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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

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Friends,A Very Happy Onam to All of You...especially to the Malayalees in the Forum.

What is Onam?

Onam is the biggest festival of Kerala.

But,there is a lot more to Onam than being just a festival. Onam reflects the faith of the people of KERALA. A belief in their legendary past, religion and power of worship. It shows the high spirit of the people who go out of the way to celebrate the festival in the prescribed manner and a grand fashion.

Best of Season and Weather

Onam is also a harvest festival. It is celebrated at a time when everything appears so nice and good. The beautiful landscape of Kerala can be seen in its full radiance at this time of the Malayalam New Year. Fields look brilliant with a bountiful harvest. Farmers feel on top of the world as they watch the result of their hard labour with pride.


Children's Joy and Homecoming
Children eagerly wait for the arrival of the carnival. Why shouldn't they. It is time for them to get new clothes, toys and everything else they asked for or thought of. Numerous uncles, aunts and grandmas grace their wishes with delight. It is also a time for homecoming for people staying away from the families. Their arrival multiples the joy of the festival several folds.


Welcoming a Very Special Visitor
Onam awaits one very special visitor, Kerala's most loved legendary King Maveli. He is the King who once gave the people a golden era in Kerala. The King is so much attached to his kingdom that it is believed that he comes annually from the nether world to see his people living happily. It is in honour of King Mahabali, affectionately called Onathappan, that Onam is celebrated.


Cultural Extravaganza
One of the most marvelous facets of Onam is the unfolding of its rich and well-established culture. We see not just glimpses but a whole gamut of it in the ten-day-long carnival. Pulikali, Kaikottikali, Kummattikalli, Kathakali, Thumbi Thullal besides several other folk arts and traditions can be seen on one platform called Onam. Government of India has taken due notice of this vibrant and colorful festival. It promotes Onam internationally in a big way and celebrates 'Tourist Week' for Kerala during Onam celebrations. Thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit Kerala to be a part of Onam.

Of Unity and Team Spirit
The beauty of the festival lies in it's secular fabric. People of all religions, castes and communities celebrate the festival with equal joy and verve. Onam also helps to create an atmosphere of peace and brotherhood by way of various team sports organised on the day.

When is Onam?

Onam Festival is celebrated in the beginning of the first month of Malayalam Calendar (Kolla Varsham) called Chingam. This month corresponds to August-September in Gregorian Calendar.

When is Thiru Onam?
Onam carnival continues for ten days, starting from the day of Atham and culminating on Thiru Onam. Atham and Thiru Onam are the most important days for Onam festivities. The day of Atham is decided by the position of stars. Onam festival commences from lunar asterism (a cluster of stars smaller than a constellation) Atham (Hastha) that appears ten days before asterism Onam or Thiru Onam. Atham is regarded as auspicious and holy day by people of Kerala. Thiru Onam corresponds to the Shravan day in the month of August or September, hence it is also called Sravanotsavam.

This year..Thiru Onam is on August 29th.

Legends of Onam

Just as in the case of many other   festivals of  India, there are several interesting legends behind the origin of Onam.

       The Legend of King Mahabali

This is the most popular legend


The beautiful state of Kerala was once ruled by an asura(demon) king Mahabali who was the grandson of Prahalad . The king was greatly loved and respected in his kingdom and was considered wise, judicious and extremely generous. Kerala witnessed a golden era during the reign of Mahabali and the people were extremely happy. His bravery and strength of character earned him the name Mahabali Chakravathy.

       Though belonging to the asura(demon) dynasty, King Mahabali was a devout worshiper of Lord Vishnu. The Gods were threatened by the popularity of this asura king. They wanted to find a way to put an end to his reign and to reaffirm their own supremacy .Aditi , the mother of the Gods appealed to Lord Vishnu whom Mahabali worshipped, for help.

       King Mahabali was famous for his generosity , Lord Vishnu disguised himself as a dwarf brahmin called Vamana. He approached king Mahabali just as he was finishing his morning prayers and begged for a piece of land. The generous king granted Vamana his wish and asked him how much land he wanted. Vamana asked for three paces of land. At once Shukracharya, the adviser to king Mahabali, sensed that the dwarf was no ordinary brahmin and warned the king. King Mahabali felt it is very unfit for a king to go back on his promise and asked the dwarf brahmin to chose his land. 

       As soon as the king granted the Brahmin his wish the brahmin  increased himself to the size of cosmic proportions. With one step he covered the earth and with the other he covered the skies , next he asked the king for a place where he could keep his foot for the third pace. Knowing that the third step would destroy the earth, the great king with folded arms offered his head for the brahmin to place his foot. Lord Vishnu put his foot on King Mahabali's head and pushed him into patala(underworld). The king on seeing the brahmin's true identity asked for just one boon. 

      The king was so attached to his kingdom and its people that he requested that he be allowed to visit Kerala once a year.Greatly moved by the kind king's devotion for his people Lord Vishnu granted him the wish.

      It is the day of visit of King Mahabali that is celebrated as Onam every year. It is a tribute to the great king's sacrifice .Elaborate preparations are made for the king's homecoming . The people of Kerala show in their celebrations how happy they are and also show how they wish their king well.

The Legend of Boat Palliodam

The story goes that several years ago some people were traveling in the boat called Palliodam when all of a sudden the boat got stuck in the bend in the river. The oarsmen tried to move it but were unsuccessful. The spiritual head, Bhattathiripad who was boarding the same boat Palliyodam, thought that it was a bad omen as the boat was laden with food. He came to river bank to seek help and saw a hut by a dim light that was glowing. He decided to visit the hut and ask for help. 

When Bhattathiripad went close to the hut he saw a poor widow weeping and some children sleeping besides her. The woman told Bhattathiripad that her children slept off hungry and she has no food to feed them. Bhattathiripad was moved by her pathetic state. He went to the boat Palliyodam and brought food for the family. When the family became happy with the food, boat Palliodam could be easily maneuvered to the main course of river again.
 From then on began the tradition of feeding one poor person on the day of Onam.

The Legend of Vanishing Boy

It is said that once, about 10 kilometers up the river Pampa from Aranmulla, the head of the Katoor Mana, a Nambudiri family, had a bath in the river. He said his prayers and waited to feed a poor man to complete his ritual. He waited for long but nobody came. Tired of waiting, the Brahmin closed his eyes and began to pray to Lord Krishna. As soon he opened his eyes, he saw a small boy in tatters before him. The devout Brahmin gave a bath to the boy, a set of clothes and a sumptuous meal.

To the surprise of the Brahmin. the boy vanished as soon as he finished his meal. He looked for the boy and spotted him near Aranmulla Temple. But, the boy disappeared again.

The Brahmin came to the conclusion that he was no ordinary boy and was God himself. From then on the Brahmin brought food to Aranmulla Temple every year during Onam.

10 Days of Onam Festival
First Day - Attam 
Attam marks the beginning of Onam festival. This day is believed to be the day when King Bali starts his preparation to visit his Kingdom.

The day is considered holy and auspicious by the Malayalees. On the day, people get up early in the morning, take bath and offer players by visiting the nearby temple. After having breakfast, they start their celebrations for the day. A swing, adorned with flowers, is slung from a high branch at the lawn of every home. Youngsters and women take immense pleasure in swinging and singing oonjal (swing) songs. Pookkalam (floral carpet) is laid in the front courtyard of every household. From this day onwards, Pookkalam is laid for the following nine days of Onam.
One more important ritual of Atham is the Athachamyam, the grand procession , which is also a mark of beginning the Onam celebrations. The process was a custom of the kings to travel from the Thripunithura Fort to the Thrikkakara Temple, with all their elephants and soldiers. Today also this custom is followed  with Elephant processions, music and dancing, folk arts etc as a part of Athachamyam  [any one who wants to watch attachamayam can watch this video]

Second Day - Chithira
Chithira is the second day of Onam and has a special significance in the celebrations. To seek the blessings of the Almighty, people take bath in the early morning and visit the local temples. Thereafter, they add new flowers to the Pookkalam that was laid in the previous day. People start making all their plans for the big day of Thiruvonam, right from this day. Every event is discusses in detail, so that nothing remains incomplete, for the important day. A long shopping list is prepared for the family. It is the time for the children to demand all their pending wishes, because they know that their wish would be granted on the occasion. 

Third Day - Chodhi 
Chodhi or Chothi is the third day of Onam festival. The day involves many activities, starting from Pookkalam to shopping. The day is marked by buzz and the marketplaces are filled with people, who shop for new clothes (Onakkodi) for the important day of Onam, that is, Thiruvonam. Gifts are also purchased for the loved ones, on the day. No rituals are set for the day. People add new flowers to their Pookkalam, making it even more attractive. Specific flowers are chosen for the day. Boys take pleasure in choosing the flowers for the floral carpet. 

Fourth Day - Visakam 
As the number of days for the big day is very few, excitement becomes overt amongst the people in Kerala. On Visakam, the fourth day of Onam festival, the streets are busy. Activities are brisk in the market as well as back home. In the marketplace, one can witness rush in the stores, because by this time, the shops would put up season sales for the festival. Maveli stores (government owned departmental stores, which offer fair price shopping) would display their latest offers and discounts on household items. Back home, the homemakers would be busy in the kitchen, making delicacies (sweets and pickles) for the festive season.

Fifth Day - Anizham 
Anizham is the fifth and one of the important days of Onam festival. The highlight of the day is the grand Vallamkali (snake boat race), which is organized on the banks of Pamba River at Aranmulla, Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. The event attracts tourists from the nook and corner of the country. International tourists also come to witness the race. In the households, more flowers are added to Pookkalam, in an attempt to make it look even more beautiful. One can witness the degree of enthusiasm and excitement increasing in the people, as there are only four days to go for the important day of Onam. 

Sixth Day - Thriketa 
On the sixth day of Onam - Thriketa - various cultural programs are organized by the committees. People take initiative to attend the events and take part in the cultural programs. No rituals are specific for Thriketa. People decorate their homes and add new flowers to their already laid Pookkalam. It is the time for family reunion, as the family members and acquaintances living outside the state and abroad visit Kerala, to take part in the celebrations. The air is filled with festivity, while people indulge in preparations for Thiruvonam. 

Seventh Day - Moolam 
Moolam is the seventh day of the ten day carnival of Onam. During the day, the commercial areas of the state are filled with the bright color of the festivities. People overcrowd the market places for their last-minute Onam shopping. By this time, the spirit of joy and happiness increases manifold and is clearly reflected from the eyes of the people of Kerala. People back home revamp their Pookkalam, giving it an entirely new look with special flowers. The design of the Pookkalam is made even more intricate. 

Eighth Day - Pooradam
Pooradam, the eighth day of Onam, holds a special significance. The Athappookalam is increased in size, with the addition of special flowers. During the day, people clean their house and ensure that every nook and corner of the place is spick and span, as they expect the arrival of Onthappan. While the women of the home are busy in the kitchen, making pickles and other kinds of delicacies, the family members and relatives arrive at their home, on this day. 

Ninth Day - Uthradam
Uthradam is the ninth day of Onam. By this time, people are in high spirits to welcome King Mahabali. In some regions of Kerala, full fledged preparations for Onam kick-start on Uthradam itself. On the day, Onakkazhcha is given by the tenants and farmers, to the Karnavar (eldest member of the family) of Nair Tharawad (Nair household). The farmers bring produce of their farms to the Nair Tharawad, in return of which, they are greeted and treated with sweets by the Karnavar. This is a very old tradition, followed in the interiors of the state. Uthradam is also known as Onnam Onam (first Onam). 

The Big Day - Thiru Onam

Kerala appears in its grandiose best on this day. Cultural extravaganza, music and feasts add colours of merriment and joy to the God's Own Country. There are celebrations all around the state and everybody takes active participation in them; Onam has assumed a secular character and is celebrated by people of all religions and communities.


Morning Rituals
People wake up as early as 4 am on the day of Onam. Day begins with cleaning of the house. In the earlier days, front courtyards were smeared with cow dungs. The custom is still followed in villages, where the houses are not cemented.

On the day of Thiruvonam conical figures in various forms are prepared from sticky clay and are painted red. These are decorated with a paste made of rice-flour and water and are placed in the front court yard and other important places in the house. Some of these clay figures are in the shape of cone and others represent figures of Gods. Those in the shape of a cone are called, 'Trikkakara Appan'. The tradition of making clay cones for Trikkara Appan has its roots in mythology, which says that festival originated at Trikkakara, a place 10 km from Cochin. Trikkara is also said to be the capital in the reign of legendary King Maveli.

Elaborate prayers ceremonies and poojas are also performed on this day. A senior member of the house plays the role of the priest and conducts the rituals. He wakes up early and prepares ata; Ata is prepared from rice flour and molasses for Nivedyam (offerings to God). Lamps are lit up in front of the idols and all members of the house join in for the ceremonies. Priest offers ata, flowers and water in the names of the God. As Onam is also a harvest festival people thank God for the bountiful harvest and pray for the blessings in the coming year. A peculiar custom is followed after this, wherein male members make loud and rhythmic shouts of joys. The tradition is called, 'Aarppu Vilikkukal'. This represents the beginning of Onam.

It is now the time for members of the house to dress up in their best attire and offer prayers in the local temple. Most people wear new clothes on the day. There is also a tradition of distributing new clothes on Onam. In Tharawads (traditional large family consisting of more than hundred people), Karanavar, the eldest member of the family, gives new clothes as gifts, called Onapudava, to all family members and servants. Other members of the family exchange gifts amongst each other.

The Big Feast - Onasadya
After completing the morning rituals, it is time for the family to get ready for the grand meal called Onasadya. The biggest and most prominent place in the house is selected to lay the meal which is traditionally served in a row on a mat laid on the floor.

The central place in the row is occupied by the eldest member of the family. In front of him is placed a lighted brass lamp at a distance. Towards the west of the lamp is placed a small plantain leaf on which the food is served. This is an offering made in the name of Lord Ganapathy.

Thereafter, the meal is served to all present. The elaborate meal consists of 11 to 13 strictly vegetarian dishes and is served on banana leaves. There is a fixed order of serving the meal and a set place to serve the various dishes on the leaf. A lot of preparation and hard work goes in making of the scrumptious Onasadya.

Time for Fun - Dances and Games
After the grand meal, it's time for people to indulge in recreational activities and enjoy the festival. Men of strength and vigour go in for rigorous sports while senior and sober members pass time by playing indoor games like chess and cards. There is a set of traditional games to be played on Onam which are collectively called, Onakalikal. It includes ball games, combats, archery and Kutukutu (Kerala version of Kabaddi).

Women go in for dancing activities as there are specific dances like Kaikottikali and Thumbi Thullal for the festival of Onam. Women performing the graceful clap dance called Kaikotti kali in their traditional gold bordered mundu and neriyathu presents a splendid sight. Besides, there is also a tradition of playing on a decorated swing hung from a high branch. Onappaattu - Onam Songs, are also sung on the occasion.

Celebrations and cultural programmes are held all across the state to mark the festival of Onam in which a large number of people participate'during third onam and fourth onam days. 


More about pookalam,onasadya,and onam games in the next post.

Onam Attractions.
3.Vallam kali boat race.
4.Elephant procession.

Onasadhya or onamsadya (The Meals) is the most favorite and delicious part of the Onam festival. It is considered the most elaborate and grand meal prepared for any festival in the world. There will be 11 essential dishes for Onasadya. Number of dishes may go upto 13.

Onasadya is to be consumed with hands and avoid spoon and fork to enjoy the real taste of Kerala. Rice is the essential and major ingredient of Onam Sadya.

There is an old saying "'Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnanam" means "people should prepare Onam Sadya, even selling all there possessions".

Rich or the poor, everybody, prepares Onasadya in a grand fashion as people of Kerala are extremely devotional and passionate when it comes to Onasadya.

The food has to be served on a tender Banana leaf, laid with the end to the left hand side. The meal is traditionally served on a mat laid on the floor. A strict order of serving the dishes one after another is obeyed. Besides, there are clear directions as to what will be served in which part of the banana leaf.


The various dishes usually prepared for the grand feast are the following.

1.Kalan or Pulisseri

This is prepared from buttermilk. Ingredients consist of sliced plantains called nenthra-kaya and yams or chena. These are boiled in water with salt and chillies. It is flavoured with ground coconut and mustard seeds spluttered in oil. Some even add cucumber cubes to Kalan. 


This is either prepared from pumpkins/red beans or from yam and raw bananas cubes. The spices used in this include split green chillies, ground coconut, cumin seeds, turmeric and red chillies. Erissery is seasoned with mustard seeds spluttered in oil. This is a main stay for the occasion, though not very popular these days. 


Olan is prepared from sliced cucumber and brinjal. Sometimes pulse is also added. They are boiled in water with salt and no chillies. When properly boiled, some fresh coconut oil is poured. The dish is seasoned with flavour kariveppila (curry leaves). 

This is kind of a mixed vegetable as all sorts of available vegetables are added to it. All vegetables are first boiled in water with salt and chillies. Tamarind and well ground pulp are added at proper time. Aviyal is flavoured with coconut oil and Kariveppila. 

Thoran is prepared by slicing beetroot and several other vegetables into very small pieces. These are then boiled in water with some salt and chillies till all the water dries up. Water can also be strained away. For seasoning, ground coconut pulp and mustard fried in coconut oil is used.  different types of thoran can be prepared.

  kaya thoran                           payaru thoran                        cabbage thoran

This resembles olan. It is a special Onam delicacy from the state of Kerala and has been recently added to Onam Sadhya. 

This is a curry consisting of a variety of vegetables and some Bengal gram. It differs from Aviyal as it does not contain tamarind. 

8.  Sambar

This is an extremely popular recipe from South India and relished by the whole of India. It consists of dal and a variety of vegetables like brinjal, drum-sticks, pavakkai (bitter gourd), etc. All vegetables are first boiled in water with salt and chilies. Tamarind is also added to enhance the taste. Other spices like coriander, cumin seed etc. are fried in oil and powdered. Sambhar is flavoured with mustard seeds and asafoetida.

9.Pachchati, Kichchati

These are types of curry consisting chiefly of cucumber, mustard and sour butter milk or curds. In Kichchatim, young and tender cucumber is added. it can also be made of beetroot and curd.



This lip smacking recipe is prepared from tomatoes treated with tamarind juice. It is seasoned with bay leaves and mustard seeds spluttered in oil. Some people take rasam with rice. Rasam also helps in digestion.

11. Pickles (Achaar)

These are prepared well in advance of Onasadhya. Pickles are chiefly made from mango, lemon, ginger, chillies and curry naranga.

These are prepared from black grams and are fried in oil. Pappadams are usually served in three sizes - small, medium and large.

Upperi is prepared from various things like raw bananas (kaaya), yam (chena), jack fruit (chakka), bitter gourd (pavayka) and egg plant fruit (vazhuthanga). Slices of the ingredient are fried in coconut oil to a crisp condition.


14.Rice. kutthari is the most preferred rice for keralites.

Chiefly plantain fruits of various kinds are served along with other articles of food at meals.

16.Pratman ...different types of pyasam or kheer--this is the most delicious item. different varieties of prataman are prepared..palata., parippu and chakka[jack fruit] prathamans.

17.other things served.

Pookkalam ' Onam Floral Art

. People believe that the spirit of their King Mahabali will make a visit on the occasion of Onam. Therefore people of Kerala consider it as auspicious to make Pookkalam, meaning flower carpet to welcome their beloved King.

Pookkalam is an intricate and colourful flower arrangement laid on the floor. This tradition of decorating Pookkalam is very popular in Kerala which is followed as a custom in every family during the ten day long Onam festival celebrations.

 Onam Flower (pookalam contest) is one of the famous events in Onam.




Largest floral carpet, 'Snehapookalam', laid with 15 tones of flowers  

Kozhikode :Marking a model for religious harmony and universal brotherhood, the biggest floral carpet 'Snehapookkalam' was laid with 15 tones of flowers. Fragrance filled the air at Swapna Nagari on Saturday as an army of 1,000 people, including 500 students, created the world's biggest 'Pookalam' (floral carpet), to get into the Guinness book of records. The design was selected from 15 entries and the one by C K Suresh, who won the design championship, was used. 

Spread over a massive 17, 622 square feet, the carpet was made with creativity supported by 25 artists. The carpet had set a world record. The carpet was made with seven kinds of flowers representing 7 continents taking 2 hours and eight minutes.

For making on the spot assessment of the function, officials from the Guinness book of world records and Limca book of world records were present. As many as 14,500 kg flowers were used including Chrysanthemum, Chethi, vadamalli, and Dalia brought from Thovala. [[this is the link for those who wish to see the video.]

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yeh sab chala hai dear in with all PHs..!
In many cases, same / most of the crew of one show sets does the work in other show sets..!
We can't balme them..! Aftr all, they work for that PH yaar..! Unki rooz ki roti ka sawaal hai..! Where ever they r told to work, they will work..!
Sorry, if my reply was a rude to u..! :( It was unintentional..!

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Originally posted by -Swetha-

yeh sab chala hai dear in with all PHs..!
In many cases, same / most of the crew of one show sets does the work in other show sets..!
We can't balme them..! Aftr all, they work for that PH yaar..! Unki rooz ki roti ka sawaal hai..! Where ever they r told to work, they will work..!
Sorry, if my reply was a rude to u..! :( It was unintentional..!
i did not find it rude at just stated a fact..But they could have seen to it that the elder child is comfortable ..well,who are we to say?
     Their  Present
   From Jan 9th 2012 to July 26th 2012
      Wavy Glitter Graphics Dividers |
       Wavy Glitter Graphics Dividers |
                From the very first, these two got into each other's nerves.They used to bring out the worst in each other ,
so much so that he nick named her as Mirchi Madam. Intentionally or unintentionally whatever she did irritated him and whatever he did irritated her.From the very first, knowingly or unknowingly, Megha has had the tendency to take Mohan for granted. Whenever her heart softened a bit towards him , and though she reluctantly accepted his help many times, at the slightest provocation from either side, their relationship was back to square one. Whenever he challenges her, she rises up to the bait and sets out to prove him wrong..foolish of her many times..but that is the way it has been with her.
         some shots of MM confrontation in the early days of their                                                        relationship.

   Wavy Glitter Graphics Dividers |
     Wavy Glitter Graphics Dividers |
                         Now when did all that change and when did it turn to love? It was definitely not an overnight transformation neither for Megha, nor for Mohan...Mohan's love evolved slowly and it has been shown rather beautifully as well,..whereas unfortunately Megha's love journey has not been shown so very beautifully...but still looking deep beneath the surface, one can see and infer many things regarding her love journey also.

And one of the most important turning point was when Megha finally understood his motives when he recued her from Prateek's hands. Her remorse.turned into intanst trust as well, and from that moment he became her best and most trusted friend. after that his feelings for her became stonger and deeper… and the way he was smiling,hanging on to her words..that adoring expression on his face.. His love and adoration for her was so purely evident on his face…His love and adoration for her was so purely evident on his face Indu,seeing that while passing by in the car,remarked that after Rasmi,it was the first time she hd seen him laughing and happy like that. In that split second he also realized that before he concealed it and replied his mother in his usual nonchalant way. Probably he was afraid to explore it further.

And then came the next turning point..which ended in his confession to himself and to megha..Yes,The Rasmi track..

The accidental and unexpected meeting with Rasmi  ,when he was least prepared for it left him tongue tied and confused. apparently they had not resolved matters between them before she left India. did not know how to react even when rasmi was talking to him in a most insulting way..He got the shock of his life when Megha stepped in and cooly anounced  to Rasmi that she was Mrs.Batnagar..but during the next few days,the way Megha supported him,the way she answered rasmi's taunts and the way she protected him from her insults ….. his feelings increased for her by heaps and bounds ..which left hi overwhelmd..and he was trying to sort it out and understand what exactly was happening to him,while watching Megha on the terrace laughing with jiji..When guru came and asked him.bhaiya, eh kya ho raha hai,he replied.wahi mein bhi smachne ka koshish karraha hum.….The farm house scenes, the confession to himself that yes, he loved megha..all were part of that understanding.And he realizsed that he was no longer affected bu Rasmi, that Megha was his present and megha will be his future as well.[though the final closure came at Rasmi's engagement only]. But as he said, he was afraid to tell it to her because his fear of losing her and her friendship was much greater than his joy of possessing her.He knwew that it will not be easy for megha to accept his love…with so many restrictions binding her..he wanted them to be friends at least…But he was forced to confess because he cornerd him about going back to rasi..seconds after the confession,he realized that he was going to lose her friendship also and the trid to salvage it by taking back his confession..But still the damage was done…And more than that restrictions impsed by both the families also affected their friendship adversely.

 And then came the Amar investigation, the Indore trip ,and finally clearing of amar's name.during which Mohan realized the extent of lov emegha must have had for Mar and he was aware of his imperfections for the first time..And he realizsed that no one could take Mar's place in Megha's life..And true to his nature, he did not want to also.he wanted to create his won place in her life without encroaching upon amar's place…When Megha tried to stop him from leaving the mohalla..he threw all caution to he wind and confessed his love for her again…admitting to himself and tio her that thi is his truth and he did not planto run away from it anymore…Then many incidents happened ..the writing of the Letter,the slap scene,the gun shot and the events preceding and succeeding that,and his proposal to her dangling the MS before her….her acceptance of Manav's proposal,her engagement to Manav,his attempts to find out about Manav's apparent shady past with the hope of  putting a stop to megha .Manav marriage..

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Sometimes , director , writer r changed overnight..! They r told to direct , write for other show of same PH..!

What can they do..?
They hav to oblige na.. aftr all its all abt earning money n bein in good books of PH..!

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Hey Sita in one of his interviews I read he never worked in a show for more than 50 episodes. After NBT he was involved in some project with Life OK & now in some other so he keeps changing his project. It's not a big issue. 

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Thats bad but these people are businessmen. We should now just hope that Sonal stays with NBT.

I will watch this show in V...since it comes from Sudhir/Amit Malik team!

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Jay_tapori IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sumiswap

Thats bad but these people are businessmen. We should now just hope that Sonal stays with NBT.

I will watch this show in V...since it comes from Sudhir/Amit Malik team!
 ohh that show.. Maanav gohil has a to sir with love kind of role ..his wife shwetha kawaatra had tweeted..

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sumiswap IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Jaynragz

Originally posted by sumiswap

Thats bad but these people are businessmen. We should now just hope that Sonal stays with NBT.

I will watch this show in V...since it comes from Sudhir/Amit Malik team!
 ohh that show.. Maanav gohil has a to sir with love kind of role ..his wife shwetha kawaatra had tweeted..

I will probably watch the show..but problem is it airs at 6PM IST...sooo not my time to watch mein rehti hun isliye I like Manav aur bhi dekhungi..

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