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SmileHey  I m going to post my 2nd FF but this time I will try to post it myself..of course need ur high support and appreciation for continue..Smile
Thanks a ton for liking my first FF...n Tich for encouraging me so much...

I read a novel few years ago, I don't remember the name exactly so my this short FF is based on that novel only..Of course I change the concept little bit but the plot is not originally mine. Hope you will like this too..Embarrassed

Any negative comment or advise will really help be to improve my wrk so don't hesitate to do so...Embarrassed

Here is introduction, part 1 will follow soon...

Introduction :

Damini Gujral : She works in a daily-soap as main lead name "Chandini" since last 3 years but leaving the show. Her on screen role is same
as in the Love ne mila di jodi. She has no family but mother Illa who die few months before her final decision of leaving the show. 
Prithvi : Working in the daily-soap as main lead name "Prithvi" since last 3 years. His on screen role is just like love ne mila di jodi
but not bodygaurd here but partner of the company. He is rough n tough on screen but of screen he is very calm, patience and very supporting to 
every one. He supports Damini during her mother demise. 
Roshini : Damini's on screen assistant.
Sameer : Director of the show and friend of Damini
Rahul and Teena who is playing Inder and Riya on screen.

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hey anjali...interesting concept and cs dear...
looking forward to it...plz pm me...
would luv to follow ur another ff...
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Hi Anjali, interesting introduction. Pl. do continue. 

Please update the first ff, waiting for prithvi n damini confession.
-Misek- Viewbie

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Would love to read the ff...
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interesting introduction
would love to read FF
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"Will you marry me, Love ?

What?? A girl with Long black hair framed the oval of her face with her well-shaped nose and wide, passionate eyes, the kind the camera loved, famous TV star -Damini shocked to read her new script for her super hit TV show. She has been working in this show from last 3 years as main lead which is going to end for her. She has decided to leave the show. 

Unfortunately, too many weeks of crying into her pillow every night had taken her soul out. A little more base to cover the blotches of red, a touch more liner to accentuate the haunted blue eyes staring back at her, and her stage makeup was perfect.It ought to be.

For two years she had been applying it herself before leaving for the TV studio to play the main role of Chandini on a daily soap. But today it was vital she do a flawless job. It was her wedding day on the set.

When the writers of "Love aur Mein" found out she was leaving the show, they had decided to marry her off to her romantic lead, Prithvi Saxena, who played the part of Prithvi (writers loved his name so used his real name on screen as well).

Of course it meant the timid Chandini would have to step out of character for the first time in her screen life and do something unexpected and extra ordinary bold, like ask Prithvi to marry her. But the writers didnot worry about things like that.
It would provide the perfect surprise ending for the dominating but loving Chandini who, for a whole year, had fought against her attraction to the Prithvi (on screen character) because she believed he and the beautiful, charming Roshini -Chandini's assistant  were in a relationship.

According to Sameer, the director of the show and her dearest friend, Chandini would be killed off in a tragic bomb blast on their behind-the-scenes honeymoon tour. Her body would never be found. That way they could bring back another Chandini at a later date if they wanted to with a new face girl or course. 

For now it would be the fictional end of the fictional Chandini. As for on screen Prithvi, the writers would find him a new love interest to frustrate the out-of-control-but charming Roshini and to give a new twist to the show.

Damini got up abruptly from the stool of her dressing table. "It is time for your real life to start Damini. Say goodbye to Reel life chandini, In a little while, she will no longer exist."

And she would never see her existance again…

Don't think about him, Damini.

She couldn't afford to remember the dozens of times he had held her hands or tinny minii kissed her -in the daylights out of her while the cameras had been rolling. It was imperative she forget those torrid love scenes on the board meeting with little eye locks or dancing in  party on the director orchestrating every gasp,
move and sigh.

But most of all, she had to stop dwelling on the many times off camera when she and Real Prithvi had talked quietly about life while they had been waiting for their scenes to be taped. During those stolen moments, they would discuss their favorite books, music, art. He would give her glimpses into his childhood spent in Manali where he had been raised by his loving parents. Damini had wanted those conversations to go on forever.

For those who didnot know, Prithvi was different from the outside world. He had come to Mumbai after his father's death to join a job. But somehow, he joined
TV show like her and at twenty-seven, he had gained everything, name, fame, fan's love, prizes. Apparently he had done all kinds of work, even some local charitable trust in villages that touched her heart deeply.

Though he acted the part of a rough & tough, loose tampered easily, but charming, fliting sometimes, self-important boy on the screen who was the 50 % owner of the company under partnership with Damini but he wasnot like that in real life. Quite the opposite in fact. He was very patient with her while she asked endless questions about on screen scenes or anything else. Many were the times she had been so fascinated by what he said, she had forgotten where they were until the director had suddenly called out, "Places, everyone!" To her chagrin, those precious moments would be gone.
Prithvi would once again take on the persona of the seasoned charmer rough & tough boy, who attempted to dominate Chandini at every turn in the show. For the last year on the show, it had been his mission in life to try to break down Chandini with his harsh behavior.

Where as in her real life, six months ago Damini's mom Illa Gujral had passed away unexpectedly from heartattack. From that time on Prithvi had been aware of her grief and had encouraged her to talk to relieve the pain. He hd turned out to be a
wonderful listener and true friend.

So wonderful in fact that their talks had caused something to change for Damini. She couldnot separate fantasy from reality. When the cameras were rolling and they got into those embraces where she would give in to on screen Prithvi
before pushing him away and dominate him, she might be hugging Prithvi as the script dictated, but she found herself trying to reach the elusive Prithvi Saxena.

He was the person to whom she responded from core of her heart. She wanted their on-screen relationship to continue after they called it a day at the studio. When she had realized what was happening, she had known it was time to leave the show. Without hesitation she had phoned her agent, who, after the proverbial weeping and wailing over a bad, bad career move, had taken care of the legalities.
To her surprise it had sent a minor shock wave through the cast and crew. She was no superstar. Far from it. Yet she and Prithvi had been voted the favorite couple at the Apsra TV awards. That had brought up the shows ratings on top.

In front of everyone, Sameer had flat out told her she couldnot leave. Did she want more money? What more? Sameer hadnot accepted it, and had urged her to think about it some more over the one week break.  It was very flattering to be asked to reconsider her decision, but Damini Gujral was in love with real Prithvi Saxena. Painfully in love.

Seeing him again after being separated for the holidays, she could no longer stay with the show and be hugged by him week after week when she knew he had no interest in her off screen. Rumor had it he was in a committed relationship with a girl few years ago. That did nt surprise Damini.

Certainly it would take a more mature, sophisticated girl than her to attract Prithvi and hold him. She would only be hurting herself to keep showing up for work wishing for something to happen between them when it couldn?t possibly come true. Though Prithvi was always friendly, both off and on camera, there was a remoteness about him at times. She knew he had just come back from spending holidays from Manali. No doubt the woman he loved lived there. If he had
been forced to endure a long-distance relationship, it would explain why his private life seemed to remain so mysterious.

She stifled the sob in her throat and checked her watch. Nine a.m. Time to go.
Dressed in her usual T-shirt and jeans, she left the Gujral Mansion, and hurried down to car. It was only a couple of miles from there to TV studio.Her last trip to the studio. 

Everything she did today would be for the last time.

Hope you all will like first part...;)
Comments & suggestions r welcome...;)

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very nice update Anjali!!
w8ing for the next part
continue soon
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Guysss here is d 2nd part..hope you like this...
I will try to close this ff within 5 parts...:), Your comments would really help me to work further ...;)

Before long Damini drove into the huge parking lot packed end to end with cars. After getting out of her car, she sprinted on long, shapely legs past three sets of guards on her way into the building.
They called friendly greetings to her with a huge smile. As she turned and waved to each of them her ebony hair glistened in the rare January sun. The smog was almost nonexistent this morning, a good omen for what would be the most painful day of her life.

Though she?d known the loss of her father in her early teens, and more recently had lost her momaa, she?d been forced to come to grips with their deaths. But Prithvi was alive, and the knowledge that he was involved with someone else was killing her.

More than ever she realized she had to remove herself completely from the acting scene if she hoped to get him out of her system.
"Good morning, Damini!"
Jerked back to a cognizance of her surroundings, she smiled at her favorite security man standing next to the metal detector.

"Hi, Vickey."

"Before you go inside, do you think you?d have time to autograph this for my daughter?"
She slowed down. "Of course. Is it for Ritu or Krish?"
"Krish. He never misses your show." He handed her the latest copy of Soap Craze.
To make it easier for her, he?d opened it to the page featuring some of the cast of "Love or Mein". He used his finger to point to the picture of her in "Prithvi's hard-muscled arms.

There was Prithvi again. Big as life. As long as she came to this studio every day, she couldn?t escape him.
"Sign there, will you? It?ll make her day." Vikey handed her a pen.
Hard to believe Damini's signature could make anyone?s day, but it was a phenomenon she would never complain
about. Being an actress had brought in a terrific income, and she could never complain about the great working hours.
But she had promised herself she would re-start the business of her Mom. After todays show, she was going back to Gujral Group that is being handle by her relative now. Anything to stop thinking about Prithvi, who seems her heart beat now to her. He was a self-made, hard-working man turned actor who because of his charm and friendly nature.

An awful emptiness stole through her at the thought of never seeing him again. This had to end. Thank heaven it was her last day. Their last taping.
Aware Vicky was waiting, Damini signed the picture with a flourish, then handed everything back to him. Pasting another smile on her face, she hurried inside past the main gate filled with pictures of famous television celebrities from the past. At eighteen, Damini had won collage beauty contest by mistake that lead her to this show. Just before she had turned twenty-two, she had got the surprise of her life. Her dearest friend Sameer asked her to join his new show as Main lead. 

Damini laughed out on his face but Sameer show's his faith on her and then he mentioned Prithvi's name as Main lead to whom Damini knew by few occasion meeting only in a party or two but not talked to him but somehow, she felt something was unusual between them, May be an attraction and before she realize she was on the TV studio by next day for shoot. 

The role of Damini had had immense appeal for Damini because she had loved Sameer's Idea and it would be easy to play the part of her Chandini on the set under his guidance. But acting hadn't been Damini's interest. She had only auditioned for the part to please her wonderful friend. She had never dreamed anything would come of it. Amazingly, Sameer had listened to her script reading, practiced with her and made it work for her and himself as well.

So Damini had taken time off from her life to play the part. Illa Gujral had influenced her to continue her acting as career. Damini had been deeply touched by her Sameer's care and confident on her, may be that is the reason she gave her best on the show. But now that her momma had passed away, it was time for Damini to grow up and move on. Though she had lost the people she had loved, she had never known anything but love from her. Damini realized how lucky she was.

She was resolute in her determination to put this part of her life behind her; what she needed to do was get today?s taping over with and concentrate on the many blessings in her life.

Forget Prithvi Saxena, she told herself as she entered the large shoot area. She looked around dozen waiting actors, and avoided the huge props and deconstructed sets being rolled from storage to stage and back again. The shows publicist wanted to talk to her,
but she had to decline until after the taping.

With little time to lose she continued working her way to the other end of the hall. Wardrobe was up the stairs. It was a good thing Damini always did her own hair and makeup before she came to work. She needed to change into her bridal outfit that was heavy read embrodiary Saree. Her makeup artist, the magician who dressed her and made everything work, was waiting for her. "Glad you decided to drop in. I was starting to get nervous. Heavy traffic?"

"The worst!" That was as good an excuse as any.

Damini averted her eyes before slipping out of her top and jeans. Her makeup artist was right about the bridal dress that was beautifull.Make up made her look extra beautiful look. She was looking very pretty bridal, and she and Prithvi, the best man who stood six feet
with great body, would look great together.

"Your purse and these roses". The marriage license is rolled up and stuck in there with the purse."
"Real red roses? and marriage license" Damini lowered her head to smell the marvelous fragrance.

Roshini who was getting ready by her side replied in hurry : yeah don't forget you will ask him to marry and you two will marry in registrar office hence the marriage license.

Damini : " Oh" right.

An Assistant  : All ready mam, Scene ready"

Damini turned to leave.

Roshini called her back with eye blink :  "Here's the ring to give the groom."

Damini : "Oh'can't I forget that." She smiled nervously. "You're this addition in this scene is too much fantacy Roshini, and I hate this," 
she said, taking the ring from Roshini. 

Damini with a sad smile to Roshini : "I m going to miss you."

Roshini : "We hate to see you go, but a person's got to do what they have got to do." She put her hands on her hips and said with mischivious eyes. "You
look yummy lookwise, but you 'r acting all quiet and jumpy. Something's wrong."

A small cry of surprise escaped Damini's lips because Roshini could sense anything at all.

Rohini : "Hey? Are you okay? Do you have a headache? I can get you some water and painkillers."
Damini shook her head : That?s so nice of you, but I m fine, Roshini. Just dull. You know. The last day on the set, you understand."

Roshini "I thought so. If you need anything, just let me know."
Damini in her mind 'I need for this day to be over".

Damini thanked Roshini one more time, then headed for the shoot area. She walked down the stairs as fast as her heels
would allow. The first thing she did was check the call sheets outside the stage. Virtually everyone in the cast
was on camera today for the big melodramatic wedding scene.

The other lead of the show, were getting ready for their scene. Inder (on screen friend of Prithvi was getting married with Riya on court) had asked
Prithvi, to be his witness as marriage court.
On screen, Riya was the rival company owner and Inder's friend, She met Prithvi during a tender metting and fell in love with him.
Prithvi used to flirt with her and after realising her feeling, he neglected her very badly. Riya felt jealous of Chandini, after realising Prithvi
care for Chandini. She had tried to kill her several times but Prithvi saved her. She had tried to create mis understanding between their partnership.
Everyone liked Chandini and Prithvi's on screen chemistry during their little -silly-billy fights, argument scenes, love moments with eyelocks etc..
That made the show top of the chart and block buster. 

Now, at one stage, Inder Prithvi's friend proposed Riya, although Inder's family are against Riya but Riya agreed to made jealous to Prithvi. So, Inder
decided to marry Riya in court without marriage fuss.  

Off the set, actors, who played the part of Riya and Inder, were wonderful friends and support to Damini. When her
momma had died, both, along with Prithvi, had been right there to comfort her and make sure she
wasn't alone.

The whole cast had honored her momma memory off the set, but it was "Teena" the girl who played Riya who'd taken Damini under
her wing for real. Since the funeral they had grown very close and had shared many private confidences despite
so called career rivalary.

Teena knew the real reason Damini was leaving the show. Because she could remember how painful it was to be
in love and not be able to do anything about it, she was the one person who hadnot tried to dissuade Damini from
her plans. In front of the others she had applauded her decision to go back to the family business and get new hight in new career.

"Hey, Damini!"
She looked over her shoulder and saw "Rahul who played Inder on screen headed toward her in his wedding suite.

Rahul with flirty way: "That's quite an awsome bridal look has put you in., I wish you would be my bridal on screen of couse someday. "

Damini with smile : "I would better die otherwise." They smiled at each other. 

Rahul  : "It's the pits you're leaving the show. You  have no idea how much I m going to miss trying to impress you off."

Damini chuckled in spite of her pain. "You'll be getting your last chance today."

Rahul : "True, but as usual I won't succeed, and you will get to fly off into the sunset with that monster Prithvi."

Damini : "Don't tell me you'r jealous of me. On our honeymoon, I get killed in the bombblast, never to be seen again. You?ll have Mr. Irresistible or what did you call him now
aahhh Monster all to yourself."

Her married friend grinned and laugh. 

Rahul : So what's the real deal on Real Prithvi Saxana?, Damini" 

Damini : What deal, I did not get your point.
Rahul : Nothing, just teasing you. Well, Do you know Damini, today's paper showing "Super Model Sally. She;s had a crush on him forever."
Sally and a dozen other Modal and Tv actresses anyways.

A shiver ran down Damini's back. She rearranged the flowers in her hand, she was carrying, making sure the
certificate lay on top of her purse to easy access.

Damini : "I don?t honestly know, Rahul. Rumor has it there's another woman, but he doesn't share anything about his
personal life with me."

Rahul with some serious tone : "Well, if you don't know, nobody else does, that's for sure. Since your mom's funeral, he has seemed a lot more
attentive around you. I thought maybe he confided in you."

Damini : "Afraid not. My momma gave him some guidance tips on life when he first came on the visit her so often. He liked her a lot, and knows I?ve
missed her, so he's been a good listening friend. That's all."

Rahul : "That's not all. Take a look at him now."

Damini : "I m looking." Damini had already sensed him coming before she'd actually caught sight of his tall, fit, male
Rahul in teasing tone : "So Chandini don't mind him flirting or chatting with other women."

That was exactly why Damini was leaving the show, before she made a fool of herself over him as Sally was
doing. With his dark attractive features and olive skin, her heart couldn't take much more.

Rahul with smile : "He's headed our way. Lucky you,". If I were you, I'd make the most of that final clinch he gives
you. After today's taping, there's not going to be any more of that to look forward to."

Damini : Thank you for reminding me". but "All the emotion he puts out is strictly for the camera not the real Prithvi Saxena".

"Come on," Rahul laughed at her. "Admit there were times when the temperature heated up between you two."

Damini with little hesitation : "I admit he made our love scenes look passionate, but that's because he's a good actor."

"Whatever you say." Rahul with less satisfaction as in he didn't believe her. 
At Prithvi's approach, the heartbeat took a rapid speed in Damini's heart.

"Good morning, guys. Practising on your lines?" Prithvi asked in his deep, cultured voice. He spoke with a slight
huskey accent that he use in on screen as well.

Somehow Damini found the courage to lift her guarded blue gaze to his. "It all done. I'd like my final performance
to go without a re-take."

His black eyes gleamed. "You always do perfect work, Damini. It has made my part easy."
Damini with smile : "Thank you."

Prithvi : "It's true. You'r Natural actress on you own way. When your fans find out you've left the cast of "Love or mein", there'll 
be mass mourning."

Damini thought in her mind - But you won't shattered over my absence. Damini would only have been a small part on the screen of his life.

Damini to Prithvi :  "They'll get over it as soon as the writers find you a new love interest."

Prithvi : "I Bet you, they're not going to accept my pairing with anyone else after you so I guess, I'll take up my my role as Devdass. 
Without Chandini, my love, I no longer want to live in the world."

Damini : "You made that up."

On occasion Prithvi could be a tease. Maybe this was one of those times. If Roshini had been able to tell Damini was
not normal today, surely it hadn't escaped Prithvi she was more nervous than usual this morning. No doubt he was trying to
get her to lighten up.
But to her surprise he lifted his hands in defense. "I swear I'm telling the truth. Ask Sameer. Riya is going to
be a bad girl in the show and going to make my life hell."

An ache passed through Damini's body more intense than before, oh she will miss all this time being with him.

His eyes narrowed on her face :  "You were supposed to laugh. Are you having seconds thoughts about leaving
the show?"

Her head reared. "None!"

"You don't have to pretend around me. You wouldn't be human if you didn't have some misgivings about walking
away from all your friends here."

"Of course I'll miss everyone, but acting is not for me. When momma died so suddenly, I m afraid any the actress
inside me died with her. If my momma had not influenced me to do this, I would be working with her only. The idea of being an actress
would never have occurred to me. "Let's face it, Prithvi. My chance to play Chandini on a soap was an absolute luck. To be honest, I'm eager to
get back to the normal - no light camera -action life. In retrospect, three years away from that life makes me want to jump right into my
no fame life again."

"Still planning to continue Gujraal Group afterwards?" he inquired.

Damini : "I don't know. My dad was hoping I'd follow him into the field, but I'm here, you can this was my momma's wish to see me as actress but now
she is not here so for whom I should face this camera..(she add with little sadness). Maybe I liked this stab at acting as much as I did because I've 
always found people and their behavior fascinating."

Especially yours, Prithvi Saxena, she thought in her mind. And added "n of course to fulfill momma's wish..

"Chandini, Prithvi, Inder-Riya'Marriage court scene coming up next!" the stage manager announced.
Prithvi's gaze swept over her. "Let's go do it, shall we?"

They walked the short distance to the shoot area that was converted into a marriage court room where Chandini and Prithvi would stand as witness
for Inder and Riya's wedding. Riya took her position behind the back door from where she could enter the room with Inder to pose the shoot scene.

When they were in place to start the scene, Prithvi whispered, "Smile, Damini. It's our wedding day too. All the grief and
misunderstandings between us are about to come to an end. In a few minutes we're going to give the viewing
audience a twist they're not expecting."

"It's a twist with a sting and sadness," she murmured, hoping he couldn't hear her heartbeat's voice.

He cocked his dark head. "That's true. You've been on the show from the start and the fans are going to have a doubly hard time letting you go forever and
of course they will miss our chemistry."

He unexpectedly raised his hands to adjust a hairstrand behind her ear. At her questioning glance he said, "Just making sure that golden silk wire 
doesn't get in the way of my kissing you at the ending scene. Anyways, I don't understand why they gave you a so much make up today."
With a smile he said, " I know bride is suppose to be with full of make up and all but I like my bride with simple beauty as you always are"

Damini heart stopped for a moment as she noticed the seriousness in his handsome face. But than the thought of the another unknown girl changed her mind.
May be he was imagine that girl now. 

Damini forced a smile and replied : "This is my last scene with you., and I'm going to propose you remember? Normally I'm not the one who gets easily impressed
or express my feelings so beaware before accepting my proposal."

Prithvi : "You are this time going to be changed girl...a girl in love..don't you forget !..He paused for a moment looking into her eyes..he added :  I may just remove your hairclip at the appropriate moment, so don?t be surprised."
because I normally like you everyway but today I think you should release your golden hair free so that they can flirt with you, Damini...

Damini : "You mean inappropriate, don't you?" she teased, trying to put on a happy, carefree face so she wouldn't give herself away completely. 
"After all the stunts you've pulled on me that weren't written in the script, I don't think there's anything you could do that would shock me. but hey don't you dare
touch my hair, they would be a make up artist spent lots of time on tat style.."

His eyes glinted black fire. "I have to admit you've been a real support for me for the last three months.
It's proof of your great acting talent that every time I blundered, you covered for me without missing a heartbeat."

That was where Prithvi was wrong. Around him her heart had stopped beating more times than he would ever know. It was the reason 
she was leaving the show now instead of putting off her Gujraal Group business for another year.
Being forced to immerse herself in her business wouldn't cure her broken heart, but if she wanted to obtain decent success she wouldn't 
have the time or luxury to cry out loud in pain. At least that was what she was telling herself right now.

He reached for her left hand while capturing her eyes with his. 

Damini : "What are you doing?"

Prithvi : "Someone handed me this gold band to put on your finger. Let's make sure it slides on easily, otherwise I'll have
to put it on your baby finger."
Baby finger' She loved his little language-silly mistakes.

He added further : "You did say you wanted our last scene to go without a problem and to be perfect."

Biting her lip, Damini clutched the flowers in her right hand while he checked the fit. She control her body not to
"Perfect sizing." He slipped it back off. "But your hand feels like ice," came the unexpected comment before he
rubbed her hand with his to warm her up.

Damini while snatching her hand away: "I have poor blood circulation.".
Prithvi with naughty smile : "That's news to me. I never noticed the problem while our close up scenes."

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