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Master Class...part 20 updated (on Arnav-Khushi) (Page 143)

-Yuks- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
A wonderful update. So the fire is ablaze on both sides, and both sides know it now

I loved it!
And Khushi's outfit is gorgeous

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rajulpandey Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Nice update.

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SmileyStar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
Ohhh awesome awesome awesome update Naina!! Embarrassed

I totally loved the part where Khushi hurt her knee and Arnav tended to her! It was just wowww!! Made me wish I had an Arnav in my life too Wink and the dress Arnav gifted her is gorgeous! I'm sure now he'll have a hard time concentrating on his business dinner Wink Lovely update and Thanks for the PM Embarrassed

P.S. Looks like someone needs a new thread, eh? Party

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warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
Part 19
Khushi opened the door to her room and stepped in. She gasped.
There on her bed lay a beautiful net and velvet anarkali in a deep shade of red with a hint of dull gold embroidery on the bust and sleeves.
She knew in an instant who had sent it. The question was, she should she be offended or impressed?
A white envelope caught her attention. She recognised the script instantly. She pulled out a note scrawled in his distinctive handwriting.
Seeing that I volunteered you for dinner, I thought you might like to wear this. Before you panic, I haven't bought it for you - it's on loan from the designer. If you feel that it's suitable, please wear it. I won't be offended it you don't.
Khushi put the note down and picked the outfit up. It was beautiful. She took a deep breath and re-read the note. She wasn't offended. In fact it was the opposite. He had actually thought about her but had given her the power to make the decision as to whether she chose to wear it or not and more importantly without making her feel indebted to him.
Arnav had just stepped out of the steaming shower. Little rivulets of water made their way down his torso, sliding down his navel and sinking into the towel knotted just under his belly button. He slapped on some shaving lotion, dried himself and stepped into his black suit with a crisp white shirt and a deep red tie. If he was lucky, then he and Khushi would be coordinated. Like a couple. Ordinarily, the thought of being a part of a couple would be categorised as a turn-off in his book and as history would testify, whenever a woman mentioned the words: couple, boyfriend, future, commitment in any sort or order, it would signal the beginning of the end as far as her future with Arnav Singh Raizada was concerned.  He finished knotting his tie into place, snapped his Patek Phillippe on his wrist and was ready to go. He glanced at the clock. It was time.  
Khushi looked at her watch and then stared at her reflection in the mirror. Was that really her looking back? The anarkali fit her as though it had been custom stitched for her, its deep red colour a stunning contrast against her creamy skin. Her freshly washed and dried hair was held up in a loose bun on top of her head with a few tendrils escaping around her face. She normally didn't wear makeup, but today she had accentuated her brown eyes with black kohl, making them look even bigger, her lips stained a deep red to match the anarkali. She didn't need any blush; she seemed to be doing that naturally. She had to confess to herself; she did look, she looked really nice. Khushi was adjusting the dupatta again when she heard a discrete knock on the door. She took a deep breath and opened it.
Arnav wished he had taken a deep breath because right now any oxygen he had on board had vanished the minute Khushi Kumari Gupta opened her door. His eyes took in the red anarkali. He had picked it himself from the selection that his good friend Sabyasachi Mukerjee had couriered to him. He knew this was 'the one' the minute he laid eyes on it, his mind imagining her in the stunning red. He had been right. It was made for her. His eyes travelled from the top of her head taking in her eyes, her very very pink cheeks down to where she was biting her lower lip. A flash of red hot unexpected but intense longing flashed through him. Damn it, you are beautiful!
Her eyes shot up, clashing with his. Shit... thought Arnav, had he said that out aloud? But it was the truth, he thought as his eyes locked into hers.
Khushi had never been under so much scrutiny before and if her cheeks got any hotter she would most certainly self combust, she thought as Arnav-ji's eyes moved down her body, from top to toe. But at the same time, a little thought popped into her head: who would have thought that she, Khushi Kumari Gupta, would have been a reason for the great Arnav Singh Raizada's speechless state. She finally understood what girls meant when they talked about leaving men speechless, and she had to admit, having him say it did make her feel a tiny bit more beautiful.
His voice broke into her thoughts.
'I meant what I just said Khushi; you look beautiful,' Arnav said quietly as he extended his right arm, 'Shall we?'
She extended her right hand, hooking her arm through his so that her hand rested on his forearm. Khushi felt her heart thumping. She'd never imagined in her strangest dream (and as Devi Maiya knew, there had certainly been plenty of those) that she would be going out to dinner with Arnav Singh Raizada dressed in something he had chosen for her.
Arnav watched Khushi hesitantly take his arm. He had wined and dined many women, but there was something very different about the woman who stood by his side now.
They walked silently, arm in arm, attracting admiring glances from those who saw them go past. He was tall, dark and ruggedly handsome, while she was petite and pretty. They complimented each other perfectly.
Arnav and Khushi arrived at the private dining room reserved for the dinner party. In addition to Manav Mehta and his wife, Jia and Arnav and Khushi, there were four other couples there. Arnav scanned the room. He knew the other business people there as they were just as prolific as him in the business world. He glanced at Khushi who seemed to be clutching his arm even more tightly now as she looked around. She must be feeling quite intimidated thought Arnav. He whispered in her ear.
'Unlike me, these people are quite nice and won't bite. In any case, they must be in awe of you.'
Despite wearing three and a half inch heels, Khushi still had to crane her neck to look up at him. 'Why would they be in awe of me?' she asked somewhat perplexed.
He looked down into her eyes and smiled 'because only a very brave woman would accept an invitation to attend dinner as my date.'
Khushi's jaw dropped. Was Arnav Singh Raizada flirting with her in public?!
Before she could consider the situation any further, Arnav dipped his head again, whispering in her ear. 'You've already met Manav and Jia. That couple talking to them right now is Jasmine and Ajay Narula. Jasmine is the CEO of BioGenetix which specialises in funding research into cures for genetically transmitted cancers.'
Arnav motioned to the passing waiter and picked up a glass of red wine for himself as Khushi helped herself to a glass of orange juice.
'Look to your left, see the couple seated on the couch opposite us, that's Jai Megraj and his girlfriend. Jai is the sole heir to his father's cotton empire, but he's currently interested in the automobile industry and is bankrolling the entry of all the major automobile companies into India. Opposite them is Imran Ali Rizwi and his fiance, Amina. Amina is the youngest person to win the John Bates Clark Medal which is awarded to someone who is judged to have made a significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge. Amina's other claim to fame is her contribution towards micro-financing of small business enterprises for women by women.'
The last couple walked in at the point. Arnav raised his eyebrows in acknowledgment of the man who had just walked in.
Arnav placed his hand on the small of her back, guiding her towards the newest entrants.
'Khushi, this is Maan Singh Khurana and his wife, Geet Singh Khurana. Maan, this is my associate, Khushi Kumari Gupta.'
Maan Singh Khurana was a business tycoon in his early thirties. He had amassed his fortunes in Khurana Industries which primarily dealt in real estate and land redevelopment, but had recently diversified into more altruistic causes at his wife's insistence. Khurana Industries now had a philanthropic arm which focused on venture capital for small enterprise. Maan warmly greeted Arnav with a handshake and then looked from Arnav to Khushi and smiled.  Maan instantly recognised the simmering undercurrent between Arnav and Miss Gupta as he fondly remembered introducing, the then Geet Handa, to colleagues as his associate, knowing full well that their 'association' went well beyond business boundaries. Despite the many challenges to their relationship, Maan and Geet has persisted and were now happy parents to two year old Veer Singh Khurana and a new baby on the way shortly.
'It's a pleasure to meet you Mr and Mrs Khurana,' said Khushi shyly.
Arnav smiled. Phase one of the plan had been completed successfully. Now it was up to Khushi.
'Maan, I'm going to steal your wife away so she can show me some pictures of Veer,' said Arnav as he led Geet away.
Maan smiled as he watched Arnav lead his wife away. He turned towards Khushi, 'So Miss Gupta are you enjoying the conference?' he asked.
'I am, Mr Khurana. I'm really looking forward to attending the session on attracting investments tomorrow,' she said enthusiastically.
'I'm looking forward to those myself,' said Maan, 'It's remarkable to see so much talent in our country and I know Khurana Industries has funded many wonderful projects as a result of young innovators we have met here. I feel quite humbled to be able to help them realise their dreams.'
Khushi thought about what Mr Khurana had said and wondered if it would be absolutely unethical to speak to someone here about Jaleebi Junction given that she was attending this conference as an AR Corp representative. She felt like she was deceiving Arnav-ji. Maybe she should talk to him and explain what she planning. Khushi felt completely torn. Maybe she could just ask Mr Khurana for information at this stage; that wouldn't be bad.
Arnav was standing within earshot of Khushi and Maan and he silently willed Khushi to ask Maan about financing. She didn't. Manav Mehta's voice interrupted his thoughts.
'Everyone let's eat,' he announced with great exuberance.
Arnav walked to Khushi's side. She looked like she was deep in thought about something.
'Khushi, shall we go?' he whispered into her ear.
Khushi jumped, her head knocking against his chin and lower lip. Arnav winced. Khushi gasped, her hand shot up brushing against his lip, looking for blood.
'I'm so sorry Aranv-ji, I didn't realise you were next to me..I really didn't meant to..are you..', Arnav spoke, her finger was still against his mouth, 'I'm fine Khushi, it was an accident,' he said with a slight smile.
Khushi was distracted. His lips. They were firm, yet soft. Gentle, yet hot. She couldn't stop staring.
'Khushi?' She practically jumped back only for Arnav to grasp her wrist as he led them to the table.
Devi Maiya, help me. I dont know what's happening to me, she prayed desperately.
Arnav led Khushi to their seats. He had asked Manav to ensure that Khushi was seated to his right, and next to Amina Rizwi. He was really hoping that Khushi would broach the topic of investment with Amina.
As the meal progressed, Arnav could hear Amina tell Khushi all about her microfinance operations, but whilst Khushi displayed a keen interest in what Amina was saying, she didn't ask any direct questions about seeking and obtaining investment. Arnav was disappointed.
The meal ended and after exchanging pleasantries, they all bid each other good night and departed for their rooms.
Arnav and Khushi walked side by side, wordlessly. He wanted to know why she didn't speak up and whilst she wanted to tell him what her plans were. Neither one said anything.
They arrived outside her room.
Arnav looked at Khushi as she rummaged through her bag looking for her key card. She still looked just as stunning at the end of the evening as she had at its beginning.
He wouldn't deny it. All he wanted to do now was kiss her again.
Maan and Geet are very close to my heart and I could resist giving them a guest appearance here Tongue
The next part is ready to go and I think you'll like it...nope you'll love it!! ... so hurry up and comment heaps to get me to 150 pages so I can start a new thread and post part 20!

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SmileyStar IF-Rockerz

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Res Big smile
asdfjkl Senior Member

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
oh i hope Arnav somehow convinces Khushi to talk about finances with the people there

love the chapter - thanks for the pM :)

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roshaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
awesum update loved it

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Dalmuthuya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
Brilliant chapter. Dear lord they just need to make out already! LOL. 

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