...but everything comes to end..Unhappy

Thank you for Joining...we love 

Good Night
And Bye

Risha : Was a pleasure :D Good night!

Everyone Check Risha's Index =  For Her Awesome Work

Okay This Was Risha If You Had Fun With Please Like And Comment Here Big smile
It Took Me Half an Hour...first time such a big post LOL
Btw..the fan question thing i just randomly wrote the names from my buddy list LOL

Question: Who Should Be Our Next Guest ?? Smile

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HeartDawn Senior Member

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Res...woah..such big post and you...Shocked

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...Doctor... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 September 2011
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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 6:23am | IP Logged

Rish! Hug Meri jaan! I'll be back!


@Chocolavish: Thank you for this interview! Loved it! All the questions were awesome. Keep interviewing our talented writers.

@Risha: If you are reading this then I'd love to say that you are one of my favorite writers. You write so well that I don't even blink my eyes while reading your work. You're not only an awesome writer but a dear friend too. You were my first IF friend & I still remember your hilarious posts which made my days happy & cheerful. You are just 15 but you are really talented. You are actually multi-talented coz you can write poems, you can write amazing FF's, OS's & SS's, you can make hilarious posts, you have a great sense of analyzing things & not to forget you make amazing siggies! I love you! *hugs* All your answers were awesome & some were funny too. We got to know more about you & that was a treat for people like me, who consider themselves as your phanwas LOL  Ayee hayee you got fanmails, now that is news ;) Tu toh chaa gayi Rish! :D
And fans nahi my readers vali line tune Sanaya se churai na LOL Just kidding! Loved your interview Hug
I hope you'll be a writer someday! Hug

@Chocolavish- I want to read an interview of AngelTeen(Rae) too. She is an awesome writer! Thanks once again!

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...Pwincess... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 July 2010
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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 6:24am | IP Logged
Geat Idea. I'd love to read more interviews. Could you add me to the PM list if you do for these?

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...Pwincess... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 July 2010
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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 6:27am | IP Logged
My favorite writers are minimuffin86, HeadOverHeels, serialjunkie and TeleFan.

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ChocoLavaish Senior Member

Joined: 17 March 2012
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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ...Pwincess...

Geat Idea. I'd love to read more interviews. Could you add me to the PM list if you do for these?

Thank you and sure...Embarrassed its a weekly thread so next interview will be next monday Smile

Originally posted by ...Pwincess...

My favorite writers are minimuffin86, HeadOverHeels, serialjunkie and TeleFan.

Thank you will try to contact them..

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HeartDawn Senior Member

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 7:11am | IP Logged
i don't know why i can't edit my post...

its awesome post haha fan 

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ChocoLavaish Senior Member

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 7:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by HeartDawn

i don't know why i can't edit my post...

its awesome post haha fan 

thank you Embarrassed

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