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warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Part Three

Arnav leaned back on his green chaise, folded his hands behind his head and smiled. Let's see what tomorrow holds for you Miss Gupta and how you react under pressure. He thought about instances in the office when things had gone wrong. Her first reaction was always to cover her eyes and hide as if to say 'if I can't see you, then you can't see me' and then her bottom lip would begin quivering as she bit back the urge to cry. He smiled. There was a child like quality to her when she did that. In the very next instant, the tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada reappeared. Child like? Really! If she wants to become a successful businesswoman, she's going to have to toughen up. There was no place for emotion in business.  Come on Raizada, your empire isn't going to run itself. With that Arnav logged into his email and began firing off instructions to his team.


Meanwhile on the other side of town, Khushi sat at her desk wondering how in heaven's name she was going to pull off the meeting with the Mentor tomorrow. Maybe she should ask Rakshas Raizada if she could take the morning off?  Yeah right, spring flowers had a better chance of blooming in hell before that Rakshas gave her a morning off. Like the ping signalling an email on her computer, an idea struck her and her beautiful smile appeared as she swung into action.


Arnav woke up the next morning, stretching his long lean limbs. Right, time for a run, a coffee and off to work in that order. With his usually businesslike efficiency, Arnav changed out of his white hoodie and black track pants into his running gear and set off.  He had to admit, he was really looking forward to 10am this morning and with his trademark smirk, he plotted his strategy as he ran.  


Once back home, Arnav showered, shaved and changed into a black suit with a crisp white shirt and a blood red tie. Red was his favourite colour and seemed appropriate for today - "code red" for be on high alert Khushi Kumari Gupta! Grabbing his travel mug and laptop, Arnav walked towards his SUV and set off for work. It was almost 9:30am and Arnav smiled as he drove.


Khushi walked into the Rakshas's office and stacked papers in an orderly fashion whilst booting up his computer. He was due to arrive at any minute and like every day; Khushi's breathing rate and speed of movement increased in nervousness as she flew around his office getting everything ready for His Royal Rakshasness's arrival . Today, she was even more anxious. Devi Maiya, please please let me pull this off successfully. I just need one hour to be able to talk to The Mentor without any interruptions from the Rakshas.  She completed her tasks and rushed into the Ladies Room to tidy herself up before his arrival. She heard the chime of the elevator just she was stepping back to her desk.


Arnav strode towards his office. His keen gaze scanned the floor for Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta in the same way a lion scans the savannah for his prey right before making a kill. There you are he thought as his brown eyes zeroed in on his target in her office.  She was hunched behind her computer screen, staring at something and then she lifted her head and her eyes met his. Ahaa target locked, thought Arnav. He gave her a half smile and proceeded to his office whilst watching her through the glass partition.


He's smiling. WHY is he smiling? He NEVER smiles. Well never at her anyway.  Khushi's eyes tracked him as he walked into his office. He sat down and his eyebrows moved up an inch in surprise.


A cup of piping hot coffee sat at his desk. Coffee? Already at his desk? On any other day, he would have to yell out to Khushi to bring him a cup because she never ever remembered to have it ready before he got there. Hmmm... anyway, taking a sip of the steaming liquid, he swiveled his leather chair towards his computer. Bet she didn't remember to do this. Nope, the PC was switched on and ready for him to log into his corporate profile. What the? Did the sun rise from the west today?


Khushi watched him from her office. He was surprised. The plan was proceeding according to, well the plan!


Arnav shook his head and glanced at the clock. It was 9:50am. Time to swing into action. Right Khushi Kumari Gupta, you may have surprised me but class was about to start. Let's see how you beat the Master.


'KHUSHHHIII!!" boomed his voice down the passage way. Her first summons had arrived.


She walked towards her office, whilst attempting to smooth out the wrinkles in her kurta.


Arnav leaned back and watched her. Welcome to the Den, Miss Gupta. I hope you're ready for your session with the Master today.


'Good Morning Arnav-ji,' she said whilst glancing nervously at the clock on his desk. 9:54am.


'Stop looking at the blasted clock and pay attention Khush.' 'Or is there somewhere else you'd rather be?' he added whilst the devil on his shoulder smiled.


'No, Arnav-ji, I was just checking the time,' spluttered Khushi as she began to turn red. Khushi, stay calm, she thought to herself. Stick to the plan.


Arnav turned around to face her. Hadn't she been wearing that same kurta yesterday? May be it was a similar one he thought. Anyway, time to initiate the plan.


Khushi was fidgeting, alternating between her left and right foot, while all she wanted to do was go back to her desk. The Mentor had warned her not be late. It was 9:56am now.


The prey was nervous. Arnav had to bite his tongue so as not to smile. He leaned back in his chair.


'Khushi I have something important for you to do this morning. I need you to complete this task before 11am so that I can take this information to the meeting. I have sent you an email with details; you will need to log into AR's data systems and generate the data before your write the report.' 'Get that report to me by 10:30am'.


With that he dismissed her and turned around to face his computer.


The challenge is on Ms Gupta. Let's get this game on the road and see how well you do.


'Yes Arnav-ji,' she said as she turned around and walked to her desk. He didn't notice the smile on her face.


Khushi sat down at her desk.

He watched her as she logged back into her machine as he logged into the business development portal and waited.


This was going to be fun. There is no way she can get that report done by 10:30am AND have a chat with me, thought Arnav as he watched her above his screen.


Khushi logged in.

Guest Student:  Good morning Sir.

The ping of the computer caught his attention. She was online.

Master: Morning Ms Khushi. Good to see you made it on time.

Guest Student:  I had every intention of being on time Sir.

Master: Good to hear. Now let's get down to business. You mentioned you'd like to start up your own business. I'd like to see your business plan.

Business plan?

Guest Student:  Business Plan. Yes Sir. I will open my shop daily, and then Gollu and Mottu and I will cook everything and then sell everything and then we'll clean up and go home and come back in the morning. That's the plan Sir.

WHAT THE F...??? Arnav glanced up and looked at her in amazement. She was staring at the screen intensely. Did she have any clue whatsoever about running a business???


Khushi gave herself a pat on the back. And what a good plan it was.


Master: No... that is not a Business Plan Ms Khushi. A business plan is a formal written statement of a set of business goals, the reasons they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. They contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals.


Arnav smiled to himself as he typed that out, remembering his days at Harvard Business School and the elementary lessons he had learnt there. Ok, Miss Gupta now that I've taught you something, how about we turn up the heat in the pressure cooker. Do it, DO IT!! Cried the little devil on his shoulder.


Master:  Ms Gupta, surely you have a business plan?! I want to see it. Now.


Devi Maiya!! Clearly HER business plan wasn't what The Master was looking for ' how was she going to get a business plan together and send it to him now?


Arnav looked directly at Khushi. As always, her big brown eyes were as wide as saucers and she was wringing her hands as she began to panic. Time to crank up the pressure even more.




She almost fell off her chair as his voice came booming in.


It was time for lesson number three: a successful businessperson NEVER crumbles under pressure. Arnav watched her closely now as he yelled out:


'Where is that report ' I want it now!!'

wow, thank you for showing me so much love. I am truly humbled, and all the encouraging pm's are wonderful. Please PLEASE share your feedback so I know what you like and what you hate.
Also, please add me as a buddy if you want PM's.

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hilarious...made my day for sure ...

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smitar IF-Rockerz

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Kidu! (By the way, that means 'great!' in Malayalam). I was not calling for ASR's kidnappers!

Lovely story. Pls update fast. Am enjoying it!

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-PoisonIvy Groupbie

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^^ Fellow Mallu, Hello!! :D

And I second your assessment! This is indeed Kidu! :D
Love the concept you've chosen and cant wait for you to continue! :)

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-Yuks- IF-Sizzlerz

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Omg, this is hilarious. Poor Khushi.
Arnav certainly doesn't play fair, but he plays to win

I bet Khushi is already done with the office work, hence she is dedicating her time to the Master. 

Please update soon so I can see whether my prediction is right. 

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Shweta1691 Goldie

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Oh i m rofling
He surely is a rakshasBig smile
Dear khushi...u have our best wishes...go and show that rakshas that ur a worthy matchWink...but darling keep both the business plans ready...pressure is about to increaseBig smile

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paircube Goldie

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Hope khushi is able to stand up in the pressure ...
But I got to say I am kind of enjoying ... this is hilarious.
Update soon.

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Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Lol... ASR is such a jerk. Loved the story. Hilarious. LOL

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