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Guysss here is d 2nd part..hope you like this...
I will try to close this ff within 5 parts...:), Your comments would really help me to work further ...;)

Before long Damini drove into the huge parking lot packed end to end with cars. After getting out of her car, she sprinted on long, shapely legs past three sets of guards on her way into the building.
They called friendly greetings to her with a huge smile. As she turned and waved to each of them her ebony hair glistened in the rare January sun. The smog was almost nonexistent this morning, a good omen for what would be the most painful day of her life.

Though she?d known the loss of her father in her early teens, and more recently had lost her momaa, she?d been forced to come to grips with their deaths. But Prithvi was alive, and the knowledge that he was involved with someone else was killing her.

More than ever she realized she had to remove herself completely from the acting scene if she hoped to get him out of her system.
"Good morning, Damini!"
Jerked back to a cognizance of her surroundings, she smiled at her favorite security man standing next to the metal detector.

"Hi, Vickey."

"Before you go inside, do you think you?d have time to autograph this for my daughter?"
She slowed down. "Of course. Is it for Ritu or Krish?"
"Krish. He never misses your show." He handed her the latest copy of Soap Craze.
To make it easier for her, he?d opened it to the page featuring some of the cast of "Love or Mein". He used his finger to point to the picture of her in "Prithvi's hard-muscled arms.

There was Prithvi again. Big as life. As long as she came to this studio every day, she couldn?t escape him.
"Sign there, will you? It?ll make her day." Vikey handed her a pen.
Hard to believe Damini's signature could make anyone?s day, but it was a phenomenon she would never complain
about. Being an actress had brought in a terrific income, and she could never complain about the great working hours.
But she had promised herself she would re-start the business of her Mom. After todays show, she was going back to Gujral Group that is being handle by her relative now. Anything to stop thinking about Prithvi, who seems her heart beat now to her. He was a self-made, hard-working man turned actor who because of his charm and friendly nature.

An awful emptiness stole through her at the thought of never seeing him again. This had to end. Thank heaven it was her last day. Their last taping.
Aware Vicky was waiting, Damini signed the picture with a flourish, then handed everything back to him. Pasting another smile on her face, she hurried inside past the main gate filled with pictures of famous television celebrities from the past. At eighteen, Damini had won collage beauty contest by mistake that lead her to this show. Just before she had turned twenty-two, she had got the surprise of her life. Her dearest friend Sameer asked her to join his new show as Main lead. 

Damini laughed out on his face but Sameer show's his faith on her and then he mentioned Prithvi's name as Main lead to whom Damini knew by few occasion meeting only in a party or two but not talked to him but somehow, she felt something was unusual between them, May be an attraction and before she realize she was on the TV studio by next day for shoot. 

The role of Damini had had immense appeal for Damini because she had loved Sameer's Idea and it would be easy to play the part of her Chandini on the set under his guidance. But acting hadn't been Damini's interest. She had only auditioned for the part to please her wonderful friend. She had never dreamed anything would come of it. Amazingly, Sameer had listened to her script reading, practiced with her and made it work for her and himself as well.

So Damini had taken time off from her life to play the part. Illa Gujral had influenced her to continue her acting as career. Damini had been deeply touched by her Sameer's care and confident on her, may be that is the reason she gave her best on the show. But now that her momma had passed away, it was time for Damini to grow up and move on. Though she had lost the people she had loved, she had never known anything but love from her. Damini realized how lucky she was.

She was resolute in her determination to put this part of her life behind her; what she needed to do was get today?s taping over with and concentrate on the many blessings in her life.

Forget Prithvi Saxena, she told herself as she entered the large shoot area. She looked around dozen waiting actors, and avoided the huge props and deconstructed sets being rolled from storage to stage and back again. The shows publicist wanted to talk to her,
but she had to decline until after the taping.

With little time to lose she continued working her way to the other end of the hall. Wardrobe was up the stairs. It was a good thing Damini always did her own hair and makeup before she came to work. She needed to change into her bridal outfit that was heavy read embrodiary Saree. Her makeup artist, the magician who dressed her and made everything work, was waiting for her. "Glad you decided to drop in. I was starting to get nervous. Heavy traffic?"

"The worst!" That was as good an excuse as any.

Damini averted her eyes before slipping out of her top and jeans. Her makeup artist was right about the bridal dress that was beautifull.Make up made her look extra beautiful look. She was looking very pretty bridal, and she and Prithvi, the best man who stood six feet
with great body, would look great together.

"Your purse and these roses". The marriage license is rolled up and stuck in there with the purse."
"Real red roses? and marriage license" Damini lowered her head to smell the marvelous fragrance.

Roshini who was getting ready by her side replied in hurry : yeah don't forget you will ask him to marry and you two will marry in registrar office hence the marriage license.

Damini : " Oh" right.

An Assistant  : All ready mam, Scene ready"

Damini turned to leave.

Roshini called her back with eye blink :  "Here's the ring to give the groom."

Damini : "Oh'can't I forget that." She smiled nervously. "You're this addition in this scene is too much fantacy Roshini, and I hate this," 
she said, taking the ring from Roshini. 

Damini with a sad smile to Roshini : "I m going to miss you."

Roshini : "We hate to see you go, but a person's got to do what they have got to do." She put her hands on her hips and said with mischivious eyes. "You
look yummy lookwise, but you 'r acting all quiet and jumpy. Something's wrong."

A small cry of surprise escaped Damini's lips because Roshini could sense anything at all.

Rohini : "Hey? Are you okay? Do you have a headache? I can get you some water and painkillers."
Damini shook her head : That?s so nice of you, but I m fine, Roshini. Just dull. You know. The last day on the set, you understand."

Roshini "I thought so. If you need anything, just let me know."
Damini in her mind 'I need for this day to be over".

Damini thanked Roshini one more time, then headed for the shoot area. She walked down the stairs as fast as her heels
would allow. The first thing she did was check the call sheets outside the stage. Virtually everyone in the cast
was on camera today for the big melodramatic wedding scene.

The other lead of the show, were getting ready for their scene. Inder (on screen friend of Prithvi was getting married with Riya on court) had asked
Prithvi, to be his witness as marriage court.
On screen, Riya was the rival company owner and Inder's friend, She met Prithvi during a tender metting and fell in love with him.
Prithvi used to flirt with her and after realising her feeling, he neglected her very badly. Riya felt jealous of Chandini, after realising Prithvi
care for Chandini. She had tried to kill her several times but Prithvi saved her. She had tried to create mis understanding between their partnership.
Everyone liked Chandini and Prithvi's on screen chemistry during their little -silly-billy fights, argument scenes, love moments with eyelocks etc..
That made the show top of the chart and block buster. 

Now, at one stage, Inder Prithvi's friend proposed Riya, although Inder's family are against Riya but Riya agreed to made jealous to Prithvi. So, Inder
decided to marry Riya in court without marriage fuss.  

Off the set, actors, who played the part of Riya and Inder, were wonderful friends and support to Damini. When her
momma had died, both, along with Prithvi, had been right there to comfort her and make sure she
wasn't alone.

The whole cast had honored her momma memory off the set, but it was "Teena" the girl who played Riya who'd taken Damini under
her wing for real. Since the funeral they had grown very close and had shared many private confidences despite
so called career rivalary.

Teena knew the real reason Damini was leaving the show. Because she could remember how painful it was to be
in love and not be able to do anything about it, she was the one person who hadnot tried to dissuade Damini from
her plans. In front of the others she had applauded her decision to go back to the family business and get new hight in new career.

"Hey, Damini!"
She looked over her shoulder and saw "Rahul who played Inder on screen headed toward her in his wedding suite.

Rahul with flirty way: "That's quite an awsome bridal look has put you in., I wish you would be my bridal on screen of couse someday. "

Damini with smile : "I would better die otherwise." They smiled at each other. 

Rahul  : "It's the pits you're leaving the show. You  have no idea how much I m going to miss trying to impress you off."

Damini chuckled in spite of her pain. "You'll be getting your last chance today."

Rahul : "True, but as usual I won't succeed, and you will get to fly off into the sunset with that monster Prithvi."

Damini : "Don't tell me you'r jealous of me. On our honeymoon, I get killed in the bombblast, never to be seen again. You?ll have Mr. Irresistible or what did you call him now
aahhh Monster all to yourself."

Her married friend grinned and laugh. 

Rahul : So what's the real deal on Real Prithvi Saxana?, Damini" 

Damini : What deal, I did not get your point.
Rahul : Nothing, just teasing you. Well, Do you know Damini, today's paper showing "Super Model Sally. She;s had a crush on him forever."
Sally and a dozen other Modal and Tv actresses anyways.

A shiver ran down Damini's back. She rearranged the flowers in her hand, she was carrying, making sure the
certificate lay on top of her purse to easy access.

Damini : "I don?t honestly know, Rahul. Rumor has it there's another woman, but he doesn't share anything about his
personal life with me."

Rahul with some serious tone : "Well, if you don't know, nobody else does, that's for sure. Since your mom's funeral, he has seemed a lot more
attentive around you. I thought maybe he confided in you."

Damini : "Afraid not. My momma gave him some guidance tips on life when he first came on the visit her so often. He liked her a lot, and knows I?ve
missed her, so he's been a good listening friend. That's all."

Rahul : "That's not all. Take a look at him now."

Damini : "I m looking." Damini had already sensed him coming before she'd actually caught sight of his tall, fit, male
Rahul in teasing tone : "So Chandini don't mind him flirting or chatting with other women."

That was exactly why Damini was leaving the show, before she made a fool of herself over him as Sally was
doing. With his dark attractive features and olive skin, her heart couldn't take much more.

Rahul with smile : "He's headed our way. Lucky you,". If I were you, I'd make the most of that final clinch he gives
you. After today's taping, there's not going to be any more of that to look forward to."

Damini : Thank you for reminding me". but "All the emotion he puts out is strictly for the camera not the real Prithvi Saxena".

"Come on," Rahul laughed at her. "Admit there were times when the temperature heated up between you two."

Damini with little hesitation : "I admit he made our love scenes look passionate, but that's because he's a good actor."

"Whatever you say." Rahul with less satisfaction as in he didn't believe her. 
At Prithvi's approach, the heartbeat took a rapid speed in Damini's heart.

"Good morning, guys. Practising on your lines?" Prithvi asked in his deep, cultured voice. He spoke with a slight
huskey accent that he use in on screen as well.

Somehow Damini found the courage to lift her guarded blue gaze to his. "It all done. I'd like my final performance
to go without a re-take."

His black eyes gleamed. "You always do perfect work, Damini. It has made my part easy."
Damini with smile : "Thank you."

Prithvi : "It's true. You'r Natural actress on you own way. When your fans find out you've left the cast of "Love or mein", there'll 
be mass mourning."

Damini thought in her mind - But you won't shattered over my absence. Damini would only have been a small part on the screen of his life.

Damini to Prithvi :  "They'll get over it as soon as the writers find you a new love interest."

Prithvi : "I Bet you, they're not going to accept my pairing with anyone else after you so I guess, I'll take up my my role as Devdass. 
Without Chandini, my love, I no longer want to live in the world."

Damini : "You made that up."

On occasion Prithvi could be a tease. Maybe this was one of those times. If Roshini had been able to tell Damini was
not normal today, surely it hadn't escaped Prithvi she was more nervous than usual this morning. No doubt he was trying to
get her to lighten up.
But to her surprise he lifted his hands in defense. "I swear I'm telling the truth. Ask Sameer. Riya is going to
be a bad girl in the show and going to make my life hell."

An ache passed through Damini's body more intense than before, oh she will miss all this time being with him.

His eyes narrowed on her face :  "You were supposed to laugh. Are you having seconds thoughts about leaving
the show?"

Her head reared. "None!"

"You don't have to pretend around me. You wouldn't be human if you didn't have some misgivings about walking
away from all your friends here."

"Of course I'll miss everyone, but acting is not for me. When momma died so suddenly, I m afraid any the actress
inside me died with her. If my momma had not influenced me to do this, I would be working with her only. The idea of being an actress
would never have occurred to me. "Let's face it, Prithvi. My chance to play Chandini on a soap was an absolute luck. To be honest, I'm eager to
get back to the normal - no light camera -action life. In retrospect, three years away from that life makes me want to jump right into my
no fame life again."

"Still planning to continue Gujraal Group afterwards?" he inquired.

Damini : "I don't know. My dad was hoping I'd follow him into the field, but I'm here, you can this was my momma's wish to see me as actress but now
she is not here so for whom I should face this camera..(she add with little sadness). Maybe I liked this stab at acting as much as I did because I've 
always found people and their behavior fascinating."

Especially yours, Prithvi Saxena, she thought in her mind. And added "n of course to fulfill momma's wish..

"Chandini, Prithvi, Inder-Riya'Marriage court scene coming up next!" the stage manager announced.
Prithvi's gaze swept over her. "Let's go do it, shall we?"

They walked the short distance to the shoot area that was converted into a marriage court room where Chandini and Prithvi would stand as witness
for Inder and Riya's wedding. Riya took her position behind the back door from where she could enter the room with Inder to pose the shoot scene.

When they were in place to start the scene, Prithvi whispered, "Smile, Damini. It's our wedding day too. All the grief and
misunderstandings between us are about to come to an end. In a few minutes we're going to give the viewing
audience a twist they're not expecting."

"It's a twist with a sting and sadness," she murmured, hoping he couldn't hear her heartbeat's voice.

He cocked his dark head. "That's true. You've been on the show from the start and the fans are going to have a doubly hard time letting you go forever and
of course they will miss our chemistry."

He unexpectedly raised his hands to adjust a hairstrand behind her ear. At her questioning glance he said, "Just making sure that golden silk wire 
doesn't get in the way of my kissing you at the ending scene. Anyways, I don't understand why they gave you a so much make up today."
With a smile he said, " I know bride is suppose to be with full of make up and all but I like my bride with simple beauty as you always are"

Damini heart stopped for a moment as she noticed the seriousness in his handsome face. But than the thought of the another unknown girl changed her mind.
May be he was imagine that girl now. 

Damini forced a smile and replied : "This is my last scene with you., and I'm going to propose you remember? Normally I'm not the one who gets easily impressed
or express my feelings so beaware before accepting my proposal."

Prithvi : "You are this time going to be changed girl...a girl in love..don't you forget !..He paused for a moment looking into her eyes..he added :  I may just remove your hairclip at the appropriate moment, so don?t be surprised."
because I normally like you everyway but today I think you should release your golden hair free so that they can flirt with you, Damini...

Damini : "You mean inappropriate, don't you?" she teased, trying to put on a happy, carefree face so she wouldn't give herself away completely. 
"After all the stunts you've pulled on me that weren't written in the script, I don't think there's anything you could do that would shock me. but hey don't you dare
touch my hair, they would be a make up artist spent lots of time on tat style.."

His eyes glinted black fire. "I have to admit you've been a real support for me for the last three months.
It's proof of your great acting talent that every time I blundered, you covered for me without missing a heartbeat."

That was where Prithvi was wrong. Around him her heart had stopped beating more times than he would ever know. It was the reason 
she was leaving the show now instead of putting off her Gujraal Group business for another year.
Being forced to immerse herself in her business wouldn't cure her broken heart, but if she wanted to obtain decent success she wouldn't 
have the time or luxury to cry out loud in pain. At least that was what she was telling herself right now.

He reached for her left hand while capturing her eyes with his. 

Damini : "What are you doing?"

Prithvi : "Someone handed me this gold band to put on your finger. Let's make sure it slides on easily, otherwise I'll have
to put it on your baby finger."
Baby finger' She loved his little language-silly mistakes.

He added further : "You did say you wanted our last scene to go without a problem and to be perfect."

Biting her lip, Damini clutched the flowers in her right hand while he checked the fit. She control her body not to
"Perfect sizing." He slipped it back off. "But your hand feels like ice," came the unexpected comment before he
rubbed her hand with his to warm her up.

Damini while snatching her hand away: "I have poor blood circulation.".
Prithvi with naughty smile : "That's news to me. I never noticed the problem while our close up scenes."

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continuation of part 2..;)

Before she could find a logical response, sameer instruct to camera roll up and action in the background.
"Places, everyone! Action!"

With those words, the two of them became Chandini and Prithvi (on screen one).

Shoot 201 : Inder and Riya were waiting in waiting room for the lawyer along with Chandini & Prithvi who were going to be their witness. Inder and Riya were chatting like a newly to be wed couple whereas Chandini & Prithvi were not on talking term due to a mis understanding created by Riya. 

Damini immediately slipped into the role and looked at Prithvi from her eye lashes and ask him as Chandini:  "Is it true you're going back to New Zeland after Inder's wedding?"
His black eyes narrowed. "Why do you ask?"

Chandini's whole body throbbed with pain. "Just answer me, dammit!" she cried in a hushed tone, her eyes filling with tears.
He put out a finger to catch a drop, then rubbed the moisture around with this thumb. "Tears. From you?, Chandini" he mocked. "I didn't think it was possible."

Chandini : "There's a lot you don't know about me."

Prithvi in lower tone : "Did you ever give me the chance for that?"
Chandini with more tears : "I'm giving it to you now."
Prithvi : "What do you mean?"

Riya understood the words before Chandini spell out them so she intrupt, avoiding Inder by her side : "Don't listen to her, Prithvi !" 
Riya gave a dirty look to Chandini. "I heard her telling Inder that She love him, you know to break me, Prithvi. All this time she's been trying to get close to Inder. She spend last weekend with Inder,,, you know what I mean but still I forgive Inder because I truly love him" 

Inder interuppt in between: . "That's not true Riya and you know it,". Chandini spent weekend with him but there was a reason that I cannot disclose now and I shared everything to you before proposing you and you said you love me why suddenly you are being like this...

"Give me a break—" Riya fired back. "Think about it, Prithvi. That's why you've never been able to get to know Damini fully and that is thereason you could not contact her last weekend because she was with Inder"

Chandini : "You're wrong, Riya. The only reason I haven't contact Prithvi last week because I thought Roshini & Prithvi were in love with each other. I didn't want to push him with my feelings."

Riya : "Ooh. You really know how to play games Chandini, dont you?" Riya's furious gaze switched to Prithvi. "The only reason she's hitting on you now is so she can get her hands on your portion of the Company before you leave the country."
"There is no partnership, Riya," Prithvi declared with quiet temper. "Chandini gave it to me before she left the town last week that is the reason I wanted to contact her last weekend so that I can ask her the reason why she left the company share for me."

Prithvi avoiding Riya and Inder turn to Chandini and ask slowly : Chandini, may I ask why did you do that, why you left everything. Did you really wanted to be close with..(he hesitated for a while than added) Inder.

Chandini: "I wouldn't want it anyway!" Chandini cried. "Money means nothing without love, Prithvi. How can you stand there and accuse me of such lies? Inder's is a real friend of fine. He's always been in love with me but as friend. Don't you trust me that much, Prithvi."
She hesitated but added : Prithvi I left everything to you because I ..because I..Lo

Before she could say the words Riya intrupped very badly...

"Don't you trust me, Prithvi," Riya mimicked brutally. "Get out of this room, Chandini, you spoiled my wedding day!", she raised her hands to hit Chandini's face but before she could hit it, Prithvi gripped her out hand.

Prithvi : "I might have known you'd try to ruin my relationshipm with Damini," he said with cold fury. "But you will go that low, I could nt hv imagine Riya..!!"

He added after a pause.."I really thought Riya you love my friend and I know Inder would be a great husband but I am afraid my friend is not lucky. I came here to be witness of  his special day but I had no idea that you will be playing with his heart to get win over me.

Inder could not bear all this hurt and giving a heart broken look, rushed out of the waiting room. "What's going on? The marriege lawer who just entered the room asked with confusion."

Riya gave a harsh look and she also left from the spot. 

After she disappeared, Prithvi turned to Chandini who was shaking badly and he took Chandini in his arms. "Are you all right?"
"Yes." She struggled for breath. "Prithvi—you didn't believe her, did you?"
Prithvi : "What do you think? 
Chandini : "She actually tried to kill me twice, you know. you saved me both times, we thought that attack was from ..."
Prithvi intruppt her by keeping his finger on her lips : Husss...Chandini...stop talking..I know everything now..& "Don't think about that now."
She can't touch you while I am understood.

Chandini wanted to break the mood. She knew if he would continue looking her like this. She would start crying and will never let him go. So she change
the subject by saying : Prithvi, Lawyer is waiting there..I guess,,we should tell him not wedding here..

"LET him! Dammit" Prithvi fired back. "You were about to say something important before she tried to hit you."
Chandini with nervousness and avoiding his eyes: "There's no time to go into that now."

"Riya—just said that you spent weekend with Inder..I do trust you Chandini but I just wanted to know ,,Why,,Do you loved him.. Is it true? Tell me." He shook her gently.
She swallowed hard. "Yes!" she cried at long last. "But not him...I love you..Even though you're don't like me and I'm not Roshini. 
We are very different in our lives but nothing matters to me. I know that you don't love me but I can't help my love for you, I tried to not
fell in love with you but I don't know when & how but I did fall in love with you.. and I can't live without you, Prithvi. 
she stop to take a sharp breath and added slowly : Inder & Riya knows how I feel about you" I was depress last week after our argument over the
new contract and I gave up my share to you because I knew I could not bear your harsh behaviour.
she paused for a moment and look into his face that was not showing any emotion clearly.

Chandini continue : Inder wanted to make this day special so did I 

She added with pauses and hessitation with little teary hiccupss...I...I ...wanted to ask ...marry.. u.She finished 
A stillness and shocked in Prithvi's void : "You 're asking me to marry you?"
Chandini : "Yes." Her voice trembled.
Prithvi : "You're not joking."
Chandini : "No."
Prithvi while hiding his smile: "I didn't girls can do such things or should I say... Chandini..the joint MD of the company can do things like this."
Chandini with determination : "Girls can do everything..when a man can ask a girl to marry her. so a girl can ask a man to" so here I m doing the same thing."

Prithvi with serious note now : "that's right…you can do anything..Chandini..You do love me!" he cried.

Chandini : "Yes, I do.. In fact I took out a wedding license and it was Inder's idea actually...she added slowly..
All we have to do is sign it in front of the that damm lawyer after the procedure, and our marriage will be legal."
Prithvi with a huge smile and taking out a hand for license : "Let me see it."

She plucked it from the purse. He unrolled it and examined it, then lifted his head as if dazed & surprised.

Chandini asked slowly but with smile : "Will you marry me, Prithvi ?

Prithvi : "This is the real thing… All those times you told me you hated me and begged me to leave you alone, you were lying?"
Chandini : "Yes!"

He folded the certificate and put it in his pocket. "I want to hear you say those words to me. Look at me, love,and tell me you love me."

Don't get emotional Damini,,you are on screen now. Damini control her real emotion... Whatever you do, don't you dare cry now.She finally lifted her eyes to his. "I'm in love with you, Prithvi. I always have been, from the moment you came to me with the joint company proposal. But I knew Roshini was in love with you, too. But...

Prithvi : but ??
Chandini : "But. I didn't dare let you know how I really felt, because I felt you don't like me personally. Also, I didn't think you could be interested in someone like me who's such a boring you mentioned me once..during our agrument..remember...
But the thought of living without you is unthinkable at this point." Damini's heart was on fire for real Prithvi now after noticing his face expression she asked slowly once again. "Will you marry me today? Right now?"

He flashed her the heart stopping smile for which he was famous. "That all depends. How long do you intend our marriage to last?"

Damini had been waiting for him to slip in a line that wasn't in the script. With that last question, he hadn't disappointed her. It was his way of having some fun with her for the last time.

"Forever," Chandini whispered fervently.
Prithvi : "Do you have any idea how long I've waited to hear those words?" His voice rang with raw emotion. "Here's my answer."

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her amazingly but on her lips first time for the camera or couse but it seems as if he really meant it. 
But it was a stage kiss, pure and simple. Unfortunately his acting ability was so incredible, Damini almost forgot the scene was being taped.
Chandini : "I love you, Prithvi, but are we really getting married today?? now??
Prithvi : "If you want,,,yes, we will love..."
Chandini : but Prithvi Roshini...She ..

Prithvi : "she what?" when she does not reply for a secodn ,,he captured her lips again than added : I don't love her..understood..not anyone except one girl in this world that is you.

Chandini whisper slowly when he eventually let her catch her breath.: "Than I think, We should not keep the lawyer waiting for long any more.he might be waiting for another couple and this is court waiting room remember."

"You're" He slowly relinquished his hold. His eyes played over her in adoration. "After the wedding today now, we have got the rest of our 
lives to be together, love. Come on. I can't wait to say anymore."

With her whole body throbbing from the hungry kiss he'd given her, Damini slipped her arm through his. Prithvi hold her hand tightly against his. They both entered the lawyer's room where they found Roshini and Inder along with two other friendds waiting for them to be their witness.
Chandini turning to Prithvi with amazement : You knew this.

Prithvi : Actually no..but if you would not have asked me to marry you...I planned to ask you on my knees because I love you too, my love..Damini knew her cheeks were on fire from the heat of her emotions. Since that last kiss they were spinning out of control. She studied the smiling faces of all the cast members who were dressed up for the occasion looking splendid.Every face was dear to her. As memories of three wonderful years flashed through her mind, she smiled back through the tears. Her momma would have loved this scene. She would have been sitting on the front row beaming at the two of them. She loved Prithvi's on screen character too much.

Prithvi gave her hand a little squeeze before she took her place at the left side of him to sign the marriage register. No doubt the hidden gesture was meant to congratulate her for improvising a line at the last second. May be he noticed her off screen emotions on her face.

He took his place next to Lawyer as per lawyer's instruction, and start the proceedure. 
They exchanged their rings and at last Prithvi took vermillion and filled Chandini's soul with his love sign. 

Damini felt a tear dropped from her eyes not to mention that was not written for this scene but she could not help it. Prithvi was looking into her eyes with love (of course on screen love..but Damini captured that moment forever in her heart) 

Many times during an emotional scene, the cast members forgot they were acting. This was one of those moments. Damini could believe they were getting married for real.

For the next few minutes Damini listened the conversation between lawyer and other on screen member but without noticing or listening the words. "Signature?" Prithvi broke the silence.
Damini looked down to the register and managed a Chandini style smile.

He cleared his throat, as if he was having trouble keeping control on his emotions and said to the witness :  "A few minutes ago, my love did me the great honor of asking me to marry her, and I said yes. She has made me the happiest man in the world."Cries of delight came from the background. Everyone looked at shoot area, but the only eyes she saw were those of
Prithvi, staring at her with burning intensity and love.

He was a magnificent actor all right, Damini thought.

His gaze finally turned to lawyer adding. "You know I am the luckiest man in this world because I got my love...With all your blessing and wishes, friends, I accept my love as my wife. 

He slowly took out the marriage license from his pocket and showed to lawyer and to witness and sign afterwards."

Damini's pulse started to run away with her. Even though this was all scripted, more than anything in the world, part of her wished it were really happening.

Roshini smiled. "I can't think of anything romantice than this, I would really be please to be witness you both..Prithvi. 
Your union with my friend will be forever, i know and I wish you both gud luck.

Inder : Sorry, whatever we did few mintues back, whatever happens in front of not ..

Chandini Intruppted ...Don't please...Its Ok..and I m sorry because Ri...

Prithvi intrupped in between : "Please no more tears today. My heart is not strong enough to bear that love..

Lawyer with huge smile : " Signature please both of you here.

Prithvi hold her hand and signed the register with huge smile and same did she.

Slowly he turned to her and say slowly : I love and forever.

She slowly looked into his eyes and replied me too..

He gripped her hands tighter. 

Damini noticed few moments of hesitation in Prithvi's part but she could not figure out the point. He also forgot few times
few lines during this above shot.

The Lawyer smiled at them. "Now, you are legally marriad Mr. Prithvi. Congratulations both of you are man and wife.
Lawyer left the room smiling. Roshini and Inder as well saying the wishes.

Prithvi took her in his arms first, as the script directed. The force of his embrace made her unbalanced, which made her clutch 
his shirt tightly and her hair came on her face. Damini thought in her mind. His fault, he made her look a mess with loose hair.
Before she could say something as Chandini as per her scrip. He;d kissed her long and hard, he slid his one hand to balance her.
and murmured slowly "You're mine now, forever" , before kissing her hands.

The cameras stayed on them for few moments as Prithvi once again captured her lips for a kiss. Damini could hear the clapping and 
congratulations sound in back ground, the scene must be a great hit. So this was her last scene. The end. End of " Love or mein"
End of Chandini's role for her. 

The cameras stopped rolling.

"Great moment, guys and congratulations !!" Sameer  declared. "I'm in tears, and that's never happened before, it was so good, & romantice. 
After you get changed, come on back to the set. It's party time for Damini. One day I might forgive her for leaving us, but I'm not making
any promises."

Damini pulled her hand from Prithvi's grasp and left the set before anyone could notice her hidden tears. 
It didn't take long for Damini to change her bridal dress. Soon she was back in her jeans and T-shirt.
She returned everything to her wardrobe-assistant, including the ring Prithvi had put on her finger. One of the assistants in
Wardrobe would sweep the set for any props left around.
Damini asked with little smile to divert her mind : "You're coming down to the party, I hope?"
"Wouldn't miss it," Roshini declared who just join Damini in her changing room. 
Roshini : "Thanks for the beautiful day, Damini. It was so cute, & congratulations.
Damini : ""That's sweet for you to say. You've made my day & I'm glad they got their best shot before I left. I just wish Sameer get "best director" award this year.
I'll never forget these days." After hugging her, Damini walked over to the dressing table to remove her makeup.
After every bit of makeup had been removed, she did little bit touch up for downstairs party and paste a forced smile to face her everyone.

Roshini had already left by the time Damini jumped up from the dressing table and hurried downstairs. When she entered the
party area, she noticed everyone were around a couple of banquet tables enjoying a catered lunch in a grandstyle. On another table were half a dozen bottles of champagne and glasses.
Teena & Rahul started clapping when they saw Damini. Pretty soon she was surrounded by cast and crew alike with more
hugs and best wishes for the future.

While she was filling her plate with dishes, she saw Prithvi walk in. Through little teary eye lashes she noticed he'd changed into a blue polo shirt and navy cargo pants, just the way
she likes him much. Damini purposely struck up a conversation to avoid looking at him. But she was feverishly aware of him working his way through the crowd, smiling and talking with everyone.
Sameer walked over to her with the mike. "It's time for speeches! Let's hear it from you, Damini."
For once Damini was center stage without a script. "This is scarier than acting." Her comment provoked laughter.
"Whoa… I knew this was going to be hard." Her throat had swelled.She could feel Prithvi's dark gaze. 
Slowly she started :"I've had the time of my life with all of you. You've been like a family to me. When momma passed away, you were there to support me. 
I couldn't have gotten through some of those difficult hours without you all."

Emotion got in the way. She waited for a minute to gather her composure. "Sameer, my friend thanks for your support n believe in me for this role. 
"Even you knew acting is not for me but I;m so glad I was given the opportunity to work with the wonderful cast and crew and made friends like you all.
Thank you Roshini for treating me as you sister always. Love you"
Sameer & Roshini replied together : "You're welcome, darling. You're a natural. If you ever decide to come back, we'll always be here."
"Thank you. Thanks, everybody. Be assured that when I'm home, my TV set will be permanently turned on to "Love aur mein". 
A lie. Damini had no intention of ever watching the soap again. It would be too painful, but the cast members didn't need to know it. 
They all laughed and cheered.

Damini continued : "In fact I can't wait to learn what horrible scheme Sameer and Writers have in mind for the next Chandini"
The head writer nodded.

"Obviously you're not going to give out any secrets today." She continued with smile.

The head writer : "Sorry."

"That's all right. Now that I'm out of the team, I'll just have to be patient like our fans." She flicked her gaze to the
attractive man she wouldn't be seeing again.

"Prithvi, I couldn't leave without letting you know it has been a great time for me to be cast opposite you. I m the
target of every woman with a television set, I guess, u know they would be jelous surely"

All the women cheered loudly and the place went wild. There was more cheering and clapping and good-natured funning as everyone teased her and Prithvi.

Sameer Joined here on mike to tease her : "From now on the guys you date are going to have to pass the Prithvi Saxena test or they're out of the running, 
you know he is your husband, you see."
Damini slapped him on his arm and smile.

There was an enigmatic smile on Prithvi's face as he approached her and grabbed the mike. "Like I will allow my wife to date someone else. He blinker on Damini.
Damini gave him a dramatic serious look.
Prithvi raised his hands on surrender and continue : Anyways, I will say that playing opposite Damini has been an unforgettable experience. One
I wouldn't have missed.

"Between her and Roshini, I was able to get my feet wet in this business without completely floundering." He turned
to Damini. "I'm going to miss you, Chandini."

A strange glint in his eye made her suddenly nervous.

"I hope I can be forgiven for doing something that hasn't been scripted. You guys are getting a preview of our off-
the-set honeymoon. After all, she is my wife now!" He added with a naughty smile and everyone cheered him up.
In front of everyone, he pulled her into his arms and gave her the kind of passionate kiss that was out of his on screen and of screen character. 
It went on and on until there was thunderous applause around. Since he was so lost in that kiss it up, she decided to let herself go this once and really kiss him back. 
No one would know this farewell kiss was for off screen Prithvi Saxena, not on screen character.

"So cute, Damini!" Roshini cheered her from backside. When it appeared Prithvi was enjoying her abandoned response and had no intention of ending it, Damini had to be
the one to break it off and Roshini's words brought her back to reality.
"Whew!" She turned a flushed, smiling countenance to the audience and fanned herself. "Pack up time now..!"
The cast roared with laughter.

At this point Sameer took over the mike. "Don't anyone leave until we raise our glasses to Damini in a toast."
To Damini's dismay, she'd left hers behind on the table. Maybe it was just as well. She would have choked on her champagne.
"To Damini. Health, happiness and a long life wherever your road takes you."
While the others clicked glasses and finished off their drinks, Prithvi made another surprise move by sipping his juice glass, then putting the glass to Damini's lips. She had no choice but to drink a little of it from the same 
place on the glass where his lips had been. Her legs wobbled like jelly.

"Hey, Damini" A reporter called to her. "I need to talk to you for a minute."
For once she was thankful the show's publicist never gave up. "Coming!"
Without daring another glance at Prithvi, she handed back his glass to him and followed Reporter into the hall.
But once she'd moved past the doors, instead of stopping to chat, she kept on walking down the hall toward the front entrance of the building.
While she made her escape, Reporter had to run to keep up with her. "Mam, wait a moment, I need a small interview, please?"
"To be honest, I don't have time for an interview right now. I'm sorry." She wiped her eyes so he wouldn't see the tears.

"I know it's tough to leave. Just give me a few words while I walk you to your car."
She whipped out of the front door and kept up her fast pace clear across the parking lot.
"What will be your  next career move, new show or bollywood ? I need a little information for the show's Web site. The word's going to leak out that you're no longer a cast member??.
Damini : "I'd rather not say, anything now."
Reporter :"What'll you do in next?"
Damini :"Work."
Reporter : "What kind?"
Damini : "You will get information soon."
Reporter : "Who's the man in your life?"
She climbed in her car. "I don't have one. If you value your job, don't quote me wrong."
Reporter with smile : "Would I do that?"
Damini :"Yes. That's what you're paid to do. Go pick on Prithvi. Maybe you can find out the name of the secret woman in his life." . 
Reporter's knw about his secret woman as he has commented many times himself during his interviews but not mention the same so she uses him to avoid questions on herself.
His brows lifted. "Oh, yeah? You know something we don't?"
"No. That?s your department. I'm out of here." Flashing him a bright smile, she shut the door, turned on the car.
Reporter shouted something to her but she kept on going. Right into another car.
"Oh, no!" she cried as she heard the clank of metal against metal. For once in her life she'd forgotten to look first.
In next moment, she jumped out of the car to see how much damage she'd done and ran straight into Prithvi's car. Prithvi waved her with his hands while coming towards her from party hall gate. 

Damini to herself, What was he doing out here?

"I hit you?" She muttered with half smile.
His lips twitched. "Let's just say you caught the rear bumper of my car."

"I'm so sorry—" She tore her eyes from his and moved away from him to see how bad it was.
She couldn't find anything but a scrape mark on his fender, but the back left door of her car had a good-sized dent.
"It's my fault," she moaned. "For once I didn't look where I was going."
"It's both our faults," he muttered. "I wanted to block you off before you got away."

With those words Prithvi had her full attention. Her heart started to race. She turned toward him. "Why would you want to do that?"
He eyed her intently for a moment. "After you call your insurance company, I'll tell you. But first we need to get our vehicles out of the way. Why don't you park yours? Then I'll join you."
Without waiting for her response, he got in his car and moved it to the nearest parking space while Damini moved her car back where she had parked it before. In another minute he had climbed into her passenger seat.She had already pulled out the insurance card she carried in her wallet and had started to make the call. Soon she
was able to give out the details. "Yes. It was my fault. I forgot to look."
The man on the phone asked for her opinion of the damage to Prithvi's. Damini bit her lip before looking at him. "How much do you think it will cost to fix your car damage?"
"The scrape mark can be rubbed out. Don't worry about it."
"Here. Let me talk to them." He took her phone from her. "This is Prithvi Saxena. I'm the one who caused the accident, not Ms Damini. Send the bill to my insurance company."
Damini listened as Prithvi gave the man the particulars. After hanging up, he handed her back the phone. "Why don't I follow you to your car dealership? Then we'll talk."
She shook her head. "I don't want to put you out any more than I already have. These things take forever."

Prithvi : "Work's over for me today, you know that, rite?. And I have no plans. Are you in a big hurry to be someplace special?"
Damini : "I was."
Prithiv : "Then let me help you."
Damini with confusion : "Why would you do that?"
Prithvi : "Because you're not brave as Chandini as the front you put on for everyone today. You may not want to be an actress, but it still couldn't be easy to walk away from all the people you spent time with, only to go back to her empty house."

Damini looked at him with confusion n nervousness : "You're wrong that I am not brave as the character. But to be honest, you are right on second part, it was difficult for me to leave the people, I worked with...(after a pause she added) Well,,,I was going to take a long drive."
Prithvi with a smile : "Oh that's good, Then let's do it together."
"Why?" she asked him again because, so help her, she couldn't think, let alone speak when he was sitting in the intimate confines of the car with her.
"Would you believe me if I told you, „I'was also planning for a long drive??" he replied and started a song "Hum to chalne lage, Chalne lage hai yeh raste". Prithvi had a nice singing voice.

"No.I won't believe" She laughed to hide her chaotic emotions. " and to be honest, you are very bad singer."

"No, I m too gud and I know that..(he blinked than added) I'd rather spend the rest of the day with you."
"And..why?" she prompted him.
His mouth curved upward. "You know me well, don't you? Actually, I'd like your opinion about something. What do you say? It would be doing me a great favor."

She found herself staring at him. "Considering that I ran into your car and damanged it, you've put me in a position where I can hardly afford to turn you down."

His eyes flickered in satisfaction. "Good. I'll meet you at the dealership."
This time Damini looked before backing out. Only now did she notice that reporter had disappeared a long time ago.

By the time she reached the main road, Prithvi was right behind her.
She knew why he was doing this. He was the sort of man who didn't forget a kindness. Her momma had taken a special liking to Prithvi. In the early days, she'd invited him at home where dinned together and talked for hours like a family. The fact that he was a quick mixed up kind of guy, her mommaa really loved him as her son especially when he helped her momma during her hostpital days.

Damini had looked on with great interest and pleasure during those days. Now that momma had passed away, he felt it incumbent to be Damini's friend on this day of transition
from actress to ordinary business woman.It was his way of paying her momma back for those hours of motherhood or her love that had bonded the two of them.
But some time during that period, Damini had also grown attached to the charismatic man who'd treated her as he might treat a special girl,,,,his love..might be.

He showed her the greatest respect. It was a tribute to his professionalism that he was careful how he handled their love scenes. Off the set, he never touched her or made comments that could be misconstrued. Except for scenes shot on location at the beach in a party scene where he kissed her on screen first time, he'd never gone anywhere with her after the taping of a scene was over.

No question about it. Prithvi had always been the complete gentleman. Only today at the party had he acted out of character and kissed her in front of everyone. Nobody thought anything of it. But Damini still hadn't recovered. Was it any wonder she'd backed straight into him?

THE five-mile drive took a good long hours in the lunch-hour traffic. When Damini reached 
at dealershop, Prithvi stopped his car in front of the door to wait for her.
The guy in charge came over to get her paperwork done. During the litany of questions, he kept glancing at her.
"You're Chandini!"
She nodded. "I'm surprised you recognized me without my makeup."
"I'd notice you anywhere, any time. We have a TV in the office. Most weekdays we watch the soaps. Love our mein is the favorite around here."
Damini with a proud smile : "The producer will be happy to hear it."
Dealer : "You're even better looking in person."
Damini :"Thank you."
Dealer :"Would you be willing to come inside and sign a couple of autographs for the guys? I'd consider it a personal favor." The male interest in his eyes almost blinded her.
"Sorry," sounded a deep, familiar voice with the fake smile that sounded irritated. "She has other plans for the rest of the day."
Prithvi had joined them. Without hesitation he opened the door and helped her out. "We're in a hurry. You know how it is." He hold her hand in friendly fashion.
"You're ..Prithvie for the same show!" The other man sounded dazed. He wasn't the only one in that condition.
"That's right. She'll call you later to find out when she can expect her car to be repaired. Let's go."
Prithvi put his arm around her shoulders and dragged her to his truck. "I couldn't resist," he confessed as he helped her into the passenger side. "If that guy's eyes had gotten any bigger, they would have fallen out."
The picture he'd painted made Damini giggled. "Except that he was even more excited to discover your identity.

You're as famous as any movie star with top billing."
"Don't joke ok... He was getting ready to make his big move on you. I bet it happens to you all the time," he said as he got in his side and backed the car around.

Damini : "Not as often as you think. From what I hear, you're the one who has the most trouble in that department."
Prithvi : "Where we're going, neither of us will have to worry about our privacy being invaded."
Damini : "I didn't know we could go to the moon."

A smile hovered at the corner of his sensuous mouth. "The destination I have in mind isn't quite that far away."
Damini : "If you mean the taxi stand, the closest one is about three blocks from here."
Prithvi : "I'll take you there later. For now let's just relax and enjoy this unexpected sunny day."
His suggestion sounded heavenly.
She fastened her seat belt. If she was dreaming, then so be it. "What did you do during the holidays?"
Prithvi made a U-turn out of the lot and headed for the street bordering the dealership. "I had a lot of unfinished projects around here." He flicked her a glance. "What did you do?"

Damini lied (she spent her time in her mansion watching their shows repeat telecast, reliving all their moments again and again): "I spent it with a friend."

"Friend...Anchal?" he asked once they'd merged with the traffic.
He had an amazing memory. She was Damini's childhood friend. They'd grown up together on the same
school. Now she was married.

Damini lied again : "Yes. We drove around looking for a rental home for her near her office ."
Prithvi : "What are you planning to do for the next week until you joined your business again?"
Sameer had asked her the same question but she has not replied him honestly but Prithvi she could share this so she replied slowly :  "I am planning to visit and may be work as a volunteer in kids cancer hospital that was organized by momma."

Prithvi "Your momma was a remarkable woman, she did really a very noble work like that hospital and all and I am proud to say,,,, So are you doing the same thing."

"Thank you." His compliments were making her nervous. "Look, I know you're trying to pay my aunt back
by looking out for me today, but it really isnot necessary. I'll be twenty-four on my next birthday and am a big girl now."

"I've noticed," he inserted in a tone seems flirtious that sent a wild shiver of excitement through her body. "I waited a whole year for the kind of kiss you gave me at the party...big girl" and he winked his eye on her.
Her breath caught. "That was for fun."

prithvi added to irritate her but with a serious tone : "It felt like a lot more than that to me, and I ought to know better than any man…unless you've been seeing someone behind my back."

Damini : "What do you mean behind your back?"

Prithvi with a naughty smile :"Exactly what I said. Who's the man in your life who has opened you up and made you give more freely of yourself? I thought I knew everything about you."
She blinked. "There isn't another man."
Prithvi with a loud lauge that irritate her the most : "The guy at the dealership would never believe it."
"I don't care what he believes." She eyed Prithvi covertly. "I could ask you the same question. Who's your secret
Prithvi : "If you really want to know, I'll tell you about her later. How's that?"

"Is it serious between you two?" She could have shot herself for asking the question, but it was out now and she
couldn?t take it back.

Prithvi looker at her face and replied with a soft smile : "Very."

She clutched her hands together and stared blindly through the side window, away from him. "I see. Is she an
actress, too?" 

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hey anjali...
read both the parts...its awesome yaar...
i luv ur writing..plz continue soon
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Anjali loved the updates
Is Damini the secret girl of Prithvi?
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Hi Anjali, awesum update. luved it. u have written the emotional scene so well. please continue soon.
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Hey is the part 3...;)


Damini clutched her hands together and stared blindly through the side window, away from him. "I see. Is she an actress, too?" 


They'd come to the beach side road. He turned and joined the stream of traffic headed north. Suddenly the mood between them had darkened. With every mile, her agony increased. Agreeing to spend the rest of the day with him was the worst mistake of her life.
Damini forced her lips to say something :"Prithvi, I—"

"Don't worry," he cut her off. "We don't have a long drive. I promise a lunch to you."

Damini protested : "I ate at the party."

Prithvi with little smile, his eyes on the road :"One spoon or so. I watched."

She took a ragged breath, not knowing what to say. His behavior was so different than usual. Always before he'd treated her like a cherished friend. But ever since she'd backed into his car, it felt as if everything had changed. In some indefinable way, he'd changed.

The next sign came into view. beach lay just curve in the highway. Damini could still remember standing on beach side deck, trying to imagine what it would be like to live in such a paradise with a family you loved. At that point in time, Prithvi hadn't arrived on the scene yet. What an irony that, almost two years later, she discovered herself sitting next to the man of her dreams. She studied the view. 
"Here we are," Prithvi broke in on her thoughts. He'd turned left at the light and had driven them into the parking area of a private villa on the ocean side of the highway. There were a dozen workmen moving about. The place was obviously undergoing major renovations. He read the question in her eyes.

"Once this was a seven start guest house. As you can see, a lot of it was scorched, and some of the rooms partially destroyed by fire. I bought it for a good price over the holidays."

This was one of his unfinished projects?, she thought.

A good price in a beach area was probably in some crores. But Sameer had told her that because three different television networks had wanted to sign up Prithvi, he'd been offered the kind of a salary to afford the very best, and he'd taken it. 

Prithvi got out of the car and walked around her side to help her down. Every time he touched her, even if it was just to assist her to the ground as he was doing now, she felt it to the very bones of her body.

Prithvi : "Come inside. One of the rooms has been drywalled so I can use it to work."

Damini joked : "Are you a famous artist I should know about? Or maybe an art dealer who's planning a new opening?"

He stared at her through wide eyes. "Neither one." He extended his hand. "Hold on to me while we make our way through—it's a maze of building materials at the moment."

Damini was glad for his support. With almost every step she needed to be careful as he guided her past the weathered-looking stones a workman was fitting into place in front of the building. Two men worked in harmony tiling the roof. With his help, she reached some wooden steps leading into the shell of a small room with a stone fireplace at one end. The bank of windows facing the ocean was covered by plastic so you couldn't see the view. Another group of workmen were putting in dark wooden beams across the ceiling. They nodded to him.

"Watch your step," he cautioned Damini as they stepped down another makeshift wooden staircase at the opposite end of the room. It led into another smaller room with a patio table and a couple of lawn chairs. Plastic sheeting prevented her from looking out at the ocean.

Prithvi seated her. "Take a look through this. I'll be right back."

Intrigued, she opened the looseleaf binder he pushed in front of her. It was full of photographs mounted beneath transparent overlays. The yellowish color on the edges of the pictures told her they'd been taken a long time ago. She loved the ancient stone fireplace and indoor tile trim running the length of the heavy beams that curved with age.In the front of the off-white villa was a delightful patio and fountain inlaid with stone. The whole place was smothered with overgrown vines and trees. By the time she"d looked at the last set of photos, which included a much younger Prithvi and his grandparents, she marveled to realize he was recreating that same villa kind of villa here , the kind that looked several hundred years old but that photo villa was in Manali near a beautiful lake.

He came up behind her and put a can of cola on the table next to her. "What do you think?"

Her heart gave a strong kick. "When this is finished, you will have captured the enchantment of your grandparents' kind of home. I absolutely adore it. How long do you think it will be before you and the woman you love can live here?"

She'd decided to come right out with it so he wouldn't think she was getting any romantic ideas about him. He sat down opposite her and began drinking from his can. She watched him, enjoying the sight of him relaxed and seemingly content. Everything about him was beautiful. Too beautiful.

After he put his empty can on the table, she felt his penetrating gaze. "We won't be living here."

His comment set her straight with a vengeance. "I don't understand."

"This is going to be an Orphan Kid's home."

"an Orphanage Home, you mean?"

"That's right. I'll just occupy the study room as a office to run my "Security Business" and She'll help me run the place.and the rest place will be for the kids"

Damini : "Your business ?"

"I do have." He pulled the looseleaf binder toward him and pointed to one of the pictures. "You see that board behind me (indicating a "Security company name board in the photo)?"


"My father run a small Security firm there for many years."

"You never told me that before."

"I thought I did. I did Security training from him."

"Well, I remember you saying something about that, but I had no idea you meant you learned it for a business."

He nodded. "He taught me everything about live, business, everything. It was a sad day when  he passed away. My mother stopped wanting to live in the villa. She died within the year."

She lowered her head for a moment. "How hard that must have been for you."

"You would know," he murmured. "The place was so full of memories, and so empty, I couldn't stay there alone.So I put it in the hands of a Realtor to rent, and I came here for work so that to divert my mind."

"I can relate to wanting to leave." No wonder Prithvi was being so solicitous of her today. His ties to his parents were as great as hers to her parents. She loved him that much more for being sensitive to her needs.
No man she'd ever met could measure up to Prithvi. Damini was shattered by his admission that he was deeply in love with someone else.

"There are plenty of orphanage home, but this one is not for them, for me you can say" he continued to explain, unaware of her agony. "."

How come he'd waited all these months before confiding this kind of personal information to her? When she thought of the many talks they'd had…

"What brought you to Mumbai?" Even though she knew there was this important woman in his life, Damini couldn't prevent herself from asking more questions. As long as he was giving her the opportunity, she had this incurable need to learn everything and anything about him.

BENEATH his dark brows, Prithvi's black gaze trapped Damini's. "You fell into acting by chance. So did I."

Damini in surprise : "How did it happen?"

"I worked under for your mom as his security head's assistance but when her Security head left the job. Illa ji offered me the job and I took it as blessing. It meant good experience for me, which I badly needed to support myself and the business to be develop." he noticed a complete surprising look in her face.

Damini with surprised "You worked for us, I mean for mommmaaa..I was not aware of that..."

Prithvi with little smile: "That's because you were in abroad for studies during that time and besides that Illa ji never treated me as an employee but a son"

"Than's how you got on TV?? Prithvi Saxena?" She couldn't believe it.

His smile reached his eyes. "Illa ji went a a business to deal with in London where I followed her of course, There someone noticed me and asked Illaji if she can help him to convince me act in his new TV show.and you knew your momma, she was a sttuburn. She showed her faith in me as a mother so I could not denied her wish.
"I'd call that destiny," she whispered in a shaky voice.

"I didn't know it at the time, but I do now. You're absolutely right. It was destiny." Prithvi added with a husky voice.

She had an idea he wasn't talking about his career alone. "Then this woman you love isn't from Manali?"

Prithvi :"Who told you she was?"
She confessed : "No one. But you know how people gossip. I heard you were committed to someone, so I just assumed as much."

He leveled his all-encompassing gaze on her. "If that were the case, I would never have left Manali in the first place. As it was, I needed a total change of scene. Mumbai seemed the right destination for me.

"I saved a old lady from few robbers in a roadside way where Illaji noticed me for the first time and she offered me the job, I jumped at the chance to see another part of the life and make a decent salary."

Damini was feeling awkward but managed to gave him a smile. 

Prithvi nodded. "She gave me a strenght to survive during my grief day as a mother and than as a friend and push me to edge to do the best in my career in acting too but you see I m not an actor by heart so I belive whatever I did was just for your momm's sake.

"I know what you mean," Damini inserted. "If I'd been asked to play the role of Riya, I wouldn't have done it. I'm not an actress at heart. I couldn't act the part of a person of whom I didn't approve, even if it was all for film."

"That makes sense. The first few scripts I read didn't interest me either. In both cases I was supposed to play a mobster from the underworld. I didn't want to start out like that and then be typecast forever doing the same roles."

"You were smart and good." She smiled after saying the words.

"Not really. The truth is, they held no appeal. I wanted something different. Out of the blue my agent asked me if I could do "Prithvi for Love or mein. Since the character was as simmiliar as me so that was easy. I just potrayed him myself and he took matters from there."

Damini smiled. "As my momma told me, you're the hardworker she ever met." She'd said a lot of other wonderful things about him, too, but Damini didn't dare tell Prithvi or he would realize how deep her feelings for him went.

"It's because of her faith in me. I got the part of Prithvi or wherever I m because of her only.

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Continuation of part 3 ...

"It's because of her faith in me. I got the part of Prithvi or wherever I m because of her only.

She said quietly "You deserved it."

He studied her for a minute before nodding his dark head. "It tore me apart to leave Manali first. It tore me apart to stay from my parents."

"I'm sorry you had to be in that kind of pain, Prithvi. No wonder you played the part of the show so convincingly. Many times during our scenes I felt it and knew it had to come from someplace deep within you."

She kneaded her hands beneath the table. "Are you fine now?"

"Of course. No one stays in that dark grief forever. One day I took a drive and ended up here. The minute I saw this damaged villa, I could visualize my parents's villa. It would be like planting an old vine in new ground.

"Once that idea took hold, I never let go of it. By December, I had enough money saved to make an offer on the property. A new year present to myself."He blinked as to light the moment.

Her eyelids prickled with unshed tears. "It's a fantastic plan. But—"

"But what?" he broke in.

"There's always a peace, No public, This side of beach area'is not know...too remotelly...lonely

"I'm aware of that fact. The Realtor warned me I might find myself alone in a few days, or even be forced to buy a new house in the main town area." He found himself admitting. He leaned toward her. "It doesn't worry me. As long as I have my memories, I can rebuild anywhere. and of course this area is so peaceful and that would help kids to grow in peace, love and care"
She averted her eyes. "I'm sorry I brought it up. Believe me, I didn't mean to sound negative. More than anything I want your project to be a great success."

Prithvi  : "I know you do, and I appreciate your concern."

"What are you going to call this orphanage?" She asked.

"PRINDA." He replied proudly with smile.

"PRINDA??" Her eyes lifted to his face once more.

"That's right. Bird you see, Free bird..who live happily with indepence and fly high on sky."

Damini :"Sounds good, your parents will be proud of you"

He smile and added : In case you have not noticed "the name have first 3 alphabet of my name too...(giving her his best smile)

Damini smiled in reply. Damini was enjoying their exchange too much. "So…how will you fulfill your dreams to run a busy business, orphanage and balance your acting career at the same time?"

He closed the cover of the looseleaf binder before flashing her a piercing glance. "No one told you yet?"

She frowned. "Told me what?"

"I didn't renew my contract. I've left the show, just like you."

Prithvi had left the show? she thought in shocked.

"Today was my last day, too." He answered the question she hadn't voiced yet because she was so stunned.

"Your news has to be this year's best kept secret—" she tried to joke.

Prithvi : "That surprises me. Usually everything leaks out."

Damini :"Not this time!"

She took a deep breath while she tried to sort through this new development. Except that what he did or didn't do was no longer supposed to be of any consequence to her. He was in love with someone else!

Damini ""What are the writers going to do about your character in the show?"

"As I told you earlier today, he'll be in his honeymoon and rest I don't know" He replied in teasing sense. 

"Do you mean, your character w'll also be gone, and no one knows where he went." Prithvi spread his hands. "That's as much as Sameer would tell me."

Damini started to laugh. "Oh, god. I can't wait to watch the twist, Sameer is planning to bring."

Prithvi chuckled. "I can't either. Sameer is the best at being the worst."

Though they shared an amusing moment, Damini was dying inside. He wouldn't be on the show anymore. From here on out the woman who loved him and had the right to love him would claim his undivided attention.

It was still too much for her to process all at once. She had dozens more questions to ask, not knowing where to start first. "H-how soon do you expect to open for business?" she stammered.

"Two months. Hopefully six weeks, but that would probably be pushing it."

"I see. Are you going to live in here afterwards, or commute from City to work here only?" Her momma had contacted a friend who'd helped him find a good apartment there, that much she knew about his apartment.

"That depends on a variety of factors. I'll worry about it later. Right now my main concern is to get this place ready. I'm of two minds how to treat the windows. I've known you quite a while and have discovered we have similar tastes in a lot of things. I'd like your opinion."

Damini protested :"But I'm not going to work or live here!"

"You're a girl with a girl's instincts for what works, what would you suggest, if you would live here or for the orphan kids"

"What does your girlfriend think?" Damini tried to smile.

"I'm asking you," he asserted. "When you walk in here two months from now, do you want to be able to see the ocean through a wall of glass?"

Damini looked around : "It would not be good for those kids who'will come from all over the pain and will live here, beacuse sea will remind them of lonelyness, if they will see it more than often."

Prithvi in surprised tone : "It is.??"

She frowned and reached for the looseleaf binder and opened it to the page she wanted him to see. "It's so delightful to discover this adorable patio room partially hidden by all the greenery. You should give them a feel of home...a safe home ...where they can forget all their fears, sadness and feel the warm love and happiness. Ocean side is good for their playing and all but you know, at last everyone want to be at home, safe and happy. No distractionss...

Prithvi : " Sounds interesting."

Damini with little surprise : "So you believe my idea will work?"

Prithvi : "You don't need me to tell you that. Of course, it will..I trust you...(he pause for a moment than asked her) :"Will you help?"

Damini stopped looking the binder because it had just dawned on her she'd been missing something for the last couple of minutes in his voice and looked up to face him. A smile lurked around his lips. She felt like an idiot.

"Sorry, me and help. I don't think a good idea... When you asked for my opinion, you didn't know you were going to be treated to a full-blown lecture.and beside that I think you should follow advice of your girl friend after all..(she trailed offf)"

His hand reached across the table to cover hers. He squeezed gently before letting it go again, but the warmth of his touch remained.

Prithvi : "After playing opposite the strong and timid Chandini, who was always proud of herself and rough, it's refreshing to be with Damini Gujraal, whose idea for life is very down to earth, seeing her fears, care n depth of emotions. Your instinctive response was exactly what I needed to hear. I happen to agree with you about everything you said."

Damini noticed he did not comment on his girl friend advice part but ignored  : "I'm glad. What you're going to achieve here will automatically guarantee you success."

His white smile turned her heart over. "A majority of two. That's all I've been waiting for to go full speed ahead with the rest of my plans. Come on." He got up from the table and came around to help her. "Let's make use of the rest of this day and find me a architecture and instruct him as per your advice."

He took the looseleaf binder from the table and tucked it under his free arm. "After we"re through with our business, I'll take you to dinner as my way of saying thank you for your input. "I know a place near by famous for seafood.

Prithvi kept astonishing her with what he knew and remembered about her and her mommaa's favorite seafood. For him to go to this much trouble to help her get through this difficult day, he truly must have felt indebted to her momma.But since Prithvi was in love with someone else, Damini decided that their going out to dinner together was the wrong thing to do for everyone concerned.

Damini : "If you really want to pay me back, I can think of a better way to do it."
She noticed his face's expression changed with hurt and he asked : "Name it."

Damini with a smile : "Why don't you bring your girlfriend to my mansion this evening and cook us a real meal? Not only do I want to test out your chef skills which I know is very good, I'd also like to meet the woman who captured the heart of the man behind so much famous persona."

There—now he would know Damini wasn't living in some fantasy world where he was attainable. His eyes seemed to glitter for a moment. "You'd really like to meet her?"

"Of course. More important, I would imagine she would like to meet me. At least I would if I were in her shoes."

Prithvi with little dissapointment : "She's never said."

"Maybe not, but it couldn't have been easy to watch you romancing me all these months."

Prithvi with proud tone : "She doesn't watch soaps."

Damini tried to cheer him with with teasing tone:"I wouldn't either if the man I loved were acting in one. I could forgive it because it was the career he?d chosen. But I couldn't forgive him for going out to dinner alone with his romantic co-star. Not even if he felt obliged to be nice to her because of her mommaa's kindness to him."

His raised his hands in surrender : "You"re an exceptional woman, Damini. Are you really ready to face my cooking skills for the very first time?"

Damini : "yuupp.  What about your girlfriend?"
Prithvi : "Her experience has been the same as yours."

Damini was stunned. "You haven't cooked for her yet too?"

Prithvi : "I've been waiting for her to ask me."

Damini : "But you're a good cook as far I know, everyone talked about it!"

Prithvi in teasing tone :"Yes I am as per them and I guess everyone is not lucky to taste my special food."

Damini teased in reply: "You mean your girl friend is unlucky so I am.?"
Prithvi : "Thank you. That's the word.but the truth is she has not shown her interest in my cooking till now"

She bit her lip before looking at him. "Has it hurt your feelings that your girlfriend hasn't shown an interest in your cooking?"

He hunched his broad shoulders. "We've had shared more important things than food."

"But it's what you love to do beside your work! It's part of who you are!" she cried as he helped her across the parking into his car.

"I'm touched that you care." He placed the looseleaf binder between them.

"Of course I care! We've put in full days together at the studio on a weekly basis for the 2-3 year. I've spent
more time with you than any other friend who've come and gone from my life."

Prithvi with curiosity : "Have there been many?"

"A few, but naturally you're important to me in a completely different way. I can't wait to taste your 
cooking food."

Her comments seemed to make him happy. "In that case, I can promise the three of us a real treat."

The three of us. You,ve done it now, Damini thought in her heart.

But meeting the woman he loved was the only way to cure her illness. That was what she had to do. Walk through the fire tonight so she'd be able to survive the rest of her life. Love is a battlefield she reminded herself and smile.

Two hours later they left from architecture's office who promised to have work on Prithvi and Damini's idea and to be complete the villa in a few days.

Unfortunately Damini would never see the drawings, blueprints or the villa. In order to put Prithvi in the past where he belonged, she couldn't afford to do anything that reminded her of him. Under no circumstances would she drive by his Villa months from now to see the finished product. It would hurt too much.

"Hungry?" he asked as they passed a drive-in.

"I'm starving. I'm sure you are, too. But this is like Thanks giving for me. I want to be ready to enjoy my first real meal to the fullest cooked by you, so I'm not going to do anything to take the edge off my appetite."

His dark eyes gleamed. "Then we'll hurry and buy our groceries. On the way to your mansion and also pick up your car on the way.

Damini : "That's right! I forgot all about it. Thank you for reminding me."

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hey anjali...
ur updates always makes me happy...
thanks a lot for this prida ff...
and coming to the ud...SUPERB UD...
waiting for their real treat...
ud soon

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