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Master Class...part 20 updated (on Arnav-Khushi) (Page 133)

warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
Happy Monday my lovelies!!
Part 18
Arnav paced the length of his executive suite. He had one hand in his pocket whilst the other held a cup of strong Colombian black coffee. He didn't have much time before the conference was due to start. He flexed his wide shoulders in an attempt to loosen the muscles. It was time to swing into action he thought as he placed the cup of coffee on the table. He made a quick phone call dispatching clear instructions to the person on the other end with clinical precision. He was assured that his request would be attended to immediately. Arnav then dialled the hotel reception desk. 
'This is Arnav Singh Raizada. Can you please put me through to Khushi Kumari Gupta. Thank you.'
Khushi was deeply engrossed in making notes about the various investors at this conference that she didn't hear the phone until it was on its third ring. She answered.
'Khushi, come to my room now' he said and hung up.
Khushi sat back in her chair, her heart thudding. Why had he summoned her now? They were meant to be meeting downstairs in thirty minutes anyway. Oh oh Devi Maiya, what if he tried something? Should she be afraid she wondered. The rakshas has summoned; she had to go. Khushi picked up her bag and folder and ran out of the door.
He opened the door before she could knock. He was clearly waiting for her. She eyed him apprehensively as she walked in like a deer walking into a lion's den. Was it too late to pray for protection Devi Maiya, she wondered?
Arnav stood to the side, holding the door opened as she walked in. He was dressed in the same shirt and black pants that he had on that morning, but has taken the tie off and unbuttoned the top two buttons. She kept her gaze downcast but couldn't help noticing the light sprinkling of chest hair on his tanned skinned. Stop it, she chided herself. What business you have looking at your boss's chest girl, she told herself. Devi Maiya help! This nervousness is making me do some really strange things!
Arnav watched her go past him; he shut the door and followed her into the large living room, motioning for her to take a seat on the couch as he sat down on the couch opposite her. She was quite clearly nervous because despite her desperate efforts to conceal her hands in her dupatta, he could see she was trembling, her eyes fixated on the carpet below her feet.
Before he did anything, he needed to get her to relax first because there was no way she would do it if she was this tense. 'Khushi, umm would you like something to drink? And have you eaten lunch' he asked.
Khushi's head swung up. What the?! Devi Maiya, did Arnav-ji have bi-polar syndrome she wondered. One minute he was saying he wanted her, the next minute he was ignoring her and now he was being nice to her! What in heaven's name was going on - she felt like screaming at him. Her bewildered gaze clashed with his. But Mr Arnav Singh Raizada sat cool and collected as always, his expressions not betraying his thoughts at all.
Arnav eyed the clock, there wasn't much time left before the conference was due to start. It was time to make his move.
'Khushi after the keynote address is completed; you will accompany me to a private dinner as my date this evening.'
Khushi only heard two things in that sentence: 'private dinner' and 'date' and gasped.
This was exactly the reaction Arnav had been anticipating from her, so he jumped right in.
'Before you panic and start thinking of a million reasons to say no, this is a business dinner and in addition to you and me, there will be ten other people there. So, Khushi Kumari Gupta you can breathe because it won't be just me and you like you were thinking,' he said quietly.
Devi Maiya, how can he can read my mind, she wondered helplessly.
He watched her closely and knew that given it was a business dinner, there was no way she would pull out of it, but still her had to ensure that there was no way for her to escape.
'Good, now that that's been decided, let's make a move' he said as he stood up and walked to the business desk and put his jacket on.
Khushi remained welded to the couch. Devi Maiya, what was she going to do? Her eyes wandered in his direction where he stood by the desk. He really was a rakshas. Was there some sort of daily 'let's torture Khushi' quota that he had to fill daily she wondered, because if there was, he must be getting double points for this week's efforts.
Arnav was watching her glaring at him through the mirror in front of him as he knotted his tie into place. He had to admit that there was something inherently cute about her when she got mad and it made him want to rile her more. His trademark shy smile appeared as he gathered his I-pad and papers for the conference.
See Devi Maiya, I told you he has a torture quota, look at him smiling to himself!! A little voice pipped up in her head; ooohhh he's quite cute when he smiles isn't he...
He turned. 'Khushi, shall we?'
His voice startled her out of her illicit thoughts and Khushi jumped up, knocking her knee into the sharp corner of the coffee table.
Arnav heard her shriek and spun around just in time to see her fall back onto the couch, clutching her leg in pain.
'Careful Khush!!!' he yelled as he ran to her. She was trying to stand up, but Arnav could she was in a fair bit of pain. 'Stay down, don't even try and get up!' he ordered as he pushed he back down and knelt down on one knee in front of her. He looked down and could see a red stain beginning to spread on the fabric of her salwar on her right leg, just under the knee. Arnav took her leg and placed it on his bent knee. Khushi's hands came rushing to rest on top of his, 'It's ok Aranav-ji, I'm fine. It's just a scratch' she said as she tried to brush his hands away. 'Khushi, you're bleeding so clearly it's not ok so let me have a look,' he said as he held her calf with one hand as he began rolling her salwar with the other slowly revealing her creamy skin. It was deep cut, but not bad enough to warrant stiches. Shame, it would leave a scar on that beautiful skin he thought absentmindedly as he assessed it. She winced as he touched the edge of the cut and Arnav sprang back to reality.
'Stay here, I've got a first aid kit in the bathroom,' he said as he gently placed her leg back on the carpeted floor and stood up.
Arnav quickly gathered the first aid kit and a small bowl of hot water and a towel and walked back to her. Her eyes darted up nervously as she saw him approach her. He knelt before her and gently began to clean the blood off with the wet towel, his head bent down as he concentrated. He cleaned the cut as well as he could and applied some antiseptic cream before placing an extra wide band-aid on it. All done.
Khushi felt as if things were moving in slow motion as she watched Arnav-ji kneeling down before her, his head bent as he concentrated. He had the thickest blackest hair she'd ever seen. Would it be as soft as it looked and what would it feel like to run her hands through it, wondered Khushi.  She quickly looked away and concentrated on the little bootis adorning her kameez. She was so distracted by all the unsolicited thoughts running through her head, that she didn't hear him say her name.
'Khushi, you ok?' he asked again quietly, his hand still resting on her calf.
His touch seared into her skin, her breath catching in her throat as looked up, expecting to find him further back but he was leaning forward and she was almost nose to nose with him.
', I mean, yes I'm ok' she said as she blushed and gulped.
Arnav watched her, surely the pain wasn't that bad he thought as a the red flush spread on her face. Her gaze was fixed on his hand. It suddenly dawned on him; the pain wasn't the cause of her discomfort. He tested his theory by slowing sliding his hand down her smooth skin and quickly noticed her sharp intake of breath.
'Khushi, can you stand? Let me help you,' he said as he leaned down and slid his arm around her waist slowly pulling her to her feet. She rose with him; her body flush against the muscular planes of his physique. He was close enough for her to feel his heart beating against her arm. It was strong and steady like him. She looked up at his face, straight into his liquid brown eyes. Had she ever noticed the tiny flecks of amber in them before she wondered, lost in their depths. Try as she might, she just could not avert her gaze.
Arnav was watching Khushi very closely as she stared at him.
Well, well. This was definitely not a one-way thing. Khushi Kumari Gupta was affected by him just as much as he was affected by her.
Arnav had to try very hard not to smile as he stood up.
'Khushi, I think we better get moving. We're late...' he said, his breath brushing against her ear, his arm still around her waist.
He was too close. She couldn't think. His scent, his heat, his touch infiltrated all her senses.
She needed distance. Desperately. She began pulling back, but Arnav held on.
'Khushi you sure you're ok? You seem quite flushed, is the pain that bad?' he whispered.
Khushi gathered herself and put her had on his chest as she pulled back.
'I'm fine Arnav-ji, please... please let me go,' she said quietly knowing if she looked into his eyes, her eyes would give her away.
Arnav slowly let her go and withdrew his arm. It was time for some work now; but Arnav knew he was looking forward to dinner this evening with great anticipation.
The keynote address would have been fascinating and highly educative if Khushi had heard a word of it; unfortunately, she was a million miles away. The questions from this morning were all still there, but now there was an additional complication. Feelings. Physical reactions. Sensations. No matter how hard she tried to deny it, whenever he touched her, she reacted. Khushi generally hated it when people invaded her personal space but this was something else; she didn't want him there but she did want him. Devi Maiya that really didn't make sense but that's what it felt like. If she had her way, she would curl up under the blanket until it was morning and pretend that he didn't exist but instead she was going to have to go to this dinner with him. As his date.
The keynote address ended and the delegates begin moving out of the conference hall into the foyer where evening drinks were being held. Mr Mehta saw Arnav and began to walk towards him. Arnav picked up his I-pad stood up when he heard Mr Mehta call out to him. He turned around.
'Arnav, I hope you enjoyed the opening speech. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts later this evening,' said Mr Mehta.
Arnav smiled 'definitely Mr Mehta, personally I would have paid a bit more attention to the McKibbel and Stoeckel paper from Lowy Institute for International Policy, but I'm sure our thoughts might differ on that.'
Mr Mehta was distracted by the pretty young lady standing next to Arnav and he gestured to Arnav, hinting an introduction should be made.
'Mr Mehta, this is Khushi Kumari Gupta, my associate at AR Corp', said Arnav as he shifted closer to Khushi as if to indicate she was off-limits to anyone but him.
Mr Mehta smiled at Khushi as she folded her hands in greeting. So this was Khushi Kumari Gupta. He looked at Arnav and then Khushi. Manav Mehta didn't think he'd ever see the day when Arnav Singh Raizada was smitten by a girl. He smiled at them both.
'Pleasure meeting you Miss Gupta, I look forward to hosting you and Arnav later this evening, but for now please excuse me.'
Arnav watched the older gentleman leave and turned to Khushi, 'I'm sure you'd like some time to change. Dinner is at 7:30, so I come past your room at about 7:20. See you then' and walked towards a business acquaintance who had just waved at him.
Khushi watched Arnav walk towards his acquaintance and then picked up her belongings and left the hall. Well, there wasn't much to prepare she thought as she walked towards her room. She hadn't been expecting to attend a dinner party so she hadn't packed anything dressy. Too bad. She'd wear her blue anarkali suit and that would just have to be good enough.
Khushi opened the door to her room and stepped in. She gasped.
There on her bed lay a beautiful net and velvet anarkali in a deep shade of red with a hint of dull gold embroidery on the bust and sleeves.
She knew in an instant who sent it. The question was, she should she be offended or impressed?
p.s. Here's what I imagined the outfit to be:
Dear silent reader... I need to hear what you think (positive or negative, I'll take both!)... please share your thoughts, I dont bite...promise Wink
To the lovely readers who take time to comment, thank you and I sincerely mean that. Its really easy to read something and shut the window without commenting so I REALLY appreciate the time and effort that you guys put in your feedback. Its you guys that inspire me to write on the days I least feel like it. Love you guys!!

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Hai Naina hope you are doing well.I was desperately waiting for your update.No idea when will you update just came online got your PM and I was on cloud 9.Really like your SS and eagerly waiting for next update.Awesome updateClapThanks for PM.
Arnav was make sure about Khushi's feeling towards him and Khushi is easily caught by him.Like Khushi's prayer to DM.Hurting points that was another beautiful one.Super excited.Hope Khushi will wear that dress and Arnav will mesmerized by her beauty and waiting for what Arnav up to

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I love how Arnav is true to his character. Only he can be hot and cold at the same time to Khushi. Loved it!!

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Great update! Really looking forward to the dinner in the evening :D
Update soon and thanks for the PM! Big smile

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awesome update

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Oh I can't wait to see what happens at dinner, I'm hoping more romance and maybe another kiss, this time longer. Arnav is not hiding the fact that he is totally smitten and neither is Kushi apparently. But isn't the point of going to this convention so that Kushi find an investor for her Jalebi Junction, so Kushi needs to stop staring at Arnav (though that is a hard feat) and start pitching, and don't think too hard, just accept the dress. 

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Oooh so Khushi's going to be wearing red in front of Arnav? I have a feeling we're going to see a smitten (and maybe an angry jealous) Arnav in the next chapter hahaha

I loved the chapter and the way you described Khushi's feelings/confusion about the situation. Hopefully she gets time to sort out how she feels

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Aranv is such a naughty little LOL. ARGH. But I love it ;) I am pretty sure Khushi loves it too haha. Lovely update hon! 

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